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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #TOpoli.

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@CharlesONeil1 @cbcideas @rickmercer I think time spent on the hill gives him insight into the subject matter :)It's not just that this @cbcideas is a fascinating look at Machiavelli http://t.co/oPaL576hkp but @rickmercer narrates quotes?!Dear @nbcsnl why do you have a YouTube channel https://t.co/T2nAQZx6Eo where most of your content isn't available to Canadians?Another brilliant #Toronto @DowntownYonge event! See, taste, enjoy #IWD14 http://t.co/OZH09RFqeS cc @blogTO http://t.co/cwLQa6hLRP@NicoleStoffman @kanter @CharityVillage @jean_george17 correct. You can't do everything well. Do some things great.Top resume mistakes to avoid http://t.co/YvU1KyVRm5 @DiversityMusing via @CharityVillageFood banks are about more than just food - what they do http://t.co/ctZyhJKfj2 infographic from @foodbankscanada #hungercountIntroverts are looked down upon at school, at work. Tips to thrive http://t.co/CwFrzVQIHL featuring @susancain #introvertsThe best gifts don't cost a lot of $ http://t.co/D3rC7l9xew from financial advisor @Caring4ClientsWow this is quite the endorsement of @WeWork http://t.co/umMlmouWPj in @wired ( I don't appreciate the snarky LinkedIn comments though)Check it out! @AnneRiceAuthor latest book is about Vampires adapting to digital world http://t.co/cvENSkP6wn - fascinating!!Who uses food banks in Canada? #hungercount infographic http://t.co/xsTSKLRfdX via @foodbankscanadaGreat discussion! @SevaunP of @CivicActionGTA shares first job on LinkedIn http://t.co/vGaKBE2KSu what was your first job?!How many social channels should our charity use?! http://t.co/rt09W3NErT @kanter via @CharityVillageAny charity peers using @canadahelps free resources to help you raise more before Dec 31! http://t.co/kKk4h45iofGoing to #AFPCongress look up @johnvanduzer - he'll teach you to raise more http://t.co/FbqE1eaV9E cc @afptoronto @GratiaCaritasDo you love the Toronto Santa Claus parade? What a touching video on it's magical history http://t.co/iPGAmvC25F via @TorontoFdn
@sarafalconer I think that's actually dangerous! Peer told me she had a harrowing time last year. Hope you get better!Fascinating @cbcideas podcast on Machiavelli's "The Prince" http://t.co/kwO0Abjmue worth the listen http://t.co/BvKMCbkPUC30 years ago today the original 'shake it off' was No.1 on the @billboard charts. Via @globeandmail http://t.co/Spzk8ujfIZThis is a unique and awesome event next week http://t.co/srXpq7FPP4 don't miss #WalrusTalks philanthropy! http://t.co/nRuR2NJtiL@AlbertBrule sorry to have missed you! Sending email.#FF speakers from #WalrusTalks philanthropy: @themollyjohnson, @terryoinfluence, @justinpoy, @gordonfloyd, @sonnetlabbe, @tomjacksonca
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThere's no one more passionate about @ICCICC than co-founder @APClarkson https://t.co/IHdNF0FZZk #GivingTuesdayCa http://t.co/e9ozttE0HnGreat board guidance on #NFPSocialMedia from @GrantThorntonCA http://t.co/Dg2Ps6Gmhn cc @ImagineCanada http://t.co/QUOFOjle3x
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSoooo jealous RT @Socially_Good @dtapscott at #CKX #rockstars http://t.co/qoHfAY5yrNTweeps! #NFPSocialMedia report from @GrantThorntonCA http://t.co/MRIFCxpQyr @Socially_Good @LeahEustace @anitahovey @RoryJMGreen @malburrsSO excited to hear Danzel Pinto of @GrantThorntonCA talking on risk and reward of social media http://t.co/Dg2Ps6Gmhn http://t.co/ZTjx2AiTu8
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYou asked for fundraising crushes @FundraisingYoda like many I hold @danpallotta in high regard http://t.co/Xv3kDZJBeS #FFFFYour fundraising crush, who is it? Share by giving them an #FFFF for Fundraising Force Follow Friday.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThis makes me happy RT @CKXdotorg: @wpgboldness @stephenhuddart @jwmcconnell @ONTrillium @CEO_TorontoFdn #CKX http://t.co/WFCFG5LYirCongrats @Spacing on opening @SpacingStore today! http://t.co/aGGU1dXMGr looking forward to a visit! http://t.co/TZJqXBGHjGCome to @SpacingStore today. Opens at 11 at 401 Richmond W. Enter right off Richmond at new NE entrance to building http://t.co/B3SZEpyA9D
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth*crosses fingers* RT @AlexisDeToronto: Do you carry @shawnmicallef bobbleheads @SpacingStore ?Thanks @Brdcaster for RT! I'm a big #SOTScbc fan, really hope @cbcradio team can share #GivingTuesdayCa http://t.co/hqEEUnFTy7 this year!Big shoutout to @VSRAwards by DW of @GrantThorntonCA on better charity annual reports. http://t.co/zelcWHSiei http://t.co/LsU9PP5OJD
Retweeted by Paul NazarethInsight from @GrantThorntonCA on social media for charities! http://t.co/hUJuspbfV3 cc @CharityVillage @Hilborninfo http://t.co/YpkzXQhYTnA big thanks to the @GrantThorntonCA NFP team for hosting today's education morning! http://t.co/mvzypsnOVq http://t.co/Y7BykTcl22
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThe news is out! @Bluedrop_BPL has won Canada's #PassionCapitalist award! http://t.co/EPKsnu2iJj via @Alofs @BNN @nationalpostWe're big @metromorning fans @mattgallowaycbc @piyachatto would love #GivingTuesdayCA #SOTS shout out! http://t.co/hqEEUnFTy7Heard you on @metromorning @Michael_Hlinka talking about #BlackFriday please share counterculture #GivingTuesdayCA http://t.co/hqEEUnFTy7Great #BlackFriday discussion @piyachatto @metromorning have you heard about the #GivingTuesdayCA movement? http://t.co/hqEEUnFTy7
Healthy Peer Pressure: Using #SocialMedia To Drive Referrals http://t.co/IyH6KMzQ9b #ROI http://t.co/Es4JUEtxSm
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHow much do I love this picture of @Socially_Good @claremcdowall @alliekosela @the2scoops at #CKX ! #rockstars http://t.co/nhABRAdR3m@KimberleyCanada you are on fire and doing what you are good at right now. Thanks for helping all of us experience #CKX !“@CKXdotorg: Thanks @Socially_Good for doing such a great job generating a buzz!” http://t.co/diCOulNLeW
Retweeted by Paul NazarethTickets now available to hear @dtapscott speak at the #CKXSummit's closing plenary w lunch: http://t.co/lhdvGWIaTJ
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHonoured @Francavilla ! Networking has brought me so much, I'm actually a product of Peel schools! Grew up in Mississauga.So proud that Chair of @CAGP_ACPDP board & members, Chair of @CAGPTorontoArea , ED @RuthInOttawa all at #DWDG14 http://t.co/5LhjOjfdztLord help us, the Pope is holding a raffle http://t.co/QEOiCdvCpN if he has a bake sale @archtoronto I'm converting.My faith in networking, maybe humanity reconfirmed tonight. Invest in people/orgs you value - they will be there when you need them.I need to use photoshop and put you two in a more exciting background @EstatesLaw - great to see you at #DWDG14 http://t.co/UI2yLljsnAThe @GiveInsurance team at #DWDG14 - they are @CAGPTorontoArea family now. Good to see you both! cc @CAGP_ACPDP http://t.co/QuvwQkLYMsIntroverts and social media http://t.co/JyoC5ONlC0 great read by @AndreaLearned in @HuffPostBiz featuring @susancainCanadian Foodbank infographic http://t.co/xsTSKLRfdX @foodbankscanada #hungercountCharities! Use Instagram to build awareness http://t.co/SATYFyOKuX @JennyBeswickHave you taken the @cccdchallenge career challenge quiz? http://t.co/NTqcdgH4x1 via @CharityVillageCongrats again @ChangeIt on story in @torontostar http://t.co/oa8nuOxEUR by @ellenrosemanNeed a bit of inspiration? Get thee to @CineplexMovies @IMAX to see #Interstellar http://t.co/V6fp7Tt1Q7The other rarely broken PN rule I only break for @RuthInOttawa @PeggyKilleen @CAGP_ACPDP - my no selfie rule. http://t.co/2qJz2pEpnQOnly for you @RuthInOttawa & @CAGP_ACPDP :) RT @UinvitedU takes off the tie, breaking all the rules...So @RuthInOttawa called me out for criticizing cats. I have a dog and cat, cat is useless. Cats are the 1% #DWDG14 http://t.co/aaBfuXnbOJThank you Sandra, Chair of @CAGPTorontoArea for moderating panel at #DWDG14 ! cc @RuthInOttawa @CAGP_ACPDP http://t.co/gSbkURXFfW@davidpleonard @sonnetlabbe I am electric with excitement! #WalrusTalksFascinating insight from @RBC_Canada leader on working with @thePMCF to help client "spend" to give smarter gift! http://t.co/ODvIszY0TM@sonnetlabbe @davidpleonard *listens silently*Need a speaker on #SocialMedia for your next event? Clare has the best Scottish accent as well as the knowledge! http://t.co/sGHOJPAvVQ
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAnnnd as always Amanda @EstatesLaw of @MTCharity is awesome. All other panelists agree with smiles. #DWDG14 http://t.co/3bTLcdialgComments for advisors is simplicity in philanthropy is important to HNW clients. Brenda of @PwC_Canada_LLP #DWDG14 http://t.co/vO6wfXqdqAWise words from highly respected Brenda Lee-Kennedy of @PwC_Canada_LLP http://t.co/6zcmxco2vR at #DWDG14 cc @CSRjames http://t.co/9wmNo4PSWAJeff McKay of @BMO : Not only can we save fights over family cottage, involving kids creates family legacy #DWDG14 http://t.co/GvqFWTCaCf#DWDG14 panel: Jeff @bmo Brenda @PwC_Canada_LLP Avacia @RBC_Canada Amanda @MTCharity moderator SD of @CAGPTorontoArea http://t.co/EmfxU3dZ7kWe are so lucky to have @RuthInOttawa leading @CAGP_ACPDP ! Thank you for sponsoring #DWDG14 and hosting the day! http://t.co/ZfvsvdoIh6Thank you @AkuaCarmichael ! Advisors NEED to get legal title right for bequests! Use http://t.co/RliuO93bJk via @ImagineCanada #DWDG14For clients afraid of Will planning - you don't NOT get car insurance b/c you're afraid you'll crash after? @AkuaCarmichael at #DWDG14We can scare clients with litigation horror story but they don't get Will done. Need to inspire with legacy #DWDG14 http://t.co/RQnSmOCDYBAnyone can say 'oh god' @IntricitiALANA but @AkuaCarmichael has God in her DNA. Makes for better estate planning, better charitable legaciesCharities! #EstatePlanning insight from @AkuaCarmichael : Many people plan a will b/c close family member died and they freak out #DWDG14For clients of faith, a Will isn't just a statement of asset allocation - it is a moral biography. @AkuaCarmichael #DWDG14 #estateplanningGosh @AkuaCarmichael is so comfortable serving the faith needs of clients in estate planning! #DWDG14 @IntricitiALANA http://t.co/zKn9R7a9b3@CharlesONeil1 @RyanCFP http://t.co/dQzchBqPHy@RyanCFP sorry to see you go. Was so great to see you, I miss you. *awkward silence• It got weird. Cc @RuthInOttawa @PeggyKilleenPowers of Attorney are middle child (oft ignored) in #estateplanning - and it ends badly. @AkuaCarmichael #DWDG14 http://t.co/SI4jjFqM2OOnly people who win in litigation are lawyers. @AkuaCarmichael at #DWDG14 helps clients leave legacy not a mess http://t.co/5VGNEyCQLfPlease help our friends @malburrs @UinvitedU & others share message about #GivingTuesdayCa Let's make it a success! http://t.co/C11ofaMW0o
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGreat @GiveInsurance shoutout to @CAGP_ACPDP : Joining @CAGPTorontoArea helped us serve clients better! #DWDG14 http://t.co/cvMeHJ50cIGood reminder by @GiveInsurance that estate admin more complicated than ever. Gifting insurance can create faster gifts to charity! #DWDG14Thank you @GiveInsurance for teaching that gifting insurance or RRIF's can happen outside Will to avoid probate & estate challenges! #DWDG14An advisor helping donors multiply gift impact painlessly! Do by giving smarter. @GiveInsurance #DWDG14 http://t.co/JFKgMLKWQ8And @GiveInsurance is up at #DWDG14 - speaking on the exponential power of donating life insurance! @CAGP_ACPDP http://t.co/jjZ71e6Y3mVery kind @RyanCFP RT You know @UinvitedU you could have a 2nd career in comedy :) #DWDG14@kdcblair no surprise @2MikeM was tweeting too but that's like saying James Brown has soul too. #RMACanada@UinvitedU "Financial Advisors are partners in the social profit sector."#dwdg14
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThank you @rebeccakeenan for including @canadahelps in holiday giving guide! http://t.co/UUhh9DBq1j http://t.co/dzSCMUAGqO
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSo many speakers at #DWDG14 mentioned @danpallotta talk we're showing video! Have you seen it? http://t.co/3OGU99cWFh http://t.co/fmudl0xFVyLeaders in financial fiduciary philanthropy - Brenda Lee-Kennedy of @PwC_Canada_LLP with @RuthInOttawa at #DWDG14 http://t.co/ThqYozHacTWonderful to have @CAGP_ACPDP leaders @RuthInOttawa @PeggyKilleen @dpklassen in the room at #DWDG14 ! http://t.co/4blV22xxjWAn easy way to make a difference on #GivingTuesdayCa. http://t.co/MYCF1dVOoI
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSaw this in @Hilborninfo today http://t.co/4cgiBVNCVO new services at @hilbornecs ! http://t.co/hFcqEN4OS8Hope to spend some time with you @RoryJMGreen @FundraiserBeth at #afpcongress ! Coming to dinner Monday night? http://t.co/Ky6uI76hYT
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