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Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life Washington, USA

My day job is leading the team that runs http://t.co/YcLuFUER8Q and http://t.co/YzvkbJjpUn . Outside that I dabble in mobile apps and blogging.

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How Can Yahoo Be Worth Less Than Zero? - http://t.co/doebYKjS8d #TheStockMarketIsWeird
Very interesting debate in the comments of "How DevOps is Killing the Developer" - http://t.co/EDUseb4JLwAd Spend Growth For Bing Is More Than Double That Of Google’s http://t.co/J6jH8vC2ZU #bingads
1 hr till the #BingJobsLive tweetchat! @eric_boyd of @BingAds will answer your #career questions at 1pm PDT. Submit your Qs to @bingjobs.
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoWomen at HP applied for a promotion when they believed they met 100% of the qualifications listed. Men applied @ 60%. http://t.co/ZZe37j67vd
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo"Buoyed by our 9th consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth in Search revenue " - Yahoo earnings report #BingAds http://t.co/3XTh9s7FMu
Someone at Microsoft officially pressed the "we're not screwing around anymore" button. Quite impressive to watch.
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoFirst look at Amazon's upcoming smartphone. 3D user interface, 6 cameras and MayDay are interesting innovations http://t.co/JfCge4HooY[New] Bing Ads Keeps Improving By Listening To Users http://t.co/LTcst2QLfJ #BingAds #ppc
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoWe updated @uservoice with some feature requests we fulfilled recently. Nice to see someone noticed http://t.co/w7a3zjKwnQ #BingAds #ppc
Next month Windows 8.1 users will stop getting security patches unless they upgrade to Windows 8.1 update 1 http://t.co/QOlhfhYQUa#ppcchat RT @sengineland: Bing Ads To Give Agencies More Functionality To Manage Client Relationships by @ginnymarvin http://t.co/xwnC6EJ855
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjoso excited by Windows Phone 8.1 and all new features available for developers! #makeMoreApps
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
Security researcher calls out Akamai's claim that they aren't affected by #heartbleed. must read if you're a customer http://t.co/11KOwyAeID
This warms my heart - http://t.co/Ow9hIWVfZF #programming #youngloveWow. The @msonenote team created a parody of One More Day from Les Misérables to celebrate OneNote Mac - https://t.co/fw0WSh7cXa #welldone
Nice write up by Akamai on why they aren't badly affected by #heartbleed even though they use OpenSSL https://t.co/ciAU8S05ZyGreat advice on how to balance work and side projects by @jeresig - http://t.co/VICp3jcFXg #WriteCodeEveryDay
Looking forward to "Facebook app forcing all users to download Paper by ripping out the news feed" headlines next http://t.co/QznVpfBS9Z
Cortana vs Siri on Arsenio #hilarious http://t.co/hDeVcoXAGlAmazing writeup by @marcbarros on how they raised $450k on Kickstarter. Must read: http://t.co/KysZUfqc5s
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoOneDrive has been working quite nicely for me.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo[Blog Post] The mobile web vs apps is another front on the battle between open and closed systems http://t.co/jK3tFLxlZM
@parislemon it's a statement about the fact that http://t.co/bW3tZHWdKu is a news story@parislemon really confused by the "news" here. Do people think MSFT built and shipped Office for iPad in the 2 months Satya became CEO?Example of news story that exists because journalists don't understand it takes months/years to ship software - http://t.co/x7gC7nPeYB #duhDon't worry that we're moving from open web to walled garden mobile app ecosystems. The user experience is better http://t.co/aA41sunxML 😜Office for iPad team is doing a @reddit AMA right now! - http://t.co/vyKcj30xGF"Follow your dreams!" - rich people
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
More interesting story than the decline of the PC is the reality that the web is also declining with the mobile shift http://t.co/jrjT5mvrN8@sriramk @ckindel I remember those debates http://t.co/BgiKJZAVSoThe Vesper Azure video http://t.co/dONO4FRrSa doesn’t include the word “Windows” once, never shows PCs or WinPhones, and it’s no big deal.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@ckindel I'm pretty sure Facebook does. Methinks you're just trolling @sriramk :)"I think the problem with Windows 8 all along has been that nothing about it was driven by user need" #ouch http://t.co/gza5zlNzY5Word, Excel & PowerPoint dominate free iOS app list (ranked # 1, #2 #3) in many places. It's all about OneDrive. http://t.co/eouLPxycEG
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoShoplifting of liquor so bad in Seattle, grocery stores now put even $5 stuff under lock & key. #LessonLearned http://t.co/xlgpEYwdwTTop new paid app in Android store was a virus scanner that whose only feature was an enabled/disabled icon - http://t.co/EUHreS1qZn #scams
@shanselman what's the difference between .NET foundation & OuterCurve foundation?@mattcutts @DavidRobertHogg @spolsky @binarybits hey, don't bring us into this. :)Facebook CPC Ads – Don't Waste Your Money http://t.co/KWdmEmZzYS #AccidentalRevenue
Ads on Twitter have gotten even more annoying http://t.co/Oz2fhCGdUVMore than 12 million downloads of Word, Excel, PPT & OneNote for #iPad from the @AppStore <3 #OfficeforiPad http://t.co/iT2egNPDkj
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
IgnitionOne highlights that marketers are seeing greater efficiencies on the Yahoo Bing Network #BingAds http://t.co/jluxXjUsPrCouple of good "meet cortana" stories: http://t.co/S1we2Ve8U9, http://t.co/vk4bdqZ2nS, http://t.co/ZWgyZli6oA
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@alabiabiola I'll follow up. Best to show up at the chat and ask@Carnage4Life "Desktop apps run on Xbox? Modern apps run in a window? Start Menu has tiles? Windows is free? WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN"
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoWe have open SW Development roles for Bing Ads – talk to someone in the team on April 16th/1pm PST @bingjobs #BingJobsLiveA bit overwhelmed by the Microsoft news today. Start menu coming back, unified apps across #WP & #Windows, Cortana - http://t.co/agNRExJ8wKSo @amazon is supposed to be announcing Kindle TV today? Can't tell if this was an April Fool's or the real deal http://t.co/6bQB4hx0DK
How OneDrive would have looked in 2001 https://t.co/3fpHFpO8pp
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
What better way to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary than with the comic strip that started it all? - http://t.co/FBt2rgnfsa
Open source clone becomes more popular than propietary original. Developers scream unfairness. What is this? 1998? - http://t.co/ddtXadUabM2048 (a Threes clone) now more popular than Threes. Threes developers get upset and post 2048 spoilers - http://t.co/18Ie4JreEx #sourgrapes
Hadn't realized how much Samsung now dominates AT&T stores. What happened to Apple? @ AT&T http://t.co/BrPQ6NXSiwThis is how I feel about syntax errors #programming http://t.co/xerJpCJyIoBreakup Letter to @Facebook from @Eat24 - http://t.co/jKaDiRifoR <= The more u tighten ur grip, the more they will slip through your fingers
looks like it's a productive Friday for #iPad owners! http://t.co/hjoDxxbp7c
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoMicrosoft has launched more products for Apple than Apple has launched for Apple this year.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
"I had a dream it was 1996 and dinosaurs were still alive" - my five year old #parentingOffice for iPad will be in the App Store in 40 minutes. 11 AM PST - http://t.co/etN4JPm5Pr@joshelman I don't see how more competition for workers would have lowered wages. What's your thinking?In case anyone wonders why I uninstalled @getsecret after less than 24 hours #humblebragfestival #firstworldproblems http://t.co/3nVtflhXhG
First the failed dotcom ideas from the last bubble started working. Then Bluetooth. Now VR. It's like we're living tech history in reverse
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoMicrosoft has 3 apps in the top 10 of the Mac App Store. Number one is OneNote for Mac. http://t.co/IE0V7I80Xt
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoInteresting that Twitter has basically given up on updating its desktop website - https://t.co/IfIIFJ5lM0Google recruiter who tried to poach Apple employees was fired within an hour for violating "no poaching" agreement http://t.co/XouGawk06gTried @getsecret and it's a boring tech geek version of @WhisperApp. All #humblebrags and #firstworldproblems . I guess I don't get itFounder of Oculus VR posts to @reddit to talk about the acquisition and everything he wrote is down voted http://t.co/M0s2vHDcYp #somuchhate
soooo sad after hearing of the @oculus sellout. I just wanted an awesome, open VR headset, not a dying social network strapped to my face
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoSymbolism in @satyanadella's Microsoft: Azure is no longer "Windows" http://t.co/ysHzQ12Bv4 MS-DOS is in a museum http://t.co/csDlkODgeA
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoI'm now convinced Mark Zuckerberg is writing checks based on a game of Truth or Dare. http://t.co/iQoXX90Ol8 #whatsappInteresting analysis of why Google Flu Tracker was wrong 100 out of 108 weeks #BigDataHubris http://t.co/3asQAb4tLrMy @reddit AMA on search & SEO is starting, well, now here http://t.co/d1qugU594h
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoVenture capital is a strange industry. It's basically bankers bragging about success of people they loaned money http://t.co/d7qZ9vtEyl
Box's business model isnt sustainable so they need to IPO to get enough cash to pivot? I've seen better bets in Vegas http://t.co/IUOK8h3XAH
Silicon Valley is now so ageist that plastic surgeons see more male techies in their forties than aging trophy wives http://t.co/W1eVxiFxSh
This is 90% of the software development experience #programming http://t.co/wSzKSNgiEQ
$MSFT at 14 year stock price high on Office for iPad rumors http://t.co/Mt0584bY3F
r @parislemon Facebook cares about engagement (i.e. clicks, time spent) not simplicity.Gadget fans should subscribe @OmarShahine's newsletter of things http://t.co/vfbmteXTZ0@danielgary wrote one cross platform (Android) app with it and now working on a second. It is very nice although debugging is super slow
Two great OneNote announcements today. 1. OneNote for Mac - http://t.co/Nq0RDCfSlm 2. OneNote Service API - http://t.co/579OMZ1RBe
Github's response on Julie Horvath's resignation is top notch. Best public response to HR issue I've seen - https://t.co/clbtf5pUurSunday Morning Read: Why should I use a pointer rather than the object itself? http://t.co/GiGawvjGd6 #programmingLooks like behind the sunshine and rainbows blog posts, @github is a horrible place to work - http://t.co/7VJvDZbl3m
Top sign you are an experienced software developer #programming http://t.co/RuX7XgWuXu
@MITorres to-do bar losses and notifications really hurtPower's out in the building. 17 floors up and a meeting at 9AM. At least I get steps for my #FitBit http://t.co/I68OowetKg
1TB of storage for $9.99 a month. Debate now whether Google Drive will outlast DropBox or OneDrive https://t.co/eCx2hS7qvk #springcleaningwhat if the iOS 7 shift key is a social experiment like horse ebooks
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
Infographic: Bing Ads is Evolving -- You Spoke, We Listened http://t.co/ldeT1YSWDP #ppc #semAny Android app can read your WhatsApp database? I guess $19 billion doesn't buy code reviews from security experts - http://t.co/jtU3xSOmja
New #BingAds Features Coming this #Spring http://t.co/o5otSVIZ3j #ppc #smb #sem
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo2048: A fun little puzzle game for people who like powers of two - http://t.co/EPNcFwxqll
Windows Phone overtakes Blackberry in the US - http://t.co/9slWObCYUc #SlowAndSteady
My guess is Facebook launches a mobile ad network on 4/30 to compete with Twitter's http://t.co/jwpdQf8Qc4 & AdMob https://t.co/GzAz0Org4SWorking on some code for one of my side projects this morning when this happened. #‎programming http://t.co/3NFW1pt5v3
Dorian Satoshi, are you the founder of bitcoin? http://t.co/LfuAP5kfmXBeing unable to say "that's interesting" without sounding sarcastic
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo#DearDare: Where do ads show up when you advertise on #BingAds? http://t.co/wEDh9l3CiV #ppc
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