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favorite languages/environments : Perl 5/6. Finally groking haskell thru elm. Retweet != Endorsement

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2/ Procès de riches pr 1 fortune = 4 ans de budget de la justice. 1 victime avérée, l'infirmier Alain Thurin, pendu la veille de l'audience.1/ Grenouillages de bourgeois autour d'une fortune initiée par un membre de la Cagoule pendant la déportation http://t.co/T7r5BE5y69@MaxCRoser homicid predictions is correct but probably for the wrong reasons : fear of war and stangers when usually carried by close peopleScandale HSBC: Emma Thompson menace de ne plus payer ses impôts - RTBF Monde http://t.co/n5Ztq5sJFk via @rtbfinfo
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"mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal... will have significant impact on (Google) search results": http://t.co/W8DQ1CGjfj - this is big.
Retweeted by cognominalI love #Banksy http://t.co/XJc3DtAzER #Gaza
Retweeted by cognominalTitle claims not made in article, when @rt_america is as sloppy as @foxnews "Secret Service working with French..." http://t.co/blMRjydVscNever gonna give up the open internet. Thank you @FCC & @TomWheelerFCC! http://t.co/kSVOzfuNZu
Retweeted by cognominalCe matin l'andouille était à l'honneur sur le salon #SIA_2015 http://t.co/v2Ld4k18zY
Retweeted by cognominal"the anthropologist Edmund Leach once remarked that what sets humans apart from animals is not that they poss... http://t.co/j50KHB45jcLa poésie des toilettes http://t.co/poQQVmglgr
Retweeted by cognominalWe can confirm that @Gemalto thinks we didn't get the encryption keys. At least, that's what all their internal emails are saying.
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My own private research shows that a carefully chosen LinkedIn photo can put an immediate stop to recruiter spam. http://t.co/ejjv4UiP14
Retweeted by cognominal@Valtin "le capitalisme n'est pas une religion". Ho que si, son credo est TINA.This one is hard: "North Korean propaganda slogan or Ted talk?" http://t.co/pRlmEvbXb9 (via @DA_Banks)
Retweeted by cognominalAm I the only one who is not satisfied if free software is just a success as infrastructure for closed/proprietary services&applications?
Retweeted by cognominalI (along with some other Perl people) was interviewed for this article about the state of Perl - http://t.co/4DpQI8FJji
Retweeted by cognominal"When historians write the epitaph for neoliberalism, they will have to conclude that it was the form of capi... http://t.co/8km9TWlbSmSeems appropriate. MT “@ManuscriptMaps: Haha! Impeccable #medieval #logic! #latin http://t.co/Xe44ykisi9” #philosophy
Retweeted by cognominalWhy did no-one tell me HTML natively supports auto-completion? No JS libs, use <datalist> http://t.co/TDOQ0UaoLX http://t.co/U50B42NxQo
Retweeted by cognominal@pbeyssac dans le langage naturel, le signifiant est arbitraire donc au bout du compte, le système d'icône devient un lang comme un autre.Exposing Israeli myth of “no dams” flooding Gaza: https://t.co/rdjJ6nBeh6
Retweeted by cognominal@davidgraeber Seems to have been a staged operation (the document). NASA is good at 3 things : public relation, bureaucracy and aeronauticsMoon rocks and bureaucracy. With a thanks to @davidgraeber for his most excellent book. https://t.co/sn8l6KUd7fyes it's really true: to celebrate the US release of my bureaucracy book, I am filling out a 12-page report for some LSE committee
Retweeted by cognominalHamon itw pas mal du tout. http://t.co/BCknFvkr8a
Retweeted by cognominalI used to dream of a world where everyone would install GPG. Now I dream of a world where I can uninstall it: http://t.co/eRZ0hdlmgx
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3) Sure, can't make direct call for votes, but the ads in the first half this chart fair game http://t.co/5enIdOBXCg http://t.co/KzFgBcguXH
Retweeted by cognominalIn 1938, a woman who witnessed a burglary was jailed for 5 days for wearing slacks into court when she testified. http://t.co/ggZlL0nhkb
Retweeted by cognominal@Mr_JDTraynor @ArarMaher indeed. I thought that as a metaphor of the current world : eventually our actions in foreign countries bounce back@Mr_JDTraynor @ArarMaher on the other hand, with animals, without men, forest fire is an uncommon event.Austin, TX takes a bold stance on the programming language wars. http://t.co/KjHTZEg31A
Retweeted by cognominal@andreasdotorg @d_christiansen indeed quite like https://t.co/Sy1Fp9eyjjAbout code purpose http://t.co/1vI9cyF7F9 http://t.co/DyC5HunbCi
Retweeted by cognominalCensure sur internet : l’UEJF y travaillait ce dimanche http://t.co/TUXeCRhl0D
Retweeted by cognominal@isoc_france @bortzmeyer toujours la même chose, les derniers arrivés dans un pays, dans la normalité... ferment la porte derrière eux@yashalevine @HenryKrinkIe @MarkAmesExiled : neé “The Charles Koch Foundation”. That should be "né". "Née" would be the feminine counterpartNo saracasm. http://t.co/n7gFiPTQml @HenryKrinkIe @MarkAmesExiled
Retweeted by cognominalBattery Life vs. Phone Thinness: http://t.co/MTZc4gUBRf
Retweeted by cognominalEveryone knows Palestine never existed. "Map of Palestine from a 1947 issue of National Geographic" via @nooraibrahim http://t.co/WqEtPvTPHB
Retweeted by cognominalA clear, excellent animated explainer on the clever genome editing tool everyone's talking about: the CRISPR system. https://t.co/556OSv4alX
Retweeted by cognominalUS court orders Palestinians to pay Israeli attack victims more than $218M http://t.co/PRfmTNRNPm http://t.co/6y8S6CbR1y
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@tante Snowden—with help from GG, Poitras and Omidyar—flooded society with toxic libertarian ideas. And these radicals got an Oscar for it.
Retweeted by cognominalReliable Netanyahu in 2002: Iraq has Centrifuges ‘the size of Washing Machines’ to Produce A-Bomb. By @jricole http://t.co/861dlY8ZFp
Retweeted by cognominalDavid Graeber’s THE UTOPIA OF RULES is out tomorrow! http://t.co/u1qQP6L1Fv http://t.co/2kiSVJVTZH
Retweeted by cognominalLiar liar, pants on fire Leaked cables show Netanyahu’s Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad http://t.co/gisS2qD5JQ http://t.co/BA8JpkAG5d
Retweeted by cognominal@pbeyssac ça se réfère à un évènement daté, un article de loi, de la (d'une) constitution?@pbeyssac c'est quoi, l'esprit du 11/1? Ou le 11/1 tout court?First organized student debt strike? Former students of Corinthian Colleges Inc. refuse to pay their federal loans http://t.co/NOFA7WKjjR
Retweeted by cognominalCurkierman récidive; en 2002, il affirmait le score de Le Pen à la présidentielle servirait 2 leçon aux musulmans; en 2015 il salue sa fille
Retweeted by cognominalLaura Poitras' #Citizenfour wins Oscar for Best Documentary https://t.co/ULitXujpMt
Retweeted by cognominal@alaingresh @Le_CRIF comme en Palestine la réalité démographique rattrapera les idéologies irresponsables, criminelles & à terme suicidaires@alaingresh @Le_CRIF Qd un pouvoir faciste tombera à bras raccourci sur un ennemi imaginaire, la cible 600k juifs sera + facile que 6M beurs[Grand Récit] Dans l'intimité d'Edward Snowden : la réalisatrice Laura Poitras raconte http://t.co/rDiJsvjR6d http://t.co/Zbz5P9a7Z9
Retweeted by cognominalTories: No cuts to welfare for over 65s...sorry I mean "pensioner benefits that they fully deserve and worked for" http://t.co/hdVDNPDXio
Retweeted by cognominalHm, noticed a small typo in the subhead here – “but” should be “so”: http://t.co/HnWt6ZBr55 http://t.co/kYgCSMUbYL
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Amazing how relatively tame Michael Moore's anti-war 2003 Oscar comments - booed by the Hollywood "Left" - now seem https://t.co/XFsPwtiKNv
Retweeted by cognominal@V_Septembre coucou. #MegumiIgarashi vs #GustaveCourbet http://t.co/RaSEZbedkZ
Retweeted by cognominal"In the event of a landing on water, an unprecedented miracle will have occurred" If airline announcements were truer http://t.co/2goQW8F3lT
Retweeted by cognominalThis is so perfect. It hurts... http://t.co/rsde3M6WcH
Retweeted by cognominalFifty shades of grey is romantic only because the guy is a billionaire. If he was living in a trailer it would be a Criminal minds episode.
Retweeted by cognominal@paultcochrane @nogoodnickleft looks like clothing for a private jail in AlaskaThe music business is in trouble: Digital revenues are actually relatively small (Source: http://t.co/vwpF7CEVbO) http://t.co/0NuhlW68Hj
Retweeted by cognominalI finally figured out how to get those pesky semicolons and curly braces out of my Java code http://t.co/Ns96HdCuKO
Retweeted by cognominalThe hell is this. http://t.co/xmzXPJGgsN
Retweeted by cognominal"You get an education, not a degree" = we'll pump out uncritical STEM drones, not citizens with those pesky 'liberal arts' degrees.
Retweeted by cognominalMy god, even the way its framed is a like a Best Buy commercial: "...Tomorrow’s college: Cheap, and you get an education, not a degree "
Retweeted by cognominalEducation is expensive for 1 simple reason: corporate forces turned it into a profit center in the 90s & rich assholes dont pay enough taxes
Retweeted by cognominalNeoliberalism's racket: create the problem (sky high college cost) then swoops into to solve it (McEducation) http://t.co/f0ffraPlLA
Retweeted by cognominalThis is gorgeous: http://t.co/Wxe6X89wdU @wagerlab
Retweeted by cognominal@AlecMuffett @vincib @UnGarage 3/ also not mature enough to propose an alternative and a safe transition path@AlecMuffett @vincib @UnGarage 2/ and legitimates oligarchies cannot be patrolled so it must be destroyed.@AlecMuffett @vincib @UnGarage 1/ a "place" where people escape the mass media peddled Bernaysian myths that structures our society...Orange and brown squares are physically identical yet perceptually different, therefore perception can't be direct. http://t.co/Lgo2mNWcQe
Retweeted by cognominal@manjusrii U mean every device broadcasting what it captures &every one listening every other, NSA like, to make sense of the world? CreepyIt has been 102 years since a President of the United States has had facial hair. http://t.co/THSr1VfK1u
Retweeted by cognominal@manjusrii it is not like a fridge need to broadcast all the episodes of breaking bad in high quality every secondEU can't help Greece because it needs to finance the Ukraine Nazis http://t.co/4lt8PTP3pY http://t.co/8Vl17ghHex
Retweeted by cognominalQuand je fais visiter un musée et que j'ai tout oublié de mes cours de l'#EcLou #WoodyAllen #SmallTimeCrooks http://t.co/IN0P1trWJp
Retweeted by cognominalZapfino Arabic featured on @FastCoDesign http://t.co/z1I8iJbZKP
Retweeted by cognominalmy 12 yrs of type design + 7 yrs of belly dance training = this video for Zapfino Arabic. Type in rhythm to music! https://t.co/QPpZmTWHhY
Retweeted by cognominal@xdg @PerlWeekly to the credit of the implementers, they enventually jettisoned Parrot@xdg @PerlWeekly But the implementers still see nqp as relevant. I see that as a proof of the implementation immaturity@xdg @PerlWeekly That was the untold motivation of my complaint http://t.co/M8wyPEBnuW I consider nqp an historical bootstrapping artifact,@xdg @PerlWeekly Perl superpower could be its ability to syntactically and semantically mutate but nqp/Perl 6 duality makes that difficultSuperfish accomplice Komodia: "Our SSL hijacker has entered beta & is working quite good...without alerting the user" http://t.co/ioaksnVakD
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Look to Norway: Young muslims form #RingOfPeace around #Oslo synagogue. Amazing turnout! http://t.co/yhMjo7ra7t
Retweeted by cognominalLa propagande en faveur d'une censure d'Internet, se porte plutôt bien. http://t.co/eTCF19d1Cp
Retweeted by cognominalWho remember the emacs/vi wars? @atomeditor, @lighttable and now @spacemacs make them so dated. http://t.co/4vxoV2na82La forme aussi navrante que le fond : "Une phrase qu'il l'avait marqué au fer rouge" (sic) @bfmtv http://t.co/ax6ek1KB25@PerlWeekly @xdg Perl 6 is Larry's idea of natural langs concepts applied to prog langs. Do you ask what is English killer feature?Unlike previous eras, we think of 'tech' as a free-standing category not as a means to something else. It has become a fetish now.
Retweeted by cognominalSi je pouvais remonter le temps et interviewer Gustave Courbet : @LPJofficiel #MegumiIgarashi #Manko http://t.co/HOO9Tz7fPF
Retweeted by cognominal@the_intercept @ggreenwald interesting article, also arithmetic works different, not consistent, in Louisiana. Could not be "1 in 75 adults"@SpaceCrazy this is a composite image, which explains that we see many instances of each vehicle http://t.co/12VnOVz0vCLa momie d'un moine bouddhiste trouvée à l'intérieur d'une statue de Bouddha − @irarchaeology http://t.co/XCzqVuQQdz http://t.co/OiDJ4z3zXm
Retweeted by cognominalLaura Poitras: People Must Stand Up For Whistleblowers Who Risk Their Lives http://t.co/kFJNlp7xud #Citizenfour #Oscars2015
Retweeted by cognominal@ellensalvi @pvgberge une librairie ferme, un magasin de prêt à porter / opticien / agence immobilière / fast food ouvre :("Damn Millennials Ruining Their Posture With Their Gadgets", Theodore Roussel, 1887 http://t.co/pcptdCUEJw
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