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VP Comms, @true_x_media. Startup advisory type. I write stuff too. Ex-@google @cnet @princeton; outdoorsy lady; been told I look like Arya Stark all grown up.

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@farrahbostic yeah it'll probably be at the East River Ferry dock. Then they use Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park as a fortified embankment."Fireworks or apocalypse" is the coolest game to play on a rainy Brooklyn night.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyYo ho ho and a bottle of artisanal small-batch locally-distilled whiskey.#BrooklynHeights: The neighborhood where you'll never stop wondering if an 18th-century pirate ship has finally shown up to seize Manhattan.@inklake @benpopper @bkheightsblog Kitty was quite calm. Just a few meows. Meanwhile, she's still terrified of the sound of a broom sweepingWhoever is shooting off those Ellis Island fireworks is either drunk or is Danny McBride's character from Tropic Thunder. Or both.There will be a fireworks display over Ellis Island tonight at approximately 9:45 PM.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@bkheightsblog Are there fireworks in the rain tonight, or is Brooklyn under attack?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThanks @brit for posting about @society6's new rugs...since they're polyester and machine-washable this'll be perfect for my kitchen.@LoyalCX Thanks for sharing again. Still on my mind.The runner community united 1 yr ago. RT @caro: I couldn't stop crying tonight, so I wrote this about being a runner. http://t.co/g0tURH4ltg
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyNOOOOOOO RT @NWSNewYorkNY: Freeze Warning in effect overnight for parts of the area and a chance of snow still: http://t.co/FCA67ESOdq@kimchiquita Seriously!@caro when I worked for whole foods, we had a wine sale (20% off 6 bottles) on tax day. all liquor start-ups should capitalize (@DrizlyInc).
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyDo liquor store sales spike on tax day? (Yes, I googled it, to no avail.)Hands-down one of my favorite doors of #BrooklynHeights (and there are many contenders). http://t.co/E2wYfEwCYp@JamieStelter just lemon juice and fleur de sel, but I specifically choose a slightly overripe avocadoI've owned a toaster for a total of one week and already my avocado toast is @goop-worthy. Very proud of this.
When I get home after a few days away, Caterpillar typically wants to wrestle me, chew my hair, and… http://t.co/gNeXxZWruKgood luck retrieving that black box
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFlorida Man Claims He's Canadian Mountie; Threatens to Arrest People Despite Being Drunk, Outside of Jurisdiction | http://t.co/Pj6wWqLKvZ
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@PrincetonHalf I'm registering today!!!The best thing to happen to #BrooklynHeights since @colonienyc opened: WE'RE GETTING THE 4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS!!! http://t.co/yBAOf6IZzT
This cat's name is Dunkin Donuts and he is generally suspicious of you humans. http://t.co/CLquXlgmz8Spotted: a man pushing a home shopping cart down the street filled half with booze and half with his children. If that's parenthood, I'm in.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@AlexMLeo I'll co-parent with you. As long as some of the kids can be cats.@caro @kevinrose @hunterwalk Exactly. Unless you're an engineer in the upswing of a bubble, normal people have to "work" for "food".
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@TheChaviva I can't wait either. Humblebrag, but I got to hang out with @Jon_Favreau at SXSW and he is such good people.@kevinrose @hunterwalk sorry, but being able to just "leave" is a serious luxury.Paul Rassam's spirit animal since 2004 cc @tigerwcrew RT @row2k: Bald eagle in the trees at Knecht Cup finish line at Mercer Lake@kevinrose @hunterwalk many people have had to suffer through bad company culture for the money/stability while their children are young.The Little Engine That Literally Can't Even. via @carriemanolakos http://t.co/WFxaQaMSen
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
Apparent aftermath of a Friday night. Oh Princeton. @ Cannon Club http://t.co/qO2aTxnRm9@Mari18 @naveen or a stoned park ranger in 2014Hey kids the adults are back! Keep it classy @cloisterinn (@ Cloister Inn) https://t.co/sAztvC8birSo, here's some science on starting sentences with the word so http://t.co/lULVRoVFA9
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySitting on the steps having a conference call with @christianborges et al. Far cry from college days. (@ Whig Hall) http://t.co/WOtGPq8gOLThere was a cat meowing outside my door and I opened my door and then I owned a cat
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@brooke @DenaCook OMG. Sutter Home rosé was my second most regular college libation after Mike's Hard Lemonade..@caro you're welcome RT @mashable: Thanks to 3D printing, these memes can come to life: http://t.co/qJuEFCBUpw http://t.co/jjsiB8nOkx"l
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
@PostTweetism thumbs up!It's like Ric Ocasek trying to cover "I'm On Fire." #NowPlaying Wheel of Fortune by The Virgins on #Spotify http://t.co/iR5funJTV6Sometimes I think I'm an adult and sometimes I have to reset my "X Days Since Last Barfing" calendar at zero again.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@bozatwork yup!@JudsonCollier Truth.The older I get, the more I realize no one ever will really have it all together.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyA @Spotify playlist based on Guards' "Coming True" is perfect for debuting my 1st "real" speakers and now I just want to dance around my aptTest-driving new @HarmanKardon SoundSticks speakers right now. The cat is not amused by that Sleigh Bells song with barking dogs in it.@kellyslarkin @LillyPulitzer my closet is ready... http://t.co/ViUM8qGnXGMy gal @kellyslarkin is featured on the @LillyPulitzer blog today! http://t.co/qK9ySZNKYgI didn't really know there was such a thing as National Sibling Day, and in retrospect was rather… http://t.co/ElzZdRsh8pThe Facebook news feed feels like the California coast. Every year the edges erode by an inch or two.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyToday the cat just wanted belly rubs. I had to tell her I needed to leave for the office so that I can earn money to buy her more cat food.@ryanchittum @mathewi Fewer browser window distractions.@bobulate @wesleyverhoeve @annegalloway it would certainly be nice, but I'm calling BS on the CP loop being partially closed for sheep.@wesleyverhoeve @annegalloway @bobulate are you sure that article isn't a joke?
much enchiladas, such salsa verde, very food coma, wowCaterpillar only likes BBQ sauce if #IBMWatson designed it for her. She is digging the Bengali… http://t.co/NPCg7AECLw@petercipollone @AlyxCullen @CrapTaxidermy WOWSpring comes to midtown. @ true[X] NYC http://t.co/kcb2LeefkQAmazing: "Who Has More Hair, Prince George Or Prince William? An Investigation" http://t.co/RLUbtf24XK@caro mandated punishment to those who chose to be in midtown
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWhat's with all the sirens, shouting, and cars honking that we can hear from our office on 39th and 5th right now?@JonStrickland I could really use a support group over here.I'm calling it now: "Stephen Colbert" (the character) will die a violent death, probably with a bear involved, in the Colbert Report finale.@donsteele YES PLEASELove Colbert. But KIND OF WISH IT WAS A WOMAN.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@Clayman thank goodness, everyone here is looking at me really funnyIt's @joemarchese in @adage: Ad Fraud Creates Worry For Some, Opportunity For Others http://t.co/td36a166Vr
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI better not be the only person who is basically crying at my desk at the office over the idea of no more Colbert Report.CBS announces Stephen Colbert will succeed David Letterman as host of 'The Late Show'
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIf only I could be as cool as I was in 1988 when I wore fuzzy slippers and read books about squirrels… http://t.co/8NV6RKz2yuCat Worshippers From Ancient Egypt Til Now http://t.co/AhkSM2DyRn via @yasmine_surovec
@schmooey @AKDawson @neeshy I've lived in NYC for 8 years and have never been here. When I lived nearby I was too poor!!!Yup RT @AKDawson: @True_X_Media team dinner at @FreemansAlley (at @FreemansAlley w/ @neeshy @caro) http://t.co/edgP10DjArTeam @true_X_media might be excellent at premium engagement ads but I can now say definitively that we are NOT GOOD at billiards."Their attitude was, 'We can leave you with nothing because you’re a girl and you have a rich boyfriend.'" http://t.co/4MxFB6aDfD@alykeves Aw, I WISH my cat would do that. Her only trick is jumping from the windowsill to the bed like a flying squirrel.Yup, that's me in the corner of the conference room, sitting on the floor Krazy Glue-ing the heel back onto my shoe.Proud to see my friend @ceonyc's firm atop this list. RT @sai Women-Friendly Startup Investors In New York Tech http://t.co/WbtyYXXXzs
"i don't care about the money" "my good friend mark zuckerberg" "i work harder as investor than i did as a founder" #liesofsiliconvalley
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy20 years ago, women made 72 cents on the dollar to men. Today it's still just 77 cents. More work to do. #EqualPay #NoCeilings
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@mager @mbaratz YUP!!! Have fun, it's an amazing place :) cc @Summit@PierceLilholt Totally. I mean, the locals all wear tuxedos 24/7, must be a classy place.@PierceLilholt North and Central America, South America, Europe, AfricaOur CEO @joemarchese speaks with @iMediaTweet about the problem of wasted digital ad dollars. Check it out: http://t.co/UZwqndDUbX
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@anauenburg I've had my phone plugged in most of the day :)So - FWIW - screengrabs I posted were NOT phishing. Twitter is testing 1-factor authentication via SMS but didn't make it clear at first.@twittersecurity Thanks for making it clear!@caro Looks like you're opted into an experiment we're testing w/ 1-factor authentication. We're making the language more clear in the texts
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@SamitSarkar I think that's an iOS thing, per @percival.@Percival I thought The Young'uns didn't even use Twitter anymore!.@bengold If it is, it's addressed horribly. It looks really suspicious.Just got another one with a different alleged link. WTF. http://t.co/CLk1WK7eDd.@Dingman Came through the legit 40404 shortcode. Pretty worrisome, I bet a lot of people will fall for it if it's phishing.This has got to be phishing trying to look like it comes from Twitter, right? http://t.co/FkKOjg23th"Feminist book club with cats won't perpetuate any stereotypes at all." -@JessicaWakeman https://t.co/TPXbUS9Mb3So exciting! @FCousteau's @Mission_31 splashdown is official: June 1! http://t.co/FXlD1I3pqg@gfulgoni says +40% in viewability drives a 75% increase in in-store sales lift for Kellogg's #FOMG14
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIf I went to Coachella I'd spend the whole time in the medical tent being treated for eye fatigue from rolling them so much.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
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