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@lukelang @dazwest congrat! RT @teresahorscroft £1.2m raise by @Crowdcube in 16 minutes - #worldrecord @Telegraph http://t.co/BxnHGfkQ9y#MustWatchNow @bbciplayer Sir @ChrisHoy How To Win Gold http://t.co/xcspJ4AOE4 w/ Bril tips @BeckAdlington @andy_murray @LennoxLewis #ChessRT @GarethWong Bril coverage 4 @OsamaRezg 's Dragunov @TheEconomist @mathieu_galtier http://t.co/2PKQdTTlOP will it be subtitled +arrive EU?
RT @FCSpotlight: We're taught to believe that pride is a negative emotion, but new research suggests not http://t.co/6dMMi9EZoV @samleecole@AP Bandits in drought-stricken Nrthn India threaten to kill villagers unless they deliver 35 buckets of water a day http://t.co/LsIcPjjFNwNice @sterosenthal The 2014 @GoogleUK #impactchallenge finalists, +judges @HelenGou.Vote now http://t.co/Q7naYIXeDl http://t.co/j10p5WQ89g
RT @GarethWong Gr8 interview @slyubomirsky on happiness psychology http://t.co/AeTCCnKeEZ @MalcolmBrabant @mikewaltercctv @FullFrameCCTVNice! RT @IETCommunities: Free event, an introduction to #hybrid buses from @TfLOfficial @TheIET #YearoftheBus http://t.co/DCzbRylVlG#MustTakeResponsibility Parents+Celebs @EleanorMills White lie 2 keep them off white lines http://t.co/u5XpM6oMtx @lilyallen @McEnroeTweets
Retweeted by CXO EuropeAstonishing story from @maxseddon of bodies from Malaysia Airlines crash being left to rot in a deserted station http://t.co/6jclzdpBCw
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @gadyepstein Sunday reading: Really enjoyed this profile of Silicon Valley's supreme tech journalist @karaswisher http://t.co/XVkgNhWCci
RT @GarethWong Wow @cameroon2076 really loved @ApesMoviesUk ! Look 4ward2 @KingsmanMovie Secret Service http://t.co/O8DeIPhWBKRT @MarshaCollier Edward Snowden: @Dropbox is 'Hostile 2 Privacy' http://t.co/SRngO5DvR8 #tech @ianpaul @Jemimakiss http://t.co/Aa0XtxEKzx
RT @nytimes Littering is now a more expensive infraction than possessing an ounce of marijuana in Washington, D.C. http://t.co/lpZJVovq4xagree RT @TedCantle development of 'the five stages of intercultural competence' a skill we all now need https://t.co/H1NqQYieoW @c2ctweetsRT @GarethWong very well said! 没有一件工作不辛苦! http://t.co/iRi2XaeFNx No work is not hard work.RT @GarethWong time 2sort market? @Mark_Beech Gowex Chief Orchestrated Sham Hiding Lies in Plain Sight http://t.co/0BJbW7nMn3 @BloombergNewsGosh! RT @Hayley_Barlow: NEW: Eyewitness photos capture horror of MH17 crash in Ukraine http://t.co/lSyn7vRCwg #c4news @Channel4News
RT @GarethWong Major! RT @BenLawsky announcement describing the new proposed virtual currency rules. #bitcoin http://t.co/ZpIVVtH7oJ @NYDFS
RT @GarethWong @GonzalezCarmen video #CloudExpo Keynote w/ @Infor CEO Charles Phillips http://t.co/bGtWIJru5G #Infor #BigData #IoT @CPInfor@wardlemclean gr8 article @CRapaille on human imprinting;demonstrates value of talking & (reptilian) buttons http://t.co/q3tPKGRomh @HolycowRT @FortuneMagazine: Why is tech M&A booming? http://t.co/9Le7y2uLSn @eringriffith Nice panel @danprimack https://t.co/aK688qRhMY @joshk
@ProfSJoseph What r 3 Things Authentic People Do? @PsychToday http://t.co/Iywq23gtAT How2Grow Close By Asking RightQs http://t.co/btCiKnjWzb
@FestivalofArch FESTIVAL OF BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGY 2014 at Tower of Londn 19-20Jul 11-16:00,Find UR inner indiana jones! http://t.co/alNxgncyzrRT @GarethWong #PowerAddict @suzanfraser @desmondbutler Turkish PM Erdogan seeks a move to the presidency (from @AP) http://t.co/JQBae77djcWhy wait until UR on TV, Challenge URself now! Where-ever U R! Be the new Muj! Slum Survivors, Lagos http://t.co/g8HUR2665N @BBCiPlayer
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @GarethWong not bad! Germany vs Argentina #EconCup @GavinHJackson trying to be funny about football & economics http://t.co/m9MbRM4GEu
@bbcstoryville @bbciPlayer http://t.co/1VmD2t2r0a Lance Armstrong Story 'horribly fascinating' @Telegraph http://t.co/zo7KSd7PP9 #MustWatchRT @GarethWong @MoorgateMermaid China's growth rates called into question by independent global report http://t.co/IGTISC4T77"Need2 Disrupt rating! RT @janatindex We r proud 2partner w/ @CreditBenchmark & leading their Ser A http://t.co/fJmJaYRCa4 cc @ophelia_brown
RT @GarethWong nice @museumgirlldn Can't wait for Ships, Clocks & Stars @NMMGreenwich? @beckyfh preview http://t.co/f8CA5UAGfz #WhereOnEarthRT @nytimes ‘A Threat to Internet Freedom’ http://t.co/gYzHvutRJM @knappB indeed but Internet is free, who will invest on infrastructure?RT @GarethWong Balanced is key RT @ISSFAL2014 Which dietary fats r good 4 your gut? The answer & related research: http://t.co/1Ibtr8qKWS
Alcohol ads linked to underage drinkers' favorite brands http://t.co/G5d4cLJiby @reuters @camyjhu @JohnsHopkinsSPH http://t.co/SgDe83Eg3URT @GarethWong Indeed! @BillGates Has Brazil's cash-transfer program helped reduce poverty? Interesting read http://t.co/haufpH59Uq @jpazvdRT @Rushbook Cut short UR 10,000 hours of practice! Malcolm @Gladwell got it wrong. Now go & play. http://t.co/J1dkhlskSa @drake_baer
RT @CandaceKuss: Nice look behind the scenes of the mega #CannesLions winning Volvo Test Series by @A_J @Contagious http://t.co/IdRs1o7lnZ
The Richest Songs in the World: http://t.co/6n2rVTCgMk @bbciplayer @BBCRadMac Nice countdown, brilliant songs & gr8 archive footages! Bril!RT @GarethWong: @sparky000 Rake turns down top job at Barclays | via @Telegraph http://t.co/wIR857fF5e understandable
#MustWatch RT @BBCiPlayer .@DrPamelaCox charts the history of #shopgirl for @BBCTwo. Episode 1. mid-19th century: http://t.co/N9tM2vLh7I@GarethWong @ChristophHooton All the World Cup teams that abstained from sex have been eliminated http://t.co/oyap9UGlAi funny, same4Tennis?
RT @GarethWong Need 2 fix! @VanderHoeven_M In 2013 world’s 14bn inefficient online electronic devices wasted $80bn http://t.co/eWZ243TwZhRT @GarethWong Happy independence day 2 my US buddies! RT @Londonist where to celebrate 4 July in London http://t.co/K3bBFHEads
@GarethWong Opportunity lost!? My @Be_Champion Challenge4 @Mashable @petecashmore @Twitter True Power of #1Connection http://t.co/xVqvBxojV3RT @sciencemuseum: Thanks to @Ph_lor for tweeting. You can see more of #smMindMaps in this behind the scenes video https://t.co/s2jN7alnQt@jeancase: What is impact Investing and how to measure it? Smart approach from @elittlefield CEO of @opicgov http://t.co/iukVUtBs52 #impinvGr8 RT @Aus_ScienceWeek Wow! RT @guardianscience Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014:the shortlist - in pictures http://t.co/GuIWxseHaf
RT @jtozz: Sexism at the hook-up app company isn't shocking. But the Tinder scandal is even nastier... http://t.co/t1uzmoT0Go @NickSummersRT @GarethWong RT @comradewong: I beat the algorithm on NYT Twitter game but came in behind @NickKristof. What abt U? http://t.co/75Z4ADLoG4RT @GarethWong Well Said! RT @givingwhatwecan What should U think about b4 choosing a top charity to give to? https://t.co/DuaJ5evr2V@BoingBoing @jlw discovered best flour 4homemade pizza. His kid & dogs agree it is awesome http://t.co/USviNqo0Ip http://t.co/pzRyRrQfds
NEW: Supreme Court Decision is a Game Changer for Economic Development on Aboriginal Lands http://t.co/Li3XewRRBj #sustainability
Retweeted by CXO Europe@kwaakreports @psy_oppa "Hangover": 84% of Korean women drink regularly. http://t.co/FxZaFzznza http://t.co/RR5y6LInpR @Jason_Strothe @wsj
Cash=King RT @bbhlondon our planning superbrain Heather Alderson @WRENSHIP @MarketingUK today abt real effectiveness http://t.co/sWGUZABHwH.@FT on @BIS_org warning re fragility of market rebound-Longtime sceptic of unorthodoxy @Sam1Fleming @claire_jones81 http://t.co/9CE7bWDyDW
Retweeted by CXO Europe
RT @GarethWong wow RT @BBCPanorama Hacking: Power, Corruption & Lies http://t.co/oIVmPpkspt @bbciplayer #phonehacking @peston cc @tom_watson
@StevenACohen Investors march towards #sustainability as @SASB prov. standards 4 Non-Renewable Resources http://t.co/pabOCqmsOI @dinamedland
Gr8 @longitude_prize @trisdyson #antibiotics http://t.co/t1qc47SMvp China http://t.co/Sn0jJUwzsC @sinoceros http://t.co/rfPYm91NoU @MarynmckRT @GarethWong Nice! @CityAM Neil Miller @LinklatersLLP's role in groundbreaking Islamic bond issuance http://t.co/YK6MyVeedg @Tim_WallaceNice! RT @ryb People celebrating #Ramadan can now use Twitter to find out when they can break fast each day: https://t.co/zpFPzecrwj #EidRT @GarethWong RT @FortuneMagazine: Think Whole Foods prices are too high? California does http://t.co/CMFDwgKKBd @WriterSnyder
@NickGrono 's letter @NYTimes http://t.co/UCABVVJ17C @freedom_fund Thai Seafood Is Contaminated by #HumanTrafficking http://t.co/AVUcUvPdZg
RT @GarethWong #MustWatch @ftlive Christian Louboutin panel re Asia ,Turkey & Africa @ #FTLuxury Summit @ftluxury360 http://t.co/fEVRYtKzzORT @LSEpublicevents: Listen 2talk by Zainab Hawa Bangura @UN Special Rep on Sexual Violence in Conflict @ LSE #LSEsv http://t.co/Th7M7DLJEHFears mount over asset managers’ shadow banking operations http://t.co/an6Rrs7xZ2 @EmDunks @Tom_J_Brown can't mitigate system risks @100bn+Carlyle Raises $1 Billion 4 Financial Company Investing http://t.co/h5eX1cAq8v @BloombergNews run by Olivier https://t.co/VWfGuKD7k2pls don't leave me any voicemails on my @VodafoneUK numbers, as I have no access to it! the technical guy is trying to sort this week again.RT @GarethWong @citizenrobert Read all about it: an update on Trust Me, PR Is Dead http://t.co/ZT1eGFmnjm @unbounders http://t.co/HMdxEPd4AORT @GarethWong ;-) for sure RT @inc: 10 Phrases Remarkably Unsuccesful People Always Use http://t.co/FpWWRI0ZYc @jmbrandonbb
@ThamKhaiMeng @neiltyson We Must Celebrate Innovators or 'Move Back In2 the Cave' http://t.co/boOQpwHfbl #canneslions http://t.co/sPhZSpJJrR@ST_Business Secret angel paves the way 4our first trillion-dollar company http://t.co/R48NWnvmHA @KikiLoizou Bril! @Founders4School @scoutuRT @Garethwong RT @ForbesAsia: Huawei's Sun Yafang tops new Forbes China list of powerful women. By @rflannerychina http://t.co/rZlP5tSBFDWe should all drop the trendy but goalless saying "change the world" & adopt #FixTheWorld =more converged efforts? Would this #SaveTheWorld?
Retweeted by CXO EuropeShocking @SCMP_News: Beijing residents spend a quarter of their lives with illnesses or disabilities: study http://t.co/WZJgjkifPJRT @GarethWong gr8 @BoingBoing: Weekend fun: Build a micro-sized first-person-view quadcopter! http://t.co/aCgW4WQbDH http://t.co/UlayEfDUj9RT @Garethwong @eaterofsun @ken_Goldberg discussed robots in our everyday lives on NPR recently http://t.co/efq18jOnE7 @theeconomistRT @routers Chinese sponsor demands changes to 'Transformers 4' film http://t.co/g2p5fkWSLF another payday for sure!
RT @Garethwong Game of Phones: Hot new smartphone games http://t.co/ZuNig8NFXhRT @GarethWong 5 Key Takeaways From Startling Global Refugee Report - http://t.co/Js2jGa9OK0 @WorlfRefugeeDay report: http://t.co/xI38igCuzjRT @jafurtado Clayton Christensen Responds to New Yorker Takedown of 'Disruptive Innovation' Q&A @DrakepBennett http://t.co/PZXSLiVS26"
.@GarethWong Indeed they need @SteveTappin + us @Comaford CEOs Sometimes Need Outside Help @HarvardBiz http://t.co/Z9CQVWA5lJ @brookmanvilleBril @centreforlondon Panel @bruce_katz @LeadbeaterCh @brosewell @SteveCaddick @stianwestlake on https://t.co/ZhyZ8cmDJPPls2Meet @bruce_katz @BrookingsMetro What British cities can learn from Detroit http://t.co/5H650ukfnR https://t.co/MBDXWBqUAiRT @GarethWong wow @vhils1: Dissection // Lisbon // Alcântara // more info on the show go to: http://t.co/YQUYR3lIWF http://t.co/kAmOYelwxJRT @Garethwong @WSJ "Citizen solvers" have received more than 350 government & philanthropic prizes http://t.co/zNNOoenQwh @carolineporter.@GarethWong Job well done, congrat! @AllisterHeath A  parting thought: Britain needs 2learn 2love capitalism http://t.co/KSN0wI6jRG @CityAMRt @Garethwong RT @TheEconomist: Amazon's new '3D' smartphone: On fire or a washout? http://t.co/TlLFjC6xYc http://t.co/1PXw6fXBul
Can exercise close achievement gap? http://t.co/rXiX0AD0OA @bechang8 @ProfessorTine @Pacificstand Daily #SelfChallenge #KeepFailuresAway
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @GarethWong RT @MJGottlieb Lessons In Failure from Shark Tank’s Daymond John http://t.co/N7vJvFKEwG @MaryMichelleS @DavidKWilliamsGr8 insights hosted @annaedwardsnews + @scoutu @BCG @Layfield @MichaelMandel @Londontechweek #LDNTechWeek @CVaughanPR http://t.co/oo1pWtIK0eRT @GarethWong @BCG_TMT .@BCG's Dominic Field on how London is Perceived as a Top Tech Hub: BCG via @BloombergTV http://t.co/IEunFRVMGTNice @annaedwardsnews The science of viral video @sarahfwood of Unruly Media- that name raises eyebrows at borders! http://t.co/YvlvpAh680
RT @GarethWong Y! @stianwestlake #RobotEconomy book out now @ryanavent @Frances_Coppola @hawesie @izakaminska @gsvoss http://t.co/pYG9Hpnto7Gr8 2see @DParkerIIP Bril. @StartmeupHK @Level39CW @IamLaraMorgan @tadeyoola @anandverma @RussShaw1 @DougRichard @nick_giles #StartmeupHKRT@richardlambert5: My speech from this morning's @CISI conf is available on our website http://t.co/mgGLQHDsR6 #cisi2014 #BSRC #CorpGov
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @BBCNewsAsia Locked & loaded? How @aiww started an internet 'leg gun' craze: http://t.co/1rAyDDnKVn @BBCtrending http://t.co/WyoVsWrzZk
RT @NCA_UK Alert Reminder: Still time to reduce threat from powerful malicious software. More: http://t.co/7zmG2yeKCe http://t.co/pR6ArrderHAmazon Prime subs spend $538/year, almost 2X everyone else: http://t.co/adCfINf6tp But 1/3 never watch free video: http://t.co/xZnORF5Qpa
Retweeted by CXO Europewould elite really want change? RT @clive_gardiner: "Why boarding schools produce bad leaders" http://t.co/t1MagPYQ1y @guardian @nickduffellRT @GarethWong A "Coolest Dad" Card money can't buy https://t.co/u6Qzwotk6g
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