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People are feeling more anxious about the economy now than right after the recession. RT if you share their fears. http://t.co/NP339xMKsVGM ignition-switch fund has received claims for over 100 deaths. How expensive will this get for @GM? Ken Feinberg responds next on #CAVUTOEnergy CEO Robert Murray joins me right now on @FoxBusiness. Tune in. #CAVUTO http://t.co/idPevJOAUrNOW on #CAVUTO: @jpmorgan and 4 unnamed U.S. banks hacked in series of coordinated cyber attacks. Is there any way to prevent these attacks?Profiting off terror? Al Qaeda & ISIS both releasing magazines with articles hinting at imminent attacks on the U.S. http://t.co/w2bdQ19fvFTONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: @RealSheriffJoe reacts to Pres. @BarackObama's imminent executive order on #immigration. http://t.co/oqIm1fJIjAHow did ISIS get its billions? Watch here: http://t.co/UBPbGg9ODgCommon Sense: That's how liberals roll, they roll us http://t.co/vqsfasZgcS #CAVUTO @FoxNews #CommonSenseWhat's the deal with @AnnDRomney challenging me to the Ice Bucket Challenge? http://t.co/pBsKTvwgYX@BarackObama: In order for Iraq's security forces to be successful, they'll need help. @foxnews@BarackObama on Ukraine: Putin & Russia have bypassed off-ramps to end this diplomatically @foxnews@BarackObama: ISIL has come to represent the very worst elements in the region that we have to deal with collectively@BarackObama: Our focus right now is to protect American personnel on the ground in Iraq
Republicans looking to win back the Senate with a video game? Is this the right way to get voters jazzed up? #CAVUTO http://t.co/sqvF59hKXuNOW on @FoxBusiness: Apple is reportedly planning to release a bigger iPad with a 12.9 inch screen. Would you buy it?'Dear Kate' launches ad featuring female tech executives in their underwear. What do you think of this? #CAVUTO http://t.co/q3ZGuPGz0E.@JerryBrownGov tells immigrants they're welcome in his state regardless of their citizenship. RT if you disagree with him.NOW on #CAVUTO: ISIS heavily tweeting threats of what it will do to hostage journalist Steven Sotloff. Can Twitter do anything to stop this?Nearly 2/3 of Americans in new Reuters poll say gov't SHOULD NOT pay ransom to terrorists for hostages. RT if you agree with them. #CAVUTORETWEET if you're not surprised that people with money are leaving the U.S. to avoid high taxes. #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness http://t.co/AuQa0sFiRGDoes ISIS have the capability of planning a major attack on the U.S.? http://t.co/iEEhywuFFG
Be careful what you're tweeting...The federal government could be monitoring your social media activity. I'll explain NEXT on @FoxBusiness..@marcorubio says he's alarmed by possibility of White House executive order on immigration. Details on #CAVUTO now. http://t.co/DpYR8hcwnXNOW on @FoxBusiness: Fmr. Whitewater independent counsel Robert Ray calls these @GovernorPerry felony charges bogus. RETWEET if you agree.Hear the Fmr White House Cyber Czar tell me how terrorists have set their sights on hacking our banks. RT if you take this threat seriously.NOW on #CAVUTO: @CVPayne on why he says the African American community is losing faith in President ObamaRPT: ISIS has $2B in assets. The 9/11 operation cost only $500K. Fmr. 9/11 Commission Chair Tom Kean and I discuss these #'s now on #CAVUTO.RETWEET if you see a double standard here. We discuss NOW on #CAVUTO. Put on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/OzTO8drCGmTONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: Fmr. 9/11 Commission Chair Tom Kean on ISIS and the serious threat they pose to the U.S. http://t.co/dadWEuFGzIIs @WarrenBuffett breaking his own tax stance in this Burger King-Tim Hortons deal? http://t.co/GFaYk49s3n @FoxBusinessDid you miss me? I'm back. Don't miss an all new #CAVUTO tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET!Minutes away from Neil's response to @AnnDRomney 's #ALSIceBucketChallenge #CAVUTO @foxnewsHey @AnnDRomney, #ALSIceBucketChallenge accepted! What should Neil do? RT for ice water, REPLY for donation #CAVUTO @foxnews
Check out my special "Cyber Wargame" tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET and 11PM ET. Let me know what you think. http://t.co/pLmFmgvyw7
These are my thoughts. What are yours? Use #CAVUTO with your responses. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/B3TdBnVKsd
RETWEET if you think Congress should take my advice. Watch #CAVUTO on @FoxBusiness weekdays at 8PM ET. http://t.co/2ztF82Ghw2
Could filling up your gas tank be indirectly funding ISIS? We'll explain NEXT on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: Fmr. NY Gubernatorial candidate @CarlPaladino on NYC businesses closing up shop ahead of @TheRevAl's NY protests.Twitter removes images of James Foley's death, but allows terrorist groups to still tweet. Is this hypocritical? #CAVUTOShould celebs weigh in on issues like Ferguson, MO? @POBPATOBRIEN responds now on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTO http://t.co/SNbL3RlAtBArizona's superintendent is warning illegal children could bankrupt schools. RETWEET if you're worried this could happen too. @FoxBusinessShould America be preparing for a long-term offensive in Iraq? We debate NOW on @FoxBusiness. Use #CAVUTO in your answers.TONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly on the serious threat of a terror attack on U.S. soil. http://t.co/qeAAzlnnlfThis country is exceptional. I think it's unique. I think what we've created here on this planet is unique on this planet. @FoxBusinessDon't miss my one hour special, "CYBER WARGAME" tonight on @FoxBusiness at 11PM ET! Tweet at me during the special! http://t.co/klhjMeKvuoDemocrats no longer running from Obamacare. Some running on it! Bad move or smart play? #CAVUTO @foxnewsColleges receiving advisories over Ebola. Could students traveling abroad bring the disease to the US? @foxnews #CAVUTODoes the border crisis present an opportunity for terrorists? #CAVUTO @FoxNews http://t.co/xnVb3wMjwl
RETWEET if this makes you nervous. The FBI is now warning health-care firms that they are being targeted by hackers.New study shows TSA full-body scanners are failing to detect guns and explosives. The details now on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTONew Gallup poll shows 59% of Americans oppose Common Core. RETWEET if you are part of this 59%. REPLY if you are not.Russian government forcing the close of 4 @McDonald's branches in Moscow. Is Russia going after an American icon to get back at America?109M households are on welfare in this country. NEXT, we look at why this "We deserve this" mentality is spreading. http://t.co/lIb9LVBwTNNEXT on @FoxBusiness: We talk to James Foley's former employer who actually emailed with ISIS to try to get James home.TONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece Dr. @alvedaking on the crisis in Ferguson, MO. #CAVUTO http://t.co/HNoxHkRMuJWill @GovernorPerry's indictment actually boost his political future? Watch this. http://t.co/GqGecV73lrHow do we stop the uprising of insurgents in the Middle East? We've got answers TONIGHT on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET.
NOW on @FoxBusiness: Is this justified or is it censorship? Twitter says it will remove photos of deceased now at families' request. #CAVUTOThen why is the Obama Administration being sued for "not" being transparent? Watch @FoxBusiness now for the details. http://t.co/Xa4NORnghDThe Dept. of Defense says giving excess equipment to local police is the right move. What do you think? @FoxBusiness http://t.co/7oW7QnUc51A top Russian official is using Ferguson, MO protests to attack us. RETWEET if you think Russia should focus on its own problems. #CAVUTODo you think @GovernorPerry's indictment is a political witch-hunt? RETWEET if YES, REPLY if NO.Are all the people calling for more action in #Iraq focusing on the wrong country? NEXT on @FoxBusiness: Why all eyes should be on #SyriaTONIGHT on @FoxBusiness. On day 12 of protests in Ferguson, MO, some saying income inequality is to blame. Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.In case you missed last night on @FoxBusiness: Should the U.S. military expand its role in Iraq? Watch here. http://t.co/DpHNp4yNVkIs government America’s No. 1 problem right now? Here's what our viewers are saying on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/SuFYQnnskT.@FrankLuntz says its possible to be positive and still win in politics. RT if you agree - REPLY if you say "impossible" #CAVUTO @FoxNewsAnother possible Ebola case in the US. Time to ban travel to & from countries w/ confirmed cases? RT yes REPLY no #CAVUTO @FoxNewsISIS' beheading of an American journalist raising questions over US military strategy. Are more troops needed? @FoxNews #CAVUTOMexico blasting Texas as National Guard troops arrive at border #CAVUTO @foxnews http://t.co/7nTx5bGAHV
It's been 10 years since Google went public. Find out why you should be very worried about your kids privacy today. Tune in to @FoxBusiness.NOW on @FoxBusiness: Tough talk isn't enough. Chinese hackers just stole info on 4.5 million U.S. hospital patients. http://t.co/Jg7TKZbNUIDemocrats @SenatorHarkin and @rosadelauro are pushing #Obamacare rules that would require calorie counts on all restaurant menus. Thoughts?NOW on @FoxBusiness: The latest threat from #ISIS that's proof its mission is far from over. http://t.co/bVWeVxeL6LTONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: Remember how much politicians talked about helping small businesses in 2012? What happened? Why so quiet now?Don't miss #CAVUTO tonight on @FoxBusiness and make sure to tweet during the hour. We'll show your tweets on the air!Did the Obama Administration delete Obamacare-related emails? http://t.co/L1bg25xbjJ @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOMexico says the National Guard has no business being on the Texas border. What do you think? #CAVUTO @FoxNewsIs poverty playing a role in the Ferguson protests? @cvpayne weighs in next #CAVUTO @FoxNewsWhy are business leaders putting their chips behind "another" casino in New Jersey? Is this a bad business move? Use #CAVUTO in your answer.
NOW on @FoxBusiness: Three more Atlantic City casinos closing. Does this hurt @ChrisChristie's chances in 2016? Use #CAVUTO in your answer.Stocks are hitting highs despite world conflicts. RETWEET if you think this rally is going to come to an end soon. http://t.co/Pm8rCurXvuGOP says Admin official asked employee to delete an email exchange about #Obamacare. Surprised? @MarshaBlackburn has details now on #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: How much responsibility do carriers like @FedEx bear for the contents of the packages they ship? #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: @BrentBozell says we wouldn't hear as much about @GovernorPerry's indictment if he was a Democrat. RETWEET if you AGREENOW on @FoxBusiness: Kentucky Libertarian Senatorial candidate & police officer David Patterson on how to handle the crisis in Ferguson, MO."Goodfellas" actor Paul Sorvino talks about President @BarackObama and accountability. Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness! http://t.co/vUadOKPnqWTONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: Pres. @BarackObama back from vacation, but do you have any confidence things will improve? RT if NO. REPLY if YES.My intvw w/ actor Paul Sorvino. I love this man! @teamCavuto 2nite 8ET threats/fireworks @FoxBusiness #toughguy http://t.co/ZupDgF7ujj
Retweeted by Neil CavutoDoes the GOP need a fresh, new identity? http://t.co/dw4sSQkrih @FoxBusiness #CAVUTODo you think @GovernorPerry's indictment is warranted? Use #CAVUTO in your answer and we'll show some of your tweets on air on @FoxBusiness.
Was @repmichaelgrimm urged by Speaker @johnboehner to step down? http://t.co/0NCY2p38kL @FoxBusiness
With conflicts popping up everywhere, why are stocks still shooting up? The answer now on #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness http://t.co/SgZRXJRTJdRight now on @FoxBusiness find out why the health-care law could become even more unpopular than it is now. http://t.co/DiBr7FNWuoRepublicans may be looking to change their image. Can they? Should they? The details now on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/D8MooM76VMNow on @FoxBusiness: A former Central Intelligence Director on the threat nobody is talking about, and we're not prepared for.NOW on #CAVUTO: Bo Dietl on the dangers of Ferguson police releasing the name of Michael Brown's shooter.We're finally addressing a border crisis, but you'll never believe "which" border we're throwing money at. Find out, 8PM on @FoxBusinessThe reaction unlike anything #CAVUTO has ever seen… Take a look for yourself. http://t.co/hbB7MXTQXFRepublicans don’t understand Hollywood culture? "The Expendables 3" actor @RobertJohnDavi weighs in. Watch! http://t.co/mT2tHOPD3k
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