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early investor @twitter, venture capitalist, amateur photographer, optimist & making a life together with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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Strong, just like her mom http://t.co/8C7rC01Umx #hasselblad http://t.co/ENrTyZgCcDHe would pretty much do this all day https://t.co/1E5S1y3GsnAt our kids school Thanksgiving Assembly. Hearing those little voices sing. Oh man, goosebumps every time.Meanwhile, Prosecutor McCulloch failed to recuse himself despite serious conflict of interest http://t.co/84KNPOWRDB http://t.co/df9zwmhjgM
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@dickc agreed! Proud to be an investor in a Detroit based company cc @crowdrise 😍@JohnnyPatience sorry the weather isn't more accommodating!
@BelieveInFilm Mamiya 7iiA reasoned review of Super. http://t.co/z3EeIMjhD8 Download: http://t.co/YmMfhNfpww
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@jakobfoto thanks!@andyspencer360 Thanks, too kind.@ricfulop that's kinda the opposite direction of where i'm headed these days! #filmisnotdeadJames http://t.co/YdaPJS1xe4 #Hasselblad http://t.co/NONTZwphvH
@rsarver thanks! Yes, it's a Hasselblad 503cw with a 6x6 film back. I love the colors from Kodak Portra 400.@pholux_martin great memory! Thanks so much. 🙏A few photographs from Chrissy Field, San Francisco http://t.co/WuR9aLRfKd #Hasselblad
"We are, and always will be, a nation of immigrants." —President Obama: http://t.co/PvWTPoiTNJ #ImmigrationAction http://t.co/VPMbRq7fie
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@elizestrydom beautiful. I think you and the M6 were made for each other.
@JohnnyPatience thanks!@codypriebe thanks@omid @jamessabet he is a big neymar jr fan"Only photograph what you love" ~ Tim Walker http://t.co/awrroVEeod http://t.co/yzMWIczJ2Y@codypriebe @chrisozer How many rolls do you get before needing to swap in new batteries? Have read mixed reviews.
@everydaydude @chrisozer where do I sign!@bennie @chrisozer hiya, ben! how are you liking the 645?@chrisozer you are evil. But those 2 stops and minimum focus distance is haunting me!@chrisozer now researching a contax 645 because of our lunch conversation!@ceonyc I think the better move is to try and help fix the problem than sell the shares
Today, we're announcing that Twitter now indexes every public Tweet since 2006. Search for any Tweet ever sent: https://t.co/eMYeLyWvpU
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@BenedictEvans oh my god(new post) Our investment in @ClubAlfred. Delighted to be in business with @MsSapone & @JessGBeck http://t.co/7z7IpGU8Y9Thank you @Hasselblad for covering our @twelve_film project. http://t.co/lk9NJdm3Ut
@JohnnyPatience awesome and congrats!I love @biz and I love Super https://t.co/LFxyPPiEKG@andyspencer360 :)Our thing - http://t.co/TLdNHs5IcASeven years ago @davidkarp announced a third update to Tumblr & his first round of funding. Time flies. http://t.co/UclwKRzTfV
Afternoon walk http://t.co/J1I0FCfee0Nailed it “@fredwilson: The Cable Model and The Internet Model http://t.co/rr5h6G1OcU@zen_bones thanks!Finding a ray of warm sunshine on an otherwise cold New England morning http://t.co/zhDmNC4hkg http://t.co/BLCrwk7NEP@JohnnyPatience @laurensabet since the day I first saw her
The most impressive people I know are almost never mean, and the meanest people I know are almost never impressive.
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@sonnycull @laurensabet that's lauren with the instructor@atlephoto seriously stunning. Beautiful images.@atlephoto I love this sort of data thing. So interesting. Imagine how much they will know many years from now.@helena I have mostly empty branches on my family tree so it's cool to see this@chrisozer all that data with one little swab from the inner cheek. Crazy.@JohnnyPatience @laurensabet she looked more surprised than me! She has a few thousand years of Asian history apparently!@JohnnyPatience the one @laurensabet did had some surprises!@codypriebe :)Photoset: Some photographs of our morning on a trapeze http://t.co/OA23VmjGou http://t.co/6MZg2ITDD5@zen_bones yeah, obviously not super detailed but fun data nonethelessI sent my DNA to National Geographic & just received this personalized infographic showing my ancient ancestry http://t.co/vlvgLFsima@chrisozer @StreetEtiquette stunning set. Loved the third one the best. Absolutely striking@zen_bones really beautiful, Ray.@janamal that was a blast (and so scary at first!). @laurensabet was awesome at it.Taking my first trapeze lesson! https://t.co/pjAgEnQjlv
@benkweller dude! looks hot. just ordered.Verifying that +bijan is my openname (my Bitcoin username). https://t.co/lHQaIovHjgQuite a week http://t.co/ACgt2do26o
Heading home. Can't wait. (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in East Elmhurst, NY) https://t.co/sOzGtOHkKC@howardlindzon easy: o yaLove Trello “@michaelpryor: Only 94 million to go!!!! #pieceofcake #wegotthis http://t.co/7vqDO2BWzx@judgejuju congratulations! We are gonna miss you!Congrats @joeldflory & team @vsco. Latest update is stunning http://t.co/3NeE7PxWxa
@danielhsqr @davealevine Twitter doesn't come with side effects or cause medical problems. There is no excuse.@bjnovak so awesome to meet you. Thanks very much for spending time at our Founders Summit."an analyst in the audience admitted he created an account that morning" -> this stuff makes me crazy http://t.co/VziLJzFcfh@anildash This has been (and still is) Twitter’s mission statement: https://t.co/FkZVNFLmIP
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@everydaydude so awesome 👌So long San Francisco. I'll be back in a few weeks. Next stop, NYC. ✈@faisalyaqub in that case a canon ae-1 or nikon fm2@faisalyaqub do you want manual everything or more auto focus/auto exposure type set upA photo of @Basti checking out Oculus & some thoughts about our founder summit yesterday - http://t.co/zPxRdqfBWj http://t.co/5sfDS79muy
@wickman it's an iPhone snap of my Hassy@fmssnr thanks so muchMy favorite bridge with my favorite camera http://t.co/9kQTUC8qkW http://t.co/0AjJpgaHCX@nabeel @laurensabet hey I convinced her to marry me, right?@laurensabet I think that is sign we should pack our bags and follow the sunshine together. ❤ 🌅@pjozefak yes!
@JohnnyPatience Thanks. (I feel like the Noctilux bokeh is a bit too harsh for my taste at that close range tho)That day we got a few snowflakes a few weeks back http://t.co/UoGglb6dtE #leica #film http://t.co/kw0FFyc1sWOn this day in 1958, John Steinbeck wrote a beautiful letter of advice to his lovestruck son. http://t.co/42CVz4ZqSF http://t.co/j4krdnBeul
Retweeted by Bijan SabetI'm urging the @FCC to keep the internet open and free. Here's my plan to protect #NetNeutrality for everyone: http://t.co/3y3YLQD6MB –bo
Retweeted by Bijan SabetSome thoughts on Mojang http://t.co/jWfk8ffk4tCurrent status: BOS -> SFO ✈. And a little sleepy.
"It's potion like this ocean that might carry me/In a wave of emotion to ask u to marry me" Bob Marley+@MsLaurynHill http://t.co/68qHuxPawY@harryh I just got it to work. Thx!@harryh having trouble getting those to work but thanks anyway.Fox (via Comcast) is showing the Giants game out here but we want to watch the Arizona Cardinals game. Any suggestions?Morning walk http://t.co/Dfp0bIdofC@JohnnyPatience love it. A timeless beautyMy favorite third baseman http://t.co/T1oJutkqbo http://t.co/TKjpuqOA7e
@patk awesome!Some photographs from last nights Celtics game http://t.co/fjsMowD0u9
@ovan thanks :)@fredwilson i largely agree with your uber point. i just found myself agreeing with most of the points in the PK piece i linked to@fredwilson I hear you but the Daily Show dishes it out pretty good and it's not a problem in my book.@fredwilson i discount most of his negative views except when it comes to Republican bashing. I love that part.Hugely disappointed by this one-sided reporting from @WSJ. I've followed @dickc's leadership for 5 years and I'd follow it for 5 more.
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