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Jacquie @Sadielittlelady High River Alberta

True Nobility is not being better than anyone else.....It is being better than you use to be! OWNAmbassador & Spirit Seeker

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@Oprah @OWNCanada I am so drawn to watching #LindsayonOWN ....but the anxiety I feel is almost 2 much some times. Wishing for a good outcome@Oprah @KiyahWright @Pharrell @OWNTV favorite part of the interview...see one another as energy...no colour required!
@Sadielittlelady we LOVE to hear that! Hoping you enjoy every moment of the book!#SuperSoulSunday
Retweeted by Jacquie@Pharrell @Oprah so looking forward to it! ....because he makes me "Happy"@Oprah After every #SuperSoulSunday I go directly to the computer and download a new book on Audible...this week it's @suemonkkidd !@Oprah @Pharrell can't wait to be "HAPPY"@suemonkkidd @SuperSoulSunday @Oprah This is FANTASTIC....resonates soooo deeply! Thank you Sue@Oprah @suemonkkidd did it inspire you?@Oprah @suemonkkidd I LOVE it already! #SuperSoulSunday@PRanganathan @OWNTV @OWNCanada @Oprah morning "P"! Nice to see your shinny tweets!Good morning from Alberta @Oprah and #SuperSoulSunday family! Hugs to all http://t.co/wcgkkW6Kpk@shaynetraviss @Oprah @suemonkkidd HERE! Good morning Shayne...wouldn't miss it!@PanacheDesai @3LWTV fantastic! Beautiful photo...enjoy!
@KennethWingard BEAUTIFUL! Thnx for sharing!@KennethWingard @OWNCanada it's so fun to get inspired by other peoples ideas! #manifestHomeMadeSimpleCanada@redden24 @OWNCanada @moonfrye @KennethWingard thank you Bryan.....it is what I do!Wishing we had #HomeMadeSimple on @OWNCanada ....old tractor seat put to good use! http://t.co/eDg8VoJE9k@Oprah ....good morning! Nuff said...hug for the day. http://t.co/pkvWjXratw
@RichOnOWN @CorumConnor @heavenisforreal I can hardly wait!@Ucla444 @TheReal_Jlh @JoshuaMorrowYR @AshleyJudd @RichOnOWN @KyleRichards18 I am grateful for a rainy weekend turning brown grass green.@OprahsLifeclass @Oprah @BishopJakes ooooo... This one is for me!!! Can't wait@TheEllenShow you are the best! Thnx a million for all you do...."you make me Happy...."
Will you Support my DREAM, of being on stage w/@Oprah, sharing #NonViolentCommunication via the @LifeYouWantTour? RT? http://t.co/Y8daeRFE9N
Retweeted by Jacquie(((@LifeYouWantTour aka #LifeYouWantTour)))...NVC (#NonViolentCommunication is the practical application of #Empathy) http://t.co/4Y1xba8aYC
Retweeted by Jacquie
@GrowingOWN @TheEllenShow makes my heart sing to see you designing your life! Luv it!@GrowingOWN Just saw you on @TheEllenShow .....looking good girl! #dreambig@CrusePhoto @Oprah Awe....that is so fantastic. He was so proud....I am sure!
@RichOnOWN your photos make me feel exactly like these films by @louiefilms ! Stirs me deeply....brings me home!I must have 1000 photos of the sunset from my front deck...always love to share them! #SuperSoulSunday http://t.co/IqVVVE4oII@PanacheDesai @Oprah @louiefilms @SuperSoulSunday Good Morning Panache! So fun to see you sharing #SSS with us!@Oprah @RichOnOWN @louiefilms hahaha.....I thought of Rich instantly! I am soooo visual as well....loving this #SSS@Oprah Love the new opening for #SSS ....so glad they kept you on the bike.....that part makes me sooooo happy :)Always GRATEFUL for #SuperSoulSunday.....thank you @oprah!@Scruggzy @DyanDiamond @jtimberlake @gregwendellreid @jasalata @3LWTV @JLo I am so very grateful for SPRING in Alberta!!! Finally
My favorite life experience.. "A NEW EARTH".. Today we're taking on EGO.. So many aha's. Live stream on http://t.co/p54PlXwPc9 !
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah #ANewEarth ....so very excited! I tried to watch when this originally aired...but it was way over my head. Resonating loud and clear@Oprah Have you ever or do you do kundalini yoga? Just curious....soul shifting.@Oprah Wondering if @lindsaylohan is watching today...thought you might make it a prerequisite for her recovery! I do hope she is....@shaynetraviss @Oprah hahaha....agreed!@Oprah SuperSoulSunday should be sponsored by Kleenex! It always puts my emotions in motion and makes me feel Aha-mazing!!!
Retweeted by Jacquie@gary_zukav @Oprah Thank you both for bringing this all mainstream. So very very grateful! :). #SuperSoulSundayHi Oprah, i am loving this show and you #SuperSoulSunday. Welcome everyone!
Retweeted by JacquieLove that super soul Sunday doesn't end at this hour.. We have another hour with @oprah and @EckhartTolle #blessed
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah Just starting to align my personality with my soul.....most AMAZING experience on my journey...so far! #SuperSoulSunday @gary_zukavThe TWEET is on life inspired Aha moments celebrating 25 years of "Seat of the Soul w/@gary_zukav #SuperSoulSunday
Retweeted by JacquieOpen up to the wisdom of pure love, intelligence and creativity with @Oprah & me, 4/14. FREE http://t.co/k2dNCwQbtJ #FindingYourFlow
Retweeted by Jacquie@DeepakChopra @Oprah Can hardly wait!@Oprah Ready and willing.....#SuperSoulSunday !!!!! Luv ya all Twittersphere! http://t.co/eDnkFgec64@Oprah catching up on #ANewEarth..it didn't resonate at all when it 1st aired...but WOWZERS does it now! Thnx Oprah!
@Oprah That would make a great #Lifeclass for you to teach..guidelines to dealing with money and success. We seekers are coming into R OWN!@Oprah watching #OprahPrime on this #SSS then #LindsayonOWN ...I won't need to subscribe to any other channel pretty soon! Thank you!@Mistys_OWN @OWNCanada @Oprah I agree...holy crap! #OWNCanada is really coming thru for us!HOLY CRAP!!! the #haveorhavenots is premiering on @OWNCanada FINALLY'!!!!!!!!!!!! @oprah
Retweeted by Jacquie@jillienp Hahahaha. That is awesome!! Made your day I bet!@Oprah @KevinHart4real I am in!
@Oprah so happy it is airing on @OWNCanada ....a million thank you'd!@Oprah I teach @RichOnOWN stillness every morning when I sit on his lap and purr! #SuperSoulSunday
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah I am going to download Out on a Limb on my Audible books! #SuperSoulSunday best day of the week!@Oprah @maclaineshirley Agree with all my heart!Here We Go! Happy #SuperSoulSoulSunday @CCsoulkirtan @Revcynthia @genaeday @IHeartintheCity @PaoloPresta @Sadielittlelady @BestEverYou
Retweeted by Jacquie@shaynetraviss @CCsoulkirtan @Revcynthia @genaeday @IHeartintheCity @PaoloPresta @BestEverYou Right Back at ya Shayne.
HIGHLY recommend @BreneBrown The Power of Vulnerability audio..just finished the 2nd listen..fricken AWESOME. A million thank U's Brene
@Oprah can hardly wait for the new season #SuperSoulSunday ....gracias Oprah!
@SiMBaSays444 @DyanDiamond @DrWayneWDyer I am soooo grateful for warmer weather up here in Canada! Whew!
@BreneBrown Wowzers....just thinking of this very subject yesterday. The Universe must be trying to tell me something...thnx Brene! Love it!
#RaisingWhitley Oh @kymwhitley I know I'm not a part of your fab village, but I can so help u with these adoption questions..SERIOUSLY :)
@BreneBrown @rustyrockets @Oprah Wow do I agree....describes my daughter to a tee! Big light bulb blew up on that one!@Oprah This is EXACTLY what happened to my friend.... Went I to rehab for alcohol and got an education on hard drugs....she still uses :(@OWNTV HERE!!!!@Oprah can't tell you how excited I am that we can watch #oprahprime here in Canada and tweet along! @OWNCanada@Ucla444 @JacLaurita @jasalata @jodisjoy @KeltieKnight @Oprah @lindsaylohan I Am grateful for this present moment!
@khloekardashian WAtching with my daughter MaCall.....we never miss! I love watching you "Dare Greatly"..such courage to share like you do!@kymwhitley Watching #IBoughtAZoo.....i didn't know you were in it! Love this movie!@Oprah PVR is set and I am READY!@GrowingOWN hallelujah .....so exciting!Morning y'all! Happy Super Soul Sunday! @Oprah @BreneBrown http://t.co/8oXzegfhOk
Just watching the promos for tomorrow's episode brings tears to my eyes...love and light @khloekardashian@khloekardashian @UncleRUSH I love this Kloe......kundalini yoga and meditation changed me forever! HugsThis is my @homemadesimple project for the week. Happy spring time decorating! http://t.co/p1v6zUS9zJ
@kymwhitley @HuffPostLive @OprahsLifeclass Good morning Kym! Thn for the reminder!
@PaoloPresta @NateBerkus oh Paolo....how exciting! He is my fav....one designer to another!@kymwhitley I am looking at a Dodge Journey......that's all I have to offer :)
@mayawatson congratulations Maya! That is so very exciting and inspirational! Hugs :)@Ucla444 @Oprah I feel blessed that you are willing to share your experience and journey with me!@Ucla444 @Oprah I will be there to see it all!@Ucla444 @JacqueDvroom @marwilliamson will do!@Ucla444 @marwilliamson you have?.....fill me in my friend!OMGosh @kymwhitley ....you are going to be on @OprahsLifeclass this week? Yay! I have attended 2....life changing!@mikedrobbins I am grateful for @kymwhitley 's #RaisingWhitley and @OWNTV ....love this show!@kymwhitley watching this weeks episode on @OWNCanada ....have I got some great recipes for you Mama Kym!@Ucla444 @AshleyJudd @JulieAMedia @jvanlokeren @metre @jodisjoy @jasalata much gratitude for my Kundalini yoga girls!
Happy #SuperSoulSunday everyone...this is so me! http://t.co/hg4R47L6Lo@kymwhitley wish we could tweet along from Canada...come back and re tweet with us Monday @kymwhitley !
Feeling grateful that the sun is shinning at least! http://t.co/kRnTnyC6nbGood morning tweeple! Thought everyone might enjoy this one today! http://t.co/69SpXVd0e3
The boss should love this office meeting area! http://t.co/Y3FUSJ5MEGHappy Friday! Just wanted to share my passion....office makeover. http://t.co/bKvmgWx2dp
As @TheEllenShow says..BE KIND Elderly Woman Waves at Students Every Day Then She Got a HUGE Surprise: http://t.co/lvbUXpQENx via @youtube
@OWNTV @Oprah wouldn't miss it! #GoodEnergy@kymwhitley The idea of Angels and energy has recently resonated with me deeply....very synchronistic that it shows up on your show too! Lol
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