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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

EVP for Business Development, Science House. Futurist, @SciEntEx. INfluencer, @LinkedIn. Maker of Mystery Jars, writer of stories.

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@anildash “@jilliancyork: no no no no no no no no no no no http://t.co/fx3DXJURAt@feastonhistory @SetonHall love it! Check out the story about the sirens on http://t.co/jbSabIOlcB@luvswoonstyle they've been shipped to you!
@charlesaraujo introduces his new web series, #TransformIT, in the Intel #ITCenter. Learn more: http://t.co/XEDzFErS5r
Retweeted by Rita J. King@TheGoodDeath your book looks fantastic! No Kindle edition? cc @GVHirsch check out Smoke Gets in Your Eyes!PS. I am quoted in @chrisguillebeau's book, but that's not the only reason why I love it. He is one of my favorite people on the planet.You *made my day* with this surprise shipment of The Happiness of Pursuit, @chrisguillebeau! http://t.co/c2pYkgfBHw@dgelles send *all* of the info or you won't get the full amount.@Tim_OConnell some Imagination Age just hit your inbox.@shapeways thanks so much! I am making this set for a trunk show and then will see which ones people love the most.
@mtyka, @shapeways, @luvswoonstyle, @HelenWalters...see last tweet!Pulled from ancient shipwrecks, then printed in gold, bronze, steel and silver. http://t.co/vEWT7WDEw6@aarondignan @jrhusney Humans Need Not Apply is great.The creative adult is the child who has survived. --Ursula K. LeGuin cc @HeerJeet #ImaginationAgeAll teams experience planner's remorse -- here's how to help yours overcome it: http://t.co/q2qd8BmuNf
Retweeted by Rita J. King@pmarca yeah, baby steps, I agree...but I'd like to see more creative urgency. Geeks make stuff, they don't just wear it.PS. Quite possibly the only passage in the entire 1197 page book that I will grasp with a single glance.Studying Rule 110. Randomly opened @stephen_wolfram's New Kind of Science to p. 855, here's what it says. http://t.co/ajkoYoCCj3@pmarca I'm not crazy about the way that piece seems to imply that consumers and creators are equally geeky just because tech is involved.
Great piece by my friend @chrisguillebeau: “@99u: How Death Motivates Us All http://t.co/WjnVlSl9xH http://t.co/VD1pGVLQdi@gabbystern looks delicious!@jpalinkas yes, the new era is the Imagination Age!@brendanjcahill @peterthiel @zerotoonebook was just about to sit down and read. I love that idea. Very Imagination Age.Why successful business isn't about competition: How @peterthiel defines. "competitive advantage" in @zerotoonebook http://t.co/KP4Fcb9rWK
Retweeted by Rita J. King
@WIRED this one interests me: http://t.co/CfzS9ltjXcLuna di Miele Infinita. http://t.co/Rz4VcVD5ukFellow @weizmanninst Advocate for Curiosity @missmayim on being a science geek. #STEM http://t.co/oSZpLkZtsl@Markgatiss Nothing really seems *that* good anymore compared to Sherlock.
Empire State Building and the Tribute in Light. http://t.co/38Gztm3fCd@alexismadrigal the first intriguing thing shocked me so much that I go on to number two. What happened to her cerebellum???@SPFireCapt @jpalinkas can't wait to speak next month!@Inc @EntryLevelRebel does that mean people with "power" are less likely to be accountable? Is power defined hierarchically here?@Inc @EntryLevelRebel the implications of the "I" piece are fascinating given that "I" statements are the core of accountability...
@MuSuNaHi let's hang out alreadyThanks, @brendanjcahill! Can't wait to read @peterthiel's @zerotoonebook. http://t.co/8xpSrpDeEU#nyc glorious http://t.co/QPGhcpTOoO@TFFDisruptive @washingtonpost that's why I prefer the term STEAM to STEM.@NancyHightower it's so sad and scary.My sister-in-law's niece has completely vanished. Drones are being used in the search: http://t.co/HK627wmh8i #FindChristina
@MariusUrsache @NewYorker fascinating. I love it and want to try it.@MariusUrsache I'm a transhuman minded futurist. http://t.co/78JIhMYz41@MariusUrsache nyc@MariusUrsache @EricRWeinstein I look forward to uploading my consciousness into a fembot..@charlesaraujo introduces his new web series, #TransformIT, in the #ITCenter. Learn more: http://t.co/mEzNloAq5u
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@davideagleman what's your project??@EricRWeinstein and wildwomen.Wow. “@mikearauz: Oh, btw, a meteorite landed in Managua, leaving a crater with a 39' radius and 16' deep http://t.co/a4RxcUBBfi
@TFFDisruptive @IdeaPaint that looks great!I love this contest. We use @IdeaPaint in the Imagination Room @ScienceHouse and it's great: http://t.co/xY1E7YatzN@debrahampton just found this! Listening now. Love and miss you. http://t.co/YTpzxQqmuYHoney is truly time in a bottle. http://t.co/DugUEI1RCW@ChuckPellCAP I should think so!@jackburditt I couldn't even figure out how to get the TV to work in a hotel room. http://t.co/SeSud4pgEvAfter speaking with @dgelles about meditation (@brainpicker also recommended) I started doing it and I love it so much.@cetesse because @flat_world rocks and I love working with you. Amazing turnaround still ahead!@VictorOcampo @doctorow that's quite a horn!
Lightning from the roof of Science House. #nyc http://t.co/13iYtv5VTj@ellecheese that is hands down the cutest thing that ever happened on this planet.I love the "aliens of extraordinary ability" classification. We've got lots of great ones in the US. http://t.co/eXpTpMAEjJThe @BrookingsInst publishes *fantastic* reports on our cyborg future, drones, robots and tech. Great work!@Summer_Ash you mean @heather_berlin? I was just writing about her as we speak!
@padma I did this all week! Hope you had a great week. http://t.co/qWWgOUwc1LKodak kept making cameras and went bankrupt. Fujifilm diversified and now makes ebola drugs. http://t.co/ObtAeSa6BT
Retweeted by Rita J. King@brendanjcahill thanks for sending @zerotoonebook! And @FortuneMagazine I love the piece. And @pmarca, fantastic quotes.@brendanjcahill can't wait to read @zerotoonebook!September 5 is my personal high holiday, celebrated every year. Thank you, Dan Eldon. His life was lost but his spirit lives on.@kathyeldon my annual September 5 message from Dan received in the form of a random hearing of Oh Very Young. Thinking of you with love.@rachsyme I feel the same.
Silhouette and ocean. http://t.co/uV4kWyJ2Qy
My last tweet before I start my first Twitter sabbatical after seven years of constant connection. See you in a week!@CynthVonBuhler http://t.co/fKqakKHYGVIt was poignant even just to catch the live stream of the burn. http://t.co/qy7K61cC94@AtomJackGames @allenmmurray beautiful@newscientist @MatthewModine I think it's very possible!
@austinkleon over and over again, finding meaning in the way the blades keep growing back.@muccimuk I haven't started yet :)@kevinmarks @quince @alyssaharad back to back http://t.co/hTHKDrYfqeA piece in @TheEconomist about the future of #STEM with me and @anya1anya: http://t.co/RFX1wKmvCz @cetesse @osmanrashid@ibogost Tell @RichardGarriott I said hi!IBM's Watson analyzed 70,000 scientific articles, a process which could take a human scientist nearly 38 years. http://t.co/b8FH4mmJri
Retweeted by Rita J. King@mocost @craignewmark back to back. http://t.co/vQeY313zPO@pickover what's your Erdos number?@JLandolina amazing to see Suneris in Fast Company. We had lunch a couple of years ago after you pitched at Science House.@WELLO "I'm not into, you know, surface reality that much."@cetesse http://t.co/kpwyG9tMyH
As usual, I'm impressed by everything @wello (and the people who work with him) creates. http://t.co/IAGHUn7LIK@skynetbot @zoltan_istvan I prefer transhumanism. Easier for the imagination to visualize.@ruzwana I'm sorry that happened to you. Your courage and eloquence will save many others and hopefully change this catastrophic problem.@artologica @margagual :)@margagual that's always the way@Padmasree all right, Padma, I will!@bsmog it's complicated"To hunt, to fire a gun is to have your imagination tangled up with fantasies of power." http://t.co/rmbjFVRTLR@pidgeonwriter will you email me if anything happens in the world that I need to know about?@cetesse we had a vision and now it's becoming real@cetesse we will find out soon enough!@cetesse I think when I look back at my life the conversation we had today will be the moment I entered the singularity! Becoming AI.It's weird, the idea of being away from Twitter for a week after seven years of never taking a break.@hrhmedia @gatesfoundation The only constant is change is the core tenet of the Imagination Age! :)Taking a writing week. All deadlines met, clients informed, Science House calendar cleared. Seriously considering a week off social media.
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