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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/EuFf839aWP

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A beautiful, pea-themed tasting menu at Curtis Stone's Maude restaurant in Beverly Hills. —JO http://t.co/WxKIhmeBh5
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThis is a game-changer. http://t.co/mLA7EZGQIt #unboxing @hcfoodsStunners... RT @chrissyteigen: My babies! http://t.co/I4oGJKnvivSent with love!!!! RT @mollymogren: @andrewzimmern sends the kind of #easter note you'd expect. http://t.co/Ey9U4il8B5And to all who celebrate that holiday I hope you are blazing away RT @Arbre420: @andrewzimmern happy4/20 GreenSmilesHappy Easter indeed! RT @BillyDec: My family's Sunday spread on banana leaves in the backyard.. (cont) http://t.co/hD6ltYVhv5I had no idea,This is amazing! Congrats RT @GDeLaurentiis: Congrats! “@jeangeorges: God bless America! #newUScitizen http://t.co/nWfq1S3yCO@hels @jennlouisPDX I got some honey that needs a raison d'être.Another reason why I have a huge crush on @brainpicker http://t.co/AJhzYHmFzI"Good luck finding those eggs." - Me to the kids assembled on the South Lawn of my uterus. #Easter #HeHasRisen
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@hels Recipe?Happy Easter! 75 degrees and sunny, a perfect MN Sunday #in-lawsmakingham http://t.co/AtbbskJlgaThx to @billyharris I now spend all day photo toasting.I'm Spartacus for you RT @MoRocca: @AndrewZimmern Would join me in the fight to end Flavor Profiling? For heaven's sake it's 2014!Everyone always asks about my glasses. Check this out, $ go to scholarship @beardfoundation https://t.co/X8jwVzwJ3YHelp http://t.co/0coLfI1mXY win the Webby People’s Voice Award! You can vote here: http://t.co/3v12cVYTqN@dbrauer @PioneerPress It's unusable, which sadly is a bold hint about the viability of their entire enterpriseWould you eat crickets? What if they were kosher? http://t.co/N8m7pZXGl4
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernEaster morning. #jewsallaboutthecandy #missedchurch #whoopsie http://t.co/QPYo3hDV2Z
@applegas Shake shack ... No contestWhy do I love this so much?? I'm really an overgrown child... I'm 9. http://t.co/IsSdlVwMKj@PenniesPintsPGH @JustinSeverino Yes I doNot a dud on menu. The pork tomahawk was special. I suggest you over-order RT @DennisMcGinley: @andrewzimmern must have at spacca LA?@WalthasMS Happy bday pennyT is for Toro. http://t.co/R5F4yU0QGPI wish everyone could spend a few days with Curtis Stone. He's funnier than you can ever imagine, and… http://t.co/bmhYYru4UHMy friend needs help. i love their products, and pledges get aprons and bags from Maine . Do this https://t.co/OMEnMMASJHTune in NPR for my talk today w/ @SplendidTable about intersection of food & happiness @andrewzimmern @DanielleCNN http://t.co/VOV0T9twJV
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTalking Toro 2.0, tattoos & more with @jamiebiss. http://t.co/RkfoXpTsZ9We're fascinated by these crazy Mustangs that never were http://t.co/OqxoN9tGsf http://t.co/fnIz8fTYA5
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSome nights after a long day of work you just need something fast and simple. The crispy salt and… http://t.co/NKpMmojFEd
Love the year designation. Some months I'm like fat Elvis. Elvis in Hawaii fat Elvis RT (cont) http://t.co/fSKQb33UwpBest person I have met in a long time. Dahlia is a doll. I made her cry within a minute...#stillgotit http://t.co/TRmQ8Bv1yqThe more I get to know him the more I like @altonbrown Thx my friend for a great night of cross-casting #altonbrowncast #goforkyourself@wesoxley Don't sweat it... ... Botswana. Most in sync I've ever been with my true self... Country is pure.@chefludo happy birthday! I can hear La Marseillaise from here!Just got off plane, saw this, and can't stop smiling RT @biggayicecream: @Bourdain Woman wearing (cont) http://t.co/SurT88aFk3@wesoxley Uhhhhh. NowWow RT @kitchensense: This message is kosher for Passover: matzo lasagna. Surprisingly delicious. http://t.co/ZDL8MJrSLQ@foodiemikec @grahamelliot He's still young last I checked. Graham is like Wayne Newton... Ageless@ruhlman @Bourdain Now THAT sounds like great TVMy go-to Easter #recipes. http://t.co/xTs6CsXvQzYou can't call anything "best" like that... RT @crethdavis: @andrewzimmern ANSWER THE QUESTION @PecanLodge @bessde75@JeniEats Looks delish!The greatest sentence ever written was printed in the Times today: http://t.co/F0XMmlF6Ko via @GilesKristian
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernRecipes, videos, podcasts, and more! http://t.co/0coLfI1mXY has it all, and it’s Webby nominated! Vote for us here: http://t.co/3v12cVYTqN#Recipe: Wine-Braised Lamb Shoulder (perfect #Easter brunch option, right?) http://t.co/pGub0CFOY3@Francis_Lam So many desecrations in the name of copycat cookery on this issue. They are classic combos but so boring when over usedHola!! RT @anamaria_cocina: @andrewzimmern Locos !!!! http://t.co/vFSvkURGn0.@chispacca was so inspiring last nite. specializing in meat, but don't skip the stuffed zuke blossoms and gem lettuce salad!Marrow pie at @chispacca was all that it's been touted for... Even more so http://t.co/CjNORIKp68.@chispacca served me the best steak in memory last nite http://t.co/RZf3fDhBKlPork tomahawk @chispacca with melting eye and crisped bone-in belly. Epic http://t.co/uyYSyV0PK7@billyharris @nokidhungry @chefjwaxman @andrewzimmern @NancySilverton @chefsawyer @PaulKahan @jennlouisPDX @nealfraser Thx billy. Amazing@JustinChapple @katehed @foodandwine They're even better if you unmold, cool, sprinkle with a little cheese and urfa chile and bake againHey @andrewzimmern, @katehed and I have your spinach & cheese soufflé. Hurry, snooze ya lose! #fweats @foodandwine...
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThis is a game-changer. http://t.co/J8jROPbvdc #unboxing @hcfoodsThat Happened! @NancySilverton @chefjwaxman @andrewzimmern @jennlouisPDX @PaulKahan @nealfraser @chefsawyer http://t.co/99t1yig8nZ
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@ChiSpacca in LA. Dinner with Frasier, sawyer, Louis, Waxman, Harris, Silverton, kahan ... Amazing… http://t.co/ND3CCKCHNa
@Dave_Schwartz You're my friend, and I worry about your food choices. So many great places to eat fast and easy Mexican food in MPls ...@Dave_Schwartz You are within 10 minutes of burrito greatness and you hit up a Chipotle? What are you thinking?Then I snuck up on the Grand Canyon... http://t.co/usjbI8QmNHWrite a haiku using Shun in the poem, winner wins a prize. Use #shunhaiku in your tag http://t.co/S6ApbNRDJ0
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@lizzwinstead @nickrizzo @pareene Y'all need to come home for summer@zoebakes @surdyksflights You were that hot babe getting schnockered in the booth in the back?@united Love that you care. Now go out and teach your brethren my child@surdyksflights @zoebakes My pretzel with prosciutto and Mozz was great as always@LaurenLanigan Sure.@Jamiebiss talksToro 2.0, tattoos & his ongoing honeymoon with @kenoringer. http://t.co/I6c78y1QakRestaurant excellence in #Dallas. @revolvertaco http://t.co/OhiejpHcZkMy go-to Easter #recipes. http://t.co/jBPDKLz7uN@PepperJellyCo’s Mike Diaz shares his Cuban Missile Crisis Jam recipe. Try it on AZ's Elena Cruz sandwich: http://t.co/NrKdNyoLga
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI wanted to be him. Still do. RT @AP: BREAKING: Source close to family says Nobel laureate novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died.@zoebakes @surdyksliquor Where u headed. I am here too@chefswidow @united Sadly true. @delta makes a noticeable committed effort and it shows. They are the best in the biz@MissBellaKim Gas station pizza, fried chicken, slushies. Interstate road stops in the south are my happy placeUnited at MSP has awful customer service. Couldn't care less at check in counter, at gate, anywhere. How you HANDLE customers wins the day."Why Aren’t More Restaurant Critics Women?" @grubstreet talked to some who are. Interesting read: http://t.co/j7C2h4oOPE.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWhere do I sign up? #angry RT @benteitelbaum: In eastern Ukraine, Jews are being ordered to "register." But by whom? http://t.co/FpXOiVnbGQ@andrewzimmern @EdenEats @ChefHandler @Duff_Goldman RT @QuiltingMuriel Jewish Laws: "Where there's smoke, there may be salmon...."
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTim and Nancy Cushman of O'ya in Boston are opening a NYC outpost w roof top Med inspired snacks. so happy for them.. This is great news.@TCJewfolk: @andrewzimmern on Rye Deli's closing - Assimilation, lack of commitment to blame http://t.co/5zgt7AmPZj
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@kenoringer @ToroRestaurant @Jamiebiss Ken, we ALL want to honeymoon with youI thought that was a private email! @andrewzimmern & @Jamiebiss chat tattoos, & honeymoon with @kenoringer http://t.co/7IDnzagzQ3
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernGreat cause! Donate! RT @TouringforaCure: Wow! A HUGE thanks to @andrewzimmern for tweeting us out to everyone! http://t.co/3fsh82vwASRT @eyebobs: So proud of @andrewzimmern's 2nd chances scholarship thru @beardfoundation! Apply 'til 5/15. http://t.co/MjG9uNvdlA
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernA @Jamiebiss Q&A w/ @andrewzimmern. Read his thoughts on snacking, tattoos & the chefs he can't stop thinking about: http://t.co/ePPQilsUTn
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Recipe: Wine-Braised Lamb Shoulder (perfect #Easter brunch option, right?) http://t.co/4T0h3IJMKg#Paleo Hack: Roast Chicken with Ratatouille #recipe http://t.co/qqTq6YNvZPSweet RT @exjon: I just heard @andrewzimmern utter the term "Donkey Salami." That's the name of my next band.
Sadness RT @BostonGlobe: 9 dead, 287 missing more than a day after ferry disaster, fears toll could rise sharply http://t.co/0bSSOX9hqQJust had dinner with the amazing @allysheedy1 and we need to help homeless #LGBTQI youth more than we are.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmernmy classic tattoo-style pinup painting of queen @margaretcho is the only productive thing i've done this year http://t.co/F5KNZuYWPh
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIt was great! ProStart is a superb cause RT @pinupbaker: @andrewzimmern thanks for coming to Montana! http://t.co/HIIvzwS8CDMealworm grilled cheese ... All for a good cause Pro Start Montana http://t.co/9eYn7JbpEkPro Start Montana... Amazing support for young culinarians ... @ Buck's T4 Lodge Big Sky http://t.co/gClWv7VfV9This is a game-changer. http://t.co/aUkP8UWpnz #unboxing @hcfoods@BBQsnob @eatocracy @AmericasTestKit And cutting off the best end???? Wtf???Get ready Montana... I've dressed the part don't you think? Preheat the ovens, I arrive soon @… http://t.co/xTl4YZoS33I could get used to this. @ Signature Terminal http://t.co/OLP9fD6x4m
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