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Sarah Smith @_sarahliz Texas/Arkansas

froot loop dingus busta fooligan.

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Me whenever it smells really bad on the Orange bus. (all the time) http://t.co/5FwwWEUl81SLAY @tyleroakley SLAY. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Watching the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory counts as studying for my physics exam tomorrow, right?Me when the Orange bus is too crowded in the morning. http://t.co/7XF7tVFwQZWhen you're trying to stay mad but then someone cracks some quality banter http://t.co/kfNE1tIiXR
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@edsheeran & @macklemore performing "Same Love" is the duet you didn’t know you needed http://t.co/P4dKYRlGDZ
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My nail polish changes color whenever my hands get cold. Coolest thing ever. http://t.co/f5j31rLPpyUnlocking every iPhone at once http://t.co/onlZrAEmWB
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Mike from Taco Bell is my new favorite. #wazzzzzzzappppp
Can't wait to watch some Razorback football with my parents tomorrow!! πŸ˜πŸ‘Words cannot express my rage right now because I can't see Bill Nye tonight...For the past 3 days, someone's Siri has gone off in every single one of my classes. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Control your fingers people!@RBreitfeller @OhPhillmore β€œ@BuzzFeed: FINALLY an answer to the "HIMYM" pineapple mystery http://t.co/LcchTUsd1P http://t.co/xUPewZKQmr”Can Alan Rickman be the next Siri?
Retweeted by Sarah Smithi just said hi to someone and they didn’t hear me i’m never trying that again
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
Sorry, I'm way too tired to do anything tonight. I just need to take a shower, get to bed early, then look at stuff on my phone until 4 AM.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithYou give me butterflies. I give them back. Please stop handing me insects, it's really weird.
Retweeted by Sarah Smithhave a jazzy thursday http://t.co/B4o5W6NTtH
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI dare you to tell me a song that's more fun to belt at the top of your lungs than this one. http://t.co/acScrhiNQMRemember to turn your clocks back an hour today if you want them to be wrong.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI'm the idiot wearing long sleeves, a raincoat, and rain boots in this beautiful weather. I swear it was raining earlier!!It's not even 7:30 yet and I'm already on campus for the day. UGH.College is nice. You can wear the same shirt two days in a row if you have to because your MWF people don't know about your TR life
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My application for pharmacy school is DONE. All that's left is to hit that "Submit" button. #freakingout #thisistoorealI bet updating your phone to iOS 8 loads the entire U2 album collection to your phone which is why you needed 5.9 GB free for the update.About to update my phone to iOS 8!It smells like dirty diapers, BO, and urine on the orange bus right now. #publictransportationprobsThe only thing better than going to bed is going back to bed.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithMy best friend @RBreitfeller has watched the entire first season of Game of Thrones in the span of about 24 hours. I am so proud!!
"Are you wearing tap shoes?" "I got them at the Goodwill! I thought they were just really shiny dress shoes!" #NewGirl"How I feel about going to class everyday." http://t.co/a1O1wDmMvp
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If I had to list the artists I wanted to load their album for free to my iCloud, U2 would be 2nd to last on that list...right before Pitbull@_sarahliz Your cover photo is froot loops. #frootloopdingus #reasonswhywearefriends
Retweeted by Sarah SmithA HUGE shoutout goes out to @KjzpJill for retweeting my last tweet! I've never seen so many favorites/RTs in my life!! ☺️
Oh how I've missed Zach and Donny!! #BB16 #JuryFuryI kind of love this! β€œ@RKoehler54: Arkansas Fight Song (Bluegrass Version) http://t.co/aLr8YDVUYH”Devastating news for the Cowboys today, as Tony Romo woke up feeling great.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithArkansas ranks 2nd nationally with 1,086 rushing yards and 362.0 rushing yards per game #WPS #NeverYield
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@ALittleLes_ it's from this video πŸ˜‚ http://t.co/4Bfp5Qj4Ol
RT for Bielema FAV for Kingsburry http://t.co/x5QuZl3VWg
Retweeted by Sarah SmithHECK of a game by @Jwillpart2 and @Budda03!! #proudofyall πŸ—πŸˆWOO PIG WISCONSIN.WE πŸ‘ ARE πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ WIS πŸ‘ CON πŸ‘ SINBUDDAAAAAAA #WPSBA runs #RedRaiders ragged. #Arkansas QB Brandon Allen scrambles Tarkenton-like for TD. Hogs up 35-21. #ARKvsTTU. http://t.co/sGiQ5xRcmr
Retweeted by Sarah SmithCan ABC just do a split screen of the game and a close up of Kliff Kingsbury?! #please 😍
literally check your music bc this actually happened and I'm cracking up http://t.co/gTpugp8RZS
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@OhPhillmore I've been hanging out with the international students too much....they're wearing off on me!It's Friday evening and I'm sat on my couch doing homework and my dog keeps farting. #turnup@OhPhillmore UGH JEALOUS.me trying to get my life together http://t.co/IYr1xWHqjX
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThis is perfect. β€œ@KrystieLYandoli: 21 Truths Jim And Pam Taught You About Love http://t.co/HnKuJYCxY3 http://t.co/9VXyA9sZo2”
My snapchat has gotten to the point that if you snap me twice you're in my best friends
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI really love when my computer decides to unexpectedly shut down and run an update in the middle of a timed quiz.I wish I could go back in time and slap my past self for signing up for an 8 am lab...*gets out of bed* no *gets back in bed*
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Red flags going off like crazy with this @UACashDash business. Remember how well UA Secret Show turned out everyone?Y'all know I don't watch horror movies but I just might have to see this one about my hometown! https://t.co/KeNMv6WuqIVoting for ASG Senate is still going on, so go to http://t.co/8i9HtaTz4V and cast your vote for me today! #sherrillforsenate
Retweeted by Sarah SmithFor anyone that has heard me tell my favorite Orientation story of all time: I just saw FRATson-Ripley. DAY. MADE.
"Oh hell no I don't want a phone bigger than my breakfast."- @connerpal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Sarah SmithAnyone else a Seattle Seahawks fan? Because me too... http://t.co/SJWv9ENVzIWe're doing dimensional analysis on my physics drill right now. Soooo why am I here again? 😴I'm going to wear my pink hat, eat Fruit Loops, and call people 'dingus' all day because it's @ranceypants birthday! #HappyBirthdayZachRancewearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
@wethegriswolds well I was about to go to bed but NOT NOW. #nightmaresDon't πŸ‘ Wanna πŸ‘ Do πŸ‘ School πŸ‘
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@RBreitfeller Me every day...I was really excited for this new show #Utopia, but after watching 1/2 of the first episode, its making me hate the human race. #UtopiaOnFOXDez Bryant on the Cross dying for Tony Romo's sins http://t.co/C7kO2a6wgF
Retweeted by Sarah SmithHappy Monday, everyone!!While you were sleeping @nickjonas & @onedirection released new songs, Will and Kate announced a 2nd royal baby, & @ActuallyNPH got married!The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their second child
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@ActuallyNPH @Davidburtka Congrats to the cutest couple in Hollywood!!Guess what? @DavidBurtka and I got married over the weekend. In Italy. Yup, we put the 'n' and 'd' in 'husband'. http://t.co/R09ibF41rt
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@nickjonas that falsetto though!! 😍😍😍 #jealousif i lay here, would you lie with me and just forget all my interceptions http://t.co/Lgqc35Fcc5
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
All is good because NFL football is BACK!
Me whenever I hear Frankie Grande talk on #BB16. http://t.co/rQ0BtUehZHI CHANGED DOGS TO SLAVES IN MY MOMS PHONE LMAOO http://t.co/32kxKTxwcq
Retweeted by Sarah SmithGo Irish! Notre Dame ends Michigan series with a DOMINANT 31-0 win. Wolverines are shutout for 1st time since 1984. http://t.co/CiUuq51stL
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@MattMcCutchen and I will h8 you as well! Should be a good game!!@MattMcCutchen I WISHHHH. I probably won't even be able to watch most of it. I have to work@MattMcCutchen Since my school is playing your school next, does this mean we are enemies for the next week? 😝When you’re too lazy to even order delivery food. http://t.co/PkZxRvOIft http://t.co/pwLq1IDSBL
Retweeted by Sarah SmithWatching my other team now--Go Notre Dame!!@MattBednorz of course not! Hope freshman year is going well 😊@MattBednorz omg great seeing yall today!! hope you enjoyed your first razorback game! :)@theJillianK I left at halftime it was so boring@OhPhillmore @missmeggiejean @BuzzFeed is this legit though? It doesn't sound like Bob Saget's voice to meGuess who waited too long to buy their access pass? πŸ™‹WAKE UP, ITS GAMEDAY! BEAT NICKELBACK STATE! #GOHOGS #WPS http://t.co/zkAkRcykEP
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
My autobiography would just be a really long Taco Bell receipt.
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@theJillianK someone said they'd buy my @ name of my other twitter. But their pic was of Nash Grier. I said I don't negotiate w/ Grier fans@dorsey11 HAHA! I should've!I'm being harassed by Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff fans on twitter. HELP. I DON'T DESERVE THIS.Rt if this is you... http://t.co/AmGrO81G3R
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThe King and Queen of comedy, may they both rest well. #joanrivers #robinwilliams http://t.co/U9BcNz3Rgb
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
Just to brighten your day. 😭 Fayetteville Woman Steals $144 Worth Of Eye Shadow, Police Say http://t.co/SzAV5gspC3 via @5news
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI love this so much. β€œ@CollegeHumor: The Little Rascals Have Recreated Their Classic Movie Cover Twenty Years Later http://t.co/0RRAQsJGwA”
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