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early investor/board member @twitter & @tumblr, aspiring photographer, optimist & making a life with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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@johnolilly @anildash @sippey @laurensabet my wife is strong. I'm a wimp.Yosemite dream. Half dome under a full moon.
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@atlephoto thanks!@anildash @sippey @laurensabet so there is hope!@jakobfoto @laurensabet love it. Hey Lauren, maybe we should reconsider!@sippey @laurensabet I think we have lost our mind@arainert @laurensabet nice. I don't know if green tea is allowed. Need to check !@davidgillespie @laurensabet yes but then @ev gave me some crazy rationale to start up the caffeine again a few years back :)@JohnnyPatience @laurensabet I'll be stronger and healthier than ever! Or at least that is what she tells me :)@petehalvorsen @laurensabet it just hit me hard about 15minutes ago. I feel absolutely woozySo @laurensabet suggested we both go caffeine free for the next 4 weeks. Today is day 1. Oh god.@shah thanks. So kind of you.Brooklyn days #leica #believeinfilm
@photosbypeter1 thanks. Almost home! Just a few more hours!Joe Strummer from The Clash running the London marathon.
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@elizestrydom congrats!@JohnnyPatience @laurensabet thanks. It will be nice to be home again.@codypriebe @laurensabet :)@rebeccapatience @laurensabet thx!Waiting for our connecting flight from LAX to BOS. Almost home! Can’t wait. A photowalk in Boston w/@laurensabet
Goodbye, Korea. We had a wonderful time. 안녕히 가세요 (@ 인천국제공항 (Incheon International Airport - ICN) - @incheonairport1) @passionpassport gorgeous sir. Please take me and @laurensabet on your next trip ✨@cindyloughridge your color work with the M240 is the best I’ve seen. Lovely.
@collbud beautiful1 of the many reasons I work @Twitter. ICYMI: This was possible due 2 this woman's brother, who tweeted out for help
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet
@patk @onabags do you carry laptop? I have a Ona Prince Street for light day use@ThatAndrewKim @onabags 2/ I also pack an Ona Prince Street in my suitcase and use it for light day time use@ThatAndrewKim @onabags 1/ I carry laptop, Hasselblad, Leica and misc gear (film, light meter, iPhone battery packs etc) in the packA shoutout to @onabags for making this pack. We've been to 4 continents together last 12 months & it's been a dream Muju, Korea.And then the rain cleared awesome@dickc looks great. I'm coming right over!@kodakmoments_uk thank you kindlyTragic. easy and fun way to follow and discover interesting things around the world
Been traveling last few weeks & miss our pup, Sam. See you soon! 🐶 ❤️ #NationalDogDay happy birthday! 🎉✨Stunning collection of the desert by @rebeccapatience yes!@laurenfarmer so awesome
@GyulaRusinczky 9pmThanks @laurenfarmer for this photo. My name etched in snow at the North Pole! my iPhone doesn't do this place proper justice but the clouds drifting among the trees are just wonderful@JohnnyPatience such a fascinating place. I have never experienced a place like thisGood morning 🙏🏻✨ stunning@stevejang 😊🙏@wdoubleo thanks for the tip. Unfortunately we left Busan yesterday.@JoeLaz no wifi here but fast LTE!@elizestrydom it's pretty interesting for us too. We just finished dinner in complete silence. A first for our family!Tonight we are sleeping on the floor in a Buddhist temple. Men & women are separated. Wake up time is 3am! that's a fantastic camera. Enjoy. A great book to get started is Understanding Exposure.
@TheJasonTsay thanks@chuck_petty a Hasselblad 503cwI'm at 대한다원 보성녹차밭 (Boseong Dawon Green Tea Field) in 보성군, 전라남도 great to see you in front of the lens, Peter. Wonderful photograph.Afternoon hike with my daughter, Sophia
@noah_weiss I’m not sure. I’ll find out!@realSimonBurns I believe last 15 years@JakubMovic thank you@jasontoff it’s a Hasselblad 503cwLife goals:
Retweeted by Bijan SabetWe are visiting the old part of Busan tomorrow. Today is the new part of the city. The contrast is striking. (free) wifi coverage Seoul and Busan is impressive
@m23mclaughlin Bulguksa Temple@JohnnyPatience it's such a fascinating place@codypriebe yes, see @Oyster@mparry1234 :)Making time to reflect at this Buddhist temple
@JohnnyPatience thanks my friend@MarkGhuneim thanks Mark. Glad to hear it!Self portrait #Hasselblad family time is the best time@JasonHirschhorn wonderful. Photography saved me for sure.@laurensabet amazing that the men's room didn't look like thisReally appreciating @bgurley tweetstorm on market changes & impact on late stage growth. Well said.
@robertpaul beautiful"Choose to be optimistic--it feels better." @DalaiLama
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@fredwilson happy birthday, Fred! 🎉✨Our vacation here in Korea just took an unexpected turn. 😍I’m not calling this a market bubble but we are back at an all time high of know-it-all venture capitalists
@JasonHirschhorn great news. Speedy and healthy recovery@johnbuckley100 wow. Stunning@rebeccapatience congratulations!@JohnnyPatience lauren is tireless!@sunheeyoon amazing place!The vastness of this market is hard to describe (@ 광장시장 (Gwangjang Market) in 서울특별시)
Tumblr release notes crack me up it is a really special place. Easily unlike any place we’ve ever experiencedKorea, day 3 thanks. I hope so too!@cindyloughridge wow, very cool!
@monochrometones I'm here w/my mom who escaped the north at 3yrs old. And my mother in law who's brother served in the Korean war@marxmatt @laurensabet wow that is amazing.@permundum @laurensabet thanks. So many emotions about this place.This tunnel built by North Koreans at the DMZ is unreal yes!@JohnMaloney @bfeld long time in be making :)
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