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Scott Beale @ScottBeale New York City

Founder and Primary Tentacle of @LaughingSquid and @LS_Hosting. Editor-in-Chief at http://t.co/4BunVGwjSp

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Everything You Need To Know About The Dangerous Teen Trend #Wodehousing http://t.co/1P6ueSwY3l http://t.co/9Kg1p3hkoR
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Q: Where did Darth Vader buy his mask? A: Respiration Hardware
Retweeted by Scott BealeFor every 10 minutes we have to wait for sprint appointment, we will boot doom on another phone. Do not doubt us http://t.co/To4IDp1Y4J
Retweeted by Scott Beale@wesleyverhoeve Right on, you are visiting some of my favorite cities.@wesleyverhoeve Love PDX. Also very fond of Portland, ME, looking forward to when you do that series as well.@caro Good old Twitter autocomplete. Didn’t catch that when posting.Portland, OR, latest city in One of Many, a wonderful series of photo essays of creative people by @wesleyverhoeve. http://t.co/fzTGKc1T572600 officially offers to distribute "The Interview" on Christmas. No response yet from Sony OR North Korea. http://t.co/KCDqlv0gM4
Retweeted by Scott BealeJustine Sacco, @samfbiddle and the heavy price of making a nuanced joke on the Internet http://t.co/PyLE0i7r5P
Retweeted by Scott BealeAt @Stripe Everyone Can Read Each Other's Email http://t.co/iFNN4J5ZqT http://t.co/miVkmXuNi0
Retweeted by Scott BealeIn July 1995, Wired reviewed the “IPhone,” as it’s known among aficionados. http://t.co/c9fsjmLst8
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Our slick new iOS app. Stream video right from your phone or sync to watch offline. Neat. http://t.co/FzlUKHbFCN http://t.co/Ahf7RB7rqj
Retweeted by Scott BealeMy final One of Many photo essay of 2014 is on the creative community of Portland OR. Really excited about this one: http://t.co/ZunkK7eEHf
Retweeted by Scott BealeI love the artwork in this creepy Krampus postcard book: http://t.co/Omk60G5mjA
Retweeted by Scott BealeScreenshort™ is a just-clever-enough name for this (below) by @mat http://t.co/QxfbhhfsQF http://t.co/8DWKzZgLEP
Retweeted by Scott Beale@Summer_Burkes Yeah, but you can still get an awesome $5 burrito.@danmaccarone @CharmingRobot That’s for the invite, that was a fun party. The office space is wonderful.A @BMW i3 at the @Wired Store NYC. http://t.co/JehqyI5TiFLava Lamps at the @CharmingRobot HQ. http://t.co/ChIJGIAn85A Cappella Group @ShirSoul Uses Colored Dreidels to Assign Vocal Roles While Performing a Medley of Chanukah Songs http://t.co/UMETuz0Mk5
Retweeted by Scott BealeFBI National Press Office statement on Sony Pictures investigation: http://t.co/iGFpaBX1dq
Retweeted by Scott BealeMisfortune Cookie Vulnerability Discovered, 12 Million Home Routers Vulnerable to Takeover http://t.co/1doyD4e4pw via @threatpost.@JustinRampage did a great write-up on @ProtoBuildBar, a really cool makerspace & bar hybrid in downtown Dayton, OH. http://t.co/TPn3ZutCh0I never thought I'd say this but my email list has pretty much replaced my blog entirely. http://t.co/aZFB1TDqLq
Retweeted by Scott BealeMany famous friends join @StephenAtHome in signing “We’ll Meet Again” as he says farewell to The Colbert Report. http://t.co/AKoLrD1RSuInstagram Is Now Worth $35 Billion http://t.co/gv1q1YDRYW
Retweeted by Scott Beale#InstagramRapture claims MILLIONS of celeb followers http://t.co/7BTHQMzn4c
Retweeted by Scott Beale$30 smartphone for 1st time users today is as good as the $500 iPhone was then for many in '07 http://t.co/boekhJ55f4 http://t.co/MMqf0oYkMs
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Man Without Arms Operates the First Set of Modular Prosthetic Limbs That Move Independently http://t.co/YlMp6vtAgO via @LaughingSquid
Retweeted by Scott BealeBREAKING: Minecraft creator pays $70MM for bonkers megamansion that Beyoncé and Jay-Z wanted: http://t.co/jDB4WnZfaW http://t.co/6KBNA7sy4d
Retweeted by Scott BealeA chart to help you pick which podcasts will get you over your @serial withdrawal http://t.co/5dt9rpeStP http://t.co/xb43Idzvvj
Retweeted by Scott BealeAh! The Spotify integration in @SlackHQ is amazing!!! Quickest route to a holiday soundtrack for your afternoon.
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@jimmyfallon just took #Krampus mainstream. http://t.co/11oCmoyRsY I hope @lastgaspbooks has enough books in stock: http://t.co/GCZrp0hbBn
Retweeted by Scott Beale@CaseyNeistat 700Flickr sorry for selling Creative Commons photos as Wall Art, will stop and refund all sales to date: http://t.co/7VK3IqsnWp
Retweeted by Scott Beale@om @instagram Mine decreased by 700.Chaos Ensues As Instagram Deletes Millions Of Accounts http://t.co/JVHjhDS8cn
Retweeted by Scott BealeSo, does anyone else have plans for this day next year? #TheForceAwakens http://t.co/RHpJ5V3SdU
Retweeted by Scott BealeBig day. Star Wars opens in exactly one year.
Retweeted by Scott BealeMeet the troll hunters of Sweden. My cover story for @techreview http://t.co/6Ovgu3RTqf http://t.co/xQpBuTl3Hn
Retweeted by Scott BealeSo you know that feeling when you get out of a cab and forget to pay because you thought you were in an Uber. Yeah I’m that asshole tonight.Love that I get to hang out with some of my favorite SF friends in NYC.@davepell @om @photomatt @tonysphere Are you in NYC? That’s where the party action is.So great to see you @om, what an incredible journey this has been so far. Thanks to @photomatt for bringing us all together. cc @tonysphere
@blakeburris @niall @buzz Here are the photos. Good times! https://t.co/9W1reOxKxN@blakeburris Oh wow, I didn’t realize it was that long ago.There is actually a Serial finale listening party in my neighborhood tomorrow morning: http://t.co/YDJVNoEZd8
Retweeted by Scott Bealesome ppl play classical music to their fetuses but i am more focused on teaching mine not to read the comments
Retweeted by Scott BealeChallenge Coin arrived for supporting @LongNow during their “brickstarter” campaign. Donate: https://t.co/6XrTJUZEmG http://t.co/RCdcjc2PVlAfter 18 months of secret talks, the U.S. to restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba http://t.co/ykClnW6Okn http://t.co/Lpam8QNIEm
Retweeted by Scott BealeMy Wired feature on media startups is now online (but definitely worth checking out in print) http://t.co/0q7LOzXquy
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@Backblaze + Apple Time Machine = ♥ https://t.co/kqdmlFZg2p@jetpack Thanks, clearing the cache worked.@jetpack Weird, we use SuperCache and @CloudFlare, but have never had any issues in the past. I’ll try clearing them both.@jetpack The share counts are no longer showing up with our share buttons on @LaughingSquid. Any idea what might be causing this to happen?
Expect A Gentler Valleywag In 2015 http://t.co/t9uixZKyNJ "I still find tech interesting aside from all the soap opera stuff” -@realdanlyons
Retweeted by Scott Beale@Casper @lindsaykap Are you here?.@Wired Store NYC http://t.co/QraIrbIQMaStep 1: Hide that book http://t.co/w8peynFmSJ
Retweeted by Scott Beale“@mahshadv: Green Day is now in the #rockandrollhalloffame. Isn't it time we gave @alyankovic the respect he deserves? Cc @david_rees” YES
Retweeted by Scott BealeIntroducing five new photo filters http://t.co/2XWWfPNUmP
Retweeted by Scott BealeJetpack 3.2: Speed Improvements and a Centralized Posting Experience http://t.co/BoCcZYiCmY
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@andrewhyde Thanks, we should catch up the next time you are in town.@brianstorms I use it quite a bit when I’m traveling..@Foursquare has just released a new app for the iPad. http://t.co/03doiOtqhL http://t.co/01dHMTpi7A@songadaymann Yeah, same here. It’s quite a thought provoking series.Rise & fall of Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA), file sharing site founded in 1993. https://t.co/9S8Au4L4yU @CalebGarling @Techmeme@LongTrailBeer I enjoyed it, looking forward to trying out more of your beers.
Hilarious SNL sketch featuring Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins working at a paper company in “‘The Hobbit Office”. http://t.co/whoWOXroHN@wizbee1 At the local market. Are you looking for it here in NYC? It should be easy to find.The 40th version of Christmas Ale by @AnchorBrewing, one of my favorite things about the holidays. http://t.co/1tylSfIp6c@photomatt That sounds like an amazing trip.
You Can Either Verify Whether This Inspirational Story Is True Or Share It Now And Reap The Precious Social Capital http://t.co/fbkHMCuYgS
Retweeted by Scott Beale"Beginning Dec 12 Resobox Gallery in NY will be exhibiting 3,000 amigurumi from 130 artists and 33 countries" https://t.co/fHzaftaR30
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About to take this @LongTrailBeer Brush & Barrel Series Imperial Pumpkin out for a test drive. http://t.co/oGB4zkyLjOCool! This Map Shows Which State’s Residents Say ‘Wyoming’ The Most http://t.co/I5ZkEaLjSv http://t.co/YjB8wk7M1J
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe @Fohm pillows we ordered just arrived. We went with their “Simple” design. More on Fohm: http://t.co/9l8CX6Xxxv http://t.co/OPHsFeBI6Y@torrez @zachklein My guess is that it is for gaming. My nephews who I switched over to Apple, bought a PC specifically to play PC games.The Story Behind AOL's Iconic Yellow Running Man http://t.co/4R5pR9s2as via @TheAtlantic@AdriCowan And the video it shoots is amazing, 1080p at 60fps.@AdriCowan 6 Plus! Once I upgraded, my phone became my main camera and I stopped carrying around a separate compact camera.
The @Internetarchive telethon needs more views! Spread the word! Special Guests! https://t.co/8jBrfncVgW
Retweeted by Scott BealeWith BMan's transition to non-profit, it was time to bring our website – and story – into the modern era. Learn more: http://t.co/0MlAc76Hqc
Retweeted by Scott BealeConsidering of switching the @LaughingSquid blog font to Comic Papyrus, what do you guys think? http://t.co/0kWWP91GsZSeinfeld, based on the British show Just A Moment Dear, I’ll Buzz You In abt an accountant named Jerry Christianson http://t.co/kvjH984rvC
Retweeted by Scott BealeTechmeme is hiring a part-time editor. It's a great job! You should apply! http://t.co/QycWpdcohO
Retweeted by Scott BealeMy @LaughingSquid business partner @davidjklass is opening a beer garden next summer in downtown Dayton, OH. http://t.co/uHaxK9x1WyDO NOT PUB http://t.co/JqMcAIrm5n
Retweeted by Scott BealeCute babby is confused RT @LaughingSquid: An Adorable Toddler Is Confused by Meeting Twin Babies for the First Time http://t.co/sBhQWQfhd4
Retweeted by Scott Beale@rstephens Excellent. Throw in a few hyperlapses as well.@rstephens I kind of wish I was back there for all of this excitement. Storms in SF are so rare.@rrhoover @ProductHunt Right on, that’s such a great feature. You guys can’t, won’t and don’t stop!Introducing @ProductHunt Collections, a simple way to bookmark & curate product collections 😄 https://t.co/22Y4dkaJQ0 http://t.co/KDb7hf9Eok
Retweeted by Scott Beale@meowrey Happy birthday!@jimrossmeskimen Congrats, that’s an amazing milestone!My first story for @medium’s collection The Message (!) is Why Aliens is the Best Movie About Technology. Ka-pow! https://t.co/fkIPHGyyGh
Retweeted by Scott BealeHow to deal with internet trolls: "Allow me introduce you to the art of Not Responding." http://t.co/duavFLQuZn
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.@JimmyFallon makes fun of #Santacon on @FallonTonight. http://t.co/axGueOy7qJAnnouncing 300 million - our community is bigger and better than ever http://t.co/do6Wc20xWj
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe great unclenching: Gawker will be run by a partnership of seven people. I will spend more time with my blog. http://t.co/cdbAc33uEK
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