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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet Mibbe Aye Mibbe Naw Honestly No Sure

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@TracyAnnO completely :-(Has anyone been in the audience at I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue? What is the laser display board like?@SophiaGrene ha ha ha!@SophiaGrene she also forgot to forward my invoice to the accounts department 6 weeks ago.@PersiainPeckham like dragging fingernails down a blackboard@SophiaGrene the latter. It’s like dragging fingernails down a blackboard.When someone you have never met and only deal with for invoices shortens your name to one syllable.@philiplarkin that or the simmering resentment and passive aggression that leads to such argumentsPrecise location of Jabalia Elementary Girls School #Gaza & that it housed 3,000 displaced was communicated to Israeli army 17 times RT
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@EmilyRookwood I think @cornishgrill is or knows about it.I am going to Arran AND South Uist in August #mycuprunnethover@DigiBungalow Passive aggression in a man. So attractive.@DigiBungalow I was once accused of passive aggression. I nearly punched them.@JRo66 wow Jeremy. End of an era. Mucha suerte! x@chrispople @food_writer @katehawkings no but you don’t go to the masias out of town which is where the best food is near L’Escala@chrispople @food_writer @katehawkings that’s just bollocks Chris. You just go to the wrong places.@katehawkings @food_writer most French food writers must be very upset. I wonder if there is a lot of debate about it in France?@food_writer @katehawkings you should have bought a house in Catalonia Fiona ;-)@katehawkings lots of people say so@DigiBungalow yup@SabrinaGhayour sounds like a great plan.@DigiBungalow ask Alessandro at Walthamstow Central to expand his empire. . .@SabrinaGhayour where are you going?“@webosfritos: ¿Qué estas axfisiado? Sueña con esta foto del @srwebos #visitacuenca http://t.co/ZUP1s54N1f” CuencaFULL HOUSE MT @Philippa_Perry “@guardian: 10 sexist scenarios that women face at work http://t.co/cl0wMhXU84 ” sexism bingo.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@markcoflaherty it’s unbearably sad and enraging.@jonhoneyball @AndreDang oh I’d be good at that!@mcalpena vui saber un dia d’aquests.@markcoflaherty nope http://t.co/wZib0Clbzt@AndreDang mostly because you haven’t. I’m fine. procrastinating excellently as usual.Lovely review of @salenagodden’s poetry collection http://t.co/PZyoUgttkH GO OUT AND BUY IT!@AndreDang good grief.@AndreDang :-(@AndreDang oh you’re alive!! Hurray!!!@WullieTalksPish 23rd to 30th August@WullieTalksPish btw are we meeting up in Arran?Why is a woman not reading out the word of La Pasionaria? @bbcradio4 I mean #ffs@NorthernSnippet no. Neither am I. A church mouse is richer than me though.@NorthernSnippet there still are tourists, just not the really rich ones. Rally it’s lovely.@NorthernSnippet it’s actually really beautiful and has great food. I loved it. But I didn’t go to the really posh bit. At all.@Damian_Barr Bob the BuilderOooh @RichardBaxell is on my radio right now being very clever.@TiernanDouieb very. Just takes one carrier on a planeIncidentally, more thoughtful rightwing commentariat increasingly warning of "accidental" Labour victory next year, to stiffen sinews...
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@TiernanDouieb actually I am a wee bit worried.@thelondonfoodie that is so not true, have you tried the cheese at Honey & Co? That’s the best cheesecake in the WORLD@TheBuddhaSmiled I wonder who is putting them under pressure. I think it’s the Govt. But I actually have no clue.@Goodman_london bate did you drink any decent Brazilian Wine when you were there? And what did you think of the food?@Goodman_london French Basque Country, innit.@NorthernSnippet @Thanecooks oh she’s great, you won’t regret it.@DrAnnieGray I have a Mexican friend who has his Catalan Great Grandmother’s recipe book. Same thing. I want the book.I love @Thanecooks@Goodman_london not really Biarritz is honest about what it is.@WullieTalksPish ha ha ha ha ha ha! Just found it! Brilliant!!!George Osborne's detailed notes on his economic strategy leaked. (via @ThomasPride) http://t.co/4DY2xTasVd
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@WullieTalksPish ach Wullie ah’ve goat a hangover. Ah can hardly drink ma bloody tea!@Goodman_london not a fan then Dave?@WullieTalksPish AGAIN??? Were you no there last week?!@Jose_Pizarro felicidades! Y tambien por decir hace falta inversión para vender xx
@tweetn16 @Catalan_Cooking let me use my Mother’s oven (un forn còmo Deu mana) in August And I’ll let you know xx@tweetn16 @Catalan_Cooking honesly my oven doesn’t work right now for Glasgow rolls nor for foccacia@youngandfoodish @SabrinaGhayour she is indeed. An amazing force of nature!@littleatoms awww poor wee soul. Mind you Gaudi was run over by a tram.That last one is too long an ID. There'd be no characters left.Is there a Plumber's For Mibbe ? Tree Surgeons for No? Hairdressers That Cannae Make Up Their Minds?There's a Fishing for Yes ID on twitter@VivGroskop @SamiraAhmedUK you two need to try this out. Interviews in school uniforms.@Gary_Bainbridge yup@Gary_Bainbridge pfffft@Gary_Bainbridge oiy! Bainbridge! I LIKE fizzy water.@ReneRedzepiNoma Chinese mooncake with eggs@mattleys ha ha ha!@mattleys i’ve found them in a baby’s mouth.@mattleys nooooooo@jaguimera @elperiodico_cat es que. No es question.@jaguimera @elperiodico_cat es question esta semana esta grabado en mi cerebro.@LindaDuffin exactly@HRWright oooooh. Check you !@elperiodico_cat @jaguimera la misma semana que El referendum en Escocia.A little lunchtime writing challenge: compose a story in just one tweet on the theme of 'beginnings'. Tag it #StoryShop. No need to @ us.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@jayrayner1 and embarrassingly I bet their online apps will work better than most of ours. . .“@jennylandreth: @R_McCormack You’ll always be Queen of ranting to me.” Thank GOD for that.@jayrayner1 you don’t just buy at the airport anymore?My life may just have lost its meaning.@IrateofOxted let me tell you I am in shock. The Spanish outrant me all the time, but not like this.As in if ranting was an athletic sport she’d lap me several times. I am actually astonished.I never EVER thought I’d say this of anyone from the UK. But there is someone on FB who can outrant me.@James_Winter wow!Photobombing now no2 in royals' list of duties, above attracting tourists and below reinforcing neo-feudal inequality http://t.co/REFrrOJTG9
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@James_Winter omg! WHERE did you find that?@jane__bradley @jackseale the irony if Richard Dawkins telling people to learn how to think is obviously lost on him.@Thanecooks nice spread! Congrats!@eggsbened either which way, he definitely wasn't there.@eggsbened definitely. He was in Morocco. Or already dead.@eggsbened he's just mentioned the street where I lost my virginity. Obviously he wasn't there when that happened.@eggsbened watching a documentary on him. Something else.@Gargarin pretty muchJean Genet. There was a man.
@holland_tom I think it's a Muslim Malay thing more than all Muslims.@suzanne_moore Yorkshire
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