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@Simche_RoyaleK think Fall and Q4Apple 'on the prowl' with 24 acquisitions in last year and a half http://t.co/i5Vkc4ZO0k
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@Simche_RoyaleK "laser-focused" :) http://t.co/5xygEPtelg@Simche_RoyaleK maybe new kind of tablet/notebook crossover. Standalone tv a possibility. A digital camera etc, who knows what future holds
"More new products and services" "Services" as in mobile payment thingy? Streaming music/video? Prime-like subs?Has the first question on an Apple earnings call ever NOT been from Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley?
Retweeted by Christian ZibregTim Cook: "We are expanding Apple's products and services into new categories" http://t.co/1IqZnSmVaI
Retweeted by Christian ZibregTim Cook has just confirmed that Angela Ahrendts will join Apple next week.Apple's iPod biz dying a slow death. Expect wearable thing to replace this category... http://t.co/JbpQ3vPoli@SalvadorRudy 2.761M, less than Macs and a massive 51% drop from year agoOMG, Tim Cook just announced some new stuff coming!!! http://t.co/bJRfnYLqnq$AAPL now sitting on a cash hoard of $151 billion, a decline from $159 billion last quarter. This is the first decline since at least 2011.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregFilthy rich “@alex: in other news, Apple is rich”Wall Street pissed. Wanted a 14 to 1 stock split.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregAmazing facts #TheMoreYouKnow “@MattRichman: Apple made over $100 million in profit per day last quarter.”Whatever happened to "really great stuff coming across all of 2014." It's April 2014 and I still have last year's iPhone, iPad and Apple TV!CNBC currently has a six-way screen split of talking heads discussing Apple’s seven-way stock split.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregNicely done “@MichaelSteeber: This Apple earnings image cannot be beat.” http://t.co/xc8mlGiQcbSums it up nicely “@zacharye: Apple Q2: Profit crushes, iPhone sales crush, iPad sales whiff, Carl Icahn shuts up.So what's up with crazypants "analysts" missing iPhone numbers so badly? They get paid to know this stuff better than us bloggers, no?You compare quarters annually, not sequentially, stupid! “@slashgear: iPhone, iPad sales down: 43.7m/16.4m in Q2 http://t.co/WUQ14AGfgCApple sold nearly 70 million of stuff last quarterFuck iPad, what the hell's the mater with the iPod?$AAPL has split its stock only three times: June 15, 1987 June 21, 2000 February 28, 2005 http://t.co/lvETe5iyLZ
Retweeted by Christian ZibregAs of now, @macstories is the most elegantly and most thoughtfully designed Apple website out there with the least clutter@SalvadorRudy Oh yeah, that’s nicely doneAmazon’s IMDb iOS app updated with U.S. showtimes, Amazon Prime availability info, revamped iPhone pages, more http://t.co/UO0L3lluGYMy patience with WS has long run out RT @appleinsider: As Apple's growth slows, 'patience' of Wall Street won’t last http://t.co/A7i1m0N2arSummary of all Apple earnings previews: Apple makes more money when it sells new stuff.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregViber comes late to the iOS 7 flattening party. Better late than never, I guess. http://t.co/FiTFoLYuAZ http://t.co/QT3eSw82FiFinally some awesome news for cable-cutters. Now that $99 per year Prime membership is totally justifiable http://t.co/EsO0nWlKfY@Pogue But why does Yahoo require a degree for experienced reporters? I didn't want all that debt so dropped out. Silliness!
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@Trukoff If you’re into these things, I think it’s worth your latteApple now issuing reusable water bottles to employees as its way of saving 22 tons of plastic waste per year http://t.co/3BAt53zbl8Kindle for Samsung, with a free eBook every month http://t.co/mPd0hRg1BZiPod touch web traffic surpasses that of BlackBerry and Windows Phone combined http://t.co/UDaoSmF13BAnd this $0.99 iPhone app comes with seven guided breathing exercises to relax and “calm your heart activity” https://t.co/lZuFamw5RQThis web app simulates the horrors of drowning http://t.co/QgWun5g3eI https://t.co/upikRIesqqHow FaceTime came out of work done for Game Center http://t.co/HR125NECYPWhy bendable electronics could be the future of the internet of things http://t.co/9fVMwXmAxb via @qz@SwiftKey’s note-taking iOS app getting landscape mode with wide keyboard on iPhone, other new features http://t.co/5XBJO5XyKlApple's Unibody enclosure manufacturer apparently commissioned to build iPhone 6 metal casings http://t.co/L2R2xowS13 http://t.co/hvGVr1jNVA“You’re more powerful than you think,” Apple says. Yes I am, and I get even more powerful after I jailbreak!I’m totally ready for 4.7” and 5.5” iPhone 6, whichever comes firstApple CEO Tim Cook tweets that “you are more powerful than you think” https://t.co/snFtIpTc0NTo move Pages/Numbers/Keynote docs to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and more, use ‘Open In’ in Share menu. Easy, no?Yes, voice input via Siri is probably part of Steve Jobs’s next-gen Apple TV vision http://t.co/PSVyevnS82Whatever happened to related search suggestions in the App Store? Nowhere to be seen for quite some time now http://t.co/kk5QBntCTdI want work desk like this! https://t.co/CqHnOcAObp http://t.co/qVMLC95ZX1@Jim_Gresham I wouldn’t imagine you using any other mug, but this one :) I want those @iDownloadBlog stickers!Siri coming to Apple TV, iOS code strings suggest http://t.co/PSVyevnS82 http://t.co/NmMltbmjM2How have I captured an entire webpage as an image in my previous tweet? Easy, here… http://t.co/wUOaUkaC56"You're more powerful than you think" http://t.co/9aXN6LRC9b http://t.co/WaRWKw9fBbFor example, “users spent a mere six seconds logging into ChatON”. How’s this for engagement?Shocker: users hating Samsung’s stock apps http://t.co/5069tHUXvvWondering about all the wonderful apps featured in Apple’s new iPhone 5s 'Powerful' ad? Here… http://t.co/ZEhuuAFkKz@Jim_Gresham Thanks, keep the change :)@Jim_Gresham I’ll take one to go, please.All Sprint devices released after February 11, 2015 to be unlockable http://t.co/VTaIXa4Pcz@Viber finally restyled for iOS 7: gains contact blocking, multiple photos per message and more http://t.co/FiTFoLYuAZ
App Store honors Earth Day with green living apps. Full list here http://t.co/s9bDBB9Ocl http://t.co/6D9Ta96mKWI was wrong, these IAP labels are actually an iOS 7.1.1 thingy, not an iTunes backend update. http://t.co/y026ELdhcK http://t.co/FTZyzfSLzwGood news, Twitter, Apple opens Mac OS X betas to the public! http://t.co/BR9jzT00OHNumbers 2.2.1 for iOS You guessed right, “stability improvements and bug fixes” https://t.co/FaYrAaIggLWhy’s this a post? RT @BGR: See the Android Wear-powered G Watch from every angle on LG's website http://t.co/MCZmkpgzGIKeynote 2.2.1 for iOS, “stability improvements and bug fixes”, too https://t.co/u9YevCwNwtPages 2.2.1 for iOS is out with “stability improvements and bug fixes” https://t.co/ojtQpgARDS@julipuli Are you sure about IAP thingy in iOS 7.1.1? This is a backend iTunes update, nothing to do with iOS 7.1.1Some exclusive new info about Amazon’s rumored 3D smartphone you probably don’t care about http://t.co/aBVc8e0NNuAs I designer yourself, I take it you admire work Apple’s done with iOS 7, no?[SOME LINKBAIT HEADLINE HERE] By Staff Writer Developing…What if major Apple sites merged so everyone would stop wasting their time rewritting same recycled news over and over again?@AppleCultist I understand the usefulness in certain scenarios but have yet to see a tweet in my timeline with a photo tagWSJ’s Wireless Savings Calculator, on the other hand, is pretty nicely done http://t.co/irKLNMd6vtFunny how no one is tagging photos on Twitter@NickPomes Not yet, Twitter hasn’t opened up an API for that yetThis is why I don’t give a dang about so-called big media, especially the likes of the credulous WSJ and oh-so-respectable BloombergThen Bloomberg spins it off in another direction, saying carriers - not Apple - hurt over high iPhone subsidy http://t.co/gdhOoNPGpPFirst we have WSJ saying Apple is feeling the heat over high iPhone subsidy http://t.co/pbEOmpwCfRTwo diametrically opposed headlines today….Bad move, Apple, going overboard with ad alluding at copycat Samsung. It’s public knowledge that Samsung steals, courts’ve established this.@Arreckk iPad Pro, I guess…Apple pushes OS X security update with Safari 7.0.3 it released standalone on April Fool’s Day http://t.co/zpsmwJzUaxiPad is nothing special. Keep in mind it’s still a computer, only with a different input method, hidden file system and no Windows.Q: How do I type a bullet point sign on a Mac keyboard? A: Hit Alt - 8Available on the @AppStore, a dedicated #UCL section featuring all four semi-finalists: http://t.co/si8A26i3BP http://t.co/OUmVoc6Rwv
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@FakahaiX Die, troll!!!@arnoldkim Haha, nice :) Listicles framed as questions are the worst. So Web 1.0 :)@mailbox or @sparrow? Why limit yourself to these? Here’s a list of Best Email Apps for iPhone http://t.co/u3NFmANhKL http://t.co/maVyUi0ANEToday’s not-to-be-missed deal: The Godfather Trilogy - yeah, all three movies! - only $9.99 on iTunes http://t.co/HbgE7iQdLMPlease stop presenting your headlines as questions. This is so last century and won’t get you more clicks b/c ppl hate your SEO bullshit.Coolio RT @MacRumors: Logitech Adds Multi-Angle Viewing to Ultrathin Keyboard, New iPad Cases http://t.co/eIWQDGk8xf https://t.co/lTr1JtQT6KOS X Security Update 2014-002 1.0 with Safari 7.0.3 now available http://t.co/BzXBMLyDToNice headline! RT @WIRED: Nike failed. It's up to Apple to save wearables now. http://t.co/Pmkv5gGGZhRevealed: How @9to5mac’s @markgurman became the most influential Apple reporter, as per The Talk Show with @gruber https://t.co/f538nMnURTApple expands in-store trade-ins to include iPads http://t.co/vw4gWFJUwIiPhone 6s or iPhone 6c? New concept renderings online http://t.co/xWqejTTd7g #apple #iPhone6 http://t.co/a0xABynGGV
Retweeted by Christian ZibregDon't forget to disable Bluetooth as iOS 7.1.1 has re-enabled it :)@DanielArbaboff @markgurman that's backed update, nothing to do with iOS 7.1.1@20Van_persie @AllTim3H4ckers definitely
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