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Tristan Kromer @TriKro San Francisco, CA, USA

#leanstartup, #custdev, #RoR, banjo, questions, tao, #bmgen, irony, #UX, unstealthy, T-shaped * generalist. No ninjas or rockstars please. I run @leancircle.

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"A real #entrepreneur is somebody who has no safety net underneath them." - Henry KravisWhat Qualities Make a Good Startup Engineer? by @edmundlau http://t.co/DTBpEQt3rfDropbox's Head of Design on the Dawn of Personalized Products http://t.co/s7oJC2pOdh@marcoziero I wound up switching to gmail to use rapportive so it because irrelevant.
@vjEntroids Thanks for the tweet VJ@ckgollap Thanks for sharing ChandraLean #Startup in the #Enterprise Anti-Pattern: The Lean Waterfall by @TriKro http://t.co/0aXtwMGtDB
Retweeted by Tristan KromerGreat presentation on origins of #lean -> Lean Simplified by Mark Warren on Prezi http://t.co/Ik4xVpAtn4"Success depends on how many experiments you can fit into 24 hours" - Thomas Edison@maxogles :)Meh, but a couple good ones -> The Ultimate List of IFTTT Recipes for Marketers by SEER Interactive http://t.co/0YKcQOQuHJSales Hacking: A boot-strappers guide to turning $2000 into $2,000,000 in sales in 4 months. by @upshiftpartners http://t.co/xekuuuVmGp@killermedia Thanks for the tweet Antonio!Enterprises can become Innovation Ecosystems. http://t.co/eQF4GDu1yp via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro - http://t.co/5vOKr3ghKj
Retweeted by Tristan KromerHow Much Should Your Startup Spend to Grow? by @ttunguz http://t.co/a2cPdoh72C"Do more than is required." - Gary Ryan Blair
A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Isn't Focused On "Creating Compelling Content" by @peeplaja http://t.co/B0zECOAbsqOn recruiting -> Cold recruiting by Greg Brochman of Stripe http://t.co/miGSJSB9xxDisrupting Finance From Above: Wealthfront by Bill Gurley http://t.co/JD7W02gZ24"The art of doing #business lies more in paying than in buying." - Spanish Proverb
@marckohlbrugge at @leancirclesf it's retention, but we track NPS more accurately.@marckohlbrugge not even sure, I broke our Analytics! I gotta fix it.'How I tricked TechCrunch into writing about my startup' by @marckohlbrugge on how he started @BetaList http://t.co/tP2fOyUngE #longreadsAfter Failure, What's Next? by @bfeld http://t.co/I6cQCt2TMIThe 6 counterintuitive ways we grew BarkBox into a 100m E-commerce Business by @werdelin http://t.co/EguI4bMfwE"I get to play golf for a living. What more can you ask for - getting paid for doing what you love." - Tiger WoodsWhat #LeanStartup community leaders do you respect? Who's busy doing the work everyday to grow and nourish the community?
Retweeted by Tristan KromerThe Economics of a Kickstarter Project by @cameronmoll http://t.co/WwDwQKo85i
@TriKro @skmurphy amen to that - one of the true unsung heroes
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@ericries @skmurphy has been thanklessly maintaining the wiki and advising me for years. He deserves everyone's thanks.Spotify’s Design Lead on Why Side Projects Should Be Stupid by First Round Review http://t.co/vWt5C5kelmIdea to MVP to Revenue in Under Three Hours  by Michael Raven http://t.co/BQEfIVjQql@ericries @mohanmax @spikelab @justin_wilcox come to mindHow We’ve Reached More Than 1 Million People by Guest Blogging by Alex Turnbull http://t.co/D5waAAxwbaBruarfoss, Iceland. http://t.co/TS1Ue13rBfWhy Startups Need To Visit Their Customers by @closeio http://t.co/UE52C3Fb8a8 Ways to Use Email Alerts to Boost SEO - Whiteboard Friday - Moz http://t.co/LIFB64ZGZK@alizardx amen"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn
How I Increased our iOS App Retention by 300% by @ngrichyj4 (ps worst twitter handle ever) http://t.co/5W0oIUjILvHow To Grow A SaaS Business In A Ultra Competitive Market - interview with @__tosh http://t.co/WcqnaIWsJ9Love it -> The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture by Carlos Bueno http://t.co/sNgCOIQJZT@JohnCorcoran sure, if written interview just send it on over. At http://t.co/vN17PQcCxz will work.@lauraklein depends how sneaky you are!How a Tiny Startup Used Reddit to Build an Army of 1,400 Ambassadors (and How You Can Too) - Zapier http://t.co/YyoHICgnY3Straw Man Lean Enterprise http://t.co/qxCUV5FJda via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@RiverCityLabs Thanks for the tweets!If your #MVP can't prove you wrong, then it can't prove you right either. http://t.co/31lFJ1IF0T via @TriKro #lsmbne
Retweeted by Tristan KromerCash in hand beats bullshit on slide. http://t.co/31lFJ1IF0T via @TriKro #lsmbne
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@IsGabes yeah, good pointHow Jason Weisenthal just broke $2M in revenue selling stickers | Mixergy http://t.co/p7lCHPEESt"Let him who would be moved to convince others, be first moved to convince himself." - Thomas Carlyle #leadership
. @TriKro introduces #leanstartup hero @clevergirl at Lean Startup Circle http://t.co/z7EV1l5qjv
Retweeted by Tristan KromerGreat to see u @RichMironov @lauraklein @clevergirl @ZacHalbert @DanStiefel @javidjamae @TriKro @LeanCircleSF Thx for hosting @Hotwire #lean
Retweeted by Tristan KromerTonight @uber is a total fail.@Uber you are failing me!How selling a simple Excel spreadsheet led to a $4M dollar company - with Jesse Mecham | Mixergy http://t.co/jwBqrumhcoLast late tix for @clevergirl sold! Last 10 tickets are pricey but you sponsor the volunteer dinner http://t.co/RdA5Vymo0I cc: @ericriesThere is ONE late bird ticket left for Janice Fraser @clevergirl + UnConference tonight http://t.co/lLmCHicSgy cc @ericries5 Tips for Connecting with a Cold Email by @johncorcoran http://t.co/G3DyCJpLUr@zigbs not shabby. I need a jet lag cure though!@zigbs Thanks for sharing Tyler!Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro - http://t.co/AIUmXRXjg9
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer3 Reasons Why B2B Startups Should Charge Their Users Money Early by @closeio http://t.co/pFDaufALnCConfessions of a startup: all our numbers, insights, everything by Jonatan Littke http://t.co/3lyAcOieT9@eggwhisk Thanks for sharing Barry!Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro http://t.co/dG99FMiotQ
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@alexschiff np!Lessons learned adding messaging to a notes app (Guest Post on @andrewchen) by @alexschiff http://t.co/YBR3qwhLuZLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems followed by an interesting discussion http://t.co/ID0Qa8oPhd via @trikro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer"No sale is really complete until the product is worn out, and the customer is satisfied." - L.L. Bean
B2B Customer Discovery Problem Interview ScriptCustomer Development Labs by @customerdevlabs http://t.co/0DBUbGwBbk@NickSloggett Thanks for sharing Nick!Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro - http://t.co/oYjASgTQlL
Retweeted by Tristan KromerUnderstanding the Kano Model. The Tinder Lesson. by @toma_dan http://t.co/6QM7RCXRYTHow Big Is It Really? 2 Minutes to Find Out Why by @sgblank http://t.co/nxMU42ZcelNo, *I’ll* tell you the answer! by @ASmartBear http://t.co/iQgIttQERxValidation: Be Sure Your Startup Vision Isn’t a Hallucination. 2 Minutes to See Why by @sgblank http://t.co/etVla89Iei"Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself." - Chinese Proverb@LeanConf yeah, big improvement for us. Works great. @clevergirl @ericries @hnshah @LeanCircleSF @SaintSal
My #leanstartup hero -> Janice Fraser (@clevergirl) + UnConference on Wed! http://t.co/UPvFszJT16 cc @ericries @hnshah@SteveLatsch Thanks for sharing Steve!@shawn_douglass glad you're enjoying it Shawn!Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro. #startups http://t.co/w62rlocbbe
Retweeted by Tristan KromerHow to Choose the Right UX Metrics for Your Product by Digital Telepathy http://t.co/uqupwxdRskWhat You Need to Know About Segmentation by Gretchen Gavett http://t.co/X9XqXQDMfmHow Investors Make Better Decisions: The Investment Readiness Level by @sgblank http://t.co/oIgVBjQAOsHow do you validate your #startup idea with customers? http://t.co/Eqs3xzDUZF #business #leanstartupThe Product Thesis by @Evanish http://t.co/pOv2ELtlPT.@gregmuender & team is building the beta list for @spareaquareapp. Real time human editing at the click of a button. http://t.co/ZhSkdCVZBv6 Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day | TIME http://t.co/O8FwQ0gyZ2@ckgollap Thanks for the tweet Chandra!Lean Startup in the Enterprise Anti-Pattern: The Lean Waterfall by @TriKro | @scoopit via @ygrenzinger http://t.co/8UwStRPv8E
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@masterplanbrand Thanks for the tweet Suzanne!Build-measure-learn is a process, not a bumper sticker. http://t.co/GJ4I4vVB9D via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@yoemprendo thanks again JoseHow to Practice Shutting Up (Customer Development Practice) http://t.co/DLwCZKWKDk vía @TriKro #custdev
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer
The Importance of Understanding Your Best Users by @byosko http://t.co/eEfQbDWrmDTen Things I Learned Researching Ten of the World’s Fastest Growing Startups by Morgan Brown http://t.co/3WzC7D42Dt
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