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favorite languages/environments : Perl 5/6. Finally groking haskell thru elm. Retweet != Endorsement

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Cultures of pretending are created when saying, "I don't know," becomes a moral deficiency. #Religion
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Che Guevara. http://t.co/VU7hmGNEbw
Retweeted by cognominalUn de mes préférés ! ;) RT @samaisamva "Fou rire de la journée XD Mélenchon et Che Guevara #CroisonsLes " http://t.co/5VwbLJelVK
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Vente de SFR : Encore un grand moment de #porcherie appliquee - http://t.co/aJ1oodatsu
Retweeted by cognominalCheck out the new Time Traveling Debugger. Pause, rewind, and replay programs. Debug by changing history! http://t.co/dAJJqbdpD2
Retweeted by cognominalMiegakure, a 4D puzzle-platformer, TRAILER https://t.co/aMPINEcDbt
Retweeted by cognominalWhat is that shape at the end of the trailer? (+HD Screenshot) http://t.co/qtTSF61asB
Retweeted by cognominal@HacimMb you say 1/ that a minority is a minority and it's a tautology 2/ You don't care about minorities. I don't share your thought on 2/
Les astuces de l'eurodéputé Mélenchon pour gonfler ses stats de participation http://t.co/iPjvwgu2EC avec @alphoenix
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"Swiss Army" knife from ancient Rome. http://t.co/i2OiAnVZ1P
Retweeted by cognominalArmy rejects clemency for #Manning, upholds 35 year sentence; Case will be automatically sent to Court of Appeals http://t.co/hira28GBtf
Retweeted by cognominalPRs outnumber journalists in the US by a ratio of 4.6 to 1 http://t.co/nIkXnGjKIP @mediaguardian
Retweeted by cognominalI liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/pU1eYuFDV9 Perl-Operated Boy (full song) by Psyche Corp. (filk/parody of Coin-Operated Boy by
#banksy http://t.co/o4AFrPXe3S
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Rakudo on MoarVM takes the spectest crown http://t.co/ZR7A2vFXFa #perl6
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Don't act on climate change! There's no consensus! HT @MrPolyatheist Cartoon by Greg Perry. http://t.co/CTAiew27Ui
Retweeted by cognominalIf I ever run a hotel I'm putting a copy of "On the Origin of Species" in every drawer
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Node.js docs as a book. I have it on my Kindle. http://t.co/SY6SzoOxRA
Retweeted by cognominalThe best kind of justice. #Mozilla https://t.co/3xF93TUs1n
Retweeted by cognominal10/Corollary: Terms other than valuation matter a great deal. Wide range of abusive/punitive terms exist aside from valuation, do get used.
Retweeted by cognominal7/We are advising our companies to be highly skeptical of outside-SV high-valuation private offers; validate investor ethics carefully.
Retweeted by cognominal12/Web would be a sparse & barren place without Brendan's work. I can't argue with his decision, but can't wait to see what he does next.
Retweeted by cognominal11/So, if you like your browser, your Firefox, and/or your Javascript, whatever your political beliefs, you owe Brendan a debt of gratitude.
Retweeted by cognominal9/I called Jim Barksdale who was on AOL-TW board; with Jim's help, Mitchell Baker and Brendan successfully established Mozilla Foundation.
Retweeted by cognominal8/Years later, after Netscape/AOL and AOL/TimeWarner mergers, Brendan called me to see if I could help free Mozilla into a nonprofit.
Retweeted by cognominal6/At the time I thought Java would dominate client and Javascript would dominate server; turned out reverse happened for 10+ years.
Retweeted by cognominal5/Sun asked us to embed their new Java into browser; in return we forced them to accept name "Javascript" for Livescript. They hated that!
Retweeted by cognominal4/He single-handedly wrote Livescript, first version in 3 months. Built into browser. Created modern web programming. Borrowed Java syntax.
Retweeted by cognominal3/We decided we needed a scripting language for web browsers and web servers. We investigated every option. Brendan said, I can build one.
Retweeted by cognominal2/Brendan was one of the very first Netscape engineers, joined from Microunity, a famous venture-backed chip startup fiasco at that time.
Retweeted by cognominal1/Two quick Brendan Eich stories:
Retweeted by cognominal@place_beauvau #flicsvoyou … Moi : "vous pouvez bouger svp" Lui : "c'est pour pas qu'on le vole". Ne bouge pas. Hilare, son collègue aussi.@place_beauvau #flicsvoyous Métro Laumière 16h25 inspection des billets,1 Flic adossé à 1 panneau de signalisation le masquant & le sachantDrive-in clinic for the Polio shot, Los Angeles, 1960 http://t.co/ESi8GLzBh7
Retweeted by cognominalThe Tragedy of Mozilla http://t.co/UbQkY018Oa
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A Complete List of Foundational JavaScript Tools: https://t.co/cnhQpgmGZ1
Retweeted by cognominalI'm glad Eich resigned, but I won't pretend it doesn't also feel like we did the same kind of public shaming used by "moral majorities"
Retweeted by cognominalMerci @laquadrature et celles/ceux qui se sont mobilisés et celles/ceux qui ont voté ce 3 avril 2014 : http://t.co/rFbvgHtN6r #netneutrality
Retweeted by cognominalWatch Chile's tsunami take over the entire Pacific Ocean in this terrifying animation http://t.co/PU8UrfoBTA http://t.co/jZK3D2MP1Z
Retweeted by cognominal“@HacimMb: “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman..." B. Obama - April 17, 2008 #uninstallfirefox” #forgive.OKCupid was outraged over one man's views 5 years ago, meanwhile 4000 babies were murdered today.
Retweeted by cognominal@HacimMb ironically, the more intolerant, dogmatic are those who represent minorities that have been violently opressed. Sick revenge need?@HacimMb Yea. About the Brendan incident, I am sick of a world where almost every single lobby goes over the board making them obnoxious
@mozilla what message of tolerance is the act of expulsing someone to who we owe so much because he is less than perfect? Cowards@mozilla you did not ask a public confession from Brendan? This witch hunt is a disgrace for the LGBT movt and the people who bent to them
Ou alors, il s'agit de passéistes qui pensent que le cartable est l'avenir de l'éducation. Va savoirAu vu du logo, il s'agit de la promotion du numérique pour éviter la scoliose due au cartable trop lourd :) http://t.co/RUsnOEBY0e
Cigarettes were promoted as being good for health, till early 1950s. http://t.co/zTWmU0jDCe
Retweeted by cognominalEt sinon, j'ai beaucoup ri à cette note de @Boutonnologue http://t.co/9OTpLww4Y8
Retweeted by cognominalDifference between engineer and manager : “@SciencePorn: http://t.co/EhmpsgtKL3
@bugbrother c'est pas un nom de candy, mais babar, le virus "français", sonne comme un nom de projet AmesysNeat idea - a map that shows the slope of streets in a town... http://t.co/TSzw6tAAgt
Retweeted by cognominal"Jesus may save, but Buddha recycles" : fun answer to a troll named "Jesus saves.". Mc Leod's book is excellent btw http://t.co/zzFQVt7dz5
SUCCESS: 26/26 (100%) Tests passed http://t.co/Eh4tzKgiQV
Retweeted by cognominal"Les réseaux sociaux qui permettent à tous de s'exprimer [conduisent] au discrédit des dirigeants et fragilisent les démocraties." #Pigasse
Retweeted by cognominalMorceaux choisis de "l'Éloge de l'anormalité" par Matthieu #Pigasse (DG de la banque Lazard) http://t.co/qm6aezrKsJ via @monolecte
Retweeted by cognominalHomeopathic remedies recalled for containing real medicine http://t.co/aNTLmtNHYh
Retweeted by cognominal@bortzmeyer @sdouche et doublement prioritaire si le casting du film à streamer inclut Léa SeydouxA conversation with Doug Engelbart, Alan Kay, Ted Nelson, and Tim Berners-Lee. http://t.co/MzDGuqugcp
Retweeted by cognominalU.S. National Guard troops block off Beale Street as Civil Rights marchers pass by in Memphis, Tennessee, 1968. http://t.co/COLW2ES7D6
Retweeted by cognominal@puellavulnerata @zerology i don’t want to leave in a world where people confuse conviction with fashion. La mode est ce qui se démode.Your perspective? - @alexia: Does a low Retweet:Favorite ratio on tweets mean that it's true but people are afraid to admit/endorse it?
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J'ai fait 5312 points à 2048, un jeu où fusionner les nombres fait gagner gros ! @2048_game https://t.co/3apmeMHliH http://t.co/cQ9X4E1fBY
In 1986, lawmakers wrote America's mandatory crack cocaine penalties in a few days using the advice of a perjurer http://t.co/LHWqdYXFAf
Retweeted by cognominalUmm... "Putin has engineered the baldest violation of state sovereignty since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait" http://t.co/YVwVlCQjJV
Retweeted by cognominalfascinating list of things that are accidentally Turing-Complete: http://t.co/1YQ5qGxp65
Retweeted by cognominalSomeone was testing string realloc performance and #perl beat all: http://t.co/1SYjCtlJ4t http://t.co/CFzkFFfS7s
Retweeted by cognominal"Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book": Why America's new "warrior cops" are out of control http://t.co/qsfYKyghHO
Retweeted by cognominal#banksy http://t.co/3GDggBeYuV
Retweeted by cognominalPeople say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish... but that's only if it's done properly. http://t.co/r2XbnGPoqA
Retweeted by cognominalThere's nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place. http://t.co/Z3DzqSt6R9
Retweeted by cognominal#banksy http://t.co/Z9JkgAEr82
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#Kerviel - « Responsable, mais pas coupable » et « Le lampiste est le vrai coupable », par Michel Leis http://t.co/a7iaUbVVJX
Retweeted by cognominalInternet : outil de collaboration ou de domination ? - http://t.co/S1Wjbev9vc“@nytimes: Don't worry, get Botox http://t.co/SYhI7Khahy” Cornell University via NYT? Serious? This obvious fake belongs to theonion
Was this #Pakistan censors ordering @nytimes to do this, @Sulliview? http://t.co/mQe3uhfHck http://t.co/8fg96YXtnF h/t @nycjim
Retweeted by cognominalDouglas Adams brilliantly describes our reactions to technology over time. http://t.co/o6m3QaC1Pk (via @DigitalEthno)
Retweeted by cognominalGood Morning Tweeties. Have a nice start into this new week. I love this pic!! @IntEngineering: http://t.co/bSLdoJ0QOQ
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All the other Picpoul de Pinets are afraid of it. #badass http://t.co/2nBiOD3wIT
Retweeted by cognominal@S_Tronche @stevendutartre on craint une vague de selfies à Corbeil Essones? :)@ISNJH @jstogdill the balaclava is an hommage to a crimean town :).@mjdominus Speaking of flexagons, you may enjoy this: https://t.co/jfbQmHkF26
Retweeted by cognominalgit debugging flowchart http://t.co/WFGPDefaKy
Retweeted by cognominalHow the polarization of light explains the Big Bang and the very birth of the cosmos http://t.co/ft7ukaYpCd
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Dear GCHQ, thank you. Without you, us French people wouldn't know our secret services are cooperating with @orange http://t.co/4hLYWIuMYU
Retweeted by cognominalVersion 4.0 is totally out. Multiple selections. Sublime Text bindings. Module loader compatibility. And more! See https://t.co/XAQau5DtdT
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.@CUNYLawSJP: Censorship of Palestine solidarity work becoming new normal on American campuses http://t.co/d6U8lBLKrh http://t.co/407DowhZ0a
Retweeted by cognominalThis is what very bad air quality looks like from space http://t.co/ZoTWT4ywv8 via @nasa http://t.co/gSESQxwBWL
Retweeted by cognominal@mjdominus You looking for this? http://t.co/LkKJTno4uz
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Bridgestone: Check your tyres. Save a life. http://t.co/56ryIr2nJO
Retweeted by cognominalok, here we go... The Guardian publishes my piece on Bank of England admitting post-Keynesians are right http://t.co/aQsQVCyE1V
Retweeted by cognominalFormer Apple marketing exec talks Steve Jobs, Apple as product 'launch machine' http://t.co/SQiyyWNmzG
Retweeted by cognominalJust played 4D-puzzler Miegakure by @marctenbosch and OK wow. Amazing design. Will write up on RPS later.
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*weeps* RT @MeetAnimals For anyone feeling a bit sad, here's a picture from a woman who makes Teddy Bears for her rat http://t.co/PkOIuffvIa
Retweeted by cognominal:-) http://t.co/ECJqhpbO8c
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Lengths to which CIA now going to cover up show that torture not only scars victims but also corrupts perpetrators. http://t.co/x9AguH4Imp
Retweeted by cognominalLarry Wall: 5 Programming Languages Everyone Should Know http://t.co/TpKEdcbtuS "It depends" :)
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Yup. #Surveillance #Secrecy #Hypocrisy #FOIA #WhatGoesAroundComesAround http://t.co/U1Hf2o74Bh
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Grmf. JSON isn’t actually a subset of JavaScript. http://t.co/y4kuoecKyc
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