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http://t.co/n8p77QFPnc Things to think about
My life. I hear "Harry, it's cold out. Fix it," "Dresden, it's too hot. Who'd you PO?" But never "Been months since we saw ghouls. Thanks!"
Retweeted by Lanai T.@Isolde_13 Haha Well, get on it!@Masonglazier It won't be 'til next month, but I will be sure to send you a photo. πŸ˜€@Isolde_13 @adamsmadams Let your geek-flag fly! I don't have a 2 BDR house. I have a 1 BDR house with a library.@BambooSpaceship Heeheehee β€œ@Jimllpaintit: Awkward Star Trek orgy - as requested by Sam Wise http://t.co/mlihiOKzx2”@Isolde_13 Fantastic! Have you burned any sage yet?@clockwork_ctr Her hearing is on the fritz, clearly.@Masonglazier Nice work! I just got some new pulls for my armoire. Next will be to sand and paint it.@LoriAndJava Except @StevenDehler seems to have forgotten the #underwear and #swimwear that he #models. Suuuurre is #fit, though. #absLast night, I accidentally dumped my bowl of granola cereal in my lap. I looked like I had joined the fetish scene and taken up splosh.
@sims Have fun! I look forward to your reports from #sdcc
@qikipedia "PIN number"?! Really, you of all people.
RT @qikipedia: Now that's a dilemma... http://t.co/i5Wdwg9HmE/s/0NAJ http://t.co/4bW1aSwuEbyour scotch is much more likely to make you hear things. πŸ˜‰@montepittman That's what I thought about my steak in the pan, but
Disheartened to hear that Terry Richardson can be rather a cad.
@AmericanDuchess Thanks! I would have thought bolo ends would be too big, but those look great and a good size.@Isolde_13 That's fantastic! @adamsmadamsInternet Arrrrrrrseholes - When I was a kid, skeezy people used to copy cassette and video tapes - I know, I'… http://t.co/5kBispy4DS
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Congrats to @kahahuna on being the winner of #ProjectHemlock, selected by producer @EliRoth! http://t.co/V0IZhb6jRz
Retweeted by Lanai T.@qikipedia Fluffy tail = more cleaning power. They like to leap from trees, anyway. Put a deer at the bottom & it'll Cuisinart your venison.@qikipedia Little did they know, they could have used one of those tufted ground squirrels from Borneo & kept the goose from getting dirty.
A classic and relevant quote from the wise Benjamin Franklin. http://t.co/eOfRY8iqF0 http://t.co/LuBmMufhwz
Retweeted by Lanai T.Penelope: Are all these girls prostitutes? Violet: No, that's just how they dress. Everyone's very proud of their vaginas now. #vicious@KGRojo88 Pockets hanging out the front, cheeks hanging out the back. Ugh.β€œ@ClassicalKUSC: #MahlerMonday! Happy Birthday, Gustav! (b. 7/7/1860) http://t.co/HE4agzFH0W” Looks a bit like John Green @melissaanelli@KGRojo88 Or how about when they cut the shorts short and leave the pockets flapping out of the bottom of the shorts? Ugh@weird_sci I found this video surprisingly pessimistic. He kept saying he didn't think we would ever ___. Well, why not?@Jakeshears @chrismoukarbel Is Toby in a pique today?@Masonglazier some people act like we've got a spare planet in opposite orbit, just on the other side of the sun. Idiots.My column about the #HobbyLobby opening in #Burbank http://t.co/6L3Yz2rNTC
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The problem is the ostriches who think if they just wish hard enough, teen sex will stop happening @pourmecoffee @aislinntlc @stevesilbermanIf you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren't, you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious.
Retweeted by Lanai T.Only 5 days until you can watch all ten episodes #HemlockGrove season 2 @netflix (July 11) http://t.co/YX8s8ATTDF
Retweeted by Lanai T.Getting creative http://t.co/baO0j1lAab@Masonglazier Your moves from the disco?Introducing our newest family member #harry #persian #kitten #bluegolden can't wait for him to get old… http://t.co/CxBVfftzKL
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@adamsmadams Oo...! I haven't been ice skating in ages.@adamsmadams Hi, everybody!! πŸ™‹Something has gone very wrong if we'll pay $5 for a greeting card, $3 for gift wrap, but resent paying more than $2.99 for a book.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@danzr4ever We went and fixed a sandwich while we waited for the picture to load...and prayed there was just one on the page. Haha@LoriAndJava *left the house* You don't really need to rent the place out while you go to a concert.@LoriAndJava Wow! I hope you let the house on Tuesday for the Thursday show. 😨@qikipedia Don't understand the name change. When I meet a Pièrre, I don't tell him he should be called Pete, or Bob, or Elvis.@samsparro OMW!! It's soooo good! And Tatiana Maslany is brilliant. Enjoy!8 days now until #HemlockGrove season two is on @netflix (July 11) http://t.co/sXOVQ08Mbe
Retweeted by Lanai T.Huge Classical Sale at Amoeba stores July 4-6! Half-off red/green tag Classical CDs & vinyl - 3 days only! https://t.co/knBkxmBqPy
Retweeted by Lanai T.@LoriAndJava Eff!! Dee effing traffic!!3rd http://t.co/tV9y3q1rT5
Retweeted by Lanai T.@joshdamigo Well, didn't see this in time. Where the heck is @WestfieldUTC anyway?
@chriscolfer Well, I'm shocked.@Masonglazier πŸ’ƒWe seem to have gone astray. SCOTUS's head-in-sand approach to some things is straining my credulity. @clockwork_ctrAre you kidding me, @MyAmazon?! There is no way you are getting this kind of access to my Twitter account. Lunatics! http://t.co/82y3BqDsxfCorp status protects ppl from pitfalls of business but also means ppl don't get to put personal beliefs before Fed standards @clockwork_ctr@amazon @Alikat1323 #AmazonCart Looks like a good deal to me.Is this some photographic trickery or is @samsmithworld truly the size of a linebacker? @jamiecullumYou may think the grass is greener on the other side. But really all you have to do is water your own grass - and it'll be ever greener.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@qikipedia Why do the wasps do this?
Bahahaha! I've been sucked-in to an infomercial for Best of Soft Rock. How about a retro show when you're back, @Runxandersmith?
I just had my brows threaded. I no longer have caterpillars traipsing across my forehead.
@TommyJoeRatliff This is the kind of thing you should let us know in advance. @JulietSimmsALL @AndyBVB
@KGRojo88 Wow! How was it?Ooo...! I want one!! β€œ@Quoylette: @clockwork_ctr Ta da!!!!! : http://t.co/1Sn2JQxwUa”Word of the Day: RAMMIST - confused (or irritable) due to waking up too early.
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ame.😱n. Game ending. Step away again, & suddenly Portugal has tied the g@sims Nothing happening, so went to get ready. US scored 2 in 10 mi
Time to steam my velvet gown for the ball.
If I'd missed the @PaoloNutini sale altogether it'd be one thing, but the fact that it sold out while I was getting tix is really irksomeI need two tickets for @PaoloNutini at @thetroubadour. Anyone have extra?
@LoriAndJava Bahaha! So I'm not the only one.
Bacterias, bacteriae, bacteriums? Sorting out the ignoramuses from the cognoscenti (and other β€˜borrowed’ plurals) http://t.co/Uz4mURugrN
Retweeted by Lanai T.This idea has potential. β€œ@weird_sci: One solution to ending the world's addiction to oil: http://t.co/G4jied2pOl”@sims The giant squid coming up from the lake is really out of hand, and it has far too many legs. The bioluminescence is lovely, though.@weird_sci Maybe we are teeny, tiny parts of some being.@jasperfforde I cannot help but notice that California is missing from your tour...unless I missed it already. That would be terrible!@dougiesauris That little anecdote is very you. :-)@adamsmadams Go you! How are you feeling?@qikipedia That sounds like a terrible holiday. πŸ˜“
@DaveEVOLOVE Your grandfather looks a bit like James Caan. :-)@scotthoying @reh8386 Wow! Strong family resemblance! Charming, handsome men, the both of you.@KGRojo88 Now we know the culprit to blame!Feeling restless
@qikipedia Is that because you've got such an obscene sales tax/VAT?@pindippycave Perhaps you should order some delivery.@Isolde_13 Damn. Now I need another hobby. A-ha! Graffiti! That Banksy person seems to have quite a following. *checks stock of hoodies*@sims They really like the hind-end of that dragon.@adamsmadams @Isolde_13 Intrigued. Keep me posted.@Isolde_13 This avant garde jazz group should be good, though. How do you feel about trumpets?@Isolde_13 Quit the marching band. Did you know they traipse around in fields all day with a funny waddle-step?! All my allure is gone.@adamsmadams Steps in the right direction@danzr4ever That sounds like fun. Here's to cramp rolls, Eleanor Powell turns, and drawbacks w/out an over-abundance of time steps.Ooo.... β€œ@ButterflyEyesMU: @OCCmakeup Lip Tar Swatch Library[...]! #dunegeneration #occmakeup http://t.co/yvyo5SWlmU”@adamsmadams Congratulations!@danzr4ever Perhaps compromise with a breaking class/workshop?@Isolde_13 Excellent! I'll let the rest of the acrobatics troupe and the matching band know.@jamieoliver He looks like a little elf in a lily pond. Adorable!@longshotauthor Plague!! 😱 Unclean!! 😷 Get well soon! πŸ₯
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