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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Retired PornStar. AVN & Urban X Hall of Fame Inductee. Published Writer. Radio Personality. Educator. Mother. Grandmother. AutismActivist. Hip Hop Head. HIS.

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"What is the look of... It has something to do with being a man and handling your biz. What love got… http://t.co/7IjC3ZRWOC"I miss your goodnight for real... I miss your conversation for real..." http://t.co/mDaKs7GJW4"Able to drop math and the 48 keys of life..." -DOOM "when I was lead to you I knew you were the one… http://t.co/97sJfDESRF"See I got caught up in the romantic side of revolution ya'll." - Meshell. Yeah... Time to get to the… http://t.co/mgL2gR1d0k"You got KOS you ain't lonely..." This goes out to someone who needs it. Whoever you are. Wherever you… http://t.co/vh2tRWJjA2"You can check my resume Im certified yup" - Substantial http://t.co/COS56Hwkhi"This is Inspirational..." #ripdilla #ripbaatin #longlivesv #longlivedetroit http://t.co/0FaDL3bBbj"I'd rather die enormous than live dormant." - Sean. http://t.co/GCnEXcXuSlLove this... But fatbellybella said on stage on my birthday at HOB on NYE years ago she turned this… http://t.co/UvkfRB5NSROur music we must take back... " -Deltron 30 aka Del the Funky Homosapien. #hieroglyphics ##Hiero4life http://t.co/mtVW1CHIssMentality undetectable by... The naked eye. - @blackthought http://t.co/OmkeH5eVE9Mood: Introspective. Thanks songza http://t.co/Rnsi7fRq9BGo ahead and spread your wings girl... Let's soar. http://t.co/5a5qG4FpgEHelp me find my way... http://t.co/KjriPsfUHuThis is in Memory of... http://t.co/KekMY02Suj"Baby Grandma understand/ that you really love that man..." Nothing like Bill Withers. http://t.co/qLbyKtlvGkIntroducing gothamsartwayne to the art of sampling via songza while I do paperwork. http://t.co/Ku6Yc7yiaUBrunch for the King. Breakfast Steak Sandwich. #CanelasKitchen Not #Glutenfree but can be modified to… http://t.co/tycufQJx64Food for thought. http://t.co/wVLshUWM9MThere is nothing new under the sun. We must keep pumping oxygen into the lungs of the revolution.… http://t.co/WlVh4b3rP4Teaching #Art about #Brooklyn Windowsills and morning meditation. #Basics # http://t.co/KWaaJf60wf
Law of attraction. I seek happiness, love, joy and peace. http://t.co/iqejVZlqOu
Haven't heard Really Love in forever. I remember when it was just a leak from @Questlove. Had to pla… http://t.co/RFPA8nY9NiMy ride or die... gothamsartwayne loves the grandma. http://t.co/M9F3FMPUkcPensive. http://t.co/S3K9z2SD4hI SO need to go shopping. Just made a pasta sauce out of 2 cloves of garlic, tomato sauce, Sriracha,… http://t.co/AAq2VQHI0A"Pour some sugar on me/ when you need good love..." Digging this pour over. http://t.co/dE57g3LCLjToday's reminder... Go with the flow #TeamLove. Stop trying to swim upstream. http://t.co/iugnOW8xA8
@imanwilliams #amwriting #novel #blackromance Nice@Army12bravo20 ha!@Army12bravo20 Yeah? Its been awhile. I need to get back to daily practice.Hmm... Bikram Yoga BK is running a special for the holidays.@PetiteDragonfly @ProfessorBLove @docxdam Martin Luther King, Jr...@smashdaproducer That would assume porn was lemons. It wasn't. Thanks for stopping by though.Good morning #TeamLove!@DaRealMonieLove @therealEternia Truth. That selflessness tends to bubble over in other aspects of our lives and relationships.@JoseyWales414 Thanks!@tclay4real lol Hi and Thanks@luke0joh Sure. Email me at sinnamon dot love at gmail
gothamsartwayne & Mommy. #HappyBirthdayArt! http://t.co/yJBuIRmtlSThank you to the man of my dreams, @Jarobiwhite . You are a gifted human being, my closest friend, a… http://t.co/BIBUFipIzdHashtag that was easy. http://t.co/EHbneI3RDBPeace. http://t.co/WBIQK4jtfc
How come no one makes cards for mom's on their kids' birthdays??? http://t.co/l6sGVKt5hVAngry Orchard Cider on tap. Lovely. #Glutenfree http://t.co/NvdJBzeNCC"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but oursves can free our minds." -Bob Marley. "Free… http://t.co/cFPNMnTPKYFriday Morning Food for Thought... http://t.co/goCR1qYWft
@Army12bravo20 Thanks@theRealRoeLuv hahaha!White hair means natural highlights. #Whitehairdontcare #naturalista #naturallygrey #naturallycurlyhttp://t.co/l00cRzqMWeShrinkage. http://t.co/qosd3ejK8P@_p_4_p ThanksWith my sissy Kimmy in #ATL. ❤👭 http://t.co/YmjjPoe9KEFreedom isn't free. #Fightthepower http://t.co/oj9TSSisD8@abdoml1 Gracias!
@Elevatedmind74 Thanks. ☺My girl steph warned me of this @Jarobiwhite. I suppose it is true. The light is a fallacy. The dark… http://t.co/Rr0Z8JO9rz@CalamariSam Just like guys have personal preference, so do women.@CalamariSam pressure? What are you talking about?Words with friends is clearly homophobic. It also did not like Cava. How can you not like cava?! http://t.co/hPSLttRbUxAlpha and the Omega. You can not begin or end a year without us. I got my love for my Sag bredren, but… http://t.co/gOdDswFEoFWinter leggings and Uggs. #LetItSnow http://t.co/u8zaKA0uET
@CorieRayvonn @ArekahKane Love doesn't have anything to do with occupation. That's something extremely superficial... true love isn't that.Snacks 🍴 http://t.co/LV8RQ7F2OXThe opposite of Love isn't hate, its indifference. Indifference is dangerous to the soul as it… http://t.co/vszVncx9l9@thaimperial No scene.The only thong that matters in this world is unconditional Love. http://t.co/jqY1EPGZtj
Fuck it. Why not? http://t.co/f02NpLibyfDoing shots of #Jager reminds me of sex in an outdoor jacuzzi in the San Fernando Valley mid January w/the right amount of chill in the air
Each one, teach one, lol #couples #kink #fetish #sex #love #holiday #workshops http://t.co/YVOaARzhTwSales were down on #blackfriday. Let's keeo it going through the holiday season. Compiling a list of… http://t.co/I4Dzoiz58eMay all your trifles be insignificant in the greater scheme of your life. Say it with me now,… http://t.co/oGo8zUvk5u#Latergram: Commute http://t.co/H3gfEpvrSV
@desi6868 Obviously if I posted it, a lot.@rustic_ With this #EricGarner shit? I'm okay. Had to take a mental health break from the news today.@stahhr Thank you so much my love bug! I can't wait to see you next week!Home from work and jumping right in. Turkey Sausage & Chicken Sausage with Spinach and Feta. No… http://t.co/7x1wAqcaffSuper cool!! #Autism #NYC http://t.co/QUywssZy4Q
@Jeruthedamaja Sorry, *don't@Jeruthedamaja Yeah, for a minute now. I tag ppl in my photos there.@atrak Yes.. that was brilliant.@urbanroyaltytz Yes. I will DM you.Watching @soledadobrien's Black in America: Black and Blue ON @CNN.@MiraSorvino @CNN In the edited interview, it totally sounded like you outed her. :( Thank you for clarifying!@MiraSorvino @CNN :) Sounds good.@kinkyButterfli Of course. We all need to be prepared. This isn't going to be easy. Revolution doesn't happen over night.@CIACulinary I worry about committing to that daily commute from Brooklyn to upstate NY for a full program.@mirasorvino I totally appreciate your enthusiasm and recognize this might have been an oversight.@MiraSorvino In the future, if former victims of sex trafficking use a pseudonym, do not out them with their real name. #amanpour @CNNBig thanks to @ridingshotgunla for hooking us up with this wk's podcast guest: @jarobiwhite from @atcq http://t.co/BCvojHoUTV
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveOn this week's pod we talk to @JarobiWhite, professional chef and elusive 4th member of @atcq https://t.co/nl6B3L8XzB
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveHave you heard ‘Case By Case Feat. Dinco D and Jarobi White’ by Mellow Man Ace on #SoundCloud? https://t.co/11Zc1v04Rl
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@kinkyButterfli This is going to be an on-going process until there is real change. Prepare your heart for the long haul.@kinkyButterfli I understand. When I have participated in protests in the past, it felt good to be present with others who felt the same.@thedjpeterblunt Nah man.. I plan to get a ton of writing and calls done. No real days off, just days off from the day job. ^_^Been forever since I had 2 days off back to back. How do I celebrate? Making Brunch of course! Shrimp… http://t.co/mPiqJ1UpIyMy article: Yes, It’s Possible For a Man to Be Raped by a Woman. Here’s Why You Need to Care. http://t.co/wEKozhpwej via @goodmenproject
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love"No country for Black men" - EBONY Arts Editor @furthermucker speaks on leaving the U.S.: http://t.co/bJSL8klPpL http://t.co/YrfEz5xhO3
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveKansas City 15-year-old walking outside his mosque deliberately run down, killed, by man in SUV. http://t.co/Nh02q5VYFk
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveDonation page for the family of Tamir Rice, faced with burial and legal costs after his death at the hands of police: http://t.co/1J4bymKv60
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love
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