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Jane McGonigal @avantgame San Francisco

I make and play games. My New York Times bestselling book is Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World http://t.co/uGdztwUw

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Well that was quick! The Ice Bucket Challenge is now a Halloween costume. http://t.co/0IaqiNL3ly
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalThat's one way to get people not to pee in public. (Apparently this is in a Czech town square.) http://t.co/iAqMqXbM4Q
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@mjandersen thank you for reminding me I really want to put more effort into my Game Jam for dogs idea.Well, I will console myself with the fact that Djokovic is destined to absolutely cream whoever wins this match. Go Nole!!well, this is either going to be a very depressing match for Tsonga fans or THE GREATEST COMEBACK EVER!!! :o ??? maybe ??? :)@KtyMcN (I'm Scottish by descent by the way and I still root against him!!)@KtyMcN has he ever seen the sun?!?!@staceygeekboy I will eat a boot if that happens. ::praying that doesn't happen::@thegaygamer well you and I are tennis arch enemies then! :) I root for everyone to beat Murray@avantgame I keep picturing the puppy defeating Murray in straight sets.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@thegaygamer we named our puppy after him! so yes!Prediction: I think Murray is going to fall apart in the heat and Tsonga will stay strong. (wishful thinking?!?!)The Tsonga v Murray match is certainly keeping me on my toes. YAY!!! {pause} NOOOOOOO! {pause} Wooooo!!! (pause) AAAAAARRGH.@HalluxHarbinger you?@HalluxHarbinger also cheering for Federer, Djokovic if he takes out Tsonga... Monfils one more round, I like Raonic too. Men's side strong!@HalluxHarbinger Tsonga of course!The plan for today's day off: yoga outdoors, long walk with the dogs, + watching 8 hours of tennis while leisurely trying to write 500 words
@thegaygamer Peng is playing great! I really like her too@MangoHeroics @serenawilliams well we'll see in an hour or so, I'm not counting on it so I have http://t.co/hqLVM7bQMg open!@thegaygamer who have you enjoyed watching this tournament? the Kyrgios show last night was pretty unbelievable! (including the melt down)Any by "what CBS chooses to show", I mean, usually chooses to show men playing instead of women.If you're annoyed by what CBS chooses to show during its US Open coverage, watch any match you want online! http://t.co/NBVFgKvUh1
@_DanSchofield just go to my website and look for it or google my name and dissertation!@AydennWardle read my replies yesterday? You dump ice OR donate money That's how the challenge works. I donated. Why are you still taunting?@AydennWardle also I begged people last week to stop challenging me. I have been challenged 50 times. What I really don't get is didn't you@AydennWardle I live in California and we are suffering the biggest drought in a decade. I am not doing it. Enough? :)
@Eowfenth to rethink why it is so important for you to be right about something besides how horribly abused and terrorized this woman was.@Eowfenth ... you look like you care very little about fairness or justice and are looking for excuses to criticize a woman. I encourage you@Eowfenth Are you trolling? If not, I encourage you to consider that debating that kind of thing in the face of the extreme abuse makes...@Jelloarm you seem to have the art of designing epic wins down! I'm finishing the chapter on it for my book + you're doing it perfectly :)@GlennF about the opportunities they were denied and imagine alternate lives they could have lived. but that will be a great day if it comes@GlennF importantly happy that women no longer have to do that. hopefully in the future we will be like women from the 50s who feel sad@GlennF thanks for saying that. someday I will feel both sad that I chose to leave the Silicon Valley startup scene over sexism + yet more@GlennF and I do think it shows real leadership in the community, the men who have decisively come forward now. I want to see it from more!@GlennF yes I agree. Why has it taken so long for men to amplify this message? I don't know. I am so glad it suddenly feels necessary.@GlennF in the industry that there aren't enough women in power to make as immediate and big a difference when they speak out.@GlennF ... but I am not one of those people who criticizes anyone else as a "white knight", it's just a reflection of the power imbalance@GlennF ... to be honest that it takes men in positions of power to start tipping the scales when women have made the same arguments ...@GlennF yes. particularly people in power. obviously there have been lots of vocal voices, especially by women in games. it hurts a little..@anjinanhut of course! good luck! :)@anjinanhut don't engage, that person is trolling.Announcement: Readers who feel threatened by equality no longer welcome - HELL YEAH! http://t.co/91JZzByMPt@dine_and_dash the big surprise was how much more enjoyable the whole run was at a 10:30 pace. a big a ha!!!! :)First massive multiplayer thumb wrestling attempt with TCMS 8th graders--success! @avantgame #mmtw http://t.co/I7GLWYejcA
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalBeen using #SuperBetter for exercise and achieved my Epic Win! Best part was the congratulatory e-mail from the team. Thanks @avantgame!
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@Jelloarm fantastic! well played :) what was it (if you don't mind me asking??!) :)David Ferrer is the luckiest person in NYC. First the ridiculous draw in his quarter, now a 3rd round walkover. #USOpenTennis@crufitoakland right??! :) thanks for the support! See you next week for run club!@AydennWardle I am telling you now I did the donation option you know the part that actually raises money :p@AydennWardle I owe you an ice bucket reply!i haven't poured but I have donatedJust finished our first long slow run in training for #CIM2014.first time I fueled on a run! Now for cornbread :) http://t.co/AX0tsthHQx@dine_and_dash I just had my first fuel on a run! 14.2 miles, 2 clif bloks. I survived!@avantgame @gzicherm, we're talking #gamification in #HealthIT #mHealth #UX #design today at 12 EDT if you wanna join us! follow #HITsm
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal
@ryanbagby @MillenniumSF oh! so many wonderful memories at Millennium over the years! :)@acceptembrace !!! ours was our stove.@lauraehall also, be safe!@lauraehall I feel like there is an ARG metaphor there somewhere :)@acceptembrace we had a guy named David, who was amazing and whose wife is a vegan chef and is going to give us recipes !! :) !!@avantgame That is crazy, I had the same thing happen to me today. I wonder if the quake had anything to do with it. Did Fernando help you?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@lokified BETTERokay, house safe, cooking not safe. I'll take it.@G33kGrrly they got here hopefully we can sleep here tonight!!@MarkCWills that's a good one!@meCatarina odor@lauraehall !!!I got : C.S. Lewis! Which Famous Author Should've Written A Book About Your Life? http://t.co/BR1IsxGew7 via @play_buzz@GlennF well said!Just had to evacuate our house due to a gas leak. :( Hope PG&E gets here soon!!@Melissandre_L ah I wish!! not this time. Rome, though :)@VMworld @sgourley @jamesmpatten it was wonderful sharing the stage with you guys today!Awesome! @BeMissPossible line of dolls inspires girls to be engineers, pilots, and programmers http://t.co/kZxORLwR6N #STEM cc @avantgame
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@floatingatoll it has been really hard for me to share positive messages about game culture during this... so a new POV was very helpful.@jason_dovey Oh, just getting to the start line together is the fun part. I never actually run with my friends, we regroup at finish! :)@lesterd88 Thank you! I had a great time. Thank you for playing with me :)@SunniBrown @kellymcgonigal it's a great book!Police called on video game developer over 'Global Thermonuclear War' plans-- a lesson to us all! :) http://t.co/RmKVwiVPby via @guardian@jaclong half marathons make fast friends! :)@rvdnieuwendijk thank you for the +1 :)@ed_hca wow! thank you :)do I have any friends in London who want to run a beautiful flat river half marathon on Nov 1 with me? http://t.co/yBVwPKswGD@aleksk are you around Nov 1? I was looking at this half marathon near London... http://t.co/yBVwPKswGD@LNbzzz yay! thank you. :) Glad to hear from a woman in the audience too, a fellow trailblazer :)@fabiocolpas @dangolding take a read! http://t.co/k9GrYwkyjAAmong other things, I'm going to make sure I say "players" and never "gamers" in the book I'm writing now. Thanks @dangolding!This week felt like a breaking point for me, but I'm being persuaded it's a turning point instead. "There are no more gamers. Only players."I've felt so much despair for game culture this week, but "The End of Gamers" has turned this moment around for me... http://t.co/k9GrYwkyjADamn, @dangolding! ! this is a truly historically important piece. it is restoring my hope for players everywhere, too. thank you.@bonczkowski nice!! on the first time playing that is really impressive :)@gabvirtualworld @rspruijt @SuperBetter the speaker was a woman! (me!)@gabvirtualworld @rspruijt @SuperBetter right, but I read your reply: "that's not what HE meant." weren't you talking about the speaker?@GKJohnMarkIvey yes -- it's US only, and mainly on parents' mobile phones!@chrisdriggers next time maybe! :)@wshaffer74 with a good game, you can motivate yourself through any amount of sleep deprivation :)@rvdnieuwendijk thank you! :)#vmworld2014: updating Twitter description to reflect new "Legendary Grandmaster" status, thanks @avantgame for the #oxytocin injection
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@TeriAtHP thank you for playing with me! :)@solariswiz thank you!! :)@ryanbagby thank you!! :)@rspruijt @avantgame @SuperBetter that's not what he meant. And your wife won't approve ;-)
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalOK, I am convinced by @avantgame @SuperBetter to buy this setup .. 10 possitive emotions while playing games #VMworld http://t.co/Vq6UIDF5Zr
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal
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