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Christian Zibreg @dujkan Rovinj, Croatia

Blog @ http://t.co/rdydgy614p. Get bored somewhere else.

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Brilijantnu marketing on @Microsoft's part: skip a number hoping customers would confuse Windows 10 to OS X http://t.co/RfJ1ErSjMq
They're calling it Reachability, stupid http://t.co/bfyR6ejDXyPCalc and Everything Calculator have amazing #iOS8 widgets http://t.co/WVui5sZdou http://t.co/iL4LjbijN9@sflomenb Uhm, not sure about that either as I’ve uninstalled #Yosemite from my work machine :(@sflomenb It only works on iPhoneYou will use a dedicated #iPhone app to put apps on and manage your #AppleWatch http://t.co/SxNGfScpnDThat’s a very short line! RT @tomwarren: I'm in line waiting for the Microsoft doors to open. http://t.co/AeePtzqmu7 http://t.co/klWnevXTWVCook on smartwathces: ““One of our competitors is on their fourth or fifth attempt, but nobody is wearing them.” http://t.co/Ie617o2LqmSamsung’s knee-jerk reaction to #GapGate: #GALAXYNote4 screen gap is actually a feature, not a flaw. Right. http://t.co/9IbqmQm4PTApple expands #iAd platform to Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark and 5 more countries https://t.co/8rOCikw0I2Quanta Computer to kick off mass production of Apple Watch in January 2015. Yes, #AppleWatch for Valentine’s Day! http://t.co/CDemEewCml3-D print your own #AppleWatch at home! http://t.co/b8uzAeAE6A http://t.co/kfeo5yyYsfWSJ: Threshold Entertainment teaming up with the Tetris Company on a live action movie based on Tetris, the game http://t.co/y9FcAFGYCeApple’s Irish tax woes deepen as European watchdog finds 'illegal state aid' unacceptable http://t.co/dUmCycegCS@CamilloMiller They’re calling it product placement and positioning :DLive in Canada? Say ‘hello’ to @Spotify https://t.co/gHeZ3DV4sQ http://t.co/LoG1iZrCd0Apple pushing Foxconn to hire aggressively to cope with strong #iPhone6 demand http://t.co/UYHmZLPut6@CamilloMiller Well, makes sense to show off a fashionable device at a boutique :D@CamilloMiller What, AppleWatch or Paris?Looks like #ApplePay could be crossing paths with BehavioSec in Europe, without Apple even realizing it http://t.co/5DPGQmSpMbApple bloggers in half an hour: OMG, @tim_cook tweets about #AppleWatch preview in Paris! http://t.co/KGfHdXHB8n“The Joy of Apple Slamming” by former Apple ad exec who named the iMac explains why fans tolerate #Bendgate http://t.co/eJFfU6VTyZSamsung rumored to supply screens for iPad Air 2 and 12.9" iPad Pro http://t.co/2A9CmtAsDqTop 10 iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate Mock-Ups On The Internet http://t.co/jhPCLfi0OJ #WebSocial #Apple #Bendgate #iPhone6Plus #MockUp
Retweeted by Christian ZibregSo @yahoosports for #iPhone and #iPad now has #iOS8 widget for favorite team scores http://t.co/j8RvuUZdTcApple’s “greenest building on the planet” http://t.co/stDQQVdxa9
Facebook Messenger and Amazon Kindle for #iPhone and #iPad gain native display support on #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus http://t.co/a0EAcliuS0Official @kickstarter app now plays nice with #iOS8 http://t.co/azyQSoGqMDThis: @Jawbone launches new #HealthKit enabled Up app, no fitness band required whatsoever http://t.co/BvcCOUemGT http://t.co/gkghuhaZr5The new Lose It! Today Extension for #iOS8 is here http://t.co/36DBkjtxafBetter late than never, part 2: @amazon updates @kindle for #iOS with #iPhone6 support http://t.co/gEVJ4PRJLwBetter late than never: @facebook updates Messenger faith #iphone6 support http://t.co/Z2EV6R3jIoNice error page over at @Jawbone http://t.co/h7ymyWjt3bIf you destroy Apple’s property, that is RT @theloop: You're an asshole - http://t.co/efXpmBOCErMicrosoft takes on Apple TV and Chromecast with ugly-looking $60 HDMI streaming stick http://t.co/LOcnjUjjVi http://t.co/2QckMVA44MSo, #Apple had #Bendgate and now #Samsung appears to be having a #Gapgate? LOL I don't even know what to think anymore.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregAlso, nice Mercury Browser update http://t.co/Rj1mIaQeYHNice update: @fleksy Keyboard adds . and @ buttons in browser textfields http://t.co/KKyC5LYFKKApple poaches #NFC and mobile payments expert away from @Visa to expand #ApplePay in Europe http://t.co/lCLJ45Diag http://t.co/k06TK2Z4tkWords for Evil combines RPG and a word game http://t.co/Zct5OVJolr https://t.co/aJLp0JRNTr http://t.co/0LFZWFmoZqLove #scifi ? Stop what you’re doing and watch a new trailer for Jupiter Ascending right now https://t.co/K04LsJioaS“What goes around comes around” immediately comes into mind…Hey @SamsungMobile, welcome to your own crisis. Introducing the #GALAXYNote4 #ScreengapGate http://t.co/XSypLe6mNz http://t.co/sSCubL20uNThere’s no end to human stupidity. Watch kids trying to bend #iPhone6Plus at Apple Store https://t.co/VxOx8qb8jHApple Watch is headed to Paris for Fashion Week http://t.co/tNU3CLwbqXiOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 allegedly coming across 2015 http://t.co/4eLN7aTnHqCool: @O2 users in UK can now buy #iTunes credit and have it charged to their wireless bill http://t.co/VzGq3hPfRm http://t.co/8zKo2sGB7GSuper nice RT @sfiegerman: The New Yorker GIFs its cover for the first time, in the most New Yorker way possible http://t.co/lc4rzuBlN5Welcome to #QuickTypeGate http://t.co/VhXJ5wsMv5Apple’s predictive QuickType keyboard in #iOS8 suggests parts of your passwords! #security http://t.co/VhXJ5wsMv5 http://t.co/ozn0NPz0SZRumor: 27-inch Retina iMac with “5K” screen in late testing, could launch next month http://t.co/9kmx0CO4MLWaze gains new car-parking features http://t.co/uPxJDU8lpeWhoa, #Safari on #iOS8 found to support animated PNGs http://t.co/QPcdyfjjCLConsumer Reports puts an end to #Bendgate nonsense https://t.co/uC22F6UsCv http://t.co/oFLE7kGjKFNice Sony #XperiaZ3 commercial https://t.co/OcJ644ecQZ@criminal109 @AppStore Doing a cold restart doesn’t help?@Young_SMiL I still win by €0.99 :D But anyway, that’s a great price no matter how you look at it
Bloggin' for a livin'? Here are the best blogging apps for #iPhone and #iPad http://t.co/lCQARDhouc@criminal109 @AppStore You have manually deleted the previous iOS 8.0.1 update, haven’t you? I too had the same problem with Settings.appFinally, #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus likely launching in #China on October 10 http://t.co/7iMeNEBHa3 http://t.co/buK70YMOFt@criminal109 @AppStore No, I just reloaded App Store and hit the Update buttons next to apps before they turned into Open :D‘Apps for Health’ section goes love on @AppStore #iOS8 #Health #HealthKit https://t.co/anAcsAYKkS http://t.co/lOKaQxSxZaSo @Facebook fixed #iOS8 Notification and Camera Roll issues plaguing Paper for #iPhone http://t.co/uPYQgs5PaS http://t.co/itRKNh5dGrWow, Motion Tennis by @rolocule can now add calories burnt as you play to your #Health data on #iOS8 http://t.co/eV8DRzY3ic@criminal109 @AppStore Turns out manually updating using App Store on the device solves the problem@Young_SMiL Over here, 20GB of LTE data is 15EUR :D@Young_SMiL You seeing rotation issues?PDF Expert 5 by @readdle gains #iCloudDrive, #TouchID, AirTurn and other enhancements http://t.co/S4sR28BtME http://t.co/BFkNeRC4P8
Also, this is how you don’t credit image in posts… http://t.co/reTxvuaSTFShe finds #iPhone6Plus too big. Context: she also thinks #AppleWatch is enormous. Women. You can’t please ‘em… http://t.co/PkSefjfMWnQuick review: FitPort wants to be your health & fitness dashboard #iOS8 #Health http://t.co/NsgsSGXIOL http://t.co/HBFsfZRunASurprise, your #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus have two accelerometers, not one  — chip teardown experts at @chipworks find http://t.co/sdvM3NXbBA
BREAKING: Yahoo acknowledges receipt of letter from Starboard; CEO Mayer says they "look forward to discussing it with them..."
Retweeted by Christian ZibregPeople who use the most data use @TMobile http://t.co/0xAekLo5vO http://t.co/pql1SPxUwz"If you haven’t heard about Office Online– it is Microsoft’s take on Google Docs." http://t.co/QY6xVQesg7 jeez @Microsoft
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@kylebrussell Haha, so true, Kyle! :DIt's not your #iPhone6plus that bends, it's only yourself. #Bendgate http://t.co/7GJW1C7wqbWe’ve stopped signing iOS 7.1.2 because we’d much prefer you replace your slow and shitty iPhone 4s instead of fucking downgrading it.
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@jailshake Exactly. It’s been working out nicely for me. Been seeing an uptick in new followers since I started hashtagging my posts@jrgibson1 Coming soon :DJust Dance Now by @ubisoft uses your #iPhone as a motion controller http://t.co/1KyCI225ki https://t.co/haHTiKwxXcHow to refresh the @AppStore app on your #iPhone or #iPad in a jiffy http://t.co/x5SARUHkrO@jailshake Yeah, I’m trying to figure out how to get more followers. Hashtags are great for giving one’s tweets more exposure@RMalayeri @MyFitnessPal Yeah, not In-App Purchase to get rid of advertising, sadly.@maccast @bendgate That’s unfortunately because people trust click-hungry media@mtpflyers Maybe it’s Friday :D@mtpflyers Is it the Intertubes? Can Twitter talk you into changing your mind? :D@mtpflyers What happened?Your @Bendgate poll is here http://t.co/WyVgRwLTel@RMalayeri @MyFitnessPal Hm, not really sure to be honest. I don’t think I have, if my memory serves me well.@RMalayeri @MyFitnessPal Sure, you’re welcome. Glad I could be of assistance!@mtpflyers When are you planning on coming back?Here’s how you can customize or hide contacts showed in the #iOS8 App Switcher http://t.co/K8v13Xo2Il http://t.co/SDbi4leF4Q@RMalayeri @MyFitnessPal 👍@RMalayeri @MyFitnessPal Did you try force-quoting the app and reloading it again?@jrgibson1 👍@jrgibson1 Kill the app in task switcher, kill App Store, reload updates. If none, run the app again@RMalayeri @MyFitnessPal Search for the app manually in the App Store and you should get the Update button to update manually@RMalayeri @MyFitnessPal http://t.co/bZMP8iTrAj@jrgibson1 http://t.co/kr6w5prTWJ
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