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Sarah Smith. @_sarahliz Texas|Arkansas

Lady Sarah Elizabeth of House Smith. First of her name. Caller of Hogs and Master of Sass.

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Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by allergies ✋
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.The man cannot throw to first!! @wsmith0630 mom said follow your dreams, so I went back to bed.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@FrankieJGrande U go out of your way 2 do a lot of charity. But if U really want 2 make the world a better place, just… go away. #ZING #BB17
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never yield @billyraycyrus
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Im ready for 🍁🍁🍁 🏈 🎃 👻 🍁 🏈🏈 🎃 👻 🍁🍁 🏈 🏈 🎃 👻 🍁 🏈🏈🏈 🎃 👻 🍁 🏈 🏈 🎃🎃🎃👻👻👻
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.#HaltertopFrodo is my new favorite @hogsguy hashtag 😂 fitting that I'm at the vet on #NationalDogDay 😩
Gosh, I love this team... on air after that home run! 🙌🏽
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.I’m pre-stress stressed, like i’m stressed about the stress that i will be stressed out about for school
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The Weeknd's song with Ed Sheeran is everything I had hoped it would be and more. 😍🙌🏼 #darktimes #beautybehindthemadnessThe SEC Network is predicting the Hogs to go 10-2 this season. #WooPigOff to New York! Thanks a ton #BachelorNation I am so excited to share this story with you all. Let's Gooo!
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.RT if your heart stopped when you thought Chris Harrison was about to announce Nick V. as the next bachelor. #AfterParadise #TheBachelor@the_aaronmiller I was just about to message you!! I'm so excited! But also sad that it won't be me :PYou dreams have come true, #BachelorNation! @benhiggi will be #TheBachelor
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.*frantically pulls my unfinished Bachelor application out of the drawer to finish it*BEN H IS THE NEXT BACHELOR BEN H IS THE NEXT BACHELOR BEN H IS THE NEXT FREAKING BACHELOR!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I am LOVING @joebaileysego's hair like that! 😍 #AfterParadiseSo hot right now: The Cubs have won 20 of their last 24 games. Not even a Gatorade bath can cool them down.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.End the homestand in style. #KBoom #Walkoff
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.If your computer freezes, just spaztically click everywhere. That should do the trick.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@CheyenneGurule I went to a back to school party on an outdoor bar patio that I didn't realize was near the river. MOSQUITOS EVERYWHERE 😩
There are currently over 28 mosquito bites on my legs....I can't stop scratching 😩The Razorbacks are ranked No. 18 in the preseason AP poll >
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.same
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IMPORTANT MATH QUESTION: If there are TWO numbers in the middle of a range of numbers, are they comedians?
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.I love Ben H for many reasons but mostly bc he put his seatbelt on for his exit interview in the limo. #MenTellAll
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@RBreitfeller Type--Carly Rae Jepsen #anthemPeople: Do you have a boyfriend? Me:
White coat official 👌🏼 @ UAMS College of pharmacy white coat ceremony when that student loan direct deposit hits my bank account in a few days.
When you tweet something fire and no one retweets it.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.When you say something funny in the group chat and nobody replies
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@_JRay23"Do you wanna go for a-"
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@annachristman I want to go!!This is something I would catch my dog doing.... WHAT WHEN WHERE 😱
@cassidyjordan21 many snapchat stories from Jose's tonight and I'm not there. 😢 #imissfay
working on it ✈️
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@benhiggi You know...Little Rock, AR is only 2 hours from Memphis. You should come see what the Natural State has to offer! ☺️@toddfernandez She came on the episode of Hart of Dixie I was watching the other day and this was my face 😒😒😒Studying for trivia tonight by watching a mini Cash Cab marathon. 🚕💵💲@andygrammer Come have a drink with me and my friends tonight at the Flying Saucer before your show! it's right across the streetNo love. Honeydont & Cantanope. #stopbadfruit
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The Rangers waste so much Gatorade though. Beltre ain't having it! 😝WALKOFF WALK LOL 😂 #RangersIf you're always looking for something better then you'll definitely lose something great
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.when u finally find some tots but u get caught :/
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Derek Holland will start for the Rangers on Wednesday! #WelcomeBack
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Please no."English is a difficult language. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though." — University of Notre Dame
Retweeted by Sarah Smith."Pro tip: you will never, ever watch those videos you recorded of that concert you were at." — Cornell
Retweeted by Sarah Smith."My boyfriend is like a trampoline. I don't have a trampoline." — University of Otago
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Literal chills after watching @edsheeran's Wembley special! So so proud 😭Ohhh @joebaileysego....I had such high hopes for you. 😩 #justlikeeveryotherguy #BachelorInParadiseMegan: In every relationship, Ive been cheated on & I don't want that *chooses JJ (who cheated on his wife) for a date*😒 #BachelorInParadiseWe live in the age of the front-facing camera. So WHY are mirror selfies still a thing?!?@Jwillpart2 praying for a speedy recovery! this is still your year!! :)
Those Chicago @Cubs are so hot right now! #NineInARow 🔥🔥🔥 thus ends the longest God Bless America recital of all time.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.I have yet another sinus infection. 😷 GREAT.I have a bad habit of seeing people for who they could be instead of who they really are
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If you're counting, the #Cubs have won 14 of their last 15 games. #DontStopNowBoys
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.I love the @Cubs uniforms today! Simple and classy. 👌🏼Lion cub napoleon shows off his mighty roar 😻
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Still not over it... was the chance to get Vanessa out, ya dingus!! #BB17Johnny Mac is looking FINE tonight. 😍👌🏼 #BB17John- What do you want? Julie- Please cast your vote to evict. John- I vote to evict Shelli. Julie- Thank you. John- Yeah, whatever #BB17
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.It's #DoubleEviction night! 😁😁😁 #BB1723 soul-crushing problems only left-handed people understand #lefthandersday
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.First day of pharmacy classes is in the books! 👍🏼
Anthony Rizzo jumped on the tarp to make on of the most ridiculous catches of the year
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The Joe/Juelia edit on tonight's #BachelorInParadise made me CRINGE. It's unfortunate that most guys in the real world do the same thing...i am....disgusted
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Just wanna remind everyone that, a song with the lyrics "if I was invisible, I would just watch you in your room" were in a hit song. Later!
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Ran into my fav professor from the UofA in Little Rock today & she introduced me to her daughter as "the best student she's ever had." 💁🏼
I'm sooo excited for the rest of the world to hear @TheRoadsBelow's new tunes!! Toooooo good @philsbh 👌🏼👌🏼They're building a children's hospital in NWA and the timing is absolutely PERFECT. 👌🏼He's no longer a member of the 25-and-under #squad. Happy birthday, @ARizzo44!
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This vine of Mariah Carey posing while her child is dragged away from her is iconic
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@JonathanKWeaver I'd be ecstatic if we got Cruz back!!YES. We're getting the gang back together!! @Rangers the subtle Texarkana shoutout in the new Vacation movie! ☺️Currently obsessed.'m glad someone enjoys my humor! 😂"If trump gets elected president, there will be hell toupee." — USC
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@ItsTed__93 jealous 😩😩😩R.I.P to all the “we have to hangout this summer”s that never happened
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@cassidyjordan21 why couldn't Chester be like this?! it bad that everyone else is tweeting about the GOP debate and I'm here like "BIG BROTHER EVICTION NIGHT YAAAASSS" #BB17
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Clay with that Canadian tuxedo tonight. 😒 #BB17 #doubledenimschool starts in a couple weeks and I’m waking up at noon idk how im going to fix this
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