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Manufacturing payrolls rise at steepest pace since March, 2013 http://t.co/4jfN3m1QxYSchweinsteiger named Germany captain http://t.co/bdlerpcR5a http://t.co/TOgediSwst
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal.@socarolinesays only communicated in emoji for an entire week http://t.co/GwViYarRdYBreaking - Archer Daniels Midland Company today announced an agreement to sell its global chocolate business to Cargill for $440 million
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalSingapore August Pmi Slides To 49.7, Lowest Since December 2013 - Survey
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalThis really says it all http://t.co/ed8sv4HDxl
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalThe third flight in the last week or so has been diverted due to a fight over reclining seats. http://t.co/EcOmKFWGRNNew WashPost publisher, Fred Ryan, was founding CEO of Politico.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalPete Souza
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalThe @nytimes British rape story is just horrifying. Has there ever been a similar case in the modern US? http://t.co/bxzJCN8U2c
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@RickWebb That contradiction caused a chuckle here.S&P 36,000@AnAnonymouse Thanks!@peterfeld Thank you!ECONOMIST: iPhone 6 sales will be so big they'll move the needle on Chinese exports http://t.co/Ojq68ZrFoW
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalPass RT @NinjaEconomics: For $200,000, this cryonics lab will replace your blood with antifreeze http://t.co/34nRMjPSZCWhile everyone is writing about how terrible September is for equity prices, the S&P is up in 8 of last 10 Septs & 63% of Septs since '95.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@felixsalmon oh@felixsalmon TrueYou needn't have worried about Eric Cantor, folks. He's landed on his feet: http://t.co/SuTbLd5NZn
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@mekosoff Thanks!@felixsalmon Right, $800K in salary. $1.4 in signing bonus. $1.4 in bonuses next year. $3.6 million.@hdunn2 Thanks man!@notsalome THank you!A Call for a Low-Carb Diet: http://t.co/o7Db9lWxnv
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@parva_x Thanks!Decline illustrated: French GDP growth has lost 1 percentage point every decade since 1960. http://t.co/VOIpZo8iyi
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalEric Cantor is getting Microsoft Excel lessons this morning. Intro to merger accounting this afternoon.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@JamesLiamCook I figured you must be.WSJ style gurus declare the end of the euro zone. It is now the eurozone, one word. Not sure how I feel about this. http://t.co/0dD20hpjy6
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@susanmcp1 Thank you!Wow. @maxabelson on BloombergTV right now, talking about his big interview with Angelo Mozilo --> http://t.co/EkvAH00jJgHere are the details of Eric Cantor's big $3.4 million pay package at a Wall Street investment bank. http://t.co/tOy8mjmcxB@sidhubaba Was it you?Really glad that BI's London team is coming into place, so we can have wall-to-wall coverage of the Clacton by-election.OH: "I'm a vol and vix truther"Eric Cantor is getting a $1.4 million signing bonus at Moelis http://t.co/np5qr4SMfZ (via @fgoria)@jbarro Is that a known phenomenon that people have written about?Here's the Goldman Sachs forecast for just about everything. http://t.co/cPdVpr4sw6 http://t.co/DeNcl3QUQv@LorcanRK @jyarow Ha! That'd be okay too.If you haven't yet, read @timduy on the Fed's exit strategy. Great stuff. http://t.co/sE2wKsuRj5@jyarow I'm glad someone really knows me.And here's what you can get @TheStalwart for his birthday if you haven't gotten him anything: https://t.co/Lk8difP6vb
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@jyarow Thanks pal! Totally agree.@IvanTheK Thanks man!Piper ups Apple target to $120, ahead of #iphone6. (h/t @sallyshin) http://t.co/1KyjZSopX2
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalSouthern California’s first Dunkin’ Donuts opens tomorrow morning in Santa Monica and people are camping out http://t.co/HimTyZNdCu
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalIndia's rather dismal manufacturing sector, from Deutsche http://t.co/K1PvJrIaqs
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthallooks like the boring summer trading is over. Thank God.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalBut, geopolitics… RT @BrendaKelly_IG: #Gold $1270 lowest since June 18HUUUUGE call of the day. Morgan Stanley says the S&P could go to 3,000 before this rally is over. http://t.co/tha37n1fCSSouth Korea - a good bellwether of global trade health - is seeing very sluggish export growth. http://t.co/mqKEpwMxJZ
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@grisuy Thank you!Eric Cantor has landed a job. http://t.co/LqzVtuklJy@lisafleisher Already RTd! Great chartMajor casinos closing in Atlantic City, NJ. Devastating news for city, where casino property taxes=65% of budget. http://t.co/H7whjJKqem
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalWow, from Capital NY. Carnage in Atlantic City. http://t.co/lMwN6sdKuJ@TonyFratto Thanks pal!@seanagnew Thanks!@finansakrobat Thanks man!@MatinaStevis thank you!$2.4B Revel casino to shut down early Tuesday http://t.co/ezkgxoP6qc http://t.co/Qv1eNzSKlG
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalWhat'd I miss?
@morningmoneyben @DKThomp whoa@DKThomp thanks! Nailed the timing.@CardiffGarcia @leighblue thanks to both of you!@BossLNS really appreciate the specificity.@cmwalla thank you!@katherinemiller huge blown opp@katherinemiller I spent 3 of them reading your McDonnell piece. Great post!@rblotnicky thanks!@fromedome I should've planned that! Next year.I turn 34 in 33 minutes.@adamcarstens Spring maybe?@edzitron better.Read this. RT @TimDuy: Fed Positioning to Normalize Policy http://t.co/CxD99fO2NhCrazy traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge coming into Manhattan. Everyone pushed their summers to the very last hour.In the age of Sriracha/Tapatio/Cholula, there is no excuse to keep the pathetic excuse of a hot sauce called Tabasco.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@rafat AmenStarting new role at @businessinsider tomorrow - on the politics/policy beat. Can't wait to get stuck in!
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal
Night. http://t.co/00p5EhzAxm@adamcarstens getting there.Entire party gramming an LA sunset. http://t.co/G9fALhJ8wlHSBC China manufacturing PMI 50.2 (50.3 expected) http://t.co/Ab1v40tMf4
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalBREAKING: China's HSBC final PMI for August falls to a new 3-month low of 50.2, falling further from July's 50.3.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalChina official August manufacturing PMI comes in at 51.1 (51.2 expected) http://t.co/ZoW88Em25L
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@StrategicA3 Nice. Hadn't seen that.China PMI tonight. Follow @M_udland, who will have the play-by-play.10 Things You Need To Know As Asian Markets Open http://t.co/XMe0vfesa6
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalSanta Monica http://t.co/WC5HR65lHt@TriDocB the best!@rafat thanks!@rafat I'm in Santa Monica for next couple hours. Any suggestions?View from Griffith Park http://t.co/w3kJ96iAgy
Koreatown. (@ Pot at the Line Hotel in Los Angeles, CA) https://t.co/wNKAQeLfdoSunset Boulevard http://t.co/ODwXBRfjVIHollywood Hills http://t.co/kEBldJ9Ymf
@passantino nm, I see@passantino what's this in reference to?@KStreetHipster it's crazy out here.
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