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@NateChaseH thanks man! Glad that it is helpful.@gaberivera @sriramk @msquinn @ryanlawler Gabe I will talk to you for 3 hours anytime.
@intercom will do! cc @shehabhamad“More Tools for Creativity: Bringing Stickers to Photos & Thoughts” on Medium https://t.co/EuvFZ9ZTlcTrying @Path's new stickers 😍 (with 😴) [pic] — https://t.co/ZjPUVjRc60
Retweeted by Dave Morin@Path LOL http://t.co/s0CaUSgUAd
Retweeted by Dave MorinPath 4.3 just hit the App Store. Now with sticker moments. Enjoy. http://t.co/Cz05JpgOxJPath 4.3 is here. Now put stickers onto any photo or thought. Get creative! #stickermoments http://t.co/6IKCI4oWHc http://t.co/HYuUkcyA7p
Retweeted by Dave Morin@intercom thanks for the tweet! Big fan of what you guys are doing. We are looking at using Intercom in our next app.This is like "Find My Friends" app except with pets http://t.co/CivpguGlBv http://t.co/wJsbsuH1wg
Retweeted by Dave MorinJackson, Wyoming is about to get one of the world's first vertical farms: http://t.co/SLOnKIhWEL http://t.co/xvBSDnTns7
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@rabois @DanielleMorrill #zing“Unicorns vs. Horses” by @awilkinson https://t.co/IbLaw39CodRemembering Steve, who would have turned 60 today. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." http://t.co/0YD0gZ7jvm
Retweeted by Dave MorinHat-trick? When is the @karaswisher interview with @Pontifex?
Retweeted by Dave MorinUsually you recognize product market fit emotionally before it shows up in your official KPIs.
Retweeted by Dave MorinNever give up.
Retweeted by Dave MorinYour reading list, curated by @startupljackson, @mazzeo, @davemorin, @jessicalessin, @stevesi: http://t.co/U3PK3SFGyG http://t.co/BhVD2xJUEn
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Birdman was truly great.An @ATT​ #Oscars Music Moment: Lady Gaga performs a must-see tribute to The Sound of Music! https://t.co/Wudmn9oRVO
Retweeted by Dave MorinGo @PattyArquette, that was awesome!@ilyaeck @LucasTieleman @balajis @path yes, it is built to scale. Lots of magic behind the scenes.@sara @jhski is the best..@MikaelaShiffrin has two flawless runs to take another incredible win. #worldcupmaribor http://t.co/9jWgy5dkNV http://t.co/9Yo76Myiob
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@sdadich @WIRED the current issue even "feels" good in the hands, let alone the quality of the content now. Huge admiration.Worth resurrecting this weather map from last year. http://t.co/MAyixIJt1O
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I can't get over how impressive of a job @sdadich and the team at @wired are doing right now.Spotify music in Uber is just straight up awesome. Props @travisk & @eldsjal. Rocking to Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots.
Delighted to welcome @DemetraAiraudi as our new Head of Communications at @Path.@tommaxwelll @drew it's true. I'm clearly the worst comedian of all time.Today @StyleSeat has powered over $1billion in appointments since launch. That's a lot of hair cuts. http://t.co/no7pCiJENc
Retweeted by Dave MorinPostmates is truly amazing.
@TylerKnott I unfollowed everyone. Refollowing as I remember as an experiment. :)@TylerKnott what do you mean?“So much of our manufactured environment testifies to carelessness,” Things are “developed to be different, not better.” - Jony IveSacks' Law “@DavidSacks: @Jason If you want to bet on startups based on what they could be, you gotta see founders for who they could be.”
Retweeted by Dave Morin@Jason If you want to bet on startups based on what they could be, you gotta see founders for who they could be.
Retweeted by Dave MorinMy job is to never underestimate anyone -- here's why. http://t.co/6zR7V5C8FV
Retweeted by Dave Morinhttp://t.co/zVCAY5vbWv
Retweeted by Dave Morin@shervin @DavidSacks @Jason a very important rule.@mgsiegler always offense, never defense.
@dens how was it?
AND SHE TAKES IT! @MikaelaShiffrin WINS THE SLALOM! #Vail2015
Retweeted by Dave Morin
A hardwood ceiling light from AlliedMaker favors simplicity and craftsmanship over flash http://t.co/BU8a2jd6AF http://t.co/FJYm55tf8T
Retweeted by Dave Morin
@jay_w_austin awesome! Looking forward to it.Politics 3.0 http://t.co/JBqhGe6qaR
Retweeted by Dave Morin@craignewmark thanks Craig!
@adamdangelo @breather totally agree.Congrats to the @JoinNiche team! https://t.co/IKQf6DvCTg
Retweeted by Dave MorinCongrats to @pierrevalade and the @sunrise team: http://t.co/DlVx1RgNq6
Retweeted by Dave Morin“Measles Is Just The Beginning” by @voraciousbrain https://t.co/7hKCFaNV4z“We Need a Manhattan Project for Cyber Security” by @FutureCrimes https://t.co/zSSsgiamj0A story of 50X DAU in one release. A new essay on design philosophy: Get Out Of The Way https://t.co/SRGK21doq2@ow thanks! Indeed, I thought it was an important story to share. The journey from product to product is a very hard one.@thekenyeung thanks!Wow. The new @path talk is super impressive. App is back on the homescreen, awesome job @davemorin & team! https://t.co/9CLvPHb1xm
Retweeted by Dave MorinGet Out Of The Way: https://t.co/g7xOTEe0Sp
We've launched! Come & get it. http://t.co/8AmwbW8J5B http://t.co/Zr24d8yWnI
Retweeted by Dave MorinStowaway Cosmetics launches a 'right-size' line http://t.co/SSXDjhsMJz http://t.co/lBDxxkL8HU
Retweeted by Dave Morin@cindygallop @KevinColleran @slow @Stowaway we unquestionably agree. Beyond money...a huge amount of world change.
@sacca agree.
"Don't hire a dog, then bark yourself." - David Ogilvy
The @jimmyfallon Saved By The Bell Reunion is all-time amazing: https://t.co/Q7ndzUYH5lThe science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let's protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest
Retweeted by Dave MorinAnother day, another major data breach. "TurboTax Halts State E-Filing Amid Data-Breach Probe" http://t.co/5PPBHzprqb
Retweeted by Dave Morin@davemorin not unlike the absurdist literary movement
Retweeted by Dave MorinHey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back now please? #AskPharrell http://t.co/P4lYSkcVqm
Retweeted by Dave MorinWe are in the abstract selfie expressionism era of the internet.Incredible lobby of the 1962 Hotel Okura in Tokyo -- http://t.co/66yFfyJYhC http://t.co/xZLHffZtM3
Retweeted by Dave MorinThis screenshot alone shows why 'Path Talk' is a must-download app http://t.co/tqCH1q1KC0
Retweeted by Dave Morin@karaswisher @satishd @Jason what a morning. #siliconvalley
"Growth isn't a strategy, it's a result." - @gapingvoid http://t.co/h33bMtG3Ot
Sutro Morning http://t.co/mbrLIyTQfIYour very own 3D printed Left Shark courtesy of @shapeways: http://t.co/hKjRiuTqfb #ilovetheinternet http://t.co/l4EZUw1o6NI don't know how Path does it, but Path Talk [to businesses] is amazing.
Retweeted by Dave Morin
@jtbed @soulcycle @42floors lets do it!@dcurtis @wr @usskiteam seriously, really really genuinely sorry. I have absolutely no idea how this happened. Looking into it.@wr I actually have absolutely no idea how this happened. I will talk to @USSA and figure this out ASAP. Really sorry.Team Path SoulCycle 10 strong tonight! #tapitback (with Sarah, Ana, and 7 others at @soulcycle) [pic] — https://t.co/XwJJnlO4Ex
Retweeted by Dave Morinnow thats what Im talking about @MissyElliott u kilt dat
Retweeted by Dave Morin@dens agree.OMG that was amazing. #liamneesonwho wore it better http://t.co/FqVHC8Fmr3
Retweeted by Dave MorinThis is a long Old Navy commercial
Retweeted by Dave MorinMissy is still so good. #classicMissy! #yesI fully supported @pmarca's non-sensationalist approach to AI. Then I saw Katy Perry ride a 20-ft mechanical tiger. http://t.co/8MG8qy3a0Z
Retweeted by Dave MorinI wonder is Sharks feel sorry for humans because we get only two sets of teeth, rather than unlimited.
Retweeted by Dave MorinWas that an art car at Burning Man last year?Halftime in America. #SuperBowl http://t.co/tJmqqjFeNp
Retweeted by Dave MorinTom Brady ordering dinner http://t.co/zfAjpZNL8L
Retweeted by Dave MorinSeahawks!!!The dude abides.At Nationwide we believe in protecting what matters most: your TV.@mbeckett so confused.cool avocado ad but know that those are blood avocados, the mexican equivalent of conflict diamonds o_o http://t.co/uIAWIFJKDr
Retweeted by Dave MorinPLEASE #SAVETHEDATA!@johnbattelle seriously the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.🏈 Go @Seahawks! #west4life
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