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~ Judy Blume ....... and only you know it changed your whole life http://t.co/3pDx9vz5VT
Easter selfie with #furbabies #cedar #feather HAPPY EASTER http://t.co/lpxAkBzQ5q
#tbt to the best ATL bachelorette party ever. Lots of dancing, lots of craziness, ended in the am at… http://t.co/lDjQwYvvVT
Good night sun....... http://t.co/9reLXcGURm
@RealCharityShea Dogs - Guess they're not just man's best friend huh, Charity?... P :)
Retweeted by Charity SheaHere she is sleeping..... Cedar likes them young!! Meet Feather pure white German Shepard. Welcome to… http://t.co/sCg17fWtaoDog park love with Cedar #wolfpup and a new girlfriend.... Where is she?? http://t.co/0S1NRY3oxV
caradelevingne's photo http://t.co/iziEzLZtvmhandle situations in love only & look toward the light, no sense in walking on a path of darkness with fear and anger in your heart #love
#TBT jamillahsimmons and I werkin n' twerkin late on set 5am #imissyou #setlife should have taken a… http://t.co/vmh9QTmUivEXPECTATIONS ARE A HAPPINESS KILLER........they say. I keep going over and over this in my mind. Is… http://t.co/jUgSm9Clhj
When the world is open to endless possibilities, it's exciting, it's freeing, it's scary, it's new all… http://t.co/OQAiCxmFfu“@YungJackpot: @RealCharityShea the SERIES is over ? ! or the season ?” The series is over......“@THETRUELAJEFF: @RealCharityShea was last week the finale” yes:( series is over
I should have known an Earthquake was coming every time my pup acts like a crazy alien Earthquakes happen. #goodtoknow
Cool follows @MorningCrane @RealCharityShea @Santevia @gardenofliferaw @MrsSuzanneLe @scottsheeley @PrimalCanine @brianaevigan_2
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@WHITsaid all information is on http://t.co/s2oBcdise1 pro
Had a blast 2night w/ @denisevasi & boys! #Margarita luv, blue chez plez in memory of ATL, lots of laughter & maybe dancing in front of TV@RealCharityShea margaritas, bison burgers, & a dance off in your living room (video to come 😂) Great way to spend the night. #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaI cried tonight. I cried after reading all the heartfelt comments from the die hard fans of… http://t.co/eKZVQWYbZUOmg!!! April did whaaaat!?!? @RealCharityShea @SingleLadiesVH1
Retweeted by Charity Shea“@giannacco: I wish #singleladies would have ended without any cliffhangers & just have given us an ending @SingleLadiesVH1" no one knew“@JonB1969: @RealCharityShea WTF is up w/ April hate @VH1 4 leaving me hanging” April started married & ended married! Who knew #fullcircle“@thisboyslife1: @RealCharityShea what's NEXT for u as a actress ?” Who knows, that's the exciting part!! Xx@denisevasi #AprilandRaquel what would I have done without you!! Love working with you on set!! #BFFhttp://t.co/LurWAVHQv2#feliciaandApril made a good team!! Thanks for the great season and making me laugh all year!!… http://t.co/F9wodxZ0V3@letoyaluckett #FaliciaandApril make a good team!! #singleladies Thank you for a great year girl!! You… http://t.co/nzuJvf7SLx@traviswinfrey where you at? You watching? It's going down...... The last airing… http://t.co/v610PgJ3SpIt ain't over till the fat lady sings......... Let's gooooi #westcoast #SingleLadiesvh1 said it best! April has gone full circle.......get it? http://t.co/9lMC3Tt3XsI feel like April gonna overstay her welcome visit to Sergio and not go back on time ! @SingleLadiesVH1 @RealCharityShea
Retweeted by Charity SheaApril is always happy and funny as hell,I'm gonna miss single ladies 😕😍@RealCharityShea #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaNooo @RealCharityShea I need to see what happens when @TheAlexMeraz aka Sergio wakes up 😢 #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaI'm going to miss c'n @denisevasi @TheRealLRaye1 @RealCharityShea on my TV screen but I know there will be more projects ahead
Retweeted by Charity Shea@RealCharityShea Charity, you and Sergio are a hot mess together lmaooo 😂😂😂 #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity Shea@denisevasi @RealCharityShea @TravisWinfrey 😢💔😢💔 #SingleLadies #savesingleladies #vh1 http://t.co/VGkDUGm114
Retweeted by Charity Shea.@sexie_shay @RealCharityShea That peeing in the pool has renewed my phobia of public pools. #
Retweeted by Charity SheaApril being being drink is the cutest most funniest thing ever. @RealCharityShea
Retweeted by Charity Shea#April and #Surgo going to get kicked out of the resort @RealCharityShea #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaTequila+Sergio + @RealCharityShea =SEXCAPADE :-)
Retweeted by Charity SheaRT “@AhyRayes: Reason why I love #SingleLadies http://t.co/2Z2Ri3WHss” CC: @TheRealLRaye1 @RealCharityShea @denisevasi
Retweeted by Charity SheaOoohhhh loving that outfit @RealCharityShea you look so purtiful!!! #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaLoving April (@RealCharityShea) gold pants. @VH1 @TheRealSLadies #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaEast Coast say goodbye forever...... CxxOne of many cute Omar and April moments!! I'm going to miss them!! @traviswinfrey #singleladies but… http://t.co/skRgXqi0KBWhat was your favorite #Glamlook through out #singleladies "pick a look"!! @sewanthonyhttp://t.co/g62NRI2QE0‘Single Ladies’ Star Charity Shea Talks ‘Homeland’, Chris Hemsworth ‘Frozen’ and More! | Life & Style http://t.co/MHXtKXvPmT
Did You Know: @RealCharityShea starred as Sabrina Pope alongside @jtimberlake in the movie #AlphaDog. #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity Shea@RealCharityShea sad today is the last day of single ladies :((
Retweeted by Charity SheaThe count down begins: SAYING GOODBYE TO #SINGLELADIES don't miss the crazy unexpected ending to the… http://t.co/WpClfSFX3F
My dance style ranges from white dad at a barbecue to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow.
Retweeted by Charity Shea@brandojay @niallmatter @AaronSMartin sat at the exact same table at @Katauya miss you guys let's do it againIt's been a long time since I've been in a unisex bathroom @brandojay @niallmatter @AaronSMartin but here I am #hemingwayslounge“@Jehan_Mx: @RealCharityShea how many single ladies eps left? I need to prepare myself.” 1 more season finale next Monday night CANT MISS IT
Happy Birthday........Celebrating last night with @J_Pollard_ time to get nutrition back into my body @JuicyLadies time and maybe @soulcycle laterHumpy hump day yayeyay!Love Them!!💕💕@RealCharityShea @kerrywashington #WCW #wce http://t.co/eaqAdw9iUI
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"How Could I Not Know He Was Lying, His Mouth Was Moving @RealCharityShea
Retweeted by Charity Shea@denisevasi @RealCharityShea whaaat 😱haha #mindblown
Retweeted by Charity Shea@ayosulit @RealCharityShea Ummmm hello we BOOB PUMP! Duhhhhh 👭
Retweeted by Charity Shea“@ayosulit: @denisevasi do you and @RealCharityShea have a homegirl handshake? 🙏👊👋” we should, we'll get back to you...#Girlfriends like @denisevasi & @RealCharityShea !!! WCW#
Retweeted by Charity SheaOut on ST PATTYS DAY celebrating!! Ready to watch #singleladies west coast!! #drunkinlovehttp://t.co/FFPdiFX3v5"How Could I Not Know He Was Lying, His Mouth Was Moving" @RealCharityShea
Retweeted by Charity Shea“@Love_Keke_2016: How long does #singleladies have left so I can ball my eyes out when it's over I'll miss watchin @RealCharityShea” 1 more@SingleLadiesVH1 When you're down, everybody needs friends like Omar @TravisWinfrey & April @RealCharityShea to pick you up! #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaRaquel (@RealCharityShea) don't let him see you sweat. @TheRealSLadies @VH1 #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity Shea@RealCharityShea Loving the shorts chic!! #SingleLadies
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Dear #Dateline: Just watched the most aggravating #Dateline to date! U guys need to fight 4 #Russ #innocent beyond obvious #Pamela did it@mochmouse you're one of our greatest SL fans!! Xx“@CASSIEDUGGER: April + David's on screen chemistry >>> @RealCharityShea @DamienDW #phenomenal #RisingStars” Thank you!! Means a lot!!
@denisevasi up till 4am going over sides for tomorrow, sound familiar? Like old times, minus the 5:30 call time lol xx
@LeToyaLuckett HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!@RealCharityShea is the only person I know who can stay up till 2am talking Kinesiology w/ me.
Retweeted by Charity Shea@RealCharityShea great show tonight !!!
Retweeted by Charity Shea@TheRealSLadies @denisevasi @RealCharityShea @TravisWinfrey @DamienDW Dance moves were hilarious but rhythmically well done!
Retweeted by Charity Shea@TheRealSLadies @denisevasi @RealCharityShea Love the friendship chemistry between Raquel and April, fun episode!
Retweeted by Charity SheaDavid about to lose it with @RealCharityShea on the chair during #charades #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaFan of the series @SingleLadiesVH1? Check out my interview with @RealCharityShea! http://t.co/RRGxmCQe7g
Retweeted by Charity SheaWorld domination, don't tell nobody 🙅🙊😜 “@Karam88M: @denisevasi @RealCharityShea do u ladies have any plans for after the show is finished?”
Retweeted by Charity Shea@denisevasi @RealCharityShea glad to know u guys are close in real life also :)
Retweeted by Charity SheaApril got David falling hard! "Just checking on you" translate "Im starting to care but I wont tell you" @RealCharityShea #SingleLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaSo Is It Official Between April (@RealCharityShea) and David (@DamienDW)? @VH1 #SingleLadies @TheRealSLadies
Retweeted by Charity SheaAll right Tweeties, what's happening on #SingleLadies? @RealCharityShea & I were killin it in @soulcycle.
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Kontrol Magazine Cover featuring Charity Shea is "Single Ladies" Charity's hair styled by @hairbylawrence http://t.co/jdMRwmbyMa
Retweeted by Charity SheaThere's 3 more episodes of #SingleLadies. Don't miss out. Tonight 9PM @realcharityshea @letoyaluckett @traviswinfrey http://t.co/2LCH5loxiX
Retweeted by Charity Shea
I miss The Best Years w. @RealCharityShea
Retweeted by Charity Shea@tamartiangirl 12 total, 3 episodes left
After #soulcycle @RealCharityShea surprised me w a belated BDay dinner. #sweatpantswithnomakeupon #singleladies #ff http://t.co/8FKvfoGYQ1
Retweeted by Charity SheaMy interview with actress @RealCharityShea from @SingleLadiesVH1 ! http://t.co/RRGxmCQe7g
Retweeted by Charity SheaCHANGE works in mysterious ways....@denisevasi had so much fun w/ u 2nite at @soulcycle #Girlsvegnightout, besties at @PonoBurger p.s. We missed the unbelievable milkshakes :(@RealCharityShea thank U for a great belated celebration. Soul cycle, grass feed meat & mini cakes . Thank goodness I found a friend like u!
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@RealCharityShea 😔Well I'm going to miss watching you ladies and gentleman. Look forward to seeing you all in upcoming shows/movies. 🌟🌟🌟
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@jftb_baby in a situation like this, your best move is to embrace change!! I'm excited for the future and a new journey!! #keepingitrealWe get you: @SingleLadiesVH1 star @RealCharityShea says she's jealous of her boyfriend's bromance ... with their dog! http://t.co/fcTMSVYZdc
Retweeted by Charity SheaCharity Shea: I'm Jealous of My Boyfriend's 'Bromance' with Our Dog http://t.co/LSm3qKAMHZ via @PeopleMag
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