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correction: @mpventura found the Drummer Who Rescued a Woman, @fanellijames interviewed him, and i took his photo http://t.co/urLTZFGA5Z
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThank you @hopesandfearshq for answering my question: Why is it called a black box if it's actually orange? http://t.co/chQyAnNq4f@GTFOBK Oh yeah totally. It's all I'll be thinking about till launch.@GTFOBK Cool. Launching what?News organization that exclusively license disaster footage, so they can run preroll ads in front of the content are evil incarnate.I feel like the dude in Falling Down. I just want someone to tell me there's nothing wrong with the street. #Houston http://t.co/EQcjeNhV1HUrban Exploring Helps Keep City Safe From Terrorism http://t.co/wAK3edKQ6x
Retweeted by Bucky Turco"Una de las fotos tomadas por el grupo que escaló el Triborough Bridge." http://t.co/IItmTnAP7LWhy are we talking about the mental health of the copilot and not speculating endlessly about his religion?
One of the photos I shot from today's East Village blaze. http://t.co/HhKPkpaJjU http://t.co/0Zc0l3f4U4Why is it called a black box if it's actually orange? http://t.co/aXa42WHrMe (Question submitted by reader @buckyturco)
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoHe's in Cuba @NY1... on vacation. Jeez. http://t.co/FmSfEO3oAo Ya'll got it sounding like "The Fugitive."Exclusive streetwear reporting... http://t.co/lUO86I3LIV@adamjohnsonNYC @ANIMALNewYork The fine folks at @motherny and implemented by @CantileverCo.I'm waiting for the ironic report on how we've made the cockpit doors too hard to enter since 9/11 super-scare.@HeartAsArena @morningmika Her dad, a genius, must be so proud of her tough as nails reporting style.Here's the CBS News report on ANIMAL's #UrbEx excursion: http://t.co/XxzCzgYTkLBREAKING: Everything reported by broadcast media about the plane crash over past two days has been wrong.
Kevin Ancell x Saber | Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015: Kevin Ancell x Saber | Pow! Wow! Hawaii from RVCA on ... http://t.co/2xpmiRqA2l
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoTonight on @CBSNewYork... ANIMAL's excursion on Triborough Bridge(unless it got cut). 6 O'Clock news. (@aymanndotcom) http://t.co/iMmRWQ3RTI@ANIMALNewYork just premiered the music video for the first single off my new record! http://t.co/270bc3GB5J http://t.co/D67I5WgVD1
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThis is a nice music video made out of Google Street View: http://t.co/wRnUaq1OCV
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoANIMAL's Peter Parker aka @aymanndotcom, climbed another bridge because of course: http://t.co/R5rPuoCVOa#Lollapalooza Reveals 2015 Lineup With No Hip-Hop Headliners http://t.co/Fqys2O2DnQ http://t.co/541qF9hbY2
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@pizza_rollsxoxo Yeah. We were able to confirm it: http://t.co/8OilxcFhjBCasting call sent on behalf of American Apparel: "REAL MODELS. NOT INSTAGRAM HOES OR THOTS.” http://t.co/HxEE9gvV8X http://t.co/AMjbxu2sOV
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@azigra It's really unbelievable. One expert after the other saying nada. I'd be embarrassed to go on TV like this to say nothing.@MathewKatz It's like watching the Daily Show, but no need for punchline edits. The straight footage alone is borderline parody.We have zero to add to plane crash story but we're sticking to it like it's the only news happening in the world right now. -Broadcast media"Could it have a clipped the mountaintop?" -pundit on MSNBC.@HeartAsArena You'd think there's no other news happening.MSNBC is going HAM on this plane crash and adding ABSOLUTELY nothing to the reporting of this story. But, boy can they talk.An American Apparel casting call last week was looking for "REAL MODELS. NOT INSTAGRAM HOES OR THOTS." http://t.co/bbwUxk4DoO
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoReefer Madness propaganda. Please watch it's hilarious. RT @DEANEWS Watch Marijuana- The Facts and Fiction video: http://t.co/jImG5xVMtF
Agency sends out casting call on behalf of American Apparel: No "INSTAGRAM HOES OR THOTS.” http://t.co/iGNXpHsRWq http://t.co/zA84TLevXKVibe says dude who got beat by Lil Wayne's security deserved it, because maybe he threw a beer bottle on stage. http://t.co/AqFjV5u6OX@rubyshull Wow. That's our story. WIth no credit. http://t.co/wGR4BME45H@notzouis Can you follow me quick so I can DM you?@notzouis Thanks.@notzouis Can you tell me where you heard them using that? Do you have any direct link?@liamaathews "Fiance hipsters" Liam!@Snapple And presumably cause he got paid?@KINGS0L0M0N @nypost @Karmaloop I wonder if Stussy suing the fuck out of them for parody has anything to do with it?LOL!!! http://t.co/JwFbC0m0Od http://t.co/QGJFsoQvijAlternate headline: You're a retard if you still use the word "hipster." http://t.co/iJX3u81pgM@jsmooth995 @jaricheson Word. It also helps to speak to real people on the ground and not just Twitter: http://t.co/1tl73YXbES@nyc311 @NYC_DOT @D00RZ0NE Can't you? This person already did their part.The Internet is Wrong: People DO Want to Talk about Race at Starbucks http://t.co/Xb5Je1V2YL
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt's amazing what happens when you speak to real live people about Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign. http://t.co/IaztWdEz7q@DavidCovucci Roger.I saw Interstellar last night. Sucked. That movie should have been called. "Don't Go, It's a Dumb Idea."@pizza_rollsxoxo I only saw 1 & it was deleted. Can you send any u find? We're doing a story about it. Our last on AA http://t.co/mxCTnokBPc@pizza_rollsxoxo Reportedly from a casting call. Have you heard anything about it?
Why do I get a photo of @anthonyweiner and his wife when I click the first link in this Nation article? http://t.co/tMdjLMNeBb@AntDeRosa Thanks for sending those examples.@AntDeRosa Another good example along with Guardian, but to me, it's kind of odd that the paper of record would speak to 1 person only.@AntDeRosa Ok I just checked. WaPo: no one. NBC: no one. NYT: 1 person. Guardian: several people. Like I said, where's the real reporting?@AntDeRosa That's 1 person in a city of how many million?@AntDeRosa That's not true.@AntDeRosa Out of all those articles you cited, only the Guardian actually spoke to people. The rest cited Twitter.@AntDeRosa Right and in how many of those articles did reporters speak to actual people, on the ground, going to Starbucks?@AntDeRosa So far, I've seen lots of internet journalists rail against this campaign, but have seen no real world reporting on it."J Street’s Ben-Ami tells Netanyahu: You don’t speak for us" http://t.co/kWBAx8DHBlCanadian-born politician Ted Cruz to announce bid for U.S. presidency on Monday. LOL. http://t.co/9jZocfjOnv@azigra Exactly. That's what makes it so reprehensible. If a U.S. politician said this, they'd be ostracized, not boosted into office.@RosieGray Can you ask how a country like Israel that claims to have shared values with the U.S. prohibits interfaith marriages?"The Republican leadership is in danger. Black voters are coming out in droves to the polls..." Could you imagine? http://t.co/7lp5Ji9f2a@RKWinvisibleman @gabgrillz Of course it is, unless you have no sense of NYC subway history.@gabgrillz How long have you lived in nyc?(Although, beloved NYT, in a piece on not cushioning people from language that unsettles them, you apparently cdn't print the word "balls")
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
A 5-year-old was killed by a driver in the Bronx yesterday. Today's @GiniaNYT column is about 5-year-olds on scooters almost hitting people.
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
I usually hate news spoofs, but the @UPROXX team did a great job with this series: http://t.co/8oT1anSdPAThere's a faux yellow cab driving around NYC. http://t.co/TcYHAlXzMlAnti-Obama street art in Venezuela http://t.co/6h5XNeGq6T http://t.co/DX7WEk5e8K
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI got to interview the guy who made that awesome interactive music video for Arcade Fire's Reflektor for this article http://t.co/jxFNbieo4u
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThis Obama-barking dog street art was made by Venezuelans not Republicans. http://t.co/khO6WViFDeHuman Life is But Tears in Rain to the Ocean Quahog http://t.co/8jXlrkSCNm
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoMelting glacier. From fascinating @NASA images of the changing face of the Earth. http://t.co/QcjYvhBqwn #climate http://t.co/oZOCQiFLcw
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Look at me bein' a creep at the Kehinde Wiley exhibit: http://t.co/NMDK6BAyqP
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWhat's most expensive pizza you ever bought? That's what we asked people waiting in line for Lombardi's 5 cent pies http://t.co/Po5P8NnxUaRemember when @americanapparel used to be all about the nipples (& pubes)? Not so much anymore http://t.co/mxCTnokBPc http://t.co/1gDksS1uHJIn February, the @nypost put @jamesokeefeiii's silly-shit story on its cover. Less than a month later, LOL: http://t.co/vv0pP1JwItBest @NY1 "Picture of the Day" ever. It was @patkiernan, sleeping on the subway. http://t.co/sJ51GJuS2j
“Prime retail” space officially available at 190 Bowery as of today http://t.co/sz14lvm9oo
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoRemember that crazy white lady who told John McCain that Barack Obama was an "Arab." Well, this must be her cousin. http://t.co/chS8MTDwINThe amount of patience and deference @jsmooth995 shows in this clip is next level. http://t.co/bcdp9cH0WW Jay Smooth for mayor!. @USATODAY reports: Entire Middle East doesn't have to be avoided by tourists because of what happened in Tunisia http://t.co/6wJYzKEZI3@JessicaKRoy @thecitywanderer Spray paint. BTW, I could have sworn some neighborhood cleanup groups use white bags, but they're heavy duty.We hung out in front of Manhattan's cheapest bar to ask drunk people to read Irish limericks for St. Paddy's Day. http://t.co/FIpn0RMDxz@JessicaKRoy That's probably because white garbage bags are not made well. They're usually thin and cheap and only good for interior stuff.My piece about Tania Brugera's project Immigrant Movement International in NYC @Hypperalergic @LatinoRebels http://t.co/ufZJ1Uc8MH
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@karasilverman Public library, free art institution, a university or a cool museum like the @tenementmuseum. Anything but condos.@karasilverman @matthewcarbone Aby Rosen bought it for $55 million and then put right back on the market. All evidence points to condos.@karasilverman @matthewcarbone You really want to know? .... condos.Ever wonder what that mysterious building at 190 Bowery in NYC was like? Here you go: http://t.co/mnsJ5KPT8I Thanks to ANIMALNewYork :-)
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@nschim Yes. Sorry to bring it to the world's attention but it can't be ignored.@nschim @CarolineKennedy What does ISIS have to do with death threats in Japan?What kind of family is this @dolcegabbana? Where's the dad, puppy, & white picket fence? via http://t.co/nBkvXSQ2v8 http://t.co/7q4cENm011Sorry to the rest of the people in New York, but my commute is only 11 minutes.@mollycrabapple I used to live on Rivington and Pitt in 1993 so I was very familiar with that place and I love your rendition of it.
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