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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

general manager, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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Awesome :) "@tinab: What an unbelievable opportunity http://t.co/YY8PMKBNOP"Favorite term of the day - 'Dutch Uncle' http://t.co/szCylzMTWpCongrats to @peter_farago @seang @Simonkhalaf & rest of flurry team, if true. Still remember early email app days :) http://t.co/hPajGNc5mi@jordanhmckee @braintree great chatting with you too :)To much brisket, ribs, and beer this weekend. Running a bit slow today. But, I love you Austin.Just released @venmo v6.2.0. It’s now faster than ever to pay your closest friends via suggestions. Hope you enjoy! http://t.co/S5RWC1YhD2
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Congrats @EckartWalther on Twitter deal!@Braintree is awesome! Special thanks to @Afmrak, @jayhp, Brendon, Ashly, & @benemills for helping us launch to http://t.co/IrIRdztxu7 :)
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaUnspeakable tragedy for Malaysian airlines again.If you don't think personal transportation is changing, look at this graph. Triple in 30 yrs then tapers off last 5 http://t.co/DGPFbXmhvv"@mdudas we shall find out :)@mdudas it also pushes the best to get better :)@mdudas more players, more competition creates more choices + confusion, but every market is better with those dynamics. Without exception.MC/Visa doubling down on mobile commerce with yesterday's product announcements. Good for everyone, ultimately. http://t.co/ytUF6kTSkOSnapchat files payments-related patents. Hmm, social + payments. Cool concept. cc .@venmo http://t.co/9A3ftIqbzO
Hmm not a fan of the new AdMob logo. Bring the old one back. http://t.co/2LDLnewr55@kelloggfairbank good point. let's see how that works. i'm ready to trade in for a P150+ w/ 450 miles range and 0-60 in 2.5 seconds :)
@kelloggfairbank they said the Model S would be ~$50K :)
Best coffee in every SF neighborhood. I feel sorry for the Marina and Cole Valley. via @Thrillist // http://t.co/NUflBNnNzE
Elon Musk: “My proceeds from PayPal were $180m. I put $100m in SpaceX, $70m in Tesla & $10m in Solar City. I had to borrow money for rent.”
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@pmarca @msuster @BenedictEvans agree re: s-phones but real question is.. Who will create a wedge in the content market? Cable needs to go.
@mdudas neither did the taxi cartels :)Just got an 85mm 1.8 lens. Any photography hacks for how to make the best use of it? I'm seriously challenged.
Dope. http://t.co/JmVEicM1oQThe exotic car shipping industry is looking good today. #LeBronWatch2014Happy Friday Cleveland!Thanks to our amazing users for donating to @MalariaNoMore & providing lifesaving treatments to 70,000 children. http://t.co/ehVzhlW7bn
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaSalesforce grabs RelateIQ. Need auto-congrats-tweet for @Accel these days. Nice work gents. @RWong @ryanjsweeney @vas http://t.co/WyCsOhhvGB@mdudas exactly.@mdudas now you're making me feel guilty :)
@ayanonagon I'm def getting that but need something to hold me over. Baby smiling more so need fast camera :)@ayanonagon really getting close to doing that. But small screen :(@miraj already starting to think about it :)Really tiring of the Nexus 5 camera. Feel like the least common denominator for any mobile device should be GOOD CAMERA.Post Traumatic World Cup Disorder..@emilymbadger writing best stuff on ride sharing. Do Uber/Lyft = less DUIs? If yes, city govts are remiss to ignore. http://t.co/rjUK4ZmdsbBig ups to .@mdudas for spreading his wings! Watching eagerly. http://t.co/LWrvU8nvmf
Relevant these days. Best soccer documentary I've seen is The Two Escobars. 30 for 30 series. On Netflix.@kelloggfairbank great run. How much did we bet? :) #ARGYes #ARG!!!!Let's go ARG!@trvrmcn @braintree it sure is perty. Nice work.I feel like a proud dad. The @braintree design nerds have been heads down working on a new website & documentation http://t.co/PQOBwQmRIf :D
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@annbordetsky thanks :) Hope things are well on your side!The last time I was this pumped for mobile developers was 2008, when we shipped AdMob's iOS SDK. .@braintree v.zero https://t.co/x46qLun0zf10 lines of code gets you: best mobile checkout experience, 130+ currencies, fraud tools, PayPal. @braintree v.zero https://t.co/NpIPKQ6WvcVery proud of this. @braintree v.zero SDK: integrate faster, drop-in UI, & pay with @Paypal. Big day for developers. https://t.co/x46qLun0zf
@rpal23 sounds fun. I'm starting to fire up the DSLR again this week. Ordered new lens to see if I can up my photography game.@rpal23 I have around 40gb of pics and video I have done nothing with, except back up. Need to find the inspiration to create :)@kelloggfairbank what's that?My man. @Speroman dishing on the state of mobile ads and where Google is playing at #mobilebeat today. http://t.co/QuoNIN8XaGLoved talking to .@samshank about the mobile buying experience and where @HotelTonight is taking it. http://t.co/4YV5GMXGtL #MobileBeat@mandrews2020 someone won big in Vegas :)Football scores in futbol. #BrazilvsGermany@kelloggfairbank you can't mess with Messi!@kelloggfairbank crazy. at least I can focus on work.Is this a joke?#bra is the only world cup team with a winning record when giving up the first goal. Go #ger.@mikefyall @harshjshah those are my conference socks. Let's catch up soon!Random reunion :) "@Speroman: The @admob crew at #mobilebeat. (CC @omarh @RWong @aunkurarya) http://t.co/kmoJAqZVP7"
The head of the BBA says the era of the traditional bank branch is dead. 3 out of 4 Britons use online or mobile // http://t.co/HGazVY74FgUp next: TSA blocks travelers with unread emails in their inbox.
@mcgd I know you've seen Blackfish. Terrible.SeaWorld is doing TV commercials with the slogan "SeaWorld: 50 years of caring for animals." I've now seen it all.
@vipulsahai how did you start rooting for NED? We need to have a talk.Let's go CRC!!@NathanCHubbard @Nespresso this whole time I've been screwing around with a #3 Cosi
Predicting Colombian victory today. Cuidado Brasil! #BRAvsCOL
@jasonzmorse @georgechen @Medium nice job scrapeo@braddgriffith did you guys move in next door to us? Someone from Gametime dropped by earlier. We're having a drink up at 530. Drop in.If you want to see a ridiculously well-designed buying experience in air travel, look at how @VirginAmerica is doing it now. On any device.@KlasBack I see a mobile focused trip coming soon. #ilovecroatiaAfter enjoying inspired play in the #worldcup we are very excited to have launch local support for #Croatia today https://t.co/ummOo5Jrsf
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaOur first @venmo SF drink-up is this evening. Make sure to swing by and say hi (and also check out our @Kegbot)! 🍻 http://t.co/U5Rzgjw5YN
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaReally excited to welcome @Braintree @Appmethod and @getsatisfaction at #fbstart today!!! Apply now at http://t.co/BsqyC0gnen
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Rewatching #USMNT goal at 106'. So much hope, so little time.@Speroman love El Molino!No offense. Only the Tim Howard show. We deserve it. #USABeasley! #USACongrats @gyalif :) "@TheDrum: Google's Bruce Falck and Twitter's Guy Yalif join programmatic video firm BrightRoll http://t.co/KNauGDOIPa"@JulesMaltz watch out Alexi Lalas!Despite such massive breakthrough on the drivetrain, Tesla really botched the execution of basic stuff like seats and floor mats. Weird.Via the. @BostonGlobe , the US has never won a World Cup game when they didn't score first.. @braintree is thrilled to be the payments partner for Facebook's FbStart program. Teaming up to help startups! // https://t.co/5KhUGZIYL0Hmm, why would Google Now use this image to represent this nearby event? Oh I get it. http://t.co/NFFs2mQQDt
@pmarca teaching? :)@mikefyall @Speroman boom.Apple's Touch ID + 3rd parties is invariably gonna be awesome. Here's an obvious use case, in beta. 1Password // http://t.co/sT3T4Ewhwa@Speroman @mikefyall yes. Classic. Fun days.The @Speroman - @mikefyall marketing legacy is a tour de force.GM has now recalled 28m cars worldwide this year. 28 MILLION CARS. What is going on there? http://t.co/547NPtoiQ8@mikefyall @claykellogg great to see you writing again ;)Getting physically and mentally prepared for Tuesday's match. Thanks for all your support. I am #allin or nothing. http://t.co/c80krhFymB
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@salgar congrats :)This Algerian team has been scrappy all the way through. So much fun to watch the underdog every World Cup vs the big guys.@bibi_lozano 'too honest'. Best is van nistlerooys comment.. 'a draw would have been a better outcome.'@hunterwalk 'agnostic' will become the latest startup perk.
Van Nistlrooy: 'a better result would have been a draw' #MEXvsNEDBeside myself. You can't make a shit call like that in overage time! Netherlands got lucky.@ryanjsweeney terrible call. Can't be decided that way!
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