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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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And apparently walking is dangerous too@SuesArtistry I just got to work, so now I have to wait til later :(@SuesArtistry Ha ha, RightFollowing Adam tweets & driving is dangerousThey called me into work early on a 10 hour day, how hard can they work me alreadyFinally done with another 10 hour day, shoot me now
@xkinkykale OMG, adorable @xHollyGlambertxGot up early to train at new pool gig but no one gave me details & now I'm late so can't go, BastardsDid my good deed today, drove my drunk friend home after my 10 hour work day, glad he didn't drive though
How am I suppose to get ready for work with all this teasing going on
Can't believe I'm sick and have the craziest work week, Why God, Why, ErrrrPlaying trivia poker with random peeps at bar right now http://t.co/Mkn4kxpaEV@DakotaTheGlmbro No wonder, started new job recently & didn't see a lot of last shows footage :( @glitzyglambert
@DakotaTheGlmbro It's awesome, which shown is it from @glitzyglambert@glitzyglambert Is that's Ur video? @DakotaTheGlmbro@DakotaTheGlmbro Holy Crap, how have I not seen this, think I just became pregnant! @glitzyglambertI had a customer wearing a @SHARON_NEEDLES shirt, he couldn't believe I knew who it was, We R now BFF's :)Off early & going for a drink, stressed out big timeWalk into my casino & they r playing @adamlambert WWFM :)Wow, another crazy nite at work & got called in to work on my day off tomorrow, gonna start putting my concert funds away ,)
Guess were busy at work today, going in early, let's make some $Look who I found in the awesome new Meghan Trainor video, Go @TaylorG90http://t.co/cfHK2W7ko6
@HannaBec Yes, it's been months since I've had it professionally done, so needs to be brightened up :)Getting my hair did today, whoop!@OutlandoGirl Cute :)I get off work to that awesome tweet, woo hoo, can't wait, total club song too
Day 5 of 11 hour shifts, I'm gonna need a foot massage tomorrow
@MarkShunock That's Awesome, maybe something dark or swirled, with cream cheese rockin it \m/ @RockofAgesVegas @showboybakeshopOff to work an early shift
"slow Ride" just came on radio, great Adam memories
Time for work, at least some of my sisters are gonna come visit me :)@AlliCrain Doing good, ready to be busy with work@Dragonfly194 Oh man, u hit it big compared to me, ha haI won a whole dollar in the lottery last nite, look out world
@outlawbooster Ha ha, I guess I started earlyWatching my Mom & Dad hanging out & having good time is awesome, been a long time #family
& still drinkingStill drinkingYep this is where I get it from http://t.co/p0fMO3wyrF@HannaBec That's the family nose :) @BUSYBEE8@LoriAndJava Thanx, we r starting to party now :)OMG, he's getting a military burial, amazingMe & my half brother I haven't seen in about 15 years, such a cutie http://t.co/Q49axXUs7oThis is what we do between services & burial, Cheers Grandpa http://t.co/K4pryB0ljeCoffee and off to say my good-byes to my Grandpa :(Not sure if I felt an earthquake or just someone rumbling around outside of hotel@WaterNai I know @TaylorG90 could out do that guy
@HannaBec I guess they called first & they thought they were kidding & hung up on them@HannaBec I guess there's a whole video of them ordering 200 burgers at McD's tooGot to my family's house in HB & they said there might B a burger left http://t.co/fRHa5tH4sJ@feraltwirler Meanwhile there's a huge big screen on wall but still wanted the little micro to be TV 0_oThe hotel room has a black microwave & thought it was the TV & was trying to turn it on with remote, laughing so hard right now@Isolde_13 I'm not an emotional person but all the sudden I'm breaking down thinking about what's really happening@Rebecca0313 Happy Belated Bday, hope u had a great surprise Bday dinner :)@Isolde_13 I know & this traffic is just eating into me visiting familyGonna C family members that I haven't seen for most my life, including my half brother, so crazyJFC, only 40min out of town & now going 5 mph, this is gonna be a long driveHeading to Cali in all the Sunday traffic but just couldn't get up early after late nite of work :(@Cali2KC @islandgirljams yeah, what ha coming out to do, just play@Cali2KC I have not, I think it just opened this weekend but can't wait to check it out, suppose to be pretty awesomeDidn't get off work early, & got 2 huge bruises that r gonna hurt real good tomorrow #WorkProblems #Graceful
Hoping they will let me leave work early so I can go to my friends Rockstar Bday party
Thought I had a gig today, silly me it's on April 13, could've slept in longer, Errr@Nevaeh1088 I do 16 hour days back to back sometimes & on my feet, now that kills me@BeachbabyShel I honestly don't know, but apparently my body functions on little sleep@Nevaeh1088 Getting used to 16 hour days here & there but 19, ughh. & now technically been up 24 hours, time 2 hibernate 4 sure :)Yep, done with my 19.5 hour day
@Isolde_13 No, they have me scheduled to work, but if anything changes I will let u know :(@DaffyDoodle1 Thanx for the follow, Ur header picture is too cute & funnyI think the stage lights just melted my make up, but went smoothly & I didn't drop any awardsThe trophies I will be presenting today #ModelLife http://t.co/2cseSfgC5IU know it's early when it's still dark out when leaving for work, shoot me@SisterMerryMary & let's hope for some upcoming trips soon :)@SisterMerryMary Sorry, missed the "if" in Ur sentence, I hear ya on that@SisterMerryMary Where u going?Way too early to be getting up, I'm usually just getting home, ha ha
I should be sleeping right now, gotta get up at 4am, Ughhh@Rebecca0313 Then I say he takes U shopping first :)@Rebecca0313 I'm sure u got something cute in ur closet :)@Rebecca0313 No time between work & party@Rebecca0313 Woo hoo, time to go shopping!Can't believe I have 3 back to back to back jobs tomorrow, this will an interesting 19 hour day 0_o@Isolde_13 Girl, Sat may be off, my work won't let me off, even for the funeral, Can't even believe it@Isolde_13 Cue cat falling from ceilingSeriously want to slap this bitch, telling me to stop making a certain face while I'm working, Sorry B it's just my face@Isolde_13 Ha ha, it's happening Tony, woo hoo@Mix941 Ur killing me, Madonna & Aerosmith, which do I try & win, decisions, decisions @MercedesInTheAM 0_oFake hair, fake lashes, I'm off to a gig today :)
ICYMI; Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson staged a really, really ridiculously good walk-off to announce #Zoolander2 http://t.co/hR8r0IZgrJ
Retweeted by adams madams@WerkBitch28 It's like their cryptonite, ha ha@WerkBitch28 Oh really, good to know@AbyNormal22 Right, felt sorry for the 2 guys up street that were outside in garage, they were getting swarmed, ha haHad to call my roomie as I left house and tell her the Jehovah Witnesses were rounding the corner & to hide, ha ha“@FreeMadonnaTix: Hey @Madonna , we need to get @SisterMerryMary into the Philly show. Let's do this! #freeMadonnaTickets” PLEASE RT
Retweeted by adams madamsBinge watching some American Horror Story :)
@AlliCrain I know, lost $ for the day@AlliCrain Ended up not working, hopefully next weekend@adamitisnky I'm slowing doing some organizing & throwing out crap@adamitisnky now I feel like I should go do something, ha haShoot, got ready for work & our group cancelled, so no pay & a waste of make up, ha ha
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