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Empire's News Editor, host of The Empire Podcast and occasional Videblogisode Man. Tweets about Liverpool FC at - yes! - @ChrisHewittLFC. Instagram: ctah1976

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@emot @NickdeSemlyen Actually, nope.Things I almost bought at Comic-Con but stopped myself because I like to be able to buy food #2. http://t.co/nW12KqiPtS@emot @NickdeSemlyen Gift bag? I paid for that stuff!@rodrigosalem I BLOODY WELL HOPE NOT. Missed you at the Con this year. Next time?Things I almost bought at Comic-Con but stopped myself because I like to be able to buy food #1 (in a series of #100) http://t.co/GZ1g8dIuDIHalf the cast of Game Of Thrones are on our flight home. Given their average life expectancy, we're a little worried.Lee Pace is a very attractive man.And finally, @ChrisHewitt with a couple of absolute Sith-heads. http://t.co/jQS0CAnH64
Retweeted by Chris HewittHalf Man half Rubber Mask. http://t.co/pK8vZZz8hA
Retweeted by Chris HewittI'm glad after queuing up for 19 hours to see it, Warner Bros. release the first look Mad Max footage less than 12 hours later #SDCC
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@JAGallagher_ Hi Jason - I'm heading to the airport! I'll be on a plane in a few hours, I'm afraid.And so Comic-Con 2014 draws to a close. My final act: thwarted in an attempt to buy a Saul Bass-style Star Wars poster. Next year...
@Jaynesharp @BiscuitAhoy @dickndom Pickalot Bear. #sorry #buttinginHad a great time with @AgentM and @tamarakrinsky on the #MarvelSDCC livestream. Even if I did start off saying that I worked for Marvel.@bondservant4jc Alas, it was just a joke. Hope you enjoyed the live stream, though!@EthanRunt Always cosplay as Hiddleston. Always.I'm wearing sunglasses indoors. Not because I'm a diva, but because it's too much effort to reach up to my face and take them off.Want a podcast to hear on your way home from @Comic_Con? Grab a #FightClub Q&A w/ @chuckpalahniuk & #DavidFincher -> https://t.co/TsX5EI1qDb
Retweeted by Chris HewittFinal day at #SDCC, and I'll mainly be walking the floor, taking pics, and looking at geek things I can't afford.2015 belongs to the mad. Exclusive first look at #MadMax: Fury Road from #SDCC http://t.co/JwsvKHi4QO
Retweeted by Chris HewittI'm still in Hall H. Been here for hours and yet there's no sign of this meat that everyone tells me they got. #Gotham@DarkBunnyTees Alas, our paths didn't cross.@devincf Thought it was great. The scale took me by surprise.Didn't show Ruffalo my @DarkBunnyTees Columbo shirt, but Feige did see it and loved it. Can't see Columbo becoming part of the MCU, though.@Ian_Gibson THE HORROR. #dontmakemegoback@Ian_Gibson Crimson Peak peek was amazing. Beautiful, macabre, haunting. Can't wait to see the finished thing.I'm looking over the Age Of Ultron footage notes I typed in the dark. Simply ends with OH MY GOD all in caps. Spelled correctly too. #proudI have lost my Empire brethren. And I have no phone signal because my provider sucks hard. This is going to be fun.Just back from the TV line for Avengers. Never seen it so busy before. The cast must have thought they were fighting all the Ultrons again.Been tweeting so much over at the Empire account, forgot to say: the Age Of Ultron footage blew my damn mind. It's the only one I have, too.Hardwick has already said more than Kevin Feige. He literally just interrupted Feige to talk about himself. It's not about you, Hardwick.It's almost like Mark Ruffalo doesn't care that I'm wearing a Ruffalo as Columbo T-shirt.@silargu @EmpireMagazine Thanks! You're lucky it's actually me doing them. That could have been awkward.Great. Galactus just sat right in front of me. #marvel #HallH #ComicCon@marcbernardin Let's be actors!Marvel panel begins in less than 20 minutes. My soul is prepared. How about yours?
Retweeted by Chris HewittPhew. Had to run out of Hall H, and only just made it back in time for the Marvel panel. That was too bloody close.
@Jordan9246 It's very well air-conditioned, thankfully.@McKelvie He looks really ill at this panel. Really ill. Really gaunt and frail.@Jordan9246 If it's streaming live, it'll be from 1.30am.Robert Rodriguez could have made three more Sharkboy and Lavagirl films in the time it's taken this panel to finish. He shouldn't, mind.@McKelvie I don't read much about Miller. Anything, in fact. That's very interesting.I dimly remember a time when this Sin City 2 panel wasn't happening.@NoelClarke Jesus! Don't get them wet!@swhelband I think they assumed it would be received well.@McKelvie YIKES@devincf Is it still going on?@LBlaidd @Krissykins1 Judging from my Twitter feed, you're not alone.Curiously muted reaction to Sin City 2 here. I wonder if the ten year gap between movies has been more hindrance than help.@Loki_Lego Assume the position.@Krissykins1 Ha! Nope. Avengers is the biggest show in town here. Nobody has moved from Hall H all day.At Comic-Con, time isn't written as AM and PM. Instead, it's BMP or AMP: Before Marvel Panel or After Marvel Panel. Right now, it's 3.20BMP.@devincf He'd read all the shit they said about him, and was quietly judging them.@Nickrob JD Salinger actually vanished during his own panel. It was like Bilbo's birthday party. #SDCC
Retweeted by Chris HewittSin City 2 next in Hall H. And the crowd goes mild?@Gonzo_McNulty You should always see eye-to-eye with me.@baloobas1 I shall be inventive.@lokiarty Orcs would have more decorum than these animals.I hereby solemnly swear not to write 'the crowd goes wild' or 'the crowd goes nuts' in the rest of my Comic-Con coverage.The guys right beside me are eating very noisily. I don't think there's a jury in the land that would convict me. Seems fair.@EricVespe Sir Ben.Michael Mann is here. Does. Not. Compute.That's not true. I don't wish that. Football Manager till I die.I'm about to live tweet the Warcraft panel at Comic-Con. It's times like this that I wish I'd played even a second of World Of Warcraft.Zack Snyder knows colours exist, right?
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@devincf Good question. It wouldn't surprise me.Someday I want a director to show up at Comic-Con and say "It's a shitshow - we're 9 weeks behind schedule and my actors won't talk to me."
Retweeted by Chris HewittFury Road looks huge. HUGE. Clarkson will cream his shorts. #ComicCon@SteffanLongdon No.Hall H going nuts, as if 6,500 people hadn't seen Man Of Steel.Oh God, it's time for The Chris Hardwick Panel (ft. occasional people from Warner Bros movies).Now checking through all my Comic-Con cosplay photos. Pretty sure that guy who went as Peter Jackson was actually Daniel Radcliffe.@HighSierraMan Until they tweet about it afterwards.@DanJolin Summer!I'm in Hall H. The H stands for 'Holyshitthisplaceispacked'. #ComicCon2014Lucy opened to $17.1 million on Friday in the States. That's pretty big - I thought there was next-to-no interest in that flick.@DarkBunnyTees You never know. You never know.The full Avengers: Age Of Ultron concept art poster is now online: http://t.co/GSE5XU8pjB http://t.co/WkEvuDVLoL
Retweeted by Chris HewittHyde: Thewlis, Brizell, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Hughes, Maximilien de Robespierre, Thurston, Tony Benn, Tames
Retweeted by Chris HewittCan't tweet trialists real names today, so they shall all be named after left-wing revolutionaries. #DasKapital
Retweeted by Chris HewittI wonder what Comic-Con security guards don't let people into in their spare time.@DarkBunnyTees Thank you! Did you get in? And yes, my #Columboner is massive.@sam_clements @BFI Oh yes. Perhaps I'll bring @helenlohara.@joelevy84 @k8tel Please accept my very humblest apologies.In bed already. 'Cos I'm a fucking party animal. That, and tomorrow features the Marvel panel. Gotta get my Grooty sleep. #ComicCon@NickdeSemlyen So many poorly chosen words in that sentence...Just came across this on my phone. So disturbing. http://t.co/LAq5ikGFRQ
Retweeted by Chris HewittTomorrow, Hall H is cosplaying as the O2. Bold move. #ComicCon2014At this point, I suspect that every single person walking the main floor at #ComicCon is a famous in disguise.Judging by these posters, the climax of Avengers 2 will be set in the robot version of Hall H. http://t.co/11uzN3oZ4y
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@NickdeSemlyen DEATH TO RALPH GARMAN@NickdeSemlyen Entirely possible.@zuluvulva @NickdeSemlyen I certainly hope he's not going to be pulling a Hewitt. I'm a married man!Wrapping up Day 2 by sitting in on my good friend @yogoldsmith's Q&A with X-Men writer/producer @Kinberg. Feels like old-school Comic-Con.@yogoldsmith @Kinberg SAVE ME A SEAT, JEFFREY!7,019 Things I Learned From Day 2 at Comic-Con.Really bizarre decision to bleep some of the swear words in the Let's Be Cops trailer, and leave others uncensored. Really f**king bizarre.I missed the Agent 47 footage because I was being ravaged by the remains of that fucking $5 burger. Call me... Shitman. #sorry #sosorryWhen Guillermo del Toro walked out on stage, the guy behind me screamed like he'd just seen a kaiju. I am now profoundly deaf. #ComicCon@WithoutTheIca Ha! Not my hashtag!
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