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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman: artist, writer, musician, pagan, witch, warrior for justice; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close. I only bite if asked.

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@BadRealitys 🌻@BadRealitys curtsying in appreciation…@BadRealitys Hi Martin, hope the evening is treating you gently, thank you for sharing the poetry...@1Lolamarina i'm a merwoman myselfFucked again. http://t.co/xkUlDZdD7j#poetry #SupportTheArts "Asking For Mercy" I stand before you ready to be judged, Spare me your protestations that... http://t.co/dSwyxTbjzz@1Lolamarina I just like turtles…lmfao@1Lolamarina you bet it isIf this doesn't make you laugh there's no fucking hope for you… http://t.co/UJnwQVdEY3Be with you in a minute... http://t.co/IwN5uwznfQ@KnightIntoDay @RobertoPrusso @l1ght3n @JoeKoffee Good evening gentlemen, TY for sharing the snippet, wishing you a delightful Wednesday
@RCdeWinter https://t.co/yNV36yoHR0
Retweeted by RC deWinter@Frances_Roberta hi Bobbie, thanks for sharing the snippet, have a wonderful evening@EMTalkery my pleasure@llyadp thanks for sharing the snippet, hope you're having a great eveningcloser comes the day when all will be lost Scylla and Charybdis loom awaiting my passage ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/x4Kyg2SFxU@lyndam292 thank youJustices Ginsburg & Breyer: there is no way to constitutionally implement the #deathpenalty. #EndTheDeathPenalty http://t.co/vZ5E9gtHt1Bobby #Jindal proposes getting rid of #SCOTUS to save money. You really can't fix stupid, can you, Bobby? http://t.co/TBYo22c2fV#TX Board of #Education to be headed by a homeschooler - even though the board creates policy for public #schools. http://t.co/aOXzT5ZPfZHurray for #NY! New York State has banned #fracking. http://t.co/l7JIBCHlyqDo.Not.Laugh. You may groan. http://t.co/mkwbZOj0WgAnd the difference is...? MONEY! http://t.co/VmNLxUX7Q0#Christie announces #POTUS campaign: "I am now ready to fight for the people of the United States of America." No, he'll fight the people.@TomBales1 Thanks for sharing the snippet, Tom, hope you're having a wonderful day.@dorisatkinson and thanks for sharing the snippet...@dorisatkinson LMFAO Doris!!! Been missing you.@RCdeWinter R C -- "FREE TIME DOINGS" -- here's what John (Bdway Star) Cullum & Em do. (Video) http://t.co/K40LyMNZiq
Retweeted by RC deWinter@weztex LMFAO!!!!History buffs: See Rare German WWI Footage on @theneeds #learn: http://t.co/Vncia920PzDo.Not.Laugh., Brutus http://t.co/rco9tgkJHNRunning of the Bulls? Tax-shifting #Kasich is another steer in GOP flock. http://t.co/jWmfqg3r0V #UniteBIue https://t.co/WcjUCn7HTC
Retweeted by RC deWinter@denizowncoffie thanks for sharing the snippet, wishing you a wonderful day@cjflines well preserved@MarcIntheOC Hi Marc, hope things are going well for you, I appreciate your sharing the poetry
Nope. You popped in 👉🏾@ltb537. 👉🏾@brian_sam22 Time to BLOCK TROLLS! @AntarianRani @RCdeWinter http://t.co/RyYQCBLbRt
Retweeted by RC deWinter@realtybird thanks tweetheart, for the kind words and for sharingThis haunting animation maps the journeys of 15,790 slave ships in two minutes: http://t.co/RteL81Z0fy via @slateno half-life cautious love for me you're in over your head or not at all ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/karZe3gPu5@moinedeisme hi, hope the evening is treating you gently, thank you for sharing the poetry#poetry #SupportTheArts "Uncostuming" Confess I will that magick I have used to enchant lovers, though they never... http://t.co/dGK1iZoEFnBugger off, #troll @ltb537 http://t.co/bOqwrDT5tYI cannot let ego get in the way of living-that's the surest way to destroy growth & creativity-TY for the kind words https://t.co/LKDBHkHYFd@bjcopas 💖Aw thanks, Lars, kind of you. https://t.co/YfLbcNDlif@trying2getit @bjcopas Thanks for sharing the snippet, hope you're having a lovely evening@davidrstrong oh well... Being soft and having skin like paper doesn't diminish a personperson's worth@RobertsonHere thank you@CharismaMolotov thank you for your kindnessBalm to a weary soul, thank you. https://t.co/Ce44LescMi@davidmerelind and thank youThe lines of living are nothing to be ashamed of. http://t.co/IaWfHL0HzN@davidmerelind yes, the lines of living are nothing to be ashamed of.@l1ght3n It's getting better now that I've consumed the better part of a gin and tonic http://t.co/Mnt4rRLAMy@davidrstrong not me, I'm getting tougher.@l1ght3n Good evening, I hope today has treated you gently. Thanks for sharing the snippet.@EnsorceledBill No, I went to the taping of a television show, and it was an alien world. I've written a poem about it already.@Mbhokie97 it's true that it happened, i'm glad you don't believe that I'm worthless fillerThank you, Robert. But it is true that as women age we become invisible to all but the discerning eye. https://t.co/dHBXMxnxiKMy favorite film. Just thought you'd like to know. Yeah, I'm a grownup. And a shameless romantic. http://t.co/2vIN3MEc1rtoday for the first time i was made to feel my age it wasn't pretty to realize i am now worthless filler RC deWinter http://t.co/XILboseeevWay to go, Kasich! John #Kasich in 2016? Good luck with that. http://t.co/Rxu23Xn6Yk http://t.co/AhZsnUjN46@afrodamusjonze thanks for sharing the snippet, Michael@RobertWOliver thank you@VlanTrunk I've been tired lately, humid up here too but with rain,
@DailyBipolar hi tweetheart, hope the evening is treating you gently, thanks for sharing the snippet@zumikiss thanks for sharing the snippet, hope you're having a lovely evening@dsmpowered @wildwest28 @JamiaStarheart @VlanTrunk thanks for sharing the snippet, hope you're having a lovely nightmagick blunted left to nothing but prosaic devices i flounder not knowing the ways of man ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/IW3h4tWEdVno half-life cautious love for me you're in over your head or not at all ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/karZe3gPu5Don't tell me how wonderful you are, show me by how you live. ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/hBAqQZciVjReally... http://t.co/kP8mHRFusC@lyndam292 my pleasure@TheOtherRosie @JulianGallo66 @AnArtDecoDiva lmfao@gaprider Thanks for sharing the poetry, I appreciate it
Curtsying in appreciation https://t.co/PoQstcFhkk@catonahill @mssurvivorsq http://t.co/2F1KyWOn8x@l1ght3n © 2015 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved http://t.co/9VJ79wLATN@FestiveWarChild Hey stranger, good to see you. I hope you've been doing well. Thanks for sharing the poetry.FINALLY!!! something I can use to put up on your Facebook page that needs to come to life!! https://t.co/f8fVvZpzg5
Retweeted by RC deWinter@Mo_Donnelly hi, hope you're having a great evening, thanks for sharing the poetry@AmericanAntiFed thanks so much#poetry #SupportTheArts at the stake i am burning an unquenchable firestorm consumes me... http://t.co/wfZUm9079J http://t.co/b5PS3M7TPG@RCdeWinter @Spectricide I'm in favor of background checks for anyone who thinks someone else's uterus is their business.
Retweeted by RC deWinterRT @RCdeWinter This is hysterical. I wonder where this is - and remind me to never go there #HumanComedy http://t.co/cMn6sOclce
Retweeted by RC deWinterI love being lectured by the holier than thou. I call it as I see it. If you don't like what I say, go sing Kumbaya elsewhere.A new take on relativity…I like it! http://t.co/faUTrTbtW6The miracle worker http://t.co/i1JrOP9z2UBridges can be so confusing. http://t.co/GLTBy2jcgbSo many gun nuts have a problem w/background checks for criminal records/mental illness but want to control women’s reproductive rights-WTF?I'm writing my autobiography one poem at a time. ~ RC deWinterPersist! http://t.co/23N1kC5mTmFeeling irrelevant… http://t.co/6PsAsYvPvS@Ms_Wind lolI do! http://t.co/ZS9VI4ClTkGood advice. #veterans #war http://t.co/E71pecyRrGCan you help? “Stones of Love” a charity helping parents with limited funds purchase gravestones for their children. http://t.co/Z1hEO3YDnyWhen it comes to love, the answer is always yes. http://t.co/iapAJ9dRq3Some days I wonder... http://t.co/rhmaUcWL0dA reminder from FDR on progress. We're failing miserably as Congress works to further cripple those who need the most http://t.co/XdTetFZd6i
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