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Centered Dem. Pro Obama, Pro Jobs Act, Pro Obamacare. Anti GOP obstructionism. Take back House & States in 2014! I Block RW Trolls! #UniteBlue

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BREAKING: Obama recovery going so well Mitch McConnell wants to shut government down again http://t.co/NqP8laKlYn http://t.co/UstLzuQgsJ
Retweeted by WayneEdHThere is evil in this world. ISIL = ugly, savage, inexplicable, nihilistic, valueless evil.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@TPM @WayneEdH I see 3 people who don't want to be re-elected.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@dccc @WayneEdH Yoho is a yoyo and a hoe! He needs 2 shut his stupid fright wing pie hole! Fright wingers R stupid stumps of rotting trash
Retweeted by WayneEdHI love the commercial running here... "Rick Scott, Just Too Shady For The Sunshine State"! Ain't it the truth! #VoteFor.. @CharlieCristMeet the House GOP's impeachment caucus http://t.co/phiLcGZSHc http://t.co/Fz8MKYYXru
Retweeted by WayneEdHMcConnell: We shouldn't do comprehensive immigration reform. "We need to bust it up."
Retweeted by WayneEdHIn addition to the the indictments...#NHpolitics RT @DumpTea2014: Rick Perry is a devout racist. http://t.co/phulFmcgfn
Retweeted by WayneEdH#GOPimpeacher Buzzfeed: GOP Congressman: If Impeachment Happens, "President Has Chosen To Bring That Upon Himself" http://t.co/HuCDxinEBT
Retweeted by WayneEdH@bill_clemens Don't worry, the GOP eat their young! Sooner or Later!@WayneEdH NO! Crawling up the beach, okay; but don't let him reproduce.
Retweeted by WayneEdHAs union membership rates decrease, middle-class incomes shrink: http://t.co/38WnstLrbQ #1U #unions #uniteblue #incomeinequality
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH blow them away!!
Retweeted by WayneEdHMcConnell says if GOP wins both Houses there will be more Gvmt Shutdowns! Shouldn't Turtleman be crawling up on a beach laying eggs? #VOTE.@HouseGOP won't #RaiseTheWage but gave huge tax giveaways to corporate special interests. Dems have a better plan: http://t.co/FiyReBuszf
Retweeted by WayneEdHTime to expand air strikes & get rid of ISIS!!@PABBEJ @YardrepShortbus @BoonieKane @00mouser @Ngmaline @carrizales1973 @msholmes2U http://t.co/PcPuQGXKG8
Retweeted by WayneEdH#FOXNews Host: #Obama ‘May Be Orchestrating the #MichaelBrown Tragedy’ (Screenshots) http://t.co/HR7Q5Y3e98
Retweeted by WayneEdHDon't bitch..... VOTE! #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014 #GottaVote2014.@FLGovScott LOVES not answering your questions so much, we made a whole website just for his ducks, dives and dodges http://t.co/roAsuRE2Ep
Retweeted by WayneEdHWe need to get rid of ISIS!! And ISSA while we are at it! #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014 #GottaVote2014I'm a Democrat. You may be a Republican. But we are all Americans. United we need to take these guys down. #Foley http://t.co/G6ZYs5374p
Retweeted by WayneEdHMcConnell was all too willing to keep the economy in the ditch they drove it into. @KennettDems @WayneEdH
Retweeted by WayneEdHDear Republicans: Is this really what you want? McConnell Promises Government Shutdown Wars http://t.co/JCb9ynI9pp http://t.co/RNJURE26Ym
Retweeted by WayneEdHHAhahahahahaha ==> Compassionate Conservatism??? BWhahahahahaha #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014 #GottaVote2014A Republican Senate = the road to shutdown. Donate to help elect Democrats: http://t.co/YFk7NKTy4k http://t.co/ou94xrJbZU
Retweeted by WayneEdH“@WayneEdH http://t.co/gVKbmGQzno” @SenJohnMcCain takes pic with ISIS murderers ..got it wrong , again , John
Retweeted by WayneEdH#ISIS, like al Qaeda in the 80s, are also known as the Friends of the GOP @WayneEdH http://t.co/9KGZMv2oPq
Retweeted by WayneEdHWill the U.S. now declare War on ISIS?? I doubt it cause the GOP Congress does NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING, Ever! #GottaVote2014REMEMBER: The GOP Shutdown the Government to get rid of Healthcare for All Americans! #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014 #GottaVOTE2014Turtleman McConnell says might Shutdown Government Again if GOP gets control of both Houses! #GottaVOTE2014 http://t.co/xMnaxiswbLOutside money fueled more than 90% of the 16K+ political ads aired in Alaska's Senate race http://t.co/xyeb4Wy223 by @mjbeckel
Retweeted by WayneEdH#Latino in #Orlando #FL10 #Register2Vote b4 #Deadline #Oct6 http://t.co/mtRtQ1KCCP #sayfie #TNTweeters http://t.co/lFgg66CPBB
Retweeted by WayneEdH#NeedRecordDemTurnout2014 #Vote2014 He's letting people Die, On Purpose!!...... http://t.co/dBEgTI3Ttt@marcylauren Thankfully, Rick Scott's days are numbered. =) @CharlieCrist will save the day. I'm early primary voting today. @HuffPostPol
Retweeted by WayneEdHThe Difference: Liberals believe in one person one vote. Conservatives believe in $1 one vote. #TweetTruth #UniteBlue http://t.co/lXzNLNwreA
Retweeted by WayneEdHMissouri GOP Chief Thinks Helping Ferguson Residents Register To Vote Is 'Disgusting' http://t.co/mIRj6AChu8
Retweeted by WayneEdHISIS!!! The GW Bush/Cheney/GOP gift that keeps on giving! #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014 #VoteVoteVote94yrs ago today women got the power to #RocktheVote. Celebrate by getting registered RIGHT NOW:http://t.co/gIDaN5Kp7Y http://t.co/kUoAYLecOo
Retweeted by WayneEdH"Mitch McConnell hands Dems a 2014 message: GOP control of Senate = more govt shutdowns: http://t.co/oVO5YuF2DO" #UniteBlue #LibCrib
Retweeted by WayneEdHGet on the bus or get out of the way!!!! #YesOn2 #MedicalMarijuana http://t.co/VaLgJ6fQzv
Retweeted by WayneEdH
"Rt@Progress4Ohio: Ho Sit Down: Ohio Governor Says He Doesn't "Need Black People" http://t.co/oyqPVHdyQk #UniteBlue HE MUST GO #OHIO #VOTE"
Retweeted by WayneEdHWhy is Anyone watching #MorningJoke?? Might as well put it on Fox! #SameThingBoehner talking about how PBO does his job? That's Rich! Coming from the top #DoNothing in Congress! Boehner does NOTHING! #Vote2014Rick Scott is the worst Florida Governor in my lifetime! That's why I'm voting for @CharlieCrist!! #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014Gov. Rick Scott's Ad Features Shop Owner Convicted Of Human Smuggling Who Endorses Him http://t.co/ZbsTFrSQNF
Retweeted by WayneEdH
I remember the last time a Nixon sent in the National Guard! #TinSoldiersAndNixonsComing #FourDeadInOhioFerguson troops have no badges or name tags? Isn't that exactly what happened in Crimea? "Not Russian" @Chrislhayes #inners #MichaelBrown
Retweeted by WayneEdHRick Scott’s Transportation Record: Killing High Speed Rail, an FBI Arrest, and More http://t.co/b7WpiiGDK1 http://t.co/bI9In7scmc
Retweeted by WayneEdHWe need to pick up 17 seats to TAKE BACK HOUSE. IF ALL DEMOCRATS VOTE, WE WILL DO IT! http://t.co/93aopvkwPT This year is CRUCIAL to DEMs!
Retweeted by WayneEdHEvil in Action! @UniteWomenOrg @bjs5555 @sociojen @AngieSullivan0 @KatrinaNation @GloriaSteinem @CassLibinVegas http://t.co/Uk1TmjSWqw
Retweeted by WayneEdHYes Sir ! RT @alonso_529 I need you to be active in this elections." - President Obama #UniteBlue http://t.co/3DFMv0dfgE"#TNTweeters
Retweeted by WayneEdHElisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool out of Herself Once Again on Fox & Friends with Ridiculous Attack Against President http://t.co/Z7BOitc2dq
Retweeted by WayneEdHCourt finds S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley violated the First Amendment by arresting Occupy protesters http://t.co/TfFAnmPaju #GOPGovsGottaGo
Retweeted by WayneEdH
@MrLewis1971 @WayneEdH @meetthepress But at least we'll get the latest news on the soup of the day in the Congressional Dining Rooms
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @meetthepress Geez! Right when I was thinking they were cleaning house getting rid of idiots! #epicfail
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @revoltdev Latest one I heard-They employ 50,000 employees, that's not much for power they want.-How many R full time or min.wage
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @meetthepress I stopped watching both #mtp and Todd's morning show around the same time, years ago. Don't think I'll start again.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @meetthepress Well said.. we went from one uninformed partisan jerk to another. I miss Tim...
Retweeted by WayneEdH@JacquelineHine1 @WayneEdH @meetthepress I refuse to watch . Kill the rating kill the show
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WolfmanLives OOOooooooowwww, Have Mercy! Thanks for the follow!When they should have brought back Martin Bashir. Horrible management. RT @WayneEdH: GOOD NEWS: (cont) http://t.co/FzsVXs5Y2P
Retweeted by WayneEdH@dwaynecobb @WayneEdH But some of that same Ag Comm led by Lucas (R-OK) still got their farm subsidies after cutting SNAP.
Retweeted by WayneEdHCongressional GOP (R)s desperate for money http://t.co/n2iKhXrKmxhttp://t.co/j6izQhcKgK
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @meetthepress Better news: Channel changer still works so all can Mute the Press
Retweeted by WayneEdHGOOD NEWS: @MeetThePress removed David Gregory as host! BAD NEWS: Replaced him with David Gregory with a goatee!Winger Crystal Wright doesn't think Al Sharpton should have a show! But she's A-OK with Fox! #WhatBS #CNN #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014#GOP #SCOTUS #FOX #KOCHS #SUPERPACS All conspiring to suppress people and further their own selfish agendas! #VoteDems2014Took teeth out of Voter Rights Act, Gave us Citizens United, Corps are people?! Worst #SCOTUS Ever! #TakeBackOurCountry #VoteDems2014DEMS: The November election is in 79 days. Are you registered? https://t.co/qg3ousCrYQ Do you have necessary ID? http://t.co/n54ojOM2vf
Retweeted by WayneEdHGOP(R) Draft-Dodging Swiftboater Saxby Chambliss Confirms That Obama Can’t Trust Republicans http://t.co/govRx3uMeU via @politicususa
Retweeted by WayneEdHReally?? Koch Industries commercial about how good they are for the Country?? Talk about BS propaganda & lying misinformation! #Boycott
Media: U.S. launches more airstrikes against ISIS, but what's the ultimate goal? Sheesh, PBO couldn't be any clearer!! #CrapStirrers@WayneEdH If they had to fill PBO's shoes, they would not last very long. They could not do the job. It's ez to be critical looking in.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH With the Caption "Alotta People believe" #WorstMediaInHistory ~~ @AlexWitt @msnbc
Retweeted by WayneEdHHey GOPers & Media, all you have to do is get elected President then you can do things your way! #GoodLuckWithThat #DoNothingGOP@rossssc @AlexWitt @msnbc My favorite is how they show a previous @msnbc reporter comments like it's News! #FillerCrapGotta Say #MSNBC ,it's Tough to argue with hard hitting "Reporting" like "Some People Say" or "Most People Think" .@AlexWitt CLICK!! .@MSNBC
Retweeted by WayneEdH#HandsUpDontShoot Via The Everlasting G.O.P. Stoppers on fb and @theGOPstoppers #PeopleOverPolitics @UniteBlue  http://t.co/lb0yCZ6EEv
Retweeted by WayneEdH@SenTedCruz @GovernorPerry When you stand with him, make sure you are both wearing, "I'm With Stupid' T shirts.
Retweeted by WayneEdHEnjoy your vacation Nancy, but rest assured U R the TROLL on this thread! Kate is my follower responding 2 my tweet @hurley_nancy @kkmurphy
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @FilmCriticOne @LilMsgss Lol 😬
Retweeted by WayneEdH@Zilla_Mon @WayneEdH @FilmCriticOne @LilMsgss That's why @FoxNews viewers know less than ppl who don't watch news at all.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@FilmCriticOne @LilMsgss @Catlady628 Fox is a News Organization the same way Jeffrey Dahmer was a Chef!@WayneEdH @LilMsgss @Catlady628 Please don't call say FOX. In the same sentence as "News". It's "FOX SPEWS"
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH I'd like to see how INSANITY HANNITY gets BUFFOON CONVICT PERRY out of this 1 !! IT WILL BE A HOOT !!
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH waiting for the indictments of another presidential hopeful...Christie!
Retweeted by WayneEdHoften not about countering misinfo. It's about allowing it on air in the first place @Catlady628 @whoschriskelly @WayneEdH @meetthepress
Retweeted by WayneEdH@freethepoetry @WayneEdH We will be paying for Bush/Cheney into the 2020's.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@LilMsgss @WayneEdH @meetthepress I won't watch any of them. Repubs are allowed to lie with impunity.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH Personally, I fantasize about seeing selfies of Rick Perry, Hannity, & Pat McCRORY n matching orange jumpsuits from Butner, #NC!
Retweeted by WayneEdHNarrow range of discussion/volumes of relevant topics excluded They don't inform, they pander & confuse @WayneEdH @Catlady628 @meetthepress
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH Its a Witchhunt? I'm not Tom Delay? Wendy made me do it? It really was Abbotts idea? Cruz snitched me off? Usual suspects.
Retweeted by WayneEdHNothing says 'Vote For Me' in 2016 for Prez, like a couple of indictments! #RickPerry #Oooops #TheWayOfTheGOP@LilMsgss @Catlady628 @nbc @meetthepress In other words, it should be on Fox News! #SameThing@NBC shld recogniz @meetthepress just isn't impt. It's opinion-manipulatng prpgnda tht pushes false equivalency of misinfo & facts #nerdland
Retweeted by WayneEdHRussia denies military involvement with vehicle convoy. Sounds "fishy"! http://t.co/rYvw8mX8vW
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH http://t.co/CSoXAylxmA
Retweeted by WayneEdHMaybe Rick Perry can take a selfie of him & Hannity, wearing camo, at his arraignment! #BirdsOfaFeather #TakeAbbotWithYouToo #Wingers
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