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VP Comms & Chief Arya Stark Lookalike, @true_x_media. I write stuff & climb mountains. Ex-@google @cnet @princeton. Caterpillar the cat's pet human.

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Also, I think by "it's like they're smoking pot" Thiel was being metaphorical to suggest Twitter execs are distracted. Media exaggerated it.A+ RT @neetzan: @dickc “responds“ to @peterthiel: Can’t talk, munching (ht @jyarow) https://t.co/oOhNfLlzew http://t.co/QYfw9X5dU5I am still not seeing the ability to upgrade to iOS8 grrrrrrrrBut is @Square more heavily used in "hipster" SF neighborhoods in the first place, making this appear more dramatic? http://t.co/qQrErcM2zrYes, it's true. S.F. hipster neighborhoods really do empty out during Burning Man. Our @mhelft has the numbers: http://t.co/9BKxQlR7wY
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySo that's it. Two guys in ties on Sand Hill Road with "Need Funding" signs. Time to close shop, burn it all down. http://t.co/tp9K1U3diz
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyJesus effing Christ. Science lists 50 Twitter Science stars. FOUR are women. Epic fail. http://t.co/EOaNn2dt3M
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"This whole album I didn't want just showed up in my iTunes library." >> "Oh, you too?" "Yeah, how did you know?" >> "Huh?"
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCongrats to @lindseypollak. Her new book for Millennial leaders: BECOMING THE BOSS just pubbed! http://t.co/OX9WTYIh8j
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy62% of those under 30 agree there's “a lot of useful, important information that is not available on the internet." http://t.co/0IRjqeu80s
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyPUTIN IS SENDING UFOs RT @andrewbaron: Mystery fireball over Boulder earlier this month deduced to Russian satellite http://t.co/abBeMbe4LXThe first installment of The Roosevelts was seen by 9 million people. The Miss America Pageant had 7.2 million watch. What a great country!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
@sogrady I know of a handful of people who have named their tux cats Sylvester, though the most Sylvester-like tux cat I know is named ClydeOne of my fave cat facts is that the two most famous cartoon cats' names are derived from the scientific name for the cat, Felis silvestris.SUCH A GOOD BOOK MT @BoweryBoys: T. Roosevelt's death is framing device in Caleb Carr’s The Alienist. #RooseveltsPBS http://t.co/kMD2m9KN4QFull-on #NerdOut w/ @joemarchese, @babs26, and @Chartbeat CEO @arctictony #MediaFuture cc: @true_X_media http://t.co/ZqgjK1ASyU
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy“Pubs are held accountable for audience & attn. Engagement should be held by creative”- Tony Haile (@arctictony) #mediafuture
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI just spilled red wine on @christianborges at a work event. We've been working together for 8 months. I'm shocked it took this long.Guess what band @joemarchese is thumbing up a lot on @pandora_radio and doesn't want you to know about.... #MediaFuture@babs26 + @SeanFinnegan talk about @Unilever's imperative to embrace start ups + new technologies #MediaFuture http://t.co/EqNhdkLkKe
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@sarahaustin @benparr @boughb whoa, yikes!Wow. @babs26 dropping pearls of wisdom at #MediaFuture Conversations. Cc: @SeanFinnegan @true_X_media #BrandInnovation
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy#MediaFuture is now. (at @SohoHouseNyc in New York, NY w/ @caro) https://t.co/zi2lKgUORP http://t.co/0DCXEbmppW
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"Reach" isn't reach. "engaged Reach" is reach. @joemarchese #mediafuture
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@BetsyLee84 daaaamn I didn't even know that#MediaFuture Conversations (at @SohoHouseNyc in New York, NY) https://t.co/ouCFuMvam5FORSOOTH I’M THE PRESIDENT I CAN PUNCH ANYTHING http://t.co/XpdxdzAxZlWe're hosting a great event called #MediaFuture Conversations today. It'll be getting live-tweeted at @true_X_media starting at 3:30 ET.@cpen @TaylorLorenz He doesn't have a bike with him and he isn't wearing Google Glass. That's about all it's missing.@papayamaya Thank you! Happy to be of armchair-historian service any time.Prepping for #MediaFuture Conversations event! Will I see you there? (at @true_X_media in New York, NY) https://t.co/09dzFe2iRQ@MaineMemes "So Many Well-Manicured Bushes." #TownMottoTuesday5) Oh yeah, and...THE WAR OF 1812. Fearmongering is stupid. There are always both wonderful and awful things happening. #The1812Overview4) Slave revolts. US Army vs. Native Americans. WH Harrison's troops were way more brutal than today's cops. #The1812Overview3) The Spanish Empire in 1811-1812 rivals the Middle East today. May even have been worse. #The1812Overview2) Have you heard of this guy named Napoleon? He invaded Moscow and probably could ride a bear better than Putin. #The1812Overview1) Freakish, unprecedented 8-magnitude earthquakes IN THE MIDDLE OF MISSOURI. #The1812Overview@TNicolePR Hey, I'm going to hashtag this -- I'm doing a history lesson :)History lessons, kids: If you think the world is really going to hell right now, let's take a little time travel trek back to 1811-1812.I can't even imagine how melodramatic Roger Cohen would be if you stuck him in the years 1811-1812! #fearmongering http://t.co/JDzT0amVv7Can it be true, some bloggers are paid by the click, and consequently fake outrage, or play the bully, in order to attract clicks? Hope not.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@AmitMukherjee Thanks! Has been an uphill battle for sure.This is the face I make when my withings scale tells me that in 38 days of #100healthydays I have lost… http://t.co/O9oONzx49B@epc always the optimist, you are.@needcaffeine probably even more so in that case@needcaffeine one would think so, but a good whisky bar is probably the least likely to do a corny drink special.@TheStalwart I just tweeted a lazyweb search to find out which bars are having parties.@ron_miller @jzb HA! Very very fair point.Yes, this. RT @donsteele: @caro Where to haggle over haggis?@tombiro Every morning is a rough grammar morning.Where are all the "Best Bars In NYC For Scottish Referendum Night" listlcles that the city desperately needs right now?@ron_miller @TechCrunch To each his/her own! My cat is running around howling right now so clearly she disagrees with me too.Pet peeve: When startups choose names that are either common misspellings or commonly used non-words. Validates bad grammar. I am old.@ron_miller @TechCrunch Sorry if I wasn't clear. #GrammarPolice annoyance at the startup, not you.@ron_miller @TechCrunch I know. It's just SUCH a common non-word and now that it's a company name it'll probably be used even more."FASTLY?" #GrammarPolice RT @TechCrunch: Fastly Growing Quickly Snags $40M As VCs Give Generously http://t.co/iv9Az9oSG3 by @ron_miller
“Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man.”
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGarlic ginger jalapeño. #homecooking http://t.co/EkSvLkh0CLThis dannijo necklace from @renttherunway Unlimited is gorgeous, and Princess Caterpillar agrees… http://t.co/kn99rg2qBn@jmifkovich @sarahdonner Yeah, I hear squatches like what you like.@JackK I think maybe I saw an episode at the gym once. I don't remember many people in college ever having cable...I will drop everything I am doing and click on any salacious headline about the Palin family brawl whenever I see it no matter what.@sarahdonner Is @jmifkovich going to be lurking in the background in a sasquatch costume?@JackK Ahhh, there WAS that. But at least that stuck to TV. You just can't avoid all this 90s 90s 90s all over the damned internet.When '80s nostalgia kicked in we did not have this "OH MY GOD! THE '80s! WE LOVE THE '80s!" onslaught we have with '90s now. Thanks BuzzFeedTall, Thin Woman Looks Good in Everything - my review of ny fashion week
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWe live in a pull economy. Nothing pisses off an audience more than pushing something they don’t want, didn’t ask for http://t.co/BoB0gSaxal
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWhy On-Demand Delivery Services Failed In The 90s http://t.co/223NkMa2rS via @bi_contributorsCan we at least agree that “unlimited breadsticks” is WAY better than “sausage fest” as shorthand for a gathering of dudes?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@GreeterDan I am craving carbs so much right now that they sound deliciousIt is reeeeeeeally hard to have just stopped eating wheat when there is all this talk in the business press of unlimited breadsticks.@CarsonSieving OK that sounds worse. You win.Few things are more terrifying in NYC than getting mowed down by a pack of 4th-graders who are just getting out of school for the day.I wrote this #mediafuture post, "The Pumpkin-Industrial Complex," on why @Starbucks #PSL blitz makes sense: http://t.co/djlFRqcO1B@sogrady I'm still trying to make @monktoberfest happen (not looking good because of a corporate event) so that certainly is persuasive.it’s now official: heady topper will be making a return appearance to the @monktoberfest
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@DaveinOkla Haha, to each his/her own! That sounds nauseating to me since I don't drink milk :)Surge soda is going back on the market and it's already sold out on Amazon. We have hit peak '90s. http://t.co/XT3OKq21TeWhy does no one dramatically quit LinkedIn?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyA tasty reward after a vigorous 4-mile run this morning. LET'S DO THIS, MONDAY. (I am not into juice… http://t.co/MqIfIOG0AhThe Age of Euphemism: until 1988 what is now the Vatican's Council for Interreligious Dialogue was called the Secretariat for Non-Believers.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
Loads of early-fall magic and a mental health reset in the company of brilliant, kind people.… http://t.co/0m4XImDqOWSometimes the lesson the world needs to teach you is that you're never too old for an enchanted… http://t.co/5tg7VZvzRQHe weighs 800 pounds, he was born in 1926, and we are ridin' dirty at the tortoise rodeo. @ Steinhardt… http://t.co/Bq1qLmg7oWThese kangaroos tho @ Steinhardt Gardens http://t.co/Q3nEcETB2S"Yeeeeeessssss?" #lemur @ Steinhardt Gardens http://t.co/oy7Dvnw7KGThat time it was ostrich vs. @carterac. @ Steinhardt Gardens http://t.co/CfLVtg6dmqMy first ride on a @BusterHQ school bus! Sad that @mckochman isn't here with us :(From last night, the silhouettes. #vikings #hipsters #vikingsorhipsterd #savetheice #williamsburg @… http://t.co/a6TmOUpjGG
#savetheice (@ Villain in Brooklyn, NY) https://t.co/Kp0nb4yBXBAs captured by npdemember in Williamsburg. #savetheice http://t.co/uB7VNBwO9pYup but some end worse than a Palin party @caro: You should listen to German opera while getting ready for a Viking themed party, right?'
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThe Sensitive Norseman #savetheice http://t.co/JvjOrNl4YwShowing up to a renovated old church dressed as Vikings. (@ The Spire Lofts in Brooklyn, NY) https://t.co/oPwk0fF9fTYup, tonight involves a "Viking Ball" in Williamsburg and I feel like Kesha. #savetheice http://t.co/qhixeYTQpG@CJayFla Which is why Anvil Chorus is great, right?You should listen to German opera while getting ready for a Viking themed party, right? May be an argument going on about this right now FYI#100healthydays day 35: Nice easy workout on the bike before a crazy night out in Williamsburg. Just… http://t.co/fsOBQcJXAcJust sitting in the window, watching Atlantic Avenue go by on a chill #caturday in #brooklynheights. http://t.co/q9NyMEcCUfI realize Williamsburg is odd, but I don't know if @delandhud is ready for an entire party in Viking attire to show up for dinner tonight.
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