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Low hanging fruit for click-hungry Apple bloggers https://t.co/N4zpb90636 Feel free to steal and make it a postDebunking silly rumor of reengineered iPhone 6 to solve #Bendgate is crap non-news of the day.“A Lenovo company” http://t.co/XVnRgFwBlKWSJ: Android founder Andy Rubin leaving Google to start an incubator for tech startup http://t.co/gM0AGTfMCfGoogle Calendar on the web is now real-time! https://t.co/S3t21PCwMb http://t.co/sasd34hFyLFacebook now officially provides a way for Tor browsers to connect securely to Facebook with end-to-end encryption https://t.co/H7cihEOFOQFacebook releases updated iOS Graph API https://t.co/btSueXhcDhMicrosoft revamps Outlook for OS X ahead of new Office for Mac version in 2015 http://t.co/LO0ZipeAkI http://t.co/hHsuj2d3ibJony Ive: creating Apple Watch posed more challenges than iPhone development http://t.co/j1JRQe8O5yOS X Yosemite Open Source code now available for download http://t.co/toIklSPAqz http://t.co/ieAn7Ty0KcMinuum iOS 8 keyboard gets new languages, themes and more http://t.co/V4jGftTUH4So @pixelmator for iPad gets its first update https://t.co/UuQFkrzJOo http://t.co/PT4lgYD9esHow to tell if your device is haunted [COMIC] http://t.co/TO48ZJqEi7 http://t.co/ftf5RhPRcZConcept: iPhone chat animation https://t.co/vTovl6QsZ3All seven installments of the Saw movie series for $30 and other Halloween deals on iTunes http://t.co/KC7jM2IxTrU.S. Court says phone passcodes are protected under the law, but fingerprints are not http://t.co/YAbSeaR4A3@danbenjamin Tweetbot and TwitterFormer Apple employee Sam Sung congratulates Tim Cook on his coming out party https://t.co/PnzQ8wCWZ5
Indeed RT @imyke: There are days like today, when I'm happy about what this shirt says. http://t.co/wL9Z4te12LAnd of course, outspoken T-Mobile boss John Legere https://t.co/IDCdlF3YOwGoogle’s Sundar Pichai https://t.co/wWOHh1bxZLLisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of Environment… https://t.co/aenj1FvNuPEddy Cue… https://t.co/moMr0qpePKBest comment of the day https://t.co/WbQnWnnDF1I was wondering the same, Sir Richard Branson! https://t.co/UJKzD2zWzT There’ll be few idiots jumping ship b/c CEO is gay, for sure.The president is black, the top rapper is a white girl from Australia and the CEO of the largest tech company on earth is a gay man. YES
Retweeted by Christian ZibregEven Microsoft’s top dog, Satya Nadella, is inspired by Tim Cook’s “proud to be gay” essay https://t.co/2fxHHK3RHgApple’s marketing honcho congratulates Tim Cook on a courageous move https://t.co/YUFPwBvkss@ApfeliPhone At such a young age, congrats dude! :DNow that Cook admitted to being gay, it’s YOUR turn to out yourself publicly. Twitter is waiting patiently…@leothelion96 Yes, but there are people and “people” https://t.co/34k17SIfVS https://t.co/Kg6d5LkbEY@anshelsag I was referring to the normals, the general publicPoll time: is Tim Cook being gay going to change your perspective on Apple? http://t.co/eCmXels1Wj http://t.co/4gUzQ9TPUt@anshelsag It’s unclear whether he’d have become Apple CEO had we known this about him when he joined AppleIts good to know that a gay guy can openly become the CEO of the most profitable and possibly powerful tech company in the world...
Retweeted by Christian ZibregIt’s easy to talk about your homosexuality when you’re the CEO of the most powerful corporation in the world #justsaying@iCandiApps Hi, saw. Will be posting my review tomorrowBlink Keyboard for iOS 8, now with Auto-Correct+ and many other improvements http://t.co/zOf0G9fvX9Noteworthy @scanbot updates http://t.co/7YL2uDDl1yYahoo Weather app now features “Improved crispness for iPhone 6 Plus”Lots of bug fixes and small improvements in today’s @1Password iOS refresh https://t.co/cNcEKAkp1q http://t.co/qN1DdfBIyUIf you care about IDC’s flawed, inflated numbers… http://t.co/yZA43QQUJO http://t.co/kjcroOWMKtFood for thought: all iPad competitors combined, from ultracheap crap tablets to high-end ones, merely account for 1/3 of tablet profitsLet’s talk instead about Apple basically owning 70-80% of smartphone and tablet profits, shall we?Lazy “iPad share falling” linkbaits fail to realize that IDC lumps white label tablets, knockoffs and 2-in-1 together under Other categorySpotify for iPad overhauled with dark UI, gains Your Music feature http://t.co/4mGD1EYtnbSkype for iPhone updated with avatar sync, ability to save and delete photos from chats and more http://t.co/4eesnBaWwwChairman of Apple’s board: “Tim has our wholehearted support and admiration in making this courageous personal statement.”Let's be grateful that some editor didn't change the title of Cook's article to “You won't believe what this Silicon Valley exec has to say”
Retweeted by Christian ZibregA fitting image for Cook’s bombshell announcement http://t.co/3bPgyUb8oVPeople… http://t.co/vKEEhc81nBSome knuckleheads also seem to buy gadgets because it makes them look straightOf course, there are always going to be douchebags who’ll switch to Android after hearing about Cook’s admission.Being gay has given Cook ”the skin of a rhinoceros, which comes in handy when you’re the CEO of Apple”Samsung’s own Apple moment :D RT @zaheenhafzer: Samsung.....Game Over ..? http://t.co/bpDHzJVUWNI predict Samsung CEO suddenly becoming gay, tooSamsung bloggers tomorrow: Samsung was gay before Apple invented itHistoric: Apple CEO comes out of the closet Brave move, @tim_cook ! Hopefully corporate America will follow suit http://t.co/0QQzjMPhps
Sources: support for 48FPS and 60FPS videos coming to @YouTube “soon”“Spooky” effects now available on Google+ so go ahead and #Halloweenify your photo https://t.co/xc06KyPddq http://t.co/fhww9RY2K8Google Wallet for iOS adds low balance notifications and recurring bank transfers http://t.co/O9j5aksNkSApple doesn't want calculator widgets on iOS 8 http://t.co/OoqU8jM4iY Thoughts?You can now preview stickers in Facebook's latest Messenger update http://t.co/fF6ZcfmK9d http://t.co/OPOuGsyWpHiPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 now available to purchase from T-Mobile http://t.co/Ay68NszlBRReminder: iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are now available to purchase from @TMobile http://t.co/o0urBH1p10Google Analytics now available for iPad, too https://t.co/0OU9GCCleG http://t.co/nonA8g8KKNApple Pay rival MCX already hacked, but insists it's OK to keep your sensitive data in the cloud http://t.co/up1JH6J98jCurrentC’s Privacy Policy produces this. Trust my mobile wallet to this laughable service? http://t.co/hSe64fHGZf http://t.co/4bA2Kue7QNStellar job on security and user trust, MCX! I think I’ll be using Apple Pay, thank you very much! http://t.co/BPi7eTYCRdSamsung’s history of portable audio devices forgets to mention iPod. Stay classy, Samsung! http://t.co/xlzracyyDh http://t.co/2XMczzQ2BEWhatsApp delays voice calling into early-2015 http://t.co/XdsEFgL4asGoogle offering first minute free on international Hangout calls http://t.co/uTAFEIJvkBApple Pay rival MCX says users’ payment information stored in our “secure cloud-hosted network” http://t.co/hSe64fHGZfMeet BookArc for Mac Pro: The horizontal stand you've got to see to believe - http://t.co/g93MqyXKxz http://t.co/O5xAaar7e0
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@Ryanmattis As Apple said, the iMac costs same as 4K displays, but they’re also throwing a full-blown computer inside :DLG’s 4K display does Thunderbolt, costs as much as 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display http://t.co/LuosbhtUtB http://t.co/JLEWhpR5BHRest now taking pre-orders for the $79 Composure Charger Dock for your #AppleWatch http://t.co/GZ7blWMCX7 http://t.co/BJD7FegLejeBay taking 20% off iTunes Gift Cards, but hurry up http://t.co/NkQeQsEy35Awesome! RT @iDownloadBlog: ReachAll brings Reachability-inspired functionality to the iPhone 5s and older devices http://t.co/eVOowBGQbLiOS 8 now installed on more than half devices in the wild, as per Apple’s latest numbers https://t.co/3F8BV11LGY http://t.co/f0wnvkaKMYQuick thought: apps like @Pocket is why #Handoff is my top new feature in #iOS8 and #Yosemite http://t.co/8vOjv1fPw5So @taptaptap brings you the Camera+ 6.1.1 Update of Shame to fix crashes that made the previous version unusable
@ananeevans Thanks man, appreciate it. It’s @iDownloadBlog BTW, not @idb :DAmazon App and Path updated with iPhone 6 support so you can see more content http://t.co/nKVsQFdtOd@iCandiApps Thanks, guys! Will keep you posted.Former Android head calls iPhone 6 'the most beautiful smartphone ever built' http://t.co/6txxQqdkTr@iCandiApps Sure, thanks for the heads-up. Mind sharing a few promo codes with us that we’d give away on Twitter? dujkan@iDownloadBlog.comNike+ Running now integrates with iOS 8 Health, adds elevation tracking and more http://t.co/bn8tiwFIDEFTC drags AT&T to court over 'deceptive and unfair' throttling of unlimited data users http://t.co/cfqx4IkR3JMicrosoft refreshes OneNote for iOS and OS X with Touch ID protection, iOS 8 Storage extension and more http://t.co/PtTBzN2rHxTime Warner Cable's new app lets you use their home phone service on iPhone, no fees http://t.co/DQGKJ0N2Gu http://t.co/nwKsTeDJVnApple’s A8X chip inside iPad Air 2 smokes Google's Nexus 9 with Nvidia Denver Tegra K1 http://t.co/G5tKk0bzJb http://t.co/5fiRAKYS1zPhone 2 Go for iPhone lets you use Time Warner Cable phone service on smartphones and tablets http://t.co/rk0tO7WXJbMicrosoft opens up Office 365 APIs, launches iOS developer tools for deep integration with Office 365 services http://t.co/UJLXcjC4e4Gameloft pushes action-packed, Halloween-themed Asphalt 8 update http://t.co/WIystgSQxM http://t.co/xNjU6Y6XoHGoogle-owned Waze app, now with improved iPad display for landscape view and enhanced iOS 8.0 compatibilityAIM updates iOS app to address frequent pop-up ads within the app. Who uses AIM?Sony’s PlayStation App now available for iPad with ugly UI https://t.co/4uxEjVueT5 http://t.co/4jo8cgl9rQPlex media player updated with iPhone 6 support, Chromecast improvements and more http://t.co/xtPAIONGP7 http://t.co/BUJskX1igvShazam 8.0 is here with iOS 8 Today widget for tagged music and more http://t.co/6JCzLnURiq
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