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Uninvited Interlocutor. 'World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.' --Marshall McLuhan

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Bank Of England: "Is that the right attachment, eh?" "Take off. I'm sending the email now." "Whatever, hoser." http://t.co/9jOncXtY4l#Breaking: Ireland says Yes by up to 2:1 margin in #MarRef http://t.co/4koIJpcFt7
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@JasonTron @TomCLloyd @clarercgp Great, thanks.@JasonTron @TomCLloyd @clarercgp I've heard about the "rediscovery" phenomenon with cannabis -- older people returning. Other drugs, too?@TomCLloyd @clarercgp Yep, might want to let all those in the pub on a regular basis know that they don't have mortgages or children.@clarercgp @TomCLloyd It is? Walked by a pub lately?@clarercgp @TomCLloyd You can drop the "young" qualifier.
1) Inevitable climate change. 2) Resource wars. 3) Reduced civil liberties. 4) Mass surveillance. 5) Militarized police. #DystopiliciousBank of England accidentally emails @Guardian plan for dealing with UK exit of EU, including how to deny plan exists http://t.co/0eXVWeuwHo
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorApple and Google just attended a romantic getaway with U.S. / UK intelligence http://t.co/Wlr772gRqW by @rj_gallagher #CouplesTherapy
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorI asked for Oculus Rift but whatever. http://t.co/3Au7Hl88Ns
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorRT @AdamHillscomedy The couple in the No to Marriage Equality posters have released a statement. And it is beautiful. http://t.co/yJWPKOaiTk
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorA flute with no holes is not a flute. Encryption with holes is not encryption.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor"an extraordinary departure from the traditional operation of liberal societies" http://t.co/vZIJU35LvK@NunoFDias @CosFot You guys can untag me, thanks.@NunoFDias @CosFot You're making yourself look very silly right now.@Zaannnn @PedroCabiya @ggreenwald Precisely. If he said all Muslims are like this one that would be a hasty generalization, but he hasn't.@PedroCabiya @ggreenwald No, he's saying that "Muslim" is heterogeneous -- it's a counterexample negating the notion of homogeneity.@iamjohnoliver I should probably follow my own advice and point out that Snowden's response is the "Glomar Face."@PedroCabiya @ggreenwald Well, that's what it actually is, but OK.@iamjohnoliver Give them some context, John: http://t.co/pwm7wUIuIoShocked at UK "Home Office' plans to censor TV programmes? Last month MI5 impounded British reporters' notebooks: http://t.co/NTJvhHa681
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@PedroCabiya @ggreenwald Why? I was addressing you and your fallacious statement.@PedroCabiya @ggreenwald Quite the equivocation here: pointing out "Muslims" is heterogeneous is not equivalent to "protecting their ideas."@Release_drugs Bad link. Working link: http://t.co/vNsFZbBn9g@ggreenwald And also a good example of the fallacy known as "Hasty Generalization:" http://t.co/NYPXMZ4bumHAHAHA! Not sure where to begin with this... https://t.co/8QtcOjJ64n@ggreenwald Ah, let's have another reminder of her critical faculties at work: https://t.co/CZvTjAcEZVTruest tweet ever: just watch how any western media outlet uses this term: https://t.co/N3cZHnvz6D
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorCameron is making Illegal Working illegal. Reminds me of the time he wanted to make it compulsory for people to volunteer.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@Glinner Congrats! Looking forward to it. Maybe The Walshes could move in next door to Arthur? ;)Labour leadership contest latest: Liz Kendall to punch UK's last surviving coal miner in the face. http://t.co/7HYo8eKnAH
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorTheresa May is UK's national embarrassment: her plan to censor TV shows is being condemned by Tory cabinet colleague http://t.co/LwNXDAPVW3
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorMatt Taibbi on the Journalist & Politician Cheerleaders for Iraq War, Then & Now http://t.co/4Vdd7Aknjf via @democracynowThree things can practically check State abuses of power: judicial review, legal aid, human rights law. Each being attacked by Government.
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Danny Boyle saying on Newsnight if he did Olympic Ceremony again, it'd be about privacy and those harvesting our data.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorHmm, also not The Onion: https://t.co/H62rymesKDIn the Same Week, the US and UK Hide Their War Crimes by Invoking “National Security” http://t.co/kePIgYwYrV by @ggreenwaldEdward Snowden and ACLU's @JameelJaffer are doing a Reddit AMA right now: https://t.co/06iDMtzQhz
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorDavid Cameron has pledged to make it illegal to work illegally in the UK. Man's a genius.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor.@BBCNews vs @CBCNews: which do you think does a greater service to their country? http://t.co/oKquQ8l5fn http://t.co/NZzZx17w7n
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorOh, the eyes will be swiveling in UKIP land upon seeing the migration figures for UK in 2014: https://t.co/Iwd60KRansThe fruits of prohibition: https://t.co/5ziiAeY3W3Spy agencies target mobile phones, app stores to implant spyware http://t.co/yU05owyloD
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorSpice is a result of prohibition and the current chemical makeup of Spice is a result of the government's approach to NPS ("legal highs").New Mass Surveillance Laws Come to Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, as the NSA May Have Its Wings Clipped https://t.co/CfCGnEuhWD
@ggreenwald Illogical, illogical: https://t.co/CR9sGWweOSSen. @RonWyden just joined Rand Paul on the Senate floor to help filibuster the NSA. Pretty compelling, watch here: http://t.co/pmGwnlPLIq
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorC:51 (Canada's #SnoopersCharter) - Crowdsourced report aims to stop Canada's slide into 'surveillance society' http://t.co/2K1WSBkUuSAnyone concerned about privacy of digital communications should read this study by @matthew_d_green et al ASAP: https://t.co/de3MfmVdpU
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThe logo used by GCHQ in their docs when they talk about British judges http://t.co/ZZeA9KpPJC
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWe Experimented With Powdered Alcohol So You Don’t Have To > useful debunk of the scare stories from @wired http://t.co/VIt6QSxyMB
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorHome Secretary Theresa May accuses others of being scaremongers -- pot meet kettle.@ggreenwald Yeah, and it fails on both counts.No idea what #GorkanaNewsUK is, but it has some of the saddest most vacuous "public relations speak" tweets I've ever seen. #plasticpeople@Glinner Kinda leads to these sort of headlines -- who would have thought segregation is still out of fashion? https://t.co/ZlTTlM83ql
Confused about why people are going with "The CIA lied to filmmakers" and not "Let's investigate the CIA's propaganda ties to Hollywood." ⛅️
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@JWOLFFH That's Ian Hislop: http://t.co/NRxGSIRqyB He's a show regular and his day job is editing a political satire magazine. He's sharp.Oh, Louise Mensch is trending -- wonderful, another chance to see her critical faculties at work: https://t.co/CZvTjAcEZVCapital and LBC owner Global Radio advised stations to drop HSBC story http://t.co/QIuQzUVXLtPandas determined to go extinct: https://t.co/rmxj9uPI3g@RufusHound "Those who do not move do not notice their chains." --Rosa LuxemburgJoin the march to cinemas and see the story of the biggest protest in history #WeAreMany from May 21 http://t.co/zDdjLBhFQqWilliam McNeilly's security concerns were very real in 2010, when a shipmate of mine routinely used a blue bank card to get into base. #Navy
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThe Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right (original version) https://t.co/H1ZHrIHPvxErrors and Lies -- "We were, in a fundamental sense, lied into war." http://t.co/83lwqq3Lii
Navy whistleblower on the run after exposing alleged Trident safety failings http://t.co/4e9az0Nojq
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorRELEASE: #Trident whistleblower: "We are so close to a nuclear disaster it is shocking" https://t.co/ORFq11d8u6 http://t.co/gV4EYBGZ0j
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorBen Jennings on Prince Harry – cartoon http://t.co/CaNLBBv5cD http://t.co/FWeyey0YXe
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@KimDotcom Don't forget the UK's "dodgy dossier." http://t.co/0upytRaDs9The public sucks -- fuck hope: https://t.co/x786wUqr6L via @YouTube@ggreenwald The Plutocrats have taken over the asylum.National Service: because we'd all feel better if every youth in society was trained to be a killer.The very definition of narcissistic privilege--Harry on national service: "I found 'X' to be positive therefore everyone *must* now do 'X'."
Ha, thought that was The Onion: https://t.co/XVlY9airA4The Plutocrat and Pleb #PubNamesForModernLife
Tsarnaev Death Penalty A Warning To Any Other Religious Fanatics Hoping To Be Martyred http://t.co/Hf7HMNu6Mp http://t.co/ZKvxoQr8wo
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor"Nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide" is dangerous nonsense: https://t.co/7IBi09kqKx https://t.co/jCvA8R2rx3"Nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide" is dangerous nonsense: https://t.co/7IBi09kqKx https://t.co/tabWjdjhBF"Nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide" is dangerous nonsense: https://t.co/7IBi09kqKx https://t.co/OMiTSBVp5u@Independent @RufusHound Why "You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide" is dangerous nonsense: http://t.co/nvufJJx1wt@Crofty1974 Why? What do you have to hide?@Independent @RufusHound Another person who doesn't use curtains & will happily post all passwords online, I'm sure: https://t.co/AH8RNNIZNF@Glinner We still haven't come to terms with how heavily propagandized the West has become -- particularly since 9/11.@tomangell @DrugWarRant You know what they say -- turkeys don't vote for xmas.#BritishValues https://t.co/c0q8HMOK4qIs talking about Plato's critique of democracy (appeals to the lowest common denominator) considered "undermining democracy" in the UK now?@Glinner In UKIP land it's *always* somebody else's fault.Still trying to parse the fact that one of David Cameron's 1st acts of majority government was to argue a case for intolerance -- literally.I knew a light tech. who once did a gig for BB King. He was told, "Don't blackout BB -- BB likes lots of light." It's happened. RIP BB.
.@CarolineLucas Well said. https://t.co/A1Nknix4A2@trevortimm #BritishValues https://t.co/A1Nknix4A2Welcome to the UK! http://t.co/AfTc8XZtinWhat David Cameron said actually seems perfectly reasonable if you're a comic book supervillain. http://t.co/EHWIDq7k5F
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThousands sign petition calling for north of England to be part of Scotland http://t.co/HXpwkIviUf
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThe face, and voice, and mind, of authoritarianism - in its pure expression http://t.co/WRtACFJLrY
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorA wet dream for UKIP and Farage: "It's not just asylum seekers with HIV -- it's bloody leprosy, too!" https://t.co/X1T5jJIhvRFor a year we were told Snowden revelations didn't matter/were treachery. And now? @dabeard @janinegibson https://t.co/FIaqHKQoOC
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@jayrosen_nyu Worth it for this line alone: "I have a huge disagreement with my dog."One for the geeks: https://t.co/YSRUPQHPYs
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