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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #TOpoli.

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We are so lucky to have @HollyWagg - digital expert is here to share #GivingTuesdayCA strategy #BGBSTO http://t.co/rz4bkuiUw3Head in #BGBSTO delegates! We're ready to start our @GivingTuesdayCa panel! http://t.co/hz0e8iyYhXBAM! Brilliant founder of @NFFTT is at #BGBSTO to thank volunteer @SneidiTee ! #PraiseHeidi ! http://t.co/p56hoHJHzr@audrar there you are! Couldn't find your account before :)@j_s_believe or @canadahelps ;)Brilliant @SneidiTee : Throw handles of engaged on list throughout year, tweet thanks in December. #BGBSTO #ROI http://t.co/R2QtEZKZStGreat question @RasheedaQureshi at #BGBSTO - how did charity find you? Answer: Job description for social volunteer http://t.co/kvHNhGi0gKKnow peers in the #Halifax area? Social media speed audit by @anitahovey Mar 3! http://t.co/OsSH3d9PUI http://t.co/dCjQadteG4And @SneidiTee sends a hootout to @hootsuite for being a great tool for social warriors! Cc @jaimestein #BGBSTO cc @BeGoodTorontoSecret to getting great material for social is internal campaigns teaching staff/volunteers to feed content #BGBSTO http://t.co/h5rsJV7MC3Help generate content: Encourage your volunteers to take pictures! #BGBSTO
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGreat questions from @HollyWagg at @SneidiTee session asking about strategy of being social media volunteer. #BGBSTO http://t.co/qtjTR4pvrIDear peers at #BGBSTO : A reminder that @SneidiTee isn't just talking about 'likes' - this is about more donations. Cash $ people.#crowdfunding fails when you don't have a big enough tribe who cares! The platforms crowd WONT come.... #BGBSTO
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSharing the awesomeness of @EmmaLewzey at #BGBSTO - wonderful to see @NFFTT showing so much donor love. http://t.co/8CrCe2fW4bWe made it to @SneidiTee #BGBSTO presentation on @NFFTT success @ErrolNazareth ! http://t.co/ta3MYvfFlXGreat strategy for spiking engagement from @SneidiTee #BGBSTO http://t.co/kxvQ2hTU7o
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGreat advice from expert marketer @SneidiTee on social success she created for @NFFTT #BGBSTO http://t.co/K3nuesT2bzThe most important thing charities can do is not ask, get people to like you. If they like you they will respond when you need help #BGBSTOWow @NFFTT picks 18,000+ pounds of fruit just in Toronto! Volunteer @SneidiTee shares social success at #BGBSTO http://t.co/NlvjBT7NrIAnd @analyticeye is warming up at #BGBSTO sharing @MaRSDD experience in crowdfunding http://t.co/P1UiJgdTc8Goodness @KimberleyCanada our friend @claremcdowall sharing 4 years ago you pulled together a fundraisers welcome! http://t.co/WtTPEAP7rMBiggest #BGBSTO ever! Well done @claremcdowall and @BeGoodToronto team. Speakers @analyticeye @SneidiTee up next! http://t.co/N3jzQOGNkhFull house at #BGbSTO well done @begoodtoronto team! @canadahelps proud to sponsor again! https://t.co/OQvd7u9w47Our @canadahelps team is proud to sponsor #BGBSTO - visit us by the coffee to chat about raising more online! http://t.co/kOEo1iC5yUOur #GivingTuesdayCA panel is already talking! @HollyWagg @AlzheimerOnt at #BGBSTO http://t.co/DdMjxw8FumJust getting my #Llama outfit on, heading to #BGBSTO soon! #Llamas #llamadrama http://t.co/gVTXDZDyMCThank you @clairehastings ! Yes @jenniferhollett @reshminair #netwalking is something I'm passionate about http://t.co/kryNfJGhRGCan't wait @piachin @hollywagg @AlzheimerOnt ! #BGBSTO cc @BeGoodToronto @GivingTuesdayCa http://t.co/0getoHizLMKnow a female entrepreneur in Toronto? March 10 coworking space event at @successdonediff http://t.co/XXp12BHAHL http://t.co/NRMX3nTsDUCan't wait to see @OMum22 @scallemang @Gingerheaddad at #BGBSTO tonight!Is the Canadian charitable sector lost in a fog? http://t.co/XeDaNRhcK8 via @PhilanthropyCDA cc @ImagineCanada @Hilborninfo @CharityVillage#CAGP15 early bird deadline is tomorrow! Join @CAGP_ACPDP in Halifax! http://t.co/5R1aXRsyMq - raise more in 2015! http://t.co/SHfcMyD2BpWow biggest #BNI guest day turnout I've seen! Thanks @profitpath4biz for invite. Great job President @Caring4Clients http://t.co/n5icJn2hDSHere's today's sign humanity is nearing it's natural end http://t.co/zfkEPWAH0Y KFC's edible cup. cc @metromorning @GlobeFoodWine @blogTOEarly morning networking at #BNI this morning, evening networking at #BGBSTO - exciting day ahead!Of course @CSRjames is at @TOM_FW event! As always, loving the #squareswag choices gentlemen.
@mikehajmasy Craving coffee at 10 p.m... :( X2Apple owes #ModernFamily a lot of money. This is a brilliant commercial. That I'm enjoying.This episode of #ModernFamily is amazing, a real life digital device adventure.Entire #ModernFamily episode shot on mobile devices http://t.co/y4GQMQOu7t airing right now...Quality over quantity isn't just key to good networking it unlocks health benefits of human connection http://t.co/NGMZ7qhKh9 @HuffPostBizWhy quality over quantity is the key to productive networking http://t.co/Yq5Zxx0DMc http://t.co/9682E0KOQb
Retweeted by Paul NazarethLeaders: Trapped by cult of authenticity? Powerful read http://t.co/TYABB59RYW in @HarvardBiz by @HerminiaIbarra http://t.co/zNPuREYxz8Heard about the Mar 14 @SchulichSIMA social impact analysis certificate? http://t.co/Xeckl7O0OR taught by @KateRuff cc @SchulichSchoolI'm excited too @CFofMississauga ! I grew up in #Mississauga and excited to learn more about your impact on community!Just a couple days left until #CAGP15 early bird deadline! Join @CAGP_ACPDP in Halifax! http://t.co/5R1aXRsyMqBusyness is an illness of spirit.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethRT @ERmatts Don’t miss out hearing @UinvitedU at @CAGP_ACPDP Golden Horseshoe Luncheon in #HamOnt this Friday http://t.co/wj5L8MofsPJust a couple days left until #CAGP15 early bird deadline! Join @CAGP_ACPDP in Halifax! http://t.co/5R1aXRsyMq http://t.co/l1t9A7lbpwOur charity service team at @CharityLifeCA happy to share new @ServiceOntario NFP resources! http://t.co/hDxsGNORGsBIG value - Free webinar from @CAGP_ACPDP on new estate donation rules http://t.co/0hn8jv1QoO with @PwC_Canada_LLP sponsored by @MTCharityFundraisers! Finish this sentence: Fundraising is http://t.co/xlSU91zuuM @ImagineCanada cc @afptoronto @Hilborninfo @CharityVillageNew funding for Canadian NFP's to collaborate with Universities http://t.co/a8LI3QoSEd @DiscoverMitacs via @ImagineCanadaWhat makes a ‘viral’ social media fundraising campaign work? http://t.co/oBxBDJEUbK #SubZeroSelfie #NoMakeupSelfie #IceBucketChallenge
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWhat a great choice for meeting @cindyrp ! Love @leneufcafe never knew it was here! Did you know @JaniceCunning ? http://t.co/SbtVpIbyb8@LeePEnterprises headlamp and business cards are mandatory :)Excited to hear how your talk to @FundraiseHumber today goes @Mixed_Me_CA ! Tweet pictures! Hashtag is #HFM15They've closed bridge because of Transformer problems?! Says my excited 8 year old. Not those kind of Transformers son. @metromorningSo @metromorning has reached winter acceptance, conducting fun experiments today. Nice. #dlws @cbcradio http://t.co/I8bpoqVepZ
@sladurantaye I use it as a digital business archive, like how we used to throw news clippings into file folders https://t.co/CSyOTPfQVySigh, retweets from my intellectual superheroes @DanielGolemanEI @CDowdHiggins @dhinchcliffe all in one day. I'm doing something right!Congrats on the launch @onBoardCanada ! Thanks for the follow, I'm a tweeter in your orbit http://t.co/RiMz4FtvH1Ready for the next story in the @CharityVillage unsung heroes series? The Reactivator!! http://t.co/zuInD19wZA http://t.co/1zKss6xW5xThanks again @GlowTips for sharing Mar 10 @successdonediff event for Toronto Womentrepreneurs http://t.co/XXp12BHAHL http://t.co/C3IIRz3woiYes the mystery PanAm tunnel is near my house. Two words - Underground networking http://t.co/s2R8TFpWwG the first rule of networking club..Love this answer to "fundraising is" http://t.co/xlSU91zuuM @ImagineCanada featuring @ShakeelBharmal @MarcelLauziere http://t.co/Ae6nnbn1OC@Energized actually, students and area residents shown again, security on campus is lacking. I feel unsafe in these areas.@JennAnnis good zinger from Adam Vaughan that Robbie started digging subway himself.It deeply disturbs me how much press this PanAm mystery tunnel is getting today http://t.co/CphCy1ctYzEarly bird deadline to register for #CAGP15 in Halifax is Friday! Check out http://t.co/ZbjPADDLep to get you there! http://t.co/UuaMVnrq0yCongratulations @ChanceFDN on your @CharityVillage unsung hero video! http://t.co/zuInD19wZA very powerful stuff. http://t.co/oZTcnJVXauDid you hear about the winners of this years @VSRAwards ? http://t.co/yFA28lMyvy via @canadahelps cc @GrantThorntonCA @CPA_OntarioListening to @johntoryTO help launch the @onBoardCanada #boarddiversity initiative - so proud to be part of it http://t.co/ywnBdSCKRs
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@ryancjcoelho @mymarketability I think it's a wonderful think you two are doing.An interesting donation situation via @CBCCommunity http://t.co/boWY42AXoP parents raise funds for school playground, then it was sold.Free webinar for folks trying to get back into job market tomorrow http://t.co/bX1uZdgF7T via @mymarketability @ryancjcoelho #jobsearch#Laidoff? I'm so excited to give back with @ryancjcoehlo during our FREE webinar tomorrow! Last chance to sign up! http://t.co/XVw4udVc27
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWonderful to keel about on the TTC with you @GratiaCaritas ! Very cool to learn about free @CanadianOpera series! http://t.co/o3jI1QHXZMDon't miss @frasergreen @CAGP_ACPDP webinar tomorrow - State of the Legacy nation http://t.co/4Cy93Hu3kj #cagpWEBEver heard of the Canadian generosity map from @GIV3_Canada ? http://t.co/B06zwSElel very cool stuff.Watch @CharityVillage's latest Unsung Heroes video biography & be introduced to The Reactivator! http://t.co/ao91KsSGNo @ChanceFDN
Retweeted by Paul NazarethDon't miss @frasergreen @CAGP_ACPDP webinar tomorrow - State of the Legacy nation http://t.co/4Cy93Hu3kj #cagpWEB http://t.co/Z60uG1NeyXHow to live through a charity CRA audit - Feb 26 @ImagineCanada webinar with @charityupdate http://t.co/P8wrF1hMzLWonderful meeting today @GlowTips thanks for sharing information about @successdonediff ! What a valuable resource for Toronto entrepreneursThanks for the free coffee @McDonalds ! Coffee truck at Queen & John in freezing cold much appreciated! http://t.co/6rsV2voBIrGreat book for those interested in personal and career development http://t.co/giIFp3HHma by @DanielGolemanEI http://t.co/HjpvxTUf2SYes the mysterious Pan-Am tunnel is near my house http://t.co/IbR3CUdlAq it's cold, we took the networking underground. #Toronto
To sleep, perchance to dream *yawns* Night Twitter *turns out light*@fundraisermaeve @LarissaStoddart @RoryJMGreen always in for more Twitter talk. It's a work skill now!Why leadership feels awkward http://t.co/0sMvJnkZ0d great listen on 'authenticity' @HarvardBiz with @HerminiaIbarra http://t.co/B4i0KBUuktValuable charity tax tools from @ImagineCanada http://t.co/p21beeZVje on working with @CanRevAgency great resource!Still time to join us at #cagpGH on Friday to raise more current gifts from your planned giving program. http://t.co/kgb596JJZIAwesome @norm ! Welcome to @10kcoffees ! This is a true networking gift, a personal touch in a digital age http://t.co/axXcBipy75Happy to announce that I've joined @10kcoffees! Take a look at my profile and #LetsGetCoffee! https://t.co/XqVPI1gbcE http://t.co/DJOlrdrj94
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHow to live through a charity CRA audit - Feb 26 @ImagineCanada webinar with @charityupdate http://t.co/P8wrF1hMzL cc @CAGP_ACPDPNight Twitter, see you at the office. #Oscars2015 #Oscars http://t.co/LV7WJhz9jS@the2scoops the. Worst.Well done Batman for dressing Sean Penn & Liam Neeson. #Oscars #Oscars2015 http://t.co/fnrUKgbkdjWell played @ActuallyNPH #Oscars
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