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People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that can't live within its income. - Robert Half
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One of my #Autistic piano students sporting her fave Disney hat/cape. Man I love these kids. Btw… http://t.co/hOwysA4QnBToday’s #African #proverb: Travelling slowly doesn't stop one from arriving, says the tortoise. A Hausa proverb sent by Randy, Fremont, US
Retweeted by Tatia RoseThe Surge doesn't seem to be working in #Ferguson. http://t.co/MLyuAh7kAr
Retweeted by Tatia RoseCops just rushed in pulled out on us. Keep your hands up or I will blow your brains out is what I was just told by police.
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Gardening by the Moon for August 20 - Most favorable day for planting beets, onions,... http://t.co/iEdmQ2F9XS
Retweeted by Tatia RoseKnowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseCNN = Conjecture News NetworkEuropean austerity is a myth: http://t.co/GYNVZvaIsq http://t.co/JltQCXoGpI
Retweeted by Tatia RoseRice bear and egg blanket 🙉 http://t.co/3BtFZxRvUk
Retweeted by Tatia RoseLooking at the 8th consecutive weekly decline in the Euro. Again, it wants to go much lower. $FXE http://t.co/BQzbFN8YKy
Retweeted by Tatia RoseBREAKING: After Hamas violated cease-fire PM Netanyahu orders IDF to attack terror targets in Gaza. @BarakRavid
Retweeted by Tatia RoseExplosions now in Gaza.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseIsraeli delegation now returning from Cairo in response to rocket fire.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseEarlier tonight an officer ripped my Press patch from my vest in #Ferguson http://t.co/3FOSQ4v5jC
Retweeted by Tatia RosePres. Obama = Constitutional law expert. Doubtful he will address violations against cert. #Ferguson peaceful protest @AntonioFrench *waitsFriend of #DarrenWilson says he thought #MikeBrown was "on something"..maybe you should wait for the coroners report bf slandering deceased.CNN news anchor suggests police use water cannons on people in #Ferguson. Watch the other anchors face @rosemaryCNN https://t.co/QrbRQ3tJnZ
Retweeted by Tatia RoseGoogle went public 10 years ago today, at $85 per share, a valuation of $23 billion. It’s up 1,038% since, doing $65 billion in sales.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseFox News' panel of experts on Race in America after #Ferguson unrest. Five white people. http://t.co/VeGTb3k8FF
Retweeted by Tatia RoseEveryone needs to be following @AntonioFrench for an accurate perspective of the events taking place in #FergusonWisdom begins when we realise that we know nothing..
Retweeted by Tatia RoseWhen anti-gun ppl ask me why this is necessary, I'll be sure to mention #Ferguson from now on http://t.co/jKLbyfXMQ1
Retweeted by Tatia RoseThis is where the press has been sent. The command area. We are very far from the protest zone. #Ferguson http://t.co/TqWh3Tr1In
Retweeted by Tatia Rose#MartialLaw = #PartialFreedomWhile I agree security's needed to maintain safety for protestors, residents & biz, we are seeing gross violations of Constitutional rights.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseWhere are all the right wing constitution thumpers regarding Ferguson? What pray tell, is the hold up? I will wait..
Retweeted by Tatia RoseSo when are we going to talk about #GunControl for the police. #Ferguson
♫ Just Announced: Philadelphia, PA - Sep 12 at World Cafe Live http://t.co/7ZlgbKcLC0♫ Just Announced: Brooklyn, NY - Sep 11 at ShapeShifter Lab http://t.co/wBiMp777YY
This burrito is a nice metaphor for my life. I too, am barely keeping it together.
Retweeted by Tatia Rosehttp://t.co/f8cUt8rF83 http://t.co/ZLWgwChsP7 pass along the Weekend Update Now! #WeHaveOptions #NewNashville
Retweeted by Tatia RoseThis is what a polar bear looks like while under the ice http://t.co/z6yzGz6JaK
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#payattention http://t.co/B4TU7cnqFm
♫ Just Announced: Chicago, IL - Sep 19 at Reggies Rock Club http://t.co/lDPu1IxBWu♫ Just Announced: Chicago, IL - Sep 20 at Reggies Rock Club http://t.co/xQh03fL6Bz
Finished a big project. Booked a flight. Gonna lift a glass. #WasBlindButNowISeeDon't forget to tell someone how they should feel and what to do.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseIt's shark week every other gotdamn month.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseJSE stocks rise, African Bank suspended http://t.co/P1rajjhLsr
Retweeted by Tatia RoseImprovise, Adapt, Overcome.A British diplomat invented the borders of the Arab world 100 years ago, it’s been hell on earth ever since http://t.co/FMC0wWGhW2
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@ReformedBroker @zalali I'm more interested in who's about to be in control of Syria...Warfare in 2014 —> RT @zalali: Pro Maliki forces in control over state Facebook page but opponents now have control over twitter feed.
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ISIS looks like it's clearing the way for a northern invasion of Syria. Who benefits most from this?If I could change one thing about you... I'd take away any doubts you have about my love.
Retweeted by Tatia Rose#JohnLennon version of Stand By Me...KRFT and LMT tell the story... #War and #Inflation
Reclaimed wood... Yeah... We've got you covered. Literally. #TellusAggregateOperations
Some accept, and some seek.When did opinions start being more important than people?
Listening to @dasilvajmusic practice in b/w lessons. Man he can play lol. #Nashville #guitarlessons #RMG 615-736-5103@LupinoMarc @BadKittyllc @TheBubbleBubble #Nashville and yes he was holding the cardboard he sleeps on when I met him."Truth will ALWAYS be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance." ~ W. Clement Stone
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@RoseMusicGroup @TheBubbleBubble this is the reality of the student loan Ponzi scheme which now stands at about $1.2 trillion & increasing.
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@TheBubbleBubble Just met a disabled man who was homeless bc the govt garnished his disability check for student loans. On street since '08🔴#NYPD Arrests Man Who Filmed #EricGarnerMurder 🔵#CriminalPossession of an💨#UnloadedWeapon 🔥http://t.co/EUqVgsib7Q 🔥 http://t.co/JRYI0WVYe8
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@jblack501c3 @treydayway Amazing how it's legal for them to read our emails, film us on the streets & most public places, but film them and?Phaedrus: Numerous are the witnesses who acknowledge Love to be the eldest of the gods (Symposium)
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Beautiful Abandoned Places - http://t.co/CP0JGDTSTE http://t.co/8A8MPrcjpG
Retweeted by Tatia RoseWar comes disguised as the bearer of peace & Welfare as the bearer of prosperity. #PayAttention
Actually, Obama is. https://t.co/5vuyn9ZTkd @joseiswriting
Retweeted by Tatia RoseKRFT raising prices on Oscar Meyer by 10%. They can keep the bologna but I'll take the stock. #oversoldI can't tell if James Franco is smart and pretending to be dumb or dumb and pretending to be smart.
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@nonarosa857 gracias. Compartir su musica con #nuevonashvilleJody Gerson Named Head of Universal Music Publishing Group http://t.co/66IGGR5cRY
Retweeted by Tatia RoseSir Isaac Newton and Dow Jones agree on one thing... What goes up...
The new CEO of Burger King is only 33 years old, in case you were wondering how big of a failure you are.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseThe #FourHorseman seem to be making it around the world in 80 days lately.http://t.co/cuagTqrAaP
Retweeted by Tatia Rosehttp://t.co/aOj5GPgZjG
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@mikandynothem @joe_paladino the Kundalini in physical form.Please answer this question: why did the Senate fail to confirm a US Ambassador to Russia today?
Retweeted by Tatia RoseChina accused US of reconnaissance by naval ships and aircraft in Chinese waters and airspace.http://t.co/JWi3QLnyrr http://t.co/2ZzPPN2BsM
Retweeted by Tatia RoseUnwanted babies for sale, France, 1940s http://t.co/iNmVVLogcG
Retweeted by Tatia RoseChinese Stocks & Yuan Surge To 2014 Highs After PBOC Unleashes QE http://t.co/KcRmrd41h0
Retweeted by Tatia Rosehttp://t.co/r89b0jKAn7
Retweeted by Tatia RoseCNN Fear and Greed Index at 11, Extreme fear. And we're just shy of 2.5% off the highs in $SPX. Heh: http://t.co/us1HOEnSY0
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@ReformedBroker and just as expensive to attend lol.Argentinian debt defaults are like are like KISS farewell tours http://t.co/Alzn44UVTi
Retweeted by Tatia RoseDallas! I'll be playing my originals at the Prophet bar on aug 13-10pm 10$ w/ bernard wright, mark lettieri, wes stephenson, leo saenz etc
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Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya. #Hallelujah
Sad but moving on with your life sometimes has to start with goodbye. - Carrie Underwood
RT if you got your start in the restaurant industry! http://t.co/17G7dyMcNP
Retweeted by Tatia RoseThe atrocities seen during warfare are the daydreams of the dictator beforehand. #PayAttention
One Direction numbers.latineventsnashville's photo http://t.co/EhTwoMMNwv #NuevoNashville #LatinEvents #Nashville
The most amazing thing about Breaking Bad was how they kept a Pontiac Aztek running for 6 seasons.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseWho even gives enough of a shit to gamble their "freedom" against the government's "Big Brother" status quo? *crap-shooting motion forever*
Retweeted by Tatia Rose
#Nashville looking for music lessons for brass and woodwind instruments? Look no further #RMG http://t.co/pzRD6Ek6Oq99% of US childrens' stuffed toys are manufactured in China.#Leadership: It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it - Aristotle @busrep @CliffCentralCom
Retweeted by Tatia RoseA huge explosion rocks a bus station in #Nigeria's city of Kano, a day after twin blasts killed over 40 people in neighbouring Kaduna.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseI think recess at work should be a thing...
Retweeted by Tatia RoseThe history of IMF's China GDP forecasts since 2011 http://t.co/tMvu9PD8Q4
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Peace is only possible when the sacredness of life is respected. Period. In all stages, races, abilities or disabilities.MSFT net debt $16.5Bn, up from $11.8Bn year ago
Retweeted by Tatia RoseJust persuaded a client to have his invention manufactured in the US versus China. #America
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