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Dave Morin @davemorin California / Montana

Entrepreneur & Investor / Co-Founder & CEO @Path / Boards of @Eventbrite, @USSkiTeam, & @SFMOMA

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Electric Wakeboard by RADINN http://t.co/7eLaNQ4xbu@davidlee you could at least get a Moto X :)
@solomon @dmierau would know.
@bgmasters @peterthiel so happy for you both.Hurricane in Cabo has my wife and fam stranded. Not being evacuated, low on cash and supplies. Help! @statedept http://t.co/XkxzHQI8uu
Retweeted by Dave MorinDear Silicon Valley, Can I trade you 7 photo sharing apps and 3 food delivery apps for an app that gives me 5 hrs. of more battery life.
Retweeted by Dave MorinPower AM running around with @SteepSkiing & getting inspired @twitter @path @Liftopia!! See y'all in the mountains! http://t.co/YmxX20kDM1
Retweeted by Dave Morin@salsburyp #cashflowruleseverythingaroundme@scottyhendo @pmarca first real one. I'm still learning. Thanks for the tip. Let me know what else I can do to communicate better.@swaaanson indeed.14/It is by far the best book of all time on Silicon Valley, startups, and how to think about the future.13/For a truly fresh perspective on this I would suggest reading @peterthiel's new book @zerotoonebook which is coming out this week.12/There are too many insanely big problems that are possible to solve now, that just were not possible to solve then.11/But, comparing today to 1999 is just lazy in my opinion.10/And, even more important to very VERY carefully manage burn and to allocate capital to projects with the best possible return.9/Indeed it is important to focus on the generation of cash flow, which is the key driver of equity value in the long term.8/This is why you see 60+ buildings under construction in San Francisco right now.7/The economic opportunity is so big it is hard to put the human mind around it.6/Mobile will accelerate that growth to 6 billion people and beyond in the next few years.5/Today, that number has grown 10x to 2.8 BILLION. An order of magnitude.4/In 1999 there were 280 million people on the Internet, TOTAL.3/So that one can be either optimistic or pessimistic and thus make good decisions.2/Now, I don't know which way it is going to go, but I think it is important to understand the data.1/There is a lot of FUD in Silicon Valley right now referencing 1999 and an impending macro economic crisis or correction.@mccv @iano @sampullara @goldman funny, that is my DJ name too.@Pinboard @DaveCZombie it was a really bad joke. I am clearly the worst comedian ever.@thevideoanalyst @garyvee neither were first.@sanjaydastoor @Uber @BoostedBoards @JoshConstine there is nothing more tragic.@JoshConstine @Uber @BoostedBoards @sanjaydastoor hook him up!@JoshConstine @Uber no, it is telling you to get a @BoostedBoards.Are VC Investors Prepared to Manage Public Company Scale in Private Markets? https://t.co/R63y6MbUky
Retweeted by Dave MorinLet's do this @soulcycle. #wednesdayIt is more important to be last and right than first and wrong.@path you're the best app EVER! 😍😘
Retweeted by Dave Morin@path I wanna tell you something too "you are the best application in AppStore" β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘
Retweeted by Dave MorinI love you @path
Retweeted by Dave Morini love you @path
Retweeted by Dave Morin
@EvelynRusli @Everlane aren't we all. S/M/L works for no one. Maybe @mtailor will change the game?@EvelynRusli @kris @Everlane they do same day delivery in partnership with @Postmates.@EvelynRusli @Everlane version 1.0's are almost always failures. Give them a try again. It gets better every season.Too few university jobs for America's young scientists http://t.co/13C36e6ZwP http://t.co/qRPIY0qWnL
Retweeted by Dave MorinContinually impressed with the quality that the team at @Everlane is achieving at such extraordinary value.[Tuesday Tips]: Brake before a turn, not during the turn for best traction. http://t.co/CMoRjt1MVY
Retweeted by Dave MorinHow much money has Facebook invested in alternate UIs that get no traction? Home, Paper, Mentions, and now Moments: http://t.co/wQU7Oo0VW2
Retweeted by Dave Morin@mulligan @Cluster Classic. Or, how about words: Facebook is the new Microsoft.
"Why I'll Never Tell My Son He's Smart" http://t.co/sT6HMy5lWh. Read the op-ed by Sal Khan of @KhanAcademy - #YouCanLearnAnything
Retweeted by Dave Morin@chr1sa so true. As my co-founder @dmierau says: "Horses used to have important jobs, too. Until the Model T."@chr1sa I will believe we are "there" when my phone can talk to my computer when they are sitting next to each other ;)"The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything." - Edward PhelpsJust be careful kids: one day you're having fun playing Minecraft. The next day you're setting Internet Explorer as your default browser.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@davemorin no better way to start the day!
Retweeted by Dave Morin@delk @BoostedBoards no, but it should work fine for your commute. Two important things: wear helmet, avoid trolley tracks.Also, Happy Monday :)There is nothing better than 7AM @soulcycle.
@_am1t @JoeatDawn @path recruit your family, I promise you it will bring you closer together.@bnjs @panzer @TechCrunch going to try to start doing more of it. I wish there were too. You can count on them from us going forward :)Enjoyed the fireside chat with @panzer at @TechCrunch Disrupt this week. Transcript & video are up here: http://t.co/77w6dssAk5@path is really first app hits right balance between IM/Social....here's catch...it works best primarily w/ people u know in physical world
Retweeted by Dave Morin"Your best teacher is your last mistake." - Ralph Nader@britandco Thank you for providing a TRULY inspirational experience at #remake2014!! I vow to ALWAYS #livecreatively 😊
Retweeted by Dave MorinLittle boy bakers + women engineers at #remake2014. Welcome to the new world. @wiltoncakes http://t.co/pckz1ynh7t
Retweeted by Dave MorinRemake is a giant festival of makers. Think "Real life Etsy" the crowd builds rather than buys #remake2014 http://t.co/CNdbn58uAj
Retweeted by Dave MorinNothing like a view of the #MilkyWay first thing on Sunday morning. Beautiful http://t.co/L1TASzxP3B
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@zachklein agree.How do you like @davemorin's name tag? #girlboss #remake2014 http://t.co/IkgZ7KO6kH
Retweeted by Dave MorinThanks for the ride @davemorin...and @BoostedBoards, your product is crazy cool http://t.co/Y8lMiewVfU
Retweeted by Dave Morin@stephlong14 @BoostedBoards fun meeting you!Summer In San Francisco. (with @brit at Re:Make 2014) [pic] β€” https://t.co/NecCmT4mQq@DanielleMorrill ThreadFlipβ€œWe are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” - Charles R. Swindoll
@Twittlre no, it is great. Super well designed and compact given it's size.@alexeheath it was a bad joke. I'm clearly the worst comedian ever.@CameronBanga it was a bad joke. I'm clearly the worst comedian ever.@parks it was a bad joke. I'm clearly the worst comedian ever.@zkahn94 on it."Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein6+@equijada 6+.@jowyang great seeing you!"If you thought the Internet was big, this is going to be bigger" - @MarkHatch of @techshop on the maker revolution #remake2014
Retweeted by Dave MorinIntroducing our β€œ2014 State of the Maker Movement” Report! http://t.co/LYDUR7ougy #makerreport2014
Retweeted by Dave Morin10-30% of goods America imports from China will be made at home by the year 2020 (maybe by... you?) #remake2014 #iamcreative
Retweeted by Dave MorinPre-order our first book, Homemakers, now! http://t.co/UBUMFfVfmk #homemakers
Retweeted by Dave Morin"I am creative. That's what we at @BritandCo want adults to believe." -- @brit #remake2014
Retweeted by Dave Morin77% of adults feel like they've lost their creativity - have you? #remake2014
Retweeted by Dave MorinOpening Keynote! #iamcreative (with @brit at Re:Make 2014) [pic] β€” https://t.co/mIbsVirqOW
as something of an expert on the matter, leave the poor keynote scarf guy alone
Retweeted by Dave Morinβ€œThe competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time."-Henry Ford
Retweeted by Dave MorinHmm, maybe the iPhone 6 Plus is more my size. http://t.co/qv9Kw8EBaQ
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"The only way to have a friend is to be one."- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Retweeted by Dave MorinDelighted for all of @alexia @panzer & team's success with @TechCrunch Disrupt this year. Thanks for having @Path to the show today.Disrupt selfie @davemorin @LandoBeforeTime @dmarcato @stuartlevinson http://t.co/V21qMX4yQn
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Apple Watch (at Flint Center) [pic] β€” https://t.co/kwSX8ZCpfMDid not forget about Dre. http://t.co/fWNDpFhfYrThe Next Episode (feat. Snoop Dogg) by Dr. Dre β€” https://t.co/xoEa7m8w4WForgot About Dre (feat. Eminem) by Dr. Dre β€” https://t.co/44UoYdJ3F2U.S. Science Suffering From Booms And Busts In Funding http://t.co/fsZHUsIZAk@davemorin twas the night before Apple and all through the house, not a peripheral was blinking, not even a mouse...
Retweeted by Dave MorinChristmas Morning!
Theranos was in stealth mode for 11 years. #TCDisrupt
Retweeted by Dave Morin
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