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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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Me today. #couchPotato #iwish http://t.co/RPmwZniAs8
@anildash @mattlemay @caro @brooke there's already more than 500bn streams in the world / year. That's 100x number than download
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@mrmailbox agree. Cc @Roystonlangdon@mrmailbox MAILBOX! I love when you tweet at me. This makes my day. Get it fair point. So many binary rules man in your biz.@caro she's wrong and she takes $ away from artists when she does this. Seems like bad advisers.@brooke @taylorswift13 Sorry, I take that back. They are included now, as of May 2014: http://t.co/fyKkaNQfWC ...Idk why she's doing it
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@fromedome @brooke @taylorswift13 ahem. http://t.co/NTDvtmO4Hd
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingSeems pretty misguided of Miss @taylorswift13 to not have her music on Spotify. HUGE/engaged audience to ignore. http://t.co/h5aC9eaXZEuBeam Nabs $10 Million In Funding From Upfront Ventures To Make Wireless Charging A Reality http://t.co/nzaHw9EeaL Tip @techmemeNo. More. Chargers. uBeam Nabs $10M In Funding From Upfront To Make Wireless Charging A Reality http://t.co/zwxgLGyIHh via @techcrunch
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingNew #podcast from @fundera discusses tips for business growth, check out ep 1 with @jaredhect & @yext’s @howard: https://t.co/yOQ0g88rU9
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@fmanjoo @JoannaStern @samfbiddle @ajs @adammarx13 @alexia @alex @WSJ I bow to you for that tweet.@JoannaStern @samfbiddle @ajs @adammarx13 @alexia @alex @brooke @WSJ I don't even have to say my last name. Just Farhad, nobody forgets
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@brooke @alexia @tonysphere Like the fax, the death will be very slow and painful. But it will happen.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@alexia @alex @JoannaStern @brooke @WSJ i think the biggest pain in the ass abt business cards is simply having to print them. just the work
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@JoannaStern THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME TO ME. I never UNFOLLOW. Stupid Twitter.@alexia @brooke Disagree! I am dying for business cards to be killed. Was one of my first @WSJ columns: http://t.co/iQVFCPmoTQ
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@alexia I'm sure all the million posts you guys write about other low tech apps will be discussed? Cc @tonysphere@alexia classy.Pretty sure @dlinn1090 should get the rights to this invention as she invented this idea. #tieheadtoseat cc @ccdip http://t.co/ahSW3KqfwV
I'm on team @Spotify now after my buddy @Roystonlangdon showed me the light.. Thanks!! #LoveHasNoMercy
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingDon't overlook these tech stock winners in tough quarter http://t.co/iTQcSgiSWl via @YahooFinance cc @NetSuite #cloud@ScornedWomanX love the bitterness girl and clearly you know nothing about me so god bless.
@Goltra @PRWeekUS I'm a believer that bad pr is bad pr but if people are compelled by their email then by all means good for them.When the people who write about PR for a living can't even do that correctly -> @PRWeekUS #subjectline #engaging http://t.co/cWqhubHXCqHonored to be hosting @Ferragamo event this eve with @stephssimon. Part of proceeds go to @charitywater! http://t.co/Mfs7PvJzuwHonestly what does @Walmart do that's good and kind and wonderful for humanity? Nothing. Case in point -> http://t.co/5ZuFICRnMd@bhaggs @adamnash @Starbucks Amazing question.Big day for @Wealthfront. Today, we announce new financing & our vision for the future. https://t.co/ULunhnzBov http://t.co/uer40FoOo8
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWhen I mean any flagship I guess I mean NYC...opps anyway still awesome! @Ferragamo @charitywaterLove @Ferragamo? If you shop in any flagship store in the US this week, say @charitywater & a %age of purchase goes to the organization!!NOT sure how i missed this! AMAZE! Pinterest Taps Weather Channel's Eric Hadley to Oversee Agency Relations http://t.co/G9BGrVDA2X
The beauty of @BrewPR is the clients we get to work with like @Fundera. If you are a small biz looking for a loan, check out Fundera.SmartThings adds Windows Phone support for its smart home hub https://t.co/jqPPPxN9av via @gigaomArtists Gather Across The USA To Discuss Streaming http://t.co/Lp1U8eNh6k
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@ChrisShort I am having both hardware and software problems on this iPhone 6.My iPhone 6 stopped working after two weeks. AWESOME. They say "hardware" issue. #SamsunghereIcome@DelRey @NYGovCuomo @GovChristie truly the worst. I have nothing nice to say about either of them. Truly awful people. #oldpoliticiansPretty sure there are better & more humane ways to achieve same goal. @NYGovCuomo & @GovChristie r pandering to fear. http://t.co/Idg1JHwO2VSo either Blake Francis is lying and no other tech reporter was sent this or the alternative. Fascinating. http://t.co/fWMaCZa8Db
I'd like to know which tech writers received same package from moron Blake Francis/ http://t.co/Zv3VgL91y0? Speak up. http://t.co/fWMaCZa8DbThe best obit I've read. "Don't worry about it. You can't get out of this life alive." This family is perfect. http://t.co/Dkfkyl3tuX@brianstelter @businessweek @JayCarney this @nytimes story is both unimaginable and blistering. http://t.co/jQb07p1mDyA tragic look into what James Foley & other hostages experienced & a blistering account of the role our gov't played. http://t.co/jQb07p1mDy
So #Birdman was an incredible film. Fantasy super hero but not a super hero drama. I loved it.Though these are pretty good #tompkinssquare #halloween http://t.co/DXMQZuDSoHMy favorite costume so far? Crazy Eyes. #tompkinssquare #Halloween #nyc http://t.co/A1cUYLT4DyTOONES! ♫ Roy's Top Twenty This Week Royston Langdon http://t.co/Je2C7PNWHV #NowPlaying
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling
@brooke meatbola
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingEbola impacts the West Village. Meatball Shop shut down as Ebola guy ate there. #ebolaballs #NYC http://t.co/HFg1Nt6WzsMay I present @MssrPotato's Fall layered look. http://t.co/V2J2IVolFQA sign I've gone too far when someone compliments me on my dog's "Fall layered look"? Perhaps. #dogclothes cc @tkdhingra @CCdip
@MarcusWohlsen #ebolaballs#bowlingshoes #ebola #Williamsburg #screwedEbola becomes a PR crisis for Williamsburg and Uber? I mean why not. #EbolaInNYC http://t.co/EzHrAm2I4kSUITE. @NetSuite "Crushes Estimates in Q3" #NetSuite #Cloud #Earnings http://t.co/b1WnrDyP2UWhen you met Angelina was it a classic love story like when Ross met Rachel? #BetweenTwoFerns #wow http://t.co/61uNpE9500
A beautiful setting for a beautiful cause. Congratulations @AdamBraun and @PencilsOfPromis (e). #POPGALA #Spotify http://t.co/ukDQuJnsJxFrom buying pot to falling in love with the internet, my #StoryInABottle from @CharmingRobot: http://t.co/rgaEKIFWBW@cwaxler @CharmingRobot IT IS REALLY LONG!This will be HUGE RT @THR: Hasbro Working on 'My Little Pony' Movie http://t.co/MXNcjtwpg5
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingMeet The Forbes Under 30 Inventors Who Are Breaking The Boundaries http://t.co/zswnEHIdjW via @forbes cc @alexnklein @TeamKanoHow does someone not realize they are pregnant until they have the baby? Like legit how is that even possible? These stories kill me.
Too soon for holiday party invites guys. Too soon.Bloomberg is building quite the team! Hey @TheStalwart watch out for that @jheil! http://t.co/mfcdTNCfGmWorth the read. No bueno for @Handy. "My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell" http://t.co/5ojU1Ni9i6When It Comes to Market Leadership, Be the Gorilla http://t.co/adrKRymJ90 via @firstround by @arachleff of @wealthfront“We have paid $1 billion to the industry..." @bmorgansaks of @spotify #Billboard http://t.co/zigTNS4rvF
@MikeIsaac I miss that adorable little guy.This is the $150 computer I built with my daughter. @BenKuchera reviews @TeamKano! http://t.co/lrWF0b7EZ5 via @Polygon
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Jessica Lange singing Bowie on @AHSFX is something I could watch over and over again. So good. #FreakShowHappy 21st bday to my brilliant and gorgeous and adorable as can be niece Heather @hammerling! Dude. TWENTY ONE. 🍸🍸🍸
@JohnLegere Verizon is down in NYC… how are you not tweeting about it?!
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingVerizon wireless down in NYC. Awesome.I love when fist/chest bumping tech salespeople quote JFK in the bottom of their emails.@mattlynley BLAHMy favorite person's weekly playlist on my favorite music service. Check @Roystonlangdon's @Spotify Weekly 20. https://t.co/l8vd3trZGZ@fmanjoo ON IT.I just ate my weight in grilled cheese and cupcakes. #Brewversary@wauckward @BrewPR @DenaCook oh you are not...don't worry.@wauckward @BrewPR @DenaCook change your twitter bio you power woman u!! #wealthfrontPRHappy #Brewversary to @BrewPR today! Amazed at all @brooke & @DenaCook have built. #powerwomen
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingToday is @BrewPR's 9th bday! This was amazing gift from the Brew Crew. Best team. #Brewversary cc @DenaCook http://t.co/0n9lrmpZTN
@jswartz @dhellinger jonnie it is from now on Swartz if you call her Deb. Just saying."I would never call someone buddy". FUNNY. cc @anthonyha #therealone http://t.co/Zr8bSFZ43e@yoyoyavon EXACTLY.One of the things I always tell my team is to never respond with "sure" to work emails. So when I see others do, I mock them.Fascinating look into the influence of @instagram by @katierosman http://t.co/qVVjKb3Dd7 cc @Refinery29
An oldie but goodie & good reminder that a. @oreillyfactor hosted Inside Edition b. He's batshit crazypants https://t.co/X4kPVm19k3@bridgetwi @oreillyfactor @TheDailyShow definitely need an extra long meditation now.Guys. @oreillyfactor is talking about "ghetto kids" on @TheDailyShow.Bill O'Reilly on @TheDailyShow right now is genius in its absurdity but also I might break my TV.@ComcastMike This is not about publications sending us emails. Do people at Comcast know how to read? JUST CURIOUS.@ComcastMike Did you read my tweet or are you a robot? Your recruiting company sends me emails and my team emails trying to recruit us.Hey y'all. @comcast is looking for a director of comms. I know this b/c their search firm continues to spam me AND my team. #SadJob
Just saw "Nick Cave - 20,000 Days on Earth" which was really a fabulous film. If you can see it in the theatre you should.@caro she's an embarrassment.@TomLimongello I definitely thought about it. :)Nothing says CLASS than skirting responsibility and throwing your team under the bus. Sad situation for all. #Ebola http://t.co/ENLtkEEvjrReview: The @AugustSmartLock, a high-tech door lock for your home. (video) http://t.co/BNqJExVtn6 by @waltmossberg http://t.co/u3Ynuo86Z2
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