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Shan @TNRLM Heading West

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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This time next week folks will be yelling at Spurrier on TV.
Retweeted by Shan@NoelMu Barney Fife would approve@DerfelMacklin we should have been able to predict that.@KCDawg34 funny you should mention that http://t.co/7D4RmMSCjiLots of Vastra, Jenny &Strax in #DoctorWho season premiere. I won't say "squee" because I'm dignified. (Side note: SQUEEE!) #PaternosterLove
Retweeted by ShanFinally, maps I can understand http://t.co/399lbX5maxOh my this picture of UGA IX on Bradley's article http://t.co/QAv97fWyk2@DerfelMacklin I think it's definitely a thriller.
Jesus #Braves put a fucking bow on it.The Wicked Witch didn't fare so well with the Ice Bucket Challenge. http://t.co/8dKeBePDG1
Retweeted by Shan@BernieDawg That's a LONG shipment. Texas toast might get soggy. But I'll be back soon!@BernieDawg or Guthries circa 1987.AT&T says it completed a $10 million investment Monday in Sanford Stadium to provide more than four times the capacity for its customers.
Retweeted by Shan@KCDawg34 It's such a tricky tone to hit. BANSHEE comes closest on TV to a true pulp sensibility.I've long loved pulp storytelling and wish more embraced it. Keeping fingers crossed for Shane Black doing DOC SAVAGEA nice appreciation of THE SHADOW http://t.co/BHHcA3qwab a pulp misfire from the 90s.Any column that recommends THE MIDDLEMAN, PROFIT, TERRIERS, PARTY DOWN & BETTER OFF TED is okay by me http://t.co/OpLlOBbtB7This can't possibly be good can it? Well, yes indeed IT IS http://t.co/b4G61f2KbtThank Zeus you can block retweets by individual user
Watching “Blink” for the fiftieth time. Still great. Sally Sparrow still living embodiment of adorableness #DoctorWhoReal Talk Time: I think that new Taylor Swift video is adorable. #ducks
Retweeted by Shan@KCDawg34 I've always obviously been a lesbian.Entitled pedestrians are driving me crazy. DEATH RACE 2000 needs to become a reality now.A GREAT look at World Football League unis http://t.co/Jv3LzQ4wN6Seems like today is the day for listicles… “TV Feature 27 things you never knew about #Buffy the Vampire Slayer - http://t.co/IrF8Yu7taH
Retweeted by Shan@QuotableBuffy you are correct!@sarahherring I’ve thought way too much about the mechanics of that marriage.This is actually a pretty good list/16 actresses not named Katee Sackhoff who could play Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel http://t.co/lnxBhiHOfO
It’s been a Buffy kinda day. “@QuotableBuffy: “23 Of The Most Buffy Outfits Buffy Ever Wore” - http://t.co/QiMdLdcNcw #Buffy@Sockmonkey666 wow man. Wow.Sprint cancels Framily plans. So does Judy Greer divorce the hamster?Buffy in HD starts on Pivot. http://t.co/VtRyaeNp36That's about right // I got Willow Rosenberg! Which "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Character Are You? http://t.co/CsWXzbTrzH via @buzzfeed@sarahherring five by five@UnpluggedCrazy it really finds itself in the back half of S1.
Playing vintage games in my den, drinking Scotch & listening to Pete Townsend on vinyl. No one mentions the fun side of agoraphobia.
Retweeted by ShanAaron Murray comes onto the field for his first NFL pass EVER. Throws a 43-yard touchdown. No big deal.
Retweeted by ShanBaby, you're as pretty as a picture. A picture is worth 1000 words. And talk is cheap. You're not attractive, is my point.
Retweeted by ShanMash the noise hole in the front part of your head flesh against the noise hole in the front part of my head flesh because romance
Retweeted by ShanHearing a DJ dismiss Pop as something "girls" dance to is like meeting the Child Catcher - scary but also, wow, you actually EXIST?
Retweeted by Shan
Holy shit, I own all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD, what am I even _doing_ here. I could be watching that! Always!
Retweeted by ShanGood start for the #Braves@jowrotethis Doomsday was (enjoyably) all over the place, but he made Rhona Mitra look like a badass in that@aprilp2a @jwj170104 yes to that. I really like Blank. I’m just used to bad luck and heartbreak. But at least we can be proud of team now@jwj170104 @aprilp2a If she's like most of us Falcons fans then...probably not. :)@DropEdge Nice!@lafergs UN-DER-RA-TED *clap,clap,clapclapclap*@laci2517 It's very handy. Just make sure to always check your set scope if you're spoiler averse@laci2517 GREAT reference: http://t.co/UtOezbdncw allows you to set "scope" (what u read/watched thus far) so you don't get spoiled@laci2517 Winter is Coming. (even in August)@laci2517 you can’t “notwithstanding” that.
@TheTeleverse no. Many were thrilled but I just didn't get it or see any groundwork laid@TheTeleverse I’m a big fan but that was……huh?If Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence’s celebrity couple name is not simply “Martin Lawrence”, I will quit the Internet.
Retweeted by Shan@lafergs Lauren Reed+Riley Finn 4everHow many tots are TOO many tots? Let’s find out! http://t.co/HLmdtW4nvRI need a hand. http://t.co/uwPJnZftvn@DrJtotheMastro cheaper. And better with ranch.Tots! (The potato kind. Not the awful urchins)@DerfelMacklin that’s my favorite book. Would love a serious treatment of it in pay cable.My question! RT @PreviouslyTV: In today’s #EHG Mini with @sepinwall we tell you what TV homes we’d love to live in. http://t.co/eHWjML6j9f
Retweeted by ShanSteak and shrimp and wine and beer and the symphony. This is okay I think.Of course there’s a downside to everything. Fucking Tebow. Ugh. #SECNetworkSame from Wash State “@Jen_eration_x: I live in Southern California and I am watching the @SECNetwork. Thank you, @DIRECTV! #GoDawgs@BernieDawg @DIRECTVService @DawgFan__1980 I use custom list/guide and 611 is there to add.Would so watch. RT @bdgrabinski: I wish EDGE OF TOMORROW made a fuckload of money because the world needs a prequel with Emily Blunt.
Retweeted by ShanDoes the retweet button ever wear out?WILFRED ended last night, and I was pretty happy about how it went out. Well done, show.@HistoryofMatt I love Archer too, but GoT is my bae (did I use that right?)It's here! #SECNetworkLaunch @SECNetwork http://t.co/xLYX1Z66bw
Retweeted by ShanLast RT: very proud of both my home and adopted states. Great taste, folks.Here are the most torrented TV shows broken down by state. CA, you have BALLER taste. http://t.co/LlucaQiAKf
Retweeted by Shan
BRAVES! #braves@lafergs 19??!! There's not eve ONE. Jess was, is and will always be THE WORSTI feel like everyone is having this week. Yeah? http://t.co/8aUKiGfoeK
Retweeted by ShanAwesome Mix Vol. 1 is the #1 album in the US. We are Groot. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
The finale of HALT AND CATCH FIRE is just sitting there in my DVR blinking at me like cursor. Should I delete Y/N"You know how to whistle don't you Steve? You just put your lips together and blow" https://t.co/wi0TOTAe1P RIP the legendary Lauren Bacall.
Retweeted by Shan@Junkyard_Dawg1 awwww. Tell my new roommate Hi!@poniewozik This can only mean that I'm sorry you never saw FIREFLY@lafergs Happy B-Day!How fun to actually see The Bandit mentioned in this http://t.co/RD6ANIkK2v@DerfelMacklin I've thought that too. I'm pretty sure it's him@sarahherring +1I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea but I liked the first ep of #Outlander
Who didn’t have rainbow suspenders back in the day? #RIPRobinWilliams http://t.co/2l43iiUMkA@Sockmonkey666 you’re right. Not great. But not bad.@EaTmy_CupCaKKe heeeeeeey. 😄.@kukkurovaca Ended up writing an eps to skip guide for both people curious about POI in general and shippers. Here: http://t.co/A1e33xuvIP
Retweeted by ShanThere’s a Vietnamese place close called “Pho Ton”. I wouldn’t wear a red shirt there.
@TheTeleverse You're past the early feeling their way eps. And yep, great cast (and guests, too). Enjoy!Sasquatch, Loch Ness Monster, Acceptable Men's Sandals.
Retweeted by ShanMuch easier to control it from an app. (I was trying to find the ANGEL ep “Reunion”. Which is awesome)For netflix, that is.Where the fuck is the “queue” or “my list” on the Roku interface?Drumk
Retweeted by Shan
@TVandDinners hail Hydra?@DerfelMacklin and one of Jim Kirk’s ladies@TheTeleverse It does!
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