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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Toronto Ontario Canada

Work: Impact philanthropy Mission: Support the passionate to reach their potential. My oxygen is networking, LinkedIn my lungs. Opinions are my own.

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Interesting...Canadian diplomats adept at Twitter? http://t.co/gYdxOLEuZn @globeandmail cc @TwitterCanada @kirstinestewartSurprise, Margaret Wente of @globeandmail has all too common ignorant view. Charity is for poverty only. http://t.co/W55m9yltvOHow to Create a Weekly Social Media Summary (That Impresses Your Boss): http://t.co/5xrXf26hsU http://t.co/jM53JUGyla
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Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. ~ Maya AngelouMentoring tips from Jedi Master Yoda http://t.co/B4cigwGI0O killer business read via @TheArtOfClassic HuffPo inflammatory title but good read on Millennial value in the workforce http://t.co/uYao7DVjWp cc @LeahEichler @HuffPostCanadaMaking big life decisions? This book will help http://t.co/9hkQOWYMxjI'm a little worried about sitting at the @AnnexFlea all day on Sunday - stop by to say hello! http://t.co/X1dmfXHakH #torontoCASL is here and it's still unclear! Great read for charities http://t.co/Jce5Ts4e7L! @AnnaNaud via @OBAtodayA shoutout of love to @BMVBooksAnnex in my @PocketStyleCA profile for this Sunday's @AnnexFlea http://t.co/9nUfvo9ONb cc @BloorAnnexBIAInteresting! @hootsuite 's new sharing tool! http://t.co/Uj22tUyCOLWe were tweeting earlier today @beachbizhub have you heard of @TheCoffice ?Here's the Masters of Philanthropy program @RebeccaHappy - the great folks at @MPNLCarleton @CarletonSPCGreat to chat @RebeccaHappy ! @thisLeeRose and @LeahEustace are the folks I mentioned are digital experts and Ottawa natives.Choosing the right donation database - an imporant discussion http://t.co/0kcQDJiODO @envisiontodd via @HilborninfoSept 30 @InclusiveGiving Hispanic Philanthropy conference in Toronto! http://t.co/ZqzMUa5zQI cc @afptoronto @AFPottawaRe: today's donor list story. Unsubstantiated. We're gathering intel, will know more soon.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThanks @beachbizhub ! I'm all about the integration of social/digital and business http://t.co/29QEp1AK9BInteresting article about donor aquisition online! http://t.co/yhOJuaAiRv @jonathongrapsas of @flatearthdirect via @HilborninfoI spy with my little twitter-eye some of Canada's most dynamic fundraisers! @AFPFoundationCA cc @AFPIHQ http://t.co/9jSEUZ8zHHStrategic social media influence http://t.co/tFM3IQrRK3 solid read @AnnTran_ @EntMagazine via @Hilborninfo http://t.co/4vILbZ1pv1How To: Network When You’re Bad At Networking http://t.co/BsvZ9NEWRV http://t.co/MzJePbNuyZ
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWhy video is the most impactful content http://t.co/39jQkN56Qc @socialfish via @Hilborninfo http://t.co/lJkoBMz67Z@viddy12 whoa, eery. I was just telling someone about you last night! All good things, hope you are well! Your peers miss your bright light.I woke up from a dream this morning - the fleeting sound of the midway at the CNE. @LetsGoToTheEX is coming!Fundraising job at @Interval_House http://t.co/KIbFxKAchQ working with the amazing @HiSandraDiaz ! Via @EmmaLewzey on LinkedInEverybody experiences far more than they understand. Yet experience, rather than understanding, influences behavior. ~ Marshall McLuhan
Canada Revenue could ask charities for donor lists http://t.co/tcIMQOqZXH http://t.co/6G3Tf1exrC
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@ShaneD75 most of Mr.Tarantino's stuff is a treat. Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Four Rooms (one of them at least). I'm a Mr.Wolf fan.Yeah soooo @MTCharity @charityupdate @charitytax @canadiancharity @BullHousser ? http://t.co/Jb6LFH9TG0Ummmm @ImagineCanada @AFPFoundationCA @CAGP_ACPDP @CCCCCharities ? http://t.co/JMhQO9C39vIf you are a fundraiser, sit down, clear your mouth before you read this (or you will fall down or choke) http://t.co/Jb6LFH9TG0 @CBCNews@JeffGignac 90% of the ray-beam people happen to be feminists. Not sure if that's part of it?Rob Ford is defending #FordFest robocalls?! Really?! Is there any oversight in this city at all? Who works at city hall?! #TOpoli@kjparkes was proud to be mentioned alongside @dtapscott in @globeandmail http://t.co/v1W4EiYxSY about learning from GenY, by @LeahEichlerGod's path for you is not a tightrope to be walked, but rather a park to be explored. Dr. Gary Nelson of @tyndaleucs via @IntricitiALANASomeone needs to explain why so many people in my Twitter network have ray-beams coming from their avatar's eyes. #FOMO@VassB wow. My first kid, I took two weeks and felt like a criminal. Then created a network of men who consider childcare a priority.Love it @bafficollection ! RT Classic Collection ..great for Spring/Summer & great for Fall/Winter.. http://t.co/ZYvJjzUyNM #squareswagI highly respect the prospecting, cultivation, stewardship methods of @nikki_pett ! Webinar june 28! http://t.co/sUjSdHeZiRExpressing gratitude, the @FundraiserBeth way http://t.co/WVRubXTYJM ( thanks for the shout out! )Welcome to Pinterest @canadahelps ! http://t.co/mjzLIeUQL6 good on you to bring more charity content to Canada!Cool contest from @GentlemensExpo ! http://t.co/wA4M8QxaIrHey @BettyLetItBegin loved your post on feelings of guilt! http://t.co/7epprAu58U - the GUTS blog...Aug 23 gala for @carecanada http://t.co/Ed2hkaMKdY to educate Women in Afghanistan - important work! via @ShifaTauqir of @MosaicInstituteLooking for great vintage and handmade gifts? Join us at @AnnexFlea Sunday next to Honest Ed's! http://t.co/le7BkBpukA cc @BloorAnnexBIA@ArtisanoBakery you're my go-to business lunch location on King St. - You should tell more Bay St. folks about great location!Big fan of @PenelopeBurk & @cygresearch ? Sign up here http://t.co/SaBsUX5r16 to hear when their next report comes out! #DonorCenteredThanks @AnnexFlea for the profile of @PocketStyleCA before this Sunday's market! http://t.co/9nUfvo9ONb cc @BloorAnnexBIA @BMVBooksAnnexEnter your charity's annual report to win $5,000 http://t.co/Qm6rLIWoKY @VSRAwards via @HilborninfoHeading to meet a bride to talk about #WeddingProblems ( why do I do this? http://t.co/smmpMWNPiu )@Interval_House all thanks goes to @EmmaLewzey ! She shared on Linkedin and I run 4 accounts that I'll share from....@MissusLeaver congrats on passing driver exam!!Putting together all the announcements but the big #NetwalkTO is set for August 17th morning! @erejman @The_AuctionistaWe were talking about "the spirituality of fundraising" today @IntricitiALANA here it is http://t.co/bkddyV85Us via @nouwensocietyLook who's joined Pinterest! It's @canadahelps ! http://t.co/On2s44c5nW - Pinning from coast to coast to coast :) http://t.co/ua52Beyu4i@kjparkes @lauren_dugan indeed, @dtapscott is the man! Cover article from @MacleansMag http://t.co/xYXhlANq0n with comments from him.@piyachatto I use it to boost my business energy, knowledge, inspiration. ( But also @TextsFromDog_ ) http://t.co/vv5PQIBmmJ@lauren_dugan - mine are business celebrities who teach while tweeting @dtapscott @kirstinestewart @PeterAceto to name a few.Looking to succeed on social? Entrust employees in all departments to take part in the conversation: http://t.co/alpkucKBCX
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThe 2014/15 edition of the @DonorsGuide is out! http://t.co/7u2gxDENAR cc @CharityCAN3 @ImagineCanada @CBA_News @CAGP_ACPDP @canadiancharityWant to control your time online? Try using an egg timer - works for @uinvitedu http://t.co/TFPwmwGCH2 #socialmedia
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWho makes you think and rethink your views on fundraising, hrrm? Deserve, they do, an #FFFF for Fundraising Force Follow Friday.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethCharities and estate litigation - a planned giving must read http://t.co/BBUNzhgOzT @charitytax via @HilborninfoA $650Million dollar donation for mental health http://t.co/bC3Na4zHmi @nytimes via @Preeti_Things on LinkedInInteresting infographic on the effects of stress. @raehanbobby via @LinkedIn http://t.co/Aj60Slu73BHave you heard of @nikki_pett ? She helps charities, NFP's and entrepreneurs close more deals/gifts! June 28 webinar http://t.co/sUjSdHeZiROff to see head of @tyndaleucs at #IntricitiSummer session with @IntricitiALANA at @marchecanada !Thank you @bradTTC for keeping your head in the midst of mob-justice internet hunting of your staff.I too wondered about why @Kiesza has resonated (I love her music) - @EmmaRoseTeitel of @MacleansMag has a theory http://t.co/NUrBe3TY7r@billsteinburg it's usually painful to listen to, the BBC version however is 100% political. Kind of interesting.Thanks @EmmaRoseTeitel for admitting to being 'Electric Circus' fan http://t.co/NUrBe3TY7r great article on @Kiesza http://t.co/qgVhImwfgyDear tweeps in #jobsearch mode, I know, this is how the bad "headhunters" make you feel. Network with better ones! http://t.co/Q3w0BAXuSnAll over the world there are TV and Radio shows based on what's "trending" online http://t.co/PKWU1XfTON , wow. @sparkcbc @BBCtrendingThe current generation will soon be able to measure their life in internet memes
50 NEW rules of work http://t.co/H3CoSGpEeS @_robin_sharma via @TheArtOfDemand for trained fundraisers is on the rise in Canada http://t.co/Q09IxhzAto @CBCNews cc @AFPFoundationCA @afptoronto @AFPIHQDid you miss the wicked-awesome interview with Tom Petty last week? http://t.co/9EMBqnbOT9 @jianghomeshi @CBCRadioQWhat's your bumper? Great thougth today from Seth Godin http://t.co/oq25L1j2jL ( Mine? Paul Nazareth, your purpose is my mission ).Do you know @danroam ? He's an international master of visual storytelling for business. 10 great tips http://t.co/tMQ2CirRSr via @TheArtOfRise of the Introvert http://t.co/nlsE8jHGC2 featuring @susancain of QUIET. #introvertThanks @_GoodWorks_ @RebsD ! Mt Fabulous interview with @UinvitedU in @globebusiness: I’m a Gen Y wannabe. Are you? http://t.co/v1W4EiYxSYWant insightful ideas? Digital content is great. Want knowledge, wisdom? Read more books http://t.co/SKDR1rx8xR @mitchjoel via @TheArtOf10 things to do this summer to develop your career http://t.co/AeKbsBKo4y @jtodonnell of @CAREEREALISM on @LinkedInCool #Toronto idea http://t.co/6H2OtTkRiH - nonprofit picks fruit from your tree! Check out @NFFTT !Sounds like a lot @erejman all about strategy + schedule. RT @Globe_Careers 5 twitter accounts & 4 blogs?! Wow. http://t.co/v1W4EiYxSYIt's not just about who you know - how to make your networking 'profitable' http://t.co/VWPeSv5UVr @AllisonDGraham via @TheArtOfWe become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us. ~Marshall McLuhanVery kind @jillengagerx ! MT @UinvitedU ,the consummate networker! Take your networking to the next level with http://t.co/2UrrTVN8JHVery cool stuff @PhilipJWSmithCo ! Love your #CharityTuesday sharing idea! http://t.co/WMoGl4u3xG this week, @CanadianBloodSe !Thank you @metromorning @CBCToronto for an adult, rational conversation about @WaterfrontTO http://t.co/AmJN7Rk3B2 #TOpoli #VoteTOWhy would your team follow you? http://t.co/ZWF1NTCHz9 Great new post from @PeterAceto in the Globe & Mail.
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth6 Key Priorities For The Social Business Army Of One http://t.co/9iZzb4apec http://t.co/3tCbMJMjnd
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFrom #SocialMedia to Social Business http://t.co/rLxCEGole1 #smb #smallbusiness
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@jimpagiamtzis love the review of this networking book http://t.co/BQwnysd1Dy I'm curious, I couldn't buy hardcopy in Canada?Come see @PocketStyleCA in person! We'll be at @AnnexFlea this Sunday! Join us! http://t.co/le7BkBpukA #Toronto #vintage #handmadeCatalyst in my network @nikki_pett ( @afptoronto @AFPottawa supporter ) June 28 webinar on calling donors!! http://t.co/sUjSdHeZiRCrowdfunding and Canada's Third Sector http://t.co/1bYXOCyr82 @OBAtodayWhat a fascinating discussion @metromorning with @ArmineYalnizyan about television, Netflix and the paradigm shift of TV programming!80% done book @creativegrowth but let me tell you, it moves me emotionally that you're the first networking author to really GET @LinkedIn
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