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early @twitter investor (2008), venture capitalist, amateur photographer, optimist and making a life together with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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Yes! “@Hasselblad: #Hasselblad vs. Tumblr http://t.co/0ZtF2FnSHR@fromedome the 140 character limit is liberating@withhearts hah!my son. foot washer, extraordinaire. http://t.co/DLN6NxB5cILove this "TL:DR Dude... dude... I wept over a game" RT @brendaniribe: Oculus Rift DK2 is here. It's happening! http://t.co/bIqCHePnEF@gstellato25 we got him at Salmon Falls. Doug is the owner. http://t.co/sHSfk4dtDEA few photographs from my morning walk with Sam around the South End - http://t.co/D3wQFcbv8A http://t.co/YwyDV0guTzLove the focus on the right things. "If we do those things, everything else will take care of itself" - @dickc http://t.co/9GGcYKV7FL
Boom! “@TwitterIR: 16 million net MAU additions in Q2, the highest number of absolute net adds in 5 quarters.- @dickc #TWTRearningsA few months back @jerrycolonna spoke at @sparkcapital. here is the video & his thoughts re Being Fierce. Love this http://t.co/cJEu4PvKGH@jaredkrouss thanks so muchCurrent status http://t.co/HbPlQSHFBjhappy birthday @laurensabet :) - http://t.co/OSmh0v1r10@Jpncamerahunter Hello there. Do you still have the Contax T3. If so I would love to buy it
I'm loving @pmarca tweets with all the historical fb haters. I've been saving all the twitter naysayer stories too :)Brought Sam to the office today. http://t.co/U08CVFkJ45@jerrycolonna @TheCEObootcamp my pleasure. your work is immensely impactful and you know how i feel about you.Startup CEOs: Don’t miss out on @jerrycolonna’s @theceobootcamp this Fall (October 1-5, 2014) http://t.co/qTI6GKbvRY
These are the good old days - http://t.co/G1QBJSVxpD ((Hasselblad 503CW | Kodak Portra 400) http://t.co/yUtdAscMeB
@JohnnyPatience @HearthMagazine @RichardPhotoLab love it@JohnnyPatience thanks so much!@stevenxue_ thanks!Photoset: Some photographs at the barn http://t.co/bLuOk0FcHt (Mamiya 7ii | 80mm f/4 | Kodak Portra 400) http://t.co/LNpsoS9cvN
Photoset — Sam gets a pool! http://t.co/JYERAyFmAu (Hasselblad 503CW | Carl Zeiss Planar T* 2.8/80 | Kodak Portra 400)Never had a BMW give me goosebumps before but this is a different story! http://t.co/QUnqPTUWO1@L1AD not yet. Have you made the move.A good reminder why I love my job: three beta apps on my iPhone home screen.@MarkVillacampa I think it's like the old days w/Google Adwords. A different format requires time & support. But when it works it's goldTumblr advertisers get it. A beautiful, simple native ad. Well done. http://t.co/sMOfXh3BTS
Don’t wait for recognition. Let it find you working. Romanticize authenticity instead of perfection. G.G. Renee Hill
Retweeted by Bijan SabetPhotoset - A day in New York City http://t.co/ACvKqlYv7g@irace awesome! (and congrats!)Introducing our new investment - @trello. http://t.co/VUTl6tfsGR
@kirklove I would love to. But I'm so tired - I could fall over right now11pm shuttle from JFK->BOS delayed 2 hrs. Ouch.@conoroberst love the new record and we miss you in BostonJames http://t.co/Ykso71HgSc (Mamiya 7ii + Kodak Portra 400) http://t.co/vCbVzVGTaT
@JohnnyPatience well said!@kirklove thanks sir@fredwilson exactly(new blog post) Intention and choices we make every day http://t.co/YbuoW2pqDC
Current status: http://t.co/zdtsmwoyBq@GeoffreyWeg thanks!Photos - Sophia, Boston http://t.co/bjZ7w4rvkK http://t.co/QfIF3YfBBD
Just taught my 8yr old how to load film into a Hasselblad #proudpapa@permundum so awesome@mokoyfman @HilaryRosenman congratulations! So happy got you all!Please don't let this summer end http://t.co/00wdPHJ9gP http://t.co/U4C6VpQwB4@JohnnyPatience beautiful photographs Johnny. Such a moving and wonderful post. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
@Jimbiff digital is a Leica M. Haven't decided which film system to bring yetA couple of photographs from Stern Grove, SF (Mamiya 7ii + Kodak Portra 400) http://t.co/xJGuxcpbxw http://t.co/MalJNw0igG
@elizestrydom it's been on our to do list for a long long time. So excited!@rebeccapatience I am looking forward to a New Zealand trip later this year. First time for us. Have you been?@kim617 @emmatangerine thanks!This! (A gem from @joshk) http://t.co/WhT2WjrjbeLooking for Foursquare lists for Ireland. If you have a great one please it my way! Thx! via @jelly http://t.co/2JiUR2d0Bj@signoreD thanks so much. Glad you like it.Photo: @jamessabet - Gloucester, Massachusetts | Mamiya 7ii + Kodak Portra 400 http://t.co/HlOL0psMXD http://t.co/dwV6eUvSzc
@johnolilly damn, just saw this. i would have invited you to my place. how long are you in town?I'm typically an involved dad, but hiding when my teenage girls are fighting about clothes is something I'm getting better at@JohnnyPatience thanks!RE2PECT - https://t.co/vUPRjjVpQ0 #jeter #captain@kirklove northern spainHi. Looking for a car and outlet adapters for our phones and laptops for upcoming trip to Spain & Irelan… via @jelly http://t.co/eUq0y0Dbv4
"Can I get Beats?" http://t.co/pKCqsxl0zb@marcoarment congrats on @OvercastFM launch. So much awesomeness@sonyayu thanks, so helpful!@sonyayu I over expose Portra 400. Would I do the same with Velvia 100?@arainert totally great!@sonyayu thanks. Good to know!@sonyayu heading on a trip and thinking about using Velvia 50 with my Mamiya 7ii. Your tumblr work is beautiful. Are you loving that film?Just got my first delivery from @timeshel. So awesome. (disclosure: I'm not an investor)
@riley_joseph beautiful@chelsa damn!@istevenxue thank you@pholux_martin thanks!Photo: @chrisozer - san francisco | Mamiya 7ii + Kodak Portra 400) http://t.co/yL1YlwRil1 http://t.co/0SDl9MDznv@tweetsbyjosh this is absolutely beautiful. Those tones and colors! http://t.co/1xfx2GAgyF@fredwilson agree w/your post today. I love my analog watch better than these v1 connected watches (design, craftsmanship, simplicity)"In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the universe" http://t.co/Uh7qL2CsWd
@andrewparker @innonate mute is already built into twitter.Twitter, the product. http://t.co/sppLxQ2CB0@Stammy so beautiful.@jamiesmallwood thanks!Photo: @laurensabet, cape cod - http://t.co/fweUWD96kl http://t.co/WtMq8EvLZm@yuriymanchik your Seattle to Banff photographs are stunning - http://t.co/zC9WMPaxy8I just donated to Creating a Safe Home for Girls to Finish School in India. Please check out this amazing cause... http://t.co/1YLDLPsGj7
Let's go #ARG!A random walk to the Williamsburg Bridge - http://t.co/h7vQb7a9In http://t.co/UeuaHQOVpt@fredwilson that's our disagreement I guess. I'm just not feeling the brevity in a tweetstorm@fredwilson I hear ya. I just experience most folks writing improved when constrained7/ I promise I won't do this again. Enjoy the weekend. xoxo.6/ I never thought about Twitter as a CMS. Twitter is something else. Use Tumblr or Medium if you have lots to say & then share a link5/ Maybe tweet storms could live inside twitter cards - so they can expand if the reader wants them?4/ Makes my feed difficult to consumer efficiently3/ Constraint forces creativity2/ Most can't write (with the exceptions of @pmarca, @fredwilson and a few others)1/ I for one am hoping tweetstorms are a fad@JeffKauflin that number is per year per user in revenue (not valuation)
@tweetsbygabriel totally awesome. well deserved and congrats!
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