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Sidney Starr VH1 @Sidneystardance The Unique Hip Hop Girl

Im a beautiful Transgender Female model HipHop Dancer! I'm Soon to Hit @VH1 2015 on TV Stay Tuned! #GirlsLikeUS Child Of God Bookings at Sidney.favors@yahoo.com

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When I think about things they it happensI never been so anxious in my life!@Sidneystardance O M G Sidney Starr favorite & retweeted me on tweeter, I'm so happy I have to post this on Facebook
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@face_visor thanks for your support πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–I love me some @Sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance I'm so looking forward to seeing Sidney on vh1, i have to get my ass outta debt with the cable company
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Yo @Sidneystardance my future baby mama lol
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance you are so gorgeous and beautiful dame
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1
This instagram shit is getting outta control LMFAO!!😍"@Sidneystardance: KISS ME http://t.co/1gNbYWms55"
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance I want you
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Fuck it I'm doing a new Twerk video for my fans!! Yall keep asking for it so I'm gonna give it to ya!!I want moreI'm wondering .......@Sidneystardance STILL WINNING!!!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance I'm putting in my application for team Sidney Starr put me on the team coach
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1
@Sidneystardance dam u sexy baby
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance If you have another conflict to solve, we’d love to bring you back!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@BillCunninghamS yesssss I do, I will be giving you all a call so I can tell yall all about it! :)Yall remeber me on the @BillCunninghamS ? Take a look at this! Look at me now! Hey Bill its time 2 bring me back! ! https://t.co/bIrIY0aqPiWHo remebers when I was on this TV show @billcunninghamshow I was a reality star wannabe watch this look at me now >https://t.co/bIrIY0aqPi@Airfizzo Heyyy xoxos :)@_FamousBoyATL24 miss u :)@LucciVee i miss u boo!!!@Sidneystardance my WCW
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@INK_KING3000 heyyyyy :)Today I just feel so alive ready to work!!
My Instagram is Sidneystarrbadlook at My baby Sidney Starr she gets so much more beautiful every day. Im Soooooo in love with her. One day My... http://t.co/Yp4LCn7idN
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Another photo from couple days ago wit my homegirl Sidney Starr at her VH1 Filming event i had a ball wit my girlβ€πŸ’™ http://t.co/atDgnAUWA2
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1I loveeeeeee sidney starr 😘 , she is amazinnggggg .
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1I'm just waiting on my moment......................@INK_KING3000 thank you baby!!! xoxoxos :)I been thinking so much lately.. So much on my mind .. I just want 2015 to be the best year of my life! I just hope everyone watches..@Sidneystardance , you are absolutely welcome 😘😘 , just wanna let you know no matter what imma always be here SUPPORTING you hun πŸ’―.
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Zak_Bagans I'm soooo addicted to Ghost Adventures like my makeup! I cant leave the house without it! I know its real! Love u Zak!
EVERYBODY follow my fanpage on facebook press the like button> https://t.co/sndu9n1SIA@Sidneystardance , is soooooo gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 .. ready too see the new show on #VH1 in 2015 . πŸ‘Œ
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Slum_Shvtt thank you boo its coming!! :)@Sidneystardance we need a new twerk video boo :-)
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1
I just see myself doing it all! :) No limits no boundaries!@MonaScottYoung I could be the first transgender female on Love and Hip Hop! That would be so awsome! Please Keep me in mind! xoxos :)@MonaScottYoung I really would love to work with u in the future on a TV project! I hope u will be checking me out when my show airs on VH1!Follow me on instagram babies at Sidneystarrbad@Sidneystardance just saw your breakfast club interview & you're wack lol
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@LamboGenius well thank you :)
123 get up off them dicks bitch LMFAO πŸ˜‚
KISS ME http://t.co/KirOPD7cwI
@Sidneystardance if I could meet you it would be the best day of my life
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1
Gym time! :)Let me put yall up on game, this a hot ass song!!! Dis My shit Got this song on repeat ! https://t.co/VGYUXF0bXM Dreams by @TEYANATAYLOR@Sidneystardance I wanna marry u so bad idc & have a family wit a baby no bs no games holla back
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Dont get married on me @Sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1In the meantime I got this Dreams song on repeat tho @TEYANATAYLOR lol love you!!! xoxos :) Fantasy Girl ... In your fantasy world.. :)@TEYANATAYLOR Happy Birthday boo! I'm glad I got 2 party wit u in Houston! Member I told u if u need a cute transgender girl on ya team lolSo #Flawless 😍RT @Sidneystardance: New Picture of me !! Its Hot Check me out! http://t.co/5aysc6Orr0
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Bout tyme iii found that ass @Sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1I have a serious crush on @Sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH12O15 need too hurry up im ready too see my homegirl @Sidneystardance on my tv screen πŸ˜›πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜˜
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1"@Sidneystardance: New Picture of me !! Its Hot Check me out! http://t.co/SzKRgbRVga" so beautiful! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ™ŒπŸ’―
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Everyone please go press the LIKE button on my official fanpage on facebook! >https://t.co/NoWBWfT6gr@Sidneystardance you look amazing!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1
New Picture of me !! Its Hot Check me out! http://t.co/kbV1onABCxSidney Starr a sweetheart
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@sidneyforbgc10 i got you boo :)
i had soooo much fun in Houston!!! Me and my boo @TEYANATAYLOR had a blast!! Love you girl! Dont we look cute! :) http://t.co/KaCXtZcE5l@Sidneystardance is so gorgeous I love her πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance You're very interesting different and original. I would like to have a one on one interview with you
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Pretty_Narley thank you sweety@daFrontPorch I'm down :)
@youngplatinum let me show u that I know what to do with it daddy. Lick lick lick@youngplatinum give me that banana daddy πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†@youngplatinum LMFAO yeap the one and only 😁😁😁😚😚Houston Texas I'm here is there any makeup artist in Houston area? At me right now!Houston Texas I'm here!!! 😍
@rkok2blueeyes thank u :)I'm in love with @TEYANATAYLOR new album!!!! Please Don't disturb is my favorite song! Love u!!! :)Everybody follow me on instagram Sidneystarrbad@Sidneystardance is my favorite female in entertainment she really talked to her fans no fake ish with her I'd wife her if I could❀❀
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance 😘looking gorgeous as ever.
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@EYEamFANATIC aww thank u :)@IbeMACKinn yessss :) xoxosEat that booty Eat that booty!!!!My #wcw is again @Sidneystardance but really frfr she my #wc4e woman crush 4eva thats real love I ❀ @Sidneystardance http://t.co/noMq4vsMnN
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1For the second time @sidneystardance is is my #wcw. And yes Transwomen is turning it up, and yes I love them lol. http://t.co/UFeuqWzdvn
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@DiRealLauren xoxos :)I'm just waiting on my moment to shine!! Its coming stay tuned ...This world we live in Smh.. ughh :( I wish I had the power to change everything gone wrong in this world. God we need you! Be safe everyoneRest in Peace #EricGarner smh I just watched that video and I'm so disgusted .... the man did nothing wrong. :(@LucciVee lmfaoooo u a fool G!! I can't ahhahaaHey frienddddd :) @ochocinco I hope life is treating you well! xoxoxs
Here'sone more other pic of me from Ohio 's turnup a few days ago :) I was sexy http://t.co/PjIRIW3lUu
Yes people I'm in love with a transgender female her name is @Sidneystardance 😍 and she is so perfect 😘 lol she's a bad bishπŸ’―πŸ˜˜πŸ™ˆπŸ’πŸ‘«
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1I heard you feeling Sidney Starr and you said She a fly mama..;) Fantasy girl in ur fantasy worldβ€œ@Sidneystardance: This was me last night in Cleveland Ohio I was turnt :) and sexy with it http://t.co/7zYYL4KLhE”guy in the bg thoπŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@HeIsMathewN yayyyy :)This was me last night in Cleveland Ohio I was turnt :) and sexy with it http://t.co/eUQcIIhLrZYo @Sidneystardance is the first person I wanna meet when i get a lil famous😘😍
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@HeIsMathewN Just make sure u don't miss a episode :)@yungnazz thank u sweety :)
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