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Gonna try this spring gardening thing again... This time with a little help. http://t.co/hRN0gTn2pQ
@MicahMcCain DM me baby.“@tofftoffgalinda: Need a @StephanieJBlock tattoo! My wicked leg is not complete! http://t.co/Cbom8JUiRs” Holy crap! You're serious about it@SJBlockheads Lovin my "troop".The campaign starts now. #HouseofCardsAgainstHumanity http://t.co/rObSVwHDXm
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@netaleenoy Thanks doll. We're the lucky ones! #keephealthy@YumsMommy xoxoxoiPhone typis bun me put or *iphone typos bum me out. Ugh!“@Suttons_legs: I just really need @StephanieJBlock's belt” Take it... Just being it back when I need it.I was asking my mom about corporate or political jobs involving Spanish and she says "you just want to be @SebArcelus" #oops
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockHave you ever wanted to see Broadway star @StephanieJBlock perform? Read her interview with CSC on this week's blog! http://t.co/IElVcS4p8B
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockPLS RT for Patches, NY area, great pup, she needs a home! https://t.co/yAIpSIBMut @Dontignoretruth @StephanieJBlock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block“@BostonTweet: Boston Strong - the new Sports Illustrated cover was just revealed. http://t.co/ALwNngTOOw” Boston's wicked strong!!@YumsMommy Thanks lady! Running errands and appts in my hat, gloves And down coat. What the what? Hoping the warmth is with u in FL.“@CuteEmergency: NO BATHTIME http://t.co/nQaSR2Je61” in bed and laughing out loud! I LOVE crazy pets!!
@c_j_lewis You know I'd have to take you down, right? You know that.“@kelliprovart: @StephanieJBlock ...I miss your face” Giiiirrrlll! You are a goddess and I miss you too. Hope you're well. Xgerilynrs #8eyes #Jerseystrong #strongerthantheatorm #Helen&Betty http://t.co/vIe4gUiHuF8 Amazing Einstein Quotes. #5 Is So Deep! See here: http://t.co/MmSWNYWc28 . http://t.co/yfIMZApZs6
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockMillions of citizens pay their taxes today. I pray we use that money well.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block
ALL IN FAVOR OF @StephanieJBlock on @TheGoodWife_CBS SAY I!!! 🙋🙋🙋
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@justMattBailey Hope the room kept you healthy, happy and strong! #itwasgoodtome #merde@theatregeek2423 Hi Emma. Hope you're having a happy Monday.
@gerilynrenee Fire dept? Oh nooooo.“@BuzzFeed: Which Little Woman Are You? http://t.co/bmFazIhrPe via http://t.co/Vak0f8XUew”@kroggers95“@EAWatters: ... A WW2 nurse who looks like @StephanieJBlock - relation perhaps? http://t.co/oFzNozdyIM” Wow, there is a real resemblance.
@msjoliebette @taliapfeffer Mmmmmmwah!#instacollage #FrenchQuarterFestival #NewOrleans #Happy http://t.co/fAiGt9K8gB@JSibille42 that should read *brekkie@JSibille42 Having break lie at a place called "Wakin Bakin" in MidCity. So hip, colorful... It's like a breakfast free for all!@BillyCardone Not in town but have a wonderful weekend of shows.#HouseOfCards star @SebArcelus talks politics, West Wing & his wife the awesome @StephanieJBlock @NYLONGuysMag http://t.co/pe7O23gDR3
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block
@jamesdillon26 Can't believe I was "found out" on a plantation in the Deep South. Thanks for your kindness and your excitement. X“@BabyAnimalPics: This makes me so happy 😊 http://t.co/UZ2E9ydRSU” Lions and tigers and bears... How sweet!Laura's Creole Plantation. #slavecabin #heartbreaking #unforgivable http://t.co/p49qMbM9C9PLS RT for little Savior, NY area. He needs a home, sweet senior pup! https://t.co/OJapx4bh0u @Dontignoretruth @StephanieJBlock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block
@YumsMommy @gretchasketch22 @lauren6180 Can't answer that on the ole twitter.Anne Rice's old home in The Garden District of New Orleans. #spooky #wonderful #historic #tourist http://t.co/ZqOYCM99oBPre- "J" and pre- everything else! #tbt #bangs #bananaclip #mockturtleneck #nerd http://t.co/iEypAgh9Vf
PLS RT! Still no home for Savior, NYC! Sweet little pup! https://t.co/tkDLOWmVcB @Dontignoretruth @StephanieJBlock @MaddiesCorner
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockNighttime in New Orleans. http://t.co/odxnn1iOiSDon't miss @AndrewRannells, @BD_Wong, @StephanieJBlock and more at the @SymphonySpace Gala #FiddlerAt50 http://t.co/ytaLj6Nbbo
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block
@ASPCA all dogs deserve to be loved and nurtured #dogfight #NDFAD love them as they love us http://t.co/zcMF8stao0
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockCongrats to @CovHousePrez this week on speaking to the U.N. & visiting the President. #WOW @CovenantHouse
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@_KateMara Just looking at your spread in this month's INSTYLE. You look incredible!! Congrats on all your goodness.Grab as many as you need. http://t.co/NCZJdGZ3hm@CharmBabelonio Thanks, lady. You too.Final week of my play BREATHING TIME in NYC. See it before it closes! And please retweet. http://t.co/N5e6WJs2HQ http://t.co/BVLbJEoFG6
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block“@thinkprogress: 20 yrs later, what has changed since the Rwandan genocide? http://t.co/JpK9aumLl1 http://t.co/onF2XY7L5u” @Maryleefairbank“@Jen__Cody: I miss my puppies...” I'm sure they're lost without you... All 3 of them;)We lost Picasso on this day in 1973 – here's the legendary artist painting on glass in mesmerizing vintage footage http://t.co/yf8fEUbIWN
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockMe again @BuzzFeed. Please don't deny me. I am the #cutestpuppy http://t.co/JleIoA9qhZWhat is this about #cutest puppy @buzzfeed? Can I join? http://t.co/m6dD7fyKar
My reality garden. http://t.co/grMNFKnnWVMy dream garden. http://t.co/ELKiO2jRHA“@Karenolivo: Guys, Let's do this! I am ready to belt my money-maker off. https://t.co/Vel1J36sZY” You're gonna wanna back this chica!!More heartfelt @CovenantHouse "THANK YOU"s to my generous, caring pals. Love to Lauren, Jill, Kira and Marianna!!@BroadwayJarrod Thanks, Jarrod. The "just being totally awesome" TONY would be... Awesome.Carol Channing, Cher, Stephanie J. Block & More React to Passing of Mickey Rooney... http://t.co/Q0hSASJPNr
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@KellisCampbell @SJBlockheads Guys, I am honored. Kelli, welcome to this crazy, wonderful troop:) xBy my count, @Karenolivo is 5 days and 10 grand shy of her goal. This is Run Lola Run for REAL. Let's get her there. https://t.co/DSvxGrpirB
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block“@TIME: House of Cards and breaking Bad among BAFTA TV nominees http://t.co/LAbTaDmUae” The Brits know what's up:) Congratulations HOC!
@toddlevin I'm sure you're already on it, but Craig's list has helped us find a lost pet in the past... A great source. Best to you.My cat is missing, and my heart is breaking. Last seen in Los Feliz area near Rowena Reservoir. Pls RT. Pls help. http://t.co/QweMNVpQmQ
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockThe one and only... #Hollywoodroyalty https://t.co/yFjvziQzxu“@Adam___Green: "Let's put on a show!" - R.I.P. Mickey Rooney. http://t.co/CfX96P3UxH” One of MGMs finest. Forever remembered.please keep retweeting this so we can get these horrible collars banned http://t.co/BxwSaKWrSE
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockACT ONE @LCTheater made be proud to be IN the theatre & OF the theatre. Thank you, Mr. Lapine @SantinoFontana,Tony Shalhoub @iamandreamartin“@chenoite: PLS RT for Lady Ward! Precious pup, NYACC needs foster/adopter to save her! https://t.co/nc2LZhxasF" DESTROYED TOMORROW! HELP!!“@johnfredeking: @StephanieJBlock and @AndrewRannells singing Move On is utter brilliance.” Thanks, John!!@newyorkpops Closes Season frm Bway to Hollywood, w/Huge Hits In Btwn http://t.co/7gnjCsnWAy @AndrewRannells @stephaniejblock @PerezHilton
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block“@ASPCA: Help find a home for our Pet of the Week, Robbie! http://t.co/VLGgYIHdKO Please retweet! #Adopt” They say he's an aspiring singer:)
@JSibille42 Can't believe I didn't even see you. Glad you loved it so much too.@MeghanLandon That pic was taken at private performance... Cirque du Solie theme.Tears... Real tears!! Thank you @LauraBenanti @shuhen @HBlix Chyenne Jackson, Bradley Dean & all. My heart is so full. #TheMostHappyFella@PerezHilton @LauraBenanti I would enjoy this little "date"... Once Laura's better:) BTW, coming to see you in TMHF tonight sucka! xo“@msjoliebette: Because TONY winners & TONY nominees have Starbucks too @StephanieJBlock @LauraBenanti http://t.co/zac5HlQK2x” Yes we do:)We teamed up with @google & @Yahoo for the first-ever #PetDay Adoptable Hangout! http://t.co/vR9PhB632p http://t.co/MrpZJSJUTU
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block“@CaRenata: We are all different... http://t.co/08DyIu14RX” Yes Ma'am!! BE YOU- tiful.@MissAdjie MWAH!! Happy Day to you, A.@KathyDeitch how did I not know of "women of the World" gonna watch more. Great video. Thank you! LOVE you!“@klo143: @StephanieJBlock 7 yrs later! Are you still tired? 😉💖 #PirateQueen http://t.co/bdNQbsGq5u” Grainne NiMhaille Terra Marique Potems
@thewillswenson And then... This. https://t.co/I77yd7kRwf@thewillswenson ... Or this. https://t.co/I77yd7kRwf@thewillswenson ...or this. https://t.co/I77yd7kRwf@thewillswenson Ok... That desert image is remarkable...like a Picasso. But most deserts look like this. #death #dry https://t.co/I77yd7kRwf@YumsMommy @lauren6180 ... A really fun night!http://t.co/LhvCq3C9gM This is why I don't eat fish @thewillswenson"Mom. You're not paying attention to me. Mom. Mom. Mom. Umm... Mom.#staredown http://t.co/ZSnEuZbbMn“@jessetyler: I'm blown away with this beautiful commercial @HoneyMaidSnacks made. Honey, you made my day! http://t.co/pU0cwJ3ioB” Be love!!“@LauraOsnes: SJB, just getting a "jump" start on Easter souvenirs. @StephanieJBlock @carnegiehall #marypoppinspurse http://t.co/7fv0PphNaM@zaindabs Snap out of it! :) Tomorrow is just a few hours away... It's gonna be a great one.“@ScottNevins: @StephanieJBlock overtures are in danger of extinction but we can save them...like the whales!!!” #kickstarter2014 :)@GaelenGilliland Was there tonight... So great, Gaelen! Congrats to you. Hope all is happy & well in your world. XGotta love the "old" tried and true musicals!! This cast was fantastic... And it confirmed for me the need for overtures. #guysanddolls
@brandonmobrien Come on... What a tweet!! Lies, all lies (but I so appreciate it) xBack at Carnegie Hall... #guysanddolls http://t.co/BvWLRz1LT0Thursday matinees???@BrendanPart @SJBlockheads Thought it was a silly "April Fools" until I realized it's April 3. No #freakyfriday for me.@SJBlockheads nope. Not true.
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