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VP Comms, @true_x_media. Startup advisory type. I write stuff too. Ex-@google @cnet @princeton; outdoorsy lady; been told I look like Arya Stark all grown up.

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A guy friend just asked me if I could email @manservantsco to recommend that they hire him. I happily obliged.@jenguevin Hasn't changed much since 2008, I see. http://t.co/gD3Nrja7xdIn 1838 the liquor consumption in England was 0.53 gallons per capita, in Ireland 1.32 gallons, in Scotland 2.46, & Australia? 5.02 gallons.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCaving to creepy carnival owners lobby? MT @gccaedits: Scooby-Doo Wikipedia page edited anon. from Govt of Canada http://t.co/0MwoNfgBfL@JamesCIV Congrats!
The @UPS tracking uses 17 digits & one letter. Enough for 2.6 quintillion packages. That's 370 million per person on Earth.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGetting disapproving looks from under the table for prioritizing work over ear scratches. #catstagramhttp://t.co/QcMxjGQGzr@mikegermano Ask @LunaticAtLarge for suggestions!Boxers or briefs? #askcostoloAs the winds of change blow, you can build higher walls to reduce breeze, or design a better way to harness the wind. Your choice.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCoworker 1 walks smack into a glass door in our office. Coworker 2 makes sure he gets a picture of the faceplant mark made on the glass.What it Was Really Like to be a Female Journalist Caught in the Arab Spring https://t.co/rwVLl7Yqv6 via @YahooTravel
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@nickconfessore Meanwhile, across the border in Maine, they display the vodka next to the Jell-O at supermarkets for 4th of July specials.Never understood why a libertarianish state like New Hampshire runs its liquor industry like a post-Soviet Russian petroleum concession.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyBEDDING SALE AT @WESTELM! I AM SO EXCITED! #ThisIs30PreCheck Is Changing How Flyers Feel About the TSA http://t.co/AeIg16RFZ0 http://t.co/yX3xt6yN9f
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@_JustinQuinn Thanks! May be diff. now that there are more powerful Chromebooks, but when I was there (I left in 3/13) MacBooks were norm.Interesting: Sponsored story collections on @Medium http://t.co/bQPZMVPjTzWe are working on a Truth in Labeling Code on the @craftdistill Ethics Committee, led by Paul @fewspirits, w members all over the US.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis @yahootravel story by @jopiazza on @JetBlue's social ops is a good read for marketers (not just bc I'm quoted): https://t.co/GrlWmUfaSfWhy does she always turn the adorably forlorn "please cuddle with me" kitty face volume up to 11 right… http://t.co/5qCOun3SBV
I just earned the 'Beer Connoisseur (Level 5)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/wKBHlrMLeJI just earned the 'Lager Jack (Level 3)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/UUGQvibBY8@kessler fantastic except that the water actually is kind of choppy and two people from our group started feeling seasick!I'm loving this evening's Hudson River sunset. @ North River Lobster Co http://t.co/LfYL3lgVyi@kessler thumbs up so farWe're one seersucker suit short of a barbershop quartet. akdawson7 samiri4 @ North River Lobster Co http://t.co/AyGIBy84YROuting with co-workers. Feed me everything. @ North River Lobster Co http://t.co/KaUjvP4AA1Aww yeah (@ North River Lobster Company - @sawtheclaw w/ 2 others) https://t.co/BRw4KoPmaRMost important read of the day RT @mental_floss: 15 Weirdest Wikipedia Pages Edited From Congressional IP Addresses — http://t.co/vXTa6Dt0BDThis is probably the best article I've seen so far calling out the dishonest "craft" whiskey brands: http://t.co/DILT7Y6CI7
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@CasperSleep WOOHOOOOOOOO!Why Berlin hipsters started drinking coffee in Latin
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySo which tech reporter will be the first to write the "Meet 5 @Uber Riders With Scores Under 3.5" piece?@kmonson Haven't tried @CasperSleep personally yet but I've heard enough good things (and they have a very good 40-day guarantee).Wild, stray goats have been numerous in the vicinity of 119th street and 5th avenue. NYC1882
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@harryh @CasperSleep Ha. Hilarious! I have had a @westelm bed for a few years and love it; this one's a daybed.If the shipping gods are on my side there will be a rad new @westelm bed and @CasperSleep mattress for house guest @jacob next week!Order On! Future of Now. Proceeds to support @charitywater http://t.co/FIImlN0cwT #futureofnow http://t.co/gxnVqozdVz
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIt's my 6-month anniversary of working at @true_X_media! Time sure flies.Our CEO @SophieAnnKelly chatted with @true_X_media on bridging creative and programmatic http://t.co/pFxBq9CUSl
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI read the word "weeknights" on an ad today and thought it said "wee knights," like some kind of Medieval Times kiddie promotion. #mondays
How to find your Uber passenger rating: Take the number 5 and subtract the number of times you've puked/almost puked during a ride.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyMy @uber passenger rating is a 4.8, which I find reassuringly high considering the number of times I am Uber-ing with a loudly meowing cat.For those of us not fortunate enough to be naturally blessed with sultry cat eyes and a moody gray… http://t.co/sQOtCJNUG4"You guys are acting really intense today." I just said that to my cats. They don't understand.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
You've either spent too much time in Boonville or had too much @avbc beer tonight. Or both. RT @caro: BAHL HORNIN
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@FossilLocator if you do, you'll be handsomely rewarded. that map made me drool when I saw it at an antiques show.@FossilLocator yup!!! #princetown http://t.co/8N4f1nCFlsBAHL HORNIN@FossilLocator yeah I am still chasing this $35,000 map of NJ from the 1700s #ifiwinthelottery@bengold no but it's been on the wish list forever. You?@FossilLocator wowwww jealous. My arriving-soon one is from 1925 and even that got me excited :)Have really anticipated getting dinner here -- they're only open 3 nights a week and serve a tasting… http://t.co/dqLah82eZ7So excite to try this neighborhood spot. (@ Take Root) https://t.co/g3vjbeeReh
Because it's 5:00 somewhere and that somewhere is here, @jmifkovich picked up canned wine. It's from… http://t.co/Q2oAsPvxFo@rachaelgking My kitty still gets nervous when I leave because she thinks I won't come home!@rachaelgking Thank you so much :) I don't need one immediately but might in late August!@rachaelgking Thank you! My furry friend, unfortunately, is the kind that meows :)Cat and dog people: Are any of the find-a-pet-sitter apps out there any good, and if so, which ones?@peterknox Aww thanks! Yours are great. I might have to do something similar when I hit 30 in two and a half months #eeeeeek@caro thanks for enjoying my hacks for 20 somethings: http://t.co/xptOOQkTYS / lots I learned from following you.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCaterpillar has a new @noaa nautical chart of the Jersey Shore and was plotting her maritime invasion… http://t.co/TtYp6HDaw4Interesting Friday read: The World According to Cotton - on #Zady https://t.co/yCFJS7XPNb via @Zady
@spencerchen I have the same problem with the beer mug emoji#crosbyandcode! (@ Crosby Street Hotel - @firmdale_hotels w/ @elspethjane @tobyd) https://t.co/0tcANBgpX8TGIFriday's unlimited appetizers promo limits you to ONE TYPE OF APP RT RT http://t.co/BHf3vL0mav http://t.co/QduZwWoUSj @Change #change
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGUYS, the very first #MediaFuture newsletter goes out TOMORROW and you DO NOT want to miss my bad jokes. Sign up: http://t.co/v6CJCtrB81“Millions of people...are each figuring out for themselves what kind of country they want to live in.” —@dorachomiak https://t.co/re5WAji0k6@brandsway I had just about everything. The bourbon braised bacon was the most impressive.Banana Republic tried "startup guy" but all J Crew needed was Zuck's shower shoes #SiliconValleyIsTheOriginalNormcore http://t.co/0mwKdIAqgN
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFrequency buying of digital ads creates annoying repetition -- by @joemarchese http://t.co/il4F7gDMKI
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyToday on our #MediaFuture blog, we have an interview with @tkawaja, whom you may know for his Pharrell parody skills: http://t.co/l2rIWJSIiLok this changes everything @Airbnb http://t.co/soyqm9vwLW
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFinally, an in-depth look at the riveting significance of the "11th Like" on Instagram http://t.co/RhTKdixKeC #Tech via @dailydotVery excited for #crosbyandcode event tonight to support @campinteractive (plus a screening of @RighteousPix's film WEB!)
@jratlee @wmtavern @mbaratz Yeah! We liked this spot!Trying a new spot for dinner! (@ Washington Market Tavern - @wmtavern w/ @mbaratz) https://t.co/naYKQW6FhfMiss @jmaccny turned 30 and so clearly there had to be oysters and dark-and-stormys involved. @ GRAND… http://t.co/7LSemnJqrYIn which I explain for @bigthink how I've learned the basics of cooking for one: http://t.co/T5SkraDkvUThe Most Important Startup Phase You’ve Never Heard Of http://t.co/6btlA6nOZc via @UpshiftPartnersUnfortunately, not Underpants Gnomes RT @TechCrunch: Wasn't there a South Park episode about this? http://t.co/ffqjs68Nta@ChristieM Happy to do it :)Dropbox + Kickstarter = DropKick, an app that allows you to dropkick yourself in the face when you see a stupid idea.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy#BREAKING Producer tells @BloombergTV that Sharknado 3 has already been greenlit
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@eleanorbarkhorn I took that Thrillist piece to be satire.
#trueSUMMER (at @RevelNyc w/ 3 others) https://t.co/rWRIx6fByN@harryh I own almost no "home gadgets" besides kitchen ones so I wasn't even sure where to look!@harryh hmmmm. thank you.OK Twitter, I need recommendations for an accurate and reliable yet non-insanely-expensive bathroom scale. For me, not the cat.@schmooey @northriverlobsterco @LeighBelz ahhhh so excited, our whole office is going there on MondayGet your copy of On! The Future of Now. Proceeds benefit @charitywater http://t.co/FIImlN0cwT #futureofnow http://t.co/AiliiZw8Ut
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@wesleyverhoeve we met through a google group. she needed a new home.@wesleyverhoeve My apartment is a dual purpose space for human living plus cat living.I get entirely too much amusement out of telling people to consult http://t.co/TwB1UAXBxG but capitalizing it as http://t.co/57itLiToZe.The best thing I learned about Mashable is that the “Turkey" category on its site covers the country and the poultry http://t.co/3hjvBhfClg
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHighlight of today's 15 hour drive: Hardscrabble Mountain. At the base they hand you a Q and take away all your vowels.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@slobotski Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Full moon in July.
@slobotski swimming with whale sharksGreen-eyed monster wants the human to put her laptop away. #caterpillar #catstagram #catsofinstagramhttp://t.co/kp2jojzTo8
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