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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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The out of town gig I just did, totally paid me a bonus, woo hoo, so awesome!!!@LoveMrSpencer That's bad ass.@orianthi plays @VinylVegas 01/03! @JadeOnAir has your tickets + dinner for 2 @PinkTaco coming up in 10 min! http://t.co/Q5Zrk7I6iS
Retweeted by adams madamsHappy Birthday @CasperVanDien & here's a #TBT of us on the set of #starshiptroopers Thanks for a great time :) http://t.co/qDzv8sEmbN@LambertizeMe Screw countdown to Xmas, I'm ready for countdown to next summer tour :)OMG, my friend is making me fill out the silliest bio questionaire 4 a new gig. *Who would I want to be 4 a day & why, JFC, Really@LambertizeMe Me too, but of course it was better in person, last show of that tour, need a new tour soon
Can't believe it's been 4 years since Nokia happened, Awesome times #FYE @adamlambert @taylorg90 http://t.co/XiOxEnnHgRWere so bored, were gonna investigate the helicopter over our neighborhoodWriting scripts are tough, kudos to script writers.
Lazy day, never left the house, plus I have a little bit of a sore throat or something starting, think I'm gonna hit the sack early@missnisha6849 Thanks girl, it's about timing, hoping right people see my ad, cause it reflects on me in the endAnother casting assignment, can't wait to see the talent come in, hopefully I find some winners :)
Online shopping is the best, pretty much all done
@ashleydzerigian Aww, so cute, is that where u went to school, they must've been so excited & proud :)@LoriAndJava Aww, it was quick, already back in Vegas, but that would've been awesome :) Miss uAdam Lambert's mistletoe skit on Jay Leno always cracks me up • http://t.co/sdrQt385fgLAX layoverPlease have some fun peeps sitting next to me on the planeSucks that I'm missing our sisterhood Xmas party tonite in Cali but work was more importantOn way to airport, heading to LA, hope the sharknado today doesn't delay my flightLast day of show & heading back home tonite, get me out of this cold
I am busy today, got them lined up
Another hard day at the office in Indy http://t.co/MEB6opspOK1st day of autograph session is crazy, so busy here, but time is flying by
@LoriAndJava Would've been awesome if same country & seen bothJFC, got invited to see a band on tour over seas in Feb, unfortunately, wrong band & wrong country, Whyyyyy!?@I4Adam2 OMG, I'm in, could U imagine@I4Adam2 Just wish work didn't get in the way, need to win the lottery ,)@I4Adam2 I do have a crazy life, I live each day as it's my last, ha ha@I4Adam2 I used to for work, not as much now, just a little, I do more traveling 4 Adam, ha haRoom service, woo hoo!Well I tried to text during flight but didn't work, but I'm in Indy safelyWow! Thanx @TMobile & @americanairlnes I get to text during my flight, woo hoo!& noticing familiar industry faces on my flight, whoop!Yay, made my flight, nick of time & even got a better seatSeriously LAX, I'm gonna miss my connection nowPhones off for now@Rebecca0313 Oh girl!, I've been there & kicked out of there, ha ha, Howl is a hoot. I'm there for a tradeshowI have a whole row to myself to LAX, why can't my next flight be the same :(@Rebecca0313 We r all needy & whiny when sick, ha ha. I'm heading to Indy hoping the cold weather doesn't affect me, system shock@Rebecca0313 Oh No, I'm sorry, that's never fun@Morgan_Dancer That's good, glad he had family with him@Morgan_Dancer Sorry to hear that **Bug hug**Might have just gotten a free bag at check in but I'm sure they charged meCrap! Leaving totally late for airport, so not like me
@DianaKat1 plus tall, so makes them look thin, but they r, but I thought they looked amazingCan these Angels be any more disgusting, boy am I failing on my diet, ha haTime for a lil 30 min siesta@freestylebunny Awww@freestylebunny That's cool, is she getting same place@freestylebunny That's really nice, he did a good job@freestylebunny That's good, what was Ur latest one & when did u get it@freestylebunny I always tease my Mom about her tattoos, she's got a sleeve, I say how r u gonna get a job with those, ha ha. She's retired@freestylebunny Hey, I'm all for it, just not for me, I always think of the future of them@freestylebunny I'm not a tattoo person, so it's kind of shocking, but yes, they r done very well@freestylebunny Man, he is going tattoo crazy@freestylebunny Is it the other arm nowUh oh, did he get more tattoos@aniettwiet S5 Ep15, it was 2 hour finale & I'm in the last 5min of show, it's a special Hasselhoff Kitt car episode@aniettwiet It is a TV show & I was in a scene as a friend of main characters at a party, it was really silly
guess I should pack, tried to earlier, but didn't succeed@aniettwiet Right!!! Main thing is that I got paid, ha ha@Isolde_13 Well hopefully it's better then the first one 0_oOK, I looked like a dork on the Fast and Loud show but hey, I am a dork :)@adamdreamz I will be wearing an obnoxious pink & purple 80s outfitThe episode of Fast & Loud I was in is on next, hopefully I will see a blip of me@Isolde_13 Did u see commercial for Lady in Black 2, totally thought of uRandom person text me with pix from a recent show, have me his name, no idea who it is, hate that, ha haDesigning my new blog site, excited to get this going :)@AOLSupportHelp I rebooted computer & got email, don't know what happened but couldn't access from phone either, but looks good now, Thanx@Dragonfly194 Thanx, no concerts, just a work trip, but happens to be Adams birthplace ,)@Dragonfly194 Exactly, what to pack, I always over packI hate packing for trips@AOLSupportHelp Thanx, keeps saying "Ur Mailbox is temp not avail, Please log out & log in to try again" It's not working :(WTH, can't access my @AOL email today, this is not good
I feel bad that I have to be the one to let someone go, but he's not producing what we need anymore #BizOwnerProblems :(@LoriAndJava This is our comeback :)OMG, we won a football game, whoop!Coordinating next photoshoot, lots to doSo cool when I see pics of my step nephew, he's becoming an amazing fashion model
@AlliCrain Well, I ate more than I should have & then triggered me to eat more crap, ErrrJust made the most yummy chili for my diet, pats self on back :) http://t.co/QiBcU7tv6T@Louise_mtn_bert OMG, so awesome, I'm jealous, Ur gonna have an amazing time, hope Ur gonna stay a bit & enjoy the city
Lady Antebellum http://t.co/flg3INrRh7Awesome 20ft from the stage toniteOff to my bartending gig, little nervous, just gonna wing it. Ha haTime to do some sewing, alterations are not fun@DarynD Yeah, maybe just checking out the car, but looks so funny @Rebecca0313@Rebecca0313 Yeah, what the hell is going on there, ha ha
@borababe1 When he plays solo, he uses his own band members, so there was no NikkiToday is a @ladygaga T-shirt kind of day@borababe1 He just bought a football franchise, so it will b fun going to games here@borababe1 Yep & had drinks with him after, cool guyJust had a great cab driver in vegas, Maybe Uber should be worriedMy friend stresses me out with his bets he make me bet for him at roulette
@kinkykiedis So much funSeriously, I'm babysitting my drink friend again, ughhAnother reason Vegas rocks @KISSOnline http://t.co/m2b6SsmveoFront row for Vince Neil http://t.co/BojUrMPN2H
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