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VP Comms, @true_x_media. Startup advisory type. I write stuff too. Ex-@google @cnet @princeton; outdoorsy lady; been told I look like Arya Stark all grown up.

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@gbaroth @PurinaONEcat @CDiRusso @BAHjournalist but at #SXSW it should have been a purrrrrgarita bar.@therollonation @PurinaONEcat I watched the livestream for 5 minutes before any cats showed up #noshameThere are almost 4,000 ppl watching the @PurinaONEcat cat cafe livestream. And a line of people waiting to get in. http://t.co/2kdNPtBFDL@JA_Paraguay wish I still had 'em but glad I don't have to weigh in at 130 pounds every weekend anymore#tbt @princeton women's lightweight 4 (stroke not visible obvs), spring 2003. On Sunday I'll be racing… http://t.co/0AsKM68N9Q@RedMoonDoge Basically, yeah."I feel like I'm in WALL-E." -co-worker wheeling a swivel chair over to a nearby desk where there are donutsMadame, when your Starbucks latte order has more clauses than the Magna Carta it's time to reconsider your life choices
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@gruen omgSo is there a line out the door in front of the cat cafe already?
Fancy things happening tonight. @ Carbone http://t.co/IokbugI6DU@editorlisa yeah she does NOT want me going there and coming home smelling like other cats!!!@phampants you bet I'm going!@PierceLilholt They both have their advantages... I love a train ride with a great view!@sogrady HA.@joe_blau @onekingslane @tristanwalker #BallerPillowFight"Canadians have a stronger focus on homeownership, which constrains spending on other items, except --- alcohol." http://t.co/OBvrqHZSnU
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"Pillows Under $200." OK, closing that @onekingslane email now.@the404 @jillonmoney very relief, wow
@the404 @jillonmoney I don't have to hide my dogecoins, right?I just earned the 'Brew Traveler (Level 5)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/Qy41OICJfcWear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe by Greta Eagan http://t.co/uVTCLaqsEk via @amazon@ellenchisa @kickstarter UGH there goes my paycheckPSA: There are only 30 spots left for the $99 tier if you back the Kittyo on @kickstarter. YOU'RE WELCOME. https://t.co/2KCQLGIICB@digiphile @clairecm Omega Male? I thought that was a kind of fish oil vitamin.@clairecm well, beta male passive-aggression can be much tougher for women to deal with than alpha-male aggro behaviorIt’s Time To Take Content Marketing Measurement To The Next Level http://t.co/5DFX2eDYO1
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@AValentino13 Haha, yeah, I can see that being a desirable Instagram username!@AValentino13 What's your IG handle? I get password change requests all the time too.@ShibaSommelier I think you owe me a bottle of something for that.@caro ha! remember this tweet? https://t.co/DFX8eDUwSR
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@ischafer HA! OMG! Yes!The creators of this Penny Dreadful show must be geniuses for finding Josh Hartnett under the rock where he's been hiding the past 10 years.@marshap @useluna @ZackShapiro awwww, that's adorable!!!
@sarahdonner This product will either make Caterpillar cry less when I come home because she was less lonely, or cry more bc SCARY MACHINECat people! If you want to ratchet up your crazy a notch: https://t.co/NB1r6xqpmP
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCan't remember the last time I was literally the only person on the subway platform waiting for a… http://t.co/mh9YzMnq1Q@sarahdonner @Simalot @the404 that sounds sketchy taken out of context!!!!!.@caro giving @useluna a shout-out on The 404! http://t.co/w5DwCkaYEm
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyOn @The404: No, you can't have Caroline McCarthy's handle, @caro. Also, powdered alcohol http://t.co/QLP2pDoqpW
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyAirbnb & NY AG talks fell apart coz Airbnb would not agree to limits on how many listings a person could have in NYC. http://t.co/QN7zKVBUC7
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@scottperezfox @the404 SHOOT. Missed opportunities :(All-around badass @caro joins the show to talk about Instagram controversies, start-ups + more http://t.co/pfiYsNmJMd http://t.co/AtMTgMW5zC
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@sbz check your gmail :)@caro powdered alcohol sounds like a drinker's worst nightmare as well
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyOn today's @the404 (up soon!) we figured that powdered alcohol will be movie theater employees' worst nightmare. Also: flight attendants'.Jamming on @the404 during my lunch break...tune in!!!! (@ CBS Interactive) http://t.co/WpPPBtUuMiIn response to recent security threats, I have enabled Texas Two-Step authentication ("dance to unlock").
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyBest of luck to everyone I know running the #BostonMarathon today -- @joemarchese @tobyd @dens @chelsa @rsarver @bijan etc.!!!
A #latergram of today's survey of the rooftops of #brooklynheights http://t.co/UZi6Z2vkdx@znmeb HAHA! Maybe...I think it's taken less time for warring nations to come to an armistice than it's taken me to figure… http://t.co/zrdxchexT1Caterpillar has co-opted the @pendleton_usa blanket today. http://t.co/6Hq5i2ofMI@GeorgeThalheim You'll never believe what happened next.Climbed onto the roof of the building I live in and this is what I saw. #brooklynheights http://t.co/IVIrKaacoF@taylormnels Super interesting. Reason I ran for VP instead of pres is that the club president has to shoulder a lot more liability.
"But I thought every day was #caturday." http://t.co/xxgVwNV1z1
@skidder work on that marriage proposal you owe me. anyway apparently there were fireworks over liberty island againThere will be a #fireworks display in New York Harbor tomorrow, 4/18, east of Liberty Island. The display will begin @ approximately 9:15 PM
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySeriously #BrooklynHeights you sound like a pirate cannon battle right now. What's going on? My cat and I want to get some sleep.@cmwalla YUP.Listening to @superwuster talk about how many developments in advertising and capturing attention date back to WWI propaganda. Interesting.Turned to @Medium to write/read after last year's marathon. Two favorites by @dens https://t.co/AN0hxHQ9gj + @caro https://t.co/K1yX780zy3
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGood Luck @dens The whole of @campinteractive is cheering for you. https://t.co/zekyXu8Mr8
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyRaise a glass to your journo friends today: they only have the SECOND worst job in America! http://t.co/6LXYhZt1qi
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyExcited to discuss #themasterswitch w @superwuster & the @true_x_media crew (at @SoHoHouseNyc w/ @christianborges) http://t.co/w18jP426mk
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGreat pic. RT @scottbix: #Coachella is for douchecanoes. There, I said it http://t.co/qsaFhhe4u4 http://t.co/zEbNKOtHflSoon we will be sitting in velvet armchairs discussing highbrow ideas. @ Soho House New York http://t.co/vbZzVmE11l@richnhan @tipdoge Such dogecoin love, much appreciate, wow@ShibaSommelier @jkirchgraber @67Wine @oscar67wine Might have to!!!!@ShibaSommelier OMG. Where can I get it!!?!?? cc my wine consigliere @jkirchgraberHey @caro - Your #wine! http://t.co/NIJJ4Jt7jS
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI owed so much in taxes this year that it made me want to cry, but now I feel a lot better because as of this morning I own dogecoin.Roadside forsythias last night. One of my favorite things about early spring. #latergram http://t.co/JO2SyyPIs4Just a friendly reminder, there's no show today but we're back in the studio on Monday w/ very special guest @caro!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyMuch thankful, wow RT @ShibaSommelier: Hey @houseOFdoge @dogecoin @DogePromotions let's tip @caro!
Such reflection. Very mixology. Wow. @ Agricola http://t.co/z7u8TAgSYeHI KIDS (@ Cloister Inn) http://t.co/T8Re5mFqSII've never worked with a more wonderful team of people than at @true_X_media. We had an awesome day today. Let's keep hustling, folks!@joemarchese Caterpillar has been in the @nytimes, but @THR still eludes her...I think it's because she is too pudgy for Hollywood.@joemarchese But did @LVthePuggle beat you to a hit in @THR?#tbt to an awesome time in the desert 2 years ago. I'm beyond ready for warm weather. http://t.co/uciBGJqfrWBig day for us! Yay team!!!! (at @true_X_media New York) http://t.co/wYrPaVaIb0“the team @true_X_media are clear thought leaders around the development of new ad platforms,” Mr. Murdoch said. http://t.co/GKzU5g6EzQ.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy.@Forbes' @robhof's deep dive into Mich Mathews, Jon Miller, and James Murdoch joining our board http://t.co/hnFiWMXe7D
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWe're proud to announce that Mich Mathews, James Murdoch, and Jon Miller have joined our board of directors http://t.co/rujko0wSIl
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
I invented the word "cateronormative" today. Seriously people not all cats act the same and I'm SO OFFENDED that you'd think they do.These blowups over white/male speaker lists are so common, I created a handy chart! #changetheratio http://t.co/5ABmoMtjaT
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@JohnnotJon @karaswisher @alexia @AaronCohen @waltmossberg I thought Keyboard Cat was male, but I don't want to get all heteronormative here@alexia @karaswisher @AaronCohen @waltmossberg Silicon Valley should do an episode with a conf where Grumpy Cat is the only female onstage@karaswisher @AaronCohen @waltmossberg Awesome!@karaswisher @AaronCohen @waltmossberg will there be a Grumpy Cat photobooth?@AaronCohen @karaswisher @waltmossberg TRUTH.And I know they know that, and plan to diversify their speaker lineup -- but first impressions mean A LOT.I have tons of respect for @WSJD and have no doubt that they will put on a great event, but the future of business is not so white and male.@RBenkov @cindygallop It's a conf about the future of business, and I'd argue that the future of business is significantly more diverse.@rhodesh I would consider the Israeli guy and the Brazilian guy to be white, but I do realize this is nit-picking.Seriously, how did @newscorp @wsj @wsjd look at this & not go, 'What's wrong with this picture?' http://t.co/Za95xeqW4D #changetheratio
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIf the initial roster of speakers for your high-profile event is all-men and overwhelmingly white, YOU WAIT TO ANNOUNCE YOUR SPEAKER LINEUP.Okay, fine, TWO of them are men who are not white men.
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