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Abdur Chowdhury @abdur San Francisco

Co-founder of @altavistaschool. Formerly {Chief Scientist @Twitter, co-founder @Summize, Chief Architect @AOL}

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@joshelman @abatalion right thing to do still - I'm not sorry about doing the right thing for users.@abatalion I had an email policy to delete all email >60 days old.
@iano I was rejected while at Twitter. FYI @anamitraRT @scubadivingmag: You can now pilot your own submarine... Check out this video: http://t.co/iyLicZdWC7 http://t.co/PEod56Zd2r
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@cayley @jkalucki so try. It's my fault that the bill just went 4x up. What you wanted hinges with that door?.@abdur From the bottom of my heart, thank you for how and why you made a STAND with us. We need your head and heart around this technology.
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryChange order is the scam of the century.
@jkalucki we know @isaach is a man of leisure CC @StevenTheApp@JugglingPumba what your not a river otter?
@far33d its maddening... really...
Beautiful HD video of the shithook who stole my kids' Xmas presents from the front porch. https://t.co/v81jmazotw
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@wm holly molly that sucks. Pretty sure SFPD don't care.Shocking dude who shot his friend in the face and made him apologize thinks CIA torture is ok.
Happy Birthday @ruth
Thank you @biz @jack @stop @crazybob @chademeng @billmaw @jeffdlund @kevineyres @DRHopkins @DebbyHopkins @samwen @abdur. #STAND
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury.@sarajchipps charms presenting @Jewliebots at @highway1io #demoday @ PCH Access http://t.co/5YP7p5KkJN
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@stop Its what the app is asking for, the user does not get to specify.
@tc amazing to have worked with you. Thanks for all your hard work. Good luck with the future.@kevinweil I have always loved their wines. :) meet @JeffOtis on Twitter. We should go together sometime. :)
πŸ”₯ New version of Steven now in the App Store πŸ”₯ Learn more about the changes here - http://t.co/wEuTkXQW3k http://t.co/zyGhpnIMIc
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury.@JeffOtis just made my day with a hook up of their new @MatthewsWinery 94 pt red blend, inspired by the Left Bank of Bordeaux. 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷@trammell your my eyes.... is it crazy?@joshelman @markdaniel94 Its all camera angle right? :)Harry Potter week from @StevenTheApp thanks @ej http://t.co/j0yMfp6YiyCheck out the next version of @StevenTheApp - Whats new "everything"...@rrhoover I blame autocorrect for my misspelled name - 😿 @advurBig update to Steven, my favorite emoji-based location sharing app. 😻 http://t.co/FK7Xrh7s6t πŸ‘ @advur @bcherry @tylr http://t.co/QQID2x7KEq
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@rsarver says all you need to know.@owenbrainard @FedEx the raccoon signed for it. He's just off to get some friends to help him move it now. Better hurry.@mzsanford see I totally understand. Much better than. 🍸🏊πŸ’₯πŸ’€@mzsanford @lilsanford dude πŸ‘³πŸ‘³πŸ‘³@sam also 2008- 2014 is a pretty good run for any repo... eeeks...@sam all great things must die. Congratulations!!!
@sbroback wait that's great. I should do that. 😈@jtoeman @Cirque amazing show.MT @jeqybedabila: Awesome Future-ists join #FIAumd Dec 5th to shape the future of learning @unickf @abdur @dmrussell http://t.co/3GkWG1k8Uq
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryFYI I bought nothing on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Continue with your regularly scheduled program...Iβ€˜m chillinβ€˜ at πŸ“’ - (video) - https://t.co/HS38C4If9z@ian_soboroff brilliant plan, really.
Anyone know how to escalate an Apple support ticketed its been a month of we will get to it? #iCloud@jennschiffer @iano listen to her.@noradio what, I thought you already left... wtf. congratulations and good luck, thanks for all your help...
@iano @SaraJChipps how's Steven?
@iano @SaraJChipps oh man. We are rooting for him. Steven 😻😻😻
@pandemona I like the space. Each screen is only half full. Way easier to parse.My #Homescreen: https://t.co/dMe57rlkoj http://t.co/pQswk8T3GJ@stevesilberman seriously messed up.@iano can I invite my followers to your party as well?The National Bar Association: "We will not rest until Michael Brown and his family have justice." http://t.co/SZC7tOE1Pl
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@iano @wemakeawesomesh thanks. Nice design. Will try it out next month. :)@ablegrape our thoughts are with you.
@abdur @SteepSkiing yeah Abdur! I'm getting stoked too--here's to a great winter in Tahoe. #alldigitscrossed
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryYES!!! β€œ@DeepFlightOcean: Is this the world's coolest hotel perk? http://t.co/pQZDDcvTGT We say, YES!”
@robey @iano apple still claims after 3 weeks they will recover my files. @iano dashes my hope they will actually recover my docs weekly. 😿
Getting excited about skiing by watching @SteepSkiing & his adventures in Svalbard with @ingridbackstrom https://t.co/1puphIxHB4 #FacesOfDav
Always suspected @flo of having a side gig. http://t.co/ZzPFgcAmPB@SaraJChipps See the west coast weather grows on you.@cayley She was a great dog, sorry about losing her.
Hearing @abdur's inside acquisition story of @summize and @twitter. //cc @jack @ev @biz @gregpass http://t.co/oOISOwxe6X
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@mccv just call me 🍣🍷🎿@netik @nk yes, i have used that a few times when on others computers... not sure how secure it all is...@nk @netik @1Password As long as each site has a different pwd that is an ok strategy.@netik watching hundreds of machines trying to hack my twitter password with you convinced me @1Password is a must have.@rrhoover weird how other countries have not adopted the early morning coffee need like the US.
@iano what about that router your old landlord stole?@cayley I believe you called me an academic in that meeting. :) @gregpass@ej is perfusing the kama sutra of interface design. OMG!"I had a nightmare where everybody had to submit their website to Comcast for approval before they could deploy it." - @bcherry
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@torvos Want to try our beta instead? @StevenTheApp@torvos Sorry to hear that, are you running ios 8. Could you check your battery usage and let me know what it is? CC @StevenTheApp
@sacca I use that same metric to help me gauge how much time I should take to prepare for a talk to give that value.Super proud of the @twittersearch team today. cc/ @ablegrape @abdur @ej @ruslansv @mabb0tt http://t.co/F5copt3ywd
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@sampullara @pandemona Ya, doesn't work for my friends. Tells them their number is not registered as an iMessage phone.#RIP Chris Dunn 11/27/2014 #LoveYou #MissYou
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@pandemona people who moved from Apple to Android still get iMessages (undelivered) so you have to turn it off when they're part of a group.@pandemona That would be great, this is killing me turning it on and off. off breaks my iMessages coming in...@iano nooooooI have to turn off iMessage whenever I have a group SMS conversation with an android user. So frustrating....@JugglingPumba Send some snow and cold to us in Tahoe please.@jkalucki Hoping that is true. See @squawalpine 's instagram feed... I cant figure out what is real and creative anymore...@jkalucki Its a scary prospect this year.I love @biz doing things because it makes him happy! A lesson for all of us. β€œIntroducing Super” by @biz https://t.co/3wf4WJlhqX
@joshelman it's SMS or something like groupme, ie you either care or you don't.@joshelman it's called sms.
@iano always and never. True fact.@SaraJChipps @Alexis is checking out all your work on the internet. 😺
@kimhavell @SteepSkiing @iceaxetv I'm bringing the team to all of you this season in search of great runs...@SteepSkiing @kimhavell @TandemStock @iceaxetv epic day, thank you guys sooo much. I'll follow you guys anywhere... :)@kimhavell @TandemStock @iceaxetv @SteepSkiing Nice, I think that is the best picture of me skiing ever! :)@SaraJChipps data does not lie...@SaraJChipps is patient zero of at least one social network. #TrueFact@satanjeev @miguelrios @StevenTheApp I dont repeat my accomplishments. :)@squarecog @miguelrios No, was playing with groupings of items. Turns out I am in Miguel. :)@miguelrios @StevenTheApp @kristw Whats the best flow visualization tool? Been playing with @Gephi but not a lot of updates to it lately.Channeling my inner @miguelrios - What people do after they leave the house visualization of @StevenTheApp data. http://t.co/Xlpz2WRq5V@narendra @findOpenSnow me tooooooo@narendra its the 67 degrees that is scaring me... We need some cold and wet...@arctictony @mattcutts Try iCloud it will delete all your documents and then you will be so happy to use Google Drive.@SteadmanArt holding a naginata!β€œ@altavistaschool: AVS 5th grade students community service project is helping @LavaMae with homeless hygiene.DONATE http://t.co/PKfs1bZSvi
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