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I'm so EXCITED to present to you my first solo single available right now on iTunes: https://t.co/KUi1IhAnxt

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#Xscape is getting an #UnSung. This group needs it! They should reunite. 4 talented singers. @Kandi @TinyMajorMama @tvonetv
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisMyMajorBaby.. Check him out on the cover of @nvisionedmag his daddy taught him this😜#MajorMakingMajorMoves #Twinning http://t.co/0afhEWUvp0
Check out my Lil Brother @myguymars he's a super producer & artist.… http://t.co/q4utGKf9e0ATLANTA!! @tinystequila Presents.. Tiny's Ladies Night Out "The Ultimate Slumber Party' March 13-15,… http://t.co/8q0vUvXgCF
Everybody be asking me who do I wanna meet da most between @TinyMajorMama and @Tip I wanna meet them BOTH duh but when I meet tameka ima cry
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@Star_OMG Zonnique Can U Please Look at My IG letter please @TinyMajorMama @TheRealOMGGirlz http://t.co/zToJZJdK9Y
Retweeted by Tameka Harris#rp @prophethector Morning got kids off to school back to bed for me!! Have a Blessed Day👑🙌 http://t.co/G8TY3zZjTu
🙌🙌🙌 http://t.co/Hnn7eNKc0u😚😚🙌RT @__songstress: @TinyMajorMama Just got hit to your single! I love it!! Record more boo!Good Sunday fam...Hope u all have a Blessed one!!🙏👑UeahRT @tupacselenas: @TinyMajorMama does he have grills on❤️u 😘RT @MsApril16th: @TinyMajorMama @sheikhofchic lmao I love u tameka we just alike #nochill😘😘😘😘😘Caught my twin @king_harris_8 slipping last night! He was so tired he fell asleep with fang grill in his mouth!👑😹❤️ http://t.co/vHjhj7f6lc@sheikhofchic I never said u were gay...but u are hollering DOG!!!@sheikhofchic night?! Yo big ass need 2be running around yo apartment complex! U ain't got time 2sleep.That lazy shit obviously got u here@sheikhofchic look better than yo out of shape bitch ass! Don't be mad at me cause im a girl & U not! I didnt do it😂Wanna be a hoe so bad😜Fa sho lets do that when we get bckRT @domgotbeats: @TinyMajorMama thanks!!!! We need to get back in.@sheikhofchic u & your comment dumb as fuck! Get yo life hoe! I can where u can't know that!!!!@TinyMajorMama Everytime I Hear WTFYGD I Get MY Life!!!! I LIVE Tiny Keep Up The Good WERK. U Helped Me Though My Relationship :) #THANKS
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisHave you heard??? @tinymajormama and troubleman31 youngest son Major Harris has graced our latest… http://t.co/5NhJuqMnny
Retweeted by Tameka Harris🙌RT @He_Loves_Lucy: What The F*ck You Gone Do by @TinyMajorMama still goes hard@domgotbeats Congrats on that Grammy nomination! Good seeing u!😚RT @sessleyrena: I just saw @TinyMajorMama in target. She is super tiny and cute. Awwh she look like a little Bratz doll 😊
Errrbody go hard in this house😜 even my bitch Maddy with her boyfriend Teddy. #MadisonANastyGirlhttp://t.co/Db5MG8uN7d
@Star_OMG @TinyMajorMama look who we seen today ! http://t.co/jHR3DEOKwW
Retweeted by Tameka Harris🙌RT @00BUNNYhil: @TinyMajorMama Tiny I made your baked spaghetti tonight with the cream of mushroom. It was soooo good best I ever had😚RT @AutumnMaybee: @TinyMajorMama new hair is seriously drop dead gorgeous 😍 looking good boo! I'm loving the purple 😘@TinyMajorMama and @Tip 's son #MajorHarris covers #NVisioned magazine http://t.co/KbiyJc2iJ8 http://t.co/69YjiJkxm7
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
Went to see a premier of my new friend #DeonTaylor he director the movie I had a small role in… http://t.co/9ZGJ49g8RV
Words can't express how much I love this mirror portrait of me & my favorite guy 4life. My awesome… http://t.co/iMhjhAJ8FDU guys should check my girl out @MsConceited with the lashes! She got my lashes right!! 👑 http://t.co/qcclnG5JXw
I wasn't finish!! We Gone On..over here in the Harris house! Most of my babies got several talents… http://t.co/EOy4dUeu4cTalent keeps going & going with these kids! Our Babygirl princess_of_da_south can play the piano by… http://t.co/PGdgYjFwxh☺️💙RT @ldc1963: @TinyMajorMama @curlyreigns @Star_OMG we all love you Tiny screw the haters...I didn't RT @curlyreigns: @TinyMajorMama @Star_OMG PLEASE DONT I WATCH TI AND TINY EVERY NIGHTLolRT @curlyreigns: @TinyMajorMama @Star_OMG Im not a garden tool ):What's it to u? U sound like u mad hoe!RT @curlyreigns: @TinyMajorMama @Star_OMG her eyes fake asfS/O to Tameka "Tiny" Harris aka @tinymajormama for the bottle! She must have known I was on a tequila… http://t.co/7ZFWN5AqO6
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
Filter for what tho🙌 Mama's beauty queen @star_omg Cold As Ice💫 #MissingMyNiq #MyBigBabyInTheBigCityhttp://t.co/bIhlcOVp3p👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 http://t.co/IAwpJ1hZW8
@BoxTopChevy @claudiajordan I saved that hoe frm her face falling off! Passed around slut! Sound like she Mad I got a man & she can't keep 1🙌RT @kocaruqohuc: @TinyMajorMama in the mix with @jodecimusic #WTFYGD #PumpItBack #DJShoeshine #ShoeshineRadio
Tiny's Tequila yesssss!! My messiecee in town showing love to his ppl @thatshekinah & I.. Representing… http://t.co/3yvqoltkC1That's how we doing it over here!! preciousharris1913 got my MajorBaby on it! My lil guy can read so… http://t.co/icVm54azTt
RT @TwistedRoman: @TinyMajorMama fucking slayed this song !!! http://t.co/hZY5DMx7Cd
Make sure yall try #TinysTequila by @tinymajormama ✨✨✨ @tinystequila #glitzbydiamond http://t.co/J9hEgLVmv0
Retweeted by Tameka Harris🙌RT @ybasocial: @TinyMajorMama will be our feature guest. We will re-tweet all of her tweets and tell why she's an #asset to the community.
Look at my friend @thatshekinah gracing her first cover with many to follow. Looking like a Black… http://t.co/2qytjxTCsHYas my girl work is so different & elegant & made for Queen or a King!! Check her out if u want… http://t.co/xFUPWuXxMo
@TinyMajorMama @cantubeauty yeah that's some good stuff. Had samples and put it in my baby's hair and it is sooooo soft :)
Retweeted by Tameka Harris🙌😻RT @BounceoutRadio: #nowplaying @Kandi & @TinyMajorMama - Lock Down on Bounceout Radio with TuneIn. #RealRadio http://t.co/rhzoTiFMOX🙌🙌RT @Court_period: Before heading back to Cola.....I will have @TinyMajorMama Tiny's Tequila!!!!@actresskaycee I know who he is just knew they wasn't referring to him tho! Lol😚 I'm sure your mom is too but thx😘RT @miss_lovely1024: @TinyMajorMama i love you ur the best i would u to be my mom #awsomemomLadies you have to try my new fave leave in conditioner @cantubeauty leaves my hair soft w/all my different looks http://t.co/t8twTEnSoa #sp
🙌🙌😘RT @Caramel_Chynaa: @TinyMajorMama x What The Fuck You Gone Do 🎧🎤🎵 #BestSongEver@kandi cokoclemons @tinymajormama tajgeorge just kickin it...The incomparable Phyllis....Hit the link… http://t.co/2pQ0Pemaiw
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisLol ok cool😹RT @eddie_dude: @TinyMajorMama it was a joke mama. i'm sorry. ❤️#NP WDFYGD @TinyMajorMama on the #ChopNotSlopShow W/ legendary DJ @OGRONC & the @Chopstars #BestChopsOf2K14 #CampusLoveHour mix
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisWho is Roger BobRT @eddie_dude: y'all let Zonnique date Roger Bob? @TIP @TinyMajorMama
😘😘😻😚RT @Asia_LaDawn: @TinyMajorMama baby if you didn't slay with that hair color 😩🙌 why are you so perfect ?! 💋😚😻😻😘RT @heynessagirl: I just want @TinyMajorMama to know I love her! She's my best friend in my head 😘😘😁😁😚🙌🙌😘RT @Starsalterego: @TinyMajorMama 😍🙌 hair on Fleek like eyes! Your eyes are sexy😚☺️😻RT @SandraRose: @TinyMajorMama @slimofplushblue My readers LOVE your real hair!@TinyMajorMama taught these girls well 😍😍 all they know how to do is slay 💁💕💜💙 http://t.co/vU94Y6QSX0
Retweeted by Tameka Harris☺️😚RT @LaDyQuaVaB: @TinyMajorMama I love your hair 😈💜🙌😻RT @treanalashay: I don't usually drink but I will be ordering some of @TinyMajorMama tequila for my bday.#TruthBeTold: #FF #RT #IndieMusic #classic #DownSouth #RandB @TinyMajorMama -WTFYGD?- #Explicit : http://t.co/72y2btbstG #DHR's #1
Retweeted by Tameka Harris😻😻RT @SandraRose: PICS: Blue Eyed Diva @TinyMajorMama held it down in the VIP at @slimofplushblue's NYE party! http://t.co/n7tFa8rfrP@MadisonJaye_ it's important in life to give a kind word or a smile, you and my girl @TinyMajorMama have done that for me #makingmydaybetter
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisToasting to the new year with this delicious mix drink!!! @tinymajormama @tinystequila #love it!!!… http://t.co/zYRiJbDjkb
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisOl Skool - Am I Dreaming ft. Xscape, Keith Sweat: http://t.co/Ux8mjn2Jrv I wonder if @TinyMajorMama remember this
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
Me and my Angel... Best daddy I coulda ever asked for!! My twin.. My guy 4 life!! Charles"Speedy"Pope… http://t.co/XzltxQ01sz
So lastnight my hunny troubleman31 surprised me & took me on the Ga. Ferries wheel...I've been wanting… http://t.co/mx4dlUtghGU have to order on line http://t.co/eXoP0BGQ3Z coming soon tho RT @callmeMIMIbaby: @TinyMajorMama Montgomery, AlNot yet but u can order on line RT @SWAGGSOS3XII: @TinyMajorMama Can I purchase @TinysTequila in Las Vegas????? Please help boo😔What city u inRT @callmeMIMIbaby: @TinyMajorMama is it in stores now? I need a bottle ASAP!@callmeMIMIbaby Fa sho let me know what u think when u get it ..@callmeMIMIbaby what u mean? It's the 1st flavored tequila! We took out impurities so u don't get hangovers! Need more reason@TinyMajorMama whatever you doing, you must be doing the right thing, I can't see what your doing wrong, ppl always gon look for your flaws
Retweeted by Tameka Harris😚😻RT @TAKENOTES813: @TinyMajorMama Is beautiful frfr.@TinyMajorMama Launches Tiny's Ladies Night Out Tequila Slumber Party in the DMV [VIDEO] http://t.co/cfA5zuitig http://t.co/ZDdBGrcHrV
Retweeted by Tameka Harris😻😘RT @TheRealAnais: @TinyMajorMama I love the sweet women and mother that you are God bless you and you're family 💋
U tooRT @mossdorthy12: @TinyMajorMama have a blessed New Year !Why wouldn't we be??RT @AaronRWilliams2: @TinyMajorMama what is with u and @Tip ...are ya'll ok???😚☺️😻RT @forty1112: Love you @TinyMajorMama stay you you are a true woman and the first woman hands downAt my neighborhood gas station and run into @tinymajormama homie said "we can take the pic but I'm… http://t.co/75KUszbJd6
Retweeted by Tameka Harris🙌😘RT @jademore570: @TinyMajorMama @ThatShekinah you broke my cable box I can't stop rewinding rewinding and rewinding love yall omg 😘🙌RT @OhhhhhBanks: @TinyMajorMama and @ThatShekinah be tripping me out!!! I swear I can watch them over and over!Yas🙌RT @SGirlTellEm: Bitch You're Stupid & Youu @ericafergy Have NOTHING On @TinyMajorMama & Im Just Speaking MY Mind, Now Run & Tell That.Thx😘RT @coletanisha11: @TinyMajorMama I love watching your show those two lil guys are adorable...!!!😍😍
@pepeparis baby it was so many different ppl who had the same name so we had to pick oneEnded my lastnight with my boys troubleman31 MajorBaby & @tinymajormama at Major's first Cover shoot… http://t.co/m1Ydl3S1GIWanna thank everyone who came out yesterday to get their Tiny's Tequila & everyone that helped in… http://t.co/TZMt0xrduh@Chantelle1211 @Tip @FloydMayweather why ask dumb ??? Go find it!! U wanna know!!!I love Bey and Jay but when I refer to them as my "relationship goal" I mean their success. @Tip and @TinyMajorMama are def my fave couple.
Retweeted by Tameka Harris#flykids @tinymajormama we gotta do this again cuz we rocked it! http://t.co/dNLlIcwd8U
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
Yas @lipstik_ki representing! Headed to where I'm from College Park to Kilroy's Package store on Old… http://t.co/BvjLxIhuek
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