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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@CoolLoon2 enjoy!@TEEDinosaurs @annalunoe @RBMA I use @getcloak’s VPN stuff to route me through other countries when it’s blocked in the states. Worth 9$/mo@hellodukesy 🚬@tenderlove Thanks for handling that stuff for all of us. 💞
@hone02 @muanchiou C’mon, it’s only every other year.I'm assuming this commotion in the mission is about ethics in videogame journalism.
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeOh great San Francisco won another thing. The last thing that city needs is an additional boost in ego.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@jmhodges Phish is at Bill Graham too. Good luck.@grantmichaels eventually the people with the trademark or whatever will ask that person to rename it if it gets enough traction.@brittanyforks does mcnuggula have his own account yet? Please keep this up.@wfarr 🍻@seancribbs @technoweenie #yubikey
@kyledrake @neocitiesweb please email support@github.com, we probably have a real policy for it.@jamesgolick @mrb_bk have you guys seen this? http://t.co/n2VFu7kmv2@mperham @tenderlove I actually configure it on my iPad + iPhone during setup and you have a back other than backup codes.
@ApothecariumSF YESSS
Hank Aaron is in the suite next to us. lol@josephruscio link? Do I just google 40s baseball players?@RobotDeathSquad it's kinda sad. They should get some fashion sense. I was like "why is everyone's shirt tucked in, seems uncomfortable"Do baseball players ever look at their outfits and wonder if time have changed? It's been like 100 years.@mrJUSTINMARTIN http://t.co/9hb02qyJ8N@hellodukesy the best@mrtazz @samkottler word. That's not that important anyway."Turned on ssl by default" you're welcome @mrtazz@mrtazz @samkottler will glitter your beard if you fix this. YOUR MOVE SCHAUENBERG.@mrtazz @samkottler I can't imagine any reason to build anything mail related without ssl support these days. You should send them a patch.@mrtazz @samkottler I feel like the people driving those things are focused on the wrong direction tho. "Adoption" vs sane defaults in 2014@samkottler @mrtazz part of me really admires the openbsd community in hindsight. Atleast they told you us that we can't have nice things.@mrtazz man I could go on and on about why platforms like FreeBSD have such a tiny footprint in the world. "Just recompile sendmail" lol@slyphon “and stuff”@janaboruta http://t.co/4XXRRnCGEt
@DJSpacecamp On my way!@cieluxis it really really is.
House to myself until Monday night. Request from roommates was “just don’t burn it down.” I’ll try.@dreww @nap_dad Talib Killing SpreeMy fun new friday night hobby is google-image-searching "devops diagram" https://t.co/l3MjATxGTo
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@JakeUno Says 0 tracks. http://t.co/9S4QAqSei4@muanchiou http://t.co/21nDyzlNfh 🙀@nnnnnnax @CASHMERECAT is a 😸@flangy This year ushered in more traditional structure, fwiw.@mastahyeti @ndm awww yisss@katbudrys nbd@roidrage http://t.co/jpekY2ZMKE
@rev_revolver happens to me all the time.@scarlettsparks I did that earlier this week but made it to 40 hours. No clear reason why.@sudara @mtodd & @whatcodecraves did something like that iircvia @joshaber http://t.co/HDu2tp6eSW@wfarr http://t.co/VG5Othp3Et*in the back of cop car* "Yo pass me the aux cord"
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeAnyone wanna see citizenfour at 9:45 tonight? https://t.co/3jFXEcEhjTTunes: https://t.co/DvZSMRud6e https://t.co/i03cl1l3xf https://t.co/IWjJP5Y6ok
@joshpeek Why not go?@mastahyeti I didn't know you were gonna do that. 👍@glenngillen that explains so much of the bay@glenngillen do you have a bluetooth keyboard or just being a gangster?
@drawohara fwiw, there’s bugs in most things that are cached twice regardless of one layer being frustrating@drawohara Yeah, we’ve been using fastly and I don’t think we even really need it anymore.@drawohara what’s so bad about it? I think people liked it 5-6 years ago.@peakscale Is that the 500 page? We never really look at the actual UI.@ioerror @twitter @torproject Is that doc’d somewhere officially or just starting to hear rumors? Seems shady.@willduncanphoto login screen blanks out on me I occasionally. Just type into the abyss and you're in though@fujin_ ritual, four barrel, most of the smaller shops will have gear. Amazon prime too.@vesirin It’s been sitting out for like a month and I was sitting on a blog post that needed to be published.@blakegentry @roidrage @alindeman Yup. I really hate that “was created” message that hubot-deploy adds though.@kneath yeah, i love that. yosemite and iOS8 turns everything into a choir.
@flangy What goofball signed off on that commit?
@pbowden option 3which sorta sucks because you’re stuck with it, but they’re sane tools.it turns out those peeps making unix a thing 35-40 years ago knew the problem space.@kennethreitz @solarce btw we ran this in production for years and have finally started moving to a C api for it. It works.@kennethreitz @solarce it’s actually the important part. always focus on the important parts.@solarce @kennethreitz https://t.co/SArJ6ebZwF@haacked i want an adventure but i’d probably just fall back to CO@haacked i actually need that kinda stuff in my life. hole up and hack, be bored, make cool shit.@haacked yeah, @leehuffman told me. soooooooooooon.@haacked i’m gonna need to park my ass up there for a while to appreciate it fully.@Nickrob try 420Shoutout to people doing limbo with a glow tube during @atmos set in #houseofbass http://t.co/D38PnVdYu3
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe💞 @d2fn @jrecursive @dreww @kudeki @DJSpacecamp @Flashflooder @thedaniel @PublicWorksSF thanks for a fun house of bass last night.http://t.co/g0lWhABNuh
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe
@annalunoe You were one of the most fun shows I went to all year. Finna drop base drum dealer in my set tonight. 💃🔊💃🔊💃🔊
@evanphx @wfarr@roidrage 😘✈️👪@pengwynn @vinbarnes https://t.co/xgZoy58hcd@roidrage meatball culture@indec I’ve sorta moved on to the opinion that it’s entirely a spectator sport that i’m not interested in.finally bought a computer after about a month and a half without one very tempted to just leave it in the box
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeGoing to California http://t.co/HxKimLartN
Shoutout to @PakwitD's iPhone 6+ for letting us watch that home run live during dinner. Everyone at dinner could see.So yeah, we're streaming the game from the sushi place. http://t.co/FGwRJF5Lsa@roidrage i will take you up on a cappuccino@rodjek Apologies, the kiwis I was staying with made it sound bad because *they* never drink it. I enjoyed my 8am tui on arrival chch@glenngillen @rodjek @dgoodlad @wfarr @vinbarnes I found out @rodjek’s TUI had was in fact a long troll ti miseducate ‘merica@capotej i was kinda hoping for a cinema display with those specs too@toolmantim @dockermel @buildbox lol@glenngillen @vinbarnes @rodjek @wfarr We got em for australia day. We had roo steaks too.@vinbarnes @rodjek @wfarr you can get it in SF. 😄
@mrmrs_ btw your new least favorite command will be ‘bundle exec’, but it’ll work.@mrmrs_ basically never trust your shell’s gem environment, always have a Gemfile. It’s annoying but consistent. http://t.co/2BvAlu5pZPhttp://t.co/1piDhZgnPI
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