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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

If this is paradise I wish I had a lawn mower Mistress of Fire (apparently) Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy. E17 resident

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@GlynDaviesMP @julianswainson are we going back to coal? Are the pits all re opening ??Love Undetectable – Andrew Sullivan on why friendship is a greater gift than romance, a sublime read http://t.co/lbFCqSjPyz
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@DawnHFoster “your prize, should you wish to accept it, is a sharp kick in the balls!”@DawnHFoster “and you sir win Fuckwit of the day!”@DanSaladinoUK it’s a bit like Hitler Youth for Grannies.@DanSaladinoUK and in honour of that event I joined a “fat fighters” club today.@TheGaztronome it’s a bloody big midgeI am being invaded by wildlifeThere’s a midge in my house and a wee sparrow has spent three days flying into my back window@jennylandreth the rage I have saved myself from . . .@TheBuddhaSmiled @ExiledInLondon aww poor you.@TheBuddhaSmiled @ExiledInLondon is he not appreciative of your oral skills?@jennylandreth this programme is making you angrier than #bbcqt makes twitter, isn't it?@TheBuddhaSmiled @ExiledInLondon can't see his account as he's locked.@2rista exactly . . .@anniebennett amazing, isn't it!In the Telegraph's world, people forced to register as self employed to sell make-up door to door are "entrepreneurs" http://t.co/4VR0J8r8XJ
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack“@JaviGonzalvez: ¿Soy el único que ve a @juanechanove y al @MayorofLondon muy parecidos? http://t.co/WhJPnUDkSP” OH MY GAWD!Many of the characters are fools and they're always playing tricks on me and treating me badly. JORGE LUIS BORGES #fiction #writing
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Philippa_Perry @suzanne_moore "they seek to represent those who they so obviously despise" is my fav line. Surprised subs left it in.'People who live in London and enjoy a wide range of dining opportunities' ~ beautiful quote, it's @suzanne_moore http://t.co/B5pH1hjvQX
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackHoy #SantJordi/#DiaDelLibro sorteo 1 #NoMásDieta + 1 #SecretosDeLaGenteSana. Para participar→sígueme (@JulioBasulto_DN) y haz RT, hasta 23h.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@TheBuddhaSmiled I agree and I’ve not even heard your Highland accent.@authorpetermay exactly.The Kelpies - two 30 meter tall horse head sculptures in Scotland. http://t.co/03G6hQOVOe
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@authorpetermay ha ha ha! No.@authorpetermay it was most amusing. I didn't tell him I knew you as it would have ruined it for him.@authorpetermay He's from Essex. Has never been to Scotland.@authorpetermay he also spent 20 minutes telling me what Machair was.@authorpetermay that's not what your mind reader said ;-)@authorpetermay well you know how the ladies like a bit of romance.@authorpetermay he was telling me how clever you were and how you'd cleverly put in a bit of romance into the Lewis Man to please the ladies@authorpetermay someone was telling me all about you on Sunday.@lucyinglis @RevRichardColes I can only imagine what you will do tomorrow.@suzanne_moore fuck no.@Griffster77 Only the English my friend. Scotland had the Auld Alliance for another 700 years ;-)@siepert @ShedLikesFood @Manchester_Egg Genius thy name is Florian. . .@ShedLikesFood @Kavey @alinstone now you just need the feathers.@ShedLikesFood @Kavey @alinstone same name, same D.O.B but when he's in public as a writer he's that character. Works wonderfully for him.@ShedLikesFood @Kavey @alinstone a friend of mine became the overnight literary sensation of Brazil and created a character for himself@randallwrites @lucyinglis US has much bigger "come with nothing and make it" ideology than Latin American countries.@randallwrites @lucyinglis Many Latin Americans could say the same though. But they were founded on very different ideologies to US.@ShedLikesFood @alinstone invent yourself as a character who likes these things and stay in character for the evening.@Gargarin @lucyinglis you have entirely missed my point.@lucyinglis instead of God's own coffee . . .@lucyinglis no but Latin Americans do. It may be a peculiarly American trait not to.@lucyinglis oh I think we have more TV progs about it but it seems to be trying to say it's a marker of difference. Similar to drinking tea@lucyinglis don't you think it's just a human trait?The Reconquest of Granada was in 1492. . . Now THAT'S obsession with history@lucyinglis isn't it true of all Europeans? Actually most Latin Americans I've met spend ages telling me their country's historyThe first Spaniard ever to tell me about Granada said the people there were very serious because the Reconquest their was long and hard.iPlayer says Ian Hislop explores the "British trait of obsession with the past" Really? That's a British trait???@TheRealBaglady @gibbzer there is also the bravado of the guy saying publicly that the judges were wrong . . .@gibbzer that's how society makes us. Sadly.@MsMarmitelover good luck!Working in a country where it's still so male dominated is so upsetting. Need to teach my team that women can be great leaders! #leadership
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@holland_tom I really hope that Scotland appreciates your suit.So Next Wednesday is Cookbook Club night @DrapersArms 7pm £10. The theme is May Day : food from Eastern Europe but I'm happy to include Cuba
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@DanRebellato I’ve been saying this for months@hugorifkind all three@BonaVivant bienvenidos al futuro. Por desgracia :-(@Thanecooks @DrapersArms 2 beef and oyster pies please Bob.@sarahditum @jennylandreth I will have a think. Then e-mail you to ask for further help ;-)@jennylandreth @sarahditum where?@jennylandreth @sarahditum I joined a "fat fighters" club today, it's a whole amazing world of female empowerment and a lone shouty man@sarahditum @jennylandreth remember pals, we're not as sexist as Saudi so there's NO PROBLEM@jennylandreth didn't have to be flirty raunchy or sexy, was just very clever and entertaining and even slightly sarcastic.@jennylandreth OTOH Amanda Vickery was bloody brilliant last night on BBC4@jennylandreth can we start the revolution soon please?@jennylandreth oh God. Really?@lisamarkwell hope you're having a great time!@Barrafina1 @Barrafina2 thanks x@Barrafina1 when is 2 opening?@minaholland @guardian if that's what it's like in the US, it's so so much worse here :-(@japster2008 @annalibera ha ha!@StaxCarnaby @EmsMckay @guardian read the article and you'll see.'Women's lack of confidence could be just a keen understanding of just how little society values them' http://t.co/bRAF4p6993 via @guardian
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@willipmrpip sadly yesIt is quite an astounding experience.The people with Gold membership.The Mother and daughter bonding over a slimming clubThe man who thinks that simply by going to the meetings will make him lose weight.The Yorkshire Granny who's been a Sunday school teacher and knows EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.I now don't care if I lose any weight or not as it is the BEST PLACE EVER.@japster2008 @annalibera brilliant :-(@annalibera AGAINSTIt's like Hitler Youth for Grannies.I have joined Fat Fighters!I have done it.Feliç diada! Il.lustració de #JuanmaGarcíaEscobar http://t.co/1Xc6bxZbwD
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@LaFlafster @52Betty so I just don't watch.Happy St Jordi's Day to all the Catalans and happy St George to all the English.What book would you give to someone you love? Share your #WorldBookNight, #SantJordi or other literary celebrations http://t.co/3VZEnzcnSF
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@LaFlafster @52Betty also without the misogyny I find it very very dull.@LaFlafster @52Betty that's why I don't watch.@52Betty no. I don't like it.@walthamstowfood where is Gina's coffee shop?Have a nice St Jordi Day! Today @clarasanabras concert @TheForgeCamden Sun 27th, Catalan festivity at @boroughmarket http://t.co/4bLAroO3l0
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There are No female editors of any paper in Scotland. There are No female political editors of any newspapers in Scotland. #whatwomenwant
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Minnieminx was really good!
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