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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/EuFf839aWP

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These guys have the coolest job ever. http://t.co/o8F05piPXS
She's so obsessed with Instagram. http://t.co/9f6QaqhkkJHappy birthday grandma! http://t.co/bqDJYTsRu7Street luge training http://t.co/cFhgUyXi07@briankoppelman @jennyhutt Wow... The guilt is second only to Grandma Zimmerns around the high holy days.@briankoppelman @jennyhutt Whaddya mean???? You told me next time I am in NYC we were "on".... And we will!.@mollymogren & I chat w/ @Guarnaschelli, plus my new collaborations w/ @Scottevest on this wk's @GFYPodcast. http://t.co/2n0qcRVwSLMalibu 1953... The baby is my father in law. Cheap real estate... Oy.... http://t.co/6PmUb7Td1jWalking the course. First day out for the kid. http://t.co/hZ57yOmYkYLook who came to visit!! ladybarker17 and mr B. Great to see our friends if only briefly... http://t.co/V0hSUxXxZkMichy’s Fried Chicken & Watermelon Salad http://t.co/ghTDguRnlQ #recipe http://t.co/zysARXbGb120 awesome, talented musical acts at @UptownArtFair's @subaru_usa Performance Stage. http://t.co/3bhmA7TAsA #mpls@CountBasieThtr @appetitefest @GDeLaurentiis Demos! Stories! Prizes! Hilarity! Pathos! It's going to be an epic eveningNEXT WEEKEND: @appetitefest at the @CountBasieThtr q/ @andrewzimmern + @GDeLaurentiis! Tix at http://t.co/Th6UceTJBi http://t.co/BMEvafLJhs
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@SarahHanger Happy birthday@MeredithFrost Ahhhh. Now it all makes sense@mattqb @kenoringer and team are superb at what they do. Check his other places tooA behind the scenes look at the @AllStarGame Hot Dog Derby http://t.co/eDjsBBdgFo http://t.co/n8yXpzxuIv
Isn't everyone sure this will happen? How can it not? Great read RT @plattMSP: Gutsy blog from (cont) http://t.co/fkIC8cUm3r@MeredithFrost Is it Kubrick night for you? Great stuff@roachzorz France 44 Surdyks@camila1783 @merchantMN Brilliant chef, new resto .... Poised for greatness@camila1783 Canlis EMP Next/Alinea/aviary Nomad TFL Hearth All great chef/teachers... Or come to MPls and do @merchantMN@camila1783 What do you want to learn?Massive ... Thx @target and amackmn ...best fireworks ever!!! @ Saint Anthony Main http://t.co/3cQACl0ZYo@camila1783 Where do you want to be in 10 years? Figure that out and road map to that goal. I would aim as high as your dream.Wish I was @beardfoundation #jbfchefsandchampagne honoring the amazing @bflay Congrats B, you are a class actiPad action at the pool. There are three of us under there! http://t.co/zq8EdjqPPKI'm a Fabio RT @HuffingtonPost: QUIZ: What supermodel would you be? http://t.co/oLHtQPElpwYum RT @AZCanteen: Ready to go! Order Up! Heath puts the finishing touches on some noodles for the party. http://t.co/TC4oLQheAz@KWeberGale @GWeberGale Likewise my friend... Noah says to give GWG a high five@KWeberGale @GWeberGale I agree KaraNoah giving cousin jadax18 a hot sauce lesson http://t.co/OcM6sD0fagYup RT @InsideSKY: Connecticut may have invented the lobster roll, but @andrewzimmern says (cont) http://t.co/85VhF1vGSvU would live them, cool gear RT @CarylChinn: RFID blocking pocket? Nice! “@andrewzimmern: feel (cont) http://t.co/BKWtjb38zIThey are awesome. Been using for years, RT @SimonMajumdar: @andrewzimmern I need to get me one of these.You guys make great BBQ. Was there 2 weeks ago, still great RT @SalvageBBQ: @andrewzimmern @foodandwine thanks for the props chef!I feel like a secret agent when I put this on. http://t.co/mgYrDPWrEg http://t.co/frrTeTOrEW#Recipe: @PerennialPlate’s Wild Rice Bhel Puri (you're going to want to eat it) http://t.co/bGW9HlzC0O http://t.co/QurgiWvV52Love these cheeses. I let the Milleen ripen for days and it turned into quite the Epoisse style funk I… http://t.co/aoXXz3nIhgEnjoy cooking + conversation with me at Red Bank, NJ’s @Appetitefest at the @Countbasiethtr Fri Aug. 1! Tickets here: http://t.co/JDwbkTk1y5Thrilled to have Alex @Guarnaschelli on this wk's @GFYPodcast. http://t.co/2n0qcRVwSL#recipe: Pickled Jalapeños http://t.co/Ggu4bzYcLE#Recipe: Root Vegetable Salad with Orange-Tarragon Vinaigrette http://t.co/AEcC6LRj7N http://t.co/aPfEFPm4Co
@kaleandcola Yeah, I will give you that oneI did! Solid Dublin euro pub. Dry aged Hereford beef was solid RT @Wipwalsh: @andrewzimmern hope u enjoyed it meal last nite in rolys..?@andrewzimmern hope u enjoyed it meal last nite in rolys..?
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@LakridsbyBulow I already have oneThe one & only Alex @Guarnaschelli on this wk's @GFYPodcast. http://t.co/2n0qcRVwSL http://t.co/WNnDqBewVKAdventures in sustainable eating w/ @perennialplate & @kaleandcola http://t.co/o8F05piPXS12 Kickass Salad #recipes http://t.co/D15SkCO8xR http://t.co/tb0oHxzcuX#Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Mayonnaise http://t.co/IP9pjQSL8rMy ultimate road trip playlist via @Spotify http://t.co/NfBk56mb38#Recipe: Root Vegetable Salad with Orange-Tarragon Vinaigrette http://t.co/AEcC6LRj7NLicorice. My favorite. Just one with coffee in Paris airport on way home. @ Aéroport de… http://t.co/ZgzMHshtOUMateus rose bottle. Unmistakeable RT @HistoricalPics: Jimi Hendrix http://t.co/MS3utIGBdZ@Francis_Lam Have I got a story for you. Yes, 3000. And we cooked with it tooSome of it was RT @WestCoastVino: @Francis_Lam @andrewzimmern I can't believe it's not rancid.@brad_kilgore Impressive
So long Ireland. You are beyond amazing http://t.co/LY0hA1sRpYSlicing and plating. Note the bog oak infused home made Irish whiskey for flambé @ Dublin, Ireland http://t.co/NrAnRdOTOQWildness from the bog for seasoning at Thornton's @ Dublin, Ireland http://t.co/WcnLT0RvxFSmoke the pigeons in peat, rosewood and big oak @ Dublin, Ireland http://t.co/cFFJBbAid6A proper flambé @ Dublin, Ireland http://t.co/5kEFVe9pPdOn the line at Thornton's @ Dublin, Ireland http://t.co/f2ivebl9r5Wild pigeon, aged in hay for 10 days about to meet 3000 year old butter, peat smoke and bog oak… http://t.co/DqjJiv7vr3Kevin Thornton and his oversized Shun slicer. His go-to knife http://t.co/I8vIPMYNobWith Connor, the Bog Man on his bog. http://t.co/YOAAJFaB19Check out my collaboration with @scottevest. I feel like a secret agent when I wear their stuff. http://t.co/G6vqoPmewvIt's official: Daniel & Mirra have the coolest job ever. http://t.co/HKL8iaNOQL @perennialplate @kaleandcola http://t.co/LQrGGFA2js@MKarbo @mwilhelmi @MinnesotaDFL @MayorHodges Raising money so dfl can change the system is important. Lots of ways for all to contributeExcited to hear that @hamptoncreek has partnered up with @compassgroupusa to release #JustCookies. About time someone made a better cookie!Especially you Paddy RT @yokeproductions: @andrewzimmern @FrankHederman @FingalFerguson @Kevinthornton5 thanks for a great week .. Paddy@mrshederman @Nash19Cork Amazing stuff!!! Thank youIt's the @GFYPodcast All Star Game recap! http://t.co/lSnVhEdJoD #asg http://t.co/O0n7xVk8I2Bog men. Kildare http://t.co/Fxr4C0CUixKevin Thornton getting all into it. Ancient butter @ Dublin, Ireland http://t.co/74EstZU8Bl3000 year old goat butter, discovered in 1996 in Kildare http://t.co/kLriEKE4kIMy go-to travel vest. Love this thing! http://t.co/dS7tONEbI3 @ScottevestCEO#Recipe: Michy’s Fried Chicken & Watermelon Salad http://t.co/ghTDguRnlQSaw it 11 years ago at ElBulli. Knew this day would come RT @HuffingtonPost: Microwaveable cake in (cont) http://t.co/NnlNA9EbgZCheck out @UptownArtFair’s Culinary Competition! Artist & chef teams create a unique dish + matching piece of art. http://t.co/kvtLEqMt584 knife skills everyone should know. http://t.co/8QFParaBlH http://t.co/BSKfRQPyfnA behind the scenes look at the @AllStarGame Hot Dog Derby http://t.co/eDjsBBdgFo http://t.co/AIdpkm2NEJ@FrankHederman @yokeproductions It's been really fun. Quite the experience...and today I am in a bog!@producerweiland . Enough said @ Kildangan Crosskeys http://t.co/l2355hxXwn@bbydolldistruct New eps in the fall@jlhalverson1 The amazing and super HAWT @nikkilanemusic who is touring all summer. Check her out people
@bloisolson Yes. I say yesThe prized Gubbeen at Gubbeen Farm http://t.co/hF6d2qMTBjGubbeen Farm's proudest resident http://t.co/zwssCkDhd6Vanilla kissed carrageen at Gubbeen Farm http://t.co/vOTcbRIOEJ12 delicious salad #recipes http://t.co/D15SkCO8xR http://t.co/AgWBmyr5fVA behind the scenes look at the @AllStarGame Hot Dog Derby http://t.co/eDjsBBdgFo cc @grahamelliot http://t.co/SDCYBsAjJpClovisse grows the worlds best potatoes gubbeen farm http://t.co/ddaD8T7t6LPickled endive gubbeen farm http://t.co/33XdDS22CoCured ham, potatoes and cheese gubbeen farm http://t.co/7eIY5xnnupPerfect food at Gubbeen Farm http://t.co/8OR0FaKoPqfingalferguson head cheese gubbeen Farm http://t.co/MzWWPXEab8You are amazing my friend! A real renaissance man RT @FingalFerguson: @andrewzimmern and the great toys http://t.co/e1M0H1qPjt
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