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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Adventurer. Business Development, Science House. Futurist, @SciEntEx. INfluencer, @LinkedIn. Maker of Mystery Jars.

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@sxipshirey some of them do, yes! We become what we pretend to be...
Closing the confidence gap hurts. Do it anyway. http://t.co/gaccU4skOXWoke up during #bloodmoon at 3:30 am in NYC to work on a Culture Map with a team in London, Singapore, Hong Kong & Japan!
Getting ready for a long-distance Culture Map workshop tomorrow with NYC, London, Hong Kong and Japan! cc @SagmeisterSimon
@RichardGarriott ---> “@feastinnovation: a reception at 5:30pm. Interactive workshops at 6:15. 9pm, feast! http://t.co/DbL8TQIRsN@feastinnovation @shapeways @carinecarmy fantastic!It sounds like there's a live orchestra playing Pure Imagination outside Science House but it stops when I look out the window!@hodgman I got to an airport once after it closed, which is a real problem when the plane needs to land and can't.@RichardGarriott I don't doubt it!@RichardGarriott it's going to be spectacular when they drag the mini-moon into orbit only to find a Britannia Manor flag on it.
Thanks to @LinkedIn notifying me of a work anniversary I realize it's been three years that I've been @ScienceHouse! Unbelievable.After trip to space, cherry trees mysteriously blossom years ahead of schedule http://t.co/Ra6jUnOo9V
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@feastinnovation who?!Wise words along the Charles River, Cambridge. http://t.co/Ve6Pv5TYnvStephen Colbert will be great. But we're also losing "Stephen Colbert," maybe the greatest comedic TV character ever. http://t.co/Xmhvc9kbpo
Retweeted by Rita J. King14 Times "Charlotte's Web" Broke Your Heart http://t.co/ZZELzKoJhe. #12 was the one that nearly killed me.
@ToddGailun thank you so much!Can't wait! “@feastinnovation: Come hear @RitaJKing speak about collaboration http://t.co/bN8ZzuWfuF @ScienceHouse"I can't bear to see Colbert with the Colbert knocked out of him.@SagmeisterSimon we toasted you at dinner, you were missed but we felt your presence xo
@BuzzFeed oh, Barbie *has* had that job before.@RichardGarriott I thought of your cabinet! They are between 50-60 million years old. From my friend Stefan Sagmeister. Will give you one.@capnmarrrrk @pickover @mactonnies @katelanfoisy I was JUST talking about @pickover at dinner!!!Pearls, shark's teeth and a book in Italian for my birthday reveals my essence in a nutshell. http://t.co/q9Sm5KKpsjDreamy Locanda Vini e Olii. http://t.co/DSO5zYbeqQ.
Art, math, woman by @leonarduchamp. http://t.co/despSVaJGgIn a few short minutes these will be floating and illuminated. http://t.co/S1ntJbAQXzWhat is art? http://t.co/leGjP6m3aI
@DKThomp @interfluidity some people do that and I'm not sure it gets interpreted by most recipients as courage.The hippocampus is a time machine: http://t.co/MzQZUGkk7n@EricRWeinstein @stephenathome @edfrenkel can't believe I'm spending the week researching math AND art and I'm missing this!@feastinnovation you've seen @mtyka's work! He made Angel of Death: Ubiquitin sculpture at Science House and also the file for my amphorae!@evelynjlamb I need to talk to you about math and art!If I could live every day reading and writing near an open door on a rainy day, Bach playing while dinner roasts, I would.@johnmaeda Simplicity is also useful is cases of managing complexity when there is a lot of significance and high stakes.@danroth I am in full agreement that painting is a fabulous outlet for frazzled execs. *withholding further comment*@danroth I have just written and deleted about a dozen tweets in response to the "unexpected bravery" of Bush. Withholding comment.@ystrickler that's fantastic!Fascinating! Our ability to smell depends on our culture http://t.co/lQgPsZytm5 #biology via @Tomorrow_Lab@EricRWeinstein @edfrenkel @stephenathome reading his book as we speak!It's time. http://t.co/mqVEnAkOMe@ParticleFever If it's there why wouldn't it be measurable? I realize this is a complicated question...what's the best way to learn more?
@Jake_Barton I just went to follow you and realized I already am...I knew you were familiar! So great to meet you in person.Only 9 seats left for Michelangelo's Feast at Science House. Feast on this Renaissance menu: http://t.co/Ne0uf1pY1O
Retweeted by Rita J. King@realscientists I have a sex chromosomes question. What's your email if you don't mind sharing?@ParticleFever well I guess it isn't binary given the weight of the Higgs but wow, SO MANY QUESTIONS!@ParticleFever and also why we can't find more particles in our own universe if we have dark matter here. I didn't realize it was so binary.@ParticleFever I know the answer is longer than a tweet but I won't be able to sleep unless I understand why it's all chaos or not...@ParticleFever I'd love to do a screening at Science House! Also, why is supersymmetry regarded as mutually exclusive from multiverse?Particle Fever. I haven't cried this much in a theatre since Beaches.@evanoneil @debrahampton Squarepusher music for robots: http://t.co/KQ6kGyYK7l
A little Saturday night advice brought to you from a NYC taxi. http://t.co/8baDJ3NcALBlue. http://t.co/Kq4woud9gEFirst morning of a nine day creative adventure.@mathewi @claire same here!@RichardGarriott Portalarium's Shroud of the Avatar updates are incredible.
.@AP's tribute to Anja Niedringhaus, killed today, is beautiful and devastating. http://t.co/7CB3pUFqcA via @stevesilbermanAnja Niedringhaus was killed in Afghanistan while delivering a glimpse of reality to all of us. http://t.co/dDnfG9QGNk@HithaPrabhakar what did you learn?@jenx0 @kmonson I love our tribe.@jenx0, I had so much fun with @kmonson today! Thank you xo@capnmarrrrk not quite yet but I am fantasizing about it@anabjain yesssss! Can't wait to see what you create.A necklace made of Jack Kerouac quotes in morse code by Cass Lilien. http://t.co/l3GuOjP8Yt@realscientists There's no doubt about it.Getting ready to take a week off is so punishing that I need a week just to recuperate.@chapmanchapman was thinking of you already. http://t.co/XYpKYmY5zv
@GVHirsch check it out @StanfordVR: http://t.co/FwXkHm5XGt@steveportigal @chadlockart hahahaha!I'm looking forward to it! “@suwn: Meet @RitaJKing a #powermentor at Step Up’s #PowerHour: http://t.co/eJiQo3tGXNI really hope Bush's painting of Putin (unveiled tomorrow!) will depict him shirtless on a tiger. http://t.co/mNGiW6leZS@nickducoff @richardgarriott intergalactic, one might even say.A brief tour of the history of the universe with @RichardGarriott. And modern times and the future. http://t.co/Eg9za5RhknI never thought we'd need a safe word during a workshop but, you know, live and learn. http://t.co/bchOvfnMhvImagine if you could visualize your organization's culture? You can: http://t.co/QLvyhptRu0@SagmeisterSimon me too!
The Colorful Language of Culture: http://t.co/1C4bNJ7NeH@Inc I just posted Interpreting the Colorful Language of Culture when I saw your post: http://t.co/mAndo4dq9bGroups that take the Culture Map workshop @ScienceHouse know immediately what kind of company this is. http://t.co/CkBPUDC1Ys@bjnovak dropping them off to your editor on Wednesday April 9 :)@bjnovak I'm going to try to drop off a bunch to Random House next week.@bjnovak Since we interacted, Twitter instantly (and adorably) recommended I follow @mindykaling so I made Mystery Jars for her too.
Yes! “@allenmmurray: I just got my Hummingbird Robotics Kit from @ScienceHouse - so excited to make something weird! http://t.co/p6jPgf8Lp3@maryboone @ianmcgonnigal thanks!! How are you?@bjnovak I started the early prototypes with "Dark Matter," which I LOVE! http://t.co/oQANHpSuPg@bjnovak You can either come to Science House in Manhattan in person or I can mail a box to you! Email me ritajking at gmail@bjnovak Random House sent me your book to make my first set of Book in a Bottle Mystery Jars... http://t.co/AFCpHO4YUwThe very first Book in a Bottle Mystery Jars are hot off the press! @bjnovak @LloydGross http://t.co/3ZzKjnljiqYour Hummingbird Robot Kits are en route from Science House, @anabjain & @allenmmurray! Let me know when they arrive.
@changeequation It's more complicated than a tweet allows...@changeequation I would argue that the real impostors might be those who default into a feeling of belonging.
One of my favorite Mystery Jars of all time: Rubies for Eloise. http://t.co/ykPk8jF8r5Indeed. “@JamesVictore: "Childlike" and "childish" are two very separate things.”@ClimbForMemory You were equally gracious last year and this year. It was fun to see you win again!Thanks to the Dark Sky app it's possible to perfectly time Sunday dinner to a thunderstorm.As an actual native Brooklynite, "Whose Brooklyn Is It, Anyway?" in the @nytimes tugged at my heartstrings.
The winner of the US Memory Championship will get a $4,300 Brain Pen. http://t.co/kq74gHsf5D@ClimbForMemory it *was* 137, right?@USAMemoryC that was a spectacular presentation from Ron and a wonderful award.@ClimbForMemory 137 words...spectacular!
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