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early @twitter investor & early board member, venture capitalist, amateur photographer, optimist & making a life together with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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Current status http://t.co/nohvN32Adv@msquinn love love love facetime@msg πŸ™βœ¨πŸŽ‰@fletcherjclay thanks@rebeccapatience beautiful images. One after another.Reflections in the Village http://t.co/IRrq009KH3Paris Through Pentax http://t.co/AEVJvwkU0g@simonveingard thanks@JeremyShure too kind. thanks.Hello, NYC. You are rainy today but I still love you. http://t.co/iKzzIM9XSs
Mayer: Tumblr expected to generate over $100 million in revenue in 2015, positive EBIDTA
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@jakobfoto thanks!Post season blues http://t.co/rKJkwRBlTv cc @om http://t.co/JSk2d5PvWc@JohnnyPatience thanks :)
@om @Yankees @rabois preach, my man. Preach.Photoset: Autumn vibes http://t.co/MoFxN2g2ky #hasselblad #mamiya7ii #portra400 http://t.co/T3wDouIB35@everydaydude that's beautiful, Aaron
@samhorine beauty@irace oh bummer. It would have been great to hang out!Photo: Love watching this boy play http://t.co/VYCaPSn1vQ(new post) Just works vs Just Kinda Works http://t.co/oZWO9CO6OLPhotoset: our afternoon at the BC/Clemson game yesterday - http://t.co/L668JdksuI
@laurenlemon incredible πŸ‘Œβœ¨
@KatieS happy birthday Katie!@aweissman I would have loved to be at that show@stevenkane yes and yes!Nearly 8 yrs later, remarkable that the first two apps I check every morning remain twitter and tumblrThe one and only @Jpncamerahunter stops by Hong Kong and shares his analog camera expertise. http://t.co/DKtuUYgk5M http://t.co/Lb4xCzCo6z
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Market Street, San Francisco http://t.co/KrjXhbNifW"Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place" http://t.co/ux3fSUiCzA@saralouhicks thanks!
@kessler my first time. Such a cool placeA warm night in Los Angeles http://t.co/rSG5hRtwiO@chrismichel There is a talented fellow that I've used just outside of boston. Very good and much quicker than Leica.@eriks even at extreme w/100% live at home w/parents paying for tv, there is no reason why tv should get so much ad dollars year after yearYouTube is underhyped https://t.co/8rNopfZueS@pkafka the HBO folks should read the ballmer quote in VF. Put the A-team on the future, not the past.Perfect example why protecting near term profits & top line revenue can later cause pain http://t.co/xkiJWkcexiOne of my favorite iOS apps (not an investor) https://t.co/Q10yoyBTknPhotoset: New Mexico, on film, part 2 http://t.co/zN5d4bBQqC http://t.co/7ERxrvO4F5@andyspencer360 thanks!@Vemsteroo thanks so much for the kind words!
@permundum thanks!After all these years @laurensabet still likes to sneak up and scare me when I'm not expecting it. Sicko.@remohediger yes!@chrisozer thanks Chris!My partner @ToddDOwl rocking the Oculus http://t.co/hcClwI240i@atlephoto thanks so much. Glad you like them@JohnnyPatience thanks, glad you like it !@shawnroller thanks so much@shah thanks sir@rebeccapatience thanks!@abhic just a little cropping here and therePhotoset: New Mexico, on film. http://t.co/khb8Mz8Ppx #Hasselblad #Leica #portra400 http://t.co/i92XbFKju5@rebeccapatience @JohnnyPatience thanks to both of you for sharing such wonderful photographs this morning. So amazing!
@rebeccapatience so beautiful and peaceful. Like a dream πŸ™βœ¨@brianflaherty_ gorgeous photographs, BrianCurrent status: at the high school parking lot giving my daughter her first driving lesson. Wish us luck! πŸ™@fredwilson saw your post. I'm such a tesla fanboy. Car is awesome & so is cust svc. And I love all the sw updates (cal sync->nav rocks)@elizestrydom @frankiemagazine awesome, congrats!
His coach is Happy Gilmore β›³ https://t.co/N7xqA2jrCI@pholux_martin beautiful set πŸ™ŒTaking photographs of e11ie3 at the barn today http://t.co/JeDfYhQpi5@photosbypeter1 we have a young puppy and 3 kids…. i've been up for ages :)@atlephoto thanks. I've had it for over a year but it doesn't get enough attention. Had a lot of fun with it yesterday
@netspencer if this venture gig doesn't work out I will give it a shot!β€œYou just have to live and life will give you pictures.” β€” Henri Cartier-Bresson http://t.co/uv5Bt5ySLHβ€œWhat the Nobel Peace Prize means to me.” β€”@MalalaFund https://t.co/RoPZfsnSiI
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@HamadaHideaki i'm so intrigued by the Pentax 67ii. Can you handhold at 1/60th sec?@HamadaHideaki Really wonderful. Love your workI don't understand the language but @HamadaHideaki photographs tell it all https://t.co/zZJalO6m5GThat time of year http://t.co/0twjJZlo8R
@permundum you too!@johnnypatience thanks :)Ambition, audacity and talent http://t.co/A3YuJezwEl
@atlephoto @twelve_film @mo_neal yes! πŸ™Œ. @twelve_film I'm so happy to be part of this collaborative project. That photo of me is by the talented and super kind @mo_nealdear @laurensabet: you can put this on my holiday wish list :) http://t.co/IuAeEU6hTh@albertwenger translation: loved your post@albertwenger πŸ™βœ¨@ryan @mokoyfman oof, the things we take for granted 😱@bhalligan congratulations!Is it just me, or is iMessage search broken with new iPhone 6 + iOS 8?@gd2r thanks so much!The Proprietors http://t.co/hTv6PBajGi #LeicaMP #Trix400 #film http://t.co/nXEGt5DmKD
@sara @ev done! great cause.Twitter sues to be able to tell its users how many national security letters they've received: https://t.co/UZFEX84SQ1 Great to see.
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Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
Retweeted by Bijan SabetThey smiled too! http://t.co/hRS76MIUX8
Retweeted by Bijan SabetThe trip, a time coming http://t.co/UE54RDGzFF
@laurensabet I can't wait to get home and have a tea with you next to that fire!@semil cool!@cubbygraham thx my friendOn the road to Taos http://t.co/mRqXvP5zGbCurrent status (via @hypem) http://t.co/MzJPlhVsJFAbiquiu, NM http://t.co/RJtyexsIyi@laurensabet it's official. Our kids talents all come from you. 😍@laurensabet that boy slays me
Ghost Ranch, New Mexico http://t.co/D7UVFy5agr@jabersky cool. Glad to hear it.
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