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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@okayjeffrey My homie lives near there if you guys have tents or something and can camp out.@jakeboxer The song of a generation@collypops @charliesome For some reason I read that as “It’s a beautiful day <for> WebObjects” and wondered wtf was wrong with you two.@thetombell nope, i have some third party stuff that runs in it but i just use their management scripts and leave it alone.@thetombell @michigangraham yup, I didn't want the web component of it all. Room locking has always been kinda nice.@atmos @thetombell Also there’s a branch that’s incomplete that allows you to support .com and enterprise creds simultaneously.@thetombell There’s support for that in hubot-deploy already. Checkout http://t.co/aTpkjEcJeq@thetombell yup. Heaven still needs to auto deploy requested branches. I left that out initially because I wanted the simpler ones first.@thetombell the deployments API does it when you request the deployment.@Nickrob the production quality was on a level I really didn’t anticipate and I loved it.
@strzalekk @janaboruta our roommates saw that and immediately wanted our dog to dress up like that spider.So @janaboruta calls my fat dog "sausage" and came home with this today. http://t.co/KfR9vZhTvt@janaboruta @kneath There’s stuff like this, http://t.co/lNWuiZ5pEy. I just put mine in the boot though.@samkottler I’m pretty sure we can find a spot for you. Shoot me an email atmos@atmos.org
@ejgreenberg ask her for some@Nickrob atrak?@hornbeck square it off http://t.co/5skeRSnRYB@NFL_Memes @gphat the blunts are ok@AntonID @porterrobinson yeah. The visuals we're spit on and I loved the Super Nintendo/anime vibe.@seancribbs @lusis That much I know. 😉@dbussink cool starbucks cupWent to a @porterrobinson show last night and was kinda blown away by the production quality. It was amazing. http://t.co/syapnY3OLvImmorality is the morality of those who are having a better time.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@sodoku All fixed up. Thanks again.@sodoku Will correct, sorry about that.
@lusis OPENSSL::VERIFY_FUN@erniemiller enjoy the buzz. It'll last all day
@godfoca #nopants@jamesgolick 😳@halorgium @fujin_ http://t.co/9cyyRtqrrP@fujin_ of course. i’ll ensure my devices are clean and ready for your arrival, good sir.@fujin_ @janaboruta @z bio says square...
@calavera 👍@theophani hopefully there will also be a vegan friendly version. faux fur lining etc.@theophani I figure there’ll just be an increase in clutch sales.@dannygreg @lukehefson aren’t some of them dead anyway?@mrb_bk If you look closely there’s a vape pen. 😉So the apple keynote stream is busted so we’re improvising. http://t.co/rgVhFEgBhv
@brntbeer 🎉🎊🎉🎂@jmckenty I’ll take that bet. 💸@okayjeffrey yup. You can always email support@github.com too. 😄
That time when you forget intermediate certs and tell your coworkers that their stuff is broken.
@MaceoPlex Perhaps you should’ve considered a career in software. It’s pretty common after leaving jobs.
@queltoupet You might wanna reset your twitter password
@Uber_SF Bummer, he said it wasn’t there. Thanks anyway. 😕@toolmantim Yeah, I’m hoping to get back to Keith on his email about stuff now that I’m back from vacation.@brntbeer No. It’s my favorite sweatshirt and they aren’t making them anymore so I can’t even buy a new one. 😢@Uber_SF If I possibly left my sweatshirt in a car today what’s the best way to find out if it’s still there?
@DJSpacecamp yea, that first hour was rough. Got a lot better though.
@coin What should we be searching for in the app store to get the coin app? I’m not seeing it available.
@thetombell sup?Escapism has never been so important.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoejust keep watching: https://t.co/KtCMyuJyEO@mastahyeti @muanchiou gross.@muanchiou @mastahyeti gross, what do three dots in a path even mean?Whoever added the “view issue” and “view pull request” buttons to gmail. 💗I want the equivalent of comedians in a car getting coffe but have it starring @d2fn and @jrecursive@joshsusser 😕
@daksis :(@raggi thanks for all your hard work. 🎉New @odesza track: https://t.co/viUJ3Xsz0f
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@lindvall i know that feeling all too well@lindvall I was actually surprised to get one on the first try the other day.@pengwynn @brntbeer somewhere around 40k i hearIf you’re in SF this weekend. http://t.co/aIR06Vv2Bgpretty much still this http://t.co/SG3WhLEq0h
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@balbeko nope, it’s kind of a one at time process thing.
@assaf how do you manage dns to swing between front ends? We’ve used dynect pretty successfully at work.@assaf cool, i haven’t gotten to build anything that bounces around like that. sounds like you’ve approached it sanely.@assaf did you have to move much data?@orderedlist @holman Sometimes I like them but the snowden article crashed like 6 times on my iPad before i gave up to read it on my laptop.@alindeman and you probably won’t even notice. yeah, it’s a bad idea.@hornbeck I figured you'd already be on your way@matjones2009 nope. Can you open an issue and I'll look today?
@Jamiegirl1 ugh. I had a dude ask to borrow a lighter a while ago and he started smoking meth in front of me. I let him keep the lighter. ✌️@Jamiegirl1 you can also spell, huggs@ccccory email support@github.com and they’ll help get you sorted@toolmantim @buildbox 💥
Hi Monday. http://t.co/uCVHScADhs"For many types of applications, building a single-page app is harder and gives you no additional value." - http://t.co/BfjMdhedWy
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@charliesome @samkottler @wfarr that’s all you need to know@charliesome @wfarr i went to uni memphis. I’m allowed this ONE opinion.@charliesome don’t go any further west than nashville@elamadej @holman @janaboruta of course, let’s eat some food together before that burning thing@holman @elamadej @janaboruta and i are looking at being in the area after futurestack
@hellodukesy a little bit of sun and a beer bong@aroben @kcshearon whoa. TIL.@thetombell people seem to like fantastical https://t.co/0jkT1vVH22
@kudeki because home improvement... Yeah, I'm in the avoid at all costs camp.@charliesome I'm glad it hasn't changed. I went but felt weird after leaving too.@kudeki I have a theory about Home Depot and lowes. Half of the couples want to be there for house shit, the other half hates being there.@orderedlist @maddox @haacked @lukehefson remind me of that Mitch Hedberg joke about thinking that mustard stain came out.@maddox @haacked @lukehefson look down at the shirt you're all wearing.
@hellodukesy usaa@drawohara malleability is still my favorite way to describe it.@markimbriaco lol@asenchi @simple 💞@jamesgolick sprinkle some other herbs on it and it’ll be fine.@mrtazz Cognitively I’ve come to love it. It gets out of the way for a task I have. It’s something I don’t care much about anymore.
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