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Here’s a better one for @CSA_ASC and #CANADARM2 from a couple minutes ago. http://t.co/Sk591nTnb7
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenconsole.table(). One of those handy little things you can use in the browser developer tools console. http://t.co/wzBi12KyK1
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen#SpaceVine #Timelapse of the powerful flickering #Aurora https://t.co/t00dxYKEr8
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@Timrannosaurus I can only hear so fast!I wish there was a way to ingest books quicker. Most human knowledge is locked in them and the only key is time
Hey #KualaLumpur friends, the @crypton_io team will be in KL Oct 11 to 17. Let's hang out!
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen私たちは10月に東京になります。プライバシーに興味がありますか?たむろしたいですか?
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The @crypton_io team is leading a Lab Session on Crypton at @HITBSecConf in October! https://t.co/CvTLBHp1TR
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@elizabeth_mac not a bad thing
#Africa to the left. #Europe to the right. I love this job. http://t.co/tBSK7ETKLL
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Streams API is coming: https://t.co/Z0FjYxgQvq (if you don't want it to suck, it's a good time to review it!)
Retweeted by Cam PedersenThe barista asked me what kind of coffee I wanted. I said "the one where there isn't ebola right now." She didn't laugh.Missing part was a TIP120 + 5v boost converterI got my arduino vape working :) http://t.co/I8LnFU4o13
#HITB2014KUL D1T3 - HITB LAB: Multi-user Encrypted Communication with No Trust in the Server - http://t.co/PQOm4M81sr cc @SpiderOak
Retweeted by Cam PedersenNot for the material concept specifically, mostly because their style guide is nearly perfectGoogle's new Material Design is really growing on meBuild private apps - no need to know cryptography https://t.co/FV8JBhcMEZ cc @crypton_io #crypto #privacy
Retweeted by Cam PedersenLinux observability tools (from http://t.co/tMyCAxBwyS), updated for my #LinuxCon talk Wed http://t.co/26nvyxuH30
Retweeted by Cam PedersenCanadian government orders scientists not to disclose extent of polar melting http://t.co/5mnSkcQeK4 http://t.co/2XIqvhLeYG
Retweeted by Cam PedersenReminder: tools are just tools, it's what you build with them that matters.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen#Ferguson, front page news in Berlin. http://t.co/3d2kj1vJza
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenis anyone live tweeting w/ boots on ground? all live feeds are down. reports of cells being jammed right b4 it happened. #Ferguson
Retweeted by Cam PedersenAbout 10 minutes ago, all the phones in the area went out. Who, why, how? #ferguson
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@JZdziarski source?NIST: "The curves were generated by the NSA" (1/2) #CRYPTO2014 #cryptorumpsession
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
We live in strange times.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@ra pay special attention to scripts
https://t.co/9aF9LKVZ7tYou can tell he's a police officer and not a military soldier because of the arm patch saying "Police" http://t.co/HcR9UYhqFf
Retweeted by Cam PedersenAmnesty International to send human rights teams to #Ferguson; first ever deployment inside the US - via @amnesty
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
Watching cops put gas masks on in a U.S. city in HD on CNN. Absolutely surreal.
Retweeted by Cam PedersenOfficer tells reporter that it's not tear gas. Just smoke. But it does burn the eyes. Ask @SenatorNasheed. https://t.co/Pj29A7Ke3U
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I wonder if an ESC from a quadcopter could serve as the PWM-controlled regulator?I'll have to get my hands on some MOSFETs and see if that worksLooks like you can't feed an atomizer over straight PWMMy Arduino vaporizer project hit a speed bump :(WTF? #Chrome now *by default* sends all of your passwords to #Google so now I have to change all my pwds. FFS Google. http://t.co/M5JLryXNxy
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By far the largest crowd I've seen here this week. It took much, much less to bring out the military cops last night. http://t.co/aJaqDnXPVG
Retweeted by Cam PedersenTHIS WEEK IN TEAR GAS: Ecuador, Turkey, Egypt, & America Which one is where? #Ferguson #MikeBrown http://t.co/hI1Q9bkUYo via @anupkaphle
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#Ferguson heavily armed police in military gear arriving on armed personnel carriers now http://t.co/GbGdrhZBlM
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
How the federal government is militarizing police departments: http://t.co/IhP182VMRo #Ferguson
Retweeted by Cam PedersenSumming up police militarization with a photo from Missouri. The camo is required because? http://t.co/Jr6atNWxjR http://t.co/IeZgZNppxl
Retweeted by Cam PedersenThe list of ES5/6 built-ins that are fast across engines is pretty short (I can think of 2). Today even some shims are faster *sad trombone*
Retweeted by Cam PedersenGas rises around men in uniform patrolling #Ferguson city streets http://t.co/k6jWigJZz7
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenhttp://t.co/9Em2aq75Df
Retweeted by Cam PedersenGetting Started with HackRF and GNU Radio https://t.co/41NQv8sZYg
Retweeted by Cam PedersenFrom above I could see the NSA data center had some kind of vent on the roof, but it couldn't have been any bigger than a womp rat
Retweeted by Cam PedersenI wrapped up some links and pictures from my airship trip yesterday over the NSA data center: http://t.co/IAVLsJKq9Q http://t.co/go0oUBS0Cw
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenghost mailbox
Retweeted by Cam PedersenDon't. Let. Them. Drown. That. Out.
Retweeted by Cam PedersenPolice showed up in riot gear against people who were mourning the fact that #MikeBrown was murdered by police in #Ferguson Missouri.
Retweeted by Cam PedersenAt last! They're actually fixing the Linux random device! https://t.co/I5cDWgc6TC Thanks, @tytso! HT @djrbliss, @jedisct1
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen"The healthiest response to life is joy." ~ Deepak Chopra
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@meganholmes11 your govt is spying on you and buying bullets to shoot you. The only optimism to be found is in neighbors and apostasy@meganholmes11 govts inherently vacuum rights. The reason America was great is because it was an anomaly. Reactive to perceived loss, yes@meganholmes11 I will preemptively assert my rights before they are takenThe Perseids they're called -- a meteor shower these nights. But ruined, this year, by the Full Moon's light.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@meganholmes11 victim is all people not in ruling class. http://t.co/lyJ5TNuTpQ@meganholmes11 perhaps a better term is proactive.@meganholmes11 which sentiment?@meganholmes11 it is definitely reactive.@meganholmes11 direct action is to affect positive change in the future + to prevent injustices as a progression of the past, in that sense/@meganholmes11 we care as evidenced by talking. It isn't sad because they are black it's sad because they are people@meganholmes11 100% agree. I think current actions have less to do with racism and more a show of power against all citizensMeanwhile, people in homes on W. Florissant shouted out at cops. "These are our homes. Get the fuck out of our neighborhood"
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@meganholmes11 great point. Depends where you draw the line in history. Things are always happening. When is before?
Why the hell isn't any network live and on the ground in Ferguson? Are they not even going to *pretend* to do real reporting anymore?
Retweeted by Cam PedersenJust a reminder that direct action is preemptive, not reactionary. If you are mad, act. If there is no wind, row.stop buying useless gadgets, learn to pack light, learn to cook food, learn to protect yourself and those you care about. and exercise ffs.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen“Rubber bullets” is bullshit PR. I’ve seen what they do. I’ve cut one open. More steel core than rubber skin. #ferguson
Retweeted by Cam PedersenWhen hackers talk about changing the world dealing with poverty and racism should be at the top of the list not yo apps.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@deezthugs v protected from communismIt's getting harder to tell which country the live news coverage is coming from. http://t.co/V2P8emxPFO
Retweeted by Cam PedersenPeople should be very concerned about the militarization of police in this country.
Retweeted by Cam PedersenJust going to point out again that US police have spent many years preparing to put down a domestic insurgency. They don’t have to listen.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
I bet the ‘Skip Ad’ link is just a way to check if a user is actually sitting at the computer, and whether the ad impression should count
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@varikin I'm working on reconstructing my turn signal circuit. Definitely before winter!
A prgrmr started to cuss Because getting to sleep was a fuss As she lay there in bed Looping round in her head was: while(!asleep()) sheep++
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@ptjacobsen got your license?sup ladies http://t.co/CH5gsDHLgc@webster http://t.co/qbkQrWqrin
Day changed to 08 Aug 2014
Update Express, Restify, and Hapi to the latest versions due to multiple qs vulns. https://t.co/pK0cfNoj74 https://t.co/nxcxsYz6HP
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
2 yrs ago, @MarsCuriosity lands on Mars, capturing this pic of Mt. Sharp http://t.co/oDsYggzBGT #2YearsOnMars http://t.co/qEPTMCUzmk
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
I have a new website! https://t.co/56r4SL3Fy6
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
Honestly, it would be worth it to colonize Mars just to get a planet without mosquitos.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@JasonLBaptiste you might like this ted talk http://t.co/NZDiUkeXro@JasonLBaptiste many people trying, see ad-hoc mesh networks. Africa is leading from necessity@levelsio tight site. You should make it so you can switch the metrics on mobile. Points don't make any sense with only price correlation
ghost protein
Retweeted by Cam PedersenMy OSIRIS camera saw #comet #67P yesterday from just 1000 km! http://t.co/OQfqfdGG2D http://t.co/tmBx7DcDyw
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
EFF tells Virginia Supreme Court that anonymity is a crucial element of free speech https://t.co/KKwIrChDZs
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
Once again, from http://t.co/j0q8mw39N2 http://t.co/XLE2KRzW33
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
Just set up my first DNS server :)
@frankjpinto irc! ecto on oftc. I usually chill in #crypton@frankjpinto you too man, what are you up to these days?@theRealDevgeeks *about@theRealDevgeeks that's badass. I may interrogate you most it this week.@theRealDevgeeks hadn't heard that! You might like http://t.co/Jh8jzfb3PJ
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