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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

Concert fanatic • Living the Vegas life. It's all about Adam Lambert

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My night just ended with Korean BBQ & now just started with sweet almond croissants, when do I sleep 0_oAnother crazy nite & how is it 5am
Got off work early again, going on a party bus, whoop!
@WshUpnASta Oh wait, I found the follow button in computer@WshUpnASta Wow, can't find that anywhere, even online@WshUpnASta I don't think it looks like that on app but let me check@WshUpnASta I can search artists but nowhere to follow them button@WshUpnASta wanted to follow @adamlambert but don't know how to do it @Shazam@WshUpnASta I don't know, don't understand that part, prob used FB to sign up so uses my name @ShazamI like using @Shazam but I don't understand where & how U R suppose to follow peeps, I link from my alert but no clue.
Just found a $125 slot machine ticket in my purse, Not sure how that happened, woo hooLAte nite Peppermill is the bestNow my new friend just invited me to a party, Vegas Wednesday Night!I'm addicted to @adamlambert "Shame" song :)
Bar hopping now@saraplusadamm Do u guys sell their tix@saraplusadamm SexxyJust saw my girls topless show for the 1st time, amazing!2 set lists, whoop!@LoriAndJava She's amazing, may try & get the set list ,)Jennifer sounds so amazing http://t.co/PJIOpDDUJIGot off work early & now going to a private Jennifer Hudson concert@saraplusadamm Yeah, I'm hoping prices come down@saraplusadamm Any luck in tickets?@saraplusadamm Right, sux!!!!!@RabbitholeGirl Wow, great pix!So has anyone won these so called give-a-way tickets yet 0_oJust got off work at 1am & it's 100 degrees outside, shoot me
Really hoping my calls & gives me the night offAnother magazine I'm gonna have to try & getJC, u know u had a good nite when u wake up. & U think it was 5pm not am & thought U missed work
Luv good peeps, lost my purse & someone turned it inheading to @HardRockHotelLV for last call at CenterBar, the years of memories there, gonna miss itAsking everyone at my work if they have connections to casino Morongo, this has to happen@Flamyngo70 Yeah, real expensive too :(@LoriAndJava Did U get good seats too@LoriAndJava I've been asking around to connections. I tried to enter online but it recognizes my ISP address that I'm not in Cali :(Did anybody get tix to see Adam Lambert, it's so frustratingGotta love free drinks girl! @nattyreckless
Off work early, whoop!@geezersgal Just realized that TOH is HOT backwards, coincidence, I think not, ha ha@borababe1 Hopefully if it's empty, people ask for it so they have to restock quickly@lounieman Yep, that sounds good, I like to have at each of my CD players since I have issues with my iPhone@lounieman I can never have enough copies, but yeah, would rather have the deluxe editionFound it, 2 leftHow come I don't see Adam Lambert at Walmart or are they just sold outWoo hoo they r playing @adamlambert on @1043NOW #VegasFinally got a working CD player in car so I can listen to @adamlambert "Original High" nonstop - Addicted!My roomie just went to Am Ninja Warrior taping, I was too lazy
@Choose2Live Ha ha, Right, You think it's just gonna my 1043@Choose2Live So non fans will be there mostly, Adam will love that, ha ha @cmhagey@cmhagey @Choose2Live Yeah, that's what I mean@cmhagey @Choose2Live Wonder how many saved for VIP High rollers@cmhagey @Choose2Live Right!? so why would they want to give them away.@Choose2Live So weird, how many could they want to give away. They also need to make moneySo much for getting tickets, prob inside job to sell by resellers@mstj55 That's so stupid & unfairSerious, no tickets@Louise_mtn_wmn regular starts In a minute@Louise_mtn_wmn Nobody knows or is not sharing@saraplusadamm It's the 1st time I had a presale window come up on TMWait, What, there's a pre-sale right now, is that all is available today@Louise_mtn_wmn Sale starts in 10min@Louise_mtn_wmn It's on ticketmaster@Louise_mtn_wmn Casino Morongo concertAlmost time for ticket frenzyAww & Terrence performed too, Awesome!
Not looking forward to the stressful ticket buying process tomorrow, I always have the worst luck@CrisJanLim Whoop! I knew they would love U :)@SisterMerryMary No, regular traffic@SisterMerryMary about 3.5 hours@SisterMerryMary No, but asking around for any connectionsMy mom lives 10 min away from Morongo, so time to plan a crazy sleep over party :)@cmhagey IKR, I'm asking all my connections for tickets @Choose2Live@Choose2Live That will be good :)@ripleysmom JC, they just banked on us Glamberts @MorongoCasinoGoing to work hungover is not gonna be fun today@freestylebunny just the rooms are &100 more, don't know about ticket prices yetThought it was gonna B good thing that Adam Lambert was doing @MorongoCasino instead of Fantasy Springs, But they R charging way more, Ughh@Choose2Live i k r, we need the code
@GlambertOnBoard It's my roomies, he's a cutieCan't use my sink cause it has a huge hair ball in it, ha ha http://t.co/weeLYNOvjJ@MusicTramp She'll get to even out her temp experience, ha ha@MusicTramp It's even hot at nite here, ughh1 of my models wanted to know if she was working outside (3hr gig) because it's gonna B hot, seriously, come to Vegas it's 110 degrees
Better than cash, my awesome tip from my guest last nite, my fav lashes :) http://t.co/p69S4B9lWHOMG, just woke up & those pics, I'm dyingLuv my local barOff from a stressful wrk nite, now time 4 drinks with my coworker
@CrisJanLim What! U R in Vegas, I'm workin, whatcha doin
@BUSYBEE8 Girl, that was a crazy nite with stories we will have to take to our grave, ha ha @Isolde_13 @LoriAndJavaThis came in mail but car cd broken, gotta figure out how to play in car http://t.co/GmIEdTlWuD@Isolde_13 It will be hard to top last times craziness @BUSYBEE8 @LoriAndJava@Isolde_13 @Right now a rumor started by a radio station, no deets yet BUSYBEE8 @LoriAndJavaAnd I got an Adam Lambert package waiting for me at my door, but too tired to openHoly crap, went out for a quick drink with new coworker & 3 hours later the sun is coming up, Wow! Guess we r gonna get along good.
Yay! @adamlambert #GhostTown on @Mix941 right now
My break is over, back to the grindNice Edit 0_o • https://t.co/4jyt9fBwQ6At lunch looking at Twitter feed & love all the cropped pix of Adam's body parts. Everyone's got their favorite parts too
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