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Visited @elle__elle_ & saw lots of canine heads. Sorry NOXER & NOXER Stans, she ain't biting shit.… http://t.co/eP69oSeDfg@pippi_esfumarse HA. You're funny..@BarackObama is in Asia to talk security and economics: the US remains top military spender http://t.co/CNND4PGmiH http://t.co/PSP3grszPW
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoREADER [Downtown Brooklyn] http://t.co/QpOGuZJpVWBoba Fett!
Best part of #myNYPD = pics of dogs being frisked http://t.co/vHfmQHIHds
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoNovember 15, 2011 Occupy Wall Street raid #myNYPD http://t.co/3jX0VLWXak
Retweeted by Bucky Turco“@ANIMALNewYork: You can't eat meat and call yourself an environmentalist. Discuss. #EarthDay” Laws of thermodynamicsLeonardo DiCaprio should have no propblem preparing for the Steve Jobs movie: http://t.co/EZlMbxqMOQMy only question after watching this #vapeporn on Gawker. Why is there so much smoke if they're vaping? http://t.co/mFdqACEhDgI'm not down with Reebok using "Bam Bam" for this commercial. http://t.co/ycynW1mQGz@dogstoevsky Perfect then!@dogstoevsky No. But event is freeEvent thing RT @ANIMALNewYork Pictureplane & What Cheer? Brigade at Brooklyn Night Bazaar, From ANIMAL x Glad Tidings http://t.co/6NVNcD206y"If it's hard to be a carriage horse, it can't be easy to be a crime horse" -@Awl Not even close. One does real work other poses for photos.Writing nice to "e-meet" you when introducing or replying to someone on email is dumb. People are getting way to cutesy with the e-crap.@PearlPaint Is there going to be a discount sale for the closing of the NYC store?@kymwald Thanks.Outtake from the Shroom Cronut shoot. http://t.co/6N24sUaied
@kymwald I'm great. I'm pretty sure we went to high school together as well.Hey kids, check out these printed artifacts. They're called magazines and people used to read them. http://t.co/ozxODFY09a! @WitzInPlainView has been doing street art before some of you were born. He's one of my faves. #danwitz #streetart http://t.co/53BFnumAMmPowdered Alcohol: Better Drinking Through Chemistry http://t.co/oSKkHg9kx2
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt was frolicking about with Bigfoot and unicorns: http://t.co/C125Zrqrvu?@URNEWYORK Has to be right?Great place to clean up your pet and apparently, your junkie too. [Inwood] http://t.co/yaSa9KH8aS
Evil Donkey https://t.co/W6GIIjFZdKRepublicans: a political group that thinks a Palestinian Jew rising from the dead is more probable than man contributing to global warming.@kymwald Beach Street Junior High?Why is Russell Crowe riding a dragon on Krypton? "Man of Steel" is quite possibly the worst bastardization of a thing that existed, ever.On the third day he rose. http://t.co/YEzeDfIg0SEaster, 420, and Hitler's birthday. Today has a little something for everyone.
@theCatEars Ruh-rohPalmolive works as an alternative to Tide right?“@ANIMALNewYork: Oh look, our first official contribution to The Jogging. #art http://t.co/5TE5nNDAqS” lol @mfortkiAble-bodied, twenty-something dude asking for change... so he can feed his dog. 99 problems and a… http://t.co/ezNmkaXDaC
Also copped a GHOST print this week. #ghost #cousinfrank #graffiti #fine #art #theillshit http://t.co/1XojOnQxmg“@ANIMALNewYork: This Is a Cronut™ With Shrooms On It http://t.co/iRODyFs5nK Safe travels this weekend! http://t.co/rANEJQEk1P” Easter-y.The Daily News, full of horse shit, on carriage issue: http://t.co/Do1k8MsRmM“@ndiceglie: @DominiqueAnsel Will there be any stops uptown? No point in me following the hunt if you are staying down there.” Wow, bitchy.@DominiqueAnsel Grammercy Park now?All are welcome. I press endorse like no other. Holler. https://t.co/do4UylDcqV"Look, there's three dirty Elmos," said a father with a Midwestern twang to his son on the bus while pointing towards Times Square."Maybe it's the reincarnation of someone who wanted to be president" muses @lukerussert about the wild White House fox. "Maybe it's Nixon."Where were you last night @mfortki? http://t.co/GRPrSrOfqs #leadsuspect#surveillance #selfie [West 4th Street Station] http://t.co/1s3tvJSlYNIf Jesus had any say in the matter, I doubt "good" is the word he'd choose to describe the Friday on which he was used as a dartboard.
@misskjohnston Yeah. Totally. Nothing like it. LOL“@ANIMALNewYork: Brooklyn Artist Ballin' http://t.co/qQrzEGmRW4 http://t.co/mN5Boo9WBF” Great recap of #BKArtistsBall by @mfortkiFake-ass Flatiron Building. [West Village] http://t.co/h9GbiZW9fV“@ANIMALNewYork: We're taking this shit way back. https://t.co/uwstngkGeM #FTW #TBT” Our only friend is @Myspace not even @myspacetom.Check out the electric car Liam Neeson is absolutely going to hate: http://t.co/ajORUCU2IO It's what is being proposed to replace the horses@NYPD106Pct Welcome back asshole.Media trolling hard with this CCTV footage of Banksy. More accurate headline: Did CCTV Capture Banksy's Rented Van Pulling Up To a Gate?Riders who yell "hold it, hold it, hold it" while trying to catch a train should be sterilized. Hundreds of people on subway > One dumb assJETSKI [Bushwick] http://t.co/p6dNdgQC22Artist Coby Kennedy: Brooklyn warrior, American hero http://t.co/hK1TT6DdktMissouri: a Southern or Midwestern State?http://t.co/Skom76SuQB Just one of the dozens of debates on the matter.
baby's first parting shot http://t.co/owkJcNOKzL
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI commissioned gizmtaxtc to paint a 3'x3' canvas. Here's how it came out. Fresh to death! #gizhttp://t.co/gOEEF4jswC@BrianAbrams You did it wrong. Edit: Hipster guilty of smoking Hipster weed, driving home in Hipster car with Hipster baby on Hipster roof5 Reasons Why It's Okay for That Old Bloke To Remove Banksy's "Mobile Lovers" and Sell It http://t.co/HaJLW4xoWR http://t.co/hVMv1QvjKE
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@BrianAbrams LOL@dogstoevsky I'd say that's up for debate. Plus, they act like the South and share same values.The U.S. should make a deal with Russia: trade the South for Crimea. I can't see how we'd miss it after reading this: http://t.co/i53FYrGWacLet's all take a minute and try to do something this amazing at some point in our lives: http://t.co/BNxFqN9ZnQ
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoDear Liam Neeson, fuck off. http://t.co/QA7t26U5DpFast food chain is re-releasing one of it's fast food products and... Wait, that's not news.Major subway etiquette violator. As if that one backpack isn't big enough, dude got another one attached to it. http://t.co/yf7DAfRdXaNYPD disbands Muslim spy unit, finally figures out they can learn more about that community through Yelp than undercover officers.@iamyaz They were delusional but were seemingly harmless. Their ban on outright photo taking made my job so tough.Random guy's hand reaching for coffee at Canal Street station. http://t.co/fXr9OvWJlO
"I Ruv You 🐶💕 Vine by Oliver & Shellie - Follow for more #Bestanimalvines" Best thing on the internet. https://t.co/kvChVUHyhzWatching Russian media is like watching Fox News, on every channel: "24-hour vortex of alarmist proclamations..." http://t.co/Sze8ba1T1K?“@CynthiaWenslow: Clayton Patterson, Rebel and #Photographer, Plans to Leave the LES for Europe - http://t.co/PMqHP2J5w2” Sounds pretentiousBuddha! https://t.co/6NmwAy8d7G@daweiner I only saw ESB helicopter alert. If you have a link please send.@buckyturco Taking pics or something. There was an alert yesterday.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoPlanes flying way low over Lower Manhattan (I assume cause of cloud cover?). http://t.co/JUxSHODn7gBox truck group show. http://t.co/pwRAjk9ZvA
@Sethrogen Yo homie. We sent your handlers an email from @ANIMALNewYork about a stellar idea. Holler.@brigode Fair enough. But these joints are FIRE! KRS x Just-Ice http://t.co/wA0FfXjlQ1 & Steady B http://t.co/8itwHyrmrv@brigode BDP!When I went to KKK thing with @hamiltonnolan-who I think was trying to defect-we heard their BS theology for an hour: http://t.co/fN3Wco36CtIf a Muslim man shot up a Jewish center, would we call him an Arab supremacist? KKK believes U.S. is new Jerusalem. It's terrorism.White supremacist: a PC term for Christian terrorist.Irish hijab. Alternate caption: be happy you have a job that's not this. http://t.co/zaxexekNII@dogstoevsky @moneyries And to think http://t.co/wYaui72gCX doesn't even have me on their radar.There's no way this http://t.co/dGWelcm9KR is fitting inside a vagina. I'm calling bullshit on the #USAirways photo.@USAirways Way worse is the lack of leg room on your flights.This video proves that THESE kids are dumb. Not all kids. Because most kids nowadays, are pretty tech savvy: http://t.co/kMLg1NGGoo@streetartnews http://t.co/OSwZbrDNeT Where'd you get that bit about the van? Should you be crediting a news source or did you guys witness?@AndrewHClark Right. He WAS a world leader. So you'd think he could source his images from somewhere besides first results of Google. #lazy@AndrewHClark Yeah disdain for an intellectually lazy artist. We gave a similar critique to George Zimmerman & Shepard Fairey. Stop crying.@AndrewHClark He's an artist. It's called a critique. Grow some balls.@RYOTnews You reported that Banksy confirmed both pieces on his website. I only see that he confirmed one. Do you have additional info?I profiled graffiti artist Plasma Slugs for @ANIMALNewYork http://t.co/ZMStyECTDR“@metronewyork: Brooklyn artist makes weapons out of NY street signs http://t.co/KuvQ8D0uF9" photo: @aymanndotcom” text: @mfortki
"@OtisCollege: #Compton Unified at the Kite Fest http://t.co/AvPbKhiw9y" #mellowkite @hyperallergic @rogergastman @buckyturco
Retweeted by Bucky Turco"American Flag With Wedgie," 42nd Street, 2014. http://t.co/7hAvm5koIZ
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