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Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life Washington, USA

My day job is leading the team behind http://t.co/YcLuFUER8Q and http://t.co/YzvkbJjpUn . Outside that I dabble in mobile apps and blogging.

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Inspired by @tim_cook: “Life’s most persistent & urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’" http://t.co/wjzW5QPxqY via @BW
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How Facebook accounts for its WhatsApp buy: $2bn for users, $448m for brand, $288m for tech, $15bn in "goodwill". $FB http://t.co/UR1OHgcmVc
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoHave the Angular Team lost their marbles? - http://t.co/wOFgZBz9mx #programmingWhy Bing's new campaign planner is much better than Google's keyword planner http://t.co/rm7wTtX4M0
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoUpdates to Navigation, Negative Keyword Lists and Import Improvements in Bing Ads Editor v10.6: We are excited... http://t.co/dqwU7HnpMF
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo$1 invested in search drives $6 in store sales? See how Macy's is attracting shoppers into stores this holiday: http://t.co/PXSXBGGLjF
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for the non-tech savvy, QR codes are a digital stamp that you put on bad ideas to make them really bad ideas
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoFitbit adds food and activity logging through Cortana - http://t.co/PMpnd8My1B <= you can say "Fitbit, I just ran 3 miles" #windowsphoneStorage limits just became a thing of the past with Office 365. Users now get unlimited #OneDrive storage - https://t.co/vQgJNdPC81FourSquare recently announced 55 million total accounts created but not active users. Now we know why - http://t.co/6TYddpEaJD #unbundlingLinkedIn is the Sharepoint of social networks
The increase in Microsoft's annual revenue since Google was founded is still greater than Google's total annual revenue.
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@shanselman @migueldeicaza yes. So this isn't about licensing or opening up. They want to own the customer@shanselman @migueldeicaza is lack of open protocols why CVS & Walmart not interested? Yeah, right.Many people don't realize this but Steve Ballmer is actually on Twitter as @stevebmicrosoft and @clippersteveb
Management Clichés That Work by @stevesi is a mini-handbook on how to be an effective manager - http://t.co/CJb2bOVdPzBing Ads Has A Customer Obsession | momentology http://t.co/DUSkPgNBOP@ComcastMarc yes it was scheduled, thanks.Seems Apple can't tell the difference between popular searches and TRENDING searches. http://t.co/X7lvIKby2jInteresting post by @Carnage4Life: “Fabric: Why Developers Can Trust Twitter Won’t Screw Them This Time” http://t.co/crqPYaigam
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@PPCKirk @BingAds good suggestion. Talking to our documentation team about this now.
$MSFT search advertising revenue up 23%. - http://t.co/rSP4Q845lc #BingAds #LikeABossMicrosoft culture that @bingads has run with: "customer obsession" Wish more companies would do the same! #bingadsnext #PPC
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo[Blog Post] Fabric: Why Developers Can Trust Twitter Won’t Screw Them This Time http://t.co/8hQ6YOwwv3
@joshelman I'm in your neck of the woods every few months. Will let you know when I'll be down next.@joshelman well, when you put it that way, fair point. :)@joshelman thesis is targeted display ads bigger digital business than search. * head nod*. Google's skill building social apps not relevant@joshelman though I agree with the thesis of the blog post, I thought the argument was weak especially that line which I think is superbad@gummadi it's worked out well for Google and Facebook@gummadi http://t.co/DJ7H3m2OK9 gives them more data about users ID'd by phone. Crashlytics is bait to get you into MoPub. Like a F2P game@gummadi their business is selling audiences to advertisers by showing. Those two definitely help that business.Confused about tweets whether devs should trust Twitter now. @Flight announcements align with their biz model versus enabling competing appsThe Avengers Age of Ultron trailer is intense and amazing. #Hulkbuster #Quicksilver #Ultron - http://t.co/QlckPeWGjp #NoStrings`Twitter built Facebook Connect for signing in with your phone number. Clever & obvious idea in hindsight http://t.co/DJ7H3m2OK9 #programmingEver miss the good old days of web dev? Get excited guys. The true spirit of Internet Explorer LIVES ON! http://t.co/DaO57LxfYB
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@TheTommyRock conflicts with eye witness reports and previous autopsy. Case just needs to go to court instead of court of public opinionWired takes a lot of words to tell Twitter is jumping into Flurry's business model - http://t.co/w8mc6E6CpKDang @comcast, 30 minutes on hold to get an appointment scheduled?Any metrics your team measures will go up over time. This means one of your most important jobs as a PM is to choose the right metrics
Hamburger menus considered harmful - Apple http://t.co/3r5OTDnqa0 #iosdev #programming
@MITorres @OmarShahine tell Jeff this is lame http://t.co/2kMiE8ypX1@marcoarment @monkbent OAuth prevents random apps collecting credentials for your service and reduces attack surface area@monkbent @marcoarment Snapchat doesn't have a public API. No service, Snapchat included can tell if their API being accessed by spoofed app@monkbent @marcoarment SnapSaved was a website so, no they didn't. They need App Store takedowns for apps that reverse engineered their API@monkbent @marcoarment what does HTTP basic auth have to do with Snapchat & SnapSaved?The name for what @pmarca describes here is 'cronyism,' not 'meritocracy' http://t.co/ACkFUjIrN9 (via @rustyk5) http://t.co/UmSBDhvWp9
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Irony of GamerGate is that by harassing @femfreq they've made her a national celebrity instead of niche video blog http://t.co/B6JyiRbd0RSnapchat will evolve product to be more ad friendly. Expect profiles to improve ad targeting and inline news feed. Current offering a joke@tdaxp every response you've written evoking GG is full of logical fallacies and false equivalences. It hurts my head http://t.co/9RjZe2JucLSnapchat launches untargeted brand ads that u have to click to view? There's gotta be more to justify $10B valuation http://t.co/ifgoO6pGqW
@tdaxp most people don't think of themselves as bad, no matter how despicable their actions there's always someone worse 😊If you think social justice warrior an insult, you might as well wear a uniform with skull insignia cuz u the bad guy http://t.co/42dev8BhTUBing Ads delivers better ROI for advertisers than AdWords or Facebook ads according to independent data from Adobe - http://t.co/rvk2XCUTRSSign of the times: Charles Petzold leaves MSDN Magazine to become programmer/writer at #Xamarin - http://t.co/K4ce7KrfUe #crossplatformWhisper bragged to journalists about how they track users to sign a deal only for it to get published? - http://t.co/Ql89fyJ2yT #oops
@fmanjoo what ethical lapses do they oppose that aren't fabrication or dressed up misogyny?I can now officially de-un-tweet this: It's true. So excited. #Darkness #NoParents http://t.co/4x2PWDm7AI
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoUnfortunately @RWW continues to not understand the SnapSaved hack and thinks a public API is a panacea http://t.co/nj3fyRofXO #DRMdoesntWorkTERRORISM ISN'T BLOWING THINGS UP. IT'S USING THE FEAR OF VIOLENCE TO COW US AND CONTROL OUR ACTIONS. http://t.co/piK9w1cqNC
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoBing Ads Showing Twitter Followers In Ads http://t.co/6QuPgL01th h/t @jenstar
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoGun laws protect men threatening women http://t.co/XlAA9KLxrq Gun laws won't protect women threatened by men http://t.co/vdVzmSd8Dz
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo3rd-Party Campaign Management Platforms: A Secret To Search Ads Success http://t.co/d9C8bpjnDt
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Heartbleed, shellsock, POODLE? At this point I can't trust any vulnerability disclosure that doesn't have a cute brand name."The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It's Gamergate" Must-read. http://t.co/Ul8dKVsePz
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoWe're looking at the YouTube notices ASAP. It is NOT the intent to target great content!
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@pierosierra 1st tweet in 2 years? I guess it was worth the waitI thought @Snapchat should be blamed for misleading users into thinking their photos couldn't be saved.until I read http://t.co/h1vBsCE7ORGreat tech talk from @square advocating against #android fragments for building apps due to complexity - http://t.co/YmSHW97uUe #AndroidDevTop 5 Takeaways From The Big Bing Ads Session @SMX East http://t.co/uhgG1a4fcr
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@sriramk I asked @pierosierra about this on Facebook.Skype Qik iPhone: https://t.co/iQ4jMXEbzr Skype Qik Android: https://t.co/A7OkbSOzEO Skype Qik Windows Phone: http://t.co/agyNrSvGqZ
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoNew ephemeral video messaging app from Microsoft; Skype Qik for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone - http://t.co/GQIwzr1CC9
Samsung Schadenfreude And The Fall Of The Church Of Market Share - http://t.co/FkmD4ctuFa <= epic post on how wrong pundits were on Apple@owenthomas @sriramk @gotwalt @joshelman I'm done feeding your trolling. I mistook you for a journalist, forgot who I was talking to.@owenthomas @sriramk @gotwalt @joshelman you clearly dont understand the technology and just want to bash Snapchat.I regret engaging in this@sriramk @gotwalt @owenthomas @joshelman all Snapchat API reverse engineering has been based on decompiling the binary@owenthomas @gotwalt @joshelman "Can SSL pinning be bypassed by cracking the app?Yes it can" <-guess it doesn't help protecting Snapchat API@owenthomas @gotwalt @joshelman LOL. The very 1st FAQ question on that post confirms you have no idea what you are talking about@sriramk @joshelman that's the primary issue. Secondary is that @owenthomas thinks there is some technical way to keep the promise.@owenthomas @joshelman at this point it sounds like u r willfully misunderstanding the problem to blame Snapchat. Go ahead and enjoy urself@owenthomas @joshelman that is a misconception. There is no technical way to prevent a rogue app from pretending it's the Snapchat app.@owenthomas @joshelman there's nothing technologically Snapchat can do about it.They can sic lawyers on devs is all. It's DRM all over again@owenthomas @joshelman 3rd parties can reverse engineer any API that runs on devices they own. Blame Snapchat for implying photos unsaveable@owenthomas @joshelman you're picking on Snapchat because blaming big companies is more newsworthy than blaming users or 3rd part devs@owenthomas @joshelman an official API for saving photos is against Snapchat's use case and would never happen. SnapSaved would still exist@owenthomas @joshelman what's asked in article is impossible. Snapchat cannot prevent saving photos, if it can be viewed it can be savedsomeone should let @verge know it is technically impossible to secure a protocol when app runs on the user's device http://t.co/axEfGmHvzB@owenthomas @RWW the victims are the people whose photos were leaked who SENT them to people using http://t.co/Ed1hEO82Tc behind their backs
Impressive how @RWW got the headline and story wrong on http://t.co/czJ48UAmnB - the victims didn't use 3rd party apps, the recipients did
Brilliant essay about NPCs in modern video games which made me want to play Shadow of Mordor a lot - http://t.co/ikklF9zza4If you want a concise, accurate summary of what's happened to me in the last 48 hours, here you go. http://t.co/7MiEHv1DlU
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@monkbent it's like Putin's continued insistence there aren't Russian troops in UkraineYou can't honestly claim to have built a better product than your competition if you don't use their product regularly
Funny to think Google invests in wild ideas like self-driving cars & balloon Internet but even they thought being an Android OEM was crazyMy amazing friend @Geniasaurus's take on #karmageddon (can we make this hashtag a thing please) http://t.co/SUoQ8zeRZK
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Need to see what's included in the Bing Ads .NET SDK? Here you go: http://t.co/pVszCqkRtW - o & fyi, it's the Bulk API, OAuth, SOAP Svcs
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoThe web comes full circle. @imgur to convert animated GIFs to video files to improve load times http://t.co/8SV7GLo2iyKnowledge is knowing Frankenstein is not the Monster. Wisdom is knowing Frankenstein is the monster.
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Introducing the Bing Ads SDK http://t.co/eYFs3ZQAFf #sem #developers
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoKathy Sierra explains why she left Twitter. A damning indictment of the tech industry's tolerance of misogyny - http://t.co/GZBbZH30hH
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