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Jane McGonigal @avantgame San Francisco

I make and play games. My New York Times bestselling book is Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World http://t.co/uGdztwUw

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@Monkey_Pants on Bway, going this week to the SF tour!Anyone else going to see Pippin at the Golden Gate theater in San Francisco? It's here for the next 4 weeks... this production is amazing.@dine_and_dash @kiyash in more important news, can't wait to read a blog recap or your relay weekend!!!!!@dine_and_dash @kiyash but we were happy that the last few miles were at faster pace than many in the middle, we never had to "grind it out"@dine_and_dash @kiyash I hope so!! we definitely felt like we could have kept going yesterday (but in do way did we want to lol!!!)Extremely provocative, worth reading whether you agree or disagree. "Why I Hope to Die at 75 - The Atlantic" http://t.co/amD2Z91R37
@copystar @nypl I can't believe people created all that amazing stuff in one night.@copystar @nypl YAY!!! so cool :)I visited the @nypl yesterday and got to visit 100 Ways to Make History from @avantgame and many more http://t.co/k6gBrfzFng
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@G33kGrrly as promised :) http://t.co/EFSIynZ5Y7@caryl_shaw @AlisonBechdel I completely agree. Usually I'm insanely jealous of all of them (who isn't right?!) but this year I was WOOOO!!!@caryl_shaw @oculus yeeps!!@dine_and_dash I hope you are having an amazing adventure!! can't wait to hear every single detail on our next hike/easy run together :)Any suggestions for my son around learning to program games? Gamemaker looks interesting. Unity looks a little much. Alternatives?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalEveryone please give @kiyash a big cheer for letting me lie in bed after our 18 mile run today while he goes and collects salty snacks :)@HalluxHarbinger @zimmermaneric sleep on it then :)@HalluxHarbinger @zimmermaneric there is no way you read the article before sending that tweet. ;P you can do better than that Jere!NYU Game Center is hiring two full-time professors! Looking for creators OR scholars Details here: http://t.co/T4oli1q5lb"Games, stay away from art. Please" @zimmermaneric has a fantastic new opinion piece, a must read. http://t.co/0RNC42XgYV@avantgame Whilst this is surely unreal, it made me think of you XD https://t.co/XQ9yid6Dv7
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@manojalpa it would be fun to have public advance screenings of new music videos or TV episodes that had to be powered by bikes! :).@PsychToday designated my post, "Why We Can't Stop the Depression Epidemic" as an essential read. Check it out. http://t.co/142I3TK3LA
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalWith all odds against him... the miracle that happens to this dolphin is a must see http://t.co/e4oqZ9yO8B . http://t.co/RpElrbrD4g
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@kohshkah lol that's fun though :)Also we are doing our training runs on a tougher course elevation wise than the marathon course hoping that will make it feel easier!@kohshkah well run! :) any fun after run food?Woooo!! I just ran 18.1 miles at 9'58" pace. Longest run ever AND achieved our goal pace! Marathon here we come. http://t.co/D26VXmyHkC
@tgdfweb nice one! :)@Minkette yes and I'm planning to do it again in London next month!!! :)@G33kGrrly so far it's cornbread, hashbrowns + tofu scramble; followed by cinnamon roll, chocolate chip cookie and brown (all vegan) :)@KazumiZ oh how cool! Back to Beijing!!! I was just looking at photos from 2008 :)@kpeters13 rofl :)@shadedareas lol :)POLL: Will MORE or FEWER new people follow me if I change my profile photo to this? :) (Happy Friday!) http://t.co/osSINOK0kZ@KazumiZ I read them all!!! :) go for it!!A Stunning Free Run Through An 8-bit Dream - News http://t.co/VtiIioo86e http://t.co/FF43QNIMwJ
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@xoamelia I have grown to enjoy him way more than I should :)A DC Developer's View from the White House Game Jam http://t.co/ek48aJJaXw #WHGameJam @markdeloura @EriKlaes @IGDA_DC @G4C @Mindtoggle
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@DanielSolis (ha ha)@DanielSolis how feminist of you!SF native Gypsy Snider says she’s thrilled to be bringing “Pippin home to say, 'Look what I did!’” http://t.co/eK5gHSC5MM #PippinSHN
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalfound out today my best friend from elementary school is moving to town :) that's kind of super awesome :)@RachelGold @glaad your book really fits the conversation well!@Seplute awesome! thank you :)@DaddyPher9999 I dropped out from marathon training 2 yrs ago for injury, I'm happy to say you CAN come back to it. Fingers crossed for you!@JRBooth "running frontiers are awesome" so well said! :)Why I love training for my 1st marathon: For 16 weeks, every other week I get to try to do something I've never done before! #CIM2014@Melissandre_L also 17 miles will be the longest I've ever run by 1 mile, so I am scared :) !!!@Melissandre_L 5km isn't stuck, 5km is really moving :)so excited to be a part of this! --> Shape the future of LGBT equality with Arcus and IFTF's #My2024 | @GLAAD http://t.co/LMHkWefbV9@Akelaa Oahu, Big Island and Maui@jeezusgutierrez @kiyash ha ha except he's doing the run too lol :)@Avatrix but that will follow several other things including hash browns and a cinnamon roll :)@Avatrix vegan brownie :)@echoScout that did occur to me :)So let's be clear, @avantgame ... you're going to eat a banana and a bunny in a cup after your 17-miler tomorrow?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@purp cleverly deduced! :)@Akelaa Hopefully you can give me some advice as we are visiting 3 islands this fall! :)Bunny in a cup. http://t.co/4vFxf2Vfhf
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalto mentally prepare for tomorrow's 17 mile training run, I am spending today thinking about what I'm going to eat after. :)@FoxTale @penguinusa @AuthorKimBoykin @erikamarksauthr @bdavisauthor @WreckThisBook @KateMcmullan1 awesome! hope to visit in person soon.I'm reading REALITY IS BROKEN by @avantgame #NF #FridayReads What are you reading?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@akalious @kiyash we are lucky we met so young!! hope you do too :)
@malynmawby awesome! good luck!! :)@RenaissanceDork thank you so much! so helpful!!@meilufay ...who are not getting far enough in the process due to the committee not knowing who to approach for these lengthy recommendation@meilufay ... but always for people whose work I wasn't familiar with. Which makes me think there are plenty of good game nominees...@meilufay no, you have to be invited to make a nomination. I've been asked to write recommendations for nominees, but...because I do think the committee has a hard time finding appropriate nominees and recommenders in this field. (ending that topic now)and self-identify 50 additional people willing to serve as recommenders if any of those people are considered by the committeeWhat I would suggest to the game developer community is to make its own short list of 50 people worthy of consideration for genius awardYou can't apply for a genius award. mysterious anonymous people are allowed to nominated folks. then the committee looks for recommendations... giving good referrals if you don't have time to put in the considerable effort to write a lengthy recommendation of someone else's work... so the key to getting someone in games to get a genius award is all the games people being willing to support the nominations... or...... or who is annoyed to be asked to write a recommendation for someone else to get the award when they want it themselves....So the search committee has to try to figure out who to ask, which means they often ask people who don't know that work very well......but the person being nominated must not be told they are nominated and cannot therefore suggest people to write the recommendations...The mysterious nomination process for a genius award requires quite a few people to write very lengthy recommendations...Will a game designer ever win a MacArthur "genius" grant? (with interesting updates) http://t.co/zeB2aXDeNI@avantgame Would Musashi's 'The Book of Five Rings' work? I believe he talks about the philosophy via martial arts and being a swordsman.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@jdkunesh sure!help! Can anyone represent a book that discusses the five elements in Japanese (Buddhist) philosophy? Not a wikipedia article, a book?@S_Shot (I really enjoyed the event in Bristol in 2011, really hoping to run again!!)@S_Shot for the new experience with the app, is it possible to play without a smartphone? (traveling in UK without smartphone service)
@Roslynbooks @kiyash at a party in Chow Bar in Greenwich Village!@Minkette the PS is about you and your goals in general while cover letter speaks specifically to that position and companyHoly cow! This is happening when I am in London. Who will go with me? Best live game I ever played. http://t.co/zxxZoi6f4f@Hit_Delete I forgot it won't let me send URLs by DM :) here's the link to the event http://t.co/YQ7krj5LJP@Hit_Delete @kiyash oh awesome you can make it! 8:30 PM on Halloween 10/31.... I will DM you more detail! it's in East LondonGummi Bear Skeleton Candle gets design inspiration from Jack-O-Lanterns http://t.co/Mbi8cq2VcX http://t.co/HJT5Rv7EKb
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@Hit_Delete @kiyash I'm coming to London next month + I have 2 extra tickets to a @PunchdrunkUK halloween carnival we could have a reunion!@Hit_Delete @kiyash is your partner in crime on twitter too?? (will follow!)@dine_and_dash @kiyash yes and I will text you a photo from it later!! :) #secret@Hit_Delete @kiyash We still have a photo with you in it (the post-game party where you guys are holding zombie heads)@Hit_Delete @kiyash OUR 2.8 HOURS LATER FRIEND!!!!!! yay for a Twitter reunion. Was that not one of the most fun things ever?@DaddyPher9999 @kiyash lol. definitely, after long runs!@lsmarr fantastic :) We will aspire to match you :)@MituK it's always lovely to see your name in my stream, and I don't think favorites are lazy :)@MituK snort :) (literally that made me snort out loud)@nlpaiva @kiyash ha! well done on 20, that's a huge milestone :)
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