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David Leonhardt @DLeonhardt The New York Times, in D.C.

Now: editor, The Upshot, for NYT. Then: DC bureau chief, Here's the Deal e-book, Pulitzer for commentary, math major. Still: Jim Rice, ma la, Art Blakey

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MT @suttonnick: Thursday's Times of London front page wrap - "D-Day for the Union" http://t.co/xeKP8d3zbl@needham_chris Good catch. And mea culpa. Thanks.This is good work by @NewAmerica: http://t.co/Xvoh4OEsRGImportant from @StephenBurd2, via @becksup: Don't ignore valuable data because it has limitations. All data does! http://t.co/9dbcL5Jo0W@LoganDobson I thought undecideds-break-for-challenger had been debunked. Not over, but does seem to be "working": http://t.co/oUKQUSgHQu@LoganDobson But isn't it working?Shopping around makes a huge difference in Obamacare.@sangerkatz: http://t.co/weDiHdnEHcInsurers may be finding a new way to discriminate against patients with pre-existing conditions. @charlesornstein: http://t.co/frdCwQ1ihB@ForecasterEnten @Nate_Cohn @LoganDobson I thought you worked with someone who famously argued against tweeting individual polls!The gender pay gap isn't shrinking as fast anymore. @clairecm: http://t.co/SR7JAMhmzz http://t.co/DUPFBXpBDj@fdwilkinson @jbplainblog Not it sounds as if someone is itching to write the 'voter ID is good for the Dems piece.' I'd read it.@fdwilkinson ... or not matter.@fdwilkinson I see that. Has downsides for both party. Not yet clear what net effect will be. Ultimately, I think it's got to help only one-@PhilipArsenault @mattyglesias Tarullo was earlier, I believe. Jan 2009.A question for @BV: Given zero-sum nature of electoral politics, are you saying voter-ID push helps Democrats? http://t.co/MH2uevLQH5@root_e @mattyglesias Saying they didn't do as much as they could isn't saying they did nothing. They left vacancies without nominees."the biggest mistake of Obama's presidency: the systematic neglect of the Fed," says @mattyglesias: http://t.co/6Jd0HXPVyXWe'll know soon. MT @ryanavent: Yes-on-Scotland seems like Kerry in 2004; markets, polls showing a clear result for those willing to see it.@AdiKumar52 Thanks very much."The median probability across 23 bookies is that there is an 83.3 per cent chance the UK will stay together..." via @hblodget.@amyluitjens Thanks a lot.@ApplyMap Thanks a lot.
@kairyssdal @NYT4thDownBot It is not. Though I'm an unindicted (as yet) co-conspirator.The question for the rest of us: Why doesn't our society do better for more hard-working young people? Too many fall through the cracks.A total delight: Interviewing college students escaping poverty. They're some of the most impressive, joyous people I've ever met.The coaches who heeded @NYT4thDownBot had a very good Week 2: http://t.co/rJBa0xmBw9@MimoCT @YaleUGA Thanks, Michael.Maybe getting low-income, high-achieving students into top colleges isn't so hard after all. http://t.co/MVXdMBxLO4 @DLeonhardt
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@campbell_haynes @UpshotNYT Thanks a lot.@iDXR Thanks a lot.@alexnazaryan Thanks so much. And I agree, on the slide show.@alexnazaryan Thanks a lot.“…actual violent crime rate in New York is around half that in either Dallas or Houston” http://t.co/BHYFPXQBUL HT @DLeonhardt
Retweeted by David LeonhardtLife is much safer than it used to be -- even though Americans think otherwise. @JustinWolfers: http://t.co/JS3fMKsOA0The innovative "national admissions office" for low-income high achievers that many people have never heard of: http://t.co/AOgfI1ixZe@JoelIKlein Thanks so much.It's quietly become one of the big players in college admissions, responsible for 1 in 10 students on some campuses. http://t.co/AOgfI1ixZe4th and goal coming up. I say go for it, of course.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThat's one fine inflatable mascot the Colts have.
The official poverty/income report comes out tomorrow. @econjared crunches the numbers to predict what it will say: http://t.co/YQ8WOAVcOcIn 1967, Americans favored scrapping the Electoral College for the popular vote, 65%-22%. MT @HistOpinion: http://t.co/t7zGjH1zCN@CJNitkowski You're most welcome. My wife and I are still laughing about your wife's text.I happened upon the Mets' radio broadcast of last night's Nats' game. @CJNitkowski is very good in the booth.No, @DLeonhardt I now feel jilted by @nyt4thdownbot. He went to SF and rode in a Google car but didn't invite me! Some friend that is.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@byagoda True!I approve of that 49ers field goal: http://t.co/L6sSQp9ZPt
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe fact that a Samsung ad uses "was like" in place of "said" may be enough to keep me from buying Samsung products.@R_Thaler @NYT4thDownBot I find your relationship to be heartwarming, I must say.Oh, and I'm analyzing live from San Francisco – new city every week. Guess who got a test ride in @Google's new car: http://t.co/EER9fPmLa7
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@R_Thaler @Nate_Cohn @FO_ASchatz Hey, it's really hard.Thanks. Oakland teams do love quants. MT @FO_ASchatz: Congrats to @dleonhardt on his new job playing tight end for the Oakland Raiders.Why good online pollsters, though still few in number, can now be legit. MT @conradhackett: http://t.co/qxHTHcahJb.@nflcommish hasn't tweeted in over a week
Retweeted by David LeonhardtA follow recommendation: @JustinHGillis, the great environmental reporter (and mentor to me, @Neil_Irwin and others).The U.S., an outlier on maternity leave. Map version. MT @conradhackett: http://t.co/x9jNk48EUkVia @NickKristof Remembering UK aid worker David #Haines this way: http://t.co/y44nKeaXL5
Retweeted by David LeonhardtNot a subtle plea, in the Scotland debate. (via @tobyharnden) http://t.co/ScQ6cyfH7JChange>level. MT @conradhackett: Say economy's bad Greece 97% Spain 93 Egypt 76 US 58 China 6 http://t.co/bB78lBCXUb http://t.co/tOFMjLoRVJ
Because if there's 1 thing SoCal was lacking, it's donuts. @passantino: SoCal’s 1st Dunkin Donuts still has a line around the block.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe polls on Scottish independence continue to be very close, and the betting markets continue to put only ~20% chance on yes.The gender gap in chess has narrowed considerably - which is a sign of much larger trends. @tylercowen: http://t.co/IVtaUJliwBThe gender gap will eventually close, @tylercowen says: http://t.co/IVtaUJliwB@hmmoy Toward the bottom. Link has full list.@foxjust @bigaldowning @felixsalmon @Neil_Irwin Nice!Pretty pastel #sunset tonight in #NYC. http://t.co/t1vQuBrtu8
Retweeted by David LeonhardtNFL brass now pining for good old days of wall to wall coverage of chronic brain trauma.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@musicaltypist @howardweaver Toward the bottom. Article has details.
@ericgeller @Neil_Irwin We're happy to serve you on Twitter too.The Minnesota Vikings. MT @Neil_Irwin: Which NFL team has had the most player arrests over the last 15 years? http://t.co/hffGIOKEnDIt's Friday evening. Time for a drink in honor of Scottish independence. http://t.co/qRxKgIM6rVReading up on Louisiana law for runoff election dates. So much to learn. http://t.co/DdtCQgrKUr http://t.co/MGRx7I9C83
Retweeted by David LeonhardtAbout 28 percent of retired NFL players will suffer degenerative brain illness at young age http://t.co/wb3CSFbMNY
Retweeted by David LeonhardtI don't think any state looms larger right now than Alaska. If Sullivan is ahead, the Dem path to 50 gets real tough. But is he?
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe Democrats' odds of keeping the Senate are now approaching 50%, thanks to recent polls. http://t.co/mnTY3agn4U http://t.co/T1a2cz1bYiThis week's polls make it easier to see how the Democrats could retain Senate control. @Nate_Cohn: http://t.co/mnTY3agn4U@righteousaxe @howardweaver @pmarca The piece has that comparison.Michigan moves off the list of battlegrounds and the GOP's Senate odds drop to 53%, according to @nytleo http://t.co/U1Q3WTF0Ym
Retweeted by David LeonhardtColorado elections will be conducted entirely by mail for 1st time this year. That could determine control of Senate http://t.co/RYf22V0mSn
Retweeted by David LeonhardtBig congrats to @samdolnick, award-winning reporter who helped conceive @UpshotNYT. He's the new NYT senior editor for mobile.@sjapssjaps The piece does.MT @howardweaver: Whoa. The big surprise is how low the law-abiding Raiders ranked. http://t.co/vovlOFcPtT http://t.co/bmiaecLIhoFascinating from @Neil_Irwin: There's correlation over long periods of player arrest rates for different NFL teams. http://t.co/vovlOFcPtTIf there were a Super Bowl for player arrests, the Vikings would finally have a championship: http://t.co/d4i8p5ENDG http://t.co/AguX6jtb4PThe policies that could make selective colleges less aristocratic and more meritocratic. A follow-up to our index: http://t.co/gnYsJF0ZuU@mediatwit Thanks very much.Blue-state Dems now demand populism with social liberalism: http://t.co/pa3q7FjKxB Not sure I fully agree but worth reading.@alexdmajor @NYT4thDownBot @nytimes No comment.A new post by me: Who made the worst decisions on fourth down last week? http://t.co/RQCyo83jDr
Retweeted by David LeonhardtTop 10 reasons to procrastinate http://t.co/HR8WDJNyBN via @MarksLarks
Retweeted by David Leonhardt
Hey @PredictWise: Got anything for us on Goodell? (I imagine not but curious.)@kairyssdal Volleyball humblebrag.Giants baseball fans seem pretty chill http://t.co/jDX8JJkeyZ
Retweeted by David LeonhardtHow fundamentals + polls forecasting models of Senate elections outperform polls-only models http://t.co/l9TJxD6dtY http://t.co/qqsU17jZY8
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWho made the single-worst 4th-down decision in week 1? @NYT4thDownBot: http://t.co/vSctD1OKRX@BrendanNyhan @DrewLinzer @ElectProject @jshkatz @jon_m_rob And isn't there a difference between "a little" and "nothing"?@kbculver Thanks!On the other hand, organ-playing, choir-singing and vestment-wearing are all less common. http://t.co/HuiXwFeLgi46% of Americans worship in congregations where drums are played, up from 25% in 1998. http://t.co/HuiXwFeLgi@MatthewGaertner @nytimes @AndrewPKelly Thoughtful piece. Thank you.@prowag @PBSMediaShift Thanks so much. I really appreciate that.
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