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I'm so EXCITED to present to you my first solo single available right now on iTunes: https://t.co/KUi1IhAnxt

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Look at God @tinymajormama been wanting to ride a mechanical bull the whole time he was in LA & we get… http://t.co/xASJu5iRIWLast night on Hollywood where we belong..with my Russian Boss ass friend/business partner @stellabsherhttp://t.co/V30aHil1cHLight skin is in!!! major_harris_boss @tinymajormama my men took good care of their mommy!… http://t.co/VVbCti26rCScreaming Happy Birthday to my brother/producer @therealchez U the truth bruh! Thanks for being u!!! &… http://t.co/eeR7IFcWQ4
Ryder👑✔️ http://t.co/vblhgFrUPt
My Ryder... @star_omg Killin Shit!! #prettyhustle #Boyitsover now #wtfygd http://t.co/ANMlrZ5kXT
We back tonight guys at 9pm on @vh1 check my Family Hustle out! #familyhustle #prettyhustle http://t.co/6kOIfIwEV6My Army... @BEAUTIFUL_ROSE @tinymajormama & @star_omg #familyhustle #birthdaybehavior 👑🎁 http://t.co/qO5hDPR8IWThe King of my ❤️ was born today 10yrs ago!! My Trouble KYD is one of the best things I've done in… http://t.co/1vAstmnm2Y
Happy Birthday to my Rock my everything!! God couldn't have Blessed me with a better mother's love… http://t.co/kf8eGp3HKpBack in my city with my little youngin major_harris_boss & my Maddy! Feels good to be bck with a part… http://t.co/FWnQvvaOk8
What The Fu@k You Gon Do...wit me?! 👑😜 #tinyandshekinahjoonthego #Prettyhustlehttp://t.co/jXGyASPT9MMy girls lipsticker_ @gabygoldmine & kenya_styles performing the shit out of #wtfygd on ITunes… http://t.co/pmY3yQlETb
Lmao @kandi Xscape is back!! thatshekinah kenya_styles gabbiegoldmine lipsticker_ reunited & it… http://t.co/dUvJ1BYqSqEnjoyed myself today at the museum.. Doing shit I never thought I'd do!! Loving & living life!! 👑💀👽 http://t.co/UpXB1fCjoOPhuckusayin we kickin it wit the Aliens of New Mexico👑😜 http://t.co/fNitOrLBY3Buddy & Friend kickin sssh! 👑💯 #wtfygd #iwhb #tinyandshekinahjoonthego #wethairdontcare http://t.co/7lcVQ8m8DqMe & my buddy thatshekinah headed to work for today in New Mexico!! #wtfygd #Tinyandshekinahjoonthegohttp://t.co/Ynpx2UzVxzExcuse us this morning we having a little fun in front of the projector scene thatshekinah got them… http://t.co/lMgRDXilLcRp @arseniohall ☺️☺️ #wtfygd 👑😻 http://t.co/363g4pIJMn#rp @arseniohall ☺️☺️#wtfygd 👑😻 http://t.co/iElu9jUjiR
My situation right now!! Living like a real Cowgirl in Texas #tinyandshekinahjoonthego #prettyhustlehttp://t.co/m7wRPywpThWe in this relaxation spa in Tx.. thatshekinah came beating on my door waking me up talking bout she… http://t.co/Y63TfKNXZL
Still shot for u guys hating! It was full of ice! I am in Texas & it's hot as a fool so heat melts ice… http://t.co/3HArWuhIYKOk sorry guys the video was to long ig fooled me! Here's the dunk they put in half a bag off ice! It… http://t.co/LuCiCBLrN4Yes so thatshekinah called me out do the alsicebucketchallenge & well it ain't nothing to a G!! Now I… http://t.co/TorlVx0M7XGotta S/O my son The King of my♥️ @tinymajormama he made a song for me last night that just melted my… http://t.co/JWbzXGN8ZXWe outchea!!! My girlz just dropped their new single Boy It's Over! They #12 already on ITunes if u… http://t.co/p10LEzxhgE
Missing my babies! Saw this & thought about my 1st💙💙💙 @star_omg see u guys soon👑💋💘 #OMGBoyItsOverhttp://t.co/jrDFPhcIdg
Yas my babies trending worldwide in two places!! Yesssss @Beauty_OMG @babydoll_omg @star_omghttp://t.co/p0RNhZQe6G
Having a time wit messiecee & thatshekinah In the N.O before we leave town!! They don't get tired!!!… http://t.co/S5gSn80ct4
In the NO on the radio q93 with my girl @uptownangela http://t.co/Rlz3Tkb2phIn the NO at @q93tv with my girl @uptownangela http://t.co/V3b9m0AUnX
Check out the Sophisticated Hair magazine with me on the cover...out now!! Thx👑💙 http://t.co/VQeGFOQxLwWhy our ride so crunk tho in the N.O kenya_styles lipsticker_ messiecee yeeesss & this his… http://t.co/gs58YbtvtJ
Damn I forgot to say Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby Honor.. Hope u had the best birthday ever!!! I love… http://t.co/Y7whqAx6P8Twitter fam go check me out with @usweekly at the following: http://t.co/tI7yb6oB2K http://t.co/X3jMF0XSh5
“@darealtrizzytre: Shout out to 95.5 in Rocky Mount NC for playing my friend/buddy @TinyMajorMama new song #WTFYGD #Salute”♥️💙@dailybigmouth @denisevasi @MizzHogan @RealCharityShea @REALStaceyDash @TheRealLRaye @TionnaSmalls @poprah @byata @TinyMajorMama thk U xo
Retweeted by Tameka Harris#rp Yessssss @aggy___ 👑😹🙌✔️#WTFYGD #prettyhustle http://t.co/LtJmvhLNyzMy team B.A.D @Beauty_OMG @star_omg @babydoll_omg #prettyhustle #Wtfygd #BoyItsOver #omgonerrrthang http://t.co/uSYawREdcOTake Dat!!!👑💰💋 http://t.co/OHgqVTqIPpYesssss! Can't wait to see messiecee in the N.O yessss! #prettyhustle #theweavetripcomingsoon 👑😻 http://t.co/Q2vF2N7gtMHad the pleasure of meeting this guy!! The Man..I mean The Mayor of the City @tonyyarber Jackson… http://t.co/dvAb9FkgqZWent to support the Back2School giveaway with 99jamswjmi I had to take a celfie with all the beautiful… http://t.co/8fDYahx21JI have the best sis, @tinymajormama thank you for always being there, I'm always proud of you! You… http://t.co/MACROLKIhy
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It's just me & my Bit€h thatshekinah 👑💰 #PrettyHustle #WTFYGD #TinyandShekinahJoOnTheGo #51minds #IWHBhttp://t.co/9ob9QTowHI
FRIDAY: @TinyMajorMama dishes about the new season of her @VH1 reality show and the status of her marriage to @Tip. http://t.co/dnWOnZoFRC
Retweeted by Tameka Harristune In to @hollyhoodbaybay at 4:20 @tinymajormama gone announce the TOP 2 #BayBaysBabe for… http://t.co/YV4lnWeo4M
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Tune in right now to #PartnersFX for a great show with @realmartymar @KelseyGrammer on #FX. Supporting my girl Stella http://t.co/l3eWnwwWNzSupporting my boo thang thatshekinah at the B&B show she got new hair products that u should order now… http://t.co/2cXHKnALTx
My Baby is all grown up on me now!! @Beauty_OMG auntie loves u so much!! I have been in your life… http://t.co/7TbZNycO0J
Make sure u show love & support my boo thatshekinah with her new hair products Shekinah Jo's shampoo &… http://t.co/FFO9lUCZaHMake sure u show love & support my boo thatshekinah with her new hair products Shampoo &… http://t.co/gLGRBr3uEw
“@ToyaWright: Jammin to my sis @TinyMajorMama new sing... This song really reminds me of the old school r&b. She did that! #WTFYGD”thx sisCheck out auntie's baby today @reginae_carter1 I'm sooooo proud of her!!! Don't miss my Nae!!😘♥️👑 http://t.co/oh3xifsAie
It's 6 o'clock so you know we ready to TURN UP! RT if you tuning in w/ us to see @TinyMajorMama + Chadwick Boseman!!!!!!!!!! #106andPark
Retweeted by Tameka Harris“@ThatShekinah: @TamiRoman @TinyMajorMama yes we can't wait to see ya” yes we gonna have a great time😘@TinyMajorMama @alexwilsonjr http://t.co/qLAFula0me Please look at this inspiring video #MYTwin was murdered cause she wouldnt rollupwindo
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisWe got @TinyMajorMama going 1 on 1 in the HOT seat on 106 today! Shes answering everything! TUNE IN!!!! #106Andpark
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@tinymajormama is #on106 TONIGHT dropping off her new video for "WHAT YOU GONE DO?" & @keshiachante is… http://t.co/elLps2lsYu
Retweeted by Tameka Harris“@Romiti_Gang_: I LOVE THIS SONG @TinyMajorMama Is the best Man i swear 😘♥️ http://t.co/EuurAWqM2r”♥️4yrs ago troubleman31 made me The Mrs.Harris this was the best day ever!! My own Fairy Tell… http://t.co/4vyno0UZxxWe got @TinyMajorMama on #106Andpark today! Plus she going in the 🔥 seat! DONT MISS THIS 1! Tune in at 6pm est.
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisTonight @alexwilsonjr I need everyone to tune in my buddy/friend @tinymajormama @tinymajormama will be… http://t.co/VbYaoOOAsH
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Order your shirts #WTFYGD at http://t.co/q1W8R3MQtO thx for the love & support!! 👑♥️blyelharris… http://t.co/nWDzh5FERv#WTFYGD BET @106andpark 👑🍑✔️ http://t.co/Z12sTwQzZTGetting to it...in the big city!! New single on iTunes What The Fuck You Gon Do... #WTFYGD S/O to my… http://t.co/Lh6fKzFVNpY'all chk me out this Fri on @CBS with Entertainment Tonight/The Insider @ 7pm #WTFYGD New sngle avail on iTunes now http://t.co/X11fI3vG7B“@itsSeanBankhead: @VICTORIAMONET_ @TinyMajorMama 😩🙌 my girls!”😘😘♥️
Tiny (@TinyMajorMama) - ‘What The F*ck You Gon’ Do’ [Video] | Damaging The Streets http://t.co/ueFBtu6Bjg
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@TinyMajorMama Get Your Single, Video or Mixtape placed on the front page! Upload Your Music or Video Now! http://t.co/7DQshfh3jK RT
Retweeted by Tameka Harris“@fbgshawtykno: heard this @TinyMajorMama what the fuck you gon do song today im loving it #YESSSS”♥️“@Only1Jeanne: Just gone 8am 1st song I play is my lady @TinyMajorMama 🙌🙌🙌🙌😍😍”😘♥️
Yas my Nae..aunties Chocolate drop! I♥️U... @reginae_carter1 sanging that #WTFYGD 👑💘😘 http://t.co/pK94Z4uaDz@TinyMajorMama check out @IamDomani single http://t.co/cTM6cQ9NV8 #AllAboutDomani #FamilyHustleGang
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisAvailable now on ITunes!! #WTFYGD #PrettyHustle 👑 http://t.co/0CD4R7pBoF“@ksheabrooks25: I can listen to @TinyMajorMama song #wtfygd all day! I love her voice”☺️♥️Goodmorning👑🙏 http://t.co/SluwmQFBbk
«@BET Just so you're clear, @TinyMajorMama's new song "WTFYGD" isn't a publicity stunt. It's straight ... http://t.co/9iZ1ivST7P
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisPlease watch..this is a must see. Thanks in advance!!!!! Meet Sprite POUR Atlanta Reporter @QTJazz http://t.co/HURXd8cTQA via @sharethis
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My ssssh tho!!! Yas!!!👑💘 #prettyhustle http://t.co/fnfnEn2w15My buddy @rickeysmiley kept his word & cooked me one of my favorite meals Chicken & dumplings (yeap in… http://t.co/CPLU2QvgzHIf u don't have it yet..u should!! Download my new single on ITunes What The Fuk You Gon Do😜#wtfygd &… http://t.co/arnG8IbYYUMy boys so bright tho😁 @iamdomani & @tinymajormama ♥️💚 http://t.co/ouerlkuqUxShe switched it up! My baby think she grown now..damn!! She so Gorgeous to her mommy tho..no makeup… http://t.co/uIU0ruZvAJHad a great time as I always do with this guy @rickeysmiley & the whole morning show @hot1079atlhttp://t.co/EZgzMYuWuWEveryone tune into the @RickeySmiley morning show!! I'm on live talking all about my new single!! #PrettyHustle #WTFYGD
“@itsMeelah: Make sure y'all download my sis @tinymajormama new single!!! I'm loving it...Congrats sis!!! #tinyhttp://t.co/qQkCVuJcIr”😘♥️😘“@TrinaBraxton: @TinyMajorMama 🙌 #WTFYGD”thx sisThank U Thank U cause of u guys my 1st solo single #wtfygd is #1 on R&b/Soul in less than 24hr! Want… http://t.co/hA3eqIuYLeThank u Thank u guys!! You guys have made my 1st solo single What The Fuk You Gon Do #1 on R&b/soul on… http://t.co/ijJqVWyGv5«@VibeMagazine .@TinyMajorMama returns to music with a new video: "What the F@#k You Gon Do?" Watch it here http://t.co/bFQqXtD9Q4» love it!
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisWhen man says no God says yes and it's all in his timing!! I'm so happy for my Sister @tinymajormama!!… http://t.co/fC4f3WU66Q
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@Sunshine thank u girl...hope your doing great!! Checking u out thru ig😁“@Sunshine: HYFR‼️ #WTFYGD by @tinymajormama "Everyone's been asking me to do music again.....well be careful what… http://t.co/I4eowRbxaoI woke up like this!!!👑🙏 thx to u guys😘♥️✔️ http://t.co/3SquEssVGf“@SongwriterTC: “@TinyMajorMama: @SongwriterTC thx TC hope I get to u soon!!” No prob!!! I'm here😘” fasho thx@SongwriterTC thx TC hope I get to u soon!!@reginae_carter1 thank u my Gorgeous baby!! I love u more😘💘
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