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Published Glamour Model, TV Presenter, Beauty Pageants Winner & aspiring Bollywood actress! Photoshoot bookings& enquiries email deliaroseofficial@yahoo.co.uk☺

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Soo FIT!! 😍👌 👉 @deliarosee1 @Hot_Girl_Guide @BlowjobsForever @Suitable69 @VenusVids @Like_BJs_Daily @GodOfParts http://t.co/Yd65OUBScF
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@_Studio66TV_ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✋@RonnyMoser some little catfish jealous CUNT reported me ! Seriously hope karma hits them with a bus and stops tryin to be me!😡😡😡“@GlamourFan1: @deliarosee1 @facebook Youre leaving playground to fakes Delia :(” so I should blame @facebook for majorly fuckin up ✋😡xLiterally fuming . Out of all the fake profiles of me out there @facebook decide to cancel the only real one . Nice one ✋Your absolute fucking idiots ! Cancelling my Facebook because of some jealous Twatt! @facebook 😡😡😡
@thev1ctor hope you had a good birthday 💋Heyy @deliarosee1 💋 http://t.co/OjOMdWAJnZ
Retweeted by Delia RoseTo the naughty two groups of firemen 😂 you were cracking me up you cheeky buggers ! 💋I have no luck ✋@ItsKrystalNiles was lovely to meet you too beaut 💋 see you soon ! Xxxx@deliarosee1 nice to meet u xx
Retweeted by Delia RoseRt “@deliarosee1: Live on @_Studio66TV_ from 10pm-5:30am! Call me sexys 💋😘xxx http://t.co/oEzWVW3BKj” #TittyTuesday
Retweeted by Delia RoseRt “@deliarosee1: #ZOOTWITTIES #tittytuesday @ZOO http://t.co/IA9b2SHTU5
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LIVE ON @_Studio66TV_ 10PM-5:30AM 😊 CALL ME ! 💋😈Not long until @Sophia_Knight & @deliarosee1 are live on http://t.co/suC8ZWGJsi
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blimey .... @deliarosee1 http://t.co/p4PwZTje5f
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 @YasmineJamesXXX @Lucysummers_xxx You have me in tears 😂😂😭😭
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 Oakley's sending you a cheeky wink. Hey hey heyyyyyy 😜 http://t.co/ShYbsCfP5q
Retweeted by Delia Rose@YasmineJamesXXX Wheey think I'm in 👌😂 at least somebody wants me😢 I miss You and Oakley way too much ! ✋💗xxx@YasmineJamesXXX @Lucysummers_xxx i was thinking dildohead dills 😂✋ xxx@YasmineJamesXXX sorry babe ✋ thats already taken by one of my followers 😂 what about "poohead Penelope" 😂@Lucysummers_xxx will love that 🙈💗@YasmineJamesXXX 😂😂😂 deal! will swap you "cool story bro" for "FUCK U ASS HOLE" <- who comes up with these - makes ours look shit 🙈 xxxStarting to get a tad jealous of Yazoo's random followers 😂✋ @YasmineJamesXXXMe and @Lucysummers_xxx have a pet mouse ! MR.JINGLES 💗 "he shall be my squishy and squishy he shall be" xNice to see @deliarosee1 has glasses to match her #cleavage http://t.co/5q5M7ogfYv
Retweeted by Delia RoseMiss my spooning buddy ! Can't wait to see you 💋@YasmineJamesXXX xxxxDelia Rose - Live on webcam NOW! Catch the show online at http://t.co/cnKCPOB3ys #deliarose @@deliarosee1
Retweeted by Delia RoseStunning and Sexy @deliarosee1 😍😈 http://t.co/nVA46EXU3R
Retweeted by Delia RoseI have just witness 6 cars drive through the same red light in London. If this was you- give yourself a big slap in the face ✋😂Back on your screens on @_Studio66TV_ after some well needed time off at 12pm ! Come have a catchup or say hello you sexy bunch 💋xxx😂👌 http://t.co/SEi408n7Mh
Me and @Danni_King decided we should have our own show-film all the crazy shit we do 😂✋ like the time she got kidnapped #goldentertainment👌💗@deliarosee1 @TheHangover couldn't have made last night up if we bloody tried babe !!! Xx
Retweeted by Delia Rose@TheHangover part 4 completed by me and my beautiful drunken mess of a best friend @Danni_King ! ;) haha xCan safely say we tore up London last night! Abs,Cocktails,Rolls Royce,Dancing on tables,5 clubs VIP style, enough said <3 @Danni_King #bffSo last night involved naked men, cocktails,hiring a rolls Royce, jumping on a random bike man, ordering 6 McDonald's @deliarosee1#bossnight
Retweeted by Delia Rose@judd147t @Danni_King @thev1ctor I certainly do 😂 #bustedit seems i can't go out in lonodon without bumping into @deliarosee1 & @Danni_King !! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Retweeted by Delia Rose@HoneysBoutiques lovely to meet you too Hun ! 😊 yes deffo, I need a catalogue ! looks like you have some beaut things ! 💋 x@deliarosee1 lovely to meet you last might Hun can't wait to send you out catalogue 💋 just DM me your Email
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😂 @TheDreamboys amazing apart from some little chav starting on me and @Danni_King after too much to drink ! U need to change ur security 👌@TheDreamboys with @deliarosee1 #london #dreamboys #girlsnight
Retweeted by Delia Rose@TheDreamboys I sure do , yaaaaayyy exciting times 👌x@TheDreamboys coming tonight, can't print confirmation, no one tends to use printers nowadays-thanks to iPads 😂 can I email it? XxI've thrown some money at #ManchesterDogsHome to help rebuild and look after the surviving dogs. Would be great if you could do the same.❤️🐶
Retweeted by Delia RoseNeed to know what's going on with ULTRA BABES @GEMHUMPH @deliarosee1 http://t.co/zL89CziFHc @Hot_Girl_Guide @SexyXSelfies @Sexy_selfshot
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@deliarosee1 @Danni_King bring on the madness girls xx
Retweeted by Delia RoseCan't wait to go and see @TheDreamboys with my main chick @deliarosee1 xxx
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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring 💋 http://t.co/TmsaLWiXdh🙌 http://t.co/pQrQ0VCCgI
Retweeted by Delia Rose13 years ago today, at 8:46am, the first hijacked plane hit the World Trade Centre. RIP to all those who passed away http://t.co/MybicIIThc
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👌💗 http://t.co/zxRPTO154LYou can't see her stunning face butt checkout her rack!!! @deliarosee1 http://t.co/MtR91ALc6s @Hot_Girl_Guide @TheBoobExpert @SexyXSelfies
Retweeted by Delia Rose😂👏🐱 http://t.co/8lxJHJSzVP
Retweeted by Delia Rose😂😂😂Love this goofball!💋 If you don't already #FollowHer🌹@deliarosee1 😘 #HumpDay http://t.co/EmyCHXc6mq
Retweeted by Delia Rose“@deliarosee1: Safe to say this was a messy night!Love you girls💗@ScarletBouvier @GEMHUMPH @BelleGirlSoho @JaStamate http://t.co/Nd1OEhJhVg
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 Delia ! Delia ! the fans chant Delia! hahaha
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 I have haloumi cheese and pineapple are u jel 🙊🙊xx
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 #DemEyesDoe #TuesdayTreat Delia you're a true 🌹by any other name love 😘
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 u r the sexiest on TV x
Retweeted by Delia Rose“@deliarosee1: Can't stand seeing stunning girls with nasty personalities ! ✋ http://t.co/mgzYGd5Pay” don't we all boo inner beauty counts🙌
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 love them eyes hun xx 👌😍😘 #hotblonde
Retweeted by Delia RoseRT @deliarosee1: Boo ! #ZooTwitties 💋👌 @ZOO http://t.co/K74pycXXat
Retweeted by Delia Rose“@deliarosee1: http://t.co/vOPFlDslWn @Sexy_selfshot @selfshotworldie @Hot_Girl_Guide @FitAsFuckGirls - Weekday Worldies retweet & follow
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Some people are better left in the past where they belong ✋A little reminder; try not to take yourself too seriously 👌... I certainly don't 😂💋 http://t.co/TbhiEGq6oSBlue eyes are the one 👌💗 http://t.co/MvczOyn4vBCan't stand seeing stunning girls with nasty personalities ! ✋ http://t.co/Kj7MjJn4yk
@Lucysummers_xxx nommmmm ! Ahhhh I want !!!!! So gutted I had to go babe ! All tucked up in bed with Netflix - are you jel ? 💋👌 xxxI've caught it too babe 😷 I blame @Lucysummers_xxx 😂 sharing is caring 🙈💗 xxxSafe to say this was a messy night ! Love you girls 💗 @ScarletBouvier @GEMHUMPH @BelleGirlSoho @JaStamate http://t.co/o0CYpKNR11Here is the best #GIF u wil c today @OliviaBerzinc magic powers over @deliarosee1 #BTS #Blogs http://t.co/suC8ZWGJsi http://t.co/kcoYQ5OYHb
Retweeted by Delia RoseThe girls have been joined by @deliarosee1 live on http://t.co/suC8ZWGJsi go give her some company!
Retweeted by Delia RoseChannel 941 option 3 ! Call me 💗😊“@GEMHUMPH: I lurvvve d cake http://t.co/rGJFFAeOOE” 😂
Retweeted by Delia RoseAw love this from last tues 💋 http://t.co/in0kbqJYZG
Retweeted by Delia Rose
Made my night seeing @JamieLaing_UK wearing a hot dog suit 🙈 work it ! 💋👌Had tinder for 2 minutes . Yawn 😂 delete .Other than that had the best weekend with my main chick @Danni_King! Too much love for my best friend! ✌️💗#soppy#puke http://t.co/dXxFgX5coPThankyou for all of the get well soon messages guys 😊 x@THORPEPARK really let us down today ! Shit staff , broken rides , stale bread, broken cameras, no one has passion for their jobs nowadays✋Sooo poorly 😷😢 xAdvice for those on X Factor this year; do not tell the producers you like cocaine. You'll just end up on big brother.
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@Lucysummers_xxx @deliarosee1 @BrookePBtv we must do all of these.. 😂😈👌 http://t.co/U1mK4kwFfJ
Retweeted by Delia RoseDate night with @deliarosee1 #mymainchick #tapas #muchneededcatchup
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 @Lucysummers_xxx @YasmineJamesXXX see u all there!!! 😘
Retweeted by Delia RoseYou know you've spent too much at MAC when they have to give you a ridiculously big bag ! @MACcosmetics 💗 love it !I love these fit girls 💁💗 thanks for a crazy night!!! http://t.co/iaBGpl1N6J
Retweeted by Delia RoseLooking forward to seeing the loved up babe @LeviPlayboyTV with my girls @Lucysummers_xxx and @YasmineJamesXXX 💗🎉🎁xxx
Live on @_Studio66TV_ from 10pm-5:30am! Call me sexys 💋😘xxx http://t.co/RJ2IFXqMxCBoom‼️ @deliarosee1 is rockin it tonight channel 912 🇬🇧🇬🇧 http://t.co/FBKq4hZmHS
Retweeted by Delia RoseEveryone say hi to my girl @iamKiraKnight on @_Studio66TV_ 💋 xx
Sleepovers with my @deliarosee1 👭night y'all xx
Retweeted by Delia RoseNight people ! Love a girly sleepover with my beaut @ScarletBouvier ✌️💗xxx http://t.co/yC6TBEZHff@deliarosee1 the famous shake will be back🙌🍑🍑
Retweeted by Delia Rose@deliarosee1 @lucysummers_xxx eyes though,wow!
Retweeted by Delia Rose“@Iain_Watson1: When will the stunning @deliarosee1 be back on @_Studio66TV_ studioany ideas anyone?! Tomorrow night😊Getting so fucked off with fake profile of me on twitter and Facebook!!! If you come across one please report and message me 😡😡😡
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