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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast), Clockwise (@clockwisepod), and The Rebound (@reboundcast).

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Happy Life Day, everyone! http://t.co/dZXfm0zLFu
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It’s cool that Sony wants Idina Menzel as the next James Bond. James Bond will return in “Never Let It Go Again.”@Moltz You shut your mouth.* *But only if it pays to do so.@Moltz I thought that was what our podcast was for.The @bleedsixcolors meetings with @jsnell are the best. We talk about you. ALL OF YOU. Maybe next time I’ll have a beer.Just had a @bleedsixcolors staff meeting with @dmoren. We make fun of meetings, but I kind of missed them.
Retweeted by Dan MorenFixed the wobbly hand-towel holder in the bathroom, so all shall bow before my greatness! #underemployedAlso, if you're looking to prevent the Earth from being hit by an asteroid, consider sponsoring The Incomparable, Six Colors, or Upgrade.
Retweeted by Dan MorenWe have the world’s greatest audience at @_RelayFM. If you have something you want to promote in 2015, let me know! http://t.co/46od1VmSeY
Retweeted by Dan Moren“Fun fact: Fuck this guy.” http://t.co/ckObQYuVxL (via @MaxTemkin)
Retweeted by Dan MorenHit the 20,000-word mark right at noon. I think I’ve earned some lunch.@jonseff Nice! Congrats. Can’t wait to hear what's it like to work for Apple—FOR REAL.Amongst the 1600 words I’ve written so far today were at least a couple lines of dialogue that didn’t entirely suck, so that’s a win, right?@MykeCole Wait. We’re not supposed to already? I like to get comfortable when I watch movies.@lexfri But now you feel gelty.Wikipedia's @jimmy_wales wrote this statement on Gamergate. I'm donating to Wikipedia, and I hope you will too. http://t.co/dL3T7crN0H
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@gracesonnet Thanks, Kate!@GlennF @Moltz File a Radar.@caseyliss @marcoarment @siracusa @atpfm I knew I was the Casey of this podcast. (That’s the best person to be, right?)Truth: I had not played Crossy Road until @lexfri and @moltz made me download it during this week’s @reboundcast. http://t.co/0RsszWGdKc@AaronIsaacs @jsnell I’ve actually played the tabletop version a few times! Didn’t know there was one for iOS. Cool!@MykeCole Keep it up. Pretty soon you’re going to have to change your holiday name.@mcelhearn @jsnell I only downloaded it 24 hours ago!@megapenguinx @jsnell I played it for a while, but eventually kind of dropped off.Looking for good iOS games this holiday season? @jsnell and I put together a list of some of our favorites: http://t.co/XPRoQ8CbjhEllen Page is Han Solo, Jessica Alba is Princess Leia for Jason Reitman’s live read http://t.co/g13ZIq1ujk http://t.co/INGGc1tLAK
Retweeted by Dan Moren@Dexwell_ @zkahn94 Ohmygosh, right? Like black on white text of posts in reverse chronological order?Oh, wow. The @dailydot just did a piece on my niece. http://t.co/vLE3e9BknV Also appearing: my brother and I. The Internet is amazing.
Retweeted by Dan MorenEditing this week’s episode of @reboundcast. I think we hit a James Joycean stream of consciousness.@dloehr @bleedsixcolors The Whomanity.@dloehr @bleedsixcolors This is what I’m here for, David. To give voice the problems plaguing you. And the rest of humanity.A long-overdue update regarding my second novel, a bit about depression, and a request for help. http://t.co/ZISUEaS6Ix
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jabbermaster Funny: I was listening to a piece on Marketplace last night about terrorism insurance. Crazy expensive apparently.@DanJosef 😥This spammy number has been calling me two or three times a day, so I’ve taken to answering the phone and not saying anything.So tempted to do some AirDrop sloth-trolling. http://t.co/KKCuh6Ikom@adamengst @Roussel_Capra Avatar is great. Legend of Korra also. Both highly recommended.@westwardview Looks good enough to ea—OH MY GOD, THE GLASS. WHYYYYYY.@Harkaway I hope you used your commas correctly. Always tricky on radio.would @netflix please step in & acquire the rights 4 #AvatarTheLastAirbender & save this wonderful series from extinction? #LegendOfKorra
Retweeted by Dan Moren@SamSykesSwears Please tell me they at least cover the epic creation of the swimming pool game. http://t.co/2mhbOIwKa1
@Alex_Sebenski @jsnell @TSindelar @TPKill @slutz Have yourself a quarry, little ranger…So it's FBI vs @KimZetter. TBH, if they're working with the same info, I have more faith in Kim.
Retweeted by Dan MorenFrom Wired, @KimZetter’s analysis of the Sony hack. Totally gibes with my thinking: http://t.co/5M0FdvpeMiBrand new @clockwisepod with guests @jeffcarlson and @caseyjohnston! Sony hack, 2015 tech, old media, more! http://t.co/tmp3L8OCYT@macintux Well, vampires often don’t like crossing running water, so I’ll give that to them.@chartier Never miss an opportunity for a good zinger, Dave.@chartier I think you mean someone’s still carrying THIS torch. http://t.co/gvFFvsRTY3The story of Black Hand, the levitating, eyeless, imaginary friend we all wish we could have. (Sort of?) http://t.co/Clkzi04SACUnrelated: I really hate @lexfri and @moltz.I feel a pang of indignity every time I fall into the water while playing the duck in Crossy Road. You’re a duck, dude! You can swim!@flargh Goddamn it, this is dangerous, Peter.@porchdragon There are apparently many options.“Once you start down the dark path, forever it will dominate your destiny.” http://t.co/68KLspWiM0@OKBJGM In only 6 films.@cmchn @EdEmberley Awesome! I’ve been enjoying seeing your posts every day.@jsnell @caseyliss It took me four games, with two groups of people, before we managed to. Still fun, though!@caseyliss @jsnell Have you guys played Forbidden Desert yet? Super fun, and hard!“I go by Terry now. I said my real name is Gary, and they said ‘Who cares?’” http://t.co/8iNWyqlHOv
Just another multicultural holiday in the Beecher/Moren family. http://t.co/x206fg4NQt“A Shamash for a Shamus” is my Hanukkah-themed noir story.@jsnell @FredKiesche You mean Roy Rogers lied to us!?@MykeCole @SamSykesSwears I assumed it was @sexoskeleton’s work.@jamesthomson This is what the Terminators were sent back in time to prevent.@BodyofBreen @ejacqui Especially if it’s about a man biting a dog.@ejacqui Always fact check the meows.@gedeon The best episode of Star Trek ever.Excellent. My @writeremergency cards have arrived just in time to help me bust a story block. http://t.co/1nUhgNwXDZ
Some really great guests on the year-in-review episode tonight. http://t.co/DuoyVMti6Y
Retweeted by Dan Moren@slutz @theincomparable @jsnell @dmoren In 2014, the Incomparable was the gift that kept on giving. Much like myself. http://t.co/5NgYToWQw4
Retweeted by Dan Moren@E_Vlok @slutz Temporal loop!@E_Vlok Noooooooooooooo.@E_Vlok YOU.Hello, @slutz. It is A PLEASURE to be back on @theincomparable. http://t.co/IrB4PtZDX4So far down the Skeleton loop.SKELETORRRRRR!Apple Connects Your Family's Macs, iDevices Apple TVs, w/ Jeff Carlson & Dan Moren http://t.co/JeRjg74hUW http://t.co/Rr7747ovPF
Retweeted by Dan Moren@saladinahmed Also, technically, isn’t it *always* after midnight? (That always bothered me.)Finally, I can start paying attention to those Surgeon General warnings again.Shoelaces. And the package in which REI shipped said laces. http://t.co/mGjkIjEx95@JasonT Yeah, I think the article point that this is going to keep happening is true, too. They need to find a new approach for future DLC.Yep, Destiny’s Light system is at the root of a bunch of its issues with leveling and the like. http://t.co/UAayu7fqXO@JasonT Now a man who needs to pay for his own health coverage. Those days are over.Hour and a half on hold for what ended up being a 3 minute conversation. Yeah. That’s a good system.@buzz What if—hear me out—you could deliver healthcare VIA Muzak? Eh? Ehhh?@buzz Also, healthcare.Incidentally, if anybody wants to disrupt this particular market, let me know so I can hang up.I’ve been on hold with a healthcare provider for the last 30 minutes and I’ve heard the same 90-second Muzak snippet over and over and over.Awesome post on second drafts by @LordGrimdark. Relieved to hear hating the first draft I’m working on is “normal”: http://t.co/fXPw8PwUyeMr. @chuckjoiner was kind enough to invite me and @jeffcarlson on to @MacVoices to talk about our new book! http://t.co/hIoPrS4TvaMonday http://t.co/3OIHyIgYBo
Retweeted by Dan Moren@raychel_gordon There’s a 50% chance.@MykeCole @PVBrett There’s no such thing as bad publicity.@lexfri @drwave @gte @blankbaby I’m glad that you still felt a need to join this conversation, then. :)@blankbaby @drwave @gte I find your list acceptable. I always knew you were a right-thinking man.@drwave @gte @blankbaby Posit: Deep Space Nine is the best of the Treks. I said it.@gte @blankbaby That is because Sisko is the man.@gte @blankbaby The white is life.@MykeCole Sabah al khayr! Kayfa al hal?@dmoren @MykeCole Well, that was an interesting autocorrect for “amirite”.
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