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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

EVP for Business Development, Science House. Futurist, @SciEntEx. INfluencer, @LinkedIn. Maker of Mystery Jars, writer of stories.

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@jason_pontin @stevesilberman Such a cozy room, the windows are illuminated by the sunshine through them, fiery gems for you, only for you.A list of spectacular science writers by @seanmcarroll: http://t.co/wuRMUQo6ZT@mathewi @ultrabrilliant in a galaxy that moves at a pace of 600km per second: http://t.co/TG092Stfi1@rosettastone CD. I can still access the basic tools, I figured out last night.
Culture is the new social media: http://t.co/WyiCNIVm8BYes!!! “@twelvepm: So happy to talk to @RitaJKing today, who's ushering in the Imagination Age. At last, I'm in the right era.”
@claytoncubitt I will!Looking at @postsecret for the first time in ages and saw one that I share: http://t.co/Rwc3ldwwDX@twelvepm I'm happy to discuss if you email me. My Twitter handle at gmail. Thanks!Hi @g4c and #TFF2014 from all of us at @sciencehouse! Thanks for getting in touch @thenexussummit @ym4ge @mitgc_cm :)@edfrenkel Is curiosity a lucrative pursuit? http://t.co/pEBop45WjZ (I mentioned you!)Is curiosity a lucrative pursuit? http://t.co/pEBop45WjZ cc @MattStrassler @RichardGarriott @Tomorrow_Lab
@MatthewModine Excellent piece for Metro! I just posted one in homage to @WeizmannInst and curiosity. http://t.co/GCc1OQ6xafWe have hands because a signal emits from sonic hedgehog! http://t.co/8auCQs3zYV@jrhusney typing up notes from our interview!@WELLO @bre @kiostark I thought it was before @makerbot was official. @kiostark do you happen to remember?@wello Do you by any chance happen to remember what year it was when you took me to NYC Resistor the first time & I met @bre & @kiostark?@hodgman As usual, your advice is sterling. No violas at parties, and rules need to be understood before they can be broken.Saw a Spider-Man 2 trailer that includes a flipped cop car scene @evanoneil @debrahampton and I accidentally saw being shot on Park Ave.Hollow bunnies, malted eggs. http://t.co/dS0McHAklw
@KateAurthur @maura early 60's to 80's! I had no idea it covered that many years.I can't tell whether or not it was Kevin Federline in Transcendence and that pretty much sums the movie up.@KateAurthur @maura what are the edges on either side of gen x?@maura @kateaurthur what makes one squarely x?Amen. “@johnmaeda: Winning an argument is less important than coming to a solution.”@IlanaCT I'm tired of it. I get tired of trends immediately. #nomnom@brainpicker I'm scared of Kentucky.@thegarance @glynnmacn @mathewi I agree with @thegarance who said what I meant :)@GlynnMacN @mathewi I should rephrase my first tweet. Hard to convey what I meant. I love your piece is the important thing. Feel for you.@mathewi @glynnmacn Like Elmore Leonard wrote: "Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip." Social media audience is people.@mathewi @glynnmacn As a person who doesn't share the highlight reel or the tragic very often, I'm of two minds on this subject.@GlynnMacN @mathewi I love it too. That was the perfect medium for sharing that information. Instagram or Twitter wouldn't have been.
.@oprah just made @Pharrell make me cry and other amazing things on @Studio360show: http://t.co/oUQDQ83v6x.@feastinnovation is doing that @ScienceHouse with Michelangelo! http://t.co/5njnbRwVYSAuthor brilliantly recreates famous meals from literature! http://t.co/HqX8oyyEtS cc @feastinnovationI hope you all have a happy creative weekend!Lots of UX design lessons on the new TED talk page by @aweyenberg: http://t.co/pYYWA2aIk1I'm going to start a set of Book in a Bottle Mystery Jars for Gabriel Garcia Marquez right now. http://t.co/TE33ysMP5I
“It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love.”Two back-to-back Twitter quotes from my favorite author of all time, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Nauseous knowing that likely means he died.@strandbookstore thanks! PS. I have one of your tote bags with the subway map on it and it constantly gets compliments from strangers.@strandbookstore what's the Serra event?!@Tomorrow_Lab I was just taking notes last night on the incredible culture of innovation at Weizmann!
@aburak @G4C I didn't get your email....@aburak @g4c can you email me the details? Rita at ScienceHouse . comThrilled to see @ScienceHouse client @flat_world growing! http://t.co/vqzQZq3GTvScience House can help! “@Inc: Why you should spend one day each quarter strategizing around culture: http://t.co/PfoJF9GCkv"Visit #StepUpNY’s @charitybuzz auction to bid on a creative experience with @bethcomstock & me at Science House! http://t.co/dfM9NUXGm9@rs_sparks @fsgbooks Elizabeth Bishop!@Penenberg @danroth I know. (sigh) I know.@Penenberg @danroth I have a recipe for something I'd like to feed the troll who won't back off today.@aburak @G4C Hi! I'd like to invite you to an event at Science House on April 29. What's the best email to use?@sxipshirey some of them do, yes! We become what we pretend to be...
Closing the confidence gap hurts. Do it anyway. http://t.co/gaccU4skOXWoke up during #bloodmoon at 3:30 am in NYC to work on a Culture Map with a team in London, Singapore, Hong Kong & Japan!
Getting ready for a long-distance Culture Map workshop tomorrow with NYC, London, Hong Kong and Japan! cc @SagmeisterSimon
@RichardGarriott ---> “@feastinnovation: a reception at 5:30pm. Interactive workshops at 6:15. 9pm, feast! http://t.co/DbL8TQIRsN@feastinnovation @shapeways @carinecarmy fantastic!It sounds like there's a live orchestra playing Pure Imagination outside Science House but it stops when I look out the window!@hodgman I got to an airport once after it closed, which is a real problem when the plane needs to land and can't.@RichardGarriott I don't doubt it!@RichardGarriott it's going to be spectacular when they drag the mini-moon into orbit only to find a Britannia Manor flag on it.
Thanks to @LinkedIn notifying me of a work anniversary I realize it's been three years that I've been @ScienceHouse! Unbelievable.After trip to space, cherry trees mysteriously blossom years ahead of schedule http://t.co/Ra6jUnOo9V
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@feastinnovation who?!Wise words along the Charles River, Cambridge. http://t.co/Ve6Pv5TYnvStephen Colbert will be great. But we're also losing "Stephen Colbert," maybe the greatest comedic TV character ever. http://t.co/Xmhvc9kbpo
Retweeted by Rita J. King14 Times "Charlotte's Web" Broke Your Heart http://t.co/ZZELzKoJhe. #12 was the one that nearly killed me.
@ToddGailun thank you so much!Can't wait! “@feastinnovation: Come hear @RitaJKing speak about collaboration http://t.co/bN8ZzuWfuF @ScienceHouse"I can't bear to see Colbert with the Colbert knocked out of him.@SagmeisterSimon we toasted you at dinner, you were missed but we felt your presence xo
@BuzzFeed oh, Barbie *has* had that job before.@RichardGarriott I thought of your cabinet! They are between 50-60 million years old. From my friend Stefan Sagmeister. Will give you one.@capnmarrrrk @pickover @mactonnies @katelanfoisy I was JUST talking about @pickover at dinner!!!Pearls, shark's teeth and a book in Italian for my birthday reveals my essence in a nutshell. http://t.co/q9Sm5KKpsjDreamy Locanda Vini e Olii. http://t.co/DSO5zYbeqQ.
Art, math, woman by @leonarduchamp. http://t.co/despSVaJGgIn a few short minutes these will be floating and illuminated. http://t.co/S1ntJbAQXzWhat is art? http://t.co/leGjP6m3aI
@DKThomp @interfluidity some people do that and I'm not sure it gets interpreted by most recipients as courage.The hippocampus is a time machine: http://t.co/MzQZUGkk7n@EricRWeinstein @stephenathome @edfrenkel can't believe I'm spending the week researching math AND art and I'm missing this!@feastinnovation you've seen @mtyka's work! He made Angel of Death: Ubiquitin sculpture at Science House and also the file for my amphorae!@evelynjlamb I need to talk to you about math and art!If I could live every day reading and writing near an open door on a rainy day, Bach playing while dinner roasts, I would.@johnmaeda Simplicity is also useful is cases of managing complexity when there is a lot of significance and high stakes.@danroth I am in full agreement that painting is a fabulous outlet for frazzled execs. *withholding further comment*@danroth I have just written and deleted about a dozen tweets in response to the "unexpected bravery" of Bush. Withholding comment.@ystrickler that's fantastic!Fascinating! Our ability to smell depends on our culture http://t.co/lQgPsZytm5 #biology via @Tomorrow_Lab@EricRWeinstein @edfrenkel @stephenathome reading his book as we speak!It's time. http://t.co/mqVEnAkOMe@ParticleFever If it's there why wouldn't it be measurable? I realize this is a complicated question...what's the best way to learn more?
@Jake_Barton I just went to follow you and realized I already am...I knew you were familiar! So great to meet you in person.Only 9 seats left for Michelangelo's Feast at Science House. Feast on this Renaissance menu: http://t.co/Ne0uf1pY1O
Retweeted by Rita J. King@realscientists I have a sex chromosomes question. What's your email if you don't mind sharing?@ParticleFever well I guess it isn't binary given the weight of the Higgs but wow, SO MANY QUESTIONS!@ParticleFever and also why we can't find more particles in our own universe if we have dark matter here. I didn't realize it was so binary.@ParticleFever I know the answer is longer than a tweet but I won't be able to sleep unless I understand why it's all chaos or not...
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