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Sleep. The Big Sainsbury's of closing your eyes. Night, all.
Paddington review update: 1,113 words. I am marmaladen with glorious purpose.@Gary_Bainbridge Thanks, Gary. I'm working on an all-new humiliation that you will be able to take pleasure in.@Gary_Bainbridge VERY BLOODY UNSATISFACTORY. #thefootball@DavidWDougan "Today, we kept ourselves down to one. We're going to work on that on the training ground, and hope to bag a nil next week."@GalacticKeegan Yes, but think how much better The Godfather Part II would have been had it been subtitled 'The Legend Of Curly's Gold'.The good news this season is that Brendan Rodgers has really tightened us up at one end. The bad news is, it's the wrong bloody end. #LFCOoh, Match of the Day 2 is on soon. I might watch the highlights of the Liverpool game, while stabbing myself in the eyes with a rusty nail.Pretty sure Jake's already had more votes than he managed on The X Factor. #ImACeleb@maverick99sback Maybe.@SeanKDLA I'll be honest with you - the chances are not good.Writing my long Paddington review for the Empire website. Basically, it's just me doodling 'Chris + Paddington 4EVA' on my school jotter.@UpturnedBathtub I don't play favourites. I love all images equally.@Aisling30119231 *moves to Dublin*Those Iceland ads where Peter Andre takes a family hostage and forces them to feed him are truly terrifying.@jonsbaird Good for you, although maybe you should have unleashed your daughter! Please don't think ill of all us Reds.@HylandIan What do I do for 'HELLS YES'?@jonsbaird Christ. You guys ok?@PaddyConsidine I thought your Christmas countdown doesn't start for another week.@olly_richards @MissKBusby She's the only one who can sing and she's amazingly talented. No, I don't fancy her shut up.windows 8: i got some updates me: cool windows: i have to restart me: okay not now windows: im going to me: please dont windows: lol
Retweeted by Chris HewittEven Bergerac came to an end. #xfactorThat was the greatest thing I have ever seen or heard. And I've seen Bergerac. #xfactorStevi's best chance to survive the sing off is for all life on earth to end in the next 30 seconds #xfactor
Retweeted by Chris HewittStevi’s survival song will be 3AM Eternal and he will conclude by emptying a machine gun into a dead sheep #xfactor
Retweeted by Chris HewittH8ful Eight rehearsal! This shit is too much fun! Gonna be a BLAST!! http://t.co/VuRFpbABFs
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@olly_richards My money's on deadlock. TAKE IT TO DEADLOCK.I wonder who's going to go out in the sing-off.That @PhildeSemlyen is a pocket-dialling menace.If you want to know how Piers Morgan's media career is going, he's on the football phone-in on 5Live. He's not hosting it - HE'S PHONED IN.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@robbiereviews Great moment yesterday. Fade to black after opening Peru scene. Little voice pipes up: "is it finished?" Everyone cracks up.@ItsMrHughes I actually think we're in a worse state than Arsenal. At least they're scoring goals and playing some decent stuff.@bunty_hoven I'm going to Comic-Con as Peeta The Tree next year. #cosplay@HelenLOHara @olly_richards @debsberry I'll happily go again. It's in my top ten of the year. Writing a longer review for the site today.@olly_richards @debsberry I do find myself wanting to see it again already. It's going to be a real Christmas time staple.@Gra123s Yes, I can enjoy films. I enjoy films all the time.@brewy_chris I keep expecting the likes of Southampton to fade away, and the natural order to restore itself. Doesn't seem to be happening.@jamie_graham9 THAT'S THE SPIRIT.@yourturnheather Let's break away and form our own league of two.@1moreGaryFrank I'm firing up an online petition even as we speak.@john_self I AM DEADLY SERIOUS, JOHN.I'm going to come out and put my neck on the line: I don't think Liverpool are going to win the league this season. There, I said it.Nico Rosberg overheard asking his people to "get hold of Dick Dastardly" and "give him the drawing pins".
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@ghuwevans @KevinLehane Too late, Evans!@KevinLehane @ghuwevans Oh, they'll score alright. At least once. I'm resigned to it.@ghuwevans Yeah. It's the other 88 minutes I'm worried about.@Bawkeye I think you spurred them into action.@Mastercupcaker Oh don't worry, I'm watching the game. Misery loves company.@Bawkeye I'm already depressed about the inevitability of our defeat today.@Miss_EBP Introduce them to someone else, anyone else, with a 'I'm sure they'll be able to help you with that'. Then run.@Miss_EBP Nod, smile, inch slowly away.What a start from Lewis. Does this mean I can switch over to the Liverpool game in relative security? Probably not. #F1@bunty_hoven Amazing. I'm saving that pic, if you don't mind. (How did that film manage to survive that moment?)@simon3677 A veritable bargain!
Can you inject Candy Crush Soda Saga?@ThatSledge1981 Indeed. He may not have played a single minute, but we both know he's the reason why Milan collapsed. #IfanyonecanBiscancan@kerihw He's got a little less blood than he started with. That's character development right there.@kerihw Really. That happened.@kerihw It's a collection of bad haircuts in search of a character.@brucedes Very real chance Noel Gallagher is funnier than either of them.@kerihw Oh, it's absolutely awful. Good choice!@HylandIan @antanddec Josh Hutcherson's up to his usual tricks again, I see.@ConsumedbyFilm Oh God, I couldn't watch it. I couldn't. I lasted a minute.@goonerk77 And it's not about one season. It's about a career. Messi is the greatest player of all time. No shame for Ronaldo in that.@goonerk77 I'll give you last season. The season before that, Messi was breaking EVERY RECORD IN EXISTENCE. The 91-goal calendar year.Oh God, the 'Ronaldo is better than Messi' brigade is out in force on the BBC Sport website again. Give me strength.Struggling to imagine anything in the jungle scaring Edwina Currie given that she's seen John Major's sex face #ImACeleb
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@HelenLOHara @VoxPopple @ta_ammy DID SOMEONE SAY CAKE?@HelenLOHara @ta_ammy Good, Helen. Good. *stares*RAMPAGE OF REVENGE - AVERTED.@mrnickharvey I'm not playing your sick game anymore, Harvey. I'll lose my religion before I do that.@mrnickharvey Really? Is this one of your clever Twitter jokes? I'm scared. Should I tell you it's Zooey Deschanel, or should I not?Happy Birthtime to away taking ANT! 14 today! Happy Birthtime Dec! Biker Mice from Mars! http://t.co/SpeBh7U4zE
Retweeted by Chris HewittEnter a toy shop. Find a doll's house. Ask the assistant "Do you have anything like this in my size?"
Retweeted by Chris HewittLittle excerpt there from #theXFactorbeforeChristmas. Took me ages to look up Stereo Kicks' names. There's hundreds of 'em.Louis whistled and shouted and called them by name. "Now, Barclay! Now, Chris! Now, Tom & James! On, Reece! On, Charlie! On, Casey & Jake!"My favourite thing about Stevi Ritchie's performance is its historical accuracy #xfactor
Retweeted by Chris HewittI'm not tweeting about #xfactor tonight. Unless Fleur gets voted out, in which case I'm going on a rampage of revenge. A RAMPAGE.@TimDownie1 It's from the heart. Love that film. Congratulations are very much due.@JoeCunningham14 I never skip the credits. On most shows, the credits are the best part.@john_self She's amazing. Naturally, she won't win.Excited about the new Muppets movie? Not as excited as Kermit. http://t.co/Yrrd9dUZY6
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@stuarthoughton Unconventional choices.@trouteyes Ah, yes, the special network reserved for you and Lyndhurst.@trouteyes 4G?Twitter http://t.co/xdAil1jxSt
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@MooseAllain @trouteyes I'm always amazed that Mr Trout can get wifi in the crazy parallel dimension he lives in. But I'm also glad.Now that's timing. http://t.co/dqvziQz5yUOk, it seems to officially be Christmas. Can I put my tree up now? http://t.co/JEM75yua20@Koptalkpodcast 2-0 to Palace. We may never win a football game again.@McKelvie HMV up by Bond Street. Does hamleys still have a Game concession, I wonder...?@FionaHiddles @ranger115uk The bear is fantastic.Second time round, Paddington is even better. It's a rich, charming, warm bearhug of a movie. We may just have a modern classic on our paws.@BeardedGenius I was party to that once, as a guest on BBC Breakfast. Louise Minchin had to stop me from getting up and walking off. #n00bLittle bear pun there to brighten up your Saturday morning. Here's Tammy with the weather where you are.Racing against time to make it to a second helping of Paddington. Bear with me."Jail those who burn the poppy", though no word on those who deface our flag... http://t.co/Xs1XgkYFyN
Retweeted by Chris HewittScientists have discovered what's being described as 'even more fucking water' at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@Photoflash_Ceo No, I haven't. Blade is one of my favourite superhero films. But I'm talking about the MCU.Just found this. Boy it was a happy shoot. http://t.co/3BMHMJbRFi
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