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Publisher of The Federalist @FDRLST, editor @TheTransom, senior fellow @HeartlandInst. You can tell a man’s vices by his friends, his virtues by his enemies.

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@SonnyBunch It was about a little pantsuit.I'm not sure there's a more "this sport rules an entire country" moment than the day of the NFL schedule release. #NoOffseason
Retweeted by Ben DomenechPantsuit jokes are microaggression.@zbloxham I'm honestly not sure. Depends a lot on world events.Wonkbook partisanship update: today's edition links 2 (out of roughly 75) pieces a reasonable person would consider right of center.I'm not journalism. I'm you.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechJournalism has no future. Therefore, @JGreenDC does not exist.Needed: Realistic Resolutions To The Bundy Ranch Standoff http://t.co/v2FMN48vwrBeck could be talking about the bound volume versions, but those are not so rare. http://t.co/nmNMrWibJxThe valuable versions of Washington's Farewell Address are things like this: http://t.co/cnolDxc6U4I don't get what Glenn Beck is talking about, but if it was a book - not a sheet of paper - it's not that valuable. http://t.co/ANUxRQXZNb@bdomenech @jpodhoretz @michaelbd As an author, I can't say that the public's tendency to buy more books than it reads makes me unhappy.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@jpodhoretz @michaelbd I think people often buy books without reading them. I'd love to see percentages read for Kindle even.@jpodhoretz @michaelbd My listmaking used science and stuff.@michaelbd Guess I need to add to this... http://t.co/XRmdgkAUFcDesmond Tutu Draws A Line In The Oil Sands http://t.co/tTNLJNloQ0Wow: “We don’t need bigoted people even keeping their opinions to themselves.” http://t.co/adCgpSOo4a
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRob @Tracinski responds to his Game of Thrones critics. cc: @lachlan http://t.co/AoEl8oOP3N
Still so good. https://t.co/bBlrEqO5kFAllison Brie uses her super power of irritation in that Smirnoff ad.Arrrrgh@bdomenech @StephenKing There's nothing funny about a clown by moonlight.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechStop talking about a talentless white guy and watch the last 35 seconds of this game.This will haunt me. RT @StephenKing: When serving Eggs Benedict, there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise.Playoffs, man. Playoffs.Kevin Durant, possibly not human. https://t.co/jC95kFuJfe
Retweeted by Ben DomenechWhy Democrats Are the Party of Inequality http://t.co/KVKZNdB5WoThe Closing of the Academic Mind http://t.co/qR2TknjgUmSome people are so vacuous you just assume they're a Millennial. Then you find out they aren't, and it's just sad.Note to self: Need to get "oft-quoted controversialist" added to Mollie's cards. http://t.co/oyKgGCEGieReally love this profile @IWF of our senior editor @MZHemingway. http://t.co/oyKgGCEGieHow Not To Fix The Second Amendment http://t.co/q5VIeYAeVCFrom PG's 360 dunk, to Iggy's crossover, to Ross' hammer on Faried: the NBA compiles the top 10 plays of the season http://t.co/0F8EMbW3xQ
Retweeted by Ben DomenechBREAKING: #IRS Revokes Tax-Exempt Status of Conservative Group http://t.co/Dq74RuOSVe via @alanagoodman
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRespectful yet brutal takedown RT @JimPethokoukis Tyler Cowen takes on Thomas Piketty in Foreign Affairs http://t.co/usIeJLfzd6
Retweeted by Ben DomenechMT @Roger_Pilon: Scouts, abortion, judges, and freedom of association in the crosshairs: http://t.co/WZff45GC1y #tlot #tcot
Retweeted by Ben DomenechExtremes of the current Republican foreign policy debate aren't representative of the majority: http://t.co/NSUxPM8iqu via @RameshPonnuru
Retweeted by Ben Domenech.@NYTimeskrugman, who doesn't read conservatives, makes broad claims about the beliefs of conservatives http://t.co/NIoAADPVzg
Retweeted by Ben DomenechHere's @lachlan in defense of Game of Thrones. cc: @Tracinski http://t.co/lKJUqeRkIhAs if to prove my point re. GOT, the Lannister rape scene last night was a total HBO fabrication. In Martin's telling, Cercei was into it.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@Neal_Dewing @redsteeze @FDRLST I'd encourage you to wait to see Robert's response.
8 year old, watching Spider Man: "I've seen too many of these movies, I knew what was going to happen there."
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@katherinemiller You really are Buzz Killington today.Free throws, man. Free throws.
The Gospel According To Bloomberg http://t.co/gaYH23ULhdOne Simple Step Toward Making Politics Less Horrifying http://t.co/DMAT4c7aBLWhy Are Feminists So Insecure? 6 Reflections On The Confidence Gap http://t.co/LxKGsEOg3nRT @seanmdav My latest -- a very in-depth analysis.RT @FDRLST Will Chelsea Clinton's Baby Affect The 2016 Elections? http://t.co/NG6pJEYvPn
Retweeted by Ben DomenechIn defense of Zoos. http://t.co/ZtWcb40W5ADid you know that HBU's The City is free? Great content. Just got my first issue. Sign up today! http://t.co/foKlqSLSg4 @HBUTheCity
Retweeted by Ben DomenechEpistemic humility: http://t.co/Lmt9Wa9hkI
Retweeted by Ben Domenech
#ff "@Neal_Dewing: Drhnktweetjnf from this oyster roast is somethig of a tradition for this twitter account"The Folly Of The Bundy Ranch Rebellion http://t.co/xyaWZYvyVIVia @PeterBlairAI, great look at how hipster bandwagoning onto Euro soccer is the new artisanal toast. The worst. http://t.co/xq8JtOoHPR
Retweeted by Ben Domenech9 things we don't discuss about helicopter parenting, but should. http://t.co/qHrG3FfIwVThe Gospel According to Bloomberg. http://t.co/oSbv63sZnQ@ezraklein @DouthatNYT Does it work? http://t.co/LVWxxzWXBxNew today from Charles Blahous: The Unfolding Fiscal Disaster Behind ACA Enrollment Figures http://t.co/0PlVVWrR1g cc @mercatus @HooverInst
Retweeted by Ben DomenechSlightly disagree with this @jimantle piece on Rand: I don't think we've seen the long knives yet. http://t.co/lsdUSCvWKW
More here on that section in Elizabeth Warren’s book about the argument with Tim Geithner over wearing a seatbelt. http://t.co/Ej0657ZZEo
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRage against The Machine. Win prize from The Machine - http://t.co/BBsrJ7rdP6
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@BrianPJencunas @chrislhayes I think this centuries old debate deserves resolution in a seven minute segment.@bdomenech "Had a dream I could buy my way to heaven. When I awoke I spent it on a necklace." https://t.co/vEYkyaRyOT
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech as someone raised Catholic that was only part of it I thought was right!
Retweeted by Ben DomenechThe real problem with Bloomberg's comment isn't that he thinks he's going to heaven. It's that he thinks he can earn it.Fox News debuting a new show called “Outnumbered” at the end of April http://t.co/KlUrNEQd1V
Retweeted by Ben Domenechjust got off the phone with pharrell. turns out he was overcompensating because he's extremely depressed and borderline suicidal.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechAnnual "Jesus was just a nice dead guy who loved sinners" piece came early this year. http://t.co/NUMpFL79flI guess they don't do Lent at this Evangelical's church http://t.co/8JMVziuk3X http://t.co/Z13VeNCyqq
Retweeted by Ben DomenechPeter Lawler: The State Of Our Religious Liberty Is Confusing http://t.co/B25D0tsSsiDana Milbank is right, race matters. I definitely gave Kathleen Sebelius a harder time because she's white. http://t.co/EG1C7Sdl66named to Commission on Presidential Debates board: Mitch Daniels, Charlie Gibson, Jane Harman, Leon Panetta, Olympia Snowe, Shirley Tilghman
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@StephenGutowski No. Ezra and Evan would at least give the occasional nod.You can now safely read Wonkbook without suffering from the illusion that conservative policy writers exist.Your must read today: The Federalist debate on Common Core. http://t.co/OfnvxVzhJqRT @AaronBlakeWP: FWIW, Dem pollster PPP showed Sebelius with a 38/55 fav/unfav in Kansas earlier this year #KSSEN http://t.co/uAbXZpPd4B
Retweeted by Ben DomenechTotally fascinating data-dive into what video games are most popular and most played on Steam: http://t.co/f78LCbbRMZ
Retweeted by Ben DomenechShrimp prices spike: http://t.co/Xx3giBzolr Making things worse: US antidumping duties on imports from Brazil/China/India/Thailand/Vietnam
Retweeted by Ben Domenech
El Heaveno est my domaino.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@moelane @sunnyright There will always be a market for rich men buying what they think will save their souls.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechI can't believe the Times left out that the Dalai Lama told Bloomberg he would have total consciousness on his death bed, which is nice.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechNot even theocrats like Mike Huckabee make claims like "I earned heaven."Can't wait for Peter Orszag's Bloomberg View column on this one.Bloomberg: All Progs Go To Heaven
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRemind me to picket Bloomberg's funeral with a sign that says "God Hates Trans Fats."
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"He's got a golden ticket." http://t.co/fnZVi799f6Bloomberg: SWEAR TO MESo, Sen Reid will condemn this rich guy for trying to buy our democracy, right? http://t.co/8lIWQOt9Ix
Retweeted by Ben DomenechDon't worry -- Bloomberg will opt out of his guaranteed heavenly citizenship when he learns there's no commuting from Bermuda.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"If heaven is full of [Michael Bloombergs], I'd rather rot in hell with Saladin and Achilles."All you have to do to get into heaven is ban Big Gulps? Wow, I've been thinking about this all wrong.Now *that* is a kicker: http://t.co/4r20SCLMfQ
Retweeted by Ben DomenechYou have to read Donald Rumsfeld's tax day letter to the IRS http://t.co/5kuh7VUsPH
Retweeted by Ben DomenechPart of the disconnect? Bloomberg never goes anywhere where there aren't cabs http://t.co/NSlHDe0rHH http://t.co/kWUbJ28vkE
Retweeted by Ben DomenechNothing says outsider-for-VP better than a Heather Podesta watch party for Meet the Press debut (via @jasondhorowitz) http://t.co/75gPhoLQpe
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@DannyVinik @danrothschild I think they do that, too. Simpler, flatter, etc.@dannyvinik @bdomenech That's about a GOP preference for flatter taxation and political calculation. It's not about complexity.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechGather ye rosebuds. http://t.co/8AdxhpfcNM@DannyVinik It's amazing how little it takes to turn filing into a nightmare. Freelance some more. You'll find out.@DannyVinik I thought it was super easy at the beginning, too. Give it a decade and get back to me.
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