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@jongallant I'll give them a lookI need a domain hoster that will let me have crazy sub domains like http://t.co/vD2nX1zAmY or http://t.co/oSrEKnmNQWMKVs are just containers. Saying they're popular with pirates is like saying PCs are popular with pirates. Yeah, and?
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@jongallant wow. I'm paying 1&1 $15@jongallant how much they want?@robertmclaws @Nawzil8 I'm just happy it's not Window Lumia@browserstack Just created an account. The email address I DMed@CarmenCrincoli It's Google, they could do it I'm sure @marypcbuk @migueldeicaza @bitcrazed@CarmenCrincoli They do realize that they could just build a different compiler... *headdesk* @marypcbuk @migueldeicaza @bitcrazed@browserstack Did you mean the email I have an account with? Don't have one yet. Currently comparing services and that is a major factor@CarmenCrincoli The sad thing here is I'm not completely sure your if you're joking or not @marypcbuk @migueldeicaza @bitcrazedSo apparently the Angular team needed to reinvent the wheel.... Not helping me decide to start using it@marypcbuk @migueldeicaza so in other words exactly as @bitcrazed put it #StupidTurfWars@browserstack done@migueldeicaza @marypcbuk "Atscript"?@browserstack is it possible to launch a browser session in a browser via an API?Future desired interaction: "Cortana, in 10 minutes, please start my car and set the A/C to high heat." /cc @marcusash
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@jbrodkin as long as I can keep my unlimited on Verizon I won't complain too much@robertmclaws but it's Amazon, they're like Apple and can do no wrong :)
My quote was included in a @VICE article by @mollycrabapple | The Surveillance State and You http://t.co/XGql8ijZay http://t.co/NkQ5t3y30p
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI want to open source a library I'm building but I don't know if I legally can. Might violate Microsoft IP. #devproblemsI think I need to take ak great out of @richcampbell 's book and run my home network like a corporation.
.@twitter Stop the anger and abuse from spreading. Commit to specific changes to reduce online harassment http://t.co/jB17ES58qT via @Change
Retweeted by Shmueli Englardhttp://t.co/WRJzkI90Um
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI think we all want to know what @SwiftOnSecurity has to say about the our new security plans: http://t.co/HljifhJnsY
Retweeted by Shmueli Englardchart: men and women both suffer extensive, sustained online harassment but different kinds. http://t.co/pvQTnrEGMx http://t.co/Y2VuvsNt2D
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@brianlagunas very true@auremoser if I count as a teacher then I do 😊@dotMorten @brianlagunas fine 😊@dotMorten @brianlagunas but you need Mac too
@auremoser was wondering if you wanted to do an advanced JavaScript class for GDI NYC?Twitter to Offer New Tools for App Developers http://t.co/Fu7RYMG7LD
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@brianlagunas @dotMorten what if you're writing #Silverlight for desktop?I swear I need to get into combat gear before defending against sexism #feminism http://t.co/4VuFEqyJKbWatching myself watching #SelfieABC. #Selfiesselfie http://t.co/j1DdeqGnKN@Uisce_Bhaithe #NotEvenWorthIt@Uisce_Bhaithe my girlfriend would beg to differ but to each there own@Uisce_Bhaithe Yea... I think you need to go back to being a human 101. That is straight up sexist. @lizwinks @SwiftOnSecurityIs there a way to get Windows Server Essential like backup with the Standard Server?C# to JavaScript is easy. JavaScript to C# is hard!Did I miss the rage blogging about the Apple #spotlight security breach? No? Still waiting.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardWish Visual Studio wouldn't randomly shuffle XML nodes in your .csproj? Vote for sort-on-save: http://t.co/In8UruzfZJ
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@girldevelopit @antiheroine Thanks!@antiheroine @girldevelopit What if I'm an individual?Updating NDA stuff.... lalalaSo my twitter feed can't make up it's mind: Is adobe's tweet good or bad?Nominate @KarenGillan2 as a write in for #PeoplesChoice for FAVORITE COMEDIC TV ACTRESS / FAVORITE ACTRESS IN A NEW TV SERIES!
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
.@XboxEntertain why does #XboxMusic not have @taylorswift13 newest releases!?!?The awkwardness of this...captures everything weird about the adult-child syndrome of the San Francisco tech scene. https://t.co/6AFVQR2iJ0
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
@getwired @CarmenCrincoli ah. Yea...@CarmenCrincoli context?
@getwired true. But you just asked for white listing. 😁@getwired and with the store model it is technically white listed@getwired it does work@ericlaw the problem was twitter turned off SSL and @metrotwitapp only uses SSL. Fiddler was the "bridge" for the two
@getwired windows rtAnd with that I present my first post "What I #Fear in #Feminism" http://t.co/kjXCMXD2ZNWith all that's going on I decided I need to voice my opinions on #feminism and the like. Even made a blog for it http://t.co/Uo1lRDyjTO@metrotwitapp @Defender1995 I found you can fix it by having the app's request run through Fiddler decrypting HTTPS@antumbral there is something seriously sadly wrong with society today
For some strange reason I can only get @metrotwitapp to work if I have @TelerikFiddler running and decrypting HTTP... something is fishy@rachelreese @VTFun you could always come here and give a talk 😊@rachelreese He's doing good. He's one of my co workers now. Giving a @VTFun would be kind of hard now that he's down by me in New Jersey@rachelreese I have regards from Kanishka Azimi for you :)
@SwiftOnSecurity sadly you are right. Though I do think MS is less obfuscating about what it is @JmcAllPTG@SwiftOnSecurity What you think of WP's? @JmcAllPTG
So as part of my system reinstall I upgraded to @VisualStudio 13 Ultimate.... Have to get use to this new thing called #CodeLense nowI have to say that the time it takes me to go from nothing to fully ready computer has been going down lately. At about 6 hours right nowIn 15 days I'll have a new album to memorize #TS1989@DrPizza How'd you get a custom MetroTwit?!?!?Installing Windows 8.1 from USB 3.0 to SSD is scary fastTIL that the phrase software "patch" is from a physical patch applied to Mark 1 paper tape to modify the program. http://t.co/v8iVq6Hjar
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@explanoit I did notice that one
More context on Satya's efforts re Women in Tech. There is a deeper, less widely reported story: http://t.co/XCR74oTv16
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
Cloning a TB takes too long. Luckily have my @Surface to keep me busy :)CEO Nadella to talk up what's next for Microsoft's cloud on Oct. 20 in SF (and it will be webcast live. Huzzah!) http://t.co/iiBqYIi78d
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@ChuckBaggett that's just... WowKeep laughing about that startsWith("Windows 9") bug... http://t.co/zlmS7VPCxb
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardSo apparently cloning my HDD to my SDD and just flopping them doesn't work. Now what? #GeekIssues@ChuckBaggett it's like they forget the billions of desktop usersI'm sick of this new iOS centric web. So much for Open and Run everywhere #webdevelopment
"No one is bad or wrong because of their gender. No one deserves to be demonized or belittled for their gender in any conversation." #truthI feel the urge to make an app that alerts me to when someone is being harassed on Twitter so I can go defend them. No idea how
That moment when the girl you like tells you she and her boyfriend broke up #MustNotBeDuche@SimonDarksideJ I've seen it. Thing is I keep my code in @onedrive for backup/simplicity (location wise) and one drive + git is worseI hate StandardErrorI still say they should have give webOS to me #HPAlso of interest: it takes a long time for @onedrive to process 400k+ filesHow I know my computer isn't powerful enough: Converting 3 MKV HD Doctor Who episodes to MP4 at the same time has my i7 at 98% on all coresUsing @onedrive to sync code between my primary machine an my @surface pro is usually a good idea. Except when the surface's OneDrive resetsMy twitter feed is just making really jealous right now #1989SECRETSESSIONSOne day I will meet my celebrity idols and try my best but fail to not act like a screaming fan girl
@jbrodkin what you no like?
So what did #NTIF stand for?!?!
@maryjofoley hmmm. Do I know any security reporters@maryjofoley feel like going investigative reporter on it? 😊@maryjofoley any idea what's up with MSE/Defender's massive slide down in test results?@sbisson I'd be interested in seeing WinRT become the dominate API for Win 10 but that means it has to be able to build a Photoshop in it...
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It will be interesting to understand what the new WinRT APIs in Windows 10 are. I get the feeling it’s “WinRT all the things!”
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