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Blog @ http://t.co/rdydgy614p. Get bored somewhere else.

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The GoPro camera strapped to the tyres of a speeding car https://t.co/GdyUJz0Pxv @jdalrymple may find this postworthyApple TV gains CNBC And FOX NOW channels http://t.co/ZtL6DqlhBI@muradabuseta If anything, the best quality video so farUber for Business is here http://t.co/h3S8DmMDlOIt’d be cool to own one of these beauties, but I have a mortgage to pay. http://t.co/UywZeXDz3i http://t.co/ivvZ9btibrAnother video surfaces showing off alleged iPhone 6 back assembly enclosure http://t.co/FFGuxMvXu1 http://t.co/ptumYtDY5lVideo: Tesla’s UI design team is largely made up of Apple alumni http://t.co/zTWaQ7gnLr via @ElectrekCoDeal: refurbished MacBook Pro with Retina display now start under $1,000 http://t.co/kMjLQQ1Gh8 http://t.co/5SeWM2WDE4Spotify gains equalizers, revamped Artist page for iPad and more http://t.co/3lWfX1Hyhc@RogerWCheng Last time BB ridiculed iPhone battery life was in 2007. That didn’t work out for them, did it?
GT’s machine the size of a concrete-mixing truck will build iPhone 6 sapphire covers https://t.co/RQFyqJhYA2 http://t.co/hTOBs50YVbYelp for iOS now lets you take 3-12 second videos of your local business http://t.co/GQyS2qdpF0Scrub Radio gets rid of annoying iTunes Radio restrictions http://t.co/Pax01nxjQT@NickPomes hardly cleaning the room, are we? :)Microsoft no longer updating Yammer for iOS 6. “For the finest experience available, update your device to iOS 7.” http://t.co/1HusCEhsv1Hit iOS game Monument Valley receives… well, no new levels :( http://t.co/HGSg4Yd20ADitto! RT @kylebrussell: Now that's a headline https://t.co/wEdtX1sae2Beats Music for iOS picks up Tune Your Taste, Sentence History, Verified Badges and other new features http://t.co/MLfZ8A4o26Concept: Apple Thunderbolt 4K display https://t.co/B89ABM6Fta http://t.co/0VEniUPrOyShit RT @AppAdvice: Substantial security flaw found in Instagram’s iPhone app http://t.co/GKocIumGygIt’s a mess RT @fmanjoo: I really like The @NewYorker’s new design. Looks great online, evocative of the print mag http://t.co/FgbK47Ew6h@dpacemaker @jdalrymple Same here, it’s humiliatingHilton rolling out iPhone door locks in all hotels globally beginning next year http://t.co/im7QtNPz3eiPhone could automatically silence alerts when you exercise, Apple patent hints http://t.co/KGyC8NeYWF http://t.co/JmpnA7oxh6Nice headline RT @BGR: New Samsung ad says bloatware makes Galaxy tablet buyers happy http://t.co/MoRIKI5vpT https://t.co/E5wDiWi12qNope RT @verge: Is Instagram doing enough to fix its account hijacking bug? http://t.co/TYE8ROkxqoThis is what new ‘EU Internet’ switch in iOS 8 Beta 4 does for you http://t.co/X2zccGQkxJ http://t.co/5NUF94KWVkHilton hotels introducing new iPhone door locks next year http://t.co/Ll7VHwu2cqSamsung finds that distancing itself from Google is easier said than done as Tizen phone faces delays http://t.co/oh5YhWOjBy@Lycan2Vampire Al uz malo voća će da rešiš akne heheSamsung store opening - this isn’t how Apple does it http://t.co/ux6Ovy4ab7 via @jdalrymple https://t.co/YpYdesMSVsNo selling below cost? Weird. RT @waltmossberg: Amazon Fire phone costs $205 to build, teardown shows http://t.co/QyhuapVT0s via @ahess247@Lycan2Vampire Kritika je na mestu. Voće čini čuda za lepotu i imunitet@Lycan2Vampire Šta kaže? Da ju uopšte ne slušaš nego tvitaš dok ti govori? :DT-Mobile unveils $100 per month family plan with 10GB LTE data. Also @JohnLegere rules! http://t.co/0MgcXMbo8O http://t.co/DEKki8ecB7Please, stop with the “Apple must do” crap RT @verge: 7 things the iWatch needs to do if Apple wants to win http://t.co/0g0hDboUxBDon't expect to see iWatch or 5.5" iPhone 6 before December, new rumor cautions http://t.co/zEbi9rdWB4“It’s deliciously apropos to watch Samsung’s lunch get eaten by another blatant copycat - Xiaomi of China” http://t.co/rRDJIebqMdHudson’s Bay Company announces massive iBeacon roll out in The Bay and Lord & Taylor stores http://t.co/GjErLtrd2M http://t.co/vhyhIcUKGOHere’s a new trailer for Max Max remake https://t.co/tnmYnZxsxMEuropean Commission green-lights Apple's $3B Beats buy http://t.co/rbAGtd1S0OMicrosoft airs Cortana vs. Siri ad showcasing contextually-aware tasks http://t.co/uoJpyqFONe http://t.co/gw4afQlmVgApple said to be buying Swell Radio app http://t.co/sMzPsXRfGc
@jrgibson1 not really, sorryLife is a… http://t.co/VmXlklpyzUWill it do my laundry? RT @TechCrunch: PumpUp is more than just a fitness app http://t.co/yqMo3IXVduPrecious RT @BigZaphod: Calling AppleCare from my Mac using FaceTime which relayed to my iPhone to place the actual call. Because I can.Klout’s “we’ll be back soon” error page is cool http://t.co/2JdDvnDHoKBest #jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7 Music app? @iDownloadBlog has you covered! http://t.co/NWMiqTunXX@NowhereElseFr @mtpflyers I’m taking it with a few pinches of salt, actually :)@mtpflyers @NowhereElseFr What if NFC gets rolled out across Macs and iOS devices to improve Handoff?
Claimed circuit board hints at NFC-enabled iPhone 6 – again! http://t.co/817D8rnTrq via @NowhereElseFr http://t.co/knvprKApFy@macmixing @NickPomes Bose.It’s true - Tweetbot 3 for iOS quietly rolls out animated GIF support, with a caveat http://t.co/RQIW982KUz http://t.co/g0ZYbJqPLY
Put in claim chowder. RT @iPhoneinCanada: BlackBerry CEO: Apple-IBM Deal Is Like When "Two Elephants Start Dancing" http://t.co/2u8c2fZ3DiGoogle Translate Community launches http://t.co/tulOnHxw3g http://t.co/CyQqXAH4w0Remember Bose? They used to make good speakers in the 80's.BOOM: the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie game arrives on iOS http://t.co/yk4LzToeZR http://t.co/E1rxpQwlKA@tomwarren For a moment, I fell for itOverrated headphone maker sues another overrated headphone maker soon-to-be-owned by maker of overpriced gadgets. Draw your own conclusions.Actually, blame it on Google, AdWords and SEO RT @atjamie: Page Views Killed The Content StarIt’s a fact of life :) RT @JosephDolce: silence is golden but duct tape is silverThe full Bose vs. Beats complaint and info right here http://t.co/OspURhPyYXThis just in: Bose sues Apple-owned Beats over noise-cancelling headphone patents http://t.co/OspURhPyYXUgh, still broke from Apple’s 2013 blockbuster Fall and 2014 Fall is approaching fast.Could unprecedented iPhone 6 orders lead to 10% price hike for other big name smartphone brands? http://t.co/VGZaaioOJkMore notable iOS app freebies http://t.co/0zqowEPZx6This Samsung ad has been shot entirely on the #GalaxyS5 https://t.co/CqS2Mt14pTAndroid Wear + Tesla Model S = Awesomeness https://t.co/ICCYVXBWSQCastle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse leaps onto the Mac, looks gorgeous http://t.co/7dfK8pjU0W http://t.co/7SbvavkoXsNote to Apple: port Metal for @Intel, @AMD and @Nvidia GPUs and the Mac could become a viable gaming platformDeal: Thomas Was Alone for iPad [$6→$4] https://t.co/JL59tmt4fe http://t.co/lqrJxcXX4F https://t.co/b2WokEYfi5 http://t.co/bA8xHKi8dhDeal: TMNT: Rooftop Run [$4→FREE] via @AppStore #FreeAppoftheWeek http://t.co/MNstdTBNqV https://t.co/HP4y4OpOn6 https://t.co/EscG80hGPqDeal: Music Download Plus for SoundCloud [$1→FREE] https://t.co/kDUXip9ntJDeal: Trail Tracker GPS [$1→FREE] https://t.co/iWl7YEE4BvDeal: Notes Plus for iPad [$10→$4] https://t.co/YOc72M4oux https://t.co/N9dCv8eaFkComics want to be free of the clutches of the dreaded DRM and ComiXology is backed by Amazon so this is huge http://t.co/nkigTDjKzPWSJ: Apple’s upcoming #iphone6 already boosting some Asian economies and supplier sales http://t.co/YyylB87mvOeBay moved an astounding $2 billion in Apple devices last year http://t.co/ULTfGmO7f1No it doesn’t, so why post? RT @ForbesTech: Apple continues to lose tablet share. But does that really matter? http://t.co/z5SUZE0rrPTHINK... iBM ?! 😮 #Apple #IBM #ThinkDifferent? #latergram @ Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago http://t.co/k4kNanAYZR
Retweeted by Christian ZibregNoted RT @BlackBerry: #BlackBerry CEO on IBM-Apple alliance: “Not afraid of competing when I know I am more nimble” http://t.co/VQD9KD9DMVAmazon's estimated revenues for 2014: about $91.5 billion. Apple's estimated revenues from iPhone alone for 2014: roughly $ 99.4 billion.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregMy fav: Swatch helping Apple with iWatch RT @WIRED: This week's Apple rumors, ranked from dumbest to most plausible http://t.co/2E7VC2Bt5BChinese sources: mass production of 4.7" iPhone 6 begins,5.5" and new iPads start in September http://t.co/X9Pfc9Rqgr http://t.co/436L7XysEpNew Samsung Gear Fit ad https://t.co/giV0EoA0xb
wow RT @BenedictEvans: Apple has $21bn in supply chain commitments. Hasn't been this high since 2012. http://t.co/OkVNWympC5The Jimmy Kimmel show fools normals that $20 Casio watch is #iWatch https://t.co/d4TVsSxxqxWould it hurt for us to actually see the new sad broody batman's face? I enhanced it so we can see some more details http://t.co/Wv0uATwLcx
Retweeted by Christian ZibregApple tells dude CNN fixed security flaw in iPhone app exposing user data. iReporters should sleep better now… http://t.co/FAEzxB0AxnGoogle buying Twitch for $1B? http://t.co/TUqg8oieN0@muradabuseta Nah, in Los Angeles’ Culver City. The Beats team won’t relocate to Cupertino.Wii-like dance party in the living room? Yes, please! Introducing Dance Party for Apple TV http://t.co/hUzvgANYI8 http://t.co/cUtnXRk1KsBeats’ new office space http://t.co/2wRVjQyD7D http://t.co/EDCT5I9RnuNormals installing Yosemite beta on their work machines. How about you? Cast your vote here. http://t.co/5oyV3fS6bz http://t.co/ZONR5TFmq2@DenZhadanov I know, I only wish living here wasn’t so goddamn expensiveAmazon Phone teardown now going on over at @iFixit https://t.co/0UyokU03HM http://t.co/mvkcHMHExmCan't redeem Yosemite beta code? Here's a fix. http://t.co/e18nY7oq1m http://t.co/CIYj81eeP0Angry Birds Transformers Comic-Con trailer https://t.co/3FnLxdLc6D@DenZhadanov I myself am a sea person :)
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