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never give up on something you cant go a day without thinking about #S.O.G.

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Photoset: thesoil: Holy shit http://t.co/KgFYUa8NioPraying like no other
@fosterfitted @kareeeyy foster just said he rather keep stat you know he means business cause he can't stand stat@fosterfitted but he wanna be a New York knickobocker you know lala love New York
Foster happy as hell right now
35 days strong@Quashingt0n you ain't see him stare at emThe bobcats sticking in there... Y'all think the Knicks would of been doing this?@fosterfitted @Quashingt0n you own a Gucci belt smh I feel you quash
@fosterfitted he aight@fosterfitted you ain't see krover swat hibbert doe@fosterfitted don't do that@fosterfitted @dsats05 and iggy fouled outπŸ˜’@fosterfitted oo yea that's right I hope appletv will get the nflnetwork or channel I'm still looking up jail breaking it@fosterfitted you have the hockey station 😳This couldn't have been a better match up yoHome cookingjordan is going off right now gotta be stronger than that in the holeGive iggy the ball let him shine@kareeeyy @fosterfitted and he raps@kareeeyy @fosterfitted I mean there is aluminum foil he can wear@fosterfitted @kareeeyy I might know someone like that I mean the dude got swag foster he might only have one baby mom doe@fosterfitted @kareeeyy do you want a white black or Asian guy@fosterfitted @kareeeyy Yeah they got men on there or put a ad out on craigslist and what you want@kareeeyy @fosterfitted and I know people who don't have father but the mom has did their part don't take a man to raise a real one@kareeeyy that's crazy
@Quashingt0n taking a shit
β€œ@TMZ: ICYMI: Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper, Andre Johnson -- You Can Kiss Your Penis Goodbye ... for Good http://t.co/y0BLQSm1G9” 😳 dumb nigga
Twinsies! http://t.co/WvyGlWCx7Z
Retweeted by woods
Much needed break right now
Photoset: weedblogandcoolshit: Key and Peele: let me hit that http://t.co/np29KdopwH
Wednesday last game Melo plays in a Knicks uniform.. Im happy about that
Retweeted by woods@fosterfitted damnWhatever happened to @Huntermoore@JordanJVA A A RonJust got finished playing football against my former DB coach
Kim K http://t.co/WgR4UMMJLn
Retweeted by woods@Quashingt0n the concert was tonight?
@alissamichelle8 I think it's that way with all women
β€œ@yeenom: REMOVE YA AVI https://t.co/Qgb02C6Pvi @nastynelz32” OH LORD!
Retweeted by woodsPhoto: frompariswithloveeeeee: tommyrealnigga: senorhoudini: " run girl, run! " Lmao // http://t.co/4z3twHpGetIF YOU'RE COOL WITH GETTING A KINDA AWKWARD ASK RIGHT THIS SECOND AND PLAN ON ANSWERING IT IN ALL HONESTY... http://t.co/sknGpZSNOY
πŸ˜³πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ shit got me messing up calls at work looking at these tweetsRIP #UltimateWarriorβ€œ@HotNewHipHop: .@Logic301 Announces #WhileYouWait Tour Dates With Castro & @yesiamQuESt http://t.co/t1JI4VToKm RT!” @cdotcastro
Notre dame got dubbed@Jus4Tifah haha and I'm one of those people you like ha@Jus4Tifah only truth that I said is that you might be crazy and you had a convo hearing something different from what I saidUconn is dominating and is about have women's and men's NCAA championships@Jus4Tifah you are crazy yo haha I said none of those things none 😁@Quashingt0n just know he will get more questions like that better start studying Webster@Quashingt0n haha you didn't see the dude try to pick his nose and smirk like he knew
Photo: http://t.co/yrSIHN1xHPgrow-throughlife: It really sucks when you find out people’s true colors and they aren’t anywhere near who... http://t.co/38bH2HULGKPhoto: http://t.co/sQwQQQ32zZPhoto: iiamthetrapp: Evil kids 😳 damn baby has the devil in him http://t.co/8TvcfnjgXZ"We all love someone way too fucking much." - (via bl-ossomed) http://t.co/DbDaH3O8mD
Batista first wrestler to rock Js in the ring boxing shoesHmm now since the undertaker lost will they still let Batista winWeak http://t.co/RrHYDTXzcESo much for the sting taker battleWell he said the streak is not bigger than the businessUndertaker 21-1They are looking at hi like omg wow they look like they will riotICYMI: Matt Kemp has 2 HR on the night vs Giants. Here is his 2nd off Matt Cain. Β» http://t.co/5hHpKuPHiA
Retweeted by woods#streakvsbeastUndertaker needs to retire but he said he would lose at wrestlemania when he does@fosterfitted yea bc wwe app is on point@mwalsh8195 can we see a john cents turn in the future@alissamichelle8 I get that all the time when I tell them I'm 27Whose entrance is this has to be @WWEBrayWyattLouisiana is my Home Nobody takes from me in my Home Sharpen your sticks Or................ #RUN
Retweeted by woods@WWEBrayWyatt I hope you win this#followthebuzzardsMaybe the Spanish table will be safe now that they have a French table@WWECesaro is a future championCesaro is a beastYesPlease do the swingDolph will be the new Shawn MichaelsShow off dolphSwing them allTold u logo has to do somethingCan he spin big showCeasro is a beastKofi Kingston still has to do something greatLet's go @CodyRhodesWWEFandango big wrestle mania moments@fosterfitted one that is Goldust and it's still the same Kane foolThis is horribleI really wish sting would come out and win but we will wait another year I guessRon Simmons aka faroooqReigns is related to the rock and the usos he is meant for greatnessSucks they will break up the shield but they will you have the unorthodox one Rollins the power house reigns and the crazy one AmbroseMy third favorite tag team#YesMovement #yes #yes #yes #yes@fosterfitted Brock lesnarThe one thing I can't stand though is foster with all these damn questions@WWEUsos great match way to kick it offI'm just waiting for this vena Wyatt match battle royal and championship match undertaker eh he won't lose until he is ready
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