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Brian Dukes @briandukes St Louis, MO

I am a web developer working for @EngageSoftware, developing websites on the DNN Platform (a DNN MVP). I also serve Jesus at @LightTheCity.

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Survey - What is your #DNN Pain? - http://t.co/hH59L40mKu #DNNCMS
Retweeted by Brian DukesJust added my set of #dnncms #powershell maintenance scripts to #codeplex. See http://t.co/YtZt7voBYn
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#protip console.group example: http://t.co/Sp24YXCNh7 docs: https://t.co/m0lrWZU4oU http://t.co/WO9OrXixT6
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@DNN You're welcome! Now let's challenge all other #dnncms partners to contribute! #opensource
Retweeted by Brian DukesDialing #DNN Participation to 11 - Thx to @EngageSoftware for contributions to #dnncms through their Dec. 5 hackathon http://t.co/bD4C0fm0b7
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I posted a review of @EngageSoftware's #DNNcms Hackathon http://t.co/vUNb83FFoY
Help me test Grunt and Gulp Intellisense in Visual Studio 2013. It's quick and easy to do and I think it rocks! :) http://t.co/4mnPMT9aRS
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pretty much every album, tour t-shirt, poster & goodie i’ve ever made, ALL ONLY $5: http://t.co/LpQQoGggxu
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TeamCity 9.0 has just been released! Welcome your 24/7 build engineer. http://t.co/wudjKf71GT http://t.co/xGu3UeO2qj
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhat's New in ReSharper 9 webinar begins in 50 minutes. Still time to register and join us. http://t.co/M8GIKltmJ2 http://t.co/aqtFnKp8lX
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Celebrate diversity. #HappyLocalFood http://t.co/EoWMZLLPbT
Retweeted by Brian DukesToday would be a REALLY GOOD DAY to update Flash: https://t.co/iF713hL5pp http://t.co/EfBIpWajgX RCE in the wild: http://t.co/5yywCDn7AW
Retweeted by Brian DukesAccessibility first. The same as mobile first. It's much harder to add it later #smashingconf
Retweeted by Brian DukesNokia's HERE maps app now available for free on Google Play; iOS version coming in early 2015 http://t.co/DjWcEX9KcX http://t.co/64gmV9otTq
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👍 “@lockerdome: ICYMI: This look at some of the best #Ferguson/#STL murals is awesome: https://t.co/DCiocGAsXy
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe out here being the change ..all proceeds go to equal rights initiatives http://t.co/DcORVyPUC5 http://t.co/quCOOsBk8B
Retweeted by Brian DukesShoveling advice to new developers. Here's one: Don't work overtime to earn. Work overtime to learn.
Retweeted by Brian DukesAnd yet we keep wanting to say it's a "few racist cops", instead of admitting that the system is utterly broken, has no checks and balances.
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe established in 1971 that even perfectly stable healthy people will torture each other in a broken system: http://t.co/PZReiPFNKr
Retweeted by Brian DukesNew legacy codebase measurement method: apologies per second while on boarding.
Retweeted by Brian Dukesjust published my new #dnncms theme to the store http://t.co/LDkuSidbyI 50+page templates, shortcodes and online theme builder
Retweeted by Brian DukesArrow Function In ES6 http://t.co/71f9UGjlub http://t.co/9do0Z6IEY1
Retweeted by Brian DukesBesides, They'll see how beautiful I am And be ashamed-- I, too, am America.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Modern Web Practices ebook 30% off for the holidays! Use the link http://t.co/N47bwvCdGk
Retweeted by Brian Dukes$29 touchscreen media player w/ GPS, runs apps, has micro-SD support, even makes phone calls! http://t.co/zyIPedFxBB #Lumia520 /ht @thurrott
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhy did it take 2 weeks to write 200 lines of code? Because I had to write 1000 lines of code to learn which 800 to throw away.
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Let me be clear on what I'm saying. It is *not possible* to solve systemic problems while keeping everybody "comfortable". It's gonna hurt.
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Get HUGE discounts on gifts from the first 9 Made In A Free World companies! SHOP HERE: http://t.co/EN6rvUjxHa http://t.co/QLYmJHJius
Retweeted by Brian DukesDon't just pray for peace. Work for justice. Push for change. #EricGarner #Ferguson #STL
Retweeted by Brian Dukes[NEW] Eagerly awaited Windows Phone now on BrowserStack! Check out websites on Lumia 520: http://t.co/z4EdeWFQnI. Also added 630, 925 & 930!
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"We can't fix a 400 year problem in 116 days" -@TefPoe from St.Marks Church tonight in #Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter
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in 2 hours @WardCunningham and i reunite to reprise a speech we wrote 28 years ago called "be valuable". http://t.co/WB3DJ6mVFY
Retweeted by Brian DukesCome hack on #DNN with Engage on Dec. 5 - RSVP/Learn more: http://t.co/nzL6xmUMkc
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We say #BlackLivesMatter because it is true & needs to be said, and because it's a loving statement. Some literally respond as if it's hate.
Retweeted by Brian DukesREMINDER: #DNNHangout tomorrow featuring @AdersonOliveira w/ @jbrinkman http://t.co/rNFd4MHc9x #DNNCMS #DNN
Retweeted by Brian DukesHappy December! Ready to start the month off with a #giveaway? Today's prize is great for dark chocolate lovers! http://t.co/iRdLLANecL
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Painted over a boarded up window on S. Florissant. #ferguson http://t.co/DhRuyHnnxH
Retweeted by Brian DukesHope. S. Florissant. #Ferguson http://t.co/zGw0Ismkna
Retweeted by Brian DukesTree of life. S. Florissant. #Ferguson http://t.co/vadLgkZ6K0
Retweeted by Brian DukesHappy Thanksgiving! If you are home with parents, please update their browsers.
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http://t.co/yGElFrtB3GYou left your family to be with your spouse. #HolidayReminder #MarriageTip
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It's not just 100 free albums. Also 50 (excellent) box sets for $2 each. Amazing. http://t.co/FA3zTKYVGL
Retweeted by Brian DukesNational Bar Association issued statement questioning #FergusonDecision and calling for federal indictment of Darren Wilson. @Nettaaaaaaaa
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"A riot is the language of the unheard" line gets lots of RTs. But read MLK's full "The Other America" speech http://t.co/vjcwuV32mu
Retweeted by Brian DukesCity Lights Church is open for prayer for this morning from 8am on. There will be coffee.
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe all do irrational things we'll regret when we feel we are unheard. Punch walls, say mean things. be a listener today. Folks are hurting
Retweeted by Brian DukesIf you have not used Octopus Deploy, try it now. | What's new in Octopus Deploy 2.6 http://t.co/dZvGFsL4vd
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhite privilege: Getting to explain "not all cops are your friends" to my children at an older age when it won't traumatize them. #Ferguson
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe morning after. People rebuilding. #Ferguson http://t.co/z7PRlGH8Mb
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"I think America must see that riots do not develop out of thin air.... A riot is the language of the unheard." - MLK Jr.
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Hating people, police or criminal, races or genders solves nothing. Hate Ignorance and transgression.
Retweeted by Brian DukesOkay, who chose the reporters for this press conference?! This is the second string of reporters in this room. NO GREAT QUESTIONS. #Ferguson
Retweeted by Brian DukesFor Christmas, the JavaScript community will be bringing out a new framework that you "should" re-write all your projects in.
Retweeted by Brian DukesOH: People who are used to working in crippled-by-default languages can have a hard time in Scala.
Retweeted by Brian DukesOpenID 2.0 for Google Accounts is going away: http://t.co/CyBbvQYHMj
Retweeted by Brian DukesNode Tools for Visual Studio 1.0 RC has just been released. Get it here https://t.co/vvczultjZk #nodejs #vs2013 #vs2012
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe need your help. Join the Engage Hackathon to help improve #DNNcms http://t.co/UTzzk2qJnK
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe most under-rated (and my personal choice in this category of solutions) html/css framework, Semantic UI is 1.0.0. http://t.co/m3gcvmSett
Retweeted by Brian DukesGang of Four (c. 1994): "prefer composition over inheritance." Programmers every where (c. 1990's-today): "Let's use inheritance!"
Retweeted by Brian DukesThis article on package managers for front-end devs by @codylindley is one of the best I've read. Great explantion. http://t.co/fwiDV43e8i
Retweeted by Brian DukesEngage is extending an open invitation (particularly to #STL devs) to hack on #DNNcms. http://t.co/p6BF0KLzeV
Retweeted by Brian DukesInformation from another great session at #DNNCON 2014 - Contributing to Open Source on GitHub by @briandukes http://t.co/5pnd8jbfin #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian DukesTomorrow is a new week. A great time to try out short-lived branches this week! My post on the idea: http://t.co/Wdxqf7WEQ3
Retweeted by Brian DukesDo you know wath's difference between #DNN Open Url Rewriter and the Core Advanced rewriter ? http://t.co/A9Ccof1SBH
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
@DamianEdwards great job on your @herdingcode episode. You have a knack for explaining in a crystal clear manner! http://t.co/Hz55BpxEMm
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
DNNCon 2014 – A Tight Knit Community with a Bright Future Ahead -- http://t.co/0p6QBKss3C #Dnncon
Retweeted by Brian DukesNeed to emphasize that the yahoo search you'll see in Firefox in December will be much better than what is on http://t.co/GMcdty5HQ4 today.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Missed my #DNNCon session:customizing #DNNCms search? Video tutorial and downloads are ready! http://t.co/I19Z1Dl73W http://t.co/gAZj9ERZBx
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
I'm speaking at @hack_summit, a virtual conference for programmers. Register FREE using promo code HANSELMAN at http://t.co/ldAradS7cW.
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DNN 7.3.4 Released http://t.co/hTnc5N8RWX #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
You can now use lambdas and therefore LINQ statements in the immediate/watch windows in VS2015. http://t.co/kbzmPNPph0
Retweeted by Brian DukesCheck out: slides from @jbrinkman's keynote at @DNNCon http://t.co/EpwlI1602v #dnncms #DNNCON
Retweeted by Brian Dukes*checks faq* Visual Studio Pro now free for up to 5 devs in any org with <250 PCs and <$1M turnover.
Retweeted by Brian DukesMicrosoft open sources .NET. My post on Microsoft, Mono and Xamarin collaboration: http://t.co/CtjqeTqILI
Retweeted by Brian DukesFree edition of Visual Studio Community announced with Pro features! http://t.co/6IKLHoElnx
Retweeted by Brian Dukes.NET for Mac and Linux announced. http://t.co/mc50XX7iff
Retweeted by Brian Dukes".NET Framework 4.6 & Reference Source source is being relicensed under MIT license, Mono (and you!) can use src code to the .NET Framework"
Retweeted by Brian DukesMy keynote at #vsconnect developer event is about to begin. Big announcements for .NET + Visual Studio. Watch live: http://t.co/hYfKldI9FE
Retweeted by Brian DukesI'm doing something in LINQ that would be easier in F#. Is this how it begins?
Retweeted by Brian DukesLessons learned from my #DNNCon session: first pull request submitted, let's users accept friend requests from within notification e-mails.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Wow. Stunning candor. Took courage to do this. RT http://t.co/jYtmjhwrDA
Retweeted by Brian DukesGuys, believe me when I say that if I could get a six pack of what @scottgu is announcing tomorrow I would! http://t.co/t9TMW2GrFn
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
XP, Scrum, Kanban, Crystal, DSDM, FDD, these are not #agile. What you choose to do with them can be #agile, if anything can be #agile.
Retweeted by Brian DukesI was honored to be recognized as a #DNNMVP at #DNNCon
Retweeted by Brian DukesI know Git and still found @thinklikeagit helpful in tuning my thought process http://t.co/ldb3drSu
Retweeted by Brian DukesRequired git reading: http://t.co/cgrSc1Ha http://t.co/O45NjaAz http://t.co/EAePMLhq http://t.co/V5qx0YkG http://t.co/GzxKr3bS Trust me.
Retweeted by Brian DukesIf you haven't donated for #chocolatey yet, there are still a couple of days left - https://t.co/64MCXy16sr
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#herdingcode did a very informative discussion with Rob Reynolds about #chocolatey - http://t.co/U3qHUkFO9v
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@getify @reybango I see it on WindowsHello, Firefox Developer Edition! https://t.co/yxc8GSv0xt #fx10 #ChooseIndependent http://t.co/CFbJko66QC
Retweeted by Brian DukesThis was the single most important feature I was curious about with "firefox dev edition": http://t.co/VgnT4sx2DO
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Made it to @DNNCon, at the hyatt
I love this whole post by @BenBalter : 15 rules for communicating at GitHub http://t.co/EfH47GyLoI
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Really impressed with the responsive images article in @alistapart "Responsive Images in Practice" http://t.co/wqt1lbDQiA“We’ll come back and add tests later” is one of the biggest white lie developers tell themselves
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The ol’ make it work, then make it fast mantra works a lot better when you actually do the 2nd part too
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@StoneSTL what races are you expecting to show up? MO doesn't have any national races this year, right? @politicoWe are broadcasting LIVE (trying) from the #MVPSummit with the @aspnet Community Standup! RT! https://t.co/n9ZNNbftfn
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe'll be doing the @aspnet vNext Community Standup live from the MVP Summit at 10:30 AM Pacific today - join us! https://t.co/ncb69bThSa
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
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