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That beautiful Flickr 3.0 update? It’s now live in the App Store, get downloading! https://t.co/YYTXzWOitp http://t.co/7qjAw9miSdSkitch for iOS updated with streamlined sharing, paragraph text annotations and more http://t.co/rBw186ZMW8
Source: Apple CEO Tim Cook to attend The Code ConferenceNicely done! RT @m4tt: Very good ad from Honda warning people not to text while driving. http://t.co/Sk4gH1TiJKHorn goes free as Apple's new App of the Week, get downloading cuz this one’s a no-brainer http://t.co/2NOJxxWrBP@reneritchie Command-R during restart didn’t help solve the partition issue? It can’t find a bootable partition, I think.Issues with Apple’s FaceTime for some folks, iCloud dashboard shows all systems operational http://t.co/0y7LKzMY2R http://t.co/JiYwm9ieayAuxo 2 jailbreak tweak now available for iPad http://t.co/RzZRkuc0EwApple officially endorses CarPlay aftermarket kits by Alpine and Pioneer http://t.co/0QzH50918VSamsung + GlobalFoundries should have Apple worried https://t.co/vTiDpcTTTuWhoa, @SamsungSemiUS and @GLOBALFOUNDRIES announce global deal to collaborate on 14nm FinFET technology http://t.co/kvSZdqtoV3New versions of Instacast for iOS and Mac now submitted to Apple, coming real soon @vemedio https://t.co/8sfXxW0ORNApple’s iPad mini with Retina display now available refurbished for the first time with up to $90 off list prices http://t.co/xceY7EBDQu@SalvadorRudy thanks, just did the same@SalvadorRudy dunno and don't care@SalvadorRudy of course it's notFragmented versus integrated. There’re 36 app stores on Android in total! Full list here http://t.co/LsNJYjTJNM http://t.co/N577zXxDOZLast tweet by @facebook: 29 days ago@SalvadorRudy Make sense. I myself wasn’t too happy about their app name choice either@SalvadorRudy Oh, come on! :)@SalvadorRudy I prefer Paper :)My response to Facebook's innocently coined Nearby Friends feature http://t.co/xwwJWNSeO5Nearby Friends is awesome for stalkers. It’s also great for NSA!No, Facebook’s Nearby Friends WON’T require an iOS/Android app update, it’s a backend change so keep your eyes glued to your News Feed@SalvadorRudy Because Facebook app kills the battery by polling your GPS location and checking for data http://t.co/Kl4NcBXU4fFollow these two tips and you should see improvements in your iPhone’s battery lifeMore importantly, deny location polling for Facebook in iOS Settings > Privacy > Location Services http://t.co/g6Ks4viHBcAgain, disable Background App Refresh for Facebook on your iPhone http://t.co/FWL5eBkyxQ@iTechRobbie @PrsnSingh disable Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook in your iOS Settings@matthewmspace Yeah, my battery improved markedly, too!“When Location History is on, Facebook builds a history of your precise location, even if you leave the app”And this is why its app has been hurting your iPhone battery. http://t.co/kM5ZkJ4XQbTurning on Nearby Friends also turns on Location History. Good to know…Yes, Facebook’s Nearby Friends builds a history of your precise locationPro tip: disable Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook in your iOS Settings.Yes, Facebook’s Nearby Friends IS optional as in you have to opt-in http://t.co/rbIKUodrbiFacebook launches its own Find My Friends feature http://t.co/eqp9GgviAQWe’re giving away Fantastical for iPad! http://t.co/JGxx6yJymANow you know why Facebook’s iOS app drains your battery - it’s been constantly tracking your locationRunKeeper’s Breeze tells me my spiritual animal is Impulsive Lion. Sounds about right http://t.co/JEtJoPz9D0RunKeeper launches Breeze, fitness/activity tracking iPhone 5s app with eye-candy UI http://t.co/h1fwv0uCzTGood point RT @stop: Stop designing websites like they’re Powerpoint decks.Yup, that’s a traffic spike from iOS 7.1.1 devices in our analytics http://t.co/5w2J9NaZfG http://t.co/WTuuPHWEFFNo, iMessage doesn’t need to be “exciting” RT @MayoBlog: Sarah Perez On iMessage — http://t.co/3pOulvVoXhFashion police! RT @ThePeterHa: The president of Jordan Brand really needs some fashion advice #hemyourfuckingpants http://t.co/cA2QCFySTcHitman A person who is paid to kill someone, especially for a criminal or political organizationPlaying now on my iPad: Hitman Go Trailer https://t.co/mrzWxocYkz Info http://t.co/3NwFUUv0kg App Store link https://t.co/3lvJmNwGdd@hrbrt so never then...So @flickr, where's my iPad app?Kindle for Samsung and some free books? Yes, please! http://t.co/LkzhCcpLcT@markgurman Not feeling anything yet@chanxin I don’t mind, they’ll pay for it. You don’t want to mess with karma.Like baseball? MLB At Bat mobile apps getting Chromecast support later today https://t.co/4383ZOd1St http://t.co/czbi2bW0R2Blogs ripping off my work so this from 2 days ago: How Apple Could Transition to 4.7” iPhone http://t.co/zuNhRAgdOy http://t.co/mNEZh8v9nmGoogle’s own standalone Camera app is now available in Play store, get downloading! https://t.co/OC2E5Zlvap http://t.co/ylVC9iZoXP@cultofmac Linky? Stealing is bad for your karma http://t.co/AEklMw9wI5@jrgibson1 Any minute now, Apple should refresh US app store in an hourGreat vid! RT @macmixing: Samsung Gear Fit: Unboxing, Hands-On, And Overview http://t.co/98JeMGjFaMHow does @Twitterrific let you edit published tweets when @twitter’s own app doesn’t support this? All revealed here… http://t.co/5u6U0LHWcT@jrgibson1 Anytime :)@jrgibson1 Also, FlickStackr for Flickr https://t.co/uobPO8bZa7@jrgibson1 Try Cloud Gallery https://t.co/o8fCUFtJVeAnother screenshot of a gorgeously revamped UI in the new @Flickr 3.0 for iPhone app. Looks great! http://t.co/nckJTweagb@jrgibson1 The app is iPhone/iPod touch only, no native iPad version yet :(Too bad new @flickr iOS app lets you only record 30 seconds of HD video per clip. What gives?The new @Flickr for iOS app is a beauty! http://t.co/7qjAw9miSd http://t.co/c8J9XwLbB6Flickr 3.0 for iOS: HD video capture, smart search, auto-tagging, detailed photo data, more http://t.co/7qjAw9miSd http://t.co/RvcwLYSxMVPixelmator goes half price for entire week https://t.co/We8euHnbHPGlobo, awesome world clock iPhone app, goes free http://t.co/PAzEy8i3msBug-fix iOS 7.1.1 update now appearing in web logs http://t.co/yuC17cv8RxStarting today, @pixelmator goes half price for entire week. So, from $29.99 down to $14.99 - that’s a steal!Tip: shake the theme panel in @Twitterrific 5.7.2 and watch what happens http://t.co/5u6U0LHWcTGreat image, douchebags! RT @WSJD: Twitter's integration of MoPub should ease pressure to grow its user base. http://t.co/0aCmHo6cBW@pixelmator 3.2 'Sandstone' coming with entirely new Repair tool and other goodies http://t.co/dS4Wfd98nmMockup: iPhone 6 styled as iPhone 6c https://t.co/ddCWYKBZwC http://t.co/eDCwCPZthcDirect mobile app installs coming to your Twitter timeline soon http://t.co/XRAonOUZ4pThe ultimate drone selfie https://t.co/Akz3iGNk5IApple Stores and corporate campus to celebrate Green Cities-themed 2014 Earth Day http://t.co/iZ1m4iNyR8 http://t.co/wsZRVmiZBuThe new @Twitterrific for iOS update now lets you edit tweets after they've been published http://t.co/5u6U0LHWcTGonna be terribly dissapointed if 16GB iPhones live another year. 32GB should be the new 16 gigabytes
Corel launches new iPhone app: Pinnacle Studio You remember Corel, don't you? http://t.co/6SxlVct8FnSamsung's new website highlights its design prowess and "meaningful innovation" http://t.co/CLi2wza5fi@SalvadorRudy Sounds about rightCase makers betting on relocated power button on iPhone 6 http://t.co/tFaZWR4T0tNicely done #iWatch concept envisions CircleTime calendar app https://t.co/z8YACPTd1Z@flargh Literally…How long until Samsung in the Car, do you think?@juniorsantos nah, 4.7Some thoughts on Apple’s transition to larger-screened iPhones @jammiesblvd http://t.co/esJn15nL98Not sure Apple would be too happy about this iPhone display. http://t.co/3IxD8C5McL
Retweeted by Christian ZibregHyundai confirms CarPlay functionality in all-new 2015 Sonatas http://t.co/1B6oOV3CSlInstagram and Facebook stepping up fight against spammers http://t.co/w1KfHV5UOrGoogle Play store can’t hold a candle to App Store in terms of revenue http://t.co/sbHmmnurNf http://t.co/NA0Rgh3xUoAmazon combines Cloud Drive and Kindle documents, giving you 10GB combined free storage http://t.co/zCGLAo5SVwTexas Instruments announces support for Apple’s iBeacon http://t.co/ytMqPLvLkG8GB iPhone 5c goes on a world tour: now available in more than two dozen new markets http://t.co/15xX9hoUYBFor Samsung, Steve Jobs's death was 'the best opportunity' to unleash anti-iPhone ad blitz http://t.co/gYneykF3JkiPhone 6 will be an eighth-generation iPhone. How time flies...And if Apple doubles the current 1,136-by-640 iPhone resolution, the iPhone 6 will go beyond full HD with a 2,272-by-1,280 screenFactoid: a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 at the current Retina-grade 326ppi screen will have 40 percent more pixels for your apps and content.
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