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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

general manager, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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@danentin @mdudas @Gawker find that hard to believe. I re-read as $100M in total commerce generated and $10M in affiliate revs to Gawker.
@dunn @SlackHQ phenomenal product. Transformed how we work @braintree
@stephenasmith @nflcommish maybe Goodell will let Kraft hire an investigator to investigate himself :)I'm generally anti-TV for our infant daughter but, without a doubt, YouTube is an absolute lifesaver at some point during the day!
Respect for .@RSherman_25, calling out Kraft/Goodell conflict of interest. Maybe the Pats will hire an investigator:) http://t.co/tdm17laO7t@waynep hmm. Sucks. Sushi Ran still my favorite omakase anywhere but intrigued by Kusakabe.@paulcarr almost better than our normal perks :) have a great Day 2! #dontbeawfulBeyond streaming & vinyl (yes) the music biz thrives "only where scarcity can be manufactured" great bit by .@DKThomp http://t.co/bfdA6q5GCv
Things I bought the last few weeks: diapers, formula, $GPRO, loads of oil/energy stocks.@waynep thought about that after I couldn't get a seat at kusakabe. Let me know how it is.@ryanspoon so strange! gl dude.@ryanspoon nope not from carousel. Just did from files tab and was fast for me. What connection are you on?@ryanspoon so I just tried again, went to photos tab and hit 'save image' and it exported pretty fast@ryanspoon actually, didn't mean you're doing something wrong, but rather it should be fairly quick to save image to your camera roll.@ryanspoon probably. Very fast for me.
Anyone compare @wunwun vs @Postmates experiences in SF?
@tysonius sounds like something you would do to @KlasBack :)'...a lot of failure in 2015" - .@bgurley. Good to see a VC talk about vanity valuations effect on liquidation prefs. http://t.co/ZaiAyYBjbW@jordankobert or maybe a pair of shoes. So_you_have_them. Hope you're well buddy.@jordankobert I would expect to see this in your feed. http://t.co/QXGSLHhG0kIt was either Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, a bad gauge, or a corrupt ref. No other possibilities.@mik3y Dbags on a plane?@nihalmehta I'd invest in that thing.Proud to give merchants choice. Cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and now accept bitcoin via .@coinbase @braintree! https://t.co/JpllEdoix9By me: "Paying for Uber with Bitcoin? Braintree opens up bitcoin payments to its thousands of merchants" http://t.co/VP69wyvHRx @pandodaily
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@SherazShere @mdudas look who's got a fancy Twitter profile now :)@mdudas @Moorski @redpointvc @button congrats!@nihalmehta @TechCrunch @anthonyha well done Nihal!
@mdudas InMail is the new M-Pesa.Venmo is a pretty big deal. http://t.co/68wnV7KXQp
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya
@mdudas usually put in airplane mode well after take off. If it was proven to be dangerous, they wouldn't let phones on the plane.Huge day for our friends .@coinbase // congrats on the Series C! http://t.co/fLUgbvqCUe
@mcgd I would join. But I'm convinced today's interpretation of the 2nd amendment is tragically outdated and that might disqualify me.@ncyoung @m2jr @BOB_ST3VENSON sorry and you're welcome :)@ncyoung @m2jr @BOB_ST3VENSON I can spoil it for you if you want :) not significant if you already have 6.1. Just updated.@aforanush cool thanks!Can a slo-mo video on iOS only be played back in slow motion? If so, that's a really dumb feature.@michaelsmith you earned it :).@jemelehill and @michaelsmith lead the best sports talk conversation on TV these days, in my humble opinion // @HisAndHers“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?” ― Martin Luther King Jr.
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@lindzsays wonder if there is an arti-choke dip on the list.
INSIDE THE NFL GODS LOCKER ROOM "Guys, anything more we can do to mess with 49ers fans this year?" "I think I might have an idea ..."
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaChoke of the century. 4 INTs and going to the Super Bowl. Unreal. #SeahawksvsPackers@satyap football loves you too, bro.Pack is back in it.Biggest choke in playoff history!
@kent_green its past 10am CST. Dho it.@kent_green sounds pretty good. I developed a taste for mescal last time I was in Mexico. With Serrano peppers.
This really says it all http://t.co/gj19vG9rX8
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaYou have to appreciate the merits of a bacon-infused bourbon old fashioned. http://t.co/XhIOEAR9xwClose, but no cigar. Quite possibly the best Vine ever. .@SpaceX // https://t.co/3jgcp6bISCA chinese official from Dazhou, China is blaming the city's smog problem on too much bacon being smoked. http://t.co/dyFL8RUKw7
Will be building a Hyperloop test track for companies and student teams to test out their pods. Most likely in Texas.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaEven the Raiders got Jack Del Rio. #wtfNiners
Novel VC concept: openly publishing "what ifs", ie stuff you would like to see + probably invest in // @homebrew // https://t.co/6nlHDqrj7d@pmarca haven't been following your take on oil/energy lately. You buying at these low prices or bearish?@dty defHarbaugh out. Tomsula in. Totally get it.Kale salad and chocolate cake for lunch. #champion
The great Manny Pacquiao has agreed to terms on Mayweather fight. Let's do this Floyd! http://t.co/kRl89zfeccA Deep-Link Deep Dive: URX, Wildcard, Button, Deeplink.me Demo the Future of Mobile http://t.co/p6Y8vaNmrY via @HuffPostTech
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@msteib I've definitely kept all my gear. http://t.co/wP6q2OXkVh
Bucks v Titans pay per view?Turnover State.@piersmorgan you're displaying your ignorance of Islam.@mvboeke One Touch™ payments.
@mdudas @Colts it's the neck beard.Piss poor officiating. What's the point of watching?I can't watch football anymore.I don't understand that reversal.WOW.Aaron Rodgers just showed up.Seeing P85D efficiency gain after first drive on 6.1 and using TACC. Hope it stays :) //@elonmusk http://t.co/j6IJdgIFwx
@m2jr @harrismonkey convince him to test the P85D :)@DelRey both :) try Soul Cycle, less creepster.
@godxavier yes but was on work phone call at same time so didn't get into it. Seemed to work well. Going down to garage to read notes :)@godxavier P85D efficiency significantly better after update. I think they are idling one motor at highway speeds. http://t.co/y7BMQM9ShpSoftware update pushed to car. Getting closer to autopilot. So cool! http://t.co/RK0qXu3yL3
@Speroman just realized that 2007 was 8 YEARS AGO. #mindblown #admobOGs
Foie gras is legal again in CA, but for how long? http://t.co/5eUJ1nEAXP40 VC-backed startups > $1B private valuation. 27 in SF. 71 publicly-traded co's in NorCal with a market cap > $2B. http://t.co/ZmLRbzJkFA
Americans are starting to understand. //@tysonius @lukefossett_ http://t.co/j2Q78NS9RC4.5 hours on the ground in Vegas. One panel, one meeting, one beer, no gambling. The definition of getting old. >>>> sfoTalking next-gen mobile commerce, digital wallets, and @braintree at @MediaLink JPMorgan panel. Let's have some fun. #CES2015@mgsiegler would argue that SV is 'remote' and SF is center :)A watchmaker takes apart and puts back together a Rolex Submariner. No wonder these things are so expensive! http://t.co/fw9b3Yonl7
Day trip to Vegas tomorrow for quick payments panel, then I'm out. No thanks #CES.@amitchbr @BenedictEvans also don't consider the stuff companies like @urxtech and @usebutton are working on 'last-gen' by any means :)@amitchbr @BenedictEvans more nuanced than that. Uber/Airbnb solved "internet deficiencies" by using mostly existing stuff.The .@Sightglass flat white is the pinnacle of coffee in my humble opinion.@amitchbr @BenedictEvans many new problems being solved by tech concepts that aren't new. Not sure why that matters.One of my favorite themes in tech right now. Making the web and the app ecosystem seamless // nice @nytimes piece http://t.co/7PKZjMHBYN
Lawrence has been redeemed.And that's how you don't choke. #Cowboys@mdudas so you were faking omniscience this whole time :) seriously though, awesome list.
@Stammy you'll get sick of it after a while and go back to Reddit. Trust me.On that note, Jay Wilds interview part 3 // #serialpodcast via @the_intercept https://t.co/dkliJ3mBfmThe Serial subreddit is an intellectually stimulating place to hang out.Wow. Bull markets last a long time. “@jerrykerns: A history of bull markets in one Morningstar chart. http://t.co/E2u9T1McRY
@mdudas good time for an uplifting speech to break the tension. "The present....it's a gift....that's why...."
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