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Change your clocks back on Sunday. Change your country back on Tuesday. #tcot #teaparty #PJNET #RepublicansThanks, @gobudley! One of our favorite places to be!! @VRWCTexan @NH92276 @LOLDems2012 @HollyRFisher @uselephants @Boazziz @EliRubensteinYou are on http://t.co/IerXmVPQAm @VRWCTexan @NH92276 @LOLDems2012 @HollyRFisher @uselephants @Boazziz @ResistTyranny @EliRubenstein
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyBefore the current Admin you would have never thought... http://t.co/tpWDre4Xh3
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“@SaysMissy: #Hillary’s view of jobs disqualifies her to be POTUS but it does qualify her to be Chairman of the former USSR.”30 new unfollowers and 23 new followers (hello! hello!) in the last day. Via http://t.co/YYp3XOWLRD@gary4205 @ResistTyranny Two that do not take the left turn is Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Jeff Sessions. My Favs.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWho has #Obama figured out? @jeffsessions, that's who: http://t.co/ny0yWdSjFj #tcot #teaparty #p2 #UniteBlue http://t.co/Ujxk3VXuNzBefore #Obama there was another thug in #Chicago... http://t.co/TGauUBm04z@ResistTyranny If the @GOP went the way of the Whigs I wouldn't shed a single tear! I want people who uphold the Constitution! @sessionsfan
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“@gary4205: @ResistTyranny Thanks for the help!” You are most welcome, patriot brother!It's all we can do to vote Republican. :-) @sessionsfan @gary4205@ResistTyranny @gary4205 It seems all of the DEM candidates are trying to sound Republican. Will not admit they vote with Obama 100% of time
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyMary Landrieu is to Louisiana what Alan Grayson is to Florida. For some reason they remind me of each other. Dull witted and offensive.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyCaffeine helps increase your ability to learn, understand and remember.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThanks, @sessionsfan! #FF @WHKTAM1650 @1xDead_2xsBorn @HouseCracka @stix1972 @Pudingtane @betseyross @XtyMiller @asskickymchotti @IdaFlo#FF Patriots @WHKTAM1650 @1xDead_2xsBorn @HouseCracka @stix1972 @Pudingtane @betseyross @XtyMiller @ResistTyranny @asskickymchotti @IdaFlo
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThat's definitely not on Mooch's menu. https://t.co/1FLDyHIOg4“@gary4205: Who is Mark Begich? http://t.co/d0XKUpHjFx” A well researched article... Please RT! #Democrats #p2 #UniteBlueGood information, @ericwparsons! @PaulReverePressIf all you do is tweet news and pictures and don't interact, maybe the words "social media" escaped you? #tcot #ocra
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyNeed I remind you #p2 #UniteBlue that Harvard found #TeaParty more science literate than you? That's still got to hurt. #tcot #ocra
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyNever forget, the Speech Police are also the Thought Police. If you can't SPEAK the truth, it becomes impossible to KNOW the truth. #tcot
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Maine has delivered a court order against #KaciHickox, imposing the 21-day #quarantine. Can a woman be a douchebag?“@marypatriott: A vote for anyone but a Republican is a vote for the continuation of #Obama’s fascist reign & destructive, failed policies.”Thank you, @2AFight! #FF @uglyhonest @EricSteeleLive @BeanfromPa @TrucksHorsesDog @LilSouthernSass @drscott_atlanta @Jim_Peoples_#FF @uglyhonest @EricSteeleLive @BeanfromPa @TrucksHorsesDog @LilSouthernSass @drscott_atlanta @Jim_Peoples_ @ResistTyranny
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWe must be getting lazy. RTs like crazy, and you're just getting started, @PaulReverePress!Jesus was a liberal? No, he said GIVE to the poor. Not hire the govt to steal it for you. #tcot #p2 #ocra
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#FF @ResistTyranny a true patriot, friend, and sometimes confidant of mine for five years now. #tcot #ocra
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“@ChuckNellis: 'You can keep your plan'.. #ScaryStoriesIn5Words” #Obama#McConnell says he would kill #Obamacare with just 51 votes. Unless one of his 39,271,854 other priorities came up: http://t.co/DVlMMb19D8@ResistTyranny I hope they sterilize those swords be 4 they use them again. I wouldn't want anyone 2 get an infection.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAsk yourself this... #tcot #tlot #teaparty #PJNET http://t.co/n8ywJkMyn1You should #follow @PaulReverePress because he's got his eye on everything Twitter. And some that's not. #FFMary Landrieu calls all Louisiana and southern voters racist and sexist (Video) http://t.co/Uys5HqWm4I Dems running from #Obama are racist
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny We need a covert plan to infiltrate all branches of American govt with, well, some AMERICANS! Godly #PATRIOTS preferably!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt's true... #Obama http://t.co/c9i7dMZI4JObama promised transparency. Thousands of lies later, finally, even the Democrats see right thru the fraud..
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThere ████ is ███ no ████ #Benghazi ██ #conspiracy ███████ Everything ██ is ███ fine ████████ trust ████ your ████ Government #FlipTheSenate
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny
Change your clocks back on Sunday. Change your country back on Tuesday. #tcot #teaparty #PJNETIs he going to cherry-pick the bill, @BenLBlake? No. Because #Obama won't sign ANY repeal. @MPealeWhy is this SECRET? #FBI’s closed House meeting to get access to your iPhone: http://t.co/s0AEIIwkNc #spyingIt was passed by fewer than 60 votes, @BenLBlake. @MPealeYou just have to love hypocrites, don't you, @2AFight?Nick Hanauer, billionaire #guncontrol #hypocrite admits to me (personally) he's an a-hole #2A #NRA #VoteNo594 #tcot http://t.co/d8uO0i42WJ
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyStats for the day have arrived. 53 new followers and 27 unfollowers via http://t.co/YYp3XOWLRD.“Bibi Netanhu is a #chickenshit.” ~John F. Kerry #chickengate http://t.co/Cna83ZDN4GI'll be filing a report on the Inspector General's grenade walker report shortly.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyMitch McConnell committed two years ago that #repeal of #Obamacare would be “job one.” With 51 votes, NOT 60..@SenatorReid sucks. His positions are wrong, and his principals are compromised.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny I'll stand with @netanyahu over this farce of a president any and every single time!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyDespite the #fact @TheDemocrats steal elections... #vote #VoteProChoice #Vote2014 #VoteGOP http://t.co/XpAt2gFcmk“Chickenshit” comment has driven US-#Israel relations to a new low: http://t.co/ms6HJ4lMt0 #Obama http://t.co/sTHmZx6ZGpHouston’s Sermon Subpoenas Represent A Legal Opportunity http://t.co/mk0MhryaCy
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“@DavidBugnon: “If voting made a difference, they would not let us do it.” ~Mark Twain #tcotWhat is this? The #DarkAges?? #NASA confirms earth will go dark for six days in December 2014: http://t.co/kotWQWiS2i
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe Hope&Change Phony Has Now Become the Symbol of Washington Dysfunction via @EdMorrissey Hot Air http://t.co/ufyplvpCDQ #TCOT
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyOver 214,000 Doctors Give 0-bama The Bird And Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges http://t.co/GoOf46nqOn http://t.co/hiW7x8GuA9
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe lesser Charles Johnson is upset because I have photos of myself exercising the Second Amendment. The horror! #2A
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyPeople who don't retweet others EVER are narcissists. They're too sure of themselves to be trusted.She isn't married. She lives with her boyfriend, @tweetybirdnerd.@ResistTyranny The problem: how long will she be infectious before she recognizes the symptoms? Hours? Days? Good Luck to hubby if she hasit
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@1kenwilson24 @PaulReverePress Someone needs to tell her it's a liberal lie that all press is good press.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe damage being done to the image of nurses right now is immeasurable. You'd think they would speak out as a body. #ocra #tcot
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny Typical lib...elite, arrogant. Don't live by the rules that everyone else has to.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#EbolaNurse #KaciHickox busts out of #quarantine – goes for a bike ride. http://t.co/uyBn97HqcK #Ebola http://t.co/PYWvyIJ2cT@ResistTyranny As Krauthammer said this morning, quarantine is the oldest and most reliable method of public health safety.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt's the price someone pays for going to Africa, @Personal_Onus.Or #IRS? Or any of the #Obama scandals? @nobamanoway @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN #IRSscandal@ResistTyranny Hey @FoxNews @ABC @CBS @NBC @CNN WHERE is the #Bergdahl report? It's finished you know? What did we get in return? #Taliban5
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Quarantine would be a common-sense thing to do, @Personal_Onus. Inability to do that on your own is why government steps in.Former Guantanamo detainees suspected of joining #ISIS, other groups in Syria: http://t.co/X4cNl96l78 #islam #muslim http://t.co/wNpYoIwcqy@billhemmer It is obvious that #KaciHickox cares more about what she wants and for people in Africa than her fellow Americans. #tcot #ocra
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@Fairfax51 @NYCCouncilWatch if Kaci Hickox wants to go back to Africa, let her go and stay. Forever. Cc @marthamaccallum
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny Are you fricken kidding not a chance and it isn't over. when the Grand jury comes to the fact the cops shot was ok its on.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny We all need to push for him to be held liable for all of his criminal wrong doings.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#DarrenWilson committed no crimes, @ValyrianSteeler. He's already being forced to quit. What more do you want?Only in #Massachussets. Teens suspended for 10 days over this 'provocative' photo: http://t.co/FPhcQ8ZKut http://t.co/ldSPl9lkcGYeah, I'm not interested in hearing a Twitter infomercial about why Islam is great from people who called #TeaParty members terrorists.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWill Eric Holder be held responsible for his crimes in #Ferguson, #Missouri? #p2 #UniteBlue #Progressive http://t.co/rQWnvnS65MThe man was #muslim. The paper “forgot” to include #islam: http://t.co/MDOVwItmak #beheadingYep, this is actually happening.. Maryland Voting Machine changes #GOP votes to Dem.. #FRAUD http://t.co/EdsNVvJgoT http://t.co/SOHvveqGyJ
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe CEO of Apple Computer is a #queer. He admits it: http://t.co/gE0KO8SlIX #homosexual #gay#KaciHickox to fight #Maine #quarantine authority. Because she's SO much smarter than the rest of us: http://t.co/GfSsAfnDjc #Ebola@ResistTyranny BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is in country ILLEGALLY. He support ALL LAWLESSNESS. He is "THUG IN A SUIT". Supports DRUG CARTELS.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyMornin’ followers! It's gonna be a great day! #Obama http://t.co/Fy0xiUXrZn@thejtshow @SupertalkBrook @paulgalloshow @ConservatveGurl @ResistTyranny @Chris_1791 @BlissTabitha @Larryputt http://t.co/9hqwKNO87p
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyLADIES AND GENTS THE SECRET SERVICE JUST PAID A VISIT TO MY PLACE. http://t.co/ldKr3bj4ra
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWhy the hell is the #IRS concerned with churches, anyway? http://t.co/NT1y540ubd #IRSscandal http://t.co/QGfAOpJy6PMounting crises questions #Obama regime ability to cope: http://t.co/xQKKJ7H2BG http://t.co/6D2ZD3DRh4@ResistTyranny Reason we have Obama > @crowleyCNN
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny.@crowleyCNN is a #LIAR. #Benghazi #CorruptMediaHigh-level CBS staff decided - DECIDED - to bury part of #Obama’s interview w/Steve Kroft. #Benghazi was #terrorism. http://t.co/WokD05I36EYou MUST read @SharylAttkisson’s book, “Stonewalled.” Do it! You won't look at #CorruptMedia the same - ever again. http://t.co/baSMGrwByM@Bondena @ResistTyranny I don't think that today's Dems would embrace JFK..he probably couldn't be nominated.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWhat part of the #Constitution is hard to understand? #p2 #UniteBlue #Progressive http://t.co/YLDEHwdKlV#Hillary wrote her college thesis on #Alinsky. Read it here: http://t.co/uk1j8rjtcE http://t.co/RZ6MeLG4wl #Hillary2016 #HillaryClinton
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