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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

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@kateweb no. It's very hard to know what to do in these situations.Thanks all.@granthawthorne I'll send a card.
@fbarrows utterly horrific.@fbarrows I can't go to the funeral, so I should probably send a card.What is the best thing to do for them? It's an unexpected bereavement of a severely disabled child. I have no idea what to do for the best.@Kavey no neither have I.Do you phone them and add to the pile of people they explain their shock bereavement to? Do you just send a card? Do you limit it to FB?What is the etiquette when you find out about deaths on FB, when it's people you used to know very well but only keep updated with via FB?A fine selection. 'Girl with pastie and meaty backdrop' @vicstewart on tour. http://t.co/bmhdgqTddi
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@sturdyAlex yes, that would be lovely xx@paula_mcintyre nae bother xxStriking that most #syriza MPs seem to speak better English than British ones #newsnight
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@lesleyjones bleak contempt.Lovely piece by @sturdyAlex http://t.co/pSNN5KIrXn@paula_mcintyre @MeatPeter @Harrys_Shack nae bother at awww x@TheGayFarmer it was just lovely@TheGayFarmer I did and it was x@MeatPeter @paula_mcintyre @Harrys_Shack Paula hasn't replied to my e-mail 😢Everyone else has done a meat shot at Warren Butchers http://t.co/BEy7k8xylKThe @cornishgrill and @paulwf getting serious with leaves http://t.co/fgtXdI8de5So @cornishgrill is a bit good, @chefcalum is a champion driver and @mh_harrison has the patience of the saint for tardiness.@_David_Patrick_ anything by Josep Llondanosa or Jaume Fabrega@AndreDang no. But that was never going to happen@AndreDang Having fun?Bon dia! @medolelasuh signa aquesta imatge de la festa de la #calçotada, celebrada ahir a #Valls http://t.co/9zU5GjA3Kd
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@jaguimera escuchar el pánico es divertidoSo do I listen to R4 and the establishment having a meltdown over Greece, or do I watch daybreak over Padstow harbour
Worst night of the year for A and E in Scotland. So much in the way of terrible Burns. #oldjokesrevisitedonanannualbasis
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackIkejime demo at Margots http://t.co/ehQdxx2vpvPasty picture @mh_harrison @chefcalum http://t.co/4XyADb4VUR@chefcalum can you make sure I hAve a coffee at 7am tomorrow ? Please@chefcalum aye. And Ah might be crying already #mibbbe
@chefcalum also, from me. Who are you? Ma Maw????@chefcalum my pal Lucy is telling you to haid Yer wheest and I'm At hers@ska_dad @iamamro I wish we had@eatlovenoodles you are dead to me Mr NoodlesAnd there is no one better at nostalgia or saudade than @iamamro@Ariadnes_web you have no idea.. .This is the music that legitimised 120 boy bands and their big guitars and their not understanding women #BlueNileThe Blue Nile is the best Scottish nostalgia music there is"Irn Bru got me through" http://t.co/guai2g9iRAScotland on Sunday front page http://t.co/d5fTSuxH7r
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackBasically it's a great time to invest - & more you do, less we need from our banks, & more for community benefit http://t.co/2vtwKbcmZG
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@stridingedge oh God, what a thought.My last RT is my main worry about all my friends' silences.No emails, texts, calls, no Twitter presence whatsoever. I worry that his scrotum has exploded and drowned West Yorks in a tsunami of spunk.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackDad: "I think I've deleted the Internet again." "Night Dad" Bless.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@garrett_wollman hopefully not@angus_macnab ooooooohhMy six year old sous chef now takes Delia's cooking course to bed every night.@DianaHenryFood @WeeRascal @EvieSaffronS @Honeyandco ha ha ha! My Mother says, "I've bought mince. We're having mince n tatties" and staresCairngorms in meringue has been postponed due to unwell six year old sous chef@garlicconfit "Katy Hopkins ready to forgive the sweaty Jock"So Pauline Cafferkey has recovered from Ebola. Great news. All the best to her.@chefcalum @cornishgrill btw tomorrow is Burn's night, so me and anyone else Scottish will be all whisky and nostalgia.@SophieDening we shall see. . .Ferran Adria has stopped the project at Cala Montjoil. http://t.co/hvJcxg4BdGOverheard in the supermarket: "It's made with that special Qu'ran meat, that Muslims have." Turns out she meant QUORN... #Headdesk
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Augustus_Harris @DianaHenryFood oh that'll be carnage.@Gargarin after you've boiled it, it's fine@DianaHenryFood done by a six year old@walthamstowfood that's what I was thinking. There's nothing.Today I am making haggis and stuff for dinner and rendering the Cairngorms in meringue with a six year old.Land reform, eh?Blogger y wrote some critical stuff on local estate (nothing defamatory) week later lawyers letter from laird - take down your blog (3/3)
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackBlogger x made comments on their local estate. 2 days later called to meeting with factor. "U do want to renew lease on your house?" (2/3)
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackBut also shocking the stories one hears. Two folk have a blog where they write stuff about life & their place. Blogger x & blogger y (1/3)
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@DeborahJaneOrr could we not just have a Gladiator tournament? Murdoch can be Emperor?@jaguimera por Dios. Cuando van a dejar de manipular a la gente??@jaguimera que ha pasado?@walthamstowfood someone is asking me if I can recommend a good Pakistani curry house in the area. Is there one, or are they all takeaways?@London_Bea ask @CeliaPedroso she is the Queen of Lisbon food scene.Greece’s solidarity movement: ‘it’s a whole new model – and it’s working’ http://t.co/XMbSeiQQQG
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackSaudi Arabia has a new "king?" When will these ppl join the 21st century, where we *vote* for the relatives of former leaders?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@clairestrickett so do I. Do you have anything for free to offer?@EvidenceMatters @DigiBungalow ha ha ha!!
@zander_1992 I'm askingWith @DigiBungalow listening to James Taylor. Having a comp about who knows all the words. I'm winning.@zander_1992 there are more than you think and also, it doesn't take a chef to talk about food.@zander_1992 why do you think having all men is fine ?@zander_1992 because they're 50% if the population and most of the audience of this programme@zander_1992 @BBCFood could you tell me why you are asking?@zander_1992 @BBCFood it does@BBCFood could they not find a woman?@Brucey1 obviously@alinstone don't give my Mother ideas@DanSmernicki I hardly speak to my Father as he's always on bloody holiday.Kudos to @RuthDavidsonMSP for speaking so clearly about UK flags at half mast for King Abdullah.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackScottish Tory leader gives perfect response to tributes paid to late Saudi king http://t.co/xKm5ZtdSN1
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackMy Mother is away skiing this week. Pensioners. What a life.@martinpmcevoy the separation is I mean@martinpmcevoy indeed. It's becoming inevitable#KingAbdullah was 13th of King Ibn Saud's 45 sons by 22 wives. How many daughters? Was anyone counting? #SaudiaArabia
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackWoman on news looks like she's coated two slugs in Pritt Stick, rolled them in iron filings and then attached them to her face as eyebrows.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@GourmetPJ it's very acerbic. And heavy. And sparkly. Much like myself 😉I love this Lambrusco http://t.co/zf709C7NVp@martinpmcevoy it is unbelievable. Am not attached to the Union but we all deserve better Governance than this.UK Monarchy PR has done a great job unleashing that story about the Queen driving the Saudi king, to drown out the half-mast flags outrage
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@AndreDang brilliant!!!
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