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Chuck Todd @chucktodd Washington, DC

Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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@DaleHudspeth @TODAYshow lighten up. It is a Halloween punGot a HUGE Decision2014 special planned for @meetthepress 8 candidate interviews, 6 live on ground reports, exclusive final polls & more.How scary are the midterms looking on this #HalloweenTODAY ? Will let you know from NOLA on @TODAYshow in a few
Just your average night in NOLA. #meetthevoters #halloweenparade http://t.co/lQr3XKD3uP@OneCopaceticCAT and if GA and LA end up in runoffs with Sen control on line, both will top the NC spending record.@kbeninato @newmediajim @NBCNightlyNews the Halloween parades! Wish I could stay. Need to be home for trickortreat with my kidsWho is the third main candidate in #lasen? It is Rob Maness. Met up with him in Port Allen, LA http://t.co/vkeNefRc0vOur ambassador and MVP ... Zo RT "@realmanrealtalk: Checking in from the Big Easy #TheTransporter #WhereIsChuck http://t.co/O2uY0AjHVr"
Retweeted by Chuck Todd13.2m people have voted already. 2m+ in CA and FL, 1.5m in TX http://t.co/npdAiWuOts
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ctcabin bet the word "compromise" wouldn't be a four letter wordWhich party will control the Senate? @BDayspring & @mattcanter #MakeTheCase for @meetthepress: http://t.co/FRWC3iePwQ http://t.co/dcVPJZNLHk
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust traveled my 3,153rd mile of this road trip focusing on 7 battlegrounds. Will be reporting live from NOLA on @NBCNightlyNews in 17 minsCaught up with Sen. Landrieu in Donaldsonville, LA. She didn't hold back on some issues. http://t.co/yYfS0azkEECLICHE: Both Ernst and Braley wear jean jackets, stand on gravel roads and talk straight to camera in their closing ads. #Iowa
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe @dailyrundown is in great hands with my friend and colleague @jdbalart And it stays in the Miami family! Go get 'em Jose!@sidrosenberg just having a blast@jimgeraghty candidates & campaigns matter more when there isn't a national message. What if Sen GOPers had a"unified poz agenda to run on?Orson Welles' last film may finally be released: http://t.co/uqlznPMfRQ http://t.co/mZmW1iLQKj
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHow many Campaign 2014 debates have been seen on C-SPAN so far? 125 Find them all here: http://t.co/83KdKDzTlh http://t.co/HkhhZgWfoU
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThings are getting punchy on the RV. @newmediajim & Iaccone have discovered the GoPros #WhereIsChuck http://t.co/dO2XqHlPOo
Retweeted by Chuck Todd
Hey @dccc not a great time to run a phone poll in Kansas City.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@RonMott nice piece tonight on the Royals - only someone who grew up a Royals fan can understand... Thanks!!!
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@chucktodd and I spent the day picking soybean and cotton.How we kept our shirts clean & sweat free @KARK4News @ 10 http://t.co/r8Htg0H5wq
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMe and Russell, a migrant child from Honduras who is living at the tenosique Casa de Migrante w/ his mom http://t.co/QbNaQcanm2
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@CMSeeberger right as if that parens makes a differenceBarack Obama, Joe Biden, John Boehner, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton are emailing a lot. Now they are "fwd" their own emails.Caught up with Mark Pryor in Jonesboro today. http://t.co/aabkciae3zSo funny. #Cons are tweeting that @chucktodd is campaigning for #Libs while Libs are tweeting the same about the Cons. #WhereIsChuck
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIf you're paying attention, you'll see @chucktodd speak with candidates of both parties, if they're available. #WhereIsChuck @meetthepress
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLunch stop in Jonesboro. Demo's. Solid. http://t.co/vcWyK1UTydEndangered species alert: What happened to Southern Democrats? cc @chucktodd http://t.co/1j6ZOCWxRW http://t.co/V9sfgfw00B
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ytshetty check out the interview with Nunn I did on this very issue. That CBO study had degrees of increases.Lots of ground to cover today RT @meetthepress: #WhereIsChuck meeting the voters today? Arkansas. http://t.co/TuEAsr5am4
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAbout to check in with @dailyrundown as we head to Jonesboro, AR, to catch up on #arsenRemember 2009? Biggest issue in Georgia’s Senate race is still the economy @chucktodd explains http://t.co/qZdUnN4d6u http://t.co/uQptzY2Tv4
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JoeBear72 already on the agenda@heliosj228 no hardship. Elvis hometownDidn't quite make it to Arkansas tonight. Overnighting in Tupelo. Up early then off to Jonesboro #meetthevoters
One week from tonight we could see a major shift in the balance of power in this country. @ChuckTodd reports now #NBCNightlyNews
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@dmarknewman trolling! In all seriousness, give me 5 Conf champs and 3 at large (all sec likely)So here is what the cmte told us: they don't love Alabama the way media and coaches doSo AP voters could have done this too, right? Now, if we had an 8-team playoff as rest of mon-SEC confs will soon demand, cmte makes senseshould we care about this first top 25 from the cmte? Is this really a "if season ended today" poll? Do we get every cmte member's top25?Understanding the battle for senate control. @NBCNightlyNews next. #meetthevoters@thedurham yes.@nuanceskin thanks for stopping by@narainebudbeer I do every time. Doesn't always show on cameraDon't be surprised if Dems try a similar tactic in LASEN where they would rather have Landrieu face Maness in a runoff than Cassidy3-way races create strange bedfellows, RGA's latest TV ad tries to boost Cutler to keep the anti-LePage vote split. http://t.co/xUA7lkgJ9V@JennaFryer ask @kdennytodd She is not a fan!@TimPeebles had it all set up there today. But called an audible so I could interview both Nunn and Perdue. Augusta to Dawsonville nowOne of the great holidays is today. Oxi Day. When the Greeks told the Nazis no surrender!@OneCopaceticCAT @meetthepress have interviews scheduled with both Nunn and Perdue today@JudyWoodruff @Morning_Joe I'm at the Craig Haughton Elementary School right now@nickconfessore @MarkLeibovich @jimrutenberg maybe it is, "if-you-the-time"-read@OneCopaceticCAT @meetthepress no. She had no public events yesterdayDear Georgia, If you see this man or RV Tues, please send us photos and geographical information using #WhereIsChuck. http://t.co/4Qp8VkW39H
Retweeted by Chuck ToddReally hope more newspapers start doing blogger roundups like this. Smart. From the Madison Cap-Times. http://t.co/G8cAKaHOU4Stayed across the street from a barber shop that is open 24 hours. Was tempted to get a 3 am trim.Coming up on @Morning_Joe soon, live from Augusta, GA. I don't know much about GASEN but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night
@GlennThrush yes I am and no I don't. Barebones. Mifis@cmacrob packers. Rough Sunday night@HotlineJosh @granthpaulsen isn't there an old adage: if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all? #WASvsDALColt McCoy is the only one playing in the NFL. http://t.co/LmKchtuNR9
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLooking tight in #TorontoVotes. Could come down to crucial Waukesha North ward. http://t.co/DY7pRl7Dto
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhat our bus looks like from the road ... rolling down I-77. Courtesy of awesome "@frankthorpNBC #WhereIsChuck https://t.co/WfNdqqV4cq"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSeriously, you hosers? RT @CBCToronto Rob Ford has been elected in Ward 2 http://t.co/gvDDqHuGCF
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@SteelCityNights @ElMonte08 couldn't get every candidate in every state. Logistical issues. Only had Burke in Wi. Same reasonLook what just went up next to Rock Ctr. Tis the season to....wish Christmas stuff went up a little later http://t.co/ILkgaZGmKp
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWow, so Christie hadn't officially endorsed the GOP nominee for sen in his home state until now? http://t.co/bndrhxhebS #bookerbromance?Just pulled over in Ridgeway, SC, to file for @NBCNightlyNews Will be reporting on a race that begins in 9 days. #meetthevotersAbout to drop in on @Morning_Joe from the #meetthevoters bus. Dateline Charlotte@PrettyBoyAlert ye have little faith@jal711 it is why we did our MTP cartoon with help from the @DMRegisterGood morn from Charlotte. Got taste of non stop TV ad war last night. Not sure how ANYTHING breaks thru on TV this week #meetthevoters
@randybellkc you did. Too addicted to the smart phone@GmorganJr didn't mention chamber either. This wasn't about them. It was about the individualsWhat if Kids used political talking points? http://t.co/77CEfe7MLm We had a little fun w/ this piece from @DMRegister http://t.co/ebzSXbUniz
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@victorylab @guycecil love THE honesty.@victorylab @guycecil love he honesty@dcky76 polling KY GA and LA next week. Couldn't do 9 polls in one week well. Careful of news orgs that claim they canBoth Schumer and Portman say Reid and McConnell will remain their parties' leader. What does Orman do then? #meetthevoters @meetthepress@STATandSTUFF lions v Falcons though.For some of you, three minutes to air for @meetthepress Midterms, Ebola quarantines and more. Tune in. #meetthevoters
@GQCOP45 @meetthepress I'd prefer the word "focused"Quick preview of tomorrow's @meetthepress Just 2 Sundays until Election Day. A can't miss show. More details here: https://t.co/eWZjplF7FJ@CCHenson then delay gov runoff. Right?@chucktodd fed court decision re overseas military runoff ballot timing only covered federal election.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@varadmehta still January so we are told.@SMere89 there wd be a recount if it is that close in ga. No rounding is allowed. As for other q, maybe brown but both are surgingWill have a #meetthevoters preview on tonight's @NBCNightlyNews See you in a fewCan someone from Georgia explain why their runoff schedule has a gov runoff one month before a senate runoff? Off timing decision@SMere89 Nunn winning without a runoff would also fit your definition of upset I think@SMere89 then yes. NH and KY probably most likely to fit your definitionAre the MN Gophers playing the most exciting football games (comebacks every week) that nobody is talking about?@MorningBriefing @jaketapper @edhenryTV @MajorCBS I want the Elvira lineJust saw a promo for a Mike Tyson animated series. Assumed it was a parody and then looked again. #adultswim@EricaRHill @TODAYshow no better way to travel!@llb60 waves are about more than six races. If GOP nets six and, say, add gov seats and don't lose FL WI and MI gov then maybe that's a wave@RosalieDech my kids will be.
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