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cognominal @cognominal Arcueil, Ile-de-France FR

favorite languages/environments : Perl 5/6. Finally groking haskell thru elm. Retweet != Endorsement

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Sécurité / Égalité / Fraternité . http://t.co/puDpLdyqKr
Retweeted by cognominalY-a-t-il un pilote à l'Élysée ? Réponse de #MonsieurPie #chomage @fhollande #Lubitz suite>> http://t.co/SN4TGKyUDy http://t.co/Tfrq0VqTyV
Retweeted by cognominalKorean Peninsula from the International Space Station 60 years ago North Korea was richer than the South.. http://t.co/7DgyaMruCO
Retweeted by cognominalU.S. defense official: “I am wondering who is the archduke that is going to get assassinated and kick off a big war.” http://t.co/14J11vYX9v
Retweeted by cognominal"Shifting Sands" A handy decoder map of Middle East alliances courtesy of @GeraldFSeib http://t.co/14J11vYX9v http://t.co/3ICpLeqHw7
Retweeted by cognominalPhoto evidence of the major powers galloping toward erasing Israel. http://t.co/ThZxqmJiYq
Retweeted by cognominalA bit of a stunt, but a worthy one: Monsanto rep claims weed-killer is safe to drink, bolts set when offered a glass. http://t.co/bLV0PyMDdg
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Comment l’obsession sécuritaire fait muter la démocratie, par Giorgio Agamben http://t.co/7facm5dQvD (accès libre) #PJLRenseignement
Retweeted by cognominal@arsindustrialis sur la «landing page» de votre site il n’y a plus de lien vers la page d’index du glossaire.Obama makes Bush's abuse of "state secrets" doctrine look tame with the most stunning abuse yet. https://t.co/g62NmwhZ5z /by @ggreenwald
Retweeted by cognominalCourt Accepts DOJ’s ‘State Secrets’ Claim to Protect Shadowy Neocons: a New Low http://t.co/PLHCoWXU2D by @ggreenwald@ggreenwald Like they say: If they weren't a threat, why did Iran put their country so close to so many US bases? http://t.co/dvroMdBWAQ
Retweeted by cognominalPeople who want (others) to bomb and invade more countries than anyone can count insist that Iran is dangerous http://t.co/topVldvlcr
Retweeted by cognominalHere is Thomas Friedman describing the Taliban as Arab. http://t.co/uoEzEKluDO
Retweeted by cognominalConvention on online advertising: increased circumvention of the law in the name of fighting piracy https://t.co/3AtoRpm01v
Retweeted by cognominalIn Seattle the manhole covers have a map of the city – and a ‘You are here’ mark. More: http://t.co/kV4JtSjBQw http://t.co/xBjEdMlq8Q
Retweeted by cognominal@jbmusso merci@jbmusso semble intéressant. Où trouver les slides?Irony : while many were afraid A320 crash was a terrorist act, a door to protect the cockpit from terrorists was instrumental in the crash.Writing space shuttle software. Work 8-5. Equal women to men ratio. 11 versions, only 17 bugs. No ninja culture. https://t.co/EXfkWMQRvP
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Taisez-vous, Elkabbach https://t.co/4tV4y6PYMd https://t.co/a0SlhaLp6s (via @Vogelsong)
Retweeted by cognominal"The Theory of Relational Databases",by David Maier: http://t.co/bMVNcDohRf #db #cs #1983
Retweeted by cognominalAdvertisement from the 1970s by American nuclear-power companies. http://t.co/vB0MHZf8jd
Retweeted by cognominalLe dessin de la rédaction de @tsoulcie @LaRevueDessinee #police http://t.co/4nqDe2K8S0
Retweeted by cognominalSomeone has finally written a program to bring the United States together. http://t.co/iuIKjPjUYL
Retweeted by cognominal#geoblocking im Netz: EU-Kommission will gegen Ländersperren vorgehen http://t.co/TWXsw7U5BF
Retweeted by cognominalA surprisingly clear explanation from @AP on why it's misleading to call Israel a "democracy" http://t.co/pbsp3fbuAv http://t.co/6OjXe1NuS1
Retweeted by cognominalat last : The atom command now opens multiple root folders in a single window when given multiple paths. https://t.co/Yvvb7xhOSLText graphics from 1763 . Free positioning of characters to make illustrations, instead of… http://t.co/NHF9yB5Svl http://t.co/RBpvPYsPLj
Retweeted by cognominal@lirarandall Got these two books today, any recommended reading order Lisa? http://t.co/rKHoDzaA5V
Retweeted by cognominalAn explainer of common gang expressions such as “cool” and “pot,” from this day in 1958. http://t.co/F7WPHOCR8Z http://t.co/fE4P6Jxfkt
Retweeted by cognominalPluto didn't even complete one revolution around the sun between its discovery and its declassification as a planet.
Retweeted by cognominalL'OPA de Facebook sur la presse ? Feu David Carr l'avait prédit en octobre dernier http://t.co/M38OxIdtQY http://t.co/tQPlpf7SXg
Retweeted by cognominal"Du caractère polymorphe et multicolore du relou en milieu urbain" par @clemmiewonder http://t.co/63WAL5pbLSAmazon Robot Contest May Accelerate Warehouse Automation http://t.co/2ZCpCVxdnt By @willknight http://t.co/S0pzBB4shV
Retweeted by cognominal"The personal computer industry was in its infancy, and everyone was flying blind, including Steve. One impor... http://t.co/900sf8HUQDThe @PiratePartyIS is now measured as the biggest party in #Iceland http://t.co/Y2ofyJCLPD http://t.co/H4uMOYZ12r
Retweeted by cognominal.@Ansip_EU @lisboncouncil Excellent question! I don't think it can, on the contrary: https://t.co/GbKEwufRnQ https://t.co/8ycwq9PAyO
Retweeted by cognominal@RonyHerve @chojin69 Rozière wants to delete that very sentence! When authors get 5% of sales price that has nothing to do with exceptions.
Retweeted by cognominalL'Assemblée Nationale renonce à interdire les défilés aux mannequins anorexiques. (Dessin de Pascal Gros) http://t.co/2DhwGo7w24
Retweeted by cognominal#NouvelArticle Hygiène : tu crois encore que le Moyen Age est une période cradingue ? Faux ! http://t.co/fT7l7uClgs http://t.co/5bTo6ZcKFx
Retweeted by cognominalLa 5G plus rapide que la fibre ? Mais avec quoi connecte t'on les antennes 5G ? http://t.co/Hp0jFoO8uI
Retweeted by cognominal@Solarus0 @pbeyssac 5G de demain plus rapide qu'1 fibre d'hier. Plus simple de tirer plein de fibre entre les antennes 5G qu'entre les users
Le taux d'incarcération US vs le reste du monde. http://t.co/DAliJkL4ps
Retweeted by cognominalSometimes when I'm writing Javascript I want to throw up my hands and say "this is bullshit!" but I can never remember what "this" refers to
Retweeted by cognominal@cognominal which one?Good marketting, creating a feeling of scarcity “@appleinsider: Rumor: #Apple Watch http://t.co/DHyYSRl2L2 http://t.co/AXWvBV4wye@lpenet @bayartb en clair, c'est pas une loi d'exception pour temps de guerre (pourtant invoquée) mais tout simplement une loi totalitaire
@lpenet @bayartb le tripatouilage mccartyste a été de supprimer l'intention de nuire qui caractérise un espion. très commode pour Obama@lpenet @bayartb Patriot act, une blague vs l'espionnage act dont la version tjs en cours date de la période des délires mccartystes@dlandgren @presse2k le fracking, summum de la porcherie par @russeurope : monétisation pollution, après moi le déluge en temps recordEffondrement de l'industrie de l'huile de schiste http://t.co/54wrG5jkhc Quelles conséquences? http://t.co/zYbYDTzEII
Retweeted by cognominalL'économie de l'huile de schiste et sa crise actuelle http://t.co/54wrG5jkhc Quelles implications? http://t.co/WIhCQkuYc1
Retweeted by cognominalIl y aura du sang…. | RussEurope http://t.co/54wrG5jkhc Les conséquences de la crise de l'industrie du pétrole de schiste.
Retweeted by cognominalRobert Reich Demolishes Myth that College Is Gateway to the Middle Class http://t.co/pP7S99v3xF http://t.co/Ukqx8ftLmZ
Retweeted by cognominalThey've got 5G! (The "G" is for "Genocide") http://t.co/Us31GoYE3B
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Internet needs http://t.co/SN5GLzqUNc
Retweeted by cognominalAnd, my favorite..."Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong." ~ O. Wilde! http://t.co/M12G4zClLM
Retweeted by cognominal@getify 2 years ago, intending 2go to Kiev for a Perl conference, after visiting tourist web sites, got ads to meet or marry ukrainian girlsWhy California's drought is a disaster for your favorite fruits and vegetables http://t.co/YgCgek17c0 #WorldWaterDay http://t.co/1GoecvI1WH
Retweeted by cognominal"On ne peut pas invoquer la laïcité pour interdire l’offre de choix car la laïcité vise à rassembler, pas à exclure" http://t.co/woZFWOH8Vx
Retweeted by cognominalCan it be DONE? From the first British science-fiction magazine “Scoops”, 1934. http://t.co/ViqbLJlrgf
Retweeted by cognominalLolllllllllll #security. http://t.co/AABNl3ju5U
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Reminiscing on @TXJS from 1997. Those were the days. https://t.co/jxL4yqIJXr
Retweeted by cognominalDéjà des parodies qui circulent : #CopyrightForFreedom non, #FreedomFromCopyright oui ! http://t.co/h15IDSdlxU
Retweeted by cognominalAu @Salondulivre le @FedEuPublishers lance la campagne #CopyrightForFreedom qui frise l'oxymore (fallait oser !) http://t.co/3ecaa1XTdB
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J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Clojure Concurrency - Rich Hickey" à l'adresse http://t.co/1oq3KcK14d.L'évolution humaine. http://t.co/429tKoDTCs
Retweeted by cognominalPoe's Law, technical edition: http://t.co/lNpnr57jLB (h/t @simonw) Generates an authentic-looking man page for git. Emphasis on "-looking".
Retweeted by cognominalJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "La Polémiste (Elisabeth Levy)" à l'adresse http://t.co/EUSpbViABa.Das Blutvergießen im 30-jährigen Krieg Population loss caused by war and disease during the Thirty Years’ War http://t.co/9mAb5qoODa
Retweeted by cognominalIt's time to start connecting the #Amerithrax dots: 1. https://t.co/eAuFcGs6oZ 2. https://t.co/qJGXsTOr6s 3. https://t.co/xR8d3V4ZhH
Retweeted by cognominalThe short road to war: RT looks at 12th Anniversary of the #Invasion of Iraq [VIDEO] http://t.co/GtkfbHSSms @Manuel_Rapalo
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@richhickey where are the slides for you ~2 hours presentation with the ant colony simulation? Thx in advanceGod is an evolved organizational strategy that made people think they were being watched: http://t.co/SIwxrgY0ng http://t.co/xstK9A76T5
Retweeted by cognominal@GabrielG439 Also, programmers tend to hate languages with rich and distinctive syntax, like Perl and its sigils which is its very strength@GabrielG439 please cite compilers or tools that exploits such redundancy, like braces and indentation, to report errors. None?Fox's Tantaros: "Do we really want everybody voting? I don't think so" http://t.co/XLWvAu19iW http://t.co/4O4hChoPzz
Retweeted by cognominalStunning: Bubbles of methane trapped in Alberta's Lake Abraham http://t.co/dwXDYgSeiz
Retweeted by cognominal@Bouletcorp on aura surtout une éclipse due aux particule fines comme dab, et les voitures diesel sont tjs en venteIs there a politician on the planet any more cynical than Netanyahu? Hey, it works. http://t.co/OYyuIvvVC9
Retweeted by cognominalUS weapons have a nasty habit of going AWOL http://t.co/NNeAIThFVi http://t.co/IHn4nFQsGk
Retweeted by cognominal« en deux mois, nous sommes passé brutalement de la liberté d’expression à la liberté d’espionner tout le monde » http://t.co/P0XHEZAr1W
Retweeted by cognominalSpot the catastrophic mistake: find . - name "*.ibc* -delete
Retweeted by cognominalShorter Valls : J'ai peur de l'arrivée au pouvoir du FN mais s'il y parvient, je vais lui donner les moyens légaux d'espionner qui il veut.
Retweeted by cognominalSaw this at a church.. http://t.co/KT3njwKWWD
Retweeted by cognominalFrench Perl Workshop 2015, 26-27 June — http://t.co/6VS2OPmC3l
Retweeted by cognominal@Bill_Gross @pmarca and using a minute (sic) unit to get a big figure is a cheap rethoric device@Bill_Gross @pmarca i suppose that it's an US centric figure because it is not much compared to our planet population.The Pentagon lost track of more than $500 million in U.S. military aid given to Yemen http://t.co/p6X0LPM2Ns http://t.co/2tHtNfmAMl
Retweeted by cognominalA moins que "L'internet non commercial, c'est la guerre" Mais aucun élu ne l'a encore osé.Nous sommes en guerre et je ne le savais pas. Heureusement je suis trop vieux pour être conscrit. Place aux jeunes. http://t.co/QjexcRCMG4Délits d’initiés : le conseil constitutionnel enterre les sanctions pénales http://t.co/sHMdRqFbS9 via @Mediapart
Retweeted by cognominalDélits d’initiés : le stupéfiant cadeau du Conseil constitutionnel à la délinquance financière. http://t.co/sHMdRqFbS9
Retweeted by cognominalHuman rights groups estimate up to ~80,000 people are kept in solitary confinement in U.S. prisons on any given day. http://t.co/zqAwCznw15...really, an exercise of intellectual masochismpriceless, 70s american christians perplex w. talmudic jewish supremacism but mostly afraid of leftist & homosexuals https://t.co/zWgiIg7A2bOne must have a lot of faith to try to conciliate the old and new testaments, plus all texts from the talmudic tradition. :)
“@ornikkar: Le communiqué de Patrick Balkany posté par sa femme. http://t.co/RgS7JgpjBs” les cons, ça ose tout. http://t.co/3Bt6VpNcvm@cognominal @cmerciari @SophiaAram @MFBazzo Et néosionisme par commission ou omission, et propagande anti arabe depuis 30 ans
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