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Jane McGonigal @avantgame San Francisco

I make and play games. My New York Times bestselling book is Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World http://t.co/uGdztwUw

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@xavendano yes it does!After an hour at the dog park I felt inspired and snuck in an extra 212 words on Chapter 11. That's 1500 for the day! WIN! \o/an inspiring exchange with a new twitter friend helps me give myself permission to call it a successful day :) Thanks @megging!@mbrownsen that was a very nice tweet :)@kingreza @jafarimoh lol!"If only writing a book were as easy as writing tweets." - said the procrastinating tweeter.@avantgame Just installed #SuperBetter on my phone and it's making me teary-eyed with the mental "bad guys". Weird, but in a good way. Thx
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalI cannot stop laughing. @kiyash is trying to explain he is not bleeding FROM the nipples, like it's not blood pouring from them. hahahahahaBest AM phone call, from @Kiyash's dad: "Hello, I saw some photos of you running and noticed your nipples were bleeding, is this NORMAL?"#SuperBetter just reminded me to do something healthy, so I'm going for a walk. This app is great on my phone. @avantgame, you're awesome.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@ThinkInNewAreas it's been out for years! Check the store
@FeveringNinja You should be able to pick it up and keep it with you after a few weeks or even months. hopefully that was true for you!@FeveringNinja However.... SuperBetter is not something you're meant to play forever using an app or website anyway! It's a way of thinking@FeveringNinja Well, it is available on Android. :)@trina_tj those are very kind words. Thank you!! :)@trina_tj @glenrosefdn congratulations! I'm tweeting about it now!Virtual hockey game brings real-life results at Edmonton rehab hospital (with video) http://t.co/4OocldVA80 via @edmontonjournal@Avatrix ::clink::clink:: CHEERS!!I went to the Games for Change Festival and all I got were...these incredibly cool ideas about games for good: http://t.co/axiLk9j9V9
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@ar_mele yes :)Actually, my new rule was too mean so never mind :) But seriously, I'm fully challenged already. Thank you! :)Okay, officially NO ONE ELSE CAN ice bucket challenge me. I have made my peace with the challenge already. Therefore, new rule:So what are the rules of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge? If you complete it once and are challenged again by someone else, what do you do?@siriharding tell me what's going on?@mikedariano The Grasshopper by Bernard Suitslearning about EPIC wins @ChicoStateEPIC #ChicoEPIC @avantgame http://t.co/QWmeoCf9yR
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalWe'd do a quick email interview re: the challenge you tackled + what specific Epic Win(s) you achieved. I'll follow back to exchange email!HELP! :) If you played SuperBetter any time in the past 3 years + achieved an EPIC WIN, I'd love to chat with you by email for my book! :)Since 1000+ people have followed me in the past 24 hours (!) let me say, hello! SuperBetter is now free on Android! https://t.co/RZDQBTnmmuThis may be my favorite ad ever in the LAT. 88-year-old thanks everyone who's helped him or loved him in his life. http://t.co/T4XSS8cxul
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal
@kellymcgonigal @RobotsAndDonuts wowwee!!!@konamouse @realityblurred ok you've convinced me! I will put it on my To-watch list (along with Happy Valley!!!)@realityblurred like my friend who is a tattoo artist who can't watch Ink Master because it makes her furious! :)@realityblurred scared, as in, I did not watch. I think I would have too much anxiety in wanting to re-design the whole experience :)@realityblurred I have to be honest, The Quest scared me. :) Too much like LARPing for me.@realityblurred thank you Andy for the Married at First Sight review today! it spurred me to start watching and I love it!@kellymcgonigal @RobotsAndDonuts is that an original?!?!@MylesNye bah dumDUm@isatortuga hilarious!!@avantgame I used to imagine that I was an opera singer when I was at the dentists. It help me keep my mouth wide open.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@fraying that was the best one :)@copystar sweet :)@MylesNye uh to be the best dental patient I can be?!?!Everyone please send nice cheerful tweets while I get a cavity filled! Here comes the novocaine needle!!@prescottrjp I loved that article until they didn't mention me, ha ha. (I was part of the Atlanta exhibit)Get a front seat to TED with our podcast extra! @guyraz hosts #TED All Stars like @avantgame and @DanTGilbert. http://t.co/dmTii6LYza
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalA great video of how WoW players could help save the economy (games solving real problems) https://t.co/uzRe8pI6Qw (CC: @avantgame) #edu
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@Tonamel great I'll look into it! cc; @cliffbraton@Tonamel if you are tapping any only seeing partial text take a screenshot and tweet it to me and what phone you're on?@Tonamel I'm not sure -- are you tapping the quest? (not the lighting bolt but anywhere else on the quest?) should show all quest test.
@avantgame -antastic.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@avantgame is for friends who do stuff together U is for you and meee N is for anywhere and anytime at all Down here in the deep blue seeea
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalF@avantgame My blog about my experiences with depression. Trying to help the discussion of mental health. http://t.co/mO3tfTxWDk
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@aleksk I might be in NYC and the UK for 3 weeks promoting my new book! Otherwise bay area. You?Please vote for this SXSWedu session by a hero of mine, from the PlayMaker school http://t.co/iwD1ySSXZY@aleksk YES!!! where in the world should we meet up?? :)@MaorUX @DanaCoBar @gritfish @_Leander @Yingmujielun yes, on the website at http://t.co/UB6P3dz7pC. Use your same account to log in!@manojalpa through some heroic efforts, OSU's and @LiseWorthenChau's commitment to the clinical trial, and a very talented @cliffbratonSuperBetter is now available on Android! (and FREE for a limited time, so get it now!) https://t.co/RZDQBTnmmu
International friends, try tomorrow, Google is still updating the setting, but it IS set to free, and all countries! #SuperBetter@Yingmujielun I guess Google is going to take a bit longer to fix that@Badmojo74 the website has always been free also! The app will not be free forever but I want to get it as many hands as possible first@bluecollarart IT'S AVAILABLE ON ANDROID!!! :) https://t.co/RZDQBTnmmuOkay everyone who just yelled obscenities at me, it's fixed and available and free in ALL COUNTRIES NOW. #SuperBetter. Glad you want it! :)@ichrisis @StephaniePride Blame Google please. I'm trying to fix that. I'm glad to hear people want it enough to CURSE AT ME.@murilopinto I'm trying to fix that. Be nice, sarcasm is so not superbetter.@gritfish @_Leander @DanaCoBar @Yingmujielun what? I'll try to get that fixed asap.SUPERBETTER is now on Android! FREE for a limited time, download now in the Google Play store: https://t.co/RZDQBTnmmu@kiyash it's so dramatic!! i was smiling at this same location and you were just blazing like a beast! :)The photogs got my good side at the #RunOak half marathon. (@avantgame is just a little ways behind me) http://t.co/Hga6IWzaw6
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@davehogg I think I'd made it 9 miles by then so it was all smiles :)hahaha my husband is pocket tweeting @BillGates... so typical of @kiyash :)@BillGates k bulb bhhgz
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalhere's me and @kiyash together at the sunrise starting time... #RunOak http://t.co/73izBU8IDqjust got our #runOAK race photos! favorite photo from the Oakland the Town's half marathon! http://t.co/qxuXlEyLW2
@thegaygamer And Serene and Ana have always gone to 3 sets in their matches so it should be a great final!!
@JAWathen yes! perfect weather, fast course, great runners, and the festival after was awesome too. couldn't ask for more. #runOAKPLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE ELSE IS WATCHING IVANOVIC vs SHARAPOVA. what a match. Check MY blood pressure!! ;)@thetownshalf thanks for taking such good care of us today. did you see how many people reported PRs?! amazing course, lightning fast! :)@JAWathen congratulations!! what a great race day wasn't it? :)How sexual assault survivors are taught to become #WonderWomen http://t.co/gPIEa6iexr http://t.co/8xCRBEBf7b
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalreenacting the lion king http://t.co/HzHG4XZdtC
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@G33kGrrly thanks! definitey the most relaxed I've felt running a half in 2.5 years I think!@dine_and_dash that's a relief!!! :) I hope you don't mind if I ask you a million questions when we go hiking next weekend!! :)@dine_and_dash basically I don't think we can do a 3 wk taper it would be more like a 2 week one. if we are planning to run/walk could work?@dine_and_dash ...run 14-16 days before the race instead of 3 weeks out? i don't think we can do 20 miles in hawaii b/c heat, humidity@dine_and_dash I have a running advice Q for you since you are the most experienced marathoner I know! is it possible to do the 20 mile...@dine_and_dash last month at SF i think the sun slowed a lot of folks down in the second hald and no one seemed very happy at the finish!!!@dine_and_dash I think a lot of people had very fast times and it made everyone very happy and social after which was neat. felt so festive@dine_and_dash I cut way back on wheat lately and feel surprisingly great. Replaced it with quinoa and oats. Food is fascinating!!@dine_and_dash I wound up not eating the pb&j saved my limited gluten/grains for the day for a @Cinnaholic roll :)@dine_and_dash course was very fast and great though very urban not scenic. Well organized and very social runners. Loved it! #runoakI love that a tennis announcer on ESPN2 just said "sweep the leg, Johnny!" talking about going after a players's weak forehand lolYay! 64th out of 768 women runners: my The Town's Half Marathon - Half Marathon results http://t.co/0UXksW33jhMayor @jeanquan handing out high-fives to our finishers! Just one more reason to love Oakland! #runoak http://t.co/IElLZvbJwl
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalLego's new female scientists set already has an awesome new Twitter tribute http://t.co/YYwtvAAnfS http://t.co/LpVqtOjEJp
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@MJKlaim ha !!! Great point :)@makeupregistry I was just thinking about you last week! I would still like to hang out sometime!!!@DanielSolis lol
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