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Alex Mangini @afrais New Jersey → Austin, Texas

I make Kolakube and ride my bike. Bored of tradition. I'm just doing what makes me happy. Blogging at http://t.co/A2YLVBUuaP

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But can it survive Monster Widget?@nphaskins But seriously, let's. :DTime to play my favorite game of "which element is causing a horizontal scrollbar on mobile?!".@solomonP Thank you for the support as always man, it really means a lot! :)Step into the Spotlight: 3 Ways to Create a Website That Gets You More Clients—http://t.co/cQU5YoRbT6@bastianallgeier +1. Color snapper is the best color picker I’ve ever used.
@fholmboe For now, revert back to what you had. Shoot me an email alex@kolakube.com and I'll help you out. Sorry for the troubles!@fholmboe Hey Fredrik, that error happens because you're running an old version of MD. Version 3.1 is the latest & will work with Thesis 2.1@SDavisMedia Soooo smooth, and super easy to read... nice work.@bgardner @rob_neu @SDavisMedia @laurenmancke Looking forward to seeing it. :)@rob_neu @SDavisMedia Exactly, this tutorial makes a seemingly-hard thing look really easy to accomplish.Theme devs, stop supporting drop down menus and responsiveness if you’re not going to implement a full solution. There are many.
Retweeted by Alex ManginiCheck out #spotlightwp’s menu on smaller screen widths. http://t.co/fHIgfgrZzz Magnificent!
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@riazsidi just wanted to let you know I have a demo for Spotlight. :) http://t.co/WfdUgJcWPp@JonnyRowntree Yep, all from scratch! I have some huge plans for these themes later down the road.@JonnyRowntree Thank you so much Jonny!Here's a direct link to the Spotlight demo: http://t.co/WfdUgJcWPp #wordpress #spotlightwpAlways kind of scary emailing your list about a new product...You can now view a live demo of my new #WordPress theme, Spotlight! Learn more and preorder it here: http://t.co/sGJtNN36NmLeaving empty HTML tags = bad practice. Leaving empty gaps of space, or "fill in your content" messages = unacceptable. #wordpressthemesThe REAL first impression your theme makes on users is what it looks like on a fresh, blank install of #WordPress.The look of an empty theme is just as important as a theme full of content. Design for every view possible, #WordPress theme designers.Spotlight for #WordPress comes with some pretty useful page templates: http://t.co/9nbF5TK062Catch a little sneak peak and preorder Spotlight for #WordPress: http://t.co/sGJtNN36Nm (Demo coming a little later today)Makes waaay more sense… MT @redcrew Why Users Fill Out Less If You Mark Required Fields http://t.co/Ve4k6APsYsLate night revelations. Ho-ly shit.@CarlSednaoui hope you’ve been well man! I miss the city.@CarlSednaoui I’m looking for an answer to that myself, but may follow up with the recommendation from @wpsitecarehttp://t.co/ocsYCFLUJG
@riazsidi Will do, be sure to check my Twitter or join the Kolakube newsletter for more updates. :) Thanks Riaz, that means a lot!@riazsidi No, there isn't one yet!@techsperia Respect!did_action(), where have you been my whole life? http://t.co/ABhDxR8WIw@DewaneMutunga Can I even blame my age here? I'm trying to come up with some kind of excuse, lol.@johntmeyer Lol, let's try this conversation again the next time you're in Austin. :p@DanGamito Thanks so much man! I'm gonna email blast it tomorrow, and send some personal emails out to some friends. Outside of that, nada.@SDavisMedia Yeah, that's been the case for a lot of rappers I've been getting into the past year or so. This is some good shit!@johntmeyer Austin! Been in NJ my whole life, though.@SDavisMedia Dude... seriously... I need to get out there more.How the hell have I never heard of Pharrell Williams until today?!@DanGamito Back to products! Fell off for quite a while and had to pick up the slack with freelancing.@DanGamito Kolakube's not really optimized for it like it used to be (I'm trying to change direction), but I do get leads consistently.I've never been more excited to release a theme like I am with Spotlight. This theme sets the stage for the bigger vision I have @Kolakube.You can preorder my new #WordPress theme, Spotlight starting.. now. It's launching April 22nd. Check it out!: http://t.co/sGJtNN36NmNew @Kolakube: Step into the Spotlight: 3 Ways to Create a Website That Gets You More Clients — http://t.co/cQU5YoRbT6
@AdamKyleBalan That's what scares me about it.@bgardner Definitely agree. It turns out, the most epic thing of all is just getting your words out there.Wow, I'm rusty at this blogging thing.Thank you for this post, @bgardner. I've been overthinking what my blogs mean to me lately. The Little Things — http://t.co/BbkEdVBVBQ@SDavisMedia @mattonomics Yeah, I’d love some brisket tacos to forget the fact that I’m drinking coffee. :)@blenderhd Oh word. I guess I'm doing this coffee thing right then!@DanGamito Man, what a cruel world we live in. #crackjokes@blenderhd It tastes pretty great, but it's just making me feel sick lol. I guess I don't drink it enough to enjoy it fully.Become comfortable being uncomfortable. @SingleFounder #microconf #entrepreneur
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@blenderhd Cream & all the sugar.@Aboundlessworld Training my body to get addicted to this stuff kind of scares me. O_O I try to only bust it out when I really need it.I'm actually drinking coffee... how do y'all drink this stuff every day? I'm already sick.Getting something ready to show you guys tomorrow. #wordpress #spotlightwp@Bjarni @elkcreative Can't recommend it enough. It's wonderful to develop with too.@leogopal Lol, no. Just happened after I removed a bunch of code.I somehow just made an egg in CSS. Tutorial coming soon. http://t.co/GQpOGRSRz6I don't use sliders... but when I do, it's @gilbitron's epic Lean Slider — http://t.co/kjnThHQmmd
ma'am your husband is in critical condition and he just can't. he can't even
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@norcross Sounds about right. I use it way too frequently to keep letting it scaring me, so it's time to take my floaties off and dive in.I don't know why I've let JavaScript scare me for so long, I'm having a fun time learning it. Is it just me?I often forget that the skills I have today mostly came from tweaking existing code.I wrote my first jQuery script from my head today. It's amazing what you can learn from just tweaking things!The fun of designing a landing page at 5am.
Sleep is too tempting… this code isn’t gonna write itself. Off to Bennu!@jpetersen I’ll shout it from the rooftops, it’s freakin’ great. :D Except when you accidentally step on it.Broke my Nook while I happen to be in the middle of a great book. :|@mangeric_ So go outside.@SDavisMedia Pretty sure I'll use this on Kolakube at some point. :)@SDavisMedia Lol is that the same bike you’ve had since you lived in Oklahoma?Tuneup day. #biking #cycling #tuneup #riding #bicycle #mountainbike http://t.co/2IXLPnhpLOWorking on some wicked stuff with @afrais @Kolakube 'how to become a rockstar photographer' will be online soon #wordpress
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@pearsonified probably optin monster. http://t.co/dujjVdTeyp
@pearsonified Very naice!A really nice site using Marketers Delight: http://t.co/TmeuoIZxsI (nice work @ratracegrad!)I’m trying to be patient.
Can't wait to show you guys this client project I've been working on. That, and my new #WordPress theme. #soonIn love with vertical-align: middle; today. I freakin' love CSS.This is really exciting news: Bringing Responsive Images to Browsers http://t.co/7osoTC870n
Tips for mobile design: https://t.co/4y9FfKsAuO A collection of some of my recent mobile design advice put together by @bombayhustle
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@ttimsmith I'm in a tight financial situation myself, and your question has been through my mind plenty. Money just isn't important enough.@SDavisMedia Good shit man. :) Night shift for me tonight.Couch ✓ Food ✓ NBA ✓ Code ✓ I’ve got a fun night ahead!@ttimsmith Absolutely. If you let money define you, you’re gonna lose anyway.
@sodevious Lol, I made a living for a little while with banner services. 468x60 ftw.@ColleenFKelly Heh, thanks Colleen! :)Gotta love the #thesiswp skin backup manager. #lifesaver
@mloigeret Hey man, thanks for the follow. Ananda looks sweet! I've always been interested in getting into app development.
Opening up #thesiswp for the first time in a while tonight. Gonna have some fuuuun.RT @williejackson New post: Impeccable http://t.co/OZJDgsZUBH“I have an appointment for a haircut at 4:30” “Awesome, would you like a beer?” Fucking #ATX, man.Competition motivates the fuck out of me.@leogopal yep, what @SDavisMedia said!Slept in on a Monday. I love breaking the rules.@leogopal @SDavisMedia never used it, but looks insanely useful
As it should be! RT @verge Frozen is now the most-successful animated movie of all time http://t.co/jKvkDnokF5Really badass vertical align CSS trick by @Fi2o: http://t.co/g1EoMeFike
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