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Alex Mangini @afrais New Jersey → Austin, Texas

I build the platforms entrepreneurs stand on with #WordPress, intention, critical thinking, and a drive to get results.

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One of my favorite apps is @quickcast. It saves so much time and typing, and people love when I answer their support tickets with it. :D
RT @pearsonified: Decreasing your page load speed matters. See what @ratracegrad did to save over 50% #thesiswp: http://t.co/kdWJEMrjQb
We deprive ourselves of experiences because we spend too much time stuck inside our comfort zones.
Retweeted by Alex ManginiNo More Zero Days — https://t.co/oAQ2QREJEM Very much worth at least one read. (h/t @ITSergioFelix)@JHTScherck @wpengine woohoo!@wpengine Hey, I think you guys are missing a link on your last FAQ item --> http://t.co/XyPgUOixJi
worth a read http://t.co/S2mhHlF1UK
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@mangeric_ Fill me in!If you want a badass wordpress theme, check out my mates @afrais's Marketers Delight -> http://t.co/rMz1Vuw0u8 #codedlikeaboss
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@SDavisMedia so damn true.If there's a lesson life keeps teaching me, it's that being honest is always the right thing to do. Especially with yourself.@brianhogg it's an exciting time for all of us! Opportunities are everywhere.You guys are great, 1 tweet = 2 new jobs. I love WordPress.@GabeJohansson boom! I just made it to 225x5 and feel almost as cool as you. ;)Eager to take on a new #WordPress redesign/dev project! If you're looking, check out my work & let's chat: http://t.co/jqzgFun27gEasy Digital Downloads v2.1.8 has just been released: https://t.co/wK4w8kznva
Retweeted by Alex Mangini
@leogopal @pearsonified With the help of @tommcfarlin of course: https://t.co/4D3KU4WarcIT STICKS! IT'S STUCK! 🙏@SDavisMedia checking this out now!!Sticky sidebars will be the death of me. -_-Easily add email signup forms to your site with my new plugin. Watch this: http://t.co/Vt78Q8mDlI Then download: http://t.co/vyLfuYYqDM@tommcfarlin lmaooo@Richer_Image @pearsonified THAT is dope.@pearsonified hell yeah. very worth the .5 seconds it takes to implement too.@Richer_Image Yeah it does! For the first time in a while, the post editor actually looks appealing to write in lol. And it took like 5 mins@pearsonified Trying to get the type juuuust right and make it a true WYSIWYG for my client. http://t.co/ylt2b6VNkhFirst time styling the editor in #WordPress. It is *really* worth the extra effort.
@dalepartridge Thanks for this, Dale. Gave me the push I needed to make my morning awesome tomorrow (today was bleh).
Like I said earlier, pairing HTML and CSS is an art. I don’t care how many other languages you know. Respect HTML and CSS just the same.
Retweeted by Alex ManginiJust sent out a little bug fix to Spotlight. Go to your Themes page in your Dashboard to get it! http://t.co/HvH2ViYcGvSore AF. gonna be a good day.head in the clouds but keep your feet on the ground... ♫I'm looking for another #WordPress project. Need a website? Check out my past work: http://t.co/jqzgFun27g
@SDavisMedia @eddwp !!!!!!Friends, I have some terrible news—longtime Thesis support hero @philbarron passed away yesterday. He was uncommonly thoughtful and helpful.
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@pearsonified starting to understand this myself
@AllenJlawson the struggle is real tho.@AllenJlawson I just walked around school all day building up excitement for work, then rush home and went crazy in front of the computer.
@daddypotamus Here ya go! http://t.co/jqzgFun27gIf I can combine the dev skills I've taught myself over the past 2 years with a new design sense — I will fuck some shit up.I've lost my "design touch". I think this client project I've been working on has helped me shake off a decent amount of rust, though.
@MelissaGalt Haha, nice! Thanks for reaching out, I'll email you back shortly!@AdamKyleBalan Yeah, I usually just withdraw all my $$$ once it hits a certain amount but I just ordered the debit card.@norcross @SDavisMedia ordered! this is a game changer.@SDavisMedia Lol, times have changed and I see the value in it now.The pain of waiting for PayPal funds to transfer to your bank account. I'm huuungry! #needapaypaldebitcardbackground-color: transparent; gets me every time.
@devinsays yup, that plugin pretty much just secured my future on coda. Was gonna try sublime again but... nope.@nphaskins attaboy!@GabeJohansson nbdHow do you design efficient software? Question everything. (via @norcross) http://t.co/E6HNcuacOJ
@jonnyrowntree Appreciate it sir. Put everything I had into this one, now it's time to spread the word. :)@jonnyrowntree ah, shoot! thanks.@rob_neu dude, absolutely. Let's talk about it over that drink sometime.Building my first client project with Marketers Delight. Like clockwork. http://t.co/h6srBA88QiUpdated my Email Forms plugin. Better meets WP coding standards (thanks @rob_neu) + you can now show only on blog. https://t.co/X5K69OjC4ASiiiick, Coda 2.5 has WordPress autocomplete. Updating now. :D
@rob_neu @FlagshipWP thanks man, been meaning to build this plugin for years. Hope they love it@rob_neu My favorite kinds of fixes. :D@rob_neu Man, *much* appreciated. Eager to see what you've got in mind. Here ya go: https://t.co/ULNlhneD29
It's been fun cleaning up the Kolakube site. I just finished putting together my design + dev portfolio: http://t.co/jqzgFun27gYou've never added email forms to your website easier than you have with Kolakube Email Forms #wordpressplugins: https://t.co/X5K69OjC4A@Seth_Waite Thank you, Seth. It really means a lot to get it out there finally!I've got a spot open to take on some #WordPress design and development work for this month. Let's chat: http://t.co/MtBh2R2du2
@BrentVOSA I'm going to email you a fix you can paste into your child theme's functions.php file.@BrentVOSA strange, have you added any custom body classes or done any child theme work?This site by @BrentVOSA makes Spotlight look goood: http://t.co/NwbNXLmY2I@BrentVOSA so what exactly is the issue? All looks fine to me.@BrentVOSA LOVE it!!@galengidman this article helped me understand it a couple of weeks ago http://t.co/ZdXaIB344xI think I need to ban myself from email for a bit. Releasing something new always drives me craaazy http://t.co/h6srBA88Qi@travisketchum thank you sir, me too!@BrentVOSA thanks!! I’ll check it out shortly. :)Introducing Marketers Delight 4 for #WordPress. http://t.co/h6srBA88QiI can't stop switching back to this page. :) https://t.co/X5K69OjC4A
You can't make up for past mistakes, but only prove that you've become competent enough to not make them again.@negginton Appreciate it, Neil. Couldn't have said it better myself.@negginton Understandable. I realize the importance of it now and am not cutting corners with support this time around. Sorry.Marketers Delight drops tomorrow… whaaattt.
Gotta enjoy the late work nights when they come around.
@AdamKyleBalan thank you man, that means a lot. :)My boy @afrais is about to do some damage. http://t.co/p5OCi0qIuJ Y’all don’t hear me, though.
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@galengidman ahh! thanks man.I announced #MarketersDelight earlier this morning and holy shit it's real now. http://t.co/mDUC9AwmmK October 14th. See you then. :)RT @jameslaws The danger is that there is much more involved than just having a great product in the quest to succeed http://t.co/yyK9HQvTDSMarketers Delight 4 for #WordPress. October 14th. Will you be there? http://t.co/ytJ1DA8MpLhope you’re signed up to the kolakube newsletter.
@byderekj good for you. :)
Appreciative of the folks who review plugins for the #WordPress plugin repository. Thanks for your time!
#responsive #md4 http://t.co/b2vwqxOyPP@_glynnjordan nice meeting you, homie!
Guys, @afrais just gave me a visual walkthrough of his new #MarketersDelight *system*. This is gonna ROCK the WP theme dev community. #MD4
Retweeted by Alex ManginiJust sent the first little beta copy of Marketers Delight + Page Leads out. Holy shit. :D :D@webmatros It definitely gets annoying when I’m trying to get to a meta box underneath the editor.
Thanks for being you, WP_DEBUG. #wordpress@afrais #MD4 is more than just a #WordPress theme and a few plugins. I'll show you why soon.@afrais It's been the most challenging, mind-bending project I've ever worked on during the hardest and most confusing time of my life.I'm thinking about the new Marketers Delight, and it brings tears to my eyes to see what it's become since I started it.@therealmarkhess get in touch here: http://t.co/Ac6kd8Se9Z
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