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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/EuFf839aWP

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@SamanthaBrown @bertkreischer @AdamRichman @donwildman @toddcarmichael @anthonyhotels Great night with my band mates.Reverend Run. Boom http://t.co/eOTGqwBQWDdonwildman , I want to be him when I grow up http://t.co/QmoRXxbEUX@vanillaice and I getting photo bombed . RVW is one of best dudes and straight up hysterical http://t.co/cmifYiT0YO@debimazar and @thetuscangun http://t.co/07VRz8P2yFHeinz and Apollo... Lets be honest, I am in much better shape than these legends but I wanted to be… http://t.co/SfCtOE5SzUThe gnome... @bertkreischer knows what's what http://t.co/xR8pMGBRGWOld friends. I love that woman. So glad @samantha_gigem is with me tonight. adamrichman agrees http://t.co/vIgSdMcWCk@AnthonyHotels and I after #sniupfronts http://t.co/wprr6jGESbBeautiful ravioli at Dovetail tonite http://t.co/BedIdrxBbHSaw the tape today and more at upfront. Loved it RT @MVoltaggio: @andrewzimmern @travelchannel thx chef!Wtf??? I am at Lizz Winsteads house of awesome and no one is home! RT @lizzwinstead: OMG @andrewzimmern I am at Alma! What're are you??Back at ya RT @AdamRichman: A grand time had by all The Scripps Upfronts & fun seeing my friends! @andrewzimmernhttp://t.co/V2UbxieJsQSo true RT @bonnary: It was a good hair day for both of us. @andrewzimmern http://t.co/zka4PneIXk@ChefBenFord Glad you like it my friendBald is truly beautiful! @andrewzimmern @toddcarmichael http://t.co/iGhDn1x5xq
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@bertkreischer naked at Dovetail. #notlying @travelchannel @ Dovetail http://t.co/weiYrQT87RThe next big thing. @mvoltaggio Breaking Borders on @travelchannel .... So cool... http://t.co/kW0initFnQHot dog break w @anthonyhotels http://t.co/5pc3Y8JCIAIt's asparagus season! How to select, store & cook this awesome spring veggie. http://t.co/VzjvNPAOfrTime is running out! Please help http://t.co/0coLfI1mXY win the Webby People’s Voice Award! You can vote here: http://t.co/3v12cVYTqN@SI_MaggieGray @SInowLIVE Love the new show! Thx for having me@andrewzimmern @sweetmarthas had some great advice. Our #statefair post has reached 100,000 people in 24 hours. #fingerscrossed
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@allensalkin Love it. I'm in. Is it modern klezmer inspired dance music for the SOBE club kids? Led Zep covers?@SCMSuite @conantnyc The SCM Suite is an amazing place for private events . Wow! So coolThx @sinow and @si_maggiegray for a fun chat today! @azcanteen is waiting for you to check out!Thrilled to offer "Second Chances" Scholarship w @beardfoundation & @Eyebobs. App deadline 5/15. More info: http://t.co/WNUfkxqGTp@Taboo_Tash Yes, yes I didI wish! RT @HansBakeryAnoka: @andrewzimmern, do you have any pull with the State Fair vendor (cont) http://t.co/cNWDbSpkJD#Recipe: Soba Noodles with Shrimp Tempura http://t.co/vpRvLts3PF
Strawberry. New dessert from Nomad. Pretty tight. Pretty effing tasty. @ The NoMad http://t.co/hf5jpuDUoO@conantnyc thank u so much for all u do for NYers that need it most. @susnyc and I are so grateful... Superb food, hospitality, friendshipMeyer lemon insanity from @conantnyc nickxkennedy .... Amazing guys cooking for a great cause #susnyc http://t.co/GmzBFjIRSM@Azcanteen @conantnyc caseface918 on the line #susnyc dinner http://t.co/UVtQmaQomncaseface918 plating up with @conantnyc at #susnyc dinner http://t.co/VeiGWPDW5sMy rabbit course ... Cooking with @conantnyc http://t.co/LyFMYiPZgkCooking gnocchi with intensity. @conantnyc and I doing #dinnerforabetterny #susnyc http://t.co/TasVFPA8d0Thrilled to have @cheftimlove on this wk's #GoForkYourself! http://t.co/EPM8P4w9cB cc @AustinFoodWine#Recipe: Soba Noodles with Shrimp Tempura http://t.co/uieKok1E4q@MyCeviche’s Sam Gorenstein shows AZ just how easy it is to make this Latin American favorite: http://t.co/NS9DqUm3bN #AppforLife
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern18 days to release....Tell everyone about #FEDUPMOVIE. http://t.co/B1Eku8qaQYToday is @BaldorFood @bitebaldor! @andrewzimmern @ericripert @ChefJSmillie @AlfredPortale @CaravelleChamp @barbaralynchBOS @LifeWorthEating
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTalking Toro 2.0, tattoos & more with @jamiebiss. http://t.co/sUJcFHvEcR
A beautiful, pea-themed tasting menu at Curtis Stone's Maude restaurant in Beverly Hills. —JO http://t.co/WxKIhmeBh5
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThis is a game-changer. http://t.co/mLA7EZGQIt #unboxing @hcfoodsStunners... RT @chrissyteigen: My babies! http://t.co/I4oGJKnvivSent with love!!!! RT @mollymogren: @andrewzimmern sends the kind of #easter note you'd expect. http://t.co/Ey9U4il8B5And to all who celebrate that holiday I hope you are blazing away RT @Arbre420: @andrewzimmern happy4/20 GreenSmilesHappy Easter indeed! RT @BillyDec: My family's Sunday spread on banana leaves in the backyard.. (cont) http://t.co/hD6ltYVhv5I had no idea,This is amazing! Congrats RT @GDeLaurentiis: Congrats! “@jeangeorges: God bless America! #newUScitizen http://t.co/nWfq1S3yCO@hels @jennlouisPDX I got some honey that needs a raison d'être.Another reason why I have a huge crush on @brainpicker http://t.co/AJhzYHmFzI"Good luck finding those eggs." - Me to the kids assembled on the South Lawn of my uterus. #Easter #HeHasRisen
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@hels Recipe?Happy Easter! 75 degrees and sunny, a perfect MN Sunday #in-lawsmakingham http://t.co/AtbbskJlgaThx to @billyharris I now spend all day photo toasting.I'm Spartacus for you RT @MoRocca: @AndrewZimmern Would join me in the fight to end Flavor Profiling? For heaven's sake it's 2014!Everyone always asks about my glasses. Check this out, $ go to scholarship @beardfoundation https://t.co/X8jwVzwJ3YHelp http://t.co/0coLfI1mXY win the Webby People’s Voice Award! You can vote here: http://t.co/3v12cVYTqN@dbrauer @PioneerPress It's unusable, which sadly is a bold hint about the viability of their entire enterpriseWould you eat crickets? What if they were kosher? http://t.co/N8m7pZXGl4
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernEaster morning. #jewsallaboutthecandy #missedchurch #whoopsie http://t.co/QPYo3hDV2Z
@applegas Shake shack ... No contestWhy do I love this so much?? I'm really an overgrown child... I'm 9. http://t.co/IsSdlVwMKj@PenniesPintsPGH @JustinSeverino Yes I doNot a dud on menu. The pork tomahawk was special. I suggest you over-order RT @DennisMcGinley: @andrewzimmern must have at spacca LA?@WalthasMS Happy bday pennyT is for Toro. http://t.co/R5F4yU0QGPI wish everyone could spend a few days with Curtis Stone. He's funnier than you can ever imagine, and… http://t.co/bmhYYru4UHMy friend needs help. i love their products, and pledges get aprons and bags from Maine . Do this https://t.co/OMEnMMASJHTune in NPR for my talk today w/ @SplendidTable about intersection of food & happiness @andrewzimmern @DanielleCNN http://t.co/VOV0T9twJV
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTalking Toro 2.0, tattoos & more with @jamiebiss. http://t.co/RkfoXpTsZ9We're fascinated by these crazy Mustangs that never were http://t.co/OqxoN9tGsf http://t.co/fnIz8fTYA5
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSome nights after a long day of work you just need something fast and simple. The crispy salt and… http://t.co/NKpMmojFEd
Love the year designation. Some months I'm like fat Elvis. Elvis in Hawaii fat Elvis RT (cont) http://t.co/fSKQb33UwpBest person I have met in a long time. Dahlia is a doll. I made her cry within a minute...#stillgotit http://t.co/TRmQ8Bv1yqThe more I get to know him the more I like @altonbrown Thx my friend for a great night of cross-casting #altonbrowncast #goforkyourself@wesoxley Don't sweat it... ... Botswana. Most in sync I've ever been with my true self... Country is pure.@chefludo happy birthday! I can hear La Marseillaise from here!Just got off plane, saw this, and can't stop smiling RT @biggayicecream: @Bourdain Woman wearing (cont) http://t.co/SurT88aFk3@wesoxley Uhhhhh. NowWow RT @kitchensense: This message is kosher for Passover: matzo lasagna. Surprisingly delicious. http://t.co/ZDL8MJrSLQ@foodiemikec @grahamelliot He's still young last I checked. Graham is like Wayne Newton... Ageless@ruhlman @Bourdain Now THAT sounds like great TVMy go-to Easter #recipes. http://t.co/xTs6CsXvQzYou can't call anything "best" like that... RT @crethdavis: @andrewzimmern ANSWER THE QUESTION @PecanLodge @bessde75@JeniEats Looks delish!The greatest sentence ever written was printed in the Times today: http://t.co/F0XMmlF6Ko via @GilesKristian
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernRecipes, videos, podcasts, and more! http://t.co/0coLfI1mXY has it all, and it’s Webby nominated! Vote for us here: http://t.co/3v12cVYTqN#Recipe: Wine-Braised Lamb Shoulder (perfect #Easter brunch option, right?) http://t.co/pGub0CFOY3@Francis_Lam So many desecrations in the name of copycat cookery on this issue. They are classic combos but so boring when over usedHola!! RT @anamaria_cocina: @andrewzimmern Locos !!!! http://t.co/vFSvkURGn0.@chispacca was so inspiring last nite. specializing in meat, but don't skip the stuffed zuke blossoms and gem lettuce salad!Marrow pie at @chispacca was all that it's been touted for... Even more so http://t.co/CjNORIKp68.@chispacca served me the best steak in memory last nite http://t.co/RZf3fDhBKlPork tomahawk @chispacca with melting eye and crisped bone-in belly. Epic http://t.co/uyYSyV0PK7@billyharris @nokidhungry @chefjwaxman @andrewzimmern @NancySilverton @chefsawyer @PaulKahan @jennlouisPDX @nealfraser Thx billy. Amazing@JustinChapple @katehed @foodandwine They're even better if you unmold, cool, sprinkle with a little cheese and urfa chile and bake againHey @andrewzimmern, @katehed and I have your spinach & cheese soufflé. Hurry, snooze ya lose! #fweats @foodandwine...
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThis is a game-changer. http://t.co/J8jROPbvdc #unboxing @hcfoods
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