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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Toronto Ontario Canada

Work: Impact philanthropy Mission: Support the passionate to reach their potential. My oxygen is networking, LinkedIn my lungs. Opinions are my own.

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@lifeatuoft I am an alumni who often speaks at UofT Student Life events on networking http://t.co/OTxibQAfcW hope I can help in any way.@sonnetlabbe by 'doing' I'll be sitting in the cheap seats whilst you rock the house - Yes :)Good morning :-) Shot this last night ... #toronto #photooftheday #city #beautiful #night http://t.co/mCaCXWDV5c
Retweeted by Paul NazarethExcited to be speaking at the @WFREdotORG AGM in Waterloo this September! http://t.co/JGO6vj2xVb hope to see KW tweeps there!Social #Entrepreneur? This article compares for profit/ #charity models for business. I'm impressed! http://t.co/32V0nSDS0P
Retweeted by Paul NazarethIs your @LinkedIn profile pic sabotaging your personal brand? http://t.co/KN0fqva6Vj @itscherjones #personalbranding http://t.co/plAmVheCOkNot sure if you should donate to the #charity representative at your door? Check out the CRA's #Charities Listings: http://t.co/g0IqoPi4Hi
Retweeted by Paul NazarethMany thanks @SneidiTee for the connection to @zevmsmith & T-Team ! What a passionate bunch of folks.Loving @PocketStyleCA #squareswag @zevmsmith ! But what are you wearing it with! Always great to see style pairing http://t.co/u0QhebHh5zCharities should read this from @GlobeSmallBiz http://t.co/j6Wd3fJgJN by @miapearson about building 'brand' relationships with donors.Keep your eyes on this powerful @CharityVillage project @AFPFoundationCA @AFPIHQ @ImagineCanada @pwaldieGLOBE http://t.co/a0xsnsRbKiIt's not just about who you know - how to make your networking 'profitable' http://t.co/VWPeSv5UVr @AllisonDGraham via @TheArtOfBased on old-school business networking this book includes digital strategy! http://t.co/iGkT7WEdBh @creativegrowth http://t.co/E5GdJu1cvEWhat makes a great leader? http://t.co/rJAyj1d3xo @MarinaGlogovac on @LinkedIn featuring @petersengeLaughed so hard at speculation Matt is off staking out One Direction tickets. Well played @davidcommon - cc @metromorningAre you a student? You can subscribe to Canada's Best Magazine for only $20. Sign up today! https://t.co/1SBRk9PJjR http://t.co/iFrcATRXAT
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYou have failed to reach your fiscal campaign goal for the last time Admiral. #StarWarsfundraising @FundraisingYoda http://t.co/wKidfUGQerHmmm, adventure, hmph excitement - a fundraiser craves not these things. #starwarsfundraising @FundraisingYoda"It’s just a great, great song." — @Chromeo on @rushtheband #CBC100 http://t.co/8nAvPwWzmd http://t.co/wQJTFjVdhl
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@fundraisinisfun @snotforprofit Fancy (feast)@paisleyrae I'm up to 15 people and counting. Thanks, FOMO alleviated
@paisleyrae I'm trying to track down origins of Twitter avatar laser beams from eyes. I'm told you have the scoop?Board who never gave now heading campaign?! I'm out of it for a little while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur! #StarWarsFundraising@judemacdonald could you shed any light on laser-beams from eyes twitter avatar thing? I'm really curious!Sold out last time, don't miss @walrusmagazine on philanthropy http://t.co/ypzeuELgAf with @terryoinfluence @sonnetlabbe ! cc @afptorontoPhilanthropy in Canada: Walrus mag hosts big Toronto panel Nov 25 Tix $25 #afpgolden #philanthropy http://t.co/O39zXw6PhY
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@danpallotta don't complain, the Vuvuzela was not a welcome addition to the mix ;)Summer @cbcradio programming filled with powerful human stories. What gift do you give the man who broke your neck? http://t.co/bDeI37ROWD@misener well it's brilliant, moving, insightful, inspiring stuff! Love @sparkcbc but this is whole new dimension. @cbcradio @CBC@misener you seem to be the man to blame for all this crazy summer @CBCRadioCanada programming. @GRTTWaK & survive this...@UinvitedU So pleased you're loving this @cbcradio program, Paul! To hear more episodes of @GRTTWaK, visit: http://t.co/NmfAtlfsfA @misener
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWhy Introverts Are Great At Sales http://t.co/gJ5mPw4IlN #introverts #Quiet
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@itscherjones love the new avatar, love the new LinkedIn shot and YouTube picture!Innovation as overused buzzword: http://t.co/MYcLfwtCLW love it @colludos !! cc @MaRSDD @analyticeye @IlseTreurnicht #innovationThis is a seriously fascinating show @aparita @misener http://t.co/nQvcpit4na things we wrote as kids. @CBCRadioCanada @cbc15,000 @LinkedIn readers! http://t.co/GFF8eHeoVu things I learned: 1) when @colludos cusses it's awesome. 2) SC likes pickles too!@Hospitalitywrks was from a corporate event attended. Values online http://t.co/TAzWaDWWQo I'm going to visit to ask them about it soon."I wasn't aware a politician is allowed to lie to your face" says resident in @TorontoStar http://t.co/mpmotAFBeF - that's cute. #TOpoliHelpul insight into #GoogleHangouts from @itscherjones http://t.co/ox5Fn6Svu8 (video)Sept 30 @InclusiveGiving Hispanic Philanthropy conference in Toronto! http://t.co/wtQgEtkoeF cc @afptoronto @AFPottawaTo do more, stop doing so much http://t.co/ebD0DJWAiN @GregoryMcKeown @skgreen via @HarvardBiz [podcast]Do you know @danroam ? He's an international master of visual storytelling for business. 10 great tips http://t.co/tMQ2CirRSr via @TheArtOfTake that coffee to go - the benefits of walking and talking while networking http://t.co/oxUwryD1zY via @LinkedInPulseAn important client-service read for #Toronto advisors on philanthropy http://t.co/pNyxf0JoMJ @TorontoFdn cc @metromorning @ArmineYalnizyanFantastic article in @GlobeSmallBiz by @miapearson - the new BFF http://t.co/j6Wd3fJgJN brand friends forever! cc @globebusiness@ratnaomi hi, I was wierdo who accosted you at T&T night market :) http://t.co/1slkmrJnz9 Love your work, sorry for freaking you out.Ah, in the PEN charity debate there's that wonderful magic word! TAXPAYERS http://t.co/pCujYHibMs via @financialpost@ShaneD75 to death!The 36 Finch #TTC bus always travels in two's and three's http://t.co/4cdeYFqKt8 via @torontostar cc @TTCwelps @TTCingCute and handy: best restaurants in Toronto by TTC subway stop http://t.co/wOHcP1riBQ http://t.co/cDFQgtxbqo via @blogTO
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThanks @TorontoStar for recognizing there is NO bus at Keele/Finch, new detour misses me by 1km http://t.co/4cdeYFqKt8 via @torontostar #TTCThanks @TorontoStar I live near Downsview, have timed that #TTC Wilson/Downsview daily delay http://t.co/4cdeYFqKt8 record is 25mins #TOpoliFinally reading this brilliant series on remittances. They make up 10 per cent of the Philippine's GDP. Seem low?http://t.co/yQsbYxYXmr
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@lisaw33 I agree. What leadership qualities did you value? I'm debating some trolls and need backup.@the2scoops @paisleyrae @mfp1971 @SharkDancing @311Toronto that is a movie company closing down a bike lane #biketo http://t.co/c5UmBjpmt3@GPtekkie @snotforprofit @LeighNaturkach not that there's anything wrong with that.Bill Blair loses his job, Rob Ford keeps his. Toronto is looking more like Gothom city every day. #TOpoliCharity peers - this is going to be an earth moving @CharityVillage project this fall http://t.co/a0xsnsRbKi keep an eye out.@GPinCanada that was 3 minutes to fix the link-bug. Impressive. cc @Hilborninfo @lisalmacdonald @HilbornJimDowntown Toronto goes dark in 90 seconds like it's Ghostbusters II and Vigo is approaching. #dlwsLove great shot of @LinaDuqueMBA at the @RyersonDMZ ! cc @humanehr @RyersonCareer @BDellandrea http://t.co/MwoSCqF0Sw http://t.co/Ka4QRBpn22Breaking, Rob Ford beats Bill Blair http://t.co/C9pVBwMxqa @CBCNews - In related news, my faith in humanity, falling.@ArtisanoBakery your King St. W location has become my official business meeting spot. Only quiet place on Bay Street in Toronto.@snotforprofit @LeighNaturkach Friends ended in 2004, a lifetime ago. Geocities was still a thing then.Welcome to @10KCoffees, @erin_richards! A @queensu grad and @CBCNews Talent Publicist, invite her for coffee via http://t.co/TsasSJHU1e
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@LeighNaturkach @snotforprofit - "Friends" has become the new 'I Love Lucy" - painful.Learn about being a @WomenOfInflnce from Canadian publishing leader @pennyrhicks http://t.co/vNBeasszm2 cc @IntricitiALANAFascinating hearing about corporate values of @ShangriLaTO from publishing leader @pennyrhicks - I'm going to stop by for a visit!Canadian publishing leader @pennyhicks speaking well of how @ShangriLaTO values humility as part of corporate identity. cc @IntricitiALANAHow to Get Your #CEO on #Twitter http://t.co/a5PldWzkOz #Podcast #socbiz
Retweeted by Paul NazarethExciting to hear @pennyrhicks , experienced Canadian publisher talk about 'emerging as a leader' w/ @IntricitiALANA http://t.co/kkexdvcliyBe aware of your thoughts, they influence your words, your actions - these are building blocks of character. @pennyrhicks @IntricitiALANAFormer publisher of @MacleansMag @pennyrhicks speaking on being an emerging leader. @IntricitiALANA @marchecanada http://t.co/ipd3y6jbBZ@metromorning go easy on Game of Thrones! But it's a good point, marathoning is a big new trend. cc @jessehirsh @cbc@davidcommon iPad, chest, couch. I'm with you brother.
Now, witness the power of this fully operational direct-mail machine! Commence with the annual fund mailing at will #StarWarsFundraisingDonor visit to discuss 'major gift' Basement filled with 100 broken synthesizers #StarWarsFundraising http://t.co/11xy5qxXqbIts a fun summer listening to @CBCRadioCanada musical chairs: @piyachatto at @CBCRadioQ & @davidcommon at @metromorning ! Cc @CBCBut sir! The Wookie wants an inflated-value tax receipt! ED: Let the Wookie win. #StarWarsFundraising http://t.co/BPVpJDbuLpJust got a campaign update from #PositionPrimer & am filled with all sorts of warm fuzzies. https://t.co/vpbi4jcav8 Go support it! #topoli
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@CarlaEckert http://t.co/2XtuGlnspK@AutumnScamper also, my dog wears thunder shirt too!Now I'm curious @AutumnScamper do we know each other? Good luck with Twitter, here are some resources to help http://t.co/BOxIpiRh7INew subway map! Did we get your TTC stop right? http://t.co/K2QImRWFvv http://t.co/WukSv1EP6q
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@TweetFromHilary thanks!Strike a pose, for your career http://t.co/aQOJhruIyp with @CDowdHiggins [video]Fantastic tips on how to reinvent yourself - it doesn't happen overnight http://t.co/bodmXjUOtv via @TheArtOfFor those who work in the 'innovation' world, you'll love this rant from @colludos http://t.co/MYcLfwtCLWNews from the front line of online donor aquisition http://t.co/yhOJuaAiRv @jonathongrapsas of @flatearthdirect via @HilborninfoNetworking isn't luck, it requires strategy. Tips from international best selling author @ferrazzi http://t.co/fU1MY3h63l via @TheArtOfBe proactive & strategic abt ur #networking. Don't let another day slip by without being connected. Free info at http://t.co/ORb1Rsmoyd
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWhen you network you get work. @talktodonna #leaninThanks for the RT today @josephmichelli was just sharing your great books with a peer http://t.co/O639UgtCT0 at @StarbucksCanada@Zipcar status quo is tolerating mean people. Every day I try to make someone's life better, bring light to dark. #thegiver #zipfromsameness@Zipcar . Every day, I spend time with someone, often strangers, on their career development and job search. #thegiver #zipfromsamenessSo beautiful @torontoist http://t.co/aDi3xoeS8F and why I get so angry at Rob Ford pandering to drivers for points. #TOpoli #bikeTOJenna Morrison, cyclist struck and killed in 2011, is honoured with vibrant and welcoming memorial. http://t.co/nSxGrFqbgO
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@tomfromhr one time someone sent me map coordinates, I was like what?!!? Then he texted, 'I'm by the hot dog cart'. So, no standard yet.WWYDD? Old Spice will be here answering questions on Thursday at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT. Get ready for some #oldspiceadvice. http://t.co/qCSqjjnWvI
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@sarafalconer that's some might fine looking Paella. Got the chorizo?
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