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the @FoxNews A-Team AKA @TeamCavuto takes on protesters, obamacare and why its OK to say "Merry Christmas" at 1030 am EDT
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Cuba’s just @BarackObama’s latest solo salvo.. After what he said today, RETWEET if you think he'll keep acting alone.The day will come when Janet Yellen and her buds will have to take those training wheels off, RETWEET if you think stocks will then sell offMoney guys shifting to @JebBush, did the "shift" just hit the fan for @GovChristie? @JrzyJoePiscopo joins me now on #CAVUTODon’t blame #Sony for caving on #TheInterview… @GordonGChang says blame @BarackObama for all but giving ‘em no other choice…Maybe Amy Pascal just saved herself the trouble, and wrote the roaring @TheRevAl a big check to get him off her back...Dick Grasso responding to @BillDeBlasio’s job performance: “I regret not running for Mayor.” – Just now on @FoxBusinessTop police union chief saying @BilldeBlasio “thinks he’s running an f---ing revolution.” Dick Grasso now on #CAVUTO says he agrees-- Do you?After a meeting with protesters, a raised finger from @BilldeBlasio, who all but told the #NYPD to take a number…
Did Mitt just solve the Sony mess? RT @MittRomney: @SonyPictures don’t cave, fight: release @TheInterview free online globally..."Here's something that'll make you giggle... Putin's stock market is worth less than @Google. http://t.co/FIaQy6PGAo.@BillDeBlasio set to meet with protesters but he might want to check with New Yorkers first... They're ticked off at protesters the most.New Yorkers want cops to be more aggressive in clearing protesters from blocking streets - RETWEET if you agree with them...Be careful caving to those demanding higher wages… the folks who pay’em have lawyers. The lawsuits are spreading… Details on @FoxBusiness.@Sony caved over vague threats from hackers, who I'm sure are having a few good laughs right now. RETWEET if you think the joke is on us.Hackers, you don't have to yell fire in a crowded theater. Just threaten the theater and you've got corporate America running for the exits.
Ken Lagone told me @GovChristie is his guy for President, and let’s just say things got testy… See the exchange now on @FoxBusinessDid @BarackObama just bury the hatchet with Castro, or did Castro just bury us? The overture some say is over the top now on @FoxBusinessFmr. New York Governor @GovernorPataki: “I’m interested in running for President.” –Just now on @FoxBusinessNYC Mayor @BilldeBlasio all set to meet with protesters but has yet to send a similar invite out to his own police force. @FoxBusinessNYPD officers say someone really “is” out to get them. They say that someone is @BilldeBlasio. What do you say?I think Ken Langone just told me “All Rhinos, all the time.” He says @SenRandPaul & @SenTedCruz are unelectable in 2016. RT if you disagreeStill think Jeb's it? Bull-Mitt! @FoxNews Poll: Romney not only running away with it, no other candidate comes close http://t.co/iluOLxue9sRIP @annieg917 - you will always be missed.@SenTedCruz on #Cuba: Encouraged by bipartisan condemnation of this bad deal #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@SenTedCruz on #Cuba: We should give thanks for the release of Alan Gross #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@SenTedCruz on #Cuba: Today will be remembered as a tragic mistake #CAVUTO @FoxNewsMoments away from @SenTedCruz 's reaction to today's #Cuba move by Admin #CAVUTO @FoxNewsWhy @realDonaldTrump is giving 2016 a 'very serious thought' http://t.co/UiLTvVhRaG @FoxNews #CAVUTO
It's the biggest security breach to date. Why has the White House gone radio silent and decided to ignore? http://t.co/EGoxshzIOAHey Vladimir Putin, look around my friend, your evil empire is collapsing fast. #KarmaPerfect timing! Putin was just named Russia's 'Man Of The Year' for 15th time in a row. RETWEET if you're not shocked http://t.co/qsB9IP3lbXTwo years in, millions still not signing up for #ObamaCare? http://t.co/PzSHRKltt9 @TeamCavuto #healthcare
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I've always said @HillaryClinton won't be the Democratic nominee, and @SenWarren's rant against Wall Street has me banking on it. #CAVUTOI'm not sure what drives him, but I am sure if @BilldeBlasio keeps this up...He's going to drive businesses and many more out of this city.RETWEET if you think New York City Mayor @BilldeBlasio is failing as a leader. #NeilSpiel http://t.co/9BLscXtJuJ
.@FoxNews poll: 62% say race relations are worsening under @BarackObama. RETWEET if you agree- @CVPayne responds now http://t.co/k3eRAjetDbA drug smuggler here illegally, attacked by a border patrol dog, and is now suing?? Really? Your reaction now on FBN http://t.co/CMxywErYq0Just now on #CAVUTO, @RickSantorum disputes @WashingtonPost story saying he's running for President -- A decision won't be made until SpringAmy Pascal reaching out to these reverends for healing? Amy, you might want to bring a checkbook and start writing... http://t.co/Adq7AYJWyjTurns out our audio guy @DionBaia is a huge diva at work. RT if you're buying it #CAVUTO #GenHex @FoxNewsA judge is siding with protesters alleging excessive force by police. Does the judge have it right? REPLY for YES RT for NO #CAVUTO @foxnews
#CIAReport fallout: Russia & NoKo blasting what they call a blatant abuse of basic human rights. RETWEET if you find this hypocritical.First comes the meeting. Then the rally. Then the really big check to make it all a memory! Watch & see. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/pB4yBKr6t3Convicted drug smuggler in AZ illegally suing gov't after Border Patrol dog bites him. He have a case? RT for NO, Reply for YES @foxnewsIs @RickSantorum running? http://t.co/wVbLp17Bfu #CAVUTO @FoxNews
Can Washington learn from the guy in this viral video? @FoxBusiness http://t.co/keXUfigxSjSure about that? RETWEET if you would support reversing @BarackObama’s immigration order. Details now on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/WxgNclZmOoTONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: @Liz_Cheney responds to Democrats using this #TortureReport to criticize her father and Bush Administration. 8PM ETLooking forward to talking w/ @TeamCavuto about the fed @BalancedBudget amndmt and my trip to AZ to help make it happen. Watch Fox at 4:35p.
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto#CommonSense: You've got to be transparent about transparency. Are liberals being hypocritical? http://t.co/z3RGqtX98Q @FoxNews
Why is it so hard to just 'fess up, and say, "I screwed up.” RETWEET if you agree with me. @FoxBusiness #NeilSpiel http://t.co/v4lWGnoFmj“The Obama Admin. has done for hypocrisy what Stonehenge did for rocks.” - @RepTrentFranks just now on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/BoVKElJUatLiberals say the world has a right to know we torture... Pity they didn't feel the same way about all those #Gruber videos. #transparencyProtests shutting down bridges nationwide: "peaceful". @GovChristie allegedly closing one bridge: "dangerous"... Liberal double standard?Do Americans have right to know? Or did Senate #CIAReport put American lives at risk? http://t.co/f55jNAB3UO #CAVUTO @FoxNews#CommonSense: For these heroes, the fighting was too late @FoxNews #CAVUTO
Add @MaryLandrieu to long list of Democratic Senators who lost re-election after refusing to come on @FoxNews & @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTO NowProtesters stage #DieIn protests in @Apple store in NYC... Is it me, or is this anger misplaced? RETWEET if you agree.Gruber getting grilled before Congress tomorrow. RT if you think he should apologize to American people. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/bGvT9IOdQa
lots of comments re my @TeamCavuto appearance where i kinda say nice things abt @TheRevAl judge yourself via... http://t.co/W6tGssI5go
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto"Why are Republicans childish when they try to "control" spending... Never Democrats, when they try to "raise" spending?" -NC @FoxBusiness
.@TheJusticeDept only now looking into cyber-security? Is it me, or is its priorities twisted? RETWEET if you agree. http://t.co/B7Y34b3PZd“Liberals using this hands up gesture, but evidence suggests they're perpetuating something that never happened." -NC http://t.co/zMzTQo0McD
Holiday travelers, check this out. You could be forced to check your luggage...and it could save your life. I’ll explain now on @FoxBusinessHere’s my message to the Obama Admin: Stop treating us like children and saying you know better. RETWEET if you agree with me. #NeilSpielEnjoy those low gas prices while you can – DC is eyeing a bump in the federal gas tax that could wipe it out. RETWEET if you’re against thisWhat are your #CAVUTOTIPS for bills being passed in DC? @FoxNewsGet your popcorn ready. Neil has the Top 10 tips to 'cutting the crap' in DC. Have one of your own? Tweet us! #CAVUTOTIPS @FoxNewsNeed #retirement advice? Send us your ?s - Need help with your 401k? Credit card debt? College loans? Ask & we'll answer LIVE 4pm @FoxNews
“Al Sharpton is glorifying ignorance.” -Minister @JGentry5 just now on @FoxBusiness. RETWEET if you agree, REPLY to me if you do not.Minister @JGentry5 on @FoxBusiness: “Al Sharpton is dividing the black community.” RETWEET if you AGREE. http://t.co/M83b7qK0mU“This nation is in a downward spiral.” -Minister @JGentry5. Find out why he’s saying this TONIGHT on @FoxBusiness 8PM http://t.co/kT2U1W5ilfThought these words (http://t.co/pSs0x1M2aM) by Minister @JGentry5 were powerful? Wait until you see him on @FoxBusiness tonight 8p #CAVUTO
Forget rigging markets. I’ll tell you about the #cyber ring stealing top corporate secrets looking to control the market. Now. @FoxBusiness.We just crossed $18 trillion in debt. RETWEET if our mounting debt is worrying you. #NeilSpiel is now on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/Rl0eF5NQBxCould the #Ferguson protesters be the next Time Magazine Person of the Year? Details now on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTO“Forget making overtures to the right... Wake up, folks, this President's making a hard charge... To the left.” –Neil Cavuto on @FoxBusinessOur national debt has hit $18 TRILLION. On a scale of 1 to 10...how worried are you? @FoxNews #CAVUTO"Pres @BarackObama all but bragging about $500B deficits as if only spending half-a-trillion more than we're taking in in a yr isn't so bad""$18T #debt and counting. They’re spending, oblivious to the financial havoc about to be unleashed on all the world.” - #CAVUTO @FOXBusinessThere's a new push to see @MittRomney run again (http://t.co/SPI6fJYWNp) - RT if you want to see it happen @FoxNews #CAVUTO
“Right about now, the noose is around Putin’s political neck, and the necks of all his buddies who suddenly aren’t so rich.” #CAVUTORETWEET if you agree and are sick of this media bias. Turn to @FoxBusiness now for the #NeilSpiel. http://t.co/cj0mvK7tBG.@SheriffClarke says the White House is only making things worse in #Ferguson. He explains why NOW on @FoxBusiness.Is 2016 it for Mitt? Signs @MittRomney is gearing up… to take @HillaryClinton down...TONIGHT on @FoxBusiness.Who's the turkey now, retailers? via @TeamCavuto http://t.co/ltGpusfxvi
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto
The White House unloading over 3,000 new regulations... Why intrude and get in our way, just when we want to be left alone? @FoxBusiness.@veragibbons says its OK to say 'NO' to items on your kids' wish list this Christmas... tune in now to find out how! @FoxNews @cvpayneAppearing on @FoxNews with @TeamCavuto at 4:40 PM EST talking #CyberMonday scams and tricks to watch out for.
Retweeted by Neil CavutoJust getting home from #BlackFriday shopping? Join us for live coverage on @FoxNews on all the top stories with @cvpayne
Now i know why @TheRevAl is late paying his taxes: he hangs at delfriscos and wolfs down $50 steaks
Retweeted by Neil CavutoHanging at delfriscos nyc @ArthurAidala @davidwebbshow @cvpayne and in walks @TheRevAl "no justice no martini!"
Retweeted by Neil CavutoYou rail, you go to jail? How you could get locked up for something you say on #Facebook now on @FoxBusiness… #CAVUTORETWEET if you think the government is going too far. Turn to @FoxBusiness now for the #NeilSpiel. http://t.co/TFaSSaHfYI#Ferguson is still hot and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson says @TheRevAl and @RevJJackson need to stop making it hotter. RETWEET if you agree.If @Walmart unionized but kept wages the same - would we still see union-backed protests? RT for NO, REPLY for YES @FoxNews #CAVUTO
NOW on @FoxBusiness: @Dratzenberger on the White House’s plan to release 3,415 new regulations on businesses ahead of the holidays… #CAVUTOIt's time for Neil's Spiel... Where I give you my take on something I can't take. Turn to @FoxBusiness now. http://t.co/BCylAp9l7uThe owner of this business telling me now on @FoxBusiness she didn’t deserve this. RETWEET if you agree. #Ferguson http://t.co/gg18y6UF6h
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