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Mostly nonsense, occasionally stamping out microbiological inumeracy, making food safer, and making podcasts.

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@zeynep getting people to think in terms of distributions rather than a simple numbers has been my personal quest for sometime now.@jxpx777 huge week.In one chart: Where scientists and the public disagree on big science issues http://t.co/VhnAABSEFs http://t.co/xsewPARWpj
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerBrother from another mother http://t.co/nneznA5rLJ
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerReally nice post @zeynep. We were talking about this exact issue on our food safety podcast today.Apropos our chat today @benjaminchapman https://t.co/iB4WBxIxjw@benjaminchapman What the fans do in private is none of my business.Food Safety Talk 71: Bungee Jumping vs. Skydiving http://t.co/oYFrgI8TPd my and @benjaminchapman at it again.
@freemanoshea Good thing mine has both already. And no, that's not a sword.@iChris First thing you’re gonna have to learn is that we use °F here.@freemanoshea you could write it on the screen with a sharpie.@BetteridgesLaw no?@austinkleon childhood comfort food?@rstevens am I allowed to buy one even if it’s not true?Turning a passion for comic books into a mental-health career http://t.co/w1ElGDeYYo http://t.co/3HpJrOrJFS
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@hotdogsladies My pleasure, Bachelor Mann!No small bag should be without one: #SUPERTRAIN by @roderickon on @cottonbureau — https://t.co/PCvUgH9oHa.Several guests have food poisoning! #poisonhelp #RuinAWeddingIn5Words
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@bmarler will call momentarily.@theleanover I kept reading this over and over trying to understand how coffee could be made from Popsicle sticks…Tastes fine to me @mikebeasterfeld aCK! [falls over] http://t.co/QKMfrsnPv2@NewYorker oh please @bmarler is great but come on. That’s just inflammatory bullshit.@A_single_bear how do you handle your commute in the snow?"@tomstafford: Since I saw this I have stopped confusing type I and type II errors http://t.co/EXJgEuMmrN http://t.co/mId4BmICm1"
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@sanspoint @jxpx777 @sidoneill cheap at twice the price!“@Monmouth_NJ: Poll: Who do you blame most for the N.J. blizzard that wasn’t? http://t.co/fmqVP890GP” I blame innumerate people.@_DavidSmith science!@indefensible No.Betteridge’s Law: is its time over?
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@SStirling Great work. Started following you yesterday. Thanks.Words followed by a colon: the laziest way to write a headline?
Retweeted by Don Schaffner“@SStirling: Why forecasters got the ‘monster’ Blizzard of 2015 so very wrong for N.J. http://t.co/VwIrlAjGMC” #fb
@marcoarment I think you are thinking of social braaaaaaaand engagement metrics.Since the Weather Channel is making up names for storms can the History Channel make up names for wars now?
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@SStirling some guy in a track suit with gold chains made it an offer it couldn’t refuse?@jimmymarks “A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.” ― Anthony Trollope@inthefade don’t trust the .gov.@ProfJeffJarvis With what? No fucking snow here yet.“@ThatEricAlper: Happy 54th Birthday to The Great One - Wayne Gretzky! http://t.co/IDoSouS2vI” @barfblog , @benjaminchapman@wojsvenwoj thanks Obama!@dangillmor @GlennF “life” “threatening”@danbenjamin buncha iPhones, a palmpilot treo or two and a Motorola.#snow please RT
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@GlennF that’s where people turn into vegetables under a full moon?@SStirling finally.@GlennF did it taste fishy?@sanspoint is it a snowstorm?@jenconnic @AP fucking people.Diphtheria Excited About Possibility Of New Outbreak http://t.co/3riff9qima http://t.co/pfVLY2BBmJ
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@hotdogsladies Sorry. Not my area.@eddie_smith @drdrang you monster!@butt_things butt boss!@barfblog I said so much more… Alas nothing else made the cut.@cabel http://t.co/PdNx50NoxA.Internet journalism perfected!Clickbait Headline Generator. http://t.co/5uvkIPmd1H
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerOh the ☔️ outside is 😱, but the 🔥 is so 😊. And since we've 🚫 place to 🏃, let it ❄️ let it ❄️ let it ❄️
Retweeted by Don Schaffnerbutt exports
Retweeted by Don Schaffner'Cause snow. http://t.co/VdUcywtAJu@Ihnatko @danbenjamin I hope the episode will provide the definitive official #hashtag for this snow event.@thelancearthur snOMGRocket and Groot 😁 http://t.co/G4sqkt7O5j
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerA surge of p-values between 0.041 and 0.049 in recent decades (but negative results are increasing rapidly too) https://t.co/5WmFp0pzOo@frankyiannas Yes, and hand sanitizer. Yay @Wegmans.@ProfJeffJarvis snnovation!@drhypercube aeropress highly recommended.@butt_things I think you’re thinking of farting.You think YOU have bad weather? Luxury! https://t.co/vMCWRgBox6
Retweeted by Don Schaffner
.@nynjpaweather pointed out observations are just as important as models now. Models not end all be all, but shouldn't be discounted either.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@marcoarment I would have guessed that you’d already have a day generator and night generator.“@marksluckie: Was that a tiny Stanley Cup on #MissUniverseCanada’s head?? http://t.co/d2Od7rzyqz” @barfblog @benjaminchapman.“That right should never be taken away from a child’s parent. Never.” http://t.co/2EjyoFQSg4 http://t.co/KNlT8X1t3w
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@Daily_Targum and yet still no communication from @ruinfo.Live in the Northeast? It's gonna snow.
Retweeted by Don Schaffneracross the northeast, the casual clothes of mayors & governors are being dry-cleaned & pressed in preparation for tuesday's press confrences
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerThe most troubling thing about this storm: so far, no single, consistent #hashtag has emerged to name it.
Retweeted by Don Schaffnerhttp://t.co/oZoGNwIc9V
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerWas just chatting with a source about the forecast. "Can you imagine if this doesn't pan out?"
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerJust out walking the tall cat. Like you do. @hotdogsladies @johnroderick @RoderickOn http://t.co/BDS0tpN8TV
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@danbenjamin I changed from the Christmas theme to the winter theme. But I can see why it's confusing.@danbenjamin @iChris @chadbailey59 on the other hand if you're running low on toilet paper, free toilet paper!Abiding. http://t.co/RaL6Sjhbzw
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@iChris Duuuuuuude. It looks fine to me. Maybe you have glaucoma?@monkbent best quote: '“I love my girlfriend’s boobs.” It is not clear what men are hoping to find from Google when making this search.'@princessharold @gwenderful or teint-less 😳@princessharold @gwenderful I've been feeling a bit tient-less today. Now I know what to do!
Get ready. Pack a small bag. #Supertrain shirts have arrived. http://t.co/fpJxeADPNf
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerNew episode: Roderick on the Line #SUPERTRAIN Shirts! http://t.co/qHREHRSidV
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@GardensbyRenee @loseit it better, because I just counted it! http://t.co/omIxUS4J0I@JohnNCoupland @drkitty92 life is too short to have bad collaborators!
Portlandia: Healthcare (S5.E3) #IMDb, raw milk etc. cc: @benjaminchapman http://t.co/YGUvCg133Q@freemanoshea @danbenjamin also, he smells delicious.@freemanoshea nasty, brutish and short. And that's just @danbenjamin ;)Hearing a traditional science publisher talk about social media. It's clear they are clueless.
Focus focus focus http://t.co/vjhVWD3sGU
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerB2W 205. Dan: it seems impossible. John: sure, it always does. http://t.co/xQ5b9QFuCF
@FoodSmartUME @benjaminchapman ugh. We are slackers. And by we I mean me. Several are recorded but I just need to get the next one posted.Wow. Thanks @johnroderick and @danbenjamin.@haddiebird @hotdogsladies can @danbenjamin ring a bell and say "that'll do"?@capnmariam I'm not sure it will ever end...Erm So. Foul, @danbenjamin cc: @johnroderick @KarlVanHoet
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