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Waiting for Hoppa & Mimi at the airport! School Board will make decision on superintendent Monday.
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From ABC 7 in #Abq to ABC 7 in #Chitown! Going to miss this girl! Good luck laurathoren ! has no plans to resign | New Mexico News - KOAT Home via @KOATLiveUpdates
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Great working with #Lobo Louie & Lucy at #UNM University Stadium today w/ @Doug_Fernandez7 State police now say man suspected of killing two WDBJ7 employees shot himself, and he is still alive
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7#BREAKING: Man suspected of killing two WDBJ7 employees kills himself on I-66 in Fauquier Co.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Check out this article from USA TODAY: Virginia reporter, photographer killed on live TV IN: Sheriff's Office: Police looking for Vester Lee Flanagan in #WDBJ shooting, also known as Bryce Williams.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7JUST IN: VA governor: "We believe it was a disgruntled employee who fired at the TV crew.”
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Two journalists shot dead during a live TV broadcast; @WDBJ7 colleagues pay tribute -
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@TyOrtega Would love too! The 15th? What channel in Abq?@TyOrtega Be yourself, have fun, be sure to keep a copy. Those first shows are special😀 Good luck!!!!👏👏@ 10:Arrest Warrant issued for #APS employee. + The only #NM town NOT linked to #AshleyMadison +New life for the iconic sign along #route66What would I do without my own shopping assistant?
Guess which channel I won't be watching during my flight? Omg
Guess which show I didn't watch on my flight home to #Abq ?!!!😝 daughter's photography skills at work en route from #Cle to #Abq
Took the day off for haircut, library, & some fierce Candyland Competition!
#Breaking Dylan Redwine's dad named person of interest in #DylanRedwine death. Boy's death officially ruled a homicide.You never know who you'll run into in the halls of #KOAT!Great to meet @MissAmericaNM! #MissAmerica #MissAmericaVote Please retweet this as a vote to get #TeamNewMexico in the Top 15 Finals at #MissAmerica! #MissAmericaVote #NewMexicoTrue
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@MissAmericaNM Of course! Great to meet you in person today !
@TyOrtega That's awesome!! Good for you 👍@ShellyRibando doing a fantastic job as always on KOAT! #inspiration
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@TyOrtega Aw... You are so sweet! Thank you!!@KROMAMakeup Aw thanks! I'll email you :)5 trapped under scaffolding in Rio Rancho via @KOATLiveUpdates2 officers charged in James Boyd case via @KOATLiveUpdatesJudge finds state has established probable cause officers go to trial #jamesboydcase
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7James Boyd Case now in judge's hands via @KOATLiveUpdatesClosing arguments begin in James Boyd Case via @KOATLiveUpdates
Whole Foods pulls Hatch chiles from (some) stores
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7It looked like pink cotton candy in the #Abq sky tonight. #nature #weather #NM Day will be in @KOATLiveUpdates tonight discussing the Boyd case.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@ 5, @NancyLaflinKOAT has a live report on today's testimony in the #jamesboydcase. + A powerful opiate painkiller approved for kids.Be sure to check out my work page. I've been trying out #FacebookMentions Live these days:) will change its Pumpkin Spice Latte to include....real pumpkin. Yes. It's happening.
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This pic is pretty too! that's... An #Abq #rainbow! We do have the best #rainbows Thunderstorm Warning for Otero County in NM until 6:45pm. Radar at #NMWX
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Some awesome Abq peaches from the backyard !
Trending: Yelp's Top 10 places for sopapillas in Albuquerque
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7.@Cheesecake Factory cooking up holiday-season opening in #ABQ.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Jeremy Romero swearing in right now live on
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
@Tame_roma Hey there. You can email me at thx!@Tame_roma Thanks for letting us know. Can you private message me your info so we can talk to you?Trending: Drone offers must-see look at orange Animas riverbed
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Trending: VIDEO: Car sends robbery suspect flying
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@CaleRamaker Mean! Lol As I always said, I like the camera blurry😁It worked! Woo-hoo! #ImNotATechNOAfterall 😀'm downloading the new #facebookmentions app to connect LIVE with my followers. Hope it works👍 Stay tuned!Navajo Nation pleads for help after toxic spill contaminates rivers, endangers drinking water
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7LIVE: EPA news conference | Shared Livestream - KOAT Home via @KOATLiveUpdates@newmexicotrue Please retweet this as a vote to get me into top 15 at Miss America! #MissAmericaVote #NewMexicoTrue
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7California firm pays $5.9M for overcharging NM national lab
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Shopping spree thanks to our awesome #KOAT viewers for all the #backtoschool donations for #NM kids!'re headed to Durango, CO to hear what @GinaEPA has to say about the Animas spill. @HectorBalderas will be there with CO and UT AG's too.
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Bomb scare: Uptown Target parking garage evacuated via @KOATLiveUpdatesSome bright lights for promos today has a 90 day supply of clean water. The mayor expects the city to be ok as it awaits tests results #KOAT
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Gearing up for the 10! Hope to see you soon #KOAT calls Animas River spill 'heartbreaking'
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@NewsWomenFans Thx for the follow😀At 5, A #StateOfEmergency & local families affected by massive wastewater spill. + #UNM police still looking for person who groped womanTempting #makeup description from a former #tvnews anchor 😉.. But it's blue! Anyone tried this? ranks high on new list of America's best large cities to live in via @ABQBizFirstAn oldie but a goodie! Starting my Monday w/ my favorite mug. Thanks @jribando weekend for 2 KOAT anchors
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7'Better Call Saul' star takes in 'Topes game
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
Escaped prisoner captured in Santa Fe via @KOATLiveUpdatesSearch underway in #SantaFe for escaped inmate . @MHowertonKOAT has live report @ 6 on #KOAT@ShellyRibando @WESH Had a blast with some awesomely talented peeps here at KOAT
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7So much fun working w/ @JessMONeill from our #Hearst sister station @WESH in #Otown this week! Don't goooooo😢 to our #KOAT expert, Attorney John Day, about heated testimony in the #jamesboydcase today. His take @ 5 for the weekend team today ! Just starting to fuel up ;) Hope you'll keep me company at 5,6 & 10! the pearly whites, white😁 fired outside Federal building downtown
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Attention shoppers: #TaxFreeWeekend in #NM starts tomorrow. Clothes, school supplies, electronics under $1k. Enjoy! #shopping #backtoschool
The 10 is coming your way in minutes. We have all the newest developments in the #jamesboydcase A&E program to feature New Mexico penitentiary
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Boyd case: Involuntary manslaughter charges dismissed via @KOATLiveUpdates
James Boyd Case: Boyd's belongings unsealed in court via @KOATLiveUpdatesAmazon quietly limits prime customers sharing benefits, introduces ‘Amazon Households’ instead
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@wfaalauren Ugh! You overdid it in Abq! Try the black and green tea☕️@wfaalauren Get your @Starbucks Trenta 😉Proud to welcome back one of our favorite alumnus #DerekJeter H'12 & his @JeterTurn2 foundation here at @SienaCollege
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7James Boyd Case: Day 2 set to begin via @KOATLiveUpdates
#KOAT is following every angle in the #jamesboydcase . @NancyLaflinKOAT & @JacobWik_KOAT will have live report @ 5. lowered for 3 teens accused in bartender’s shooting
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Defense asks charges against Perez to be dismissed. Opening arguments done #jamesboydcase
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7James Boyd Case: Chief Eden to testify Monday via @KOATLiveUpdates
BREAKING: @ABQPOLICE giving the all clear to Calvary Albuquerque. Wrapping up scene now. Package was false alarm.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7At 5, What we're learning about the bomb that went off near a #NM church. Plus the latest on a suspicious pkg found at a church in #AbqBREAKING: @ABQPOLICE investigating suspicious package at Calvary Church near Osuna and Jefferson.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Explosive devices detonated at 2 churches via @KOATLiveUpdates
Beautiful views of our beautiful city from @ParqCentral Abq# #NM silly and lazy #TGIF in time for your weekend, our list of top restaurants in #ABQ as rated by TripAdvisor.
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