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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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@ThePeterHa Oh I know there is NO way I could take that life. NO chance.@ThePeterHa @HistoryInPics RIGHT...NO plumbing, air conditioning, cold beer hard to come by...PUHLEASE. U would cry in 5 seconds.My name is Potato. My mom is @Brooke. Let's get this party started.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingMonsieur Potato is coming. RT @HaleyHammerling @MssrPotato I mean. No words @brooke@karaswisher @EvelynRusli @stevekovach @jyarow SO selfish.@karaswisher @EvelynRusli @stevekovach @jyarow #THEISLAND!!@karaswisher @EvelynRusli @stevekovach @jyarow TEASE.@andybons I LOVE GOJI.@andybons Can Goji and Potato be bffs?@andybons THANK YOU!@BenLawsky OMG Ben. A. you follow me on Twitter I die. And B. YEP Maui will have a new BFF blonde Frenchie named Potato!@JamieStelter Dude...WAY. My fake Potato has become real Potato. #thisis40@DreMoran THANK YOU!!!So...interesting development. Anyone in NYC recommend an amazing puppy trainer? #Potato@frani_lieberman @anildash totally acceptable@anildash no. My new bad ass @Nike platform wedge sneakers obvi. http://t.co/1buR75KlTI@sacca yeah agreed. Same feeling.I'm wearing work out clothes and sneakers on flight to SF. My mother would be horrified. #thisis40@digitalshields I mean this is so perfect. So so perfect. #sameboat@lwyden useless when they don't explain to people what it was. Everyone I was in line with thinks it is new overall policy.@msfd @TSA that's totally right. Most had no idea what the line meant so were removing shoes and computerters. Pointless. All of it.@KevinColleran stoopid.An amazing opportunity at @BrewPR NYC for someone early on in their PR career. 1-2 years experience. #prjobs resumes-> jobs at brewpr dotcomBig win for WSJ RT @karaswisher: WSJ Poised to Hire Quartz's Mims as Tech Columnist, After Manjoo Departure to Times http://t.co/Fe6F2aGl7d@zorm it is ludicrous. And undervalues all those did to get pre check to begin with. And safety becomes a concern now. Again.@zorm no not the same. They just opened pre check line to all. No lottery. No one took off shoes or costs or computers etc.Pretty sure TSA people at Newark shouldn't be doing that. Really shady. #securityNewark airport @TSA letting many people thru pre-check security lines who aren't pre-check. When asked they said for "crowd control". Um??
Modern art gift. Head explodes. #TauberAuerbach #thisis40 http://t.co/UTkot0buW0How Intrapreneurship Encouraged Shutterstock's Creative Success http://t.co/kBjkGMNGmd by Lisa Evans via @FastCompany@felixsalmon @TheStalwart that's BULLSHIT. I cannot eat or sleep or do anything until I know and will not stop pestering you untilI I do.@SonosSupport never has happened before. Playlists and queue never ever merged before. Not until new update.@sacca @zackbogue @FiveThirtyEight #whitefluffyclouds #titaniumwhite
Obviously my sneakers have to have a heel. Thanks @Nike @rje7! These suckers are bad ass!!! http://t.co/DP7yh8dw3R@badnima awwwww thank u!!!Friends and a Family tasting. Cc @amysacco (at @BarchettaNyc) http://t.co/H7aXpV780S@tmeyeratplay @stevejang @SonosSupport Steve is totally right last 3 plays lists mid way thru bumped to queue!@stevejang no way. @tmeyeratplay @eldsjal is that true? Seems to be happening with all my playlists.I don't understand why my Spotify/Sonos is only all of a sudden playing REM & going off playlist. Ghost in the machine. Cc. @m_millseyThe @BrewPR NYC team kicking off the bday celebrations early with a "cheese" cake. A cake of Camembert! #thisis40 http://t.co/A5sAWc80JXThis is so trippy and awesome. Guy walks around Tokyo backwards and then footage is played in reverse. BANANAS. http://t.co/qWl5HqcKa6Thanks to @adamnash for our beautiful @Wealthfront t-shirts! #teampride http://t.co/EpUHiQfxAN
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling(RED) Alert! @Mariobatali & @patlafrieda call on chefs & restaurateurs to help fight AIDS. @foodandwine http://t.co/khUy71kF2o
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingA very controversial topic these days. @carr2n breaks it down -"Aereo Case Will Shape TV’s Future" http://t.co/cXgDn4BM4dDear @brooke & @april_conyers, Are you busy from 4/24 - 4/27? If not, let's meet here to catch up: http://t.co/MMryS31Vlk #catsoncats
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@jchernov @Wealthfront Love it so much...full disclosure we handle their comms but we practice what we preach!I use @Wealthfront to manage my investments. Use this link to get $15,000 managed for free. http://t.co/xAgQvkUJ04#HiringMonday -- NYC @BrewPR office hiring TechPR peeps with 2+ years experience. Resumes - jobs at brewpr dot com. #prjobs@TheOC @CCdip @BrewPR Totally real...was there last week...ax them about it. :)@TheOC @CCdip @BrewPR worst airport in the world. Have u found the bumpy hills yet? #laguardia http://t.co/0dIhzza8cp@TheOC @CCdip @BrewPR that was my attempt at mock prickliness. :)@TheOC @CCdip @BrewPR I don't know what you're talking about leave me alone. :)@patk @CCdip @BrewPR @TheSill @schlaf very much already clients of them!Starting a new thing. Succulent Monday. Sounds scandalous. Thank you @CCdip @BrewPR for knowing me SO well! http://t.co/cbjVNzcsQ0@robhammerling trailer park chic. Keeping it classy!
Chocolate dragon egg? #jacquestorres #inmybelly cc @rmastrosimone http://t.co/qi9KY2tsPH
These eels were alive. Then they weren't. Then they were in my belly. #dinner #DelPosto http://t.co/ZuFDBtu7Cb@jonmchu @tonyhawk so so so clever.
Extraordinary, emotional story of running Boston last year. And this year. From @dens. https://t.co/0ikYqPRVDy (Cheering for you & @chelsa!)
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingNice scoop by @nickstatt: Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware http://t.co/T15V3ulBic via @CNET
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling#Savetheelephants! MT @adage: Massive eggs land at New York's Rockefeller Center: http://t.co/PaDGAFAWaj http://t.co/1oafZzX0L5Such a fascinating business. "@Jana Mobile creating a new currency for emerging markets" http://t.co/gI5L7QLc7nSuch a cool idea! Watch REM's @m_millsey REMinisce over some vinyl records. (Had to pun) #VinylTest http://t.co/Bs47uMJReF via @MTVAn incredible opportunity for a writer to join our client @Fundera's amazing team in a crucial role. #hiring #NYC http://t.co/YVhuMyTfluWorld's chillest orangutan: http://t.co/Db9sARVgQi http://t.co/AuFB1YuOJ1
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@thebingblog @USAirways #nevergoingtohappen@catherinetabor great advice!! Thank you!@brooke as an advocate for female entrepreneurs and a successful one yourself, I wanted to pass along my story. http://t.co/2HACzkVrm2
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@jyarow @USAirways they are most def not having a good week.Definitely not ever flying @USAirways! http://t.co/H0BlE0O1Cz
This is an incredible organization. If just one of you got involved it would make a difference. #ElephantFamily http://t.co/w5hBHP7kQDThanks to @RyanSeacrest for making people who watch this stuff dumb. Appreciate it. #KILLSBRAINCELLS http://t.co/zVJpKAKUloAn amazing surprise from @crystale & @sacca! Enough @cartographwines to at least get thru the weekend. Starting now. http://t.co/8pnVu36ATDThe Next Buzzfeeds? 5 Hot New Websites CC @refinery29 http://t.co/r6Jh2XMNOg via @THRService in the restaurant during the day has gotten SO bad. Need a new go to. (@ Crosby Street Hotel) http://t.co/vBfuazrdsFVery very clever. J. Crew Took Out A Full-Page Ad To Respond To One Customer's Open Letter http://t.co/SweS24EobW via @Retail
Countdown to 40 - T minus 14 days. @katierosman kicks it off with #POPROCKS. #grateful http://t.co/ceVSXkQKDMHot mobile games company Scopely lands ex Disney exec as COO http://t.co/I2KrtX4UJ5
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@anildash @rachelsklar @WSJPR agree@anildash @rachelsklar @WSJPR ...they are obvi GOING to have women speakers so why not have a few for 1st announcement? It's perception.@anildash @rachelsklar @WSJPR I appreciate that perspective and I am not of the camp of "a woman for the sake of having a woman" BUT...@GreeterDan assistant, wife, girlfriend...always.@GreeterDan NO WAY. Dear lord there are some bad eggs out there.@rachelsklar @WSJPR Agreed. Tone deaf & bad PR. I am sure they will have women but for optics they shld have in initial line up. #PR101Beyond thrilled that @BrewPR is working with L'Oreal and @nycbabylon on their #WomeninDigital Initiative, something near & dear to my heart.Who's in @marieclaire today? @kfalter, the founder and CEO of @Poptip that's who! #powerwoman cc @BrewPR http://t.co/jPmhcr6OiO@AlexMLeo My team just ran out the door after seeing your tweet. :)FUN is when your office building turns off the heat because it is SPRING & WAS 70 degrees but now arctic and we are in coats at desks.The Exit that Wasn't - @tonysphere talks about buying @aboutdotme back and oh the fun he is having! -http://t.co/e71r80cX8R
@arpigreco I GIVE UP!!!@april_conyers I have references cc @CCdip @wauckward@Aubs yup@april_conyers are you hiring??It is snowing. I give up NY. #Spring http://t.co/t7xAif1vOgReunion tacos with @dj at @ElToroBlancoNYC! http://t.co/DenL6e1Dpj@jordanrcrook DUDE I blame the twitter unfollow bug.I bet your day is better than this person's day. http://t.co/gZjdbXVd2A
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI said it was the coolest & now u can see! Look Inside @Shutterstock's Empire State Building HQ @Supercompressor http://t.co/ccVgiycRvuUp for 2 #WebbysPV this year, @Refinery29! Vote now for fashion/beauty http://t.co/5ey7fY6P9o & email newsletter http://t.co/QAJXTmNEvo
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@danprimack @felixsalmon some interesting parallels here. #redlightdistrict http://t.co/krv5XgTuR5
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