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Because of http://t.co/l4NYaSahlg I will, hopefully only till the end of today, think of He-Man every time I type sudo su. #ihavethepower
Apply by May 1st to volunteer for @makerfaire_van June 7 & 8. Volunteers make #yvr's biggest show & tell happen! http://t.co/p0BiDOXw1o
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyHaving fun in my announcing course, it's been a very long time since I've focused on something in the physical realm. Also a bit scary!
Introduced to a new form of sugary death, rice krispy squares with fruit loops. I don't like rice krispy squares, but sadly I liked these.Back home from Easter in Vernon. It was a good visit, which took the sting out of paying for Fan Expo and missing it.
@604ninja Okanagan eventually. Not sure when I'll get away, though.Although I am looking forward to specific events this long weekend, I am not looking forward to the frenetic pace.@604ninja You look like you're ready for the rav!
Class was great! In group lab we took turns recording script reads. After some serious reads we cut loose & had fun, er "took risks". Fun!Starting the 1st class of Radio and TV Announcing. OMG, my classmates are all babies!
In my building people are allowed to leave things in the hall for others to collect. It's wonderful. So much stuff reused, not tossed.
The gremlins are being especially mischievous today
My experience to date w/WordPress: it's only "simple and easy" if you don't want to customize it. I'm on the same learning curve as Drupal.
@stargazy Self correcting problem thanks to sun burn ;)Treated myself to breakfast at the Tomahawk, now it's time to get to work.@Adrian_Charlie I wonder if the average age has to do with Karen Gillan's former role as Dr Who companion?
If you replace the word "Canada" in "Blame Canada" with "Javascript", it works way better than it should.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyCome see me talk about marketing your work on a panel at the @NSWritersFest tomorrow at 10 am: http://t.co/uC6Wk7lSoT
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@BCITStoryToGo Good to hear!
That should be: Quite happy w/editing on final project, but I learned never to edit using laptop speakers. The stuff you don't hear, omg!Companies dealing with Heartbleed: we need to know two things. 1) If you've patched 2) If you've installed new certs. Tell us, prominently.
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery*sigh* The Online News class is cancelled. :( Taking the Announcing class, instead. Not looking forward to the BCIT Burnaby campus commute.Quit happy w/editing on final project, but I learned never to edit using laptop speakers. The stuff you don't hear, omg!Finally checked my Audio Sound Design marks. 80% on the "hot mess" final project! Comment was "Nice job, some problems with processing" :)LOL, @CarlBessai must have once used this office, we just received junk mail addressed to him. :)Tips from a non-musician on using music in your audio story: http://t.co/QECP6RYNNZ@CatherineOmega LEDs sound like a better idea than CFLs!Thanks for the CFL, all!
Just experienced my first burnt out CFL bulb. Must figure out where to dispose of the toxic bugger.
To hell with researching smaller electronics. Let's put the money into finding ways of making street construction quieter!
Hey, spreading the word, please vote for my sci-fi short film project! http://t.co/WzAXhucx0Y
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery
This is awesome! RT @sparkcbc: A bio-reactor pen that produces its own ink http://t.co/GZ14tlHHH3 (cc @brittwray)
Looking for theme music for a new project. It's all about emotional response, so good task for when my brain has shut down.Mostly fun day of working with AngularJS. Very happy the right project came along at the right time.@bcit @BCITStoryToGo Someone should let the BCST dept know that http://t.co/JzS4BYbX91 is more accurate than http://t.co/7hvLUcJwjC
@dale42 Exciting! We’re hosting a live Q&A w/ the co-director Dave Kellett tomorrow (4/4) @ 1:30pCT. Jump in using #StrippedFilm!
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyHow to Bake Scientifically Accurate Cake Planets http://t.co/PMn4Jpk4l6 Wowsers!I bought a copy of @strippedfilm at ECCC and have a viewing party set up this weekend with friends. Can't wait!Really nice interview w the directors of @strippedfilm over at @washingtonpost, on why Watterson is the coolest guy… http://t.co/q5zWT6JQVR
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery
Probably going to take the Online Journalism course at BCIT downtown. It's not like I don't already spend all day on web stuff :)Deciding on a Spring course. BCIT Announcing or Voice course looks good except for schlepping to Burnaby, esp w/Skytrain maint ongoing :(@stargazy Accept no substitutes! :)
@_Reinette It's still refuses to grow up, I'm afraid :) http://t.co/EPW9zhiUewMy gods, I just found stationary older than some of my work colleagues!!! If you were born after 1980 I have paper older than you!Going to try hand writing a birthday letter. Haven't done this since the last century.My gods I'd forgotten how slow the USB interface is on my H1 recorder!Cataloguing/storing ambient audio I recorded at Emerald City Comic. Hoping to make some time later this month to put together a soundscape.@xalking Merge conflicts are the dark underbelly of version control no one wants to talk about in their happy intro articles :(BCIT Audio Sound Design Class is done \0/ I put around 16 hours of time into my final project. It was a glorious hot mess of learning!This: http://t.co/RTSRiOa8RN
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyOnce joked about writing a book for parents called 'Fuck it, pasta' https://t.co/vC1H5r8ZbG Doing the next best thing http://t.co/McmMDgnXWp
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@themarina I saw it in the theatres the first time it came through :)
Our writing contest - four categories, $thousands in prizes - opens TOMORROW, April 1. Get ready!http://t.co/0V0AwJmfuF
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@themarina You and Dan both! @ErikGrove @bleedingcool@ReneeStephen What? RS232 is still used? I think I still remember how to boot a VAX cluster if you ever have need.Back home from Emerald City Comicon. Sunday went so fast. The Con was a lot of fun. Working on a blog (no, really!), more to come.I received a scarily convincing phishing email regarding a GMail account. Bastards.
Apparently Days of Wonder has stated that the board game sales go up when a tablet version is released. It's complimentary, not competitive.Some one has coined the term "analog" for physical board games, not sure how I feel about this.Going over the ECCC schedule for today. Love this panel title!: I Have No Sewing Machine But I Must Cosplay!As strange as it is watching people stand in front of mics, the @NightValeRadio live show was fun. Now I want to see WZZZ/GlaDOS story! :)Also hit the R2D2 build track. Some year I will build a robot, but not this year! http://t.co/Tyw4Ur4jbw is apparently THE resource.Spent most of ECCC in the cosplay track. I firmly believe cosplayers are among some of the most creative people in the world!It's a little strange getting pennies in change, again. Thankfully I'm mostly buying Con coffee/food, so I can dump into tips.
Nice, ECCC has a Friday cosplay track!Arrived in Seattle last night, Emerald City Comicon Day 1 has begun!
@themarina Oh no!
Need a preview of April's opening titles? Check out the latest episode of After the Credits! Now live @rowthree! http://t.co/R3IrbXA4kZ
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@MinorMogul That course description is out of date.Audio Sound Design 1 at BCIT http://t.co/Sg5pRNEvEd I'm probably spending more time that my fellow students b/c I have my own gear.Spent 4.5 hours last night editing 23 min of raw interview audio to 8 min for my final class project. Fun, but must streamline workflow!
Top 5 Core Differences Between Bootstrap 3 and Foundation 5 https://t.co/FlwBjMzkUY
@MinorMogul Do you know the name of the Tom Lee Music equivalent in Seattle? Is there one? My Google-Fu fails me.@GrammarGirl Perhaps of interest: Break Grammar Rules on Websites for Clarity - Nielsen Norman Group http://t.co/v9yYAKiABt
Hey Internets, any suggestions on where I can buy generic cloth bags for item storage?Clicking Bad http://t.co/mtPjqrojeV Goatees, nerdy specs, and the Meth Star.
@sillygwailo Shite. Damn off by 1 errors.I wish I didn't have a class tonight. This Amanda Palmer thing looks like fun: http://t.co/SWiKxpjzff@stargazy Maybe more like Jake + Anti-Jake = WTF@themarina Yes. Yes it is.
Oops, that's ENEMY, not PUBLIC ENEMY.@themarina According to the Googles, the quote is "Chaos is order yet undeciphered"@themarina It was fun, I'll be thinking on PUBLIC ENEYMY for a while. Maybe even like THE FOUNTAIN.So. PUBLIC ENEMY ... WTF?!?! This is a movie for people who like to work (hard) to find meaning. I defy you to guess the ending.At 5pm screening of PUBLIC ENEMY, of the 20 people in the theatre one is a friend and one is a friend of a friend. #crazybutcool #smallworld
@rtanglao +1 for nostalgic. Ah, the horrible wonderful horrible buffets with friends in my 20's!Unfolding an 18th-century Game Table https://t.co/K5WWvD10FNDebunking the Myth of the 10,000-Hours Rule: What It Actually Takes to Reach Genius-Level Excellence http://t.co/1pKy15oXzh
@BCITStoryToGo Thanks for the info.
Damn you learning by failure. I really wanted to practice interviewing, not how-not to phrase an interview request & put someone on the spot
The first three riffs on the iconic Rosie the Riveter were cool. Four plus, not so much.I'M NOT PAYING FOR YOUR FOOD STAMPS WITH MY HARD-EARNED INHERITANCE #whitemanmarchprotestsigns
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@MinorMogul Sadly no, mostly general kabitzing, not specifics.@MinorMogul Some think so, I'd love to try my voice on one and see. The RE320 seems a lower end version of the RE20. Love to try that, too.@MinorMogul I'm using SM58s and wondering about higher end dynamics like the RE20/320 and a few others generally recommended.@MinorMogul I've had really uneven service from @tomleemusic, but never that bad :)The service at the @LongMcQuade in North Vancouver today was awesome. Great bonus conversation about microphones.It's sad (to me) that both @tomleemusic and @LongMcQuade still don't get podcasting, corporately, at least. Look at iTunes, it's for realz.@BCITStoryToGo Does Online Journalism have an instructor, yet? Also, when is BCST 1148 - Interviewing for Radio & TV being offered again?In RP Electronics for 1st time in 15 years. Electronic supply stores are always full of promise and possibilities. I bought cables :)
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