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Shan @TNRLM Heading West

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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@hraptis72 I'm leaving Monday! should be "home" by the end of next week.@hraptis72 Indeed. Vera Farmiga is mesmerizing. I didn't think that show would work at all, but it does.@hraptis72 I have! Already on my to do list! We shall have to get stamps together.@hraptis72 isn't it great? THAT CASTThe show's offbeat, deadpan humor and cold, black heart is 100% in my wheelhouse. Could not love it more.You guys, #Fargo on FX is fucking fantastic.I love that I can add the Falcons schedule to all my calendars with a couple of clicks. We live in wondrous times.@sarahherring It's pretty damned entertaining.@TVandDinners A windows PC without a right click? Unpossible! Perhaps you have to enable it in touchpad settings or something?On Shakespeare's birthday, I'd like to offer up this love letter to the best love letter ever written to the Bard. https://t.co/3znAUnxQ0F
Retweeted by ShanHow I Met Your Restylane@jowrotethis Fetch me something grape!El Oso Blanco! #Braves@jowrotethis Dewey Crowe writes you fan mail?
@sitakatherine Not a new fad diet?@Angie_Dawg Make it work! I think his fielding was actually one of the biblical plagues.@Angie_Dawg Well, I think that justifies my decision to be an atheist.Obviously, I disagree with his taste in TV, but this made me giggle http://t.co/mkrjDCnLTA #Braves #GameOfThrones@TVandDinners I'm an OCD creature of habit. Not having things like I wanted them made me extremely cranky. Now I love "Windows 8"@TVandDinners you can see what I'm talking about here http://t.co/pPihT4f4J2 Certainly helped make the transition to 8 much better@TVandDinners A small app that give you all kinds of options: a start button, booting to the desktop, app/file menu like before, etc.@TVandDinners Did the same. Big adjustment. Just install Start8 and work off the "desktop" and all will be fine. It's not buggy & speedy!@jowrotethis Maybe "Kissed by Fire." A lot of things happen that you need more backstory on. Plus good sampling of charactersA nuanced take from @MoRyan 12 Reasons That 'Game Of Thrones' Scene Matters http://t.co/UNddgRs5lh via @HuffPostTV@Jen_eration_x I will, here http://t.co/eOexGByPp2 And I'll have one cat in the back of a hybrid (it's quiet - so more meowing!)@Jen_eration_x Starting my drive out there Monday. Officially moving in on the 5th.@Jen_eration_x Yep. Vancouver WA.@Jen_eration_x Yeah, I'm thinking how WEIRD sports on west coast time will be. But looking foward to it!@Jen_eration_x BTW, how is it watching SEC games at 10 AM?@Jen_eration_x ...riling up rabid SEC fans is quite another.@Jen_eration_x But honestly, I think they would be stabbing themselves in the heart if they don't add it. The weather channel is one thing..@Jen_eration_x I'm guessing those SEC games would still be available via GamePlan, since it's a paid service, but not sure. Good questionVideo: If DirecTV doesn’t add the SEC network, there will be rioting in the streets. "We hand it off to... http://t.co/GxQdsCsA3M@jowrotethis Well....shit. :)Photo: We’re testing kitty tranquilizers to see if they will keep her calm on the long drive to the west... http://t.co/ZdbIxZUrOs@NoelMu Freshman year in the holy land. Live at Legion field. And Uptown. And 40 Watt. Good times.
El Oso Blanco! #Braves@DrJtotheMastro Someone suggested I watch Billy on the Street, and after 10 minutes I would have chosen waterboarding.@DrJtotheMastro But no food network compromises. Nothing unscripted/"reality" except for sports. (And Mythbusters):-) RT @CapsAndBottles: Tonight on #WheelOfFortune: @QuotableBuffy http://t.co/F19mwHFlG8
Retweeted by Shan@DrJtotheMastro Hmmm. Perhaps your dad should come stay with me. #Aliens@DrJtotheMastro Perhaps you need an elaborate rock/paper/scissors tournament for ultimate control@DrJtotheMastro Well, using those two certainly narrows your choices down to several hundred thousand.@DrJtotheMastro Jaws is always a good option. The others...not so much.Half of Americans are doubtful about the Big Bang theory, yet I just worked with Jim Parsons.
Retweeted by ShanSo this is the smartest thing I've seen about last night's GoT and yes it's on Tumblr and yes @luciwithani is right. http://t.co/Wk65TBZupy
Retweeted by ShanStar Trek fans understand this. #BetterDeadThan ... #OhNeverMind http://t.co/zs1fPe4VFC
Retweeted by Shan
@artincircles phenomonal acting to show those little variations.@artincircles And Sarah was slightly better as Cosima than she was as Alison, because she's had a bit of time to understand. Just...@artincircles And how awesome was she (TM) acting as Sarah acting as Cosima. It was good; Sarah's a skilled grifter, but it was nuancedNew from Time-Life: Tywin Lannister explains the birds and the bees. #GoT@lafergs Who wasn't? Even the robot from "I robot you Jane" was better@artincircles His arm was never in question. And he certainly knows about strikeouts.The Farscape Movie is Officially Happening http://t.co/fEtpWHTC30Easter is almost over. Did you have a good one? http://t.co/oYW8xGrOal
Retweeted by ShanPhotoset: doctorwho: Happy Easter! http://t.co/KwKHKGUOJZOh for fuck's sake, Uggla. #BravesWell OF COURSE you send a handmade card with your illegal pistol. #AlisonPhoto: An awesome housewarming gift! And my house isn’t even warm (or mine) yet! http://t.co/JErnn5ccUaIt's Easter and 4/20? The Reece's Peanut Butter Egg must be quite the desirable commodity today!
Retweeted by ShanNew Podcast! The Small Council is back again to discuss episode 2 of season 4 of Game of Thrones "The Lion and the … http://t.co/oxe0Hc1yDo
Now, it's CLONE TIME. #OrphanBlackFinally saw the #VeronicaMarsMovie . A very good expanded episode of the series. Great to see all those characters & actors again. B+@DerfelMacklin tell me that’s a joke and you’ve seen this masterpiece beforemaybe one day a future explorer will find this in our dust and build a better society around it https://t.co/r2Jc5ASXBd
Retweeted by ShanPet Bedside Manner - I love talking to the vet. Every vet I’ve had has always been so sweet and had such a... http://t.co/ghhg320l3WPhoto: NBC’s promo department can’t spell. http://t.co/Y9vETxkA9I@sitakatherine it's so discordant and unsettling. Which is the goal, I suppose. Puts me on edge.@borednihilist Is this your first time watching the show?@borednihilist the movie (and subsequently theme of show) had a great, iconic score.
nonononononononono #Hannibal
Retweeted by ShanBut hell, I watched fucking RINGER until the end. My BUFFY love is strong and irrational.Of course, the more troubling part of that is that I'm still watching THE CRAZY ONES.I can't look at that one girl on THE CRAZY ONES. Her eyes are so far apart she's like a fish.In about 20 minutes, BBCA is starting an #OrphanBlack marathon. You're welcome.@borednihilist Sorry dude. I'd pour ya one if I could.@borednihilist BOURBON. Like 42, the answer to all of life's questions.@NoelMu Needless to say, most concerts after that were all downhill.@TheTeleverse Never heard that. I do remember "Power Couple" from my soap watching youth.@NoelMu One of my first concerts was on this tour: Vanity 6 opening for The Time opening for Prince.Interesting list. Not sure I agree, of course, but a fun read. http://t.co/2iG4XuI9aTUni Watch » Feeling Blue - I was just talking about the Braves blue jersey, and that I thought we were... http://t.co/LJuCscKPumI used every character available to me to express my loathing of TV babies and if I'd had 1400 characters I'd have done the same!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by ShanGODDAMMIT "PARKS & RECREATION" EVERYONE KNOWS BABIES KILL TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@hraptis72 Awwww. All better now?@Sockmonkey666 He's so big! And rambunctious!@Sockmonkey666 That's the funniest thing I've read all day.Let's see if Leslie Knope cares enough about the Parks department to abort these babies. #ParksandRec
Retweeted by ShanFinally time for #Fargo don'tchaknowInteresting piece on Andrelton's hitting approach. http://t.co/iXYn9QzGDC@Angie_Dawg That's just like a bonus, man@Angie_Dawg All the way west - Vancouver WA@Angie_Dawg I'm moving just in time!Well, I think we all know what side I'm on in this debate http://t.co/luqZxw1vC8Oh no. #PTI@DerfelMacklin Yes. Tweetdeck does that for DMs for some reason.There are rumors circulating that I have been cut from Wu-Tang Clan. And who the heck is Andre Johnson?
Retweeted by Shan@feliciaday thanks for the update! I thought I was losing my mind because it didn’t turn up in searches.@feliciaday hey where is SPOOKED? I thought it was supposed to be on Hulu yesterday.Video: A hard hitting documentary on life in the SEC. http://t.co/5ekEM7ji3A
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