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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #VoteTO

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The #WalrusTalks Philanthropy in Toronto! November 25th: Molly Johnson, Sonnet L’Abbé, Deepa Mehta, and more. http://t.co/HZFgzleOpo
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@RuthInOttawa @CAGP_ACPDP this is what I'm saying, Twitter is networking event that happens 24/7. Consistent curating has steady results :)
LinkedIn is a valuable business tool in 2014 https://t.co/Vc7TsuIExu via @ajenkins ( a digital business expert to follow!)The Walrus announces that the new Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and its content platforms will be Jonathan Kay. http://t.co/7ySiHXkjEJ
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth5 key insights from Canada's first corporate cause conference https://t.co/EgPBzQD7PJ @ImpactJobAmanda of @B_meaningful cc @CompCauseCaPowerful resource: State of Homelessness in Canada http://t.co/ZaEMxMrNHC @SteveGaetz @timrichter @TanyaMGulliver via @ArmineYalnizyan
Retweeted by Paul NazarethEthical Wills and Estate Planning: http://t.co/rOc5aCpf02 #Assets #EthicalWills #EstatePlanning #Wills #Assets http://t.co/AND6QwcuKb
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWell @RuthInOttawa our @CAGP_ACPDP group has reached that critical role playing skill training! http://t.co/VFhcUHDjW4Introducing @carlyannedotcom one of our 4 panelists at our next #SMCafeTO #Jobs #SocialMedia https://t.co/UJAuOsxdEm http://t.co/umroFQ9GYl
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHow do donors make a personal giving plan? Great read http://t.co/lRPgJl4jUH #givinglife cc @DailyBreadTO @redcrosscanada @seashepherd
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWatch @SAPL share storytelling for social-profit tips on #GivingTuesdayCa webinar recording http://t.co/oRGdYWRuUQ cc @GivingTuesdayCa
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHonoured yesterday to participate in @GivingTuesdayCa hangout about video storytelling. Watch it here! http://t.co/K1TpK4r5vh
Retweeted by Paul NazarethPlanned giving peers, please help @fudraisehumber student @rebeccafarrell short survey https://t.co/f0JyggQW2x cc @CAGP_ACPDPAre you a Canadian charity? Please take a moment to complete my planned giving survey for my @FundraiseHumber class. https://t.co/ACXIPZ8KTL
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@alliekosela I am also curious about this question. cc @torontolibrary@ShortstuffMedia awesome! I'm a big Shaker fan. Will miss tonight but hope to meet you at the next one! #UofTCustomer Service Representative: Halton, Regional Municipality of: "Note: Applicants… http://t.co/xQeUR9cJTB #socialmedia #jobs #toronto
Retweeted by Paul NazarethLove that @CAGP_ACPDP has reminded charities for years fundraising support from @CommFdnsCanada @canadahelps http://t.co/itVazXkWBKCharities: Don't miss any of our news and promotional opportunities just for charities! Follow us @CharityLifeCA #givingmadesimple
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThe 5 Best Nonprofit Digital Stories from TechSoup’s Storymakers Contest http://t.co/wArsM6rs2F #nonprofit
Retweeted by Paul NazarethDo you know @Energized ? He is an accountant who helps fundraising teams http://t.co/Zze0t3ZgNQ via @HilborninfoI thought #TTC was just updating upholstery. Heard about this @metromorning ? http://t.co/2EpJUC6Grz via @bradTTC cc @globetorontoRt @thenewfamily: why @brianbaker79 is grateful he lived to start a family. http://t.co/4xffw6E9jv cc @NewCollegeUofT #1000familiesProud @canadahelps represents #foodbanks across Canada. Insightful read on what a food bank does http://t.co/QVpMUNYzwE @foodbankscanadaEverything we used to think about management is wrong http://t.co/w62Gr1jBXw @dtapscott cc @globebusiness @GlobalSNHow donations make a difference http://t.co/WQUhJ36k18
Retweeted by Paul NazarethDo you have a proven track record with major gift fundraising? Apply to join our Philanthropy team as Senior Manager: http://t.co/EWv4jVxZXX
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHope things went well yesterday @CompCauseCa ! Fascinating to follow by hashtag, please keep tweeting to share compcause strategy!Awesome @ForanSteve ! Our @canadahelps team is excited to help in your great mission! We give a damn too :)A civil, graceful interview with @oliviachow on @metromorning looking forward to what she does next! http://t.co/85wl7ROmVh @globetorontoThanks @fundraisermaeve ! And it was recommended to me by @thisLeeRose http://t.co/Q2lqewL2Th a good book, Lee, a good person to follow!"It's better to fix problems than prevent errors." Loving re-reading Peter Sims' Little Bets, given to me by @UinvitedU. Thank you! #career
Retweeted by Paul NazarethResumes For People Aged 50+ http://t.co/zvZm7QCLiE http://t.co/fsK00ab69j
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSomewhere over the rainbow. An amazing photo from an airplane window by London ON woman: http://t.co/QM73rQp1DR http://t.co/zmvFvvLdzo
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth
Is....that... @dtapscott playing an awesome 80's synth-piano-guitar?! http://t.co/w62Gr1jBXw cc @RogerLMartin @rotmanschool @Globe_CareersI can't say enough about this 46 sec video w/ David Suzuki on the power of wisdom of experience http://t.co/PIHW6vthoT [video](Almost) everything you know about managing Millennials is wrong. Here's why. http://t.co/DvbBuXXPH5 http://t.co/EB3B4Q4g2m
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYes @EmmaLewzey @heather_jewell great folks at @afptoronto and I are collaborating on a dinner at #afpcongressMany of today's presentations are already up on the dashboard, #CompCauseCA http://t.co/aoSyn0uKpb
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSure @RuthInOttawa we're making it look fun but it's hour 6 of 8 hours of tax-training. Brain is hurting. @CAGP_ACPDP http://t.co/eMyew4zKsVYes @ErinKuhns I give @BradOffman credit for ways to break up 6 hours of tax calculating! cc @CAGP_ACPDP @RuthInOttawaFree GivingTuesday Webinars: http://t.co/XMMT5jsLH3
Retweeted by Paul NazarethValuable to charities and volunteers!! RT @AllysonHewitt: Free #GivingTuesdayCa webinars http://t.co/ucDaNGlpzc cc @GivingTuesdayCa
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGot a meeting? Take a walk...because sitting is the new smoking and it's killing us. http://t.co/t49tlXH2nO cc @UinvitedU @ConstantChanges
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFollow #CompCauseCA to learn from these great speakers! http://t.co/FZY0X0vgYT via @CompCauseCa http://t.co/5nOzkFZ75BA great list of networking books from Canada's own @UinvitedU http://t.co/20GPFUqUsJ
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWhat to do when someone refuses to take your business card http://t.co/EWqLBfR3Hi http://t.co/5r37zwVW6D
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFollow my coverage of the exciting Companies & Causes Toronto conference at @OpenSpacesLearn for @triplepundit #CompCauseCA
Retweeted by Paul NazarethToday is @CompCauseCa ! To learn about cause marketing & Canadian corp-giving follow #CompCauseCA cc @hilborninfo @CharityVillageBoycott or buy-cott. Supporting companies that do good work. #CompCauseCA
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@zevmsmith you are not aloneAlways different perspectives. #TOpoli http://t.co/Ah1usDcKu8Thank you @johntoryTO for including nonprofit sector as part of Toronto community you'll engage to solve problems. @metromorning #TOpoli
Celebrating @johntoryTO win, Paula Abdul style http://t.co/2iffneqeGf [video] #TOpoli #voteTO cc @ErrolNazarethThank you @StrashinCBC @jpags @ddale8 @lizchurchto @reporterdonpeat @thekeenanwire @robyndoolittle for great #voteTO reporting. #TOpoliCongrats @johntoryTO on winning #voteTO - I hope to never hear a Mayor refer to us as Taxpayers ever again. #TOpoli http://t.co/eQcTVo0GyvOnly course that goes on into the night. @CAGP_ACPDP 8am to 10pm, intensive learning! @BradOffman rocking it! http://t.co/ar2gcaK9gG@JasonShim @tierneys @fuuyin @pmisir @UinvitedU @ImpactJobAmanda @andymci @linewireink @GratiaCaritas The next #pnpto http://t.co/41BRjkTkQD
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGreat dinner with @ErinKuhns @OReillyJanice @cagp_acpdp - still more learning tonight at @_sherwoodinn http://t.co/sXj2vmhSh7Fascinating to read about the history of @_SherwoodInn http://t.co/BjFRGOdiBd thanks for hosting our @CAGP_ACPDP team this week!20 questions NFP Directors should ask about social enterprise http://t.co/pAbN5C8ZwB by @avalent79 of @MTCharity via @CPAcanadaJoin us this week for an insightful panel discussion! When gifts go wrong http://t.co/ks8hKC2VPd Oct 28 at @DMPCanada HQ in the south core!
@GratiaCaritas @nelson_jill @jlstdenis *holds breath*Arts organizations! October 27 is the deadline to sign up for @BusinessftArts #boardLink http://t.co/nZsOjfszkH
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAn interview with @danpallotta via @AFPIHQ http://t.co/XsYVNUT3U2 cc @afptoronto @AFPVancouver @Hilborninfo @CharityVillage @AFPGoldenGood advice for fundraisers on career development http://t.co/XsYVNUT3U2 via @danpallotta cc @RyersonCareer @FundraiseHumber @GFundraisingMorning @cbcfreshair I loved hearing David Chilton read the weather :)
GPtekkie @PamelaGrow @ConstantChanges nice http://t.co/frDxzvEORUYes, Bronies are manly. They are raising money for @WoundWarriorCA http://t.co/XglUMAM3Ye story via @canadahelps cc @CharityVillageIs being a parent a career killer or booster? http://t.co/P05txCDmcG from @LinkedIn leader @JulieLHowlettCanada's dapper Jazz man @RPorterJAZZFM91 featured in style blog http://t.co/fyJLpsH7Yi @TheHogtownRake cc @JAZZFM91Send this to your charity marketing folks, how to rock #GivingTuesdayCA 2014! http://t.co/6PxWmJnh8x via @canadahelps cc @GivingTuesdayCa20 questions NFP Directors should ask about social enterprise http://t.co/pAbN5C8ZwB by @avalent79 of @MTCharity via @CPAcanada
Put it down. http://t.co/FJEeS2OoLdFinally got to visit @FRANKrestoAGO after being an @agotoronto member for so long. Today it was indeed #artastherapy http://t.co/vx0QGjc9VX@MYurukova Well put, Mariya! It's hard not to be inspired when heroes like @frasergreen & @UinvitedU are speaking to you! #AGCongress14
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWhat's the best way for your charity to engage @GivingTuesdayCa ? We've rounded up the best tips at http://t.co/P5edY3qcwD #GivingTuesdayCA
Retweeted by Paul NazarethI love leaving a @zipcar clean and gassed up for another Zipster on a Friday. Ready to roll at @ZipcarToronto ! http://t.co/MZnD7xZ4cJWonderful to see @malburrs and @AqueductFndtn team at @agotoronto last night! A celebration of personal philanthropy http://t.co/DcHiAFxEuzReally enjoyed discussion with #TOpoli Knights @lizchurchto @reporterdonpeat @cbcjamiestrachan on @metromorning cc @CBCTorontoJust last week @nishapatel Michael @CBCSunday spoke with @nilofer about walking meetings http://t.co/kryNfJGhRG cc @metromorningThe chair is out to kill us. Loved that report @nishapatel @metromorning I'm a fan of walking meetings http://t.co/kryNfJGhRG cc @CBC
@plateauliz was wonderful to focus on one topic on one sector for a change! Would love to do it again.Telling the story of Canada's unsung nonprofit heroes! http://t.co/UGmWcmQlzc via @CharityVillage cc @MyGivingMomentYou've got my vote! Tweeps help @MissionMusings and her team in Halifax!! http://t.co/0Mp8f1dvTi vote & RT!@UinvitedU We need your help #Canada to stay at the top and win a #newkitchen! Vote daily! http://t.co/hUdMWZMglZ
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThanks for having me #AGCongress14 ! Our @canadahelps team excited to help with alumni giving! Annual giving Leads to better donors!Wonderful to see great peers at #agcongress14 including #GivingTuesdayCa @GuelphGives star @BrittneyDudar ! Let's rock @GivingTuesdayCa !What an absolute treat to see @CAGP_ACPDP royalty @LornaSomers at #AGCongress14 ! She has inspired a generation http://t.co/anKPyn2W8dIt's the legacy marketing kings! @frasergreen of @_GoodWorks_ & @DavidKravinchuk of @FundraisingRx at #AGCongress14 http://t.co/usteEiLOzDPlanned giving is not tax sorcery. @UinvitedU #AGCongress14
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHere's more on the TD report on Women in Philanthropy @UinvitedU mentioned in his session #AGCongress14 http://t.co/JC1JNsYEL5
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAnyone at #AGCongress14 interested in joining the young alumni networking group mentioned by @ryanbrejak, check us out at @youngalumniNG!
Retweeted by Paul NazarethShout out to #AGCongress14 tweeps @plateauliz @MissusLeaver @fundraisermaeve @BrittneyDudar @DavidKravinchuk see you soon!Want to learn more about higher education annual giving strategy? Follow #AGCongress14 hashtag today! Bright minds from across CanadaJoel Faflak of @SASAHWestern at #AGCongress14: "I want to prepare students for the long haul, and the long haul isn't the job, it's life."
Retweeted by Paul NazarethMake the most of the networking breaks to meet your peers from across Canada. #AGCongress14 http://t.co/tjJ598JVvX
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@mbornstein "people don't hate telemarketing calls. They hate terrible phone calls where people read to them" #AGCongress14 #phonathon
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYou can't make apple pie without apples. Most planned gift relationships are found in annual giving! See you this afternoon #AGCongress14 !
The Ottawa shooting, by the numbers: http://t.co/htgMmqhl4G http://t.co/fG41Njk4Nn
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth
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