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Sarah Smith @_sarahliz Texas/Arkansas

Lady Sarah Elizabeth of House Smith. First of her name. Caller of Hogs and Master of Sass.

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Last night in San Francisco. :(this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything http://t.co/pQXJwOc64l
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Just called the Hogs with some fellow Razorbacks in front of one of the biggest sequoia trees in Yosemite! WOOO PIG!! πŸ—β€οΈA bear cub just walked right in front of us on a trail.... 🐻 #Yosemite
@HannahMarieS17 I've seen Tommy Hunter and Darren O'Day walk by too :)I'm getting to watch Nelson Cruz, Chris Davis, and Craig Gentry all play baseball in person today. It's a good day. 😊From start to finish, Rory McIlroy was absolutely dominant at #TheOpen. http://t.co/a5jatYctSZ
Retweeted by Sarah Smithand in that moment, everyone’s heart broke http://t.co/dxQwH3crvx
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Having my first Uber car experience!@ncboomstick23 See you there in a few days!!
Just landed in San Francisco! Our cab driver isn't wearing a seatbelt. 😁 Pray for us. #SmithsTakeSFSpotted: a guy wearing FOUR cowboy hats in the DFW airport. He loves him some Texas...#SmithsTakeSFThere's nothing like seeing a military homecoming while waiting for your flight in the DFW airport!! #USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έno. β€œ@Rangers: Change your avi to 1 of these & show us you still support the Rangers. Use #PRF (ProudRangersFan) http://t.co/EFE4cIEve9β€β€œ@lahansen36: WOOOOOO PIG SOOOIE! http://t.co/dkdrxAvyhC” sooo your saying there's still a chance?? Go hogs go
Retweeted by Sarah SmithWould You Pass School Chemistry Now? http://t.co/12DSAMviBR
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@XandriaGallery I go to school in Arkansas. From Texas@XandriaGallery @sambshade hey now...he was just giving me a hard time! Hence why the tweet was an @ reply TO ME
@andrewsaxonbell well where have you been? What have you been up to?@sambshade http://t.co/OMnrZHL3eiEEPHUS πŸ˜πŸ‘ β€œ@Rangers: Yu Darvish almost got his man looking with this 56 MPH pitch. #ASG #Rangers http://t.co/FoaaoD7t3l”@andrewsaxonbell WHY HAVENT I SEEN YOU IN TEN MILLION YEARS ANDY??Go home CBS, you're DRUNK #MichaelJeter h/t @baseballreddit http://t.co/8BHoStm3mv
Retweeted by Sarah SmithWow, no HRs in the Derby and 3 strikeouts in the ASG. If Puig can be an All Star, so can I!
But remember what Josh Hamilton did at the Home Run Derby in 2008? #NeverForget@MaKayKay_ @Suttondebby @OhPhillmore We have it on DVD!@MaKayKay_ Except for @OhPhillmore and @Suttondebby's commercial of course!!!@standtallsamgol Lip Balm me! πŸ™‹@Joekisor95 GOOD. Because you looked freakin' weird!!Last night I had a dream that @Joekisor95's hair had grown all the way down to his calf muscles since the last time I saw him. πŸ˜‚@str8edgeracer Terrible clothes? That shirt is awesome!
YASSSSS http://t.co/VzilIBl1fwThis Starbucks barista is so annoying. I just need her to stop talking...Wow....hate to say it but I kind of love Mizzou's campus! 😁 it's beautiful!@MirandaSings We didn't get to meet you after driving 5 hours to get here! :( Come to the Starbucks near the venue!! #mirandasingscolumbiaUp early to go see Miraaaandaaaaaa! http://t.co/rbOqOkOaKe@connerpal I only talk to cute boys when I'm scooping up my puppy's poop from the ground. #HiImSarah
Shoutout to YouTube for teaching me how to fix my garbage disposal all by myself! #littlemissplumber ✌️I will never forgive the writers of #HIMYM for Barney Stinson's character regression. NEVER.The guy at Taco Bell just handed me back my debit card and it was COMPLETELY SOAKING WET. I don't think I want to know...@HaquesCall ahhh...that's where they get ya@HaquesCall And a dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme for 77 cents apparently!False alarm everyone... β€œ@4029news: Sheriff: 8-year-old falsely reports bear attack http://t.co/uFKEaazPoN”LOL IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER http://t.co/gza0cgxaQ4@LP_WPS RIGHT?! 😱WHAT THE....WHAT...... β€œ@4029news: Person attacked by bear in Fayetteville http://t.co/CxpgeOpex5”@mlb my snapchat name is sarahliz0727. I'd love a snapchat from Anthony Rizzo! #CubsJust had to go online to pay a $2 bill I got in the mail for a tollway in Dallas that I drove on 2 YEARS AGO. Is this really more efficient?β€œ@tyleroakley: love running into viewers while out in London with @JimsTweetings! http://t.co/6wW2xOV29b” @theJillianK this could be you! 😫I feel bad for the great Adrian Beltre. That man is true baseball royalty. Hate that he's having the year he's having on a team like this.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@OhPhillmore or these open tryouts http://t.co/nIL0fcTd9tIM CRYING πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/m6RGau3IKG
Can we cut everyone on the Rangers except for Beltre and Darvish? And then just hold open tryouts to fill up the rest of team...?My entire room now smells like Honeysuckle thanks to @LUVBBW and their wallflowers 😍@MattMcCutchen they are so awful. I can't anymoreWOOF. http://t.co/91kfciWwXD@_jmerrigan YES. GOT 1000%!@JacobJohnson5 that's one less for the rest of us to worry about! I applaud you, sir πŸ‘"I honestly don't think they have enough orange construction barrels out on Garland Avenue," said no one ever.The 10 Biggest Emmy Snubs of 2014 - Dorkly Article: http://t.co/5iQjyYnhwo http://t.co/celg1Kr6Q0
Retweeted by Sarah SmithCongrats on making the ASG @ARizzo44! I'm wearing my Rizzo tshirt today to celebrate 😊🐻⚾️#VoteRizzo and get my man @ARizzo44 in to the All Star Game! 🐻⚾️❀️Want to hear a funny story? #last #freaking #place #imdone http://t.co/4lLdi49sVO
GET DEVIN OUT OF THE HOUSE. HE'S MENTALLY UNSTABLE. #BB16If I was on Big Brother, I'd just go back and watch competitions from previous seasons. It's the same comps every year, different themes.Wishing safe travels to @theJillianK as she travels to the UK today!! Y'all don't know how bad I wish I was going with her!! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§β€οΈβœˆοΈDo you believe in love at first sight or should I slide to the left, slide to the right, criss cross, criss cross, and clap my hands again?
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThere's someone out there for everyone. Unless the population is an odd number right now. In which case you'll probably be the one left out.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithHonestly, I think I might be overdoing it at the gym. I went once in 2011 and then I almost went today. It's starting to get out of control.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI just matched up with a cheeseburger on Tinder if that tell you anything about how my love life is going. http://t.co/zhdPz1OTQq@_MarcusSand @_ColeAndre @samtwomiller @_jmerrigan You guys all copied from MY twitter handle 😏
when you tweet something funny and no one retweets it http://t.co/TitItqPvH2
Retweeted by Sarah SmithSomeone go get 56 cent pancakes with me at IHOP pronto!Personally I think Prince Fielder has a heavenly body. Probably in the supergiant to hypergiant category.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithSay what you will, but it takes a lot of guts for Prince Fielder to appear nude in a magazine. Which works out 'cause he has a lot of guts
Retweeted by Sarah SmithPrince Fielder doesn't need to pose naked for another magazine ever again. #no #justnoFrom Little League to All-Star. Let's make the transformation complete this #TransformationTuesday! #VoteRizzo http://t.co/0fqafluXoW
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@theJillianK I will!!!@theJillianK miranda or colleen? :P@theJillianK LOVE YOU. Remember that I got you Harry Styles earlierYASSSS! I just bought tickets to see @MirandaSings and @ColleenB123 on Sunday with @_JonWarner_! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒNights spent around the fire are so perfect. πŸ‘ŒSomeone made our dreams come true @trevorjpage10 πŸ˜‚ http://t.co/thLnZB5ODN
@MaKayKay_ @theJillianK @connerpal I see how it is@trevorjpage10 YES! Nicole as Maddie, Devin as a buff Mr Moseby, and Donny as Arwin!!@trevorjpage10 I LOL every time they're in a room together πŸ˜‚ and Paola could be London! #suitelife@OhPhillmore I can always count on you, brother.@Beccansn No way! That would be awesome!!Ladies! I'm on the hunt for the perfect kimono! Any ideas on where to find one?I'm so jealous of all of my friends who are out traveling the world this summer while I sit on a couch in Arkansas....Just saw a commercial for a new show on VH1 called Dating Naked where people go on 1st dates totally naked. They've got to be joking, right?
If someone wants to be a part of your life, they will be there. Don't bother saving a spot for someone who won't make an effort to stay.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithChester has figured out that he can fit underneath the couch and that's where he spends most of his time now.me waiting for the orange is the new black theme song to end http://t.co/JOoDouckuR
Retweeted by Sarah Smithdriving past your old elementary school like http://t.co/oMCjF2wdbz
Retweeted by Sarah SmithAnd to play Ed Sheeran in the credits after that cry fest is just cruel!I just saw The Fault in Our Stars and I AM NOT OKAY. I won't be ok for a while.
@theJillianK Yeah you've definitely got to watch it on an empty stomach! And if you plan on eating hot dogs that day it has to be MUCH later@kegan_bragg I just read that on twitter! Cuteee! I'm ready for someone to actually be able to compete with him thoughNO NO NO!! I forgot to watch the Hot Dog Eating Competition on ESPN today! A tradition has been ruined 😫
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